File 08_fix-manpage.patch of Package zvbi

Description: fix some hyphens used as minus sign.
Author: Joao Eriberto Mota Filho <>
Last-Update: 2015-05-04
Index: zvbi-0.2.35/contrib/zvbi-atsc-cc.1
--- zvbi-0.2.35.orig/contrib/zvbi-atsc-cc.1
+++ zvbi-0.2.35/contrib/zvbi-atsc-cc.1
@@ -193,9 +193,9 @@ timezone, title. Multiple \fB-f\fP optio
 is "all".
-zvbi-atsc-cc -c NJN-HD
+zvbi-atsc-cc \-c NJN-HD
-zvbi-atsc-cc --cc1-file wnyw.txt WNYW-DT --cc1-file wwor.txt WWOR-DT
+zvbi-atsc-cc \-\-cc1-file wnyw.txt WNYW-DT \-\-cc1-file wwor.txt WWOR-DT
 (NJN-HD, WNYW-DT and WWOR-DT are TV stations in New York. WNYW-DT
 and WWOR-DT can be captured simultaneously because they share a
Index: zvbi-0.2.35/contrib/zvbi-ntsc-cc.1
--- zvbi-0.2.35.orig/contrib/zvbi-ntsc-cc.1
+++ zvbi-0.2.35/contrib/zvbi-ntsc-cc.1
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ zvbi-ntsc-cc - closed caption decoder
 .B zvbi-ntsc-cc
 reads vbi data from /dev/vbi and decodes the enclosed cc data.
-Start it with '-h' to get a list of cmd line options.
+Start it with '\-h' to get a list of cmd line options.