File perl-IO-Async.changes of Package perl-IO-Async

Sun Apr 19 06:59:33 UTC 2015 -

- updated to 0.66
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-IO-Async/Changes

  0.66    2015/04/17 20:36:39
           * Created IO::Async::Debug
           * Ignore SIGPIPE by default (RT92024)
           * IaSocket->bind now returns a Future
           * Added IaSocket->bind resolver support and neatened up UDP examples
             in synopsis/documentation
           * Correct call to unpack() in IaStream example (RT103143)
           * Don't silently eat accept() failures in IaListener (RT102677)
           * Remember to add the new resolver instance to $loop in
             ->set_resolver (RT103446)
           * Correct implementation of ->unwatch_io on IaLoop::Poll to prevent
             100% CPU spin (RT103445)
           * Ensure that an exception thrown by Timer::Periodic's on_tick
             doesn't prevent rescheduling

Tue Apr 14 19:04:20 UTC 2015 -

- updated to 0.65
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-IO-Async/Changes

  0.65    2015/02/15 14:28:02
           * Optionally allow IO::Async::Channel to use 'Sereal' serialisation
           * Added documentation about the 'env' Child Manager key and copying
           * Take OS "preferred loop subclass" hints from IO::Async::OS directly
           * Nested $stream->read_* inside read_* cause double-completion of
             Future (RT101774)
           * Implement IO::Async::Loop::Poll directly on _poll() syscall
             wrapper, thus avoiding many bugs in IO::Poll (RT93141)
           * Ensure that IO::Async::Loop::Select can cope with callbacks that
             remove other IO handle watches (RT101919)
           * Silently upgrade watched IO handles to O_NONBLOCK (RT102044)
           * Complain about unrecognised keys to ->extract_addrinfo (RT101453)
  0.64    2014/10/17 17:51:07
           * Make specific mention of 'TCP' and 'UDP' around socket examples
             where appropriate
           * Allow construction of an IO::Async::Handle using fileno integers
           * Provide a better search for 'all open filehandles' via IO::Async::OS
             on Linux (RT97942)
           * Allow IO::Async::Listener to have handle_constructor or handle_class
             as a subclass method (RT97208)
           * Clarify documentation on how to use IO::Async::Process's
             on_exception event (RT98929)
           * Ensure that Stream's write Futures are also informed of write errors
           * Remember to ->remove_child the individual workers of an
             IO::Async::Function (RT99552)
           * Fix IO::Async::Function synopsis example (RT97713)
  0.63    2014/07/11 15:09:08
           * Allow Notifier subclasses to last-ditch handle unrecognised
             ->configure() params
           * Added $notifier->adopt_future
           * Added $notifier->invoke_error and 'on_error' event
           * Ensure that TimeQueue inserts in FIFO order for equal timestamps
           * Kill remaining docs to long-dead IO::Async::Sequencer
           * Cygwin needs the SELECT_CONNECT_EVEC OS hint as well
           * Probe for a broken port to perform listen() tests on by using
             ReuseAddr => 1 so it matches what IO::Async will do (RT84051)
  0.62    2014/03/27 23:15:25
           * Added IO::Async::Future->{done,fail}_later
           * Allow overriding of debug log file or file descriptor
           * Avoid Future's and_then/or_else methods
           * Allow Channel->recv in async mode to return a Future (RT91180)
           * Ensure that Function ->call Futures cancel correctly
           * Added $routine->kill
           * Kill the 'getaddrinfo' => 'getaddrinfo_array' legacy redirection
           * Allow Loop's resolver to be changed to a different object
           * Avoid relying on strong forward references in Future, by creating
             intentional cycles on pending Futures. Workaround for bugfix in
             upcoming Future release.

Mon Feb 24 08:32:25 UTC 2014 -

- initial package 0.61
    * created by cpanspec 1.78.07