File python-astropy-helpers.changes of Package python-astropy-helpers

Tue Jul 23 01:25:57 UTC 2019 - Todd R <>

- Update to 3.2.1
  * Reverting issuing deprecation warning for the ``build_sphinx`` command.
  * Make sure that all data files get included in tar file releases.
- Update to 3.2
  * Make sure that ``[options.package_data]`` in setup.cfg is taken into account
    when collecting package data.
  * Simplified the code for the custom build_ext command.
  * Avoid importing the astropy package when trying to get the test command
    when testing astropy itself.
  * Avoid importing whole package when trying to get version information. Note
    that this has also introduced a small API change - ``cython_version`` and
    ``compiler`` can no longer be imported from the ``package.version`` module
    generated by astropy-helpers. Instead, you can import these from
    ``package.cython_version`` and ``package.compiler_version`` respectively.
  * Make it possible to call ``generate_version_py`` and ``register_commands``
    without any arguments, which causes information to be read in from the
    ``setup.cfg`` file.
  * Simplified and moved most of the configuration to setup.cfg.
  * Add a new ``astropy_helpers.setup_helpers.setup`` function that does all
    the default boilerplate in typical ```` files that use
  * Remove ``deprecated``, ``deprecated_attribute``, and ``minversion`` from
  * Updated minimum required version of setuptools to 30.3.0.
  * Remove functionality to adjust compilers if a broken compiler is detected.
    This is not useful anymore as only a single compiler was previously patched
    (now unlikely to be used) and this was only to fix a compilation issue in the
    core astropy package.
  * ``sphinx-astropy`` is now a required dependency to build the docs, the
    machinery to install it as eggs have been removed. 

Wed Mar 20 17:22:37 CET 2019 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 3.1.1:
  - Moved documentation from README to Sphinx.
  - Fixed broken OpenMP detection when building with

Sat Dec 22 05:51:52 UTC 2018 - Todd R <>

- Update to 3.1
  * Added extensive documentation about astropy-helpers to the README.rst file. [#416]
  * Fixed the compatibility of the build_docs command with Sphinx 1.8 and above. [#413]
  * Removing deprecated file. [#369]
  * Removing file and requiring setuptools 1.0 or later. [#384]
  * Remove all sphinx components from ``astropy-helpers``. These are now replaced
    by the ``sphinx-astropy`` package in conjunction with the ``astropy-theme-sphinx``,
    ``sphinx-automodapi``, and ``numpydoc`` packages. [#368]
  * Make add_openmp_flags_if_available() work for clang.
    The necessary include, library, and runtime paths now get added to the C test code
    used to determine if openmp works.
    Autogenerator utility added ``openmp_enabled.is_openmp_enabled()``
    which can be called post build to determine state of OpenMP support.
  * Add version_info tuple to autogenerated Allows for simple
    version checking, i.e. version_info > (2,0,1). [#385]
- Update to 3.0.2
  * Nothing changed.
- Update to 3.0.1
  * Nothing changed.
- Update to 3.0
  * Removing Python 2 support, including 2to3. Packages wishing to keep Python
    2 support should NOT update to this version. [#340]
  * Removing deprecated _test_compat making astropy a hard dependency for
    packages wishing to use the astropy tests machinery. [#314]
  * Removing unused 'register' command since packages should be uploaded
    with twine and get registered automatically. [#332]
- Update to 2.0.8
  * Fixed compatibility with Sphinx 1.8+. [#428]
  * Fixed error that occurs when installing a package in an environment where
    ``numpy`` is not already installed. [#404]
  * Updated bundled version of sphinx-automodapi to v0.9. [#422]
  * Updated bundled version of numpydoc to v0.8.0. [#423]
- Update to 2.0.7
  * Removing file and requiring setuptools 1.0 or later. [#384]
- Update to 2.0.6
  * Avoid deprecation warning due to ``exclude=`` keyword in ````. [#379]
- Update to 2.0.5
  * Fix segmentation faults that occurred when the astropy-helpers submodule
    was first initialized in packages that also contained Cython code. [#375]
- Update to 2.0.4
  * Support dotted package names as namespace packages in generate_version_py.
  * Fix compatibility with setuptools 36.x and above. [#372]
  * Fix false negative in add_openmp_flags_if_available when measuring code
    coverage with gcc. [#374]
- Update to 2.0.3
  * Make sure that astropy-helpers 3.x.x is not downloaded on Python 2. [#362, #363]
  * The bundled version of sphinx-automodapi has been updated to v0.7. [#365]
  * Add --auto-use and --no-auto-use command-line flags to match the
    ``auto_use`` configuration option, and add an alias
    ``--use-system-astropy-helpers`` for ``--no-auto-use``. [#366]

Wed Jan 10 21:00:36 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 2.0.2
  * Added new helper function add_openmp_flags_if_available that can add
    OpenMP compilation flags to a C/Cython extension if needed. [#346]
  * Update numpydoc to v0.7. [#343]
  * The function ``get_git_devstr`` now returns ``'0'`` instead of ``None`` when
    no git repository is present. This allows generation of development version
    strings that are in a format that ``setuptools`` expects (e.g. "1.1.3.dev0"
    instead of ""). [#330]
  * It is now possible to override generated timestamps to make builds
    reproducible by setting the ``SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH`` environment variable [#341]
  * Mark Sphinx extensions as parallel-safe. [#344]
  * Switch to using mathjax instead of imgmath for local builds. [#342]
  * Deprecate ``exclude`` parameter of various functions in setup_helpers since
    it could not work as intended. Add new function ``add_exclude_packages`` to
    provide intended behavior. [#331]
  * Allow custom Sphinx doctest extension to recognize and process standard
    doctest directives ``testsetup`` and ``doctest``. [#335]
- Update to version 2.0.1
  * Fix compatibility with Sphinx <1.5. [#326]
- Update to version 2.0
  * Add support for package that lies in a subdirectory. [#249]
  * Removing ``compat.subprocess``. [#298]
  * Python 3.3 is no longer supported. [#300]
  * The 'automodapi' Sphinx extension (and associated dependencies) has now
    been moved to a standalone package which can be found at - this is now bundled in
    astropy-helpers under astropy_helpers.extern.automodapi for
    convenience. Version shipped with astropy-helpers is v0.6.
    [#278, #303, #309, #323]
  * The ``numpydoc`` Sphinx extension has now been moved to
    ``astropy_helpers.extern``. [#278]
  * Fix ``build_docs`` error catching, so it doesn't hide Sphinx errors. [#292]
  * Fix compatibility with Sphinx 1.6. [#318]
  * Updating to the last version before it's removal. [#321]

Wed May 17 20:05:58 UTC 2017 -

- Implement single-spec version
- Fix source URL.
- Update to version 1.3.1
  - Fixed the missing button to hide output in documentation code
    blocks. [#287]
  - Fixed bug when ``build_docs`` when running with the clean (-l) option. [#289]
  - Add alternative location for various intersphinx inventories to fall back
    to. [#293]
- Update to version 1.3
  - ``build_sphinx`` has been deprecated in favor of the ``build_docs`` command.
  - Force the use of Cython's old ``build_ext`` command. A new ``build_ext``
    command was added in Cython 0.25, but it does not work with astropy-helpers
    currently.  [#261]

Wed Jul  6 20:48:04 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 1.2:
  * Added sphinx configuration value
    ``automodsumm_inherited_members``. If ``True`` this will
    include members that are inherited from a base class in the
    generated API docs. Defaults to ``False`` which matches the
    previous behavior. [#215]
  * Fixed ``build_sphinx`` to recognize builds that succeeded but
    have output *after* the "build succeeded." statement. This only
    applies when ``--warnings-returncode`` is  given (which is
    primarily relevant for Travis documentation builds).  [#223]
  * Fixed ``build_sphinx`` the sphinx extensions to not output a
    spurious warning for sphinx versions > 1.4. [#229]
  * Add Python version dependent local sphinx inventories that
    contain otherwise missing references. [#216]
  * ``astropy_helpers`` now require Sphinx 1.3 or later. [#226]
  From version 1.1.2:
  * The CSS for the sphinx documentation was altered to prevent
    some text overflow problems. [#217]
- Added new build/runtime requirement python-Sphinx.
- Added python-astropy-helpers-rpmlintrc for
  "devel-file-in-non-devel-package" rpmlint error (compiler.c is
  needed by the package).

Tue Feb  2 18:43:56 UTC 2016 -

- Initial version