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Sun Feb 28 18:05:21 UTC 2021 - Dirk Müller <>

- update to 0.9.9:
  - When compiled with the CFLAG FAKE_RANDOM set,
    libfaketime will intercept calls to getrandom()
    and return pseudorandom numbers for determinism.
    The mechanism needs to be activated by setting
    the environment variable FAKERANDOM_SEED to a
    64-bit seed value, e.g., "0x12345678DEADBEEF".
    Please note that this completely breaks the
    security of random numbers for cryptographic
    purposes and should only be used for deterministic
    tests. Never use this in production!
  - When the environment variable FAKETIME_TIMESTAMP_FILE is
    set, points to a writeable (creatable) custom config file
    and the environment variable FAKETIME_UPDATE_TIMESTAMP_FILE
    is "1", then the file also is updated on each call. By
    this, a common "virtual time" can be shared by several
    processes, where each can adjust the time for all.
  - Additional link-time LDFLAGS can be passed via the
    environment variable FAKETIME_LINK_FLAGS when
    running 'make'.
  - Compile-time CFLAG FAKE_SETTIME can be enabled to
    intercept calls to clock_settime(), settimeofday(), and
    adjtime(). (suggested and prototyped by @ojura)
  - Additional compile-time CFLAGs can be passed via the
    environment variable FAKETIME_COMPILE_CFLAGS when
    running 'make'.
  - src/Makefile CFLAG FORCE_PTHREAD_NONVER should be set on
    systems that hang on CLOCK_REALTIME, or that hang on
    CLOCK_MONOTONIC where FORCE_MONOTONIC_FIX is not sufficient.

Wed Aug 28 20:18:13 UTC 2019 - Martin Hauke <>

- Update to version 0.9.8
   * Passthrough for unknown clock ids to avoid error messages
   * Fixes for multithreaded operations (mliertzer, qnox)
   * glibc-related fixes (jprjr) and gcc8 support (tpetazzoni)
   * Improved error message output on parsing errors
   * fix file stat() faking when 'i' modifier is used for determinism
   - Use FAKETIME="%" to take FAKETIME setting from a file as
     specified in FAKETIME_FOLLOW_FILE
   * Added FAKETIME_DONT_RESET environment variable to avoid
     faketime resets when subprocesses are started (similar to
     the old v0.9.6 behavior)
   * Added FAKETIME_XRESET to avoid large clock jumps when
     the 'x' modifier is used and changed during run-time
   - Do not fake time during libfaketime initialization to
     improve compatibility with memory allocation libraries that
     use time-related functions themselves
   * Fixes for shared memory related issues, especially when
     not using the faketime wrapper
   * Updated glibc compatibility settings for various platforms
   * Support for clock_nanosleep() with realtime and monotonic clocks
   * Support for epoll_wait(), epoll_pwait(), and pselect()
   * src/Makefile CFLAG FORCE_MONOTONIC_FIX should be set (only) on
     platforms where the test program hangs forever at the
- Remove not longer needed patch:
  * 161.patch
- Run spec-cleaner

Sun Jun 24 09:26:45 UTC 2018 -

- add 161.patch to pick gcc8 patches from git
- fix source archive to match github URLs

Sun Feb 25 14:50:35 UTC 2018 -

- update 0.9.7:
  * added an option to disable monotonic time faking
  * added support for COARSE clocks
  * preliminary support for CLOCK_BOOTTIME (Linux)
  * build fixes
- remove libfaketime-0.9.6-gcc6.patch

Mon Jun 20 17:19:50 UTC 2016 -

- add patch: libfaketime-0.9.6-gcc6.patch
  * fix boo#985141
  * fix nonnull argument 'buf' compared to NULL
- run spec-cleaner

Mon Feb  2 16:15:53 UTC 2015 -

- initial package
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