File cabal2spec.cabal of Package cabal2spec

name:               cabal2spec
version:            2.6.2
x-revision: 1
synopsis:           Convert Cabal files into rpm spec files
description:        Convert
                    Cabal files into a
                    < spec file>
                    suitable for building the package with the RPM package manager. This
                    tool primarily targets the < SUSE> and
                    < openSUSE> familiy of distributions. Support
                    for other RPM-based distributions is currently not available. Check
                    out < cabal-rpm> if you
                    need this.
license:            GPL-3
license-file:       LICENSE
author:             Peter Simons, Bryan O'Sullivan, Jens Petersen
tested-with:        GHC == 7.10.3, GHC == 8.0.2, GHC == 8.2.2, GHC == 8.4.4, GHC == 8.6.5,
                    GHC == 8.8.4, GHC == 8.10.1
category:           Distribution
build-type:         Simple
cabal-version:      >= 1.10

source-repository head
  type:     git
  location: git://

  exposed-modules:  Cabal2Spec
  hs-source-dirs:   src
  build-depends:    base > 4.8 && < 5, Cabal >= 3.2 && < 3.5, filepath, time >= 1.5
  default-language: Haskell2010

executable cabal2spec
  main-is:          Main.hs
  other-modules:    Paths_cabal2spec
  hs-source-dirs:   cabal2spec
  build-depends:    base, Cabal, cabal2spec, filepath, optparse-applicative
  default-language: Haskell2010

test-suite regression-test
  type:             exitcode-stdio-1.0
  main-is:          Main.hs
  hs-source-dirs:   test
  build-depends:    base, Cabal, cabal2spec, filepath, tasty, tasty-golden
  default-language: Haskell2010
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