File libxcam.changes of Package libxcam

Thu May 21 14:43:43 UTC 2020 - Aaron Puchert <>

- Update to version 1.2.2
 * GLES compute framework enabling.
   - enable GL image processing framework.
   - enable features of multi-band blender, geometry remap and data-copy.
 * GLES surround-view stitching enabling.
   - GLES stitching enabled (feature-match may support later).
   - performance optimized on compute shaders.
 * Vulkan compute framework enabling.
   - enabled Vulkan image processing under xcam framework.
   - vk-copy-handler as sample code.
 * suggest OpenCV version [3.0.0 - 3.4.3]
 * support CPU stitching based on dual-const and dual-curve scaling factors.
 * support OpenCL stitching based on auto-scale in vertical 2D-direction.
 * change test-soft-image to test-surround-view
 * Vulkan surround-view stitching enabling.
   - enable features of multi-band blender and geometry remap.
   - enable Vulkan image stitching. (feature-match may support later)
 * Surrond-view texture rendering.
   - enable 3D surround view scene rendering and manipulation.
 * require OpenSceneGraph minimal version 3.3.2
 * DNN inference framwork enabling.
   - enable pedestrian and vehicle detection based on OpenVino
 * OpenCV feature match enabled for image stitching pipeline (GLES/Vulkan/CPU)
   - support three versions of feature match: default, cluster, capi
 * Abstract OpenCV source in ocv module, and build into a separate static library
- Require pkgconfig(opencv), because this still needs OpenCV 3.
- Add allow-newer-opencv.patch: Allow all 3.x.x versions.
- Disable 3alib to prevent compiler errors due to missing linux/atomisp.h.
- Enable Vulkan support.

Tue Oct  2 10:55:20 UTC 2018 - Antonio Larrosa <> - 1.1.0

- Update to version 1.1.0
  * CPU stitching enabled for automotive surround view in Linux/Android.
    - enable CPU multi-thread image processing framework.
    - enable multi-band blender, geometry remap, data-copy, OpenCV feature match.
    - enable 3D-bowl model stitching.
    - support generic Android platform.
    - CPU version of surround view stitching upstream to Android Open Source Project.

  * surround-view OpenCL stitching feature enabled and quality improvement.
    - add dewarp process based on bowl view model in geometry map.
    - support multiple (4) cameras stitching.
    - add new selection method based on clustering in feature match to improve quality of stitching.
    - auto scale in x direction is done and y direction is WIP.
    - quality tune on different datasets, both indoor and outdoor.

  * support standard OpenCL 2.0+ driver (VPG OCL driver)
    - support standard OpenCL buffer.
    - remove libdrm dependency.
    - drm preview removed from test-device-manager, test-pipe-manager and usb camera.

  * enable deblurring feature based on OpenCV. (GSoC program)
    - based on deconvolution algorithm filters
    - support noise estimation
    - support edgetaper

  * surround view solution will be integrated into Android EVS (exterior view system) WIP
  * add sample recipe for yocto build (libxcam/doc/yocto).

Thu Oct 12 23:06:57 UTC 2017 -

- Update package summary.

Mon Sep  4 12:23:19 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 1.0.0
  * 360 video stitching performance and quality improvement.
    - enable geometry map to improve performance.
    - quality tuned on different resolutions (1080P and 4K).
    - support CPU and OpenCL path in feature match.
    - enable lens shading correction based on fisheye image.
  * gyroscope-based video stabilization enabling.
    - enable gyroscope 3-DoF (orientation) assist video stabilization.
    - orientation (gyro) data should be measured by quaternion as the pose
      of target frame reference to base frame
  * CL framework refine.
    - enable CL argument template instead of member variables in kernel.
    - CL kernel support async mode.
    - image handler take over input/output buffer management from image kernel.
  * prepare libxcam debian package and fix most warnings.
- Remove fix-build-errors.diff which is no longer required
- Increased soname to 1
- The pkgconfig file has been renamed from xcam to libxcam

Thu May 11 10:52:48 UTC 2017 -

- Use --disable-aiq when configuring libxcam.
  AIQ/ia_imaging is an Intel proprietary 3A library.

Tue May  9 15:13:51 UTC 2017 -

- Initial release of libxcam
- Version 0.9.0 
- Add fix-build-errors.diff to build correctly