File HISTORY.txt of Package python-adal

ADAL Python 0.5.0

    Enhancement: Add a new parameter in the AuthenticationContext to pass requests (connect,read) timeout parameters. (#112)
    Adjustment: By default, no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will be logged by ADAL Python. (#111)
    Adjustment: Surfaces the requests.HTTPError so that app developer can deal with the Retry-After info from HTTP 429 error, if desired. (#117)

ADAL Python 0.4.7

Bugfix: Handle refresh token in Azure Stack (ADFS 2016) properly (#105)

ADAL Python 0.4.6

Enhancement: Add one more trusted authority host (#77, #78)
    Enhancement: Bubble up the server response. (#85, #88)
    Bugfix: Should not attempt to refresh a token when RT is unavailable (#82, #87)
    Bugfix: Now we force utf-8 decoding so that package builders would be able to pack ADAL Python regardless of their locale. The ADAL Python library users will 
NOT be affected by this change. (#89, #91)
    Other sample code and readme file adjustments (#76, #73, #84, #92, #95, #97, #98)

ADAL for Python 0.4.5

    Fixes platform resolution issue found in Gunicorn/Gevent context (#74)

ADAL for Python 0.4.4

    Revert a workaround introduced in 0.4.3, we now have better understanding and recommend a different way to solve it. (#61)

ADAL for Python 0.4.3

    Fixes logger bug to ensure proper logging (#55)
    Updates dependency to exclude the requests package 2.12.* (#58)
    Introduces a new switch to override the default behavior (#57)

ADAL for Python 0.4.2

    Fix decoding exception when decoding id_token with non-ASCII characters on Python 2.x (#52)
    Minor adjustment on version string handling (#48)

ADAL for Python 0.4.1

    Fix encoding exceptions on formatting error text #44
    Minor typo fixes in sample code #45

ADAL for Python 0.4.0

    Support login using federated credentials through protocols of wstrust 1.3 or 2005
    Support http tracing through proxies by exposing the environment variable of ADAL_PYTHON_SSL_NO_VERIFY

ADAL for Python 0.3.0

    Support device code flow, required for accounts with 2FA enforced, or MSA accounts such as live id
    Support service principal with certificate.
    Support token cache.
    Remove all JS style of callbacks for better code readability and maintainability.
    Improve 'AuthenticationContext' class to be consistent with ADAL node and C# versions.
    Add samples showing how to use the ADAL in correct ways. Convenient methods in were removed as it has no integrations with cache and used client id 
belonging to other client app.
    Update readme with common authentication flows and smooth package installations.
    Update for US Government and German Government Authority.

Initial release of ADAL for Python


Add the author_email attribute back in to