File README of Package opensuse-nfs-server-image

openSUSE NFS Server Image


This container image contains all required tools to run a NFS Server.
By default, only NFSv4 is available, but NFSv3 can be enabled, too.



The command to run this container is:

podman run -d --rm -v /<export>:/<export> [-v /etc/exports:/etc/exports:ro] --name nfs-server -p 2049:2049 --privileged [/export]

The module needs to be able to load the nfsd kernel module.

There are two ways to export the directories:
An /etc/exports file with all directories and permissions can be provided. Or,
a list of directories which should be exported can be provided as argument
list. In this case, and if there is no /etc/exports, the container will create
it's own /etc/exports file with default exports rules.


To enable NFSv3, the variable NFS3_SERVER_SUPPORT from /etc/sysconfig/nfs
needs to be set to "yes".

Untested: additional, all services needs to be exported, including
rpcbind, rpc.statd and others.

A list of possible additional ports: 
  -p 2049:2049   -p 2049:2049/udp
  -p 111:111     -p 111:111/udp
  -p 32765:32765 -p 32765:32765/udp
  -p 32767:32767 -p 32767:32767/udp