File README.openSUSE of Package shorewall


Some openSUSE packages include a service file for ease of the 
SuSEfirewall2 or firewalld configuration, opening the necessary ports.

You have to open the required ports yourself using the Shorewall
configuration files.

SuSEfirewall2, firewalld are integrated with Yast so configuration
can be done via a GUI. 
This is not the case for Shorewall.

Enabling Firewall in /etc/sysconfig/network/config or in individual
ifcfg-xxx files is not enough. 
If using shorewall-init /etc/sysconfig/shorewall-init should be  

As the shorewall web page states

"Shorewall is not the easiest to use of the available iptables
configuration tools but I believe that it is the most flexible
and powerful. So if you are looking for a simple point-and-click
set-and-forget Linux firewall solution that requires a minimum of
networking knowledge, check out alternatives."

On each version upgrade Major and or Major,Minor you have to
upgrade your configuration with the shorewall update -a 

Now that you are warned, remember to have fun !