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Wed Jul 24 15:18:59 UTC 2019 - Bjørn Lie <>

- Update to version 4.0.0:
  + Fix the versioning in
  + Fix some compile issues in the test programs.
  + NFSv3: skip commit on close if the file has not been written
  + Add nfs_umount() to NFSv3.
  + Add nfs_statvfs64().
  + Fix invalid shift of pid_t when generating rpc->xid.
  + Compile fixes for Mac OSX.
  + Fix for dup2() on Windows.
  + NFSv4 fix for directory handling.
  + Improvements to configure/building.
- Bump sover to 13 following upstream.
- Use modern macros.
- Pass explicit --enable-utils to configure, ensure we build the

Thu Nov  8 16:42:28 UTC 2018 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Update to version 3.0.0
  * NFSv4 support.
  * lockf() support (NFSv4 only).
  * fcntl() support for locking (NFSv4 only).
  * Add CMake support.
  * URL arguments to select NFS version.
  * URL argument to set nfsport. This allows NFSv4 to work for
    servers without portmapper support.
  * URL argument to set he mount port.
  * NFSv4: use getpwnam to map NFSv4 (Ganesha) when passing
    uid/gid as a user/group name insead of as a uid/gid.
  * Added nfs-fh: a simle utility to print the filehandle for a
    nfs file.
  * Add a new open2() function that takes a mode argument.
  * Add a testsuite for libnfs.

- Spec cleanup

Tue Oct 17 15:12:58 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 2.0.0:
  + Bug fixes:
    - Fix NULL pointer crash in nfs_link().
    - Clamp read/write size for servers (Ganesha) that offer very
      large io sizes instead of failing to connect to the export.
    - Tell the server to commit all data to stable storage when we
      close files.
    - Double free fix: don't call rpc_free_pdu() after
      rpc_queue_pdu() failure.
    - Fix for memory leak in rpc_allocate_*().
    - Abort the mount process correctly if MOUNT/MNT returns error
      or is cancelled.
    - Fix memory leak in error path in nfs_create_2_cb().
    - Fix leak of rpc->inbuf if we destroy the context while we
      have still PDUs in flight.
  + New features:
    - Add O_NOFOLLOW support for nfs_open().
    - Add a new mkdir2 command that also takes a mode argument.
    - Add a new readlink2 command that avoids having to preallocate
      the buffer.
    - Add support for RPC timeouts for both the sync and async
    - Use SOCK_CLOEXEC for the sockets.
    - Make rpc_set{g|u}id() public.
    - Performance optimization: socket: Batch pdu read in
    - Low level support for NFSv4 some and examples.
    - Support for building RPC servers.
- Bump soname to 11 following upstream changes.
- Stop passing disable-werror to configure, no longer needed.

Fri Mar 10 22:22:17 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 1.11.0:
  + Reduce the number of memory allocations in the ZDR layer.
  + Check both seconds and nanoseconds field when validating dir
  + Invalidate the dir cache immediately if we do something that
    would cause it to become stale, such as adding/removing objects
    from the cache.
  + Add options to enable/disable dir caching.
  + Discard readahead cache on [p]write and truncate.
  + Android fixes.
  + Windows fixes.
  + Support timeouts for sync functions.
  + Add an internal pagecache.
  + Add nfs_rewinddir(), nfs_seekdir() and nfs_telldir().
  + Fix crash in nfs_truncate().
  + Fix segfault that can trigger if we rpc_disconnect() during the
  + Add support to bind to a specific interface (linux only).
- Pass --disable-werror to configure, needed after glibc 2.25

Sun Aug  7 16:23:00 UTC 2016 -

- Add also Release to really obsolete libnfs

Sat Jul 23 07:00:07 UTC 2016 -

- Obsolete libnfs from PMBS

Fri Apr 22 15:45:00 UTC 2016 -

- Inital packaging, version 1.10.0.
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