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Tue Aug  6 09:15:08 UTC 2019 - Ondřej Súkup <>

- update to 0.29.0
  * Update spec to 0.29.
  * Make rendering safe by default (#239, #273).
    Adds `CMARK_OPT_UNSAFE` and make `CMARK_OPT_SAFE` a no-op (for API
    compatibility).  The new default behavior is to suppress raw HTML and
    potentially dangerous links.  The `CMARK_OPT_UNSAFE` option has to be set
    explicitly to prevent this.
    **NOTE:** This change will require modifications in bindings for cmark
    and in most libraries and programs that use cmark.
    Borrows heavily from @kivikakk's patch in github/cmark-gfm#123.
  * Add sourcepos info for inlines (Yuki Izumi).
  * Disallow more than 32 nested balanced parens in a link (Yuki Izumi).
  * Resolve link references before creating setext header.
    A setext header line after a link reference should not
    create a header, according to the spec.
  * commonmark renderer: improve escaping.
    URL-escape special characters when escape mode is URL, and not otherwise.
    Entity-escape control characters (< 0x20) in non-literal escape modes.
  * render:  only emit actual newline when escape mode is LITERAL.
    For markdown content, e.g., in other contexts we want some
    kind of escaping, not a literal newline.
  * Update code span normalization to conform with spec change.
  * Allow empty `<>` link destination in reference link.
  * Remove leftover includes of `memory.h` (#290).
  * A link destination can't start with `<` unless it is
    an angle-bracket link that also ends with `>` (#289).
    (If your URL really starts with `<`, URL-escape it.)
  * Allow internal delimiter runs to match if both have lengths that are
    multiples of 3.  See commonmark/commonmark#528.
  * Include `references.h` in `parser.h` (#287).
  * Fix `[link](<foo\>)`.
  * Use hand-rolled scanner for thematic break (see #284).
    Keep track of the last position where a thematic break
    failed to match on a line, to avoid rescanning unnecessarily.
  * Rename `ends_with_blank_line` with `S_` prefix.
  * Add `CMARK_NODE__LAST_LINE_CHECKED` flag (#284).
    Use this to avoid unnecessary recursion in `ends_with_blank_line`.
  * In `ends_with_blank_line`, call `S_set_last_line_blank`
    to avoid unnecessary repetition (#284).  Once we settle whether a list
    item ends in a blank line, we don't need to revisit this in considering
    parent list items.
  * Disallow unescaped `(` in parenthesized link title.
  * Copy line/col info straight from opener/closer (Ashe Connor).
    We can't rely on anything in `subj` since it's been modified while parsing
    the subject and could represent line info from a future line.  This is
    simple and works.
  * `render.c`: reset `last_breakable` after cr.  Fixes jgm/pandoc#5033.
  * Fix a typo in `houdini_href_e.c` (Felix Yan).
  * commonmark writer: use `~~~` fences if info string contains backtick.
    This is needed for round-trip tests.
  * Update scanners for new info string rules.
  * Add XSLT stylesheet to convert cmark XML back to Commonmark
    (Nick Wellnhofer, #264).  Initial version of an XSLT stylesheet that
    converts the XML format produced by `cmark -t xml` back to Commonmark.
  * Check for whitespace before reference title (#263).
  * Bump CMake to version 3 (Jonathan Müller).
  * Build: Remove deprecated call to `add_compiler_export_flags()`
    (Jonathan Müller).  It is deprecated in CMake 3.0, the replacement is to
    set the `CXX_VISIBILITY_PRESET` (or in our case `C_VISIBILITY_PRESET`) and
    `VISIBILITY_INLINES_HIDDEN` properties of the target.  We're already
    setting them by setting the CMake variables anyway, so the call can be
  * Build: only attempt to install MSVC system libraries on Windows
    (Saleem Abdulrasool).  Newer versions of CMake attempt to query the system
    for information about the VS 2017 installation.  Unfortunately, this query
    fails on non-Windows systems when cross-compiling:
    `cmake_host_system_information does not recognize <key> VS_15_DIR`.
    CMake will not find these system libraries on non-Windows hosts anyways,
    and we were silencing the warnings, so simply omit the installation when
    cross-compiling to Windows.
  * Simplify code normalization, in line with spec change.
  * Implement code span spec changes.  These affect both parsing and writing
  * Add link parsing corner cases to regressions (Ashe Connor).
  * Add `xml:space="preserve"` in XML output when appropriate
    (Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy).
    (For text, code, code_block, html_inline and html_block tags.)
  * Removed meta from list of block tags.  Added regression test.
    See commonmark/CommonMark#527.
  * `` - omit noisy success output.
  * ``: make tests run faster.
    Commented out the (already ignored) "many references" test, which
    times out.  Reduced the iterations for a couple other tests.
  * ``: added test for deeply nested lists.
  * Optimize `S_find_first_nonspace`.  We were needlessly redoing things we'd
    already done.  Now we skip the work if the first nonspace is greater than
    the current offset.  This fixes pathological slowdown with deeply nested
    lists (#255).  For N = 3000, the time goes from over 17s to about 0.7s.
    Thanks to Martin Mitas for diagnosing the problem.
  * Allow spaces in link destination delimited with pointy brackets.
  * Adjust max length of decimal/numeric entities.
    See commonmark/CommonMark#487.
  * Fix inline raw HTML parsing.
    This fixes a recently added failing spec test case.  Previously spaces
    were being allowed in unquoted attribute values; no we forbid them.
  * Don't allow list markers to be indented >= 4 spaces.
    See commonmark/CommonMark#497.
  * Check for empty buffer when rendering (Phil Turnbull).
    For empty documents, `->size` is zero so
    `renderer.buffer->ptr[renderer.buffer->size - 1]` will cause an
    out-of-bounds read. Empty buffers always point to the global
    `cmark_strbuf__initbuf` buffer so we read `cmark_strbuf__initbuf[-1]`.
  * Also run API tests with `CMARK_SHARED=OFF` (Nick Wellnhofer).
  * Rename roundtrip and entity tests (Nick Wellnhofer).
    Rename the tests to reflect that they use the library, not the
  * Generate export header for static-only build (#247, Nick Wellnhofer).
  * Fuzz width parameter too (Phil Turnbull).  Allow the `width` parameter to
    be generated too so we get better fuzz-coverage.
  * Don't discard empty fuzz test-cases (Phil Turnbull).  We currently discard
    fuzz test-cases that are empty but empty inputs are valid markdown. This
    improves the fuzzing coverage slightly.
  * Fixed exit code for pathological tests.
  * Add allowed failures to ``.
    This allows us to include tests that we don't yet know how to pass.
  * Add timeout to ``.
    Tests must complete in 8 seconds or are errors.
  * Add more pathological tests (Martin Mitas).
    These tests target the issues #214, #218, #220.
  * Use pledge(2) on OpenBSD (Ashe Connor).
  * Update the Racket wrapper (Eli Barzilay).
  * Makefile: For afl target, don't build tests.

Fri Nov  3 16:07:37 UTC 2017 -

- update to 0.28.3
 * -smart: open quote can never occur right after ] or ) 
 * Include GNUInstallDirs in src/CMakeLists.txt
 * Fix quadratic behavior in finalize
 * Don't use CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR to create libcmark.pc
 - drop cmark-install_libdir_is_abs.patch

Fri Sep 29 11:06:13 UTC 2017 -

- Add cmark-install_libdir_is_abs.patch: CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR is an
  absolute path (if -DLIBDIR=%{_libdir} is being passed.

Thu Sep 21 20:37:44 UTC 2017 -

- update to 0.28.0
  * Update spec.
  * Use unsigned integer when shifting
  * Avoid memcpy'ing NULL pointers
  * DeMorgan simplification of some tests in emphasis parser.
  * Fixed undefined shift in commonmark writer
  * latex writer:  fix memory overflow
  * Check for NULL pointer in get_link_type
  * Move fuzzing dictionary into single file
  * Reset bytes after UTF8 proc
  * Don't scan past an EOL
  * Document cases where `get_` functions return `NULL`
  * Properly handle backslashes in link destinations
  * Fixed `cmark_node_get_list_start` to return 0 for bullet lists,
    as documented
  * Use `CMARK_NO_DELIM` for bullet lists
  * Fixed code for freeing delimiter stack
  * Removed abort outside of conditional (typo).
  * Removed coercion in error message when aborting from buffer.
  * Print message to stderr when we abort due to memory demands
  * `libcmark.pc`: use `CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR`
  * Fixed buffer overflow error in `S_parser_feed`
  * Update emphasis parsing for spec change.
  * Fixes for the LaTeX renderer
    + Don't double-output the link in latex-rendering.
    + Prevent ligatures in dashes sensibly when rendering latex.
      `\-` is a hyphenation, so it doesn't get displayed at all.
  * Added a test for NULL when freeing `subj->last_delim`.
  * Cleaned up setting of lower bounds for openers.
  * Fix #178, quadratic parsing bug.  Add pathological test.
  * Slight improvement of clarity of logic in emph matching.
  * Fix "multiple of 3" determination in emph/strong parsing.
  * Correctly initialize chunk in S_process_line
  * Added 'make newbench'.
  * `scanners.c` generated with re2c 0.16
  * `` - fixed warnings; use `*` for fallback.
  * Fixed some warnings in ``.
  * Update CaseFolding to latest
  * Allow balanced nested parens in link destinations
  * Allocate enough bytes for backticks array.
  * Inlines: Ensure that the delimiter stack is freed in subject.
  * Fixed pathological cases with backtick code spans:
    - Removed recursion in scan_to_closing_backticks
    - Added an array of pointers to potential backtick closers
      to subject
    - This array is used to avoid traversing the subject again
      when we've already seen all the potential backtick closers.
    - Added a max bound of 1000 for backtick code span delimiters.
    - Added pathological test case.
  * Remove redundant cmake_minimum_required
  * Make shared and static libraries optional
  * Added support for built-in `${LIB_SUFFIX}` feature
  * Add Makefile target and harness to fuzz with libFuzzer
  * Advertise `--validate-utf8` in usage information
  * Makefile: use warnings with re2c.

Sun Nov 20 10:21:44 UTC 2016 -

- update to 0.27.1
* Set policy for CMP0063 to avoid a warning
* Use VERSION_GREATER to clean up cmake version test

Fri Nov 18 22:44:10 UTC 2016 -

- update to 0.27.0
* Fix CMAKE_C_VISIBILITY_PRESET for cmake versions greater than 1.8
* Fix for non-matching entities
* Modified print_delimiters (commented out) so it compiles again.
* make format: don't change order of includes.
* Changed logic for null/eol checks
    only check once for "not at end of line"
    check for null before we check for newline characters (the previous
		patch would fail for NULL + CR)
* Fix by not advancing past both \0 and \n
* Add test for NUL-LF sequence
* Fix memory leak in list parsing
* Use cmark_mem to free where used to alloc
* Allow a shortcut link before a
* Allow tabs after setext header line
* Don't let URI schemes start with spaces.
* Fixed h2..h6 HTML blocks
* Autolink scheme can contain digits
* Fix nullary function declarations in cmark.h

Sun Oct 16 15:47:56 UTC 2016 -

- Use current cmake macros

Wed Aug 31 14:00:14 UTC 2016 -

- Fix building with different release types set via cmake

Sat Jul 16 18:58:24 UTC 2016 -

- update to 0.26.1
* Removed unnecessary typedef that caused build failure on some platforms.
* Use $(MAKE) in Makefile instead of hardcoded make

Sat Jul 16 08:12:31 UTC 2016 -

- update to 0.26.0
* Implement spec changes for list items:
	+ Empty list items cannot interrupt paragraphs.
	+ Ordered lists cannot interrupt paragraphs unless they start with 1.
	+ Removed "two blank lines break out of a list" feature.
* Fix sourcepos for blockquotes.
* Fix sourcepos for atx headers).
* Fix ATX headers and thematic breaks to allow tabs as well as spaces.
* Fix chunk_set_cstr with suffix of current string
* Export targets on installation
* Fix cmake warning about CMP0048
* commonmark renderer: Ensure we don't have a blank line before a code block when
	 it's the first thing in a list item.
* Change parsing of strong/emph in response to spec changes. process_emphasis now 
	gets better results in corner cases. The change is this: when considering
	matches between an interior delimiter run (one that can open and can close)
	and another delimiter run, we require that the sum of the lengths of the two
	delimiter runs mod 3 is not 0.
* Ported Robin Stocker's changes to link parsing in jgm/CommonMark#101. This uses
	a separate stack for brackets, instead of putting them on the delimiter stack.
	This avoids the need for looking through the delimiter stack for
	the next bracket.
* cmark_reference_lookup: Return NULL if reference is null string.
* Fix character type detection in commonmark.c
	+ Implement cmark_isalpha.
	+ Check for ASCII character before implicit cast to char.
	+ Use internal ctype functions in commonmark.c.
* Better documentation of memory-freeing responsibilities. in cmark.h and
	 its man page
* Use library functions to insert nodes in emphasis/link processing. Previously we
	 did this manually, which introduces many places where errors can creep in.
* Correctly handle list marker followed only by spaces. Previously when a list
	marker was followed only by spaces, cmark expected the following content to be
	indented by the same number of spaces. But in this case we should treat the
	line just like a blank line and set list padding accordingly.
* Fixed a number of issues relating to line wrapping.
	+ Extend CMARK_OPT_NOBREAKS to all renderers and add --nobreaks.
	+ Do not autowrap, regardless of width parameter, if CMARK_OPT_NOBREAKS is set.
	+ Fixed CMARK_OPT_HARDBREAKS for LaTeX and man renderers.
	+ Ensure that no auto-wrapping occurs if CMARK_OPT_NOBREAKS is enabled, or if
	  output is CommonMark and CMARK_OPT_HARDBREAKS is enabled.
* Set stdin to binary mode on Windows
* Add library option to render softbreaks as spaces. Note that the NOBREAKS option
	 is HTML-only
* renderer: no_linebreaks instead of no_wrap. We generally want this option to
	 prohibit any breaking in things like headers (not just wraps, but softbreaks).
* Coerce realurllen to int. This is an alternate solution for pull request, which 
	introduced a new warning on the comparison.
* Remove unused variable link_text.
* Improved safety checks in buffer.
* Add new interface allowing specification of custom memory allocator for nodes.
	 Added cmark_node_new_with_mem, cmark_parser_new_with_mem, cmark_mem to API.
* Reduce storage size for nodes by using bit flags instead of separate booleans.
* cmake: Global handler for OOM situations.
* Add tests for memory exhaustion.
* Document in man page and public header that one should use the same memory
	 allocator for every node in a tree.
* Fix ctypes in Python FFI calls (Nick Wellnhofer). This didn't cause problems
	so far because all types are 32-bit on 32-bit systems and arguments are passed
	in registers on x86-64. The wrong types could cause crashes on other
	platforms, though.
* Remove spurious failures in roundtrip tests. In the commonmark writer we separate
	lists, and lists and indented code, using a dummy HTML comment. 
	So in evaluating the round-trip tests, we now strip out these comments.
	We also normalize HTML to avoid issues having to do with line breaks.
* Added to_commonmark in test/ (for round-trip tests).
* - parameterize do_test with converter.
* exit code is now sum of failures and errors. This ensures that
	a failing exit code will be given when there are errors, not just with failures.
* Fixed round trip tests. Previously they actually ran cmark instead of
	the round-trip version, since there was a bug in setting the ROUNDTRIP variable.
* Added new This replaces the old use of simple shell scripts.
	It is much faster, and more flexible. (We will be able to do custom
	normalization and skip certain tests.)
* Fix leak in api_test.
* Makefile: have leakcheck stop on first error instead of going through all
	the formats and options and probably getting the same output.
* Add regression tests.

Tue Mar 29 12:41:20 UTC 2016 -

-  update to 0.25.2

Sun Oct 18 18:28:18 UTC 2015 -

- Initial package for version 0.22.0
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