File README-FIRST of Package schily

If you want to use rmt from this package, you have to edit /etc/default/rmt
to configure it. By default, nobody is allowed to run mt (entry USER) and
the only visible target (entry ACCESS) is the null device.

If you would like to have an account to directly access rmt, you will have
to create one yourself, setting the default shell to /usr/sbin/rmt. Please
don't forget to add entries to .rhosts in the home directory of said account
for all remote users that are allowed to use this account.

The creation of this account  may be done either via YaST2 or via useradd.
An example for using useradd would be:

   useradd -c "Remote TAPE" -G bin -s /usr/sbin/rmt rtape

After creating this account, you have to add this user to /etc/default/rmt.
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