File eclipse-swtchart.changes of Package eclipse-swtchart

Mon Nov  2 18:43:39 UTC 2020 - Matthias Mailänder <>

- Update to version 0.13.0
  * Added Support Pie & Doughnut Chart
  * Added Support for Multilevel Pie & Doughnut Chart
  * Custom Charts moved to a separate bundle: org.eclipse.swtchart.customcharts
  * An extended legend has been added, which allows to modify the series color and description
  * SVG export via a template has been added - no dependencies and faster than using Apache Batik
  * The export bundle has been splitted into export (no dependencies) and export.extended (with dependencies: Apache Batik, ...)
  * Buffered Selection option to optimize the range selection (avoid redraw of series when doing the selection)

Thu Jul  2 06:47:10 UTC 2020 - Fridrich Strba <>

- Initial packaging of eclipse-swtchart plugin 0.12.0
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