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Mon Jul  6 18:38:59 UTC 2020 - Christophe Giboudeaux <>

- Update to 0.13.0-beta2
  * added 'prev' and 'next' PageProps to change order of pages
  * fixed many remaining Python 3 compatibility issues
  * added "pseudo-binary" version (actually compressed bytecode) in the source
    release archive (requires Python 3)
  * circumvent blurry fonts on Windows due to high-DPI scaling
  * fixed crash in overview page handling when presentations have very many pages
  * fixed box-zoom mode display error in half-page mode

Tue May 12 12:17:49 UTC 2020 - Bernhard Wiedemann <>

- Update to 0.13.0-beta1
  * Python 3 compatibility: should work with Python 2.7 and >= 3.6 now
  * Win32 build uses 64-bit Python 3
  * improved support for non-ASCII characters in page titles (as extracted
  * with pdftk)
  * fixed box-zoom mode display error in half-page mode
  * added option to set last page of page progress bar (--progress-last)
  * added separate overview animation time option (--overtime)
  * can now have multiple progress bars at once
    - page progress is moved to top of screen if any other bar is visible
    - "auto progress" is stacked over duration bar if both are visible

Tue Oct  1 06:54:04 UTC 2019 - Jan Engelhardt <>

- Fix description typography. Drop redundant %attr.

Mon Sep 30 14:22:18 UTC 2019 - Christophe Giboudeaux <>

- Update to 0.12.1:
  * fixed crash in crash reporter with recent Pillow versions
  * fixed crash with recent PyGame versions when non-latin characters appeared
    in slide titles
  * fixed page rotation
  * fixed -x/--fade mode
  * fixed directory playback mode
  * basic Raspberry Pi 4 compatibility (untested; requires X11)
  * more robust PDF hyperlink parser (page boxes can now be PDF references)
  * added option to temporarily inhibit automatic slideshows
  * default keybinding: [A] key, actions: auto-start, auto-stop, auto-toggle
- Run spec-cleaner

Wed Apr 24 09:33:32 UTC 2019 - Gary Ching-Pang Lin <>

- Update to version 0.12.0
  + box-zoom mode: use Ctrl+LMB-drag to draw a box and zoom it to
    fit the screen; everything else is darkened
  + support for fractional zoom levels
  + ability to zoom further in than the hardware's maximum texture
  + mouse wheel zooming
  + allow videos in the file list (in addition to PDF files and
  + added --time-display option: start with time display and
  + fixed excessive mouse sensitivity in full-screen mode
  + fixed crashes when clicking hyperlinks in some PDFs
  + fixed non-working hyperlinks when more than one input document
    is specified
  + added new MuPDF renderer, uses no temporary files or named
    pipes on POSIX with MuPDF >= 1.4
  + can now use MuPDF's mutool instead of pdftk to get basic file
    information and unpack PDF files (for hyperlink decoding)
  + added --noquit option to prevent accidental single-key quitting
  + first page is now shown as early as possible (before fonts
    etc. have been preloaded)
- Replace pdftk with mupdf

Tue Feb 16 03:24:12 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 0.11.1
  + fix for newer PIL/Pillow versions that broke compatibility by
    removing .tostring() and .fromstring()
  + fixed crash when clicking on run: URI hyperlinks
  + PDF hyperlinks with file:// and run:// URIs now work correctly
    with quoted characters (e.g. spaces) in paths
  + added top-level synchronize() function to schedule calls in
    Impressive's main thead (useful for library mode)
  + early lookup of OpenGL vendor/renderer/version strings (to get
    more useful crash logs)
  + fixed SDL library lookup issue on newer Linux systems
  + OSD font lookup now works if the same font file exists multiple
    times in the font path
  + fixed crash when no OSD font is available
  + full port from OpenGL 1.1 to OpenGL (ES) 2.0
  + fully customizable key/mouse bindings (-e/--bind,
    -E/--controls, --control-help, --evtest)
  + MuPDF (mudraw/pdfdraw) rendering backend
  + 'transition' PageProp describes transition *to* the page, not
    after the page
  + Raspberry Pi compatibility
  + new shader-based blurring with desaturation + fallback to old
    method for old HW (autodetect or --noblur)
  + re-implemented all transitions with shaders
    (missing: PageTurn, SpinOutIn, SpiralOutIn, ZoomOutIn;
    new: WipeClouds, WipeBrightness1, WipeBrightness2)
  + compressed in-memory cache (-cz / --cache compressed)
  + removed -e/--noext and -R/--meshres due to obsolescence
  + --tracking enables time tracking right from the start
  + added -v/--verbose mode
  + MuPDF renderer backend can work via named pipes instead of
    temp files on Unix
  + alternate overview downscaling algorithm for slower systems
  + internal default mouse cursor image
  + fixed OSD font rendering bug with Pillow
  + most platform-specific code now handled by abstraction layer;
    no direct PyGame calls in core
  + custom ctypes-based OpenGL loader instead of PyOpenGL
  + generic PDF renderer framework (necessary now that there's 3
  + external PDF renderers are now called with 'nice' when
    background rendering on POSIX

Fri Oct  3 22:19:39 UTC 2014 -

- Update to version 0.10.5:
  * unknown changelog
- Cleanup with spec-cleaner
- Install the binary without py suffix

Sat Dec  1 08:17:48 UTC 2012 -

- update to version 0.10.3

Wed Aug 12 00:00:00 UTC 2009 -

- Initial package.
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