File tlp.changes of Package tlp

Fri Feb  7 08:07:22 UTC 2020 - Paolo Stivanin <>

- Update to 1.3.1
  * default CPU_ENERGY_PERF_POLICY_ON_BAT=power too aggressive (issue#460)

Tue Feb  4 13:29:00 UTC 2020 - Paolo Stivanin <>
- Update to 1.3.0
  * New configuration scheme
    - /etc/default/tlp is replaced by /etc/tlp.conf
    - Settings are read in the following order:
    - 1. Intrinsic defaults
    - 2. /etc/tlp.d/*.conf - Drop-in customization snippets
    - 3. /etc/tlp.conf - User configuration
    - In case of identical parameters, the last occurence has precedence
    - Parse config files instead of sourcing --> no more shell expansion
  * Battery Features, tlp-stat -b
    - Charge thresholds: better checks for command line and configuration; clearer error messages
    - tlp discharge: error message "check your hardware" when battery wasn't completely discharged (Issue #438)
    - Distinguish between "no kernel support" for natacpi (< 4.17) and "laptop not supported" (>= 4.17)
    - Supplement battery status "Unknown" with "threshold may prevent charging" when thresholds are available only
  * General
    - systemd: replace tlp-sleep.service with /lib/systemd/system-sleep/tlp
  * Operation Mode AC/BAT
    - TLP_PS_IGNORE: power supply class to ignore when determining operation mode; workaround for laptops reporting incorrect AC or battery status (Issue #446)
  * PCI(e) devices
    - PCIE_ASPM_ON_AC/BAT: add method 'powersupersave' (Issue #425)
  * Processor
    - CPU_ENERGY_PERF_POLICY_ON_AC/BAT: backward compatible merge of settings for Intel energy vs. performance policies EPB (ENERGY_PERF_POLICY_ON_AC/BAT) and HWP.EPP (CPU_HWP_ON_AC/BAT); when HWP.EPP is available, EPB is not set; validate parameters; eliminate external tool x86_energy_perf_policy for kernel >= 5.2
  * tlp-stat
    - Configuration: show file where the parameter comes from
    - System Info:
        Show SELinux status
        Show RDW as 'disabled' when TLP is disabled as a whole
        Indicate persistent mode
    - Intel CPU: don't show EPB values when HWP.EPP is active (see above)
    - PCIe ASPM: show available policies
    - Undervolting: remove "PHC kernel not available" message
  * Battery Features
    - Issue #415: ThinkPad X240 discharge BAT1 malfunction when BAT0 is not installed
  * Disks
    - Fix NVMe detection on Linux 4.15
  * tlp-stat
    - Issue #430: ignore HID device batteries

Sun Jun  2 17:57:53 UTC 2019 - Jan Engelhardt <>

- Use noun phrase in summary.

Sun May 19 14:35:37 UTC 2019 - Alexei Sorokin <>

- Update to version 1.2.2:
  * Battery Features, tlp-stat -b:
    - Show data for batteries named other than BAT0/BAT1
    - ThinkPad X1C6 discharge malfunction (gh#linrunner/TLP#395).
    - Separate checks for charge thresholds and recalibration.
    - Intelligible recommendation for tp-smapi on
      ThinkPad X220/T420 et al.
    - Explain "Battery Features: Charge Thresholds and Recalibrate".
  * Discs:
    - Fix type determination.
  * Operation Mode AC/BAT:
    - MacBookPro 5.3: Workaround for false AC offline status.
  * Processor, tlp-stat -p:
    - Fix read of /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/boost.
    - x86_energy_perf_policy: Detect unsupported CPUs in newer
  * Radio Devices:
    - Make RESTORE_DEVICE_STATE_ON_STARTUP=1 persistent again

Wed Mar 18 18:10:25 UTC 2019 - Alexei Sorokin <>

- Update to version 1.2.1:
  * Fix unknown command "chargeonce" (gh#linrunner/TLP#391).
- Change from %systemd_requires to %systemd_ordering

Wed Mar 13 18:14:03 UTC 2019 -

- Update to version 1.2:
  * Disc drives:
    - Support for NVMe devices.
    - Support for removable drives e.g. USB / IEE1394 devices.
    - Improve support for multi queue I/O schedulers (blk-mq).
  * General:
    - tlp bat/ac: Keep manual power settings until tlp start
    - Remove all pm-utils scripts (gh#linrunner/TLP#363).
    - tlp/tlp-stat: Temporarily overwrite configuration for one
      programme invocation only: -- PARAM=value ...
    - Document intrinsic defaults in config file
    - Code verified with ShellCheck.
  * Graphics:
      INTEL_GPU_BOOST_FREQ_ON_AC/BAT: Intel GPU frequency limits.
  * Radio Devices:
    - tlp-rdw: New command to disable RDW actions temporarily
      (until reboot).
    - Support ThinkPad Pro Dock CS18 (17ef:306f).
    - USB_BLACKLIST_WWAN: Disable by default.
    - Retire compatibility with Network Manager 0.9.8.
  * PCI(e) devices:
    - RUNTIME_PM_BLACKLIST: Add mei_me, pcieport.
  * ThinkPad Battery:
    - New native kernel API for battery features "natacpi",
      requires kernel 4.17; enabled by default
      battery feature drivers switchable.
    - tlp discharge/recalibrate: Exclude multiple simultaneous
    - Support ThinkPad 25, *80 (Coffee Lake) and all newer models.
  * tlp-stat:
    - Check systemd-rfkill.socket masked status.
    - Drives: Show all configured devices (consider default).
    - Intel GPU: Show frequency limits and available frequencies.
    - Rename "Suggestions" section to "Recommendations".
    - Remove invocation via "tlp stat".
  * USB:
    - Exclude scanners managed by libsane from autosuspend.
    - Remove long deprecated level/autosuspend attributes.
  * Bugfixes
    - Do not try to start NetworkManager (systemd)
    - get_disk_dev logic is not compatible with NVMe devices
    - AC mode not detected with USB charger (gh#linrunner/TLP#320).
    - Process "/usr/bin/tlp auto" failed with exit code 4
    - zsh parse error in tlp diskid (gh#linrunner/TLP#332).
    - Circumvent broken AC/charger detection (gh#linrunner/TLP#343,
      gh#linrunner/TLP#362, gh#linrunner/TLP#375).
    - Keep ASPM default to enable deeper C-states on AC
    - Fix writing sequence for start/stop charge thresholds
    - Recognise Think*p*ad P50 (gh#linrunner/TLP#368).
    - tlp-stat: filter HWP lines from x86_energy_perf_policy output

Wed Jan 24 20:34:07 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 1.1:
  * Disc drives:
    - SATA_LINKPWR_ON_AC/BAT: Try multiple values to support the
      new recommended ALPM policy "med_power_with_dipm" in
      Linux 4.15.
  * Processor:
    - ENERGY_PERF_POLICY_ON_AC/BAT: Support changed values:
      performance, balance-performance, default, balance-power,
      power (gh#linrunner/TLP#297).
  * ThinkPad Battery:
    - Support ThinkPad 13 1st & 2nd Gen, E130;
      new tpacpi-bat version.
    - tlp-stat --psup: Show ASLbase for tpacpi-bat (in device/path).
    - tlp discharge: Show state of the battery and force_discharge.
  * USB:
    - USB_BLACKLIST_PRINTER: Exclude printers from autosuspend.
  * Bugfixes:
    - Intercept the link_power_management_policy write error
    - Fix AC power detection for MacBook Pro 2017
    - Move runtime data from /var/run/tlp to /run/tlp
    - Fix DEVICES_TO_DISABLE_ON_BAT_NOT_IN_USE="bluetooth" not
      working as expected (gh#linrunner/TLP#301).
    - Do not detect wireless input devices batteries as power
      supply (gh#linrunner/TLP#313).
- Remove tlp-1.0-run-mount.patch: fixed upstream.

Sun Nov 26 12:10:33 UTC 2017 -

- Add tlp-1.0-run-mount.patch: Move runtime data from /var/run/tlp
  to /run/tlp (boo#1058983)

Fri May 26 10:10:52 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 1.0:
  * General:
      the actual power source.
  * Device Bays:
    - BAY_POWEROFF_ON_AC: Power off optical drive not only on bat
  * Graphics:
    - RUNTIME_PM_DRIVER_BLACKLIST: When unconfigured default to
      "amdgpu nouveau nvidia radeon"; driver default control=auto
      allows PRIME/Bumblebee to turn the dGPU off and prevents
      accidential power-on during boot as well.
    - Exclude Nvidia dGPU from runtime power management even when
      no driver is associated (improve compatibility with
  * PCI(e) devices
    - RUNTIME_PM_ALL removed (default to RUNTIME_PM_ALL=1
  * Processor:
    - CPU_HWP_ON_AC/BAT: HWP energy performance hints; needs
      Linux 4.10 and Intel Skylake CPU or newer, intel_pstate only.
  * ThinkPad Battery:
    - RESTORE_THRESHOLDS_ON_BAT: Restore charge thresholds on
    - Detect ThinkPad *70 models.
    - Detect ThinkPad 13 (1st and 2nd Gen) as unsupported
    - Change texts "ThinkPad (extended) battery functions" to
      "ThinkPad battery features".
    - tlp-stat:
      + Show "Charge total %" when more than one battery is
      + Show battery temperature (tp-smapi only).
      + Show "unsupported" instead of "not installed" for tp-smapi
        incapable hardware.
  * USB:
      - USB_BLACKLIST_BTUSB: exclude bluetooth devices from
        autosuspend (gh#linrunner/TLP#239).
      - USB_BLACKLIST_PHONE: exclude phone devices from
        autosuspend (gh#linrunner/TLP#188).
  * tlp-stat:
      - -g|--graphics: Show graphics card data only.
      - i915: Explain enable_psr modes.
      - --psup: show power supply diagnostic.
      - SMART attribute G-Sense_Error_Rate.
      - -v: additional battery voltages.
      - Workqueue power efficient status.
      - Show Intel graphics parameters for Ubuntu's i915_bpo module.
  * Bugfixes:
    - init start: Apply powersave regardless of previous state
    - tlp-stat: Intercept non-existing or invalid charge values

Thu Aug 18 14:46:12 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 0.9:
  * General:
    - Block concurrent invocation of TLP.
  * Disc drives:
    - AHCI runtime power management for host controllers and
      attached disc drives.
    - SATA_LINKPWR_BLACKLIST: Exclude SATA host devices from power
  * Radio Devices:
    - Finally remove deprecated DEVICES_TO_ENABLE_ON_RADIOSW code
      (works with Ubuntu 12.04/Linux 3.2 only).
    - Change WIFI_PWR_ON_AC/BAT default config values to off/on for
      better usability (1/5 is still supported for backwards
  * Radio Device Wizard (tlp-rdw):
    - Add another ThinkPad OneLink Pro Dock USB LAN (17ef:304).
  * (ThinkPad) Battery:
    - tlp-stat:
      + Distinguish incompatible hardware from load errors
      + Display battery charge and capacity values in %.
      + More selective suggestions for tp-smapi/acpi-call kernel
  * tlp-stat:
    - Intel graphics: include i915 parameters enable_dc, enable_psr,
    - --pev: monitor power supply udev events
    - Processor:
      + Display available scaling governors.
      + intel_pstate: display turbo_pct, num_pstates.
    - Storage Devices:
      - Recognise blk-mq I/O scheduler.
      - SMART attributes Power_Cycle_Count, Unused_Rsvd_Blk_Cnt_Tot,
    - Suggestions: Add *60 models for tp-smapi/acpi-call.
    - System Info: Display boot mode UEFI / BIOS.
    - TLP Status:
      + Display time and mode of tlp's last invocation.
      + Issue warning when systemd-rfkill[@].service is not masked.
    - Wireless: Display type in interface list.
  * Bugfixes
    - Handle kernel with built-in acpi_call module properly
    - Battery discharge does not terminate on ThinkPad E-series
    - TLP does not notice power source change (gh#linrunner/TLP#172).
    - Do not touch wifi on shutdown when unconfigured
    - Optimise rdw locking heuristics (gh#linrunner/TLP#176).
    - tlp-stat: Fix ata error count (filter "DevExch" caused by
      bay inserts).
    - tp-smapi: Do not load on unsupported ThinkPads.
    - Fix bash completion.
- Remove tlp-0.8-correct-udev-rules-path.patch: fixed upstream.

Mon Jan  4 12:08:37 UTC 2016 -

- Add tlp-0.8-correct-udev-rules-path.patch: set correct udev
  rules path (boo#960498).

Thu Aug  6 18:03:12 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 0.8:
  * General:
      - TLP_DEFAULT_MODE: change default operation mode to AC when
        no power supply can be detected (concerns some desktop and
        embedded hardware only).
  * Radio Devices:
      - Resume: restore bluetooth state.
  * Radio Device Wizard (tlp-rdw):
      - Support ThinkPad OneLink Dock Basic/Pro for dock/undock
      - Detect systemd "predictable network interface names" for
  * ThinkPad Battery:
      - tpacpi-bat: new upstream version 2.2: get ASL path from
        /sys/class/power_supply/*/device/path; avoids unnecessary
        "AE_NOT_FOUND" kernel messages.
      - tlp-stat:
        - Show "No batteries detected."
        - Explain battery status "Unknown" as "threshold effective".
        - Show battery cell group voltages (verbose mode, tp-smapi
        - Show acpi-call suggestion for ThinkPad *40, *50, X1
  * USB:
  * tlp-stat:
      - Show warnings for ata errors by default.
  * Bugfixes:
    - tlp-stat: detect kernel config with PM_RUNTIME=N.
    - tlp recalibrate: fix exitcode check.
    - USB autosuspend: write power/control if actually changing
    - Ignore missing files in /proc/sys/fs/xfs.
    - Fix udev event processing for AC/BAT sw.

Sat Jan 31 23:32:42 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 0.7:
  * Processor:
    - Limit max/min P-state to control power dissipation of the
      CPU (intel_pstate only)
    - Set performance versus energy savings policy
  * USB:
    - USB_DRIVER_BLACKLIST: exclude devices assigned to the listed
      drivers from USB autosuspend; default: usbhid
    - USB_BLACKLIST_WWAN: match internal driver list instead of USB
      vendor ids
    - USB_WHITELIST: include devices into USB autosuspend even if
      already excluded by the driver or WWAN blacklists
  * Radio devices:
      DISABLE_ON_BAT_NOT_IN_USE: enable/disable radio devices upon
      change of power source (excluding connected devices)
  * ThinkPad Battery:
    - Issue #105: provide proper return codes for all battery
    - Issue #106: setcharge allowed on battery power
    - Do not activate new thresholds with force_discharge anymore
    - tpacpi-bat: support for ThinkPad E325 charge thresholds
  * Misc:
    - RUNTIME_PM_DRIVER_BLACKLIST: exclude PCI(e) devices assigned
      to drivers;
      default: radeon, nouveau (solves issue #94)
    - Support Dell Latitude docks
    - Support for NM 0.9.10
    - Issue #109: tlp-stat: report "unknown" power source when no
      AC detected
    - Issue #98: do not change autosuspend_delay_ms, keep kernel
      default settings
    - Exclude pseudo usb disks
  * tlp-stat:
    - New options -d|--disk, -e|--pcie, -p|--processor,
                  -s|--system, -u|--usb
    - Show driver and connection state for all enabled radio
    - Show driver name in Runtime PM PCI(e) device list
    - Show type and state of docks and device bays
    - Show type of init system
    - Check if TLP's systemd services are enabled
  * udev:
    - Run change of power source in a detached subshell to avoid
      blocking udev
    - Fix dock/undock event processing for ThinkPad Adv Mini Dock
      and Ultrabase 
    - Make USB device event processing more robust
      + Run in a detached subshell to avoid blocking udev
      + Wait 2s for subdevices to populate for proper
        black/whitelist detection

Thu Nov 20 07:32:39 UTC 2014 -

- Adjust dependencies according to

Wed Oct  8 16:27:21 UTC 2014 -

- Initial build.