File minder.changes of Package minder

Mon Jul 15 10:09:59 UTC 2019 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.4.1:
  * Merge branch 'master' of
  * Fixing automatic layout issue.
  * Fixed spelling error in README
  * Fixing version number within
  * Merge pull request #75 from NathanBnm/update-fr

Thu Jul  4 17:47:35 UTC 2019 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.4.0:
  * Merge branch 'devel'
  * Fixing canvas focus after adding a new tab.
  * Fixing node link icon coloring.
  * Cleaning up debug output.
  * Fixing node sizing and name positioning when tasks are
  * Fixing focus button state issues.
  * Adding the development branch to the list of branches for
    Travis to build.
  * Merge branch 'focus'
  * Merge branch 'master' of
  * Updating README installation command for Fedora users
  * Merge pull request #67 from NathanBnm/fix-post-install
- Build with granite >= 5.2.3

Tue Jun 11 16:59:09 UTC 2019 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.3.1:
  * Merge branch 'master' of
  * Updates for new release.
  * Fixing export issue.
  * Fixing release information

Mon May 20 18:13:10 UTC 2019 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.3.0:
  * Fixing up small UI issues.
  * Fixing README image path.
  * Updating screenshots.
  * Fixing issue caused in last commit.
  * Improving display of style inspector when connection options
    are displayed.
  * Changing style panels to allow each subpanel to be expandable.
  * Changing the connection title box to use a rounded rectangle.
  * Adding connection padding and font styling to sidebar.
  * Updating changelist. * Initializing prefer_dark MainWindow
    setting from desktop value, if set.
  * Finishing and fixing several remaining issues with connections.
  * Checkpointing work on displaying note icon for a connection.
  * Changing the way connection titles are stored in XML. 
  * Adding support for saving connection notes to XML.
  * Fixing keyboard focus when a note textbox needs to be changed.
  * Adding ability to select a connection from the current node.
  * Adding ability to select the next/previous connection. 
  * Updating contextual menu items per this feature.
  * Fixing error when redoing a deleted root node. 
  * Updating release information.
  * Adding ability to create a connection using the keyboard.
  * Fixing issues with displaying the current sidebar. 
  * Adding keyboard support when a connection is selected.
  * Fixing issues with restoring connections after deleting.
  * ...

Mon Apr 15 19:13:14 UTC 2019 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.2.1:
  * Removing styling change support when affects widget is
    changed to a current node type.
  * Updating screenshot.
  * Updating appdata for the upcoming release.
  * Fixing node detach undo operation.
  * Fixing layout issue when pasting a node tree. 
  * Selecting pasted node.
  * Fixing level-based styling issue. * Fixing node font styling.
  * Adding automatic style update when current-type affects are
  * Fine-tuning arrow drawing to improve look.
  * Fixing layout issue related to tasks.
  * Fixing style inspector UI issues when changing elements in
    the inspector.
  * Merge branch 'master' of
  * Fixing issues with scroll widgets in the style inspector in
    reference to the undo/redo buffer.
  * Merge pull request #56 from chiajlingvoj/master
  * fix reference
  * Fixing drawing issues when changing style values. * Fixing
    style inspector updating when style change are undone/redone. 
  * Checkpointing work on undo buffer replace feature.
  * Adding connection styling undo/redo support.
  * Checkpointing work on reworking style undo/redo methodology.
  * A few more fixes to undo actions.
  * Fixing several issues with layout.
  * Fixing UI state of the link types widget to be disabled if
    the affected nodes do not have branches that can be changed.
  * Fixing issues with styling undo/redo

Mon Oct 29 19:38:46 UTC 2018 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.1.3:
  * Updating release notes.
  * Adding support for special character input.
  * Fixing syntax error in appdata.xml
  * Updating version number in Application class.
  * Updating appdata file.

Tue Oct 16 17:38:27 UTC 2018 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.1.2:
  * Adding information for 1.1.2 release

Mon Oct  8 11:39:52 UTC 2018 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.1.1:
  * Updating release number.
  * Updating release information.
  * Updating release notes.
  * Fixing issues with moving nodes within a parent and attaching
    a root node into another node.
  * Reducing the minimum height of the note text area for screens
    that are shorter.
  * Fixing syntax error in appdata.xml file.
  * Updating appdata.
  * Fixing issues with editing and selecting unicode text that
    spans UTF-8 characters.
  * adjustments to README

Mon Sep 24 10:35:49 UTC 2018 - Alexei Podvalsky <>

- Update to 1.1.0:
  * Updating application description.
  * Fixing issue where the mode property of the Node class was
    given a default value in the property.
  * Updating README with documentation link and adding libarchive
    to list of dependencies.
  * Small adjustments to some UI elements.
  * Adding missing image support for node copying.
  * Updating README.
  * Fixing compiler warning.
  * Updating screenshots.
  * Adding code to keep from scrolling infinitely.
  * Fixing a few issues after the merge.
  * Merge branch 'devel'
  * Fixed issues with calling the ImageManager cleanup method.
  * Checkpointing refactoring of ImageManager and related code.
  * Checkpointing image manager work.
  * Checkpointing (things are really broken right now).
  * Finishing image work in node inspector. * Checkpointing work
    on ImageManager.
  * Checkpointing work on ImageManager (work in progress).
  * Checkpointing.
  * Adding node resize undo action. * Fixing initial sizing of
    images to match max_width value. * Adding Vim swap files to
    gitignore file.
  * Removing ability to click on NodeInspector image to edit.
  * Adding delete and edit overlays to image in NodeInspector. *
    Fixing URI generation issue.
  * Attempting to fix popover handling for Loki.
  * Adding ability to remove image from image editor.
  * Adding support for image URI saving. * Displaying image URI
- Add pkgconfig(libarchive)

Wed Aug  8 14:50:26 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 1.0.8:
  * Adding support for opaque PNG export
  * Improving memory footprint of undo buffer.
  * Fixing issues with undoing a node attach operation.
  * Fixing issues with saving colors when an RGB value is 0.
  * Fixing CHARSET in pt_BR.po.
  * Checkpointing work on new attachment algorithm.
  * Update
  * Adding overview section to
  * Updating description text
  * Updating release notes
  * Checkpointing work on improving node attachment undo/redo
  * Fixing posx/posy original position calculation in attach
  * Starting to improve the attachment undo/redo functionality
    (work in progress).
  * Fix appadata.xml
  * Attempting to fix keyboard support in DrawArea
  * Initial attempt to fix layout issues when attaching a tree to
    another tree.
  * Updating solarized light theme.
  * Adding new Solarized Light and Solarized Dark themes.
  * Fixing issue with folding completed tasks. * Updating icons.
  * Creating icons for map inspector actions.
  * Adding button sensitivity for completed tasks and unfold all
- Add a new package with translations

Mon Aug  6 22:16:57 UTC 2018 -

- Switch from imperatives to noun phrasing.

Wed Aug  1 21:29:40 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 1.0.7:
  * Changing release date for 1.0.4
  * Updating README to include double-click to edit
  * Changing update icon cache script.
  * Update.
  * Removing gtk-update-icon-cache call.
  * Another attempt to fix Travis CI issues.
  * Minor change to Travis CI.
  * Attempting to correct Travis CI failures.
  * Fixing build issues in Juno.
  * Adding GTK322 define to allow for conditional compilation.
  * Updating .pot file.
  * Minor code enhancements.
  * Fixing background color of DrawArea. * Attempting to fix use
    of obsolete Gtk.Menu.popup call in Juno.
  * Adding 1.0.3 release notes.
  * Updating pot file.
  * Cleaning up code.
  * Fixing folded assignment from with Node class.
  * Updating screenshots. * Fixing CSS handling for theme
    selection and canvas backgrounds.
  * Attempting to remove background override call in Theme class
    to instead use CSS (still having issues).
  * Modifying the search UI to a checkbutton system.
  * Adding proper support for undo functionality for
    automatically revealed nodes.
  * Attempting to fix how folded nodes are handled.
  * Adding updated search criteria items. * Adjusting margins
    within popover menus. * Several enhancments to search UI.
  * Updating screenshots.
  * Changing properties icon in header to pane show/hide icons.

Sun Jul  1 20:46:22 UTC 2018 -

- Initial package