File givaro-doc-no-build-time.patch of Package givaro

Date: Thu May 23 16:16:10 UTC 2013

Delete timestamp from documentation.

Index: givaro-3.7.2/docs/Doxyfile.mod
--- givaro-3.7.2.orig/docs/Doxyfile.mod
+++ givaro-3.7.2/docs/Doxyfile.mod
@@ -974,7 +974,7 @@ HTML_COLORSTYLE_GAMMA  = 80
 # page will contain the date and time when the page was generated. Setting
 # this to NO can help when comparing the output of multiple runs.
 # If the HTML_ALIGN_MEMBERS tag is set to YES, the members of classes,
 # files or namespaces will be aligned in HTML using tables. If set to
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