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View File config of Package dashboard (Project openSUSE:Factory:Staging)

# restricts what stagings the staging-bot will use, when available, for --try-strategies
splitter-whitelist = B C D E F G H I J

# now just for testing
source_projects_expand = devel:languages:haskell

devel-whitelist = network:messaging server:messaging system:snappy security:logging

# Introduced in https://github.com/openSUSE/osc-plugin-factory/pull/1041.
# Preferably as these problems are resolved they should be removed from whitelist
# once all letter stagings have been rebased to include the change.
# No new entries should be added without a very good reason. The intent is that
# these lists are eventually done away with.

repo_checker-binary-whitelist-x86_64 =

# rust-src requires rust, which is a i686 package, not installable on 'plain' i586.
# pcp-pmda-ds389log no longer installable (boo#1086297)
repo_checker-binary-whitelist-i586 = kernel-syms rust-src pcp-pmda-ds389log

# caasp-container-manifests is 'special'; it requires rpms produced in :Containers
repo_checker-binary-whitelist = patterns-caasp-Stack caasp-container-manifests mailx mailutils

# ring 2 was removed, this disables various conditions related to it
staging-dvd-archs =