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View File java-1_7_0-openjdk.changes of Package java-1_7_0-openjdk (Project openSUSE:Factory:ARM)

Thu Jun 14 21:43:45 UTC 2012 - dmueller@suse.com

- fix build on non-jit arches

Thu May 10 09:17:41 UTC 2012 - mvyskocil@suse.cz

- update to icedtea-2.1, openjdk b147
* Security fixes
  - 7082299, CVE-2011-3571: Fix in AtomicReferenceArray
  - S7088367, CVE-2011-3563: Fix issues in java sound
  - S7110683, CVE-2012-0502: Issues with some KeyboardFocusManager method
  - S7110687, CVE-2012-0503: Issues with TimeZone class
  - S7110700, CVE-2012-0505: Enhance exception throwing mechanism in ObjectStreamClass
  - S7110704, CVE-2012-0506: Issues with some method in corba
  - S7112642, CVE-2012-0497: Incorrect checking for graphics rendering object
  - S7118283, CVE-2012-0501: Better input parameter checking in zip file processing
  - S7126960, CVE-2011-5035: Add property to limit number of request headers to the HTTP Server
* Bug fixes
  - S7140882: Don’t return booleans from methods returning pointers
  - S7091528: javadoc attempts to parse .class files
  - S7103610: _NET_WM_PID and WM_CLIENT_MACHINE are not set
  - S7049339: AnyBlit is broken with non-rectangular clips.
  - and many others
* SUSE changes:
  - increase the priority to 17147 to be the default java (thanks Robert
  - openjdk-7-src-b147-no-return-in-nonvoid.patch and
    openjdk-7-src-b147-stringcompare.patch fixes issues found by post-build-check
  - buildrequire at least openjdk6 and let prjconf to handle the prefferences

Tue Mar  6 11:48:02 UTC 2012 - cfarrell@suse.com

- license update: GPL-2.0-with-classpath-exception
  Use SPDX syntax

Wed Nov  2 15:18:33 UTC 2011 - mvyskocil@suse.cz

- Initial SUSE packaging of icedtea-2.0/openjdk b146