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Main:            This page lists all optional PARI/GP packages made available by
  PARI/GP?       the PARI group. These packages use up a nonnegligible amount of
  Download       disk space and will be useless for most users, hence they are
  Packages       distributed separately and maintained independently. They are
  Search         rarely upgraded so most of them will only be downloaded once.
Support:         All packages are © the PARI group, distributed under the terms
  FAQ            of the GNU General Public License (GPL version 2 or any later
  Documentation  version).
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  Links          Note: some browsers will silently gunzip the downloaded files,
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━  and save the .tar, whose size and checksums will be different.
  Version        Installation
  Coding         To use a package with the daily Windows GP binary
  Latest         Simply extract the archive in same folder as gp.exe (this will
Changes          create a 'data' subfolder).
  Buildlogs      To install a package from a source distribution.
Statistics:      Extract the archive in the toplevel pari directory before
  Benchmarks     running ./Configure. Then run make install as usual.
  WWW Stats
                 To install a package into an existing PARI/GP installation.

                 This is in particular the only method available to users of the
                 Windows self-extracting binary.

                 Extract the archive anywhere you like, which will create a
                 'data' folder. Open 'data' and move the folder it contains
                 (e.g. elldata) to the directory where the installer placed
                 architecture independent files. The default destinations are

                   /usr/local/share/pari              (Unix)
                   C:\Program Files\PARI              (Win32)

                 You may delete the now empty 'data' folder.

                 Available Packages

                   • elldata.tgz,  20582 KBy, Sep 15 11:56:19 2011
                     md5sum: 9e8841c601e95c10ad602d9669e1eab0 elldata.tgz
                     signature: elldata.tgz.asc
                     PARI/GP version of J. E. Cremona Elliptic Curve Data,
                     needed by ellsearch and ellidentify.
                     Require PARI/GP 2.2.11 and up.

                   • galdata.tgz,  52 KBy, Apr 11 22:14:27 2008
                     md5sum: f9f61b2930757a785b568e5d307a7d75 galdata.tgz
                     signature: galdata.tgz.asc
                     Needed by polgalois to compute Galois group in degrees 8
                     through 11.
                     Require PARI/GP 2.2.7 and up.

                   • seadata.tgz,  18764 KBy, Jun 18 09:44:44 2009
                     md5sum: 6e9c119ccb3c65916a48e1a8cd899558 seadata.tgz
                     signature: seadata.tgz.asc
                     seadata-small.tgz,  655 KBy, Jun 18 09:44:44 2009
                     md5sum: 705b51f147872895a7307ed4e57f55f2 seadata-small.tgz
                     signature: seadata-small.tgz.asc
                     Needed by ellap for large primes. The second one is a much
                     smaller version that should be suitable for primes up to
                     350 bits. These polynomials were extracted from the ECHIDNA
                     databases and computed by David R. Kohel.
                     Require PARI/GP 2.4.3 and up.

                   • galpol.tgz,  459 KBy, May 16 11:42:19 2009
                     md5sum: adcdef077d3f5dd09cf6835b03c94a65 galpol.tgz
                     signature: galpol.tgz.asc
                     PARI package of the GALPOL database of polynomials defining
                     Galois extensions of the rationals, accessed by
                     Require PARI/GP 2.4.3 and up.

                   • nftables.tgz,  8197 KBy, Sep 29 01:11:16 2008
                     md5sum: 82788524f36bbbba886785c940c859db nftables.tgz
                     signature: nftables.tgz.asc
                     Repackaging of the historical megrez number field tables
                     (errors fixed, 1/10th the size, easier to use). This
                     package requires no installation: extract it where desired
                     and look at the [README].
                     Individual tables from the package are available separately
                     Require PARI/GP 2.2.11 and up (need readvec).

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