File opendkim.changes of Package opendkim

Sat Jun  2 00:23:34 UTC 2018 -

  allow building on newer distros (openssl 1.1 support)

Fri Jun  1 23:55:05 UTC 2018 -

- fix the previous change:
  source files got added but the renumbering was not applied to the
  reference to the source files -> signature file was installed as
  services file

Fri Jun  1 08:11:56 UTC 2018 -

- Applied spec-cleaner to spec file
- Removed conditionals around %license macro
- Used OpenPGP signature provided upstream
- Added opendkim.keyring containing the key used to sign official

Mon May 28 15:35:07 UTC 2018 -

- enable DNSSEC support (requires unbound library)
  ATTENTION: The file /var/lib/unbound/root.key must be readable by
  user opendkim, which is not the fact for older unbound packages

Fri Apr 28 19:31:12 UTC 2017 -

- Remove some idempotent %if blocks.

Tue Apr  4 23:34:05 UTC 2017 -

- Implemented shared-library-packaging-policy
  * Splitted shared libraries
- Some spec file cleanup
- Splitted autobuild and miltertest programs into own subpackages

Thu Feb 11 12:31:57 UTC 2016 -

- require main package from devel package
- fix conditional for sql support. it was mixed with sql and
- make RRD support optional pulls a lot of things.
- use correct license for the sendmail part

Wed Feb 10 02:15:11 UTC 2016 -

- update to 2.10.3
  - LIBOPENDKIM: Make strict header checking non-destructive. The
    last change to this code resulted in failing signatures.
    Reported by Pedro Morales and Wez Furlong.
- changes from 2.10.2
  - Fix bug #221: Report a DKIM result of "policy" if
    MinimumKeyBits or UnprotectedKey cause the signature to result
    in a "pass" override.  Reported by Kurt Roeckx.
  - Fix bug #227: Revert removal of SenderHeaders configuration
    setting.  Document that it is now limited to signature
  - LIBOPENDKIM: Fix bug #226: Deal with header fields that are
    wrapped before there's any content.  Reported by Alessandro
  - CONTRIB: Update to contrib/systemd/ from
    Steve Jenkins.
- refreshed opendkim-2.9.2_default_config.patch to apply cleanly

Mon Apr 27 16:05:48 UTC 2015 -

- cleanup build requires

Mon Apr 27 15:20:53 UTC 2015 -

- update to 2.10.1
  Make DB_SIGNINGTABLE symbol available in Lua scripts.  Problem noted
    by Klaus Heinrich.
  Fix bug #214: Handle arbitrarily large From: fields.  Reported by
    Tomohiko Sasaki.
  LIBOPENDKIM: Fix bug #213: Remove "dkim_default_senderhdrs" from
    dkim.h.  Problem noted by Daniel J. Luke.
  LIBOPENDKIM: Fix bug #219: Unresolved CNAMEs are not failures,
    according to the DNS (see RFC6604), so report them as
    NXDOMAIN or similar.  Reported by Alessandro Vesely.
- changes from 2.10.0
  Feature request #182: Remove "AddAllSignatureResults".  All signature
    results will now be added via Authentication-Results header
    fields.  Requested by Tomki Camp.
  Feature request #180: Rename "LDAPSoftStart" to "SoftStart" and apply
    it to SQL connections as well.  Requested by Daniel Kauffman.
  Feature request #179: Add "IgnoreMalformedMail" option.
  Fix bug #183: Discontinue support for ADSP.  This removes the
    following configuration file items:
    AddAllSignatureResults  LocalADSP
    ADSPAction    NoDiscardableMailTo
    ADSPNoSuchDomain  On-PolicyError
    BogusPolicy   SendADSPReports
    DisableADSP   SenderHeaders
    LDAPSoftStart   UnprotectedPolicy
  Make "rrvs" and "smime" recognized Authentication-Results methods.
  LIBOPENDKIM: Feature request #157: Add dkim_mail_parse_multi().
    Suggested by Alessandro Vesely.
  LIBOPENDKIM: Feature request #185: Add dkim_set_dnssec().  Patch
    from Alec Peterson.
  LIBOPENDKIM: Fix bug #183: Discontinue support for ADSP.  This
    means all of the following:
    - the dkim_policy_t type has been removed
    - the DKIM_POLICY_* constants have been removed
    - the DKIM_PRESULT_* constants have been removed
    - passing DKIM_OPTS_SENDERHDRS to dkim_options() now
      results in an error
    - the DKIM_PSTATE structure has been removed
    - all of the following functions have been removed:
      dkim_policy(), dkim_policy_dnssec(),
      dkim_policy_getqueries(), dkim_policy_getreportinfo(),
      dkim_policy_state_free(), dkim_policy_state_new(),
      dkim_policy_syntax(), dkim_getpolicystr(),
      dkim_getpresult(), dkim_getpresultstr(),
      dkim_set_policy_lookup(), dkim_test_adsp()
  LIBOPENDKIM: DKIM_LIBFLAGS_STRICTHDRS now also confirms syntactical
    validity of the From field before proceeding with a signing or
    verifying operation.  Suggested by Wez Furlong.
  CONTRIB: Fix bug #207: Clean up the "stats" directory.
  CONTRIB: Add "repute" directory which could eventually replace the
    PHP implementation.  Submitted by Daniel Black.
  CONTRIB: Patches to systemd and init/redhat from Steve Jenkins.
- changes from 2.9.3
  Fix bug #177: Plug leaking "result" structures when OpenLDAP is in use.
  Truncate configuration file lines at carriage return.
  Replace overlapping strlcpy() with memmove() in dkim_get_key_file().
    Reported by Daniel J. Luke.
  Patch #32: Re-arrange the execution logic to drop privileges in
    proper order.
  LIBOPENDKIM: dkim_header() is now a lot more strict about the input
    it will accept (see RFC5322 Section 2.2).
  LIBOPENDKIM: Tighten relaxed modes to break on only DKIM-defined
    whitespace characters.  Problem noted by Elizabeth Zwicky.
  LIBOPENDKIM: Fix bug #208: If a signature fails to verify for either
    reason (header hash mismatched or body hash mismatched), set
    DKIM_SIGERROR_BADSIG so that Authentication-Results doesn't
    report a failure with "no signature error".
  TOOLS: Feature request #178: Add "-F" flag to opendkim-genzone so
    records are created with the FQDN.  Patch from Andreas Schulze.
  REPUTATION: Handle parameters safely in repute.php.  Reported by
    Daniel Black.
- refreshed patches to apply cleanly again:
- use the correct signal for reloading the config
- make sure that all the buildrequires we added are actually used
  by adding the needed --with-* options

Sun Dec 14 02:13:05 UTC 2014 -

- more work on integration with the distribution
  - added init system support (systemd,sysvinit)
  - adapt the default config to change some defaults
    new patch: opendkim-2.9.2_default_config.patch
- a few more buildrequires:
  libevent-devel, tre-devel, unbound-devel, erlang

Mon Dec  1 18:35:24 UTC 2014 -

- initial package