File pdftk.changes of Package pdftk

Sun Aug  1 09:41:33 UTC 2021 - Carsten Ziepke <>

- update to version 3.2.3:
 - Added
  - Support excluding pages from a page range with ~
  - Support TextLeading parameter in form field appearances
 - Changed
  - update_info adds a new Info dictionary if none is found
 - Fixed
  - Crash with non-conforming encrypted inputs
  - Misleading URL in producer string
  - Better detection of xref table in non-conforming inputs
  - Better form detection (in particular forms created by pdftk cat)

Sat Jan  9 14:46:13 UTC 2021 - Sebastian Wagner <>

- update to version 3.2.2:
 - Fixed
  - Build error with latest bcprov
  - Crash when flattening forms
  - Proper error message with missing passwords
 - Changed
  - Better handling of long and non-ASCII form options
  - Report more annotation types

Mon Dec 28 14:07:38 UTC 2020 - Carsten Ziepke <>

- Pass arguments to pdftk individually quoted (replaced $* with

Tue Oct 27 07:05:52 UTC 2020 - Paolo Stivanin <>

- Update to 3.2.1:
 - Added:
  - Allow specifying attachment metadata
  - Support AES encryption
 - Changed:
  - Attachments compatible with PDF/A-3u
  - Default encryption AES-128
 - Fixed:
  - Regression: allow reading background/stamp from stdin
  - Crash with incomplete files
  - Crash with invalid forms
  - Flatten form fields in order

Mon Jul 27 19:34:47 UTC 2020 - Sebastian Wagner <>

- update to version 3.1.3:
 - Fixed:
  - Crash when reading FDF files
- update to version 3.1.2:
 - Changed
  - Add a pattern if missing from burst output
 - Fixed:
  - Allow outputting pages read from stdin more than once
  - Do not warn if PageMediaDimensions is given in update_info
  - Crash when opening output files in burst fails
- update to version 3.1.1:
 - Fixed:
  - Do not escape form fields if UTF-8 output selected
- update to version 3.1.0:
 - Added:
  - update_info handles page metrics (media, rotation and labels)
 - Fixed:
  - Report page label indices correctly
- update to version 3.0.10:
 - Fixed:
  - Crash in dump_data_annots
  - Load commons-lang-3 only if needed
  - Crash when copying malformed inputs

Mon Feb 18 09:53:00 UTC 2020 - Markus S <>

- update to version 3.0.9:
 - Added:
  - Native image build option
 - Fixed:
  - Print an informative error if missing dependencies
  - Crash with newlines in arguments
- update to version 3.0.8:
 - Changed
  - Build for JRE version 1.7
- update to version 3.0.7:
 - Fixed:
  - Crash involving passwords and file handles (java.lang.NullPointerException).
- update to version 3.0.6:
 - Fixed:
  - Crash in burst with invalid file patterns.
  - Do not report some spurious form fields.
  - Escape more characters on XML-encoded reports.
- update to version 3.0.5:
 - Fixed:
  - Do not print error if PdfID is missing.
  - Crash in burst with certain inputs (java.lang.NullPointerException).
- update to version 3.0.4:
 - Fixed:
  - Crashes with type casting (java.lang.ClassCastException)
- update to version 3.0.3:
 - Fixed:
  - Bug that corrupts images in PDF files with (de)compress option
  - Crash with incomplete records
- update to version 3.0.2:
 - Fixed:
  - Issue with rotation not being applied.
  - Do not require owner password when user password is given.

Mon Dec  9 10:26:36 UTC 2019 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Pass command-line parameters to program

Sat Oct 27 08:42:46 UTC 2018 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Update to version 3.0.1 (java version)
- Dropped and Makefile.SUSE
- Spec cleanup

Sun Sep 24 22:19:05 UTC 2017 -

- remove -fstack-clash-protection from optflags, gcc6 does choke
  on this parameter

Sun Jun  4 16:32:16 UTC 2017 -

- require gcc*-6 because gcc7 dropped gcj

Wed Apr  9 10:57:31 UTC 2014 -

- Don't strip the binary
- Use %optflags also for gcj

Mon Jan 13 2014 -

- Remove obsolete references to %%jarv & $LIBGCJ from .spec
Fri Aug 02 2013 -

- update to version 2.02
  o Added drop_xmp output option for removing the document XMP metadata
    stream from a PDF.
  o Added dump_data output of custom page data embedded by STAMPtk
    tool. See the embed option in STAMPtk for more information.
  o Improved PDF bookmark merging logic so it can handle more input
  o Fixed a password bug where some 'upper-ASCII' characters weren't
    being mapped to the correct code points.
  o Fixed a 40-bit decryption bug introduced in version 2.00.
  o Fixed a bug in the bookmark merging logic that caused bookmarks to
    be omitted from the merged PDF.
  o Added a test to ensure that encryption passwords use permitted
    characters only. (Decryption attempts still allow a larger set of
    input characters.)
  o Rewrote the wide-to-utf8 code for Windows to make it more rigorous.
  o Organized our calls of JvInitClass() in main().
  o Added descriptions to some exception reports.
  o Reviewed some code from,,
    and friends.
Thu Jun 06 2013 -

- update to version 2.01
  o Fixed an uncompress bug introduced in 2.00 that corrupted some
    image streams.
  o Updated the Windows pdftk.exe compiler settings to remedy an
    elusive NullPointerException reported in the field. This problem
    first appeared in version 2.00.
Sat May 25 2013 -

- update to version 2.00
  o Added AES decryption of input PDFs. The 'owner' password is still
    required when decrypting any PDF.
  o Added merging of bookmarks/outlines when merging full PDFs.
  o Added new rotate operation, which is a convenient way of rotating
    select pages of a single PDF.
  o Added new dump_data_annots operation. Currently it reports only
    link annotation information.
  o Added new need_appearances output option. Use this when filling a
    form with non-ASCII text to ensure the best presentation in Adobe
    Reader/Acrobat. It won't work when combined with the flatten
  o Improved the compress option so that output PDFs are more compact
    and efficient.
  o Added page media information to dump_data output: page rotation,
    page media bounds and page crop bounds.
  o Improved the performance of dump_data so it works better with very
    large PDFs.
  o Improved the memory management in the Windows binary. This fixes
    the rare "Too many heap sections" error.
  o Fixed a bug where form fields with multiple values were not being
    properly reported by dump_data_fields.
  o Fixed a_burst_bug that was corrupting the output PDF pages.
  o Fixed an_input_bug to allow interactive prompting of both the user
    and owner passwords.
  o Fixed a burst bug so that doc_data.txt is now output to the same
    directory as the PDF's pages when an output directory is given.
  o Fixed a bug where indirect references to the PDF ID in the trailer
    would cause a crash.
  o Added a test to fill_form so it checks that an input PDF is a form
    before trying to fill it with data.
  o Added a return value of 3 for warnings 'PDF information not added'
    or 'PDF form not filled.'
  o Improved the error message for cat page range errors.
  o Fixed the error report when an input page number is out of range.
  o Fixed a burst bug where document metadata wasn't being copied
    properly to the output PDFs.
  o Updated the Bouncy Castle library to 1.48.
  o When using the cat operation, the output PDF version number is now
    set to the maximum PDF version of all of the input PDFs. If any of
    the input PDFs have PDF extension levels, then the greatest
    extension level is also copied to the output PDF.
Wed Feb  6 10:35:12 UTC 2013 -

- update to version 1.45
  o You can now add or change a PDF's bookmarks using update_info.
  o Added record delimiters to dump_data output to help make parsing
    more reliable.
  o The changes to dump_data output (described above) are also now
    required for the input to update_info.
  o You can now use multi-character input handles. Prior versions were
    limited to a single character, imposing an arbitrary limitation on
    the number of input PDFs when using handles. Handles still must be
    all upper-case ASCII.
  o Added means of referring to PDF pages in reverse order. By
    prefixing a page number with an r, it counts from the end of the
    document. For example, r1 is the last page, r2 is the next-to-last
    page, etc.
  o Changed the syntax for page rotation. Instead of N, S, E, W, L, R
    and D, now use: north, south, east, west, left, right and down.
  o Fixed a stream parsing issue with troublesome PDFs that don't
    strictly follow the PDF specification.

Sun Dec 16 14:55:21 UTC 2012 -

- fix build on Factory (no unversioned libgcj available anymore)

Thu Jun  7 17:49:09 UTC 2012 -

- simplify the java-gcj-compat buildrequire
- fix build for opensuse 10.0, it does not have nor need java-gcj

Mon Jun  4 08:00:04 UTC 2012 -

- remove specfile hacks to find out current gcj version

Sat May 26 06:25:22 UTC 2012 -

- do not set LIBGCJ but instead require java-<VER>-gcj-compat
  this avoids lots of specfile hacks to define current gcj version

Thu May 24 07:55:59 UTC 2012 -

- fix build for Factory's gcc-4.7

Wed May 18 12:17:47 UTC 2011 -

- fix build for FACTORY's gcc-4.6 (just increase version in spec)

Thu Mar 17 22:17:27 UTC 2011 -

- created new spec and makefile that builds on a wide range of SUSE versions (at least 10.0 to current)
- use the native/highest version of gcc/gcj on each version of SUSE, not forcing gcj41
- removed unnecessary dos2unix
- use rpm macros where possible
- created Makefile.SUSE
  allow for inconsistent names of executables and libgcj.jar
  allow rpm to supply %%optflags
  remove unrecognized -Wextra
  fastjar has no suffix on any version of SUSE
  un-hardcode "/usr/share/java", get from rpm macro(s) instead.
  allow using "make -f Makefile.SUSE VERSUFF=-4.5", so Makefile.SUSE
  can also be used manually following the same directions found in the source
  for the other makefiles.

Tue Mar  8 16:12:52 UTC 2011 -

- use my original -p1 patch for bnc#427046

Fri Jan 21 20:18:05 UTC 2011 -

- update to version 1.44
- run spec-file cleaner
   o Added new feature for collating PDF page scans: shuffle. Please see
   the man page for usage details.
   o Introduced update_info_utf8, dump_data_utf8 and
     dump_data_fields_utf8 to provide UTF-8 companions to update_info,
     dump_data and dump_data_fields. These latter operations use XML
     numerical entities to encode non-ASCII characters. In version 1.43,
     we changed the encoding for update_info to UTF-8, but that made it
     incompatible with dump_data and also broke some downstream
     applications. By introducing these UTF-8 operations, we can revert
     update_info to its original behavior.
   o Burst feature now copies the metadata (including XMP) from the
     input file to the output pages.
   o Updated Bouncy Castle library to 1.45.
   o Removed or replaced third-party code that wasn't compatible with
     pdftk's GPL license.
   o Updated third-party license information. 

Tue Oct 26 14:30:14 UTC 2010 -

- update to version 1.43:
  o Improved input handle detection to reduce false hits.
  o Improved keyword detection logic to eliminate false hits if
    filenames happen to include pdftk keywords even, odd and end
  o Added option of prompting the user for the output when bursting
    a PDF. Also reviewed other filename prompting code.
  o Changed the PDF parser to accept name tokens longer than 127
    characters - the PDF Specification says that 127 is the limit.
    This isn't related to file names. The issue arose with PDFs
    created by Acrobat Web Capture 9.0.
  o Fixed a problem with filling form choice fields in some PDFs
    where the old form value was 'sticking.'
  o Changed pdftk behavior when handling subset fonts so it doesn't
    alter font name "tags." This was causing printing problems
    with Acrobat 3.01 on Windows.
  o Fixed a stream parsing bug that was causing page content to
    disappear after merge of PDFs generated by Microsoft Reporting
    Services PDF Rendering Extension
  o Added multistamp and multibackground features provided by a
    Debian patch - thanks!
  o Clear the signal mask as workaround to environments that turn
    off signals before calling pdftk. This problem is known to
    cause pdftk hangs in some Python web setups as well as in PHP.
  o Set locale to C as workaround to an unusual exception. This is
    a Debian_patch. Please let me know if it causes any troubles.
  o Improved reporting of output errors via Debian patch
  o Added support for UTF-8 data in update_info via Debian patch
  o Added support for UTF-8 filenames via Debian patch
  o Updated build procedure to work better with newer versions of
    GCC. Maintained compatibility with older versions of GCC.
  o Added license information to the source tree for the third-
    party libraries that pdftk uses.
- removed obsolete patches
- small specfile cleanup

Mon Oct 27 23:09:53 CET 2008 -

- fix patch to apply (directory depth) 

Sun Oct 26 22:18:49 CET 2008 -

- Add another JvInitClass() to last patch.

Mon Oct 13 08:28:00 CET 2008 -

- Integrated patch bnc#427046 from Bernhard Walle. Thanks, Bernhard!

Mon Jan 14 17:19:57 CET 2008 -

- took some of the current debian patch to make it build 

Tue Aug 21 15:35:53 CEST 2007 -

- Removed java_libs/com/lowagie/text/pdf/
  due to licensing issues

Fri Aug 17 11:11:49 CEST 2007 -

- Removed pdftk-1.41/java_libs/com/lowagie/text/pdf/codec/postscript/
  due to licensing issues

Fri Aug  3 11:16:07 CEST 2007 -

- update to 1.41 (#294793)
  o changes from 1.40 to 1.41
    · Fixed a bug that corrupted output PDF xref tables. 
    · Fixed a bug that prevented XFDF form data from being passed
      to pdftk via stdin.
  o changes from 1.12 to 1.40
    · Added the stamp operation
    · Added the page rotating patch
    · Added the generate_fdf patch
    · The fill_form operation can now take XFDF data as well as FDF
    · Added the drop_xfa option
    · Added the keep_first_id and keep_final_id options
    · Upgraded the iText library
    · Added the -O2 optimizing switch to Makefile 
    · Fixed a bug that caused pdftk to create bloated PDFs when
      input PDF pages had links on their pages.
    · Added License-Adobe.txt to the fonts folder
- fix line endings in pdftk.1.notes (rpmlint)

Wed Jun 27 22:23:05 CEST 2007 -

- remove libgcj requires

Wed Jan 25 21:39:23 CET 2006 -

- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires

Wed Nov  2 22:11:05 CET 2005 -

- don't build as root 

Mon Aug 22 13:57:59 CEST 2005 -

- Fix build.

Wed Jan 26 16:57:57 CET 2005 -

- New package proposed by Thomas Schraitle; version 1.12.
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