File README-KEYRING of Package systemtap

How to update the systemtap keyring
1. update systemtap version in specfile to new version
2. run 'osc service localrun download_files' to download the new tarball and signatrure files (the signature file may be .sig or .asc, it varies depending on who
made the release)
3. run 'gpg systemtap-${ver}.tar.gz.{sig,asc}' -- look for "gpg: Signature made {date} using RSA key ID {key}" in output
4. run 'gpg --keyserver --recv-key $key' to obtain the key from the public keyserver
5. run 'gpg --export --armor --output systemtap.keyring $key'.   Select 'y' to
   overwrite existing file (previous is backed up in .osc)

How to verify against the keyring
1. run 'gpg --keyring systemtap.keyring systemtap-${ver}.tar.gz.sig'
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