File rust.changes of Package rust

Fri Nov 20 13:40:04 UTC 2020 - Manfred Hollstein <>

- Make all shared libraries in %{common_libdir} executable; otherwise
  fdupes will not find any duplicates in %{rustlibdir}.

Thu Nov  5 09:27:56 UTC 2020 - Manfred Hollstein <>

- rust-rpmlintrc: Reflect updated LLVM name in the filter.

Sun Oct 11 22:43:36 UTC 2020 - William Brown <>

- Update to version 1.47.0
  + Language
  - [Closures will now warn when not used.][74869]
  + Compiler
  - [Stabilized the `-C control-flow-guard` codegen option][73893], which enables
    [Control Flow Guard][1.47.0-cfg] for Windows platforms, and is ignored on other
  - [Upgraded to LLVM 11.][73526]
  - [Added tier 3\* support for the `thumbv4t-none-eabi` target.][74419]
  - [Upgrade the FreeBSD toolchain to version 11.4][75204]
  - [`RUST_BACKTRACE`'s output is now more compact.][75048]
  \* Refer to Rust's [platform support page][forge-platform-support] for more
  information on Rust's tiered platform support.
  + Libraries
  - [`CStr` now implements `Index<RangeFrom<usize>>`.][74021]
  - [Traits in `std`/`core` are now implemented for arrays of any length, not just
    those of length less than 33.][74060]
  - [`ops::RangeFull` and `ops::Range` now implement Default.][73197]
  - [`panic::Location` now implements `Copy`, `Clone`, `Eq`, `Hash`, `Ord`,
    `PartialEq`, and `PartialOrd`.][73583]
  + Stabilized APIs
  - [`Ident::new_raw`]
  - [`Range::is_empty`]
  - [`RangeInclusive::is_empty`]
  - [`Result::as_deref`]
  - [`Result::as_deref_mut`]
  - [`Vec::leak`]
  - [`pointer::offset_from`]
  - [`f32::TAU`]
  - [`f64::TAU`]
  The following previously stable APIs have now been made const.
  - [The `new` method for all `NonZero` integers.][73858]
  - [The `checked_add`,`checked_sub`,`checked_mul`,`checked_neg`, `checked_shl`,
    `checked_shr`, `saturating_add`, `saturating_sub`, and `saturating_mul`
    methods for all integers.][73858]
  - [The `checked_abs`, `saturating_abs`, `saturating_neg`, and `signum`  for all
    signed integers.][73858]
  - [The `is_ascii_alphabetic`, `is_ascii_uppercase`, `is_ascii_lowercase`,
    `is_ascii_alphanumeric`, `is_ascii_digit`, `is_ascii_hexdigit`,
    `is_ascii_punctuation`, `is_ascii_graphic`, `is_ascii_whitespace`, and
    `is_ascii_control` methods for `char` and `u8`.][73858]
  + Cargo
  - [`build-dependencies` are now built with opt-level 0 by default.][cargo/8500]
    You can override this by setting the following in your `Cargo.toml`.
    opt-level = 3
  - [`cargo-help` will now display man pages for commands rather just the
    `--help` text.][cargo/8456]
  - [`cargo-metadata` now emits a `test` field indicating if a target has
    tests enabled.][cargo/8478]
  - [`workspace.default-members` now respects `workspace.exclude`.][cargo/8485]
  - [`cargo-publish` will now use an alternative registry by default if it's the
    only registry specified in `package.publish`.][cargo/8571]
  + Misc
  - [Added a help button beside Rustdoc's searchbar that explains rustdoc's
    type based search.][75366]
  - [Added the Ayu theme to rustdoc.][71237]
- Rebased patches:
  + ignore-Wstring-conversion.patch (offset / fuzz)

Sat Oct 10 00:26:02 UTC 2020 - William Brown <>

- Update to version 1.46.0
  + Language
  - [`if`, `match`, and `loop` expressions can now be used in const functions.][72437]
  - [Additionally you are now also able to coerce and cast to slices (`&[T]`) in
    const functions.][73862]
  - [The `#[track_caller]` attribute can now be added to functions to use the
    function's caller's location information for panic messages.][72445]
  - [Recursively indexing into tuples no longer needs parentheses.][71322] E.g.
    `x.0.0` over `(x.0).0`.
  - [`mem::transmute` can now be used in statics and constants.][72920] **Note**
    You currently can't use `mem::transmute` in constant functions.
  + Compiler
  - [You can now use the `cdylib` target on Apple iOS and tvOS platforms.][73516]
  - [Enabled static "Position Independent Executables" by default
    for `x86_64-unknown-linux-musl`.][70740]
  + Libraries
  - [`mem::forget` is now a `const fn`.][73887]
  - [`String` now implements `From<char>`.][73466]
  - [The `leading_ones`, and `trailing_ones` methods have been stabilised for all
    integer types.][73032]
  - [`vec::IntoIter<T>` now implements `AsRef<[T]>`.][72583]
  - [All non-zero integer types (`NonZeroU8`) now implement `TryFrom` for their
    zero-able equivalent (e.g. `TryFrom<u8>`).][72717]
  - [`&[T]` and `&mut [T]` now implement `PartialEq<Vec<T>>`.][71660]
  - [`(String, u16)` now implements `ToSocketAddrs`.][73007]
  - [`vec::Drain<'_, T>` now implements `AsRef<[T]>`.][72584]
  + Stabilized APIs
  - [`Option::zip`]
  - [`vec::Drain::as_slice`]
  + Cargo
    Added a number of new environment variables that are now available when
    compiling your crate.
  - [`CARGO_BIN_NAME` and `CARGO_CRATE_NAME`][cargo/8270] Providing the name of
    the specific binary being compiled and the name of the crate.
  - [`CARGO_PKG_LICENSE`][cargo/8325] The license from the manifest of the package.
  - [`CARGO_PKG_LICENSE_FILE`][cargo/8387] The path to the license file.

Thu Oct 08 22:33:12 UTC 2020 -

- Rebased patches:
  + ignore-Wstring-conversion.patch (offset / fuzz)

Thu Sep  3 03:09:46 UTC 2020 - William Brown <>

- Update to version 1.45.2

Fri Aug 14 12:00:58 UTC 2020 - Martin Sirringhaus <>

- Set codeunits=1 for all archs to avoid OOM-kills and produce 
  the fastest possible compiler-binaries (at the cost of 
  build-times for this package) 

Thu Aug 13 13:38:23 UTC 2020 - Andreas Schwab <>

- Pacify source validator

Thu Aug 13 10:04:38 UTC 2020 - Andreas Schwab <>

- Add support for riscv64

Fri Aug  7 05:54:43 UTC 2020 - Manfred Hollstein <>

- Minimum version needed for LLVM is >= 8.0

Thu Aug  6 08:26:41 UTC 2020 - Michał Rostecki <>

- Update to version 1.44.1
  * rustfmt accepts rustfmt_skip in cfg_attr again.
  * Don't hash executable filenames on apple platforms, fixing backtraces.
  * Fix crashes when finding backtrace on macOS.
  * Clippy applies lint levels into different files.
- Update to version 1.44.0
  + Language
    - You can now use `async/.await` with `#[no_std]` enabled.
    - Added the `unused_braces` lint.
    - Expansion-driven outline module parsing
  + Compiler
    - Rustc now respects the `-C codegen-units` flag in incremental mode.
      Additionally when in incremental mode rustc defaults to 256 codegen units.
    - Refactored `catch_unwind` to have zero-cost, unless unwinding is enabled and
      a panic is thrown.
    - Added tier 3\* support for the `aarch64-unknown-none` and
      `aarch64-unknown-none-softfloat` targets.
    - Added tier 3 support for `arm64-apple-tvos` and
      `x86_64-apple-tvos` targets.
  + Libraries
    - Special cased `vec![]` to map directly to `Vec::new()`. This allows
      `vec![]` to be able to be used in `const` contexts.
    - `convert::Infallible` now implements `Hash`.
    - `OsString` now implements `DerefMut` and `IndexMut` returning
      a `&mut OsStr`.
    - Unicode 13 is now supported.
    - `String` now implements `From<&mut str>`.
    - `IoSlice` now implements `Copy`.
    - `Vec<T>` now implements `From<[T; N]>`. Where `N` is at most 32.
    - `proc_macro::LexError` now implements `fmt::Display` and `Error`.
    - `from_le_bytes`, `to_le_bytes`, `from_be_bytes`, `to_be_bytes`,
      `from_ne_bytes`, and `to_ne_bytes` methods are now `const` for all
      integer types.
  + Stabilizd APIs
    - [`PathBuf::with_capacity`]
    - [`PathBuf::capacity`]
    - [`PathBuf::clear`]
    - [`PathBuf::reserve`]
    - [`PathBuf::reserve_exact`]
    - [`PathBuf::shrink_to_fit`]
    - [`f32::to_int_unchecked`]
    - [`f64::to_int_unchecked`]
    - [`Layout::align_to`]
    - [`Layout::pad_to_align`]
    - [`Layout::array`]
    - [`Layout::extend`]
  + Cargo
    - Added the `cargo tree` command which will print a tree graph of
      your dependencies
  + Misc
    - Rustdoc now allows you to specify `--crate-version` to have rustdoc include
      the version in the sidebar.
  + Compatibility Notes
    - Rustc now correctly generates static libraries on Windows GNU targets with
      the `.a` extension, rather than the previous `.lib`.
    - Removed the `-C no_integrated_as` flag from rustc.
    - The `file_name` property in JSON output of macro errors now points the actual
      source file rather than the previous format of `<NAME macros>`.
      **Note:** this may not point to a file that actually exists on the user's system.
    - The minimum required external LLVM version has been bumped to LLVM 8.
    - `mem::{zeroed, uninitialised}` will now panic when used with types that do
      not allow zero initialization such as `NonZeroU8`. This was
      previously a warning.
    - In 1.45.0 (the next release) converting a `f64` to `u32` using the `as`
      operator has been defined as a saturating operation. This was previously
      undefined behaviour, but you can use the `{f64, f32}::to_int_unchecked` methods to
      continue using the current behaviour, which may be desirable in rare performance
      sensitive situations.
- Rebased patches:
  + ignore-Wstring-conversion.patch (offset / fuzz)
  + rust-pr70163-prepare-for-llvm-10-upgrade.patch dropped (merged upstream)

Wed May 20 12:23:40 UTC 2020 - Martin Sirringhaus <>

- Update to version 1.43.1
  - Updated openssl-src to 1.1.1g for CVE-2020-1967.
  - Fixed the stabilization of AVX-512 features.
  - Fixed `cargo package --list` not working with unpublished

Mon May  4 16:21:54 UTC 2020 - Ismail Dönmez <>

- Add rust-pr70163-prepare-for-llvm-10-upgrade.patch to fix compilation
  with llvm10

Mon May  4 10:45:18 UTC 2020 - Andreas Schwab <>

- Update rustfmt_version

Wed Apr 29 11:46:59 UTC 2020 - Martin Sirringhaus <>

- Update to version 1.43.0
 + Language
  - Fixed using binary operations with `&{number}` (e.g. `&1.0`) 
    not having the type inferred correctly.
  - Attributes such as `#[cfg()]` can now be used on `if` 
  - Syntax only changes:
    * Allow `type Foo: Ord` syntactically.
    * Fuse associated and extern items up to defaultness.
    * Syntactically allow `self` in all `fn` contexts.
    * Merge `fn` syntax + cleanup item parsing.
    * `item` macro fragments can be interpolated into `trait`s, 
      `impl`s, and `extern` blocks.
      For example, you may now write:
      macro_rules! mac_trait {
          ($i:item) => {
              trait T { $i }
      mac_trait! {
          fn foo() {}
    * These are still rejected *semantically*, so you will likely 
      receive an error but these changes can be seen and parsed by 
      macros and conditional compilation.
 + Compiler
   - You can now pass multiple lint flags to rustc to override the 
     previous flags. 
     For example; `rustc -D unused -A unused-variables` denies
     everything in the `unused` lint group except `unused-variables` 
     which is explicitly allowed. However, passing 
     `rustc -A unused-variables -D unused` denies everything in 
     the `unused` lint group **including** `unused-variables` since 
     the allow flag is specified before the deny flag (and therefore 
   - rustc will now prefer your system MinGW libraries over its 
     bundled libraries if they are available on `windows-gnu`.
   - rustc now buffers errors/warnings printed in JSON.
 + Libraries
   - `Arc<[T; N]>`, `Box<[T; N]>`, and `Rc<[T; N]>`, now implement 
     `TryFrom<Arc<[T]>>`,`TryFrom<Box<[T]>>`, and `TryFrom<Rc<[T]>>`
     **Note** These conversions are only available when `N` is 
   - You can now use associated constants on floats and integers 
     directly, rather than having to import the module.
     e.g. You can now write `u32::MAX` or `f32::NAN` with no imports.
   - `u8::is_ascii` is now `const`.
   - `String` now implements `AsMut<str>`.
   - Added the `primitive` module to `std` and `core`. 
     This module reexports Rust's primitive types. This is mainly 
     useful in macros where you want avoid these types being shadowed.
   - Relaxed some of the trait bounds on `HashMap` and `HashSet`.
   - `string::FromUtf8Error` now implements `Clone + Eq`.
 + Stabilized APIs
   - `Once::is_completed`
   - `f32::LOG10_2`
   - `f32::LOG2_10`
   - `f64::LOG10_2`
   - `f64::LOG2_10`
   - `iter::once_with`
 + Cargo
   - You can now set config `[profile]`s in your `.cargo/config`, 
     or through your environment.
   - Cargo will now set `CARGO_BIN_EXE_<name>` pointing to a 
     binary's executable path when running integration tests or 
     `<name>` is the name of your binary as-is e.g. If you wanted 
     the executable path for a binary named `my-program`you would 
     use `env!("CARGO_BIN_EXE_my-program")`.
 + Misc
   - Certain checks in the `const_err` lint were deemed unrelated 
     to const evaluation, and have been moved to the 
     `unconditional_panic` and `arithmetic_overflow` lints.
 + Compatibility Notes
   - Having trailing syntax in the `assert!` macro is now a hard 
     error. This has been a warning since 1.36.0.
   - Fixed `Self` not having the correctly inferred type. This 
     incorrectly led to some instances being accepted, and now 
     correctly emits a hard error.

Tue Apr  7 08:54:37 UTC 2020 - Andreas Schwab <>

- Avoid duplication of environment settings

Tue Mar 31 12:28:18 UTC 2020 - Antonio Larrosa <>

- Update to version 1.42.0:
  + Language
    - You can now use the slice pattern syntax with subslices.
    - You can now use #[repr(transparent)] on univariant enums. Meaning
      that you can create an enum that has the exact layout and ABI of
      the type it contains.
    - There are some syntax-only changes:
      * default is syntactically allowed before items in trait
      * Items in impls (i.e. consts, types, and fns) may syntactically
        leave out their bodies in favor of ;.
      * Bounds on associated types in impls are now syntactically
        allowed (e.g. type Foo: Ord;).
      * ... (the C-variadic type) may occur syntactically directly
        as the type of any function parameter.
      These are still rejected semantically, so you will likely receive
      an error but these changes can be seen and parsed by procedural
      macros and conditional compilation.
  + Compiler
    - Added tier 2 support for armv7a-none-eabi.
    - Added tier 2 support for riscv64gc-unknown-linux-gnu.
    - Option::{expect,unwrap} and Result::{expect, expect_err, unwrap,
      unwrap_err} now produce panic messages pointing to the location
      where they were called, rather than core's internals.
      Refer to Rust's platform support page for more information on
      Rust's tiered platform support.
  + Libraries
    - iter::Empty<T> now implements Send and Sync for any T.
    - Pin::{map_unchecked, map_unchecked_mut} no longer require the
      return type to implement Sized.
    - io::Cursor now derives PartialEq and Eq.
    - Layout::new is now const.
    - Added Standard Library support for riscv64gc-unknown-linux-gnu.
  + Stabilized APIs
    - CondVar::wait_while
    - CondVar::wait_timeout_while
    - DebugMap::key
    - DebugMap::value
    - ManuallyDrop::take
    - matches!
    - ptr::slice_from_raw_parts_mut
    - ptr::slice_from_raw_parts
  + Cargo
    - You no longer need to include extern crate proc_macro; to be
      able to use proc_macro; in the 2018 edition.
  + Compatibility Notes
    - Error::description has been deprecated, and its use will now
      produce a warning. It's recommended to use Display/to_string

Tue Mar 31 11:17:09 UTC 2020 -

- Rebased patches:
  + ignore-Wstring-conversion.patch (offset / fuzz)

Mon Mar 23 19:01:55 UTC 2020 - Federico Mena Quintero <>

- Update to version 1.41.1:

  - Always check types of static items
  - Always check lifetime bounds of `Copy` impls
  - Fix miscompilation in callers of `Layout::repeat`

- Update to version 1.41.0:

  + Language
    - You can now pass type parameters to foreign items when implementing
      traits. E.g. You can now write `impl<T> From<Foo> for Vec<T> {}`.
    - You can now arbitrarily nest receiver types in the `self` position. E.g. you can
      now write `fn foo(self: Box<Box<Self>>) {}`. Previously only `Self`, `&Self`,
      `&mut Self`, `Arc<Self>`, `Rc<Self>`, and `Box<Self>` were allowed.
    - You can now use any valid identifier in a `format_args` macro.
      Previously identifiers starting with an underscore were not allowed.
    - Visibility modifiers (e.g. `pub`) are now syntactically allowed on trait items and
      enum variants. These are still rejected semantically, but
      can be seen and parsed by procedural macros and conditional compilation.
  + Compiler
    - Rustc will now warn if you have unused loop `'label`s.
    - Removed support for the `i686-unknown-dragonfly` target.
    - Added tier 3 support\* for the `riscv64gc-unknown-linux-gnu` target.
    - You can now pass an arguments file passing the `@path` syntax
      to rustc. Note that the format differs somewhat from what is
      found in other tooling; please see the documentation for
      more information.
    - You can now provide `--extern` flag without a path, indicating that it is
      available from the search path or specified with an `-L` flag.
    Refer to Rust's [platform support page][forge-platform-support] for more
    information on Rust's tiered platform support.
  + Libraries
    - The `core::panic` module is now stable. It was already stable
      through `std`.
    - `NonZero*` numerics now implement `From<NonZero*>` if it's a smaller integer
      width. E.g. `NonZeroU16` now implements `From<NonZeroU8>`.
    - `MaybeUninit<T>` now implements `fmt::Debug`.
  + Stabilized APIs
    - `Result::map_or`
    - `Result::map_or_else`
    - `std::rc::Weak::weak_count`
    - `std::rc::Weak::strong_count`
    - `std::sync::Weak::weak_count`
    - `std::sync::Weak::strong_count`
  + Cargo
    - Cargo will now document all the private items for binary crates
      by default.
    - `cargo-install` will now reinstall the package if it detects that it is out
      of date.
    - Cargo.lock now uses a more git friendly format that should help to reduce
      merge conflicts.
    - You can now override specific dependencies's build settings. E.g.
      `[] opt-level = 2` sets the `image` crate's
      optimisation level to `2` for debug builds. You can also use
      `[profile.<profile>.build-override]` to override build scripts and
      their dependencies.

  + Misc
    - You can now specify `edition` in documentation code blocks to compile the block
      for that edition. E.g. `edition2018` tells rustdoc that the code sample
      should be compiled the 2018 edition of Rust.
    - You can now provide custom themes to rustdoc with `--theme`, and check the
      current theme with `--check-theme`.
    - You can use `#[cfg(doc)]` to compile an item when building documentation.
  + Compatibility Notes
    - As previously announced 1.41.0 will be the last tier 1 release for 32-bit
      Apple targets. This means that the source code is still
      available to build, but the targets are no longer being tested and release
      binaries for those platforms will no longer be distributed by the Rust project.
      Please refer to the linked blog post for more information.

Fri Jan 17 11:04:12 UTC 2020 - Dominique Leuenberger <>

- Adjust constraints: Request 20GB HDD for all archs. Simplify the
  file by removing the overrides for various disk sizes. All archs
  are curretnly at roughly 17GB storage in use.

Wed Jan  8 16:44:17 UTC 2020 - Federico Mena Quintero <>

- Bump version of libssh2 for SLE15; we now need a version with
  libssh2_userauth_publickey_frommemory(), which appeared in libssh2
- Use the bundled libssh2 prior to SLE15.  SLE12 has 1.4.3, which is
  too old for the ssh crate now.

Mon Dec 30 03:48:37 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- Update to version 1.40.0
  + Language
    - You can now use tuple `struct`s and tuple `enum` variant's constructors in
      `const` contexts. e.g.
      pub struct Point(i32, i32);
      const ORIGIN: Point = {
        let constructor = Point;
        constructor(0, 0)
    - You can now mark `struct`s, `enum`s, and `enum` variants with the `#[non_exhaustive]` attribute to
      indicate that there may be variants or fields added in the future.
      For example this requires adding a wild-card branch (`_ => {}`) to any match
      statements on a non-exhaustive `enum`.
    - You can now use function-like procedural macros in `extern` blocks and in
      type positions. e.g. `type Generated = macro!();`
    - Function-like and attribute procedural macros can now emit
      `macro_rules!` items, so you can now have your macros generate macros.
    - The `meta` pattern matcher in `macro_rules!` now correctly matches the modern
      attribute syntax. For example `(#[$m:meta])` now matches `#[attr]`,
      `#[attr{tokens}]`, `#[attr[tokens]]`, and `#[attr(tokens)]`.
  + Compiler
    - Added tier 3 support\* for the
      `thumbv7neon-unknown-linux-musleabihf` target.
    - Added tier 3 support for the
      `aarch64-unknown-none-softfloat` target.
    - Added tier 3 support for the `mips64-unknown-linux-muslabi64`, and
      `mips64el-unknown-linux-muslabi64` targets.
  + Libraries
    - The `is_power_of_two` method on unsigned numeric types is now a `const` function.
  + Stabilized APIs
    - BTreeMap::get_key_value
    - HashMap::get_key_value
    - Option::as_deref_mut
    - Option::as_deref
    - Option::flatten
    - UdpSocket::peer_addr
    - f32::to_be_bytes
    - f32::to_le_bytes
    - f32::to_ne_bytes
    - f64::to_be_bytes
    - f64::to_le_bytes
    - f64::to_ne_bytes
    - f32::from_be_bytes
    - f32::from_le_bytes
    - f32::from_ne_bytes
    - f64::from_be_bytes
    - f64::from_le_bytes
    - f64::from_ne_bytes
    - mem::take
    - slice::repeat
    - todo!
  + Cargo
    - Cargo will now always display warnings, rather than only on
      fresh builds.
    - Feature flags (except `--all-features`) passed to a virtual workspace will
      now produce an error. Previously these flags were ignored.
    - You can now publish `dev-dependencies` without including
      a `version`.
  + Misc
    - You can now specify the `#[cfg(doctest)]` attribute to include an item only
      when running documentation tests with `rustdoc`.

  + Compatibility Notes
    - As previously announced, any previous NLL warnings in the 2015 edition are
      now hard errors.
    - The `include!` macro will now warn if it failed to include the
      entire file. The `include!` macro unintentionally only includes the
      first _expression_ in a file, and this can be unintuitive. This will become
      either a hard error in a future release, or the behavior may be fixed to include all expressions as expected.
    - Using `#[inline]` on function prototypes and consts now emits a warning under
      `unused_attribute` lint. Using `#[inline]` anywhere else inside traits
      or `extern` blocks now correctly emits a hard error.

Mon Dec 30 03:42:44 UTC 2019 -

- Rebased patches:
  + hopefully-fix-rustdoc-build.patch dropped (merged upstream)

Fri Nov 29 14:43:11 UTC 2019 - Neal Gompa <>

- Rename README to README.suse-maint and add it as a source
  to stop factory-auto from declining submissions automatically

Mon Nov 25 13:25:52 UTC 2019 - Alberto Planas Dominguez <>

- Re-format the spec file
- Add a README to explain the update process
- Add _service file for download the assets and re-base the patches

Fri Nov  8 23:43:13 UTC 2019 - Alberto Planas Dominguez <>

- Add hopefully-fix-rustdoc-build.patch to fix rustdoc compilation

Thu Nov  7 15:33:25 UTC 2019 - Alberto Planas Dominguez <>

- Update to version 1.39.0
  + Language
    - You can now create async functions and blocks with async fn,
      async move {}, and async {} respectively, and you can now call
      .await on async expressions.
    - You can now use certain attributes on function, closure, and
      function pointer parameters.
    - You can now take shared references to bind-by-move patterns in
      the if guards of match arms.
  + Compiler
    - Added tier 3 support for the i686-unknown-uefi target.
    - Added tier 3 support for the sparc64-unknown-openbsd target.
    - rustc will now trim code snippets in diagnostics to fit in your
    - You can now pass --show-output argument to test binaries to
      print the output of successful tests.
  + For more details:
- Drop patches already merged in upstream:
  + rust-61206-assume-tarball-llvm-is-fresh.patch
  + add-option-to-allow-warnings.patch

Wed Oct 23 09:56:33 UTC 2019 - Ralf Haferkamp <>

- Switch to bundled version of libgit2 for now. libgit2-sys seems
  to expect using the bundled variant, which just seems to point
  to a snapshot of the master branch and doesn't match any released
  libgit2 (bsc#1154817).
  See: and for details.

Mon Sep 30 21:29:54 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- Add patch add-option-to-allow-warnings.patch to add a config option
  which allows warnings and so enables v1.38 to bootstrap itself.

Mon Sep 30 02:46:51 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- Update to version 1.38.0
  + Language
    - The `#[global_allocator]` attribute can now be used in submodules.
    - The `#[deprecated]` attribute can now be used on macros.
  + Compiler
    - Added pipelined compilation support to `rustc`. This will
      improve compilation times in some cases.
  + Libraries
    - `ascii::EscapeDefault` now implements `Clone` and `Display`.
    - Derive macros for prelude traits (e.g. `Clone`, `Debug`, `Hash`) are now
    available at the same path as the trait. (e.g. The `Clone` derive macro
    is available at `std::clone::Clone`). This also makes all built-in macros
    available in `std`/`core` root. e.g. `std::include_bytes!`.
    - `str::Chars` now implements `Debug`.
    - `slice::{concat, connect, join}` now accepts `&[T]` in addition to `&T`.
    - `*const T` and `*mut T` now implement `marker::Unpin`.
    - `Arc<[T]>` and `Rc<[T]>` now implement `FromIterator<T>`.
    - Added euclidean remainder and division operations (`div_euclid`,
    `rem_euclid`) to all numeric primitives. Additionally `checked`,
    `overflowing`, and `wrapping` versions are available for all
    integer primitives.
    - `thread::AccessError` now implements `Clone`, `Copy`, `Eq`, `Error`, and
    - `iter::{StepBy, Peekable, Take}` now implement `DoubleEndedIterator`.
  + Stabilized APIs
    - `<*const T>::cast`
    - `<*mut T>::cast`
    - `Duration::as_secs_f32`
    - `Duration::as_secs_f64`
    - `Duration::div_f32`
    - `Duration::div_f64`
    - `Duration::from_secs_f32`
    - `Duration::from_secs_f64`
    - `Duration::mul_f32`
    - `Duration::mul_f64`
    - `any::type_name`
  + Cargo
    - Added pipelined compilation support to `cargo`.
    - You can now pass the `--features` option multiple times to enable
      multiple features.
  + Misc
    - `rustc` will now warn about some incorrect uses of
      `mem::{uninitialized, zeroed}` that are known to cause undefined behaviour.

Tue Sep 10 18:11:30 UTC 2019 -

- Use gcc7 on all of SLE12, since the embedded LLVM wants at least gcc 5.1.

- Add rust-61206-assume-tarball-llvm-is-fresh.patch - Upstream fix to make
  LLVM not be rebuilt during the installation phase.

Wed Aug 28 01:00:37 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- Update to version 1.37.0
  + Language
    - #[must_use] will now warn if the type is contained in a tuple,
      Box, or an array and unused.
    - You can now use the `cfg` and `cfg_attr` attributes on
      generic parameters.
    - You can now use enum variants through type alias. e.g. You can
      write the following:
      type MyOption = Option<u8>;

      fn increment_or_zero(x: MyOption) -> u8 {
          match x {
              MyOption::Some(y) => y + 1,
              MyOption::None => 0,
    - You can now use `_` as an identifier for consts. e.g. You can write
      `const _: u32 = 5;`.
    - You can now use `#[repr(align(X)]` on enums.
    - The  `?` Kleene macro operator is now available in the
      2015 edition.
  + Compiler
    - You can now enable Profile-Guided Optimization with the `-C profile-generate`
      and `-C profile-use` flags. For more information on how to use profile
      guided optimization, please refer to the rustc book.
    - The `rust-lldb` wrapper script should now work again.
  + Libraries
    - `mem::MaybeUninit<T>` is now ABI-compatible with `T`.
  + Stabilized APIs
    - BufReader::buffer
    - BufWriter::buffer
    - Cell::from_mut
    - Cell<[T]>::as_slice_of_cells
    - Cell<slice>::as_slice_of_cells
    - DoubleEndedIterator::nth_back
    - Option::xor
    - Wrapping::reverse_bits
    - i128::reverse_bits
    - i16::reverse_bits
    - i32::reverse_bits
    - i64::reverse_bits
    - i8::reverse_bits
    - isize::reverse_bits
    - slice::copy_within
    - u128::reverse_bits
    - u16::reverse_bits
    - u32::reverse_bits
    - u64::reverse_bits
    - u8::reverse_bits
    - usize::reverse_bits
  + Cargo
    - Cargo.lock files are now included by default when publishing executable crates
      with executables.
    - You can now specify `default-run="foo"` in `[package]` to specify the
      default executable to use for `cargo run`.
    - cargo-vendor is now provided as a sub-command of cargo
  + Compatibility Notes
    - Using `...` for inclusive range patterns will now warn by default.
      Please transition your code to using the `..=` syntax for inclusive
      ranges instead.
    - Using a trait object without the `dyn` will now warn by default.
      Please transition your code to use `dyn Trait` for trait objects instead.

Tue Jul  9 09:57:46 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- Remove fix-llvm8-build.patch, fixed upstream

Mon Jul  8 20:29:46 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- Update to version 1.36.0
  + Language
    - Non-Lexical Lifetimes are now enabled on the 2015 edition
    - The order of traits in trait objects no longer affects the semantics of that
      object. e.g. `dyn Send + fmt::Debug` is now equivalent to
      `dyn fmt::Debug + Send`, where this was previously not the case.
  + Libraries
    - `HashMap`'s implementation has been replaced with `hashbrown::HashMap` implementation
    - `TryFromSliceError` now implements `From<Infallible>`
    - `mem::needs_drop` is now available as a const fn
    - `alloc::Layout::from_size_align_unchecked` is now available as a const fn
    - `String` now implements `BorrowMut<str>`
    - `io::Cursor` now implements `Default`
    - Both `NonNull::{dangling, cast}` are now const fns
    - The `alloc` crate is now stable. `alloc` allows you to use a subset
      of `std` (e.g. `Vec`, `Box`, `Arc`) in `#![no_std]` environments if the
      environment has access to heap memory allocation.
    - String` now implements `From<&String>`
    - You can now pass multiple arguments to the `dbg!` macro. `dbg!` will
      return a tuple of each argument when there is multiple arguments.
    - `Result::{is_err, is_ok}` are now `#[must_use]` and will produce a warning if
      not used.
  + Stabilized APIs
    - VecDeque::rotate_left
    - VecDeque::rotate_right
    - Iterator::copied
    - io::IoSlice
    - io::IoSliceMut
    - Read::read_vectored
    - Write::write_vectored
    - str::as_mut_ptr
    - mem::MaybeUninit
    - pointer::align_offset
    - future::Future
    - task::Context
    - task::RawWaker
    - task::RawWakerVTable
    - task::Waker
    - task::Poll
  + Cargo
    - Cargo will now produce an error if you attempt to use the name of a required dependency as a feature
    - You can now pass the `--offline` flag to run cargo without accessing the network
  + Clippy
    - New lints: `find_map`, `filter_map_next`
    - New lint: `path_buf_push_overwrite`
    - Move `path_buf_push_overwrite` to the nursery
    - Split `redundant_closure` into `redundant_closure` and `redundant_closure_for_method_calls`
    - Allow allowing of `toplevel_ref_arg` lint
    - Fix false negative in `or_fun_call` pertaining to nested constructors
    - Fixed false positive in `or_fn_call` pertaining to enum variant constructors
    - Fix false positive in `useless_let_if_seq` pertaining to interior mutability
    - Fix false positive in `redundant_closure` pertaining to non-function types
    - Fix false positive in `let_and_return` pertaining to attributes on `let`s
    - Fix false positive in `module_name_repetitions` lint pertaining to attributes
    - Fix false positive on `assertions_on_constants` pertaining to `debug_assert!`
    - Improve suggestion in `map_clone` to suggest `.copied()` where applicable
    - Improve suggestion for `search_is_some`
    - Improve suggestion applicability for `naive_bytecount`
    - Improve suggestion applicability for `while_let_loop`
    - Improve diagnostics for `too_many_arguments`
    - Improve diagnostics for `cast_lossless`
    - Deal with macro checks in desugarings better
    - Add macro check for `unnecessary_cast`
    - Remove `approx_constant`'s documentation's "Known problems" section
    - Fix ICE in `suspicious_else_formatting`
    - Fix ICE in `decimal_literal_representation`
  + Compatibility Notes
    - With the stabilisation of `mem::MaybeUninit`, `mem::uninitialized` use is no
      longer recommended, and will be deprecated in 1.38.0.

Tue Jul  2 07:21:24 UTC 2019 - Andreas Schwab <>

- Add support for ppc

Wed May 29 21:38:13 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- Update to version 1.35.0
  + Language
    - `FnOnce`, `FnMut`, and the `Fn` traits are now implemented for `Box<FnOnce>`,
      `Box<FnMut>`, and `Box<Fn>` respectively.
    - You can now coerce closures into unsafe function pointers. e.g.
      unsafe fn call_unsafe(func: unsafe fn()) {

      pub fn main() {
          unsafe { call_unsafe(|| {}); }
  + Compiler
    - Added the `armv6-unknown-freebsd-gnueabihf` and
      `armv7-unknown-freebsd-gnueabihf` targets.
    - Added the `wasm32-unknown-wasi` target.
  + Libraries
    - `Thread` will now show its ID in `Debug` output.
    - `StdinLock`, `StdoutLock`, and `StderrLock` now implement `AsRawFd`.
    - `alloc::System` now implements `Default`.
    - Expanded `Debug` output (`{:#?}`) for structs now has a trailing comma on the
      last field.
    - `char::{ToLowercase, ToUppercase}` now
      implement `ExactSizeIterator`.
    - All `NonZero` numeric types now implement `FromStr`.
    - Removed the `Read` trait bounds
      on the `BufReader::{get_ref, get_mut, into_inner}` methods.
    - You can now call the `dbg!` macro without any parameters to print the file
      and line where it is called.
    - In place ASCII case conversions are now up to 4× faster.
      e.g. `str::make_ascii_lowercase`
    - `hash_map::{OccupiedEntry, VacantEntry}` now implement `Sync`
      and `Send`.
  + Stabilized APIs
    - `f32::copysign`
    - `f64::copysign`
    - `RefCell::replace_with`
    - `RefCell::map_split`
    - `ptr::hash`
    - `Range::contains`
    - `RangeFrom::contains`
    - `RangeTo::contains`
    - `RangeInclusive::contains`
    - `RangeToInclusive::contains`
    - `Option::copied`
  + Cargo
    - You can now set `cargo:rustc-cdylib-link-arg` at build time to pass custom
      linker arguments when building a `cdylib`. Its usage is highly
      platform specific.

- version 1.34.2
  + Destabilize the `Error::type_id` function due to a security
   vulnerability (CVE-2019-12083)

- version 1.34.1
  + Fix false positives for the `redundant_closure` Clippy lint
  + Fix false positives for the `missing_const_for_fn` Clippy lint
  + Fix Clippy panic when checking some macros

Sat May 25 12:23:30 UTC 2019 - Aaron Puchert <>

- Add fix-llvm8-build.patch: Fix linker errors with llvm8 by
  limiting internalization in ThinLTO.

Fri May 17 23:06:25 UTC 2019 -

- Fix regexp for .rlib files in rust-rpmlintrc.

Wed Apr 24 17:39:11 UTC 2019 - Martin Liška <>

- Disable LTO (boo#1133283).

Thu Apr 11 23:32:24 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- Update to version 1.34.0
  + Language
    - You can now use `#[deprecated = "reason"]` as a shorthand for
      `#[deprecated(note = "reason")]`. This was previously allowed
      by mistake but had no effect.
    - You can now accept token streams in `#[attr()]`,`#[attr[]]`, and
      `#[attr{}]` procedural macros.
    - You can now write `extern crate self as foo;` to import your
      crate's root into the extern prelude.
  + Compiler
    - You can now target `riscv64imac-unknown-none-elf` and
    - You can now enable linker plugin LTO optimisations with
      `-C linker-plugin-lto`. This allows rustc to compile your Rust
      code into LLVM bitcode allowing LLVM to perform LTO optimisations
      across C/C++ FFI boundaries.
    - You can now target `powerpc64-unknown-freebsd`.
  + Libraries
    - The trait bounds have been removed on some of `HashMap<K, V, S>`'s
      and `HashSet<T, S>`'s basic methods. Most notably you no longer
      require the `Hash` trait to create an iterator.
    - The `Ord` trait bounds have been removed on some of
      `BinaryHeap<T>`'s basic methods. Most notably you no longer require
      the `Ord` trait to create an iterator.
    - The methods `overflowing_neg` and `wrapping_neg` are now `const`
      functions for all numeric types.
    - Indexing a `str` is now generic over all types that
      implement `SliceIndex<str>`.
    - `str::trim`, `str::trim_matches`, `str::trim_{start, end}`, and
      `str::trim_{start, end}_matches` are now `#[must_use]` and will
      produce a warning if their returning type is unused.
    - The methods `checked_pow`, `saturating_pow`, `wrapping_pow`, and
      `overflowing_pow` are now available for all numeric types. These are
      equivalvent to methods such as `wrapping_add` for the `pow` operation.
  + Stabilized APIs
    - std & core
      + Any::type_id
      + Error::type_id
      + atomic::AtomicI16
      + atomic::AtomicI32
      + atomic::AtomicI64
      + atomic::AtomicI8
      + atomic::AtomicU16
      + atomic::AtomicU32
      + atomic::AtomicU64
      + atomic::AtomicU8
      + convert::Infallible
      + convert::TryFrom
      + convert::TryInto
      + iter::from_fn
      + iter::successors
      + num::NonZeroI128
      + num::NonZeroI16
      + num::NonZeroI32
      + num::NonZeroI64
      + num::NonZeroI8
      + num::NonZeroIsize
      + slice::sort_by_cached_key
      + str::escape_debug
      + str::escape_default
      + str::escape_unicode
      + str::split_ascii_whitespace
    - std
      + Instant::checked_add
      + Instant::checked_sub
      + SystemTime::checked_add
      + SystemTime::checked_sub
  + Cargo
    - You can now use alternative registries to
  + Misc
    - You can now use the `?` operator in your documentation
      tests without manually adding `fn main() -> Result<(), _> {}`.
  + Compatibility Notes
    - `Command::before_exec` is now deprecated in favor of the
      unsafe method `Command::pre_exec`.
    - Use of `ATOMIC_{BOOL, ISIZE, USIZE}_INIT` is now deprecated.
      As you can now use `const` functions in `static` variables.
- Remove depreciated-trim_left_matches.patch.
- Rustfmt version bumped to 1.0.3
  + Change description not provided.
- rls version now in sync with rustc.
- Misc fixes to rust.spec

Mon Mar 25 16:09:44 UTC 2019 - Federico Mena Quintero <>

- Use the system's LLVM in SLE15-SP1.  That distribution has LLVM7,
  and we need to use it there, instead of any other version.
- Prevent auto-provides from being created for things under
  rustlibdir, so the RPM does not inadvertently have a Provides for a
  bundled LLVM and the Rust library files.
- Sync changes files between SLE and openSUSE, for ease of maintenance.

Fri Mar 22 00:02:26 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- Explicitly build only a subset of tools

Sat Mar 16 01:19:22 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- Remove miri complete instead of excluding. This is experimental
  and so should not be included.
- BuildRequires ccache in attempt to reduce compile times.
- Remove more extraneous directories from src that will never be
- Extra patterns in rpmlintrc to catch more false positives:
  + Rust has no stable API, ignore SONAME warnings
  + Tool versions don't update in step with rust, ignore warnings

Wed Mar  6 09:07:43 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- Separate the bootstrap version from the minimum required system
  version for package builds.

Mon Mar  4 08:17:43 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- add depreciated-trim_left_matches.patch: replaces depreciated
  function call in src/tools/tidy with trim_start_matches to fix
  error when bootstrapping with system 1.33.0

Sat Mar  2 05:17:36 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- Update to version 1.33.0
  + Language
    - You can now use the `cfg(target_vendor)` attribute. E.g.
      `#[cfg(target_vendor="linux")] fn main() { println!("Hello Linux!"); }`
    - Integer patterns such as in a match expression can now be exhaustive.
      E.g. You can have match statement on a `u8` that covers `0..=255` and
      you would no longer be required to have a `_ => unreachable!()` case.
    - You can now have multiple patterns in `if let` and `while let`
      expressions. You can do this with the same syntax as a `match`
      expression. E.g.
      enum Creature {

      fn main() {
      let state = Creature::Crab("Ferris");

      if let Creature::Crab(name) | Creature::Person(name) = state {
            println!("This creature's name is: {}", name);
    - You can now have irrefutable `if let` and `while let` patterns. Using
      this feature will by default produce a warning as this behaviour can be
      unintuitive. E.g. `if let _ = 5 {}`
    - You can now use `let` bindings, assignments, expression statements,
      and irrefutable pattern destructuring in const functions.
    - You can now call unsafe const functions. E.g.
      const unsafe fn foo() -> i32 { 5 }
      const fn bar() -> i32 {
      unsafe { foo() }
    - You can now specify multiple attributes in a `cfg_attr` attribute.
      E.g. `#[cfg_attr(all(), must_use, optimize)]`
    - You can now specify a specific alignment with the `#[repr(packed)]`
      attribute. E.g. `#[repr(packed(2))] struct Foo(i16, i32);` is a struct
      with an alignment of 2 bytes and a size of 6 bytes.
    - You can now import an item from a module as an `_`. This allows you to
      import a trait's impls, and not have the name in the namespace. E.g.
      use std::io::Read as _;

      // Allowed as there is only one `Read` in the module.
      pub trait Read {}
    - extern` functions will now abort by default when panicking.
      This was previously undefined behaviour.
  + Compiler
    - You can now set a linker flavor for `rustc` with the `-Clinker-flavor`
      command line argument.
    - The mininum required LLVM version has been bumped to 6.0.
    - Added support for the PowerPC64 architecture on FreeBSD.
    - The `x86_64-fortanix-unknown-sgx` target support has been upgraded to
      tier 2 support. Visit the [platform support][platform-support] page for
      information on Rust's platform support.
    - Added support for the `thumbv7neon-linux-androideabi` and
      `thumbv7neon-unknown-linux-gnueabihf` targets.
    - Added support for the `x86_64-unknown-uefi` target.

  + Libraries
    - The methods `overflowing_{add, sub, mul, shl, shr}` are now `const`
      functions for all numeric types.
    - The methods `rotate_left`, `rotate_right`, and `wrapping_{add, sub, mul, shl, shr}`
      are now `const` functions for all numeric types.
    - The methods `is_positive` and `is_negative` are now `const` functions for
      all signed numeric types.
    - The `get` method for all `NonZero` types is now `const`.
    - The methods `count_ones`, `count_zeros`, `leading_zeros`, `trailing_zeros`,
      `swap_bytes`, `from_be`, `from_le`, `to_be`, `to_le` are now `const` for all
      numeric types.
    - Ipv4Addr::new` is now a `const` function
  + Stabilized APIs
    - unix::FileExt::read_exact_at
    - unix::FileExt::write_all_at
    - Option::transpose
    - Result::transpose
    - convert::identity
    - pin::Pin
    - marker::Unpin
    - marker::PhantomPinned
    - Vec::resize_with
    - VecDeque::resize_with
    - Duration::as_millis
    - Duration::as_micros
    - Duration::as_nanos
  + Cargo
    - Cargo should now rebuild a crate if a file was modified during the initial

  + Compatibility Notes
    - The methods `str::{trim_left, trim_right, trim_left_matches, trim_right_matches}`
      are now deprecated in the standard library, and their usage will now produce a warning.
      Please use the `str::{trim_start, trim_end, trim_start_matches, trim_end_matches}`
      methods instead.

Fri Mar  1 06:57:58 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- Bump minimum LLVM to 7.0
- Add conditions to build SLE versions with bundled libgit2 and

Thu Feb 28 17:08:08 UTC 2019 - Federico Mena Quintero <>

- Use cmake3, not cmake, in SLE-12 SP2 and earlier.  The stock cmake
  package there was 2.x, and building llvm requires cmake 3.5.

Wed Feb 27 21:39:35 UTC 2019 -

- Use same version bootstrap as package source
- Fixes to build with correct LLVM for SLE and Leap releases

Wed Feb 27 02:38:54 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- Move export vars directly to where used.
- Change codegen units to 2 for Arm and x86 builds in attempt to
  reduce memory use by LLVM.

Wed Feb 27 02:12:17 UTC 2019 - Federico Mena Quintero <>

- Put each exported environment variable in a separate line so the
  specfile will work on SLE SP0/SP1/SP2.

Sun Feb 24 09:40:06 UTC 2019 - Jan Engelhardt <>

- Avoid bash-specific syntax in "test" call.

Sun Feb 24 01:52:06 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- Fix bootstrap conditionals
- Fix bundled_llvm conditionals
- Don't build stage0 if compiler used to build package is the
  same version as package

Sat Feb 23 01:58:47 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- Ensure install environment is the same as build environment to
  prevent building everything twice (second time without correct

Tue Jan 22 18:19:47 UTC 2019 -

- Remove
  since rustdoc plugins are fixed since version 1.27.1 (bsc#1100691,

Thu Jan 17 21:22:11 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- Update to version 1.32.0
- Language
  + 2018 edition
    - You can now use the `?` operator in macro definitions. The `?`
      operator allows you to specify zero or one repetitions similar to the `*` and
      `+` operators.
    - Module paths with no leading keyword like `super`, `self`, or `crate`, will
      now always resolve to the item (`enum`, `struct`, etc.) available in the
      module if present, before resolving to a external crate or an item the prelude.
      enum Color { Red, Green, Blue }
      use Color::*;
  + All editions
    - You can now match against `PhantomData<T>` types.
    - You can now match against literals in macros with the `literal`
      specifier. This will match against a literal of any type.
      E.g. `1`, `'A'`, `"Hello World"`
    - Self can now be used as a constructor and pattern for unit and tuple structs. E.g.
      struct Point(i32, i32);

      impl Point {
    pub fn new(x: i32, y: i32) -> Self {
        Self(x, y)

    pub fn is_origin(&self) -> bool {
        match self {
      Self(0, 0) => true,
      _ => false,
    - Self can also now be used in type definitions. E.g.
      enum List<T>
    Self: PartialOrd<Self> // can write `Self` instead of `List<T>`
    Cons(T, Box<Self>) // likewise here
    - You can now mark traits with `#[must_use]`. This provides a warning if
      a `impl Trait` or `dyn Trait` is returned and unused in the program.
- Compiler
  + The default allocator has changed from jemalloc to the default allocator on
    your system. The compiler itself on Linux & macOS will still use
    jemalloc, but programs compiled with it will use the system allocator.
  + Added the `aarch64-pc-windows-msvc` target.
- Libraries
  + `PathBuf` now implements `FromStr`.
  - `Box<[T]>` now implements `FromIterator<T>`.
  - The `dbg!` macro has been stabilized. This macro enables you to
    easily debug expressions in your rust program. E.g.
    let a = 2;
    let b = dbg!(a * 2) + 1;
    //      ^-- prints: [src/] a * 2 = 4
    assert_eq!(b, 5);
  + The following APIs are now `const` functions and can be used in a
    `const` context.
    - `Cell::as_ptr`
    - `UnsafeCell::get`
    - `char::is_ascii`
    - `iter::empty`
    - `ManuallyDrop::new`
    - `ManuallyDrop::into_inner`
    - `RangeInclusive::start`
    - `RangeInclusive::end`
    - `NonNull::as_ptr`
    - `slice::as_ptr`
    - `str::as_ptr`
    - `Duration::as_secs`
    - `Duration::subsec_millis`
    - `Duration::subsec_micros`
    - `Duration::subsec_nanos`
    - `CStr::as_ptr`
    - `Ipv4Addr::is_unspecified`
    - `Ipv6Addr::new`
    - `Ipv6Addr::octets`
- Stabilized APIs
  + `i8::to_be_bytes`
  + `i8::to_le_bytes`
  + `i8::to_ne_bytes`
  + `i8::from_be_bytes`
  + `i8::from_le_bytes`
  + `i8::from_ne_bytes`
  + `i16::to_be_bytes`
  + `i16::to_le_bytes`
  + `i16::to_ne_bytes`
  + `i16::from_be_bytes`
  + `i16::from_le_bytes`
  + `i16::from_ne_bytes`
  + `i32::to_be_bytes`
  + `i32::to_le_bytes`
  + `i32::to_ne_bytes`
  + `i32::from_be_bytes`
  + `i32::from_le_bytes`
  + `i32::from_ne_bytes`
  + `i64::to_be_bytes`
  + `i64::to_le_bytes`
  + `i64::to_ne_bytes`
  + `i64::from_be_bytes`
  + `i64::from_le_bytes`
  + `i64::from_ne_bytes`
  + `i128::to_be_bytes`
  + `i128::to_le_bytes`
  + `i128::to_ne_bytes`
  + `i128::from_be_bytes`
  + `i128::from_le_bytes`
  + `i128::from_ne_bytes`
  + `isize::to_be_bytes`
  + `isize::to_le_bytes`
  + `isize::to_ne_bytes`
  + `isize::from_be_bytes`
  + `isize::from_le_bytes`
  + `isize::from_ne_bytes`
  + `u8::to_be_bytes`
  + `u8::to_le_bytes`
  + `u8::to_ne_bytes`
  + `u8::from_be_bytes`
  + `u8::from_le_bytes`
  + `u8::from_ne_bytes`
  + `u16::to_be_bytes`
  + `u16::to_le_bytes`
  + `u16::to_ne_bytes`
  + `u16::from_be_bytes`
  + `u16::from_le_bytes`
  + `u16::from_ne_bytes`
  + `u32::to_be_bytes`
  + `u32::to_le_bytes`
  + `u32::to_ne_bytes`
  + `u32::from_be_bytes`
  + `u32::from_le_bytes`
  + `u32::from_ne_bytes`
  + `u64::to_be_bytes`
  + `u64::to_le_bytes`
  + `u64::to_ne_bytes`
  + `u64::from_be_bytes`
  + `u64::from_le_bytes`
  + `u64::from_ne_bytes`
  + `u128::to_be_bytes`
  + `u128::to_le_bytes`
  + `u128::to_ne_bytes`
  + `u128::from_be_bytes`
  + `u128::from_le_bytes`
  + `u128::from_ne_bytes`
  + `usize::to_be_bytes`
  + `usize::to_le_bytes`
  + `usize::to_ne_bytes`
  + `usize::from_be_bytes`
  + `usize::from_le_bytes`
  + `usize::from_ne_bytes`
- Cargo
  + You can now run `cargo c` as an alias for `cargo check`.][cargo/6218]
  + Usernames are now allowed in alt registry URLs.][cargo/6242]
- Misc
  + `libproc_macro` has been added to the `rust-src` distribution.
- Compatibility Notes
  + The argument types for AVX's
  `_mm256_stream_si256`, `_mm256_stream_pd`, `_mm256_stream_ps` have
  been changed from `*const` to `*mut` as the previous implementation
  was unsound.

Sat Jan  5 10:51:54 UTC 2019 - Luke Jones <>

- Update to version 1.31.1
  + Fix Rust failing to build on `powerpc-unknown-netbsd`
  + Fix broken go-to-definition in RLS
  + Fix infinite loop on hover in RLS

Thu Dec  6 22:31:16 UTC 2018 - Luke Jones <>

- Update to version 1.31.0
  + Language
    - This version marks the release of the 2018 edition of Rust.
    - New lifetime elision rules now allow for eliding lifetimes in functions and
  impl headers. E.g. `impl<'a> Reader for BufReader<'a> {}` can now be
  `impl Reader for BufReader<'_> {}`. Lifetimes are still required to be defined
  in structs.
    - You can now define and use `const` functions. These are currently
  a strict minimal subset of the const fn RFC. Refer to the
  [language reference][const-reference] for what exactly is available.
    - You can now use tool lints, which allow you to scope lints from external
  tools using attributes. E.g. `#[allow(clippy::filter_map)]`.
    - `#[no_mangle]` and `#[export_name]` attributes can now be located anywhere in
  a crate, not just in exported functions.
    - You can now use parentheses in pattern matches.
  + Compiler
    - Updated musl to 1.1.20
  + Libraries
    - You can now convert `num::NonZero*` types to their raw equivalvents using the
  `From` trait. E.g. `u8` now implements `From<NonZeroU8>`.
    - You can now convert a `&Option<T>` into `Option<&T>` and `&mut Option<T>`
  into `Option<&mut T>` using the `From` trait.
    - You can now multiply (`*`) a `time::Duration` by a `u32`.
  + Stabilized APIs
    - `slice::align_to`
    - `slice::align_to_mut`
    - `slice::chunks_exact`
    - `slice::chunks_exact_mut`
    - `slice::rchunks`
    - `slice::rchunks_mut`
    - `slice::rchunks_exact`
    - `slice::rchunks_exact_mut`
    - `Option::replace`
  + Cargo
    - Cargo will now download crates in parallel using HTTP/2.
    - You can now rename packages in your Cargo.toml We have a guide
  on how to use the `package` key in your dependencies.

Tue Nov 13 22:56:17 UTC 2018 - Luke Jones <>

- Add additional Requires to rls:
  + Requires rust-src
  + Requires rust-analysis
- Add additional Requires to rustfmt:
  + Requires cargo
- Fix rust-src requiring /usr/bin/bash; a script was incorrectly
  edited at build time.

Sun Nov 11 19:43:09 UTC 2018 - Luke Jones <>

- Set the bootstrap flag in the spec file temporarily so that rings
  will build rust without intervention. Must be reverted once all
  releases are successful.

Fri Nov  9 06:42:47 UTC 2018 - Luke Jones <>

- Add Provides/Obsoletes/Conflicts to rust-std-static and cargo

Thu Nov  8 01:17:22 UTC 2018 - Neal Gompa <>

- Strengthen the dependency on rust-std-static to Requires
  to fix crate package builds in OBS
- Use standard form rich dependencies for SUSE Linux 15 and newer

Tue Nov  6 12:32:37 UTC 2018 - Jan Engelhardt <>

- Fix second-person language and spellos.

Sun Nov  4 22:12:42 UTC 2018 - Luke Jones <>

- Add ignore-Wstring-conversion.patch: we require patching of
  src/librustc_llvm/ to ignore a flag that
  llvm-config --cxxflags outputs which GCC doesn't recognise.
- Default to building using the distro LLVM where the version is
  >= 5.0, instead of the Rust bundled LLVM which requires
  compilation. This should decrease build times. SLE LLVM is too old.

Sat Nov  3 23:03:53 UTC 2018 - Luke Jones <>

- Fixing various rpmlint warnings and errors:
  + ExclusiveArch instead of BuildArch for i686
  + Remove conflicts with same package name
  + Remove a few hidden files during prep, does not touch '.clang-format'
  + Remove old patch macro in comment
  + Fix lint warning about bash and zsh completition files
  + Fix various script shebang warnings (incorrect or missing)
  + Adjust rpmlintrc to mask some 'invalid' warnings
- Move Rust and its tools in to their own category under:
  + Development/Languages/Rust

Sat Nov  3 07:12:01 UTC 2018 - Luke Jones <>

- Jump from version 1.26.2 to 1.30.0 due to a build issue with using 1.26.x to
  compile 1.27.x. This package release requires %{rust_bootstrap} to be set.
- Enable extra rust tools to be built (cargo, rls, rustfmt, analysis)
    + cargo is now packaged with the same version number as the rust release, this
      may break any packages that relied on a cargo version number.
- Remove ccache and ninja from BuildRequires.
- Switch build configuration to use configure script, remove config.toml.
- Include all bootstraps in source rpm to make bootstrapping easier to manage
  within OBS.
- Remove unused patch: update-config-guess.patch
Update to version 1.30.0 (2018-10-25)
  + Language
    - Procedural macros are now available.-  These kinds of macros allow for
      more powerful code generation. There is a new chapter available
      in the Rust Programming Language book that goes further in depth.
    - You can now use keywords as identifiers using the raw identifiers
      syntax (`r#`),-  e.g. `let r#for = true;`
    - Using anonymous parameters in traits is now deprecated with a warning and
      will be a hard error in the 2018 edition.-
    - You can now use `crate` in paths.-  This allows you to refer to the
      crate root in the path, e.g. `use crate::foo;` refers to `foo` in `src/`.
    - Using a external crate no longer requires being prefixed with `::`.-
      Previously, using a external crate in a module without a use statement
      required `let json = ::serde_json::from_str(foo);` but can now be written
      as `let json = serde_json::from_str(foo);`.
    - You can now apply the `#[used]` attribute to static items to prevent the
      compiler from optimising them away, even if they appear to be unused,-
      e.g. `#[used] static FOO: u32 = 1;`
    - You can now import and reexport macros from other crates with the `use`
      syntax.-  Macros exported with `#[macro_export]` are now placed into
      the root module of the crate. If your macro relies on calling other local
      macros, it is recommended to export with the
      `#[macro_export(local_inner_macros)]` attribute so users won't have to import
      those macros.
    - You can now catch visibility keywords (e.g. `pub`, `pub(crate)`) in macros
      using the `vis` specifier.-
    - Non-macro attributes now allow all forms of literals, not just
      strings.-  Previously, you would write `#[attr("true")]`, and you can now
      write `#[attr(true)]`.
    - You can now specify a function to handle a panic in the Rust runtime with the
      `#[panic_handler]` attribute.-
  + Compiler
    - Added the `riscv32imc-unknown-none-elf` target.-
    - Added the `aarch64-unknown-netbsd` target-
  + Libraries
    - `ManuallyDrop` now allows the inner type to be unsized.-
  + Stabilized APIs
    - `Ipv4Addr::BROADCAST`
    - `Ipv4Addr::LOCALHOST`
    - `Ipv4Addr::UNSPECIFIED`
    - `Ipv6Addr::LOCALHOST`
    - `Ipv6Addr::UNSPECIFIED`
    - `Iterator::find_map`
    - The following methods are replacement methods for `trim_left`, `trim_right`,
      `trim_left_matches`, and `trim_right_matches`, which will be deprecated
      in 1.33.0:
      + `str::trim_end_matches`
      + `str::trim_end`
      + `str::trim_start_matches`
      + `str::trim_start`
  + Cargo
    - `cargo run` doesn't require specifying a package in workspaces.][cargo/5877]
    - `cargo doc` now supports `--message-format=json`.][cargo/5878] This is
      equivalent to calling `rustdoc --error-format=json`.
    - Cargo will now provide a progress bar for builds.][cargo/5995]
  + Misc
    - `rustdoc` allows you to specify what edition to treat your code as with the
      `--edition` option.-
    - `rustdoc` now has the `--color` (specify whether to output color) and
      `--error-format` (specify error format, e.g. `json`) options.-
    - We now distribute a `rust-gdbgui` script that invokes `gdbgui` with Rust
      debug symbols.-
    - Attributes from Rust tools such as `rustfmt` or `clippy` are now
      available,-  e.g. `#[rustfmt::skip]` will skip formatting the next item.
- Update to version 1.29.2 (2018-10-11)
  + Workaround for an aliasing-related LLVM bug, which caused miscompilation.
  + The `rls-preview` component on the windows-gnu targets has been restored.
- Update to version 1.29.1 (2018-09-25)
  + Security Notes
    - The standard library's `str::repeat` function contained an out of bounds write
      caused by an integer overflow. This has been fixed by deterministically
      panicking when an overflow happens.
- Update to version 1.29.0 (2018-09-13)
  + Compiler
    - Bumped minimum LLVM version to 5.0.
    - Added `powerpc64le-unknown-linux-musl` target.
    - Added `aarch64-unknown-hermit` and `x86_64-unknown-hermit` targets.
  + Libraries
    - `Once::call_once` no longer requires `Once` to be `'static`.
    - `BuildHasherDefault` now implements `PartialEq` and `Eq`.
    - `Box<CStr>`, `Box<OsStr>`, and `Box<Path>` now implement `Clone`.
    - Implemented `PartialEq<&str>` for `OsString` and `PartialEq<OsString>`
      for `&str`.
    - `Cell<T>` now allows `T` to be unsized.
    - `SocketAddr` is now stable on Redox.
  + Stabilized APIs
    - `Arc::downcast`
    - `Iterator::flatten`
    - `Rc::downcast`
  + Cargo
    - Cargo can silently fix some bad lockfiles.][cargo/5831] You can use
      `--locked` to disable this behavior.
    - `cargo-install` will now allow you to cross compile an install
      using `--target`.][cargo/5614]
    - Added the `cargo-fix` subcommand to automatically move project code from
      2015 edition to 2018.][cargo/5723]
    - `cargo doc` can now optionally document private types using the
      `--document-private-items` flag.][cargo/5543]
  + Misc
    - `rustdoc` now has the `--cap-lints` option which demotes all lints above
      the specified level to that level. For example `--cap-lints warn`
      will demote `deny` and `forbid` lints to `warn`.
    - `rustc` and `rustdoc` will now have the exit code of `1` if compilation
      fails and `101` if there is a panic.
    - A preview of clippy has been made available through rustup.
      You can install the preview with `rustup component add clippy-preview`.
  + Compatibility Notes
    - `str::{slice_unchecked, slice_unchecked_mut}` are now deprecated.
      Use `str::get_unchecked(begin..end)` instead.
    - `std::env::home_dir` is now deprecated for its unintuitive behavior.
      Consider using the `home_dir` function from instead.
    - `rustc` will no longer silently ignore invalid data in target spec.
    - `cfg` attributes and `--cfg` command line flags are now more
      strictly validated.
- Update to version 1.28.0
  + Language
    - The `#[repr(transparent)]` attribute is now stable.-  This attribute
      allows a Rust newtype wrapper (`struct NewType<T>(T);`) to be represented as
      the inner type across Foreign Function Interface (FFI) boundaries.
    - The keywords `pure`, `sizeof`, `alignof`, and `offsetof` have been unreserved
      and can now be used as identifiers.-
    - The `GlobalAlloc` trait and `#[global_allocator]` attribute are now
      stable.-  This will allow users to specify a global allocator for
      their program.
    - Unit test functions marked with the `#[test]` attribute can now return
      `Result<(), E: Debug>` in addition to `()`.-
    - The `lifetime` specifier for `macro_rules!` is now stable.-  This
      allows macros to easily target lifetimes.
  + Compiler
    - The `s` and `z` optimisation levels are now stable.-  These optimisations
      prioritise making smaller binary sizes. `z` is the same as `s` with the
      exception that it does not vectorise loops, which typically results in an even
      smaller binary.
    - The short error format is now stable.-  Specified with
      `--error-format=short` this option will provide a more compressed output of
      rust error messages.
    - Added a lint warning when you have duplicated `macro_export`s.-
    - Reduced the number of allocations in the macro parser.-  This can
      improve compile times of macro heavy crates on average by 5%.
  + Libraries
    - Implemented `Default` for `&mut str`.-
    - Implemented `From<bool>` for all integer and unsigned number types.-
    - Implemented `Extend` for `()`.-
    - The `Debug` implementation of `time::Duration` should now be more easily
      human readable.-  Previously a `Duration` of one second would printed as
      `Duration { secs: 1, nanos: 0 }` and will now be printed as `1s`.
    - Implemented `From<&String>` for `Cow<str>`, `From<&Vec<T>>` for `Cow<[T]>`,
      `From<Cow<CStr>>` for `CString`, `From<CString>, From<CStr>, From<&CString>`
      for `Cow<CStr>`, `From<OsString>, From<OsStr>, From<&OsString>` for
      `Cow<OsStr>`, `From<&PathBuf>` for `Cow<Path>`, and `From<Cow<Path>>`
      for `PathBuf`.-
    - Implemented `Shl` and `Shr` for `Wrapping<u128>`
      and `Wrapping<i128>`.-
    - `DirEntry::metadata` now uses `fstatat` instead of `lstat` when
      possible.-  This can provide up to a 40% speed increase.
    - Improved error messages when using `format!`.-
  + Stabilized APIs
    - `Iterator::step_by`
    - `Path::ancestors`
    - `SystemTime::UNIX_EPOCH`
    - `alloc::GlobalAlloc`
    - `alloc::Layout`
    - `alloc::LayoutErr`
    - `alloc::System`
    - `alloc::alloc`
    - `alloc::alloc_zeroed`
    - `alloc::dealloc`
    - `alloc::realloc`
    - `alloc::handle_alloc_error`
    - `btree_map::Entry::or_default`
    - `fmt::Alignment`
    - `hash_map::Entry::or_default`
    - `iter::repeat_with`
    - `num::NonZeroUsize`
    - `num::NonZeroU128`
    - `num::NonZeroU16`
    - `num::NonZeroU32`
    - `num::NonZeroU64`
    - `num::NonZeroU8`
    - `ops::RangeBounds`
    - `slice::SliceIndex`
    - `slice::from_mut`
    - `slice::from_ref`
    - `{Any + Send + Sync}::downcast_mut`
    - `{Any + Send + Sync}::downcast_ref`
    - `{Any + Send + Sync}::is`
  + Cargo
    - Cargo will now no longer allow you to publish crates with build scripts that
      modify the `src` directory.][cargo/5584] The `src` directory in a crate should be
      considered to be immutable.
  + Misc
    - The `suggestion_applicability` field in `rustc`'s json output is now
      stable.-  This will allow dev tools to check whether a code suggestion
      would apply to them.
  + Compatibility Notes
    - Rust will consider trait objects with duplicated constraints to be the same
      type as without the duplicated constraint.-  For example the below code will
      now fail to compile.
      trait Trait {}

      impl Trait + Send {
    fn test(&self) { println!("one"); } //~ ERROR duplicate definitions with name `test`

      impl Trait + Send + Send {
    fn test(&self) { println!("two"); }
- Update to version 1.27.2:
  + Compatibility Notes
    - The borrow checker was fixed to avoid an additional potential unsoundness when using
      match ergonomics
- Update to version 1.27.1:
  + Security Notes
    - rustdoc would execute plugins in the /tmp/rustdoc/plugins directory
      when running, which enabled executing code as some other user on a
      given machine. This release fixes that vulnerability; you can read
      more about this on the blog. The associated CVE is [CVE-2018-1000622].
      Thank you to Red Hat for responsibily disclosing this vulnerability to us.
  + Compatibility Notes
    - The borrow checker was fixed to avoid an additional potential unsoundness when using
      match ergonomics
- Update to version 1.27.0:
  + Language
    - Removed 'proc' from the reserved keywords list. This allows `proc` to
      be used as an identifier.
    - The dyn syntax is now available. This syntax is equivalent to the
      bare `Trait` syntax, and should make it clearer when being used in tandem with
      `impl Trait` because it is equivalent to the following syntax:
      `&Trait == &dyn Trait`, `&mut Trait == &mut dyn Trait`, and
      `Box<Trait> == Box<dyn Trait>`.
    - Attributes on generic parameters such as types and lifetimes are
      now stable. e.g.
      `fn foo<#[lifetime_attr] 'a, #[type_attr] T: 'a>() {}`
    - The `#[must_use]` attribute can now also be used on functions as well as
      types. It provides a lint that by default warns users when the
      value returned by a function has not been used.
  + Compiler
    - Added the `armvte-unknown-linux-musleabi` target.
  + Libraries
    - SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) on x/x_ is now stable.
      This includes arch::x & arch::x_ modules which contain
      SIMD intrinsics, a new macro called `is_x_feature_detected!`, the
      `#[target_feature(enable="")]` attribute, and adding `target_feature = ""` to
      the `cfg` attribute.
    - A lot of methods for `[u]`, `f`, and `f` previously only available in
      std are now available in core.
    - The generic `Rhs` type parameter on `ops::{Shl, ShlAssign, Shr}` now defaults
      to `Self`.
    - std::str::replace` now has the `#[must_use]` attribute to clarify
      that the operation isn't done in place.
    - Clone::clone`, `Iterator::collect`, and `ToOwned::to_owned` now have
      the `#[must_use]` attribute] to warn about unused potentially
      expensive allocations.
  + Stabilized APIs
    - DoubleEndedIterator::rfind
    - DoubleEndedIterator::rfold
    - DoubleEndedIterator::try_rfold
    - Duration::from_micros
    - Duration::from_nanos
    - Duration::subsec_micros
    - Duration::subsec_millis
    - HashMap::remove_entry
    - Iterator::try_fold
    - Iterator::try_for_each
    - NonNull::cast
    - Option::filter
    - String::replace_range
    - Take::set_limit
    - hint::unreachable_unchecked
    - os::unix::process::parent_id
    - ptr::swap_nonoverlapping
    - slice::rsplit_mut
    - slice::rsplit
    - slice::swap_with_slice
  + Cargo
    - `cargo-metadata` now includes `authors`, `categories`, `keywords`,
      `readme`, and `repository` fields.
    - `cargo-metadata` now includes a package's `metadata` table.
    - Added the `--target-dir` optional argument. This allows you to specify
      a different directory than `target` for placing compilation artifacts.
    - Cargo will be adding automatic target inference for binaries, benchmarks,
      examples, and tests in the Rust 2018 edition. If your project specifies
      specific targets, e.g. using `[[bin]]`, and have other binaries in locations
      where cargo would infer a binary, Cargo will produce a warning. You can
      disable this feature ahead of time by setting any of the following to false:
      `autobins`, `autobenches`, `autoexamples`, `autotests`.
    - Cargo will now cache compiler information. This can be disabled by
      setting `CARGO_CACHE_RUSTC_INFO=0` in your environment.
  + Compatibility Notes
    - Calling a `CharExt` or `StrExt` method directly on core will no longer
      work. e.g. `::core::prelude::v1::StrExt::is_empty("")` will not
      compile, `"".is_empty()` will still compile.
    - `Debug` output on `atomic::{AtomicBool, AtomicIsize, AtomicPtr, AtomicUsize}`
      will only print the inner type. E.g.
      `print!("{:?}", AtomicBool::new(true))` will print `true`,
      not `AtomicBool(true)`.
    - The maximum number for `repr(align(N))` is now 2²⁹. Previously you
      could enter higher numbers but they were not supported by LLVM. Up to 512MB
      alignment should cover all use cases.
    - The `.description()` method on the `std::error::Error` trait
      has been soft-deprecated. It is no longer required to implement it.
  + Misc
    - Added “The Rustc book” into the official documentation.

Thu Oct 11 10:00:22 UTC 2018 -

- Add CVE-2018-1000622-prevent-rustdoc-loads-uncontrolled-plugins-path.patch:
  + This patch consists of requiring `--plugin-path` to be passed
    whenever `--plugin` is passed
  + rustdoc plugins will be removed entirely on 1.28.0, we should
    drop this patch after 1.28.0(bsc#1100691, CVE-2018-1000622).

Thu Aug  9 10:18:06 UTC 2018 -

- Ship rust-std on SLE-15 (bsc#1096945)

  No new changes came with this update of rust.

Wed Jun  6 10:37:27 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 1.26.2:
  + Compatibility Notes
    - The borrow checker was fixed to avoid unsoundness when using match ergonomics
- Update to version 1.26.1:
  + Tools
    - RLS now works on Windows
    - Rustfmt stopped badly formatting text in some cases
  + Compatibility Notes
    - `fn main() -> impl Trait` no longer works for non-Termination trait
      This reverts an accidental stabilization
    - `NaN > NaN` no longer returns true in const-fn contexts
    - Prohibit using turbofish for `impl Trait` in method arguments

Sat May 12 00:31:05 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 1.26.0:
  + Language:
    - Closures now implement `Copy` and/or `Clone` if all captured
      variables implement either or both traits.
    - The inclusive range syntax is now stable.
    - Stablise `'_`. The underscore lifetime can be used anywhere
      where a lifetime can be elided.
    - `impl Trait` is now stable allowing you to have abstract
      types in returns or in function parameters.
    - Pattern matching will now automatically apply dereferences.
    - 128-bit integers in the form of `u128` and `i128` are now
    - `main` can now return `Result<(), E: Debug>` in addition to
    - A lot of operations are now available in a const context.
    - Fixed entry slice patterns are now stable. e.g.
  + Compiler:
    - LLD is now used as the default linker for `wasm32-unknown-\
    - Fixed exponential projection complexity on nested types.
      This can provide up to a ~12% reduction in compile times for
      certain crates.
    - Added the `--remap-path-prefix` option to rustc. Allowing you
      to remap path prefixes outputted by the compiler.
  + Libraries:
    - Implemented `From<u16> for usize & From<{u8, i16}> for
    - Added hexadecimal formatting for integers with fmt::Debug.
    - Implemented `Default, Hash` for `cmp::Reverse`.
    - Optimized `str::repeat` being 8x faster in large cases.
    - `ascii::escape_default` is now available in libcore.
    - Trailing commas are now supported in std and core macros.
    - Implemented `Copy, Clone` for `cmp::Reverse`.
    - Implemented `Clone` for `char::{ToLowercase, ToUppercase}`.
  + Stabilized APIs: *const T::add,
    *const T::copy_to_nonoverlapping, *const T::copy_to,
    *const T::read_unaligned, *const T::read_volatile,
    *const T::read, *const T::sub, *const T::wrapping_add,
    *const T::wrapping_sub, *mut T::add, *mut T::copy_to,
    *mut T::copy_to_nonoverlapping, *mut T::read_unaligned,
    *mut T::read_volatile, *mut T::read, mut T::replace,
    *mut T::sub, *mut T::swap, *mut T::wrapping_add,
    *mut T::wrapping_sub, *mut T::write_bytes,
    *mut T::write_unaligned, *mut T::write_volatile,
    *mut T::write, Box::leak, FromUtf8Error::as_bytes,
    LocalKey::try_with, Option::cloned, iter::FusedIterator,
    btree_map::Entry::and_modify, s::read_to_string, fs::read,
    fs::write, hash_map::Entry::and_modify, String::retain,
    ops::RangeInclusive, ops::RangeToInclusive, process::id,
    slice::rotate_left, slice::rotate_right.
  + Compatibility Notes:
    - Aliasing a `Fn` trait as `dyn` no longer works.
    - The result of dereferences are no longer promoted to
    - Deprecate `AsciiExt` trait in favor of inherent methods.
    - `".e0"` will now no longer parse as `0.0` and will instead
      cause an error.
    - Removed hoedown from rustdoc.
    - Bounds on higher-kinded lifetimes a hard error.
- Update cargo_version to 0.26.0.

Thu May  3 08:05:33 UTC 2018 -

- Patch disabled
  * update-config-guess.patch
- Update to 1.25.0
- Language changes:
  + Stabilised `#[repr(align(x))]`.[47006] [RFC 1358]
  + You can now use nested groups of imports.[47948]
    e.g. `use std::{fs::File, io::Read, path::{Path, PathBuf}};`
  + You can now have `|` at the start of a match arm.[47947] e.g.
- Compiler changes:
  + Upgraded to LLVM 6.[47828]
  + Added `-C lto=val` option.[47521]
  + Added `i586-unknown-linux-musl` target[47282]
- Library changes:
  + Impl Send for `process::Command` on Unix.[47760]
  + Impl PartialEq and Eq for `ParseCharError`.[47790]
  + `UnsafeCell::into_inner` is now safe.[47204]
  + Implement libstd for CloudABI.[47268]
  + `Float::{from_bits, to_bits}` is now available in libcore.[46931]
  + Implement `AsRef<Path>` for Component[46985]
  + Implemented `Write` for `Cursor<&mut Vec<u8>>`[46830]
  + Moved `Duration` to libcore.[46666]
- Stabilized APIs
  + `Location::column`
  + `ptr::NonNull`
- Misc
  + Rust by example is now shipped with new releases[46196]
- Compatibility Notes:
  + Deprecated `net::lookup_host`.[47510]
  + `rustdoc` has switched to pulldown as the default markdown renderer.[47398]
  + The borrow checker was sometimes incorrectly permitting overlapping borrows
    around indexing operations (see [#47349][47349]). This has been fixed (which also
    enabled some correct code that used to cause errors (e.g. [#33903][33903] and [#46095][46095]).
  + Removed deprecated unstable attribute `#[simd]`.[47251]

Thu Mar 22 13:54:53 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 1.24.1
  + Do not abort when unwinding through FFI
  + Make the error index generator work again
- Update Cargo to v0.25.0

Sat Feb 24 19:26:15 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 1.24.0
- Language changes:
  + External `sysv64` ffi is now available.
    eg. `extern "sysv64" fn foo () {}`
- Compiler changes:
  + rustc now uses 16 codegen units by default for release builds.
    For the fastest builds, utilize `codegen-units=1`.
- Libraries:
  + `str::find::<char>` now uses memchr. This should lead to a 10x
    improvement in performance in the majority of cases.
  + `time::{SystemTime, Instant}` now implement `Hash`.
  + impl `From<bool>` for `AtomicBool`
  + impl `From<{CString, &CStr}>` for `{Arc<CStr>, Rc<CStr>}`
  + impl `From<{OsString, &OsStr}>` for `{Arc<OsStr>, Rc<OsStr>}`
  + impl `From<{PathBuf, &Path}>` for `{Arc<Path>, Rc<Path>}`
  + float::from_bits now just uses transmute. This provides some
    optimisations from LLVM.
  + Copied `AsciiExt` methods onto `char`
  + Remove `T: Sized` requirement on `ptr::is_null()`
  + impl `From<RecvError>` for `{TryRecvError, RecvTimeoutError}`
  + Optimised `f32::{min, max}` to generate more efficient x86
  + `[u8]::contains` now uses memchr which provides a 3x speed
- Compatibility Notes:
  + Floating point types `Debug` impl now always prints a decimal
  + `Ipv6Addr` now rejects superfluous `::`'s in IPv6 addresses
    This is in accordance with IETF RFC 4291 §2.2.
  + Unwinding will no longer go past FFI boundaries, and will
    instead abort.
  + `Formatter::flags` method is now deprecated. The `sign_plus`,
    `sign_minus`, `alternate`, and `sign_aware_zero_pad` should be
     used instead.
  + Leading zeros in tuple struct members is now an error
  + `column!()` macro is one-based instead of zero-based
  + `fmt::Arguments` can no longer be shared across threads
  + Access to `#[repr(packed)]` struct fields is now unsafe
  + Cargo sets a different working directory for the compiler

Mon Feb 19 06:26:41 UTC 2018 -

- add update-config-guess.patch to update config.* from GNU to
  support riscv64 without rpm patching it - as the patch also
  updates the checksums while rpm does not

Tue Jan 23 09:18:27 UTC 2018 -

- Format with spec-cleaner
- Use python3 to run the install/build script as python2 is being
  phased out
- State exclusivearch for all of ix86 and then specify we build as
  i686 which is bit more obvious

Mon Jan 22 11:21:42 UTC 2018 -

- Update Cargo to v0.24.0

Mon Jan 22 07:01:51 UTC 2018 -

- Add "Requires: %{name} to derived packages to fix derived
  packages not being updated with rust (boo#1075883)

Thu Jan  4 21:20:36 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 1.23.0
- Language changes:
  + Arbitrary `auto` traits are now permitted in trait objects.[45772]
  + rustc now uses subtyping on the left hand side of binary operations.[45435]
    Which should fix some confusing errors in some operations.
- Compiler changes:
  + Enabled `TrapUnreachable` in LLVM which should mitigate the impact of
    undefined behaviour.[45920]
  + rustc now suggests renaming import if names clash.[45660]
  + Display errors/warnings correctly when there are zero-width or
    wide characters.[45711]
  + rustc now avoids unnecessary copies of arguments that are
    simple bindings[45380] This should improve memory usage on average by 5-10%.
  + Updated musl used to build musl rustc to 1.1.17[45393]
- Library changes:
  + Allow a trailing comma in `assert_eq/ne` macro[45887]
  + Implement Hash for raw pointers to unsized types[45483]
  + impl `From<*mut T>` for `AtomicPtr<T>`[45610]
  + impl `From<usize/isize>` for `AtomicUsize/AtomicIsize`.[45610]
  + Removed the `T: Sync` requirement for `RwLock<T>: Send`[45267]
  + Removed `T: Sized` requirement for `{<*const T>, <*mut T>}::as_ref`
    an `<*mut T>::as_mut`[44932]
  + Optimized `Thread::{park, unpark}` implementation[45524]
  + Improved `SliceExt::binary_search` performance.[45333]
  + impl `FromIterator<()>` for `()`[45379]
  + Copied `AsciiExt` trait methods to primitive types.[44042] Use of `AsciiExt`
    is now deprecated.
- Misc changes:
  + Releases now ship with the Cargo book documentation.[45692]
  + rustdoc now prints rendering warnings on every run.[45324]
  + Release tarballs now come with rustfmt[45903]
- Compatibility Notes:
  + Changes have been made to type equality to make it more correct,
    in rare cases this could break some code.[45853] [Tracking issue for
    further information[45852]
  + `char::escape_debug` now uses Unicode 10 over 9.[45571]
  + Upgraded Android SDK to 27, and NDK to r15c.[45580] This drops support for
    Android 9, the minimum supported version is Android 14.
  + Bumped the minimum LLVM to 3.9[45326]

Sat Nov 25 09:54:46 UTC 2017 -

- Update to v1.22.1
- Update Cargo to fix an issue with macOS 10.13 "High Sierra"

Thu Nov 23 00:27:24 UTC 2017 -

- Update to v1.22.0
- Language changes:
  + `non_snake_case` lint now allows extern no-mangle functions
  + Now accepts underscores in unicode escapes
  + `T op= &T` now works for numeric types. eg. `let mut x = 2; x += &8;`
  + types that impl `Drop` are now allowed in `const` and `static` types
- Compiler changes:
  + rustc now defaults to having 16 codegen units at debug on supported platforms
  + rustc will no longer inline in codegen units when compiling for debug
    This should decrease compile times for debug builds.
  + strict memory alignment now enabled on ARMv6
  + Remove support for the PNaCl target `le32-unknown-nacl`
- Librarie changes
  + Allow atomic operations up to 32 bits
    on `armv5te_unknown_linux_gnueabi`
  + `Box<Error>` now impls `From<Cow<str>>`
  + `std::mem::Discriminant` is now guaranteed to be `Send + Sync`
  + `fs::copy` now returns the length of the main stream on NTFS.
  + Properly detect overflow in `Instant += Duration`.
  + impl `Hasher` for `{&mut Hasher, Box<Hasher>}`
  + impl `fmt::Debug` for `SplitWhitespace`.][44303]
  + `Option<T>` now impls `Try`. This allows for using `?` with `Option` types.
- Misc
  + `libbacktrace` is now available on Apple platforms.
  + Stabilised the `compile_fail` attribute for code fences in doc-comments.
    This now lets you specify that a given code example will fail to compile.
- Compatibility Notes
  + The minimum Android version that rustc can build for has been bumped
    to `4.0` from `2.3`
  + Allowing `T op= &T` for numeric types has broken some type inference cases

- Remove rust-1.21.0-44203-exclude-compiler-rt-test.patch
- Remove rust-1.21.0-44066-ppc64-struct-abi.patch
- Remove rust-1.21.0-44440-s390x-global-align.patch

Thu Oct 19 05:46:50 UTC 2017 -

- Large cleanup of both the spec and config.toml to correct many
  build issues for the new version

Wed Oct 18 03:43:11 UTC 2017 -

- Add rust-1.21.0-44203-exclude-compiler-rt-test.patch
- Add rust-1.21.0-44066-ppc64-struct-abi.patch
- Add rust-1.21.0-44440-s390x-global-align.patch
- Remove add-soname.patch

Tue Oct 17 22:53:28 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 1.21.0
- Language changes:
  + You can now use static references for literals.
  + Relaxed path syntax. Optional `::` before `<` is now allowed in all contexts.
- Compiler changes:
  + Upgraded jemalloc to 4.5.0[43911]
  + Enabled unwinding panics on Redox[43917]
  + Now runs LLVM in parallel during translation phase.[43506]
- Librarie changes:
  + Generate builtin impls for `Clone` for all arrays and tuples that
  are `T: Clone`[43690]
  +`Stdin`, `Stdout`, and `Stderr` now implement `AsRawFd`.[43459]
  + `Rc` and `Arc` now implement `From<&[T]> where T: Clone`, `From<str>`,
  `From<String>`, `From<Box<T>> where T: ?Sized`, and `From<Vec<T>>`.[42565]
- Stabilized APIs
- Update add-soname.patch to apply cleanly

Sat Sep 23 00:29:39 UTC 2017 -

- Force enable rust bootstrap so that missing architectures build

Wed Sep 20 08:06:35 UTC 2017 -

- set minimum cmake version

Mon Sep  4 22:44:20 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 1.20.0
- Remove x86 from build targets
- Language
  + [Associated constants are now stabilised.][42809]
  + [A lot of macro bugs are now fixed.][42913]
- Compiler
  + [Struct fields are now properly coerced to the expected field type.][42807]
  + [Enabled wasm LLVM backend][42571] WASM can now be built with the
  `wasm32-experimental-emscripten` target.
  + [Changed some of the error messages to be more helpful.][42033]
  + [Add support for RELRO(RELocation Read-Only) for platforms that support
  + [rustc now reports the total number of errors on compilation failure][43015]
  previously this was only the number of errors in the pass that failed.
  + [Expansion in rustc has been sped up 29x.][42533]
  + [added `msp430-none-elf` target.][43099]
  + [rustc will now suggest one-argument enum variant to fix type mismatch when
  + [Fixes backtraces on Redox][43228]
  + [rustc now identifies different versions of same crate when absolute paths of
  different types match in an error message.][42826]
- Libraries
  + [Relaxed Debug constraints on `{HashMap,BTreeMap}::{Keys,Values}`.][42854]
  + [Impl `PartialEq`, `Eq`, `PartialOrd`, `Ord`, `Debug`, `Hash` for unsized
  + [Impl `fmt::{Display, Debug}` for `Ref`, `RefMut`, `MutexGuard`,
  `RwLockReadGuard`, `RwLockWriteGuard`][42822]
  + [Impl `Clone` for `DefaultHasher`.][42799]
  + [Impl `Sync` for `SyncSender`.][42397]
  + [Impl `FromStr` for `char`][42271]
  + [Fixed how `{f32, f64}::{is_sign_negative, is_sign_positive}` handles
  + [allow messages in the `unimplemented!()` macro.][42155]
  ie. `unimplemented!("Waiting for 1.21 to be stable")`
  + [`pub(restricted)` is now supported in the `thread_local!` macro.][43185]
  + [Upgrade to Unicode 10.0.0][42999]
  + [Reimplemented `{f32, f64}::{min, max}` in Rust instead of using CMath.][42430]
  + [Skip the main thread's manual stack guard on Linux][43072]
  + [Iterator::nth for `ops::{Range, RangeFrom}` is now done in O(1) time][43077]
  + [`#[repr(align(N))]` attribute max number is now 2^31   + 1.][43097] This was
  previously 2^15.
  + [`{OsStr, Path}::Display` now avoids allocations where possible][42613]
- Compatibility Notes
  + [Functions with `'static` in their return types will now not be as usable as
  if they were using lifetime parameters instead.][42417]
  + [The reimplementation of `{f32, f64}::is_sign_{negative, positive}` now
  takes the sign of NaN into account where previously didn't.][42430]

Fri Sep  1 10:14:10 UTC 2017 -

- adjust build process and add package for Rust source
- clean-up of useless provides
- add rpmlintrc

Tue Aug  8 23:06:44 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 1.19

- Language updates:
  + [Numeric fields can now be used for creating tuple structs.][41145] [RFC 1506]
    For example `struct Point(u32, u32); let x = Point { 0: 7, 1: 0 };`.
  + [Macro recursion limit increased to 1024 from 64.][41676]
  + [Added lint for detecting unused macros.][41907]
  + [`loop` can now return a value with `break`.][42016] [RFC 1624]
    For example: `let x = loop { break 7; };`
  + [C compatible `union`s are now available.][42068] [RFC 1444] They can only
    contain `Copy` types and cannot have a `Drop` implementation.
    Example: `union Foo { bar: u8, baz: usize }`
  + [Non capturing closures can now be coerced into `fn`s,][42162] [RFC 1558]
    Example: `let foo: fn(u8) -> u8 = |v: u8| { v };`

- Compiler updates:
  + [Add support for bootstrapping the Rust compiler toolchain on Android.][41370]
  + [Change `arm-linux-androideabi` to correspond to the `armeabi`
    official ABI.][41656] If you wish to continue targeting the `armeabi-v7a` ABI
    you should use `--target armv7-linux-androideabi`.
  + [Fixed ICE when removing a source file between compilation sessions.][41873]
  + [Minor optimisation of string operations.][42037]
  + [Compiler error message is now `aborting due to previous error(s)` instead of
    `aborting due to N previous errors`][42150] This was previously inaccurate and
    would only count certain kinds of errors.
  + [The compiler now supports Visual Studio 2017][42225]
  + [The compiler is now built against LLVM 4.0.1 by default][42948]
  + [Added a lot][42264] of [new error codes][42302]
  + [Added `target-feature=+crt-static` option][37406] [RFC 1721] Which allows
    libraries with C Run-time Libraries(CRT) to be statically linked.
  + [Fixed various ARM codegen bugs][42740]

- Librarie updates:
  + [`String` now implements `FromIterator<Cow<'a, str>>` and
    `Extend<Cow<'a, str>>`][41449]
  + [`Vec` now implements `From<&mut [T]>`][41530]
  + [`Box<[u8]>` now implements `From<Box<str>>`][41258]
  + [`SplitWhitespace` now implements `Clone`][41659]
  + [`[u8]::reverse` is now 5x faster and `[u16]::reverse` is now
    1.5x faster][41764]
  + [`eprint!` and `eprintln!` macros added to prelude.][41192] Same as the `print!`
    macros, but for printing to stderr.

- Stabilized APIs
  + [`OsString::shrink_to_fit`]
  + [`cmp::Reverse`]
  + [`Command::envs`]
  + [`thread::ThreadId`]

- Misc
  + [Added `rust-windbg.cmd`][39983] for loading rust `.natvis` files in the
    Windows Debugger.
  + [Rust will now release XZ compressed packages][rust-installer/57]
  + [rustup will now prefer to download rust packages with
    XZ compression][rustup/1100] over GZip packages.
  + [Added the ability to escape `#` in rust documentation][41785] By adding
    additional `#`'s ie. `##` is now `#`

- Temporarily disable generation of compiler docs due to build issue

Wed Jun 14 06:23:20 UTC 2017 -

- Change i586 build to produce i686 target instead of i586 so that
  x86 Firefox can be built with Rust.

Thu Jun  8 21:48:54 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 1.18.0
-Language updates:
    + [Stabilize pub(restricted)][40556] `pub` can now accept amodule path to
      make the item visible to just that module tree. Also accepts the keyword
      `crate` to make something public to the whole crate but not users of the
      library. Example: `pub(crate) mod utils;`. [RFC 1422].
    + [Stabilize `#![windows_subsystem]` attribute][40870] conservative exposure of the
      `/SUBSYSTEM` linker flag on Windows platforms. [RFC 1665].
    + [Refactor of trait object type parsing][40043] Now `ty` in macros can accept
      types like `Write + Send`, trailing `+` are now supported in trait objects,
      and better error reporting for trait objects starting with `?Sized`.
    + [0e+10 is now a valid floating point literal][40589]
    + [Now warns if you bind a lifetime parameter to 'static][40734]
    + [Tuples, Enum variant fields, and structs with no `repr` attribute or with
      `#[repr(Rust)]` are reordered to minimize padding and produce a smaller
      representation in some cases.][40377]
-Compiler updates
    + [rustc can now emit mir with `--emit mir`][39891]
    + [Improved LLVM IR for trivial functions][40367]
    + [Added explanation for E0090(Wrong number of lifetimes are supplied)][40723]
    + [rustc compilation is now 15%-20% faster][41469] Thanks to optimisation
      opportunities found through profiling
    + [Improved backtrace formatting when panicking][38165]
- Library updates:
    + [Specialized `Vec::from_iter` being passed `vec::IntoIter`][40731] if the
      iterator hasn't been advanced the original `Vec` is reassembled with no actual
      iteration or reallocation.
    + [Simplified HashMap Bucket interface][40561] provides performance
      improvements for iterating and cloning.
    + [Specialize Vec::from_elem to use calloc][40409]
    + [Fixed Race condition in fs::create_dir_all][39799]
    + [No longer caching stdio on Windows][40516]
    + [Optimized insertion sort in slice][40807] insertion sort in some cases
      2.50%~ faster and in one case now 12.50% faster.
    + [Optimized `AtomicBool::fetch_nand`][41143]
- Stabilized APIs:
    + [`Child::try_wait`]
    + [`HashMap::retain`]
    + [`HashSet::retain`]
    + [`PeekMut::pop`]
    + [`TcpStream::peek`]
    + [`UdpSocket::peek`]
- Misc:
    + [rustdoc can now use pulldown-cmark with the `--enable-commonmark` flag][40338]
    + [Added rust-winbg script for better debugging on Windows][39983]
    + [Rust now uses the official cross compiler for NetBSD][40612]
    + [rustdoc now accepts `#` at the start of files][40828]
    + [Fixed jemalloc support for musl][41168]
- Compatibility Notes:
    + [Changes to how the `0` flag works in format!][40241] Padding zeroes are now
      always placed after the sign if it exists and before the digits. With the `#`
      flag the zeroes are placed after the prefix and before the digits.
    + [Due to the struct field optimisation][40377], using `transmute` on structs
      that have no `repr` attribute or `#[repr(Rust)]` will no longer work. This has
      always been undefined behavior, but is now more likely to break in practice.
    + [The refactor of trait object type parsing][40043] fixed a bug where `+` was
      receiving the wrong priority parsing things like `&for<'a> Tr<'a> + Send` as
      `&(for<'a> Tr<'a> + Send)` instead of `(&for<'a> Tr<'a>) + Send`
    + [Overlapping inherent `impl`s are now a hard error][40728]
    + [`PartialOrd` and `Ord` must agree on the ordering.][41270]
    + [`rustc -o out --emit=asm,llvm-ir`][41085] Now will output
      `out.asm` and `out.ll` instead of only one of the filetypes.
    + [ calling a function that returns `Self` will no longer work][41805] when
      the size of `Self` cannot be statically determined.
    + [rustc now builds with a "pthreads" flavour of MinGW for Windows GNU][40805]
      this has caused a few regressions namely:
    + Changed the link order of local static/dynamic libraries (respecting the
      order on given rather than having the compiler reorder).
    + Changed how MinGW is linked, native code linked to dynamic libraries
      may require manually linking to the gcc support library (for the native
      code itself)
Wed May 10 07:09:13 UTC 2017 -

- Adjustment of rust version dependency to prevent inability to
  build in the adi rings.

Sun Apr 30 04:48:19 UTC 2017 -

- Add the cargo binaries for each arch, used for building rust only
  these are not shipped, and don't factor in to the final product.

Fri Apr 28 01:24:18 UTC 2017 -

- Revert restriction of x86 arch to i586 for the interim.

Fri Apr 28 01:04:09 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 1.17.0
- Language updates
    * [The compiler's `dead_code` lint now accounts for type aliases][38051].
    * [Uninhabitable enums (those without any variants) no longer permit wildcard
      match patterns][38069]
    * [Clean up semantics of `self` in an import list][38313]
    * [`Self` may appear in `impl` headers][38920]
    * [`Self` may appear in struct expressions][39282]

- Compiler updates
    * [`rustc` now supports `--emit=metadata`, which causes rustc to emit
      a `.rmeta` file containing only crate metadata][38571]. This can be
      used by tools like the Rust Language Service to perform
      metadata-only builds.
    * [Levenshtein based typo suggestions now work in most places, while
      previously they worked only for fields and sometimes for local
      variables][38927]. Together with the overhaul of "no
      resolution"/"unexpected resolution" errors (#[38154]) they result in
      large and systematic improvement in resolution diagnostics.
    * [Fix `transmute::<T, U>` where `T` requires a bigger alignment than
    * [rustc: use -Xlinker when specifying an rpath with ',' in it][38798]
    * [`rustc` no longer attempts to provide "consider using an explicit
      lifetime" suggestions][37057]. They were inaccurate.

- Stabilized APIs
    * [`VecDeque::truncate`]
    * [`VecDeque::resize`]
    * [`String::insert_str`]
    * [`Duration::checked_add`]
    * [`Duration::checked_sub`]
    * [`Duration::checked_div`]
    * [`Duration::checked_mul`]
    * [`str::replacen`]
    * [`str::repeat`]
    * [`SocketAddr::is_ipv4`]
    * [`SocketAddr::is_ipv6`]
    * [`IpAddr::is_ipv4`]
    * [`IpAddr::is_ipv6`]
    * [`Vec::dedup_by`]
    * [`Vec::dedup_by_key`]
    * [`Result::unwrap_or_default`]
    * [`<*const T>::wrapping_offset`]
    * [`<*mut T>::wrapping_offset`]
    * `CommandExt::creation_flags`
    * [`File::set_permissions`]
    * [`String::split_off`]

- Updates to libraries
    * [`[T]::binary_search` and `[T]::binary_search_by_key` now take
      their argument by `Borrow` parameter][37761]
    * [All public types in std implement `Debug`][38006]
    * [`IpAddr` implements `From<Ipv4Addr>` and `From<Ipv6Addr>`][38327]
    * [`Ipv6Addr` implements `From<[u16; 8]>`][38131]
    * [Ctrl-Z returns from `` when reading from the console on
    * [std: Fix partial writes in `LineWriter`][38062]
    * [std: Clamp max read/write sizes on Unix][38062]
    * [Use more specific panic message for `&str` slicing errors][38066]
    * [`TcpListener::set_only_v6` is deprecated][38304]. This
      functionality cannot be achieved in std currently.
    * [`writeln!`, like `println!`, now accepts a form with no string
      or formatting arguments, to just print a newline][38469]
    * [Implement `iter::Sum` and `iter::Product` for `Result`][38580]
    * [Reduce the size of static data in `std_unicode::tables`][38781]
    * [`char::EscapeDebug`, `EscapeDefault`, `EscapeUnicode`,
      `CaseMappingIter`, `ToLowercase`, `ToUppercase`, implement
    * [`Duration` implements `Sum`][38712]
    * [`String` implements `ToSocketAddrs`][39048]

- Misc
    * [`rustdoc` has a `--sysroot` argument that, like `rustc`, specifies
      the path to the Rust implementation][38589]
    * [The `armv7-linux-androideabi` target no longer enables NEON
      extensions, per Google's ABI guide][38413]
    * [The stock standard library can be compiled for Redox OS][38401]
    * [Rust has initial SPARC support][38726]. Tier 3. No builds
    * [Rust has experimental support for Nvidia PTX][38559]. Tier 3. No
      builds available.
    * [Fix backtraces on i686-pc-windows-gnu by disabling FPO][39379]

- Compatibility Notes
    * [Uninhabitable enums (those without any variants) no longer permit wildcard
      match patterns][38069]
    * In this release, references to uninhabited types can not be
      pattern-matched. This was accidentally allowed in 1.15.
    * [The compiler's `dead_code` lint now accounts for type aliases][38051].
    * [Ctrl-Z returns from `` when reading from the console on
    * [Clean up semantics of `self` in an import list][38313]

- Restrict x86 builds to i686 only.
- Revert restriction on previous rust versions used for building

Sat Apr 22 02:06:47 UTC 2017 -

- Change x86 build target from i586 to i686

Wed Mar 22 01:43:22 UTC 2017 -

- Switch .spec to use rust-build compilation system
- Update config.toml to reflect rust-build changes
- Strict versioning for compilation so rustc always use previous
  stable compiler

Fri Mar 17 05:59:18 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 1.16.0

- Language updates
    * Lifetimes in statics and consts default to `'static`. [RFC 1623]
    * [The compiler's `dead_code` lint now accounts for type aliases][38051].
    * [Uninhabitable enums (those without any variants) no longer permit wildcard
      match patterns][38069]
    * [Clean up semantics of `self` in an import list][38313]
    * [`Self` may appear in `impl` headers][38920]
    * [`Self` may appear in struct expressions][39282]

- Compiler updates
    * [`rustc` now supports `--emit=metadata`, which causes rustc to emit
      a `.rmeta` file containing only crate metadata][38571]. This can be
      used by tools like the Rust Language Service to perform
      metadata-only builds.
    * [Levenshtein based typo suggestions now work in most places, while
      previously they worked only for fields and sometimes for local
      variables][38927]. Together with the overhaul of "no
      resolution"/"unexpected resolution" errors (#[38154]) they result in
      large and systematic improvement in resolution diagnostics.
    * [Fix `transmute::<T, U>` where `T` requires a bigger alignment than
    * [rustc: use -Xlinker when specifying an rpath with ',' in it][38798]
    * [`rustc` no longer attempts to provide "consider using an explicit
      lifetime" suggestions][37057]. They were inaccurate.

- Stabilized APIs
    * [`VecDeque::truncate`]
    * [`VecDeque::resize`]
    * [`String::insert_str`]
    * [`Duration::checked_add`]
    * [`Duration::checked_sub`]
    * [`Duration::checked_div`]
    * [`Duration::checked_mul`]
    * [`str::replacen`]
    * [`str::repeat`]
    * [`SocketAddr::is_ipv4`]
    * [`SocketAddr::is_ipv6`]
    * [`IpAddr::is_ipv4`]
    * [`IpAddr::is_ipv6`]
    * [`Vec::dedup_by`]
    * [`Vec::dedup_by_key`]
    * [`Result::unwrap_or_default`]
    * [`<*const T>::wrapping_offset`]
    * [`<*mut T>::wrapping_offset`]
    * `CommandExt::creation_flags`
    * [`File::set_permissions`]
    * [`String::split_off`]

- Library updates
    * [`[T]::binary_search` and `[T]::binary_search_by_key` now take
      their argument by `Borrow` parameter][37761]
    * [All public types in std implement `Debug`][38006]
    * [`IpAddr` implements `From<Ipv4Addr>` and `From<Ipv6Addr>`][38327]
    * [`Ipv6Addr` implements `From<[u16; 8]>`][38131]
    * [Ctrl-Z returns from `` when reading from the console on
    * [std: Fix partial writes in `LineWriter`][38062]
    * [std: Clamp max read/write sizes on Unix][38062]
    * [Use more specific panic message for `&str` slicing errors][38066]
    * [`TcpListener::set_only_v6` is deprecated][38304]. This
      functionality cannot be achieved in std currently.
    * [`writeln!`, like `println!`, now accepts a form with no string
      or formatting arguments, to just print a newline][38469]
    * [Implement `iter::Sum` and `iter::Product` for `Result`][38580]
    * [Reduce the size of static data in `std_unicode::tables`][38781]
    * [`char::EscapeDebug`, `EscapeDefault`, `EscapeUnicode`,
      `CaseMappingIter`, `ToLowercase`, `ToUppercase`, implement
    * [`Duration` implements `Sum`][38712]
    * [`String` implements `ToSocketAddrs`][39048]

- Misc fixes
    * [`rustdoc` has a `--sysroot` argument that, like `rustc`, specifies
      the path to the Rust implementation][38589]
    * [The `armv7-linux-androideabi` target no longer enables NEON
      extensions, per Google's ABI guide][38413]
    * [The stock standard library can be compiled for Redox OS][38401]
    * [Rust has initial SPARC support][38726]. Tier 3. No builds
    * [Rust has experimental support for Nvidia PTX][38559]. Tier 3. No
      builds available.
    * [Fix backtraces on i686-pc-windows-gnu by disabling FPO][39379]

- Compatibility notes
    * [Uninhabitable enums (those without any variants) no longer permit wildcard
      match patterns][38069]
    * In this release, references to uninhabited types can not be
      pattern-matched. This was accidentally allowed in 1.15.
    * [The compiler's `dead_code` lint now accounts for type aliases][38051].
    * [Ctrl-Z returns from `` when reading from the console on
    * [Clean up semantics of `self` in an import list][38313]

Mon Mar 13 10:14:21 UTC 2017 -

- Remove duplicate license files from _docdir: rpm 4.13 no longer
  implicitly packages those files and we catch them using %license,

Thu Feb 23 07:36:17 UTC 2017 -

- remove bootstrap for s390x as binaries are available in

Wed Feb 15 05:58:35 UTC 2017 -

- Fixes to build for archs armv7, aarch64, ppc64, s390x

Sat Feb 11 05:31:34 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 1.15.1
- Fix IntoIter::as_mut_slice's signature

Mon Feb  6 09:05:39 UTC 2017 -

- Correct rust-triples use in spec.

Mon Feb  6 08:25:17 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 1.15.0

- Language updates
  * Basic procedural macros allowing custom `#[derive]`, aka "macros 1.1", are
  stable. This allows popular code-generating crates like Serde and Diesel to
  work ergonomically. [RFC 1681].
  * [Tuple structs may be empty. Unary and empty tuple structs may be instantiated
  with curly braces][36868]. Part of [RFC 1506].
  * [A number of minor changes to name resolution have been activated][37127].
  They add up to more consistent semantics, allowing for future evolution of
  Rust macros. Specified in [RFC 1560], see its section on ["changes"] for
  details of what is different. The breaking changes here have been transitioned
  through the [`legacy_imports`] lint since 1.14, with no known regressions.
  * [In `macro_rules`, `path` fragments can now be parsed as type parameter
  * [`?Sized` can be used in `where` clauses][37791]
  * [There is now a limit on the size of monomorphized types and it can be
  modified with the `#![type_size_limit]` crate attribute, similarly to
  the `#![recursion_limit]` attribute][37789]

- Compiler changes
  * [On Windows, the compiler will apply dllimport attributes when linking to
  extern functions][37973]. Additional attributes and flags can control which
  library kind is linked and its name. [RFC 1717].
  * [Rust-ABI symbols are no longer exported from cdylibs][38117]
  * [The `--test` flag works with procedural macro crates][38107]
  * [Fix `extern "aapcs" fn` ABI][37814]
  * [The `-C no-stack-check` flag is deprecated][37636]. It does nothing.
  * [The `format!` expander recognizes incorrect `printf` and shell-style
  formatting directives and suggests the correct format][37613].
  * [Only report one error for all unused imports in an import list][37456]

- Compiler performance
  * [Avoid unnecessary `mk_ty` calls in `Ty::super_fold_with`][37705]
  * [Avoid more unnecessary `mk_ty` calls in `Ty::super_fold_with`][37979]
  * [Don't clone in `UnificationTable::probe`][37848]
  * [Remove `scope_auxiliary` to cut RSS by 10%][37764]
  * [Use small vectors in type walker][37760]
  * [Macro expansion performance was improved][37701]
  * [Change `HirVec<P<T>>` to `HirVec<T>` in `hir::Expr`][37642]
  * [Replace FNV with a faster hash function][37229]

- For full change list, please see

Tue Jan 31 09:41:33 UTC 2017 -

- Adjust build so that aarch and ARM architectures use bootstrap for
  initial build

Tue Jan 31 04:25:06 UTC 2017 -

- Fix provides/conflicts/obsoletes

Fri Dec 23 08:22:26 UTC 2016 -

- Remove patch 0001-Fix-armv7-autodetection.patch
    + appears to have been fixed upstream.
- Building armv7hl arch with bootstrap binary since previously
  packaged versions haven't successfully built in the past

Fri Dec 23 07:57:24 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 1.14.0
    + Announcement:
    + Details:
- Release highlights:
    + support for RFC 1492. This small addition lets you use `..`
    in more places, for example when destructuring a struct or tuple
    + println!(), with no arguments, prints newline
    + Wrapping impls standard binary and unary operators on
    references, as well as the Sum and Product iterators, making
    references to these types easier to use
    + Implement From<Cow<str>> for String and From<Cow<[T]>> for
    Vec<T>. These implementations make sense, but were not yet added.
    + Expand .zip() specialization to .map() and .cloned() for
    improved performance.
    + Implement RefUnwindSafe for atomic types, as these types are
    “unwind safe,” though that wasn’t obvious at first.
    + Specialize Vec::extend to Vec::extend_from_slice for
    performance gains.
    + Don’t reuse HashMap random seeds. This helps to mitigate one
    type of DDoS attack.
    + The internal memory layout of HashMap is more cache-friendly,
    for significant improvements in some operations
    + Impl Add<{str, Cow<str>}> for Cow<str>. We already support Add
    for other string types, so not having it on Cow is inconsistent.

Sun Dec 18 09:27:44 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 1.13.0

Sun Dec 18 09:03:52 UTC 2016 -

- Add conflicts to help avoid situations where previous versions
  or rustc-bootstrap may be installed

Sun Dec 18 02:41:25 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 1.12.1
- Remove patches:
    + 0003-Disable-embedding-timestamp-information.patch - fixed
      by upstream
    + 0002-Add-armv6l-autodetection.patch - no-longer viable

Fri Dec 16 23:27:42 UTC 2016 -

- Revert from v1.13 to v1.11 in preparation for alternative

Wed Nov  2 08:42:44 UTC 2016 -

- Add 0001-Fix-armv7-autodetection.patch
- Add 0002-Add-armv6l-autodetection.patch
  * fix armv6 and armv7 builds

Tue Sep 20 11:46:53 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 1.11
  + Add support for cdylib crate types

- Remove merged patches:
  * 0001-Fix-misleading-intentation-errors-on-gcc-6.0.patch
  * 0002-Fix-GCC-6-misleading-indentation-error-in-hoedown.patch

- Set DT_SONAME when building dylibs
  * Add add-soname.patch

Tue Sep  6 06:35:03 UTC 2016 -

- Move to package named rust

Thu Aug  4 19:41:56 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 1.10
    + -C panic=abort flag for rustc or equivalent in Cargo.toml
    + new crate type cdylib, embeded library for other languages
    + In addition, a number of performance improvements landed in
      the compiler, and so did a number of usability improvements
      across the documentation, rustdoc itself, and various error
    + This is the first release, which is guaranteed to be built
    by previous stable release of rustc
- Packaging:
    + drop bootstrap mode and use rustc 1.9
    + move documentation to versioned directory

Sun Jul 31 15:03:38 UTC 2016 -

- Use smp_mflags for parallel building. Avoid sh invocation for
  simple ldconfig calls. Drop archaic %clean section.
  Drop filler words from summary.

Tue Jul 26 13:34:17 UTC 2016 -

- Rename source package to rustc-1_9 to conform to naming standards.

Tue Jul 12 05:57:11 UTC 2016 -

- Rename source package to rustc-190 to avoid unecessary rebuilds
  of rustc packages on upgrade

Wed Jul  6 11:11:50 UTC 2016 -

- Move stage0 binaries into separate package
- Disable embedding timestamp information
- Add 0003-Disable-embedding-timestamp-information.patch

Tue Jun 28 12:43:26 UTC 2016 -

- Rename package to rustc-stable
- Add rpmlintrc
- Make bootstrapping conditional

Mon Jun 27 15:40:53 UTC 2016 -

- Fix misleading indentation errors on GCC 6.0
- Remove
- Add 0001-Fix-misleading-intentation-errors-on-gcc-6.0.patch
- Add 0002-Fix-GCC-6-misleading-indentation-error-in-hoedown.patch

Mon May 30 09:15:21 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 1.9.0
    + Stabilization of std::panic
    + Deprecation warnings, #[deprecated] attribute
    + Compile time improvements
    + Rolling out use of specialization
    + Library stabilizations
      About 80 library functions and methods are now stable in 1.

Fri Apr 15 19:39:18 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 1.8.0:
    + Various “operator equals” operators, such as += and -=, are now
      overloadable via various traits.
    + Empty struct declaration can contain cutly braces
    + New (non default) cargo based build system for rustc
    + About 20 library functions and methods are now stable in 1.8

Fri Mar  4 16:10:07 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 1.7.0:
    + Many stabilized APIs
    + Improved library performance
    + BTreeSet and its iterators, Iter, IntoIter, and Range are covariant over their contained type.
    + LinkedList and its iterators, Iter and IntoIter are covariant over their contained type.
    + str::replace now accepts a Pattern, like other string searching methods.
    + Any is implemented for unsized types.
    + Hash is implemented for Duration.
    + Soundness fixes, may break code. See RFC 1214 for more information.
    + Several bugs in the compiler's visibility calculations were fixed.
    + Parsing "." as a float results in an error instead of 0.
    + Borrows of closure parameters may not outlive the closure.

Thu Jan 20 19:28:34 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 1.6.0:
    + Stabilization of libcore and other library functions
    + disallows wildcards

Fri Oct 30 12:18:05 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 1.4.0:
    + Several changes have been made to fix type soundness and improve the
    behavior of associated types. See RFC 1214. Although we have mostly
    introduced these changes as warnings this release, to become errors next
    release, there are still some scenarios that will see immediate breakage.
    + The str::lines and BufRead::lines iterators treat \r\n as line breaks in
    addition to \n.
    + Loans of 'static lifetime extend to the end of a function.
    + str::parse no longer introduces avoidable rounding error when parsing
    floating point numbers. Together with earlier changes to float
    formatting/output, "round trips" like f.to_string().parse() now preserve
    the value of f exactly.  Additionally, leading plus signs are now accepted.

Sat Oct 17 19:12:53 UTC 2015 -

- Split the gdb support to rust-gdb subpackage

Fri Sep 18 07:00:06 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 1.3.0:
    + API stabilization, including the new Duration API and
    enhancements to Error and Hash/Hasher.
    + The substring matcher now uses a more efficient algorithm.
    + There were improvements to zero filling that speed up
    Vec::resize and Read::read_to_end.
    + The implementation of Read::read_to_end has been specialized
    for stdin and File, resulting in additional speedups.
    + The PartialEq implementation on slices is now much faster.
- Packaging: renamed source package to rustc to match upstream

Wed Aug 12 13:30:10 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 1.2.0:
    + An across-the-board improvement to real-world compiler performance.
    Representative crates include hyper (compiles 1.16x faster), html5ever
    (1.62x faster), regex (1.32x faster) and rust-encoding (1.35x faster). You
    can explore some of this performance data at Nick Cameron’s preliminary
    tracking site, using dates 2015-05-15 to 2015-06-25.
    + Parallel codegen is now working, and produces a 33% speedup when
    bootstrapping on a 4 core machine. Parallel codegen is particularly useful
    for debug builds, since it prevents some optimizations; but it can also be
    used with optimizations as an effective -O1 flag. It can be activated
    by passing -C codegen-units=N to rustc, where N is the desired number
    of threads.

Mon Jul 27 18:57:08 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 1.1.0:
  + The std::fs module has been expanded to expand the set of
    functionality exposed:
    * DirEntry now supports optimizations like file_type and
      metadata which don't incur a syscall on some platforms.
    * A symlink_metadata function has been added.
    * The fs::Metadata structure now lowers to its OS counterpart,
      providing access to all underlying information.
  + The compiler now contains extended explanations of many errors.
    When an error with an explanation occurs the compiler suggests
    using the --explain flag to read the explanation. Error
    explanations are also available online.
  + Thanks to multiple improvements to type checking, as well as other
    work, the time to bootstrap the compiler decreased by 32%.
- drop tar_scm service and use source urls

Fri May 15 21:42:38 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 1.0.0:
  + lint: deny transmuting from immutable to mutable, since it's undefined behavior
  + std: update select internals to not use mutable transmuting
  + std: Remove index notation on slice iterators
  + std: Destabilize io::BufStream
  + Make RwLock::try_write try to obtain a write lock
  + std: Remove addition on vectors for now
  + thread: right now you can't actually set those printers
  + Fix #24872, XSS in docs not found page.
  + Update AUTHORS.txt and for 1.0
  + std: Mark `mem::forget` as a safe function
  + core: impl AsRef<[u8]> for str
  + collections: impl AsRef<[u8]> for String
  + collections: change bounds of SliceConcatExt implementations to use Borrow instead of AsRef
  + Fix invalid references due to the automated string substitution
  + dropck: must assume `Box<Trait + 'a>` has a destructor of interest.

Thu May 07 11:05:47 UTC 2015 -

- Rename binary package to rust
- Add build for i586
- Only run fdupes on SUSE builds
- Changed version format
- Update to version 1.0.0~beta4+git.1430848988.f873dc5:
  + Introduce a `FreeRegionMap` data structure. (#22779)
  + Fix #20616
  + std: Fix inheriting standard handles on windows
  + Fix #24895.
  + Fix zero-normalization of the pos of a `MultiByteChar`.
  + lint for mixing `#[repr(C)]` with an impl of `Drop`.
  + Bump prerelease version to .4
  + Add downcasting to std::error::Error

Wed May  6 17:08:50 UTC 2015 -

- Format spec file

Wed Apr 29 13:07:54 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 1.0.0beta3+git.1429985089.5241bf9:
  + Update Windows caveats
  + Utilize if..let for get_mut doc-comment examples
  + Indicate keywords are code-like in Fuse::reset_fuse doc comment
  + doc: improve/fix 'let' FAQ
  + Fix broken links in the docs
  + Indicate None is code-like in doc comments
  + Fixed typo in hash_map::Entry documentation
  + Remove an unused import on windows

Wed Apr 29 12:56:15 UTC 2015 -

- Version 1.0.0-beta3.
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