File sample.jhbuildrc of Package jhbuild

# -*- mode: python -*-

# edit this file to match your settings and copy it to ~/.jhbuildrc

# if you have a GNOME git account, uncomment this line
# repos[''] = 'ssh://'

# what module set should be used.  The default is the latest development
# version, but it can be any of the files in the modulesets directory, or
# even the URL of a module set file on a web server.
# moduleset = 'gnome-2.32'

# A list of the modules to build.  Defaults to the Gnome Desktop and
# developer platform.
# modules = [ 'meta-gnome-desktop' ]

# Skip modules that jhbuild-recommended-deps will install.
# Note: you should remove most of the modules in skip if you don't install the
# jhbuild-recommended-deps package.
skip = [ ]
# skip from bootstrap
skip.extend ([ 'gettext', 'autoconf', 'libtool', 'pkg-config', 'python', 'guile' ])
# skip from external deps
# not putting libcolorblind: not packaged
# not putting opal and ptlib since they move too often with ekiga
# not putting swfdec: moving with swfdec-gnome
# not putting system-tools-backends: not packaged
# not putting libchamplain: not packaged yet
# not putting the following because they are only dependencies of dependencies: libdaemon, libgpg-error, pixman, libvolume_id, libgdiplus, speex, libsndfile, farsight2, libnice
skip.extend ([ 'avahi', 'cairo', 'cairomm', 'clutter', 'clutter-cairo', 'clutter-gtk', 'dbus', 'dbus-glib', 'dbus-python', 'desktop-file-utils', 'enchant', 'fontconfig', 'gnutls', 'hal', 'DeviceKit', 'DeviceKit-power', 'hicolor-icon-theme', 'icon-naming-utils', 'iso-codes', 'libcroco', 'libgcrypt', 'libgsf', 'libmusicbrainz', 'liboil', 'libtasn1', 'libxklavier', 'libxml2', 'libxslt', 'gtk-vnc', 'ndesk-dbus', 'poppler', 'pycairo', 'shared-mime-info', 'startup-notification', 'libtelepathy', 'telepathy-glib', 'telepathy-mission-control', 'nspr', 'nss', 'mozilla', 'rarian', 'libggz', 'ggz-client-libs', 'expat', 'autogen', 'mono', 'mono-addins', 'sqlite3', 'PolicyKit', 'PolicyKit-gnome', 'libcanberra', 'pulseaudio', 'libproxy', 'libunique', 'intltool', 'libical', 'gst-plugins-farsight', 'telepathy-farsight', 'libnotify', 'libgda', 'WebKit', 'libchamplain', 'libgdata', 'gmime' ])
# skip some gnome stuff that can't easily built or tested
skip.extend ([ 'evolution-exchange', 'evolution-mapi' ])

# what directory should the source be checked out to?
checkoutroot = os.path.expanduser('~/gnome-jhbuild/sources')

# An alternative location to look for (or download to) all downloaded tarballs
tarballdir = os.path.expanduser('~/gnome-jhbuild/tarballs')

# the prefix to configure/install modules to (must have write access)
prefix = os.path.expanduser('~/gnome-jhbuild/usr')

# if you do not want to use system-installed libraries for your builds, comment
# out the lines below
addpath('PKG_CONFIG_PATH', os.path.join(os.sep, 'usr', 'lib', 'pkgconfig'))
addpath('PKG_CONFIG_PATH', os.path.join(os.sep, 'usr', 'share', 'pkgconfig'))

# extra arguments to pass to all scripts
# to speed up builds of gnome2, try '--disable-static --disable-gtk-doc'
# it is also possible to set CFLAGS this way, 'CFLAGS="-g -O2"' for example
autogenargs='--disable-static --disable-gtk-doc'

# On SMP systems you may use something like this to improve compilation time:
# be aware that not all modules compile correctly with make -j2
makeargs = '-j2'

# set CFLAGS:
cflags = '-g'

# doesn't support -j2
module_makeargs['autoconf'] = ''
module_makeargs['autogen'] = ''
module_makeargs['gettext'] = ''
module_makeargs['libgcrypt'] = ''
module_makeargs['nss'] = ''
module_makeargs['ORBit2'] = ''
module_makeargs['tomboy'] = ''

# installation fails for the mozilla plugin
module_autogenargs['totem'] = autogenargs + ' --disable-mozilla'
module_autogenargs['gtk+'] = autogenargs + ' --without-libjasper'

addpath('XDG_DATA_DIRS', '/usr/share')
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