File tig.changes of Package tig

Sun Feb 18 03:42:48 UTC 2018 -

- tig 2.3.3:
  * Fix 100% CPU when closing terminal window before quitting tig
    by catching SIGHUP.
  * Change refs_tags type to size_t.
  * Revert "Handle \n like \r (#758)" from 2.3.1

Sat Dec 23 00:46:18 UTC 2017 -

- tig 2.3.2:
  * Improve how busy loop detection performs on large repos
- tig 2.3.1:
  * Improvements:
    - Restore TTY attributes
    - Handle \n like \r
  * Bug fixes:
    - Add workaround that detects busy loops when Tig loses the
      TTY. This may happen if Tig does not receive the HUP signal
      (e.g. when started with nohup)
    - compatibility with ncurses-5.4 (clipboard support for prompt)
    - tig(1): document correct environment variable
- use macros to simplify build and install steps

Fri Sep 29 21:55:54 UTC 2017 -

- tig 2.3.0:
  * The `width` setting on the `status`, `text` and `commit-title`
    columns was never applied and has been removed
  * improve load performance and rendering speed
  * Enable binding to more symbolic keys and keys with control
  * Store and readline history on disk
  * Various bug fixes
- drop upstreamed patches:
  * tig-remove_build_timestamp.patch, reproducible.patch

Sat May  6 16:38:21 UTC 2017 -

- tig 2.2.2:
  * The status-untracked-dirs option was renamed to
    status-show-untracked-dirs to match the new
    status-show-untracked-files option.
  * Use diff-options when preparing the diff in the stage view to
    make the diff state configurable
  * Add 'status-show-untracked-files' option mirroring Git's
    'status.showUntrackedFiles' to toggle display of untracked
    files in the status view. On by default
  * Update ax_with_curses.m4 and use pkg-config to detect
  * Add tig-pick script for using Tig as a commit picker
  * Add "smart case" option ('set ignore-case = smart-case') to
    ignore case when the search string is lower-case only
  * Fix author ident cache being keyed by email only.
  * Fix periodic refresh mode to properly detect ref changes.
  * Add workaround for detecting failure to start the
    diff-highlight process.
  * Show diffs in the stash view when set mailmap = true
  * Fix parsing of git-log revision arguments, such as
    --exclude=... in conjunction with --all
  * Fix diff stat parsing for binary copies
  * Fix crash when resizing terminal while search is in progress
  * Fix argument filtering to pass more arguments through to Git
  * Check for termcap support in split tinfo libs

Sat Mar 11 15:28:59 UTC 2017 -

- spec-cleaned

Mon Jan 23 05:10:18 UTC 2017 -

- Add reproducible.patch to allow for reproducible builds

Thu Nov 17 12:54:54 UTC 2016 -

- tig 2.2.1:
  * Support Git's 'diff-highlight' program when diff-highlight is
    set to either true or the path of the script to use for post-
  * Add navigation between merge commits
  * Add 'A' as a binding to apply a stash without dropping it.
  * Bind 'Ctrl-D' and 'Ctrl-U' to half-page movements by default.
  * manual: Mention how to change default Up/Down behavior in diff view.
  * Fix :goto <id> error message.

Sat Aug 13 10:52:44 UTC 2016 -

- tig 2.2
  * incompatible changes:
    + user-defined commands are now executed at the repository root
    + Remove `cmdline-args` option
  * new features:
    + mailmap to show canonical name and email addresses
    + configurable highlight of search results
    + external commands improvements
    + UI improvements
   * various bug fixes

Thu Apr  9 08:07:11 UTC 2015 -

- tig 2.1.1
- improvements
  * Add support for key combos.
  * See `contrib/vim.tigrc` for Vim-like keybindings.
  * Add GitHub inspired file finder to search for and open any file.
  * Add `search` keymap for navigation file finder search results.
- Bug fixes:
  * Fix display of multiple references per commit.
  * Sync the prompt's cursor position with readline's internal position.
  * Keep unstaged changes view open after an staging command.

Fri Mar 13 21:24:35 UTC 2015 -

- package bash completion
- package some configuration files samples
- use upstream description

Wed Mar 11 19:25:11 UTC 2015 -

- tig 2.1:
  * navigation updates and fixes
  * UI improvements
  * speed improvements
  * Add :exec prompt command
  * Add :save-options prompt command
  * documentation updates
- Replace tig-fix-build.diff, autoconf call with configure option
- use make install-doc
- build with readline support

Fri Aug 29 07:11:29 UTC 2014 -

- update to 2.0.3
  * Improvement:
    - Add `:save-display <file>` prompt command to save the current display.
    - Add `:script <file>` prompt command for scripting the Tig UI.
    - Add test framework and convert existing tests to use it.
    - Add command-line option for starting in refs view: `tig refs`. (GH #309)
    - Make blame commit ID colors stable across reloads. (GH #303)
    - Increase blame ID and graph rendering color palette to 14 colors.
    - New setting 'split-view-width' controls the width for vertical splits. It
      takes the width of the right-most view either as a number or a percentage.
    - Expose settings holding command line argument lists: `file-args`, `rev-args`,
      and `cmdline-args`. They are mainly intended for testing purposes but also
      allows to change the filtering arguments dynamically. (GH #306)
    - Add `log-options` setting for specifying default log view options.
      Example: `set log-options = --pretty=fuller`.
    - Use option specific view flags to reload view after `:set` commands.
  * Bug fixes:
    - Refresh the current view when returning from an external command and
      `refresh-mode=after-command`. (GH #289)
    - Fix readline completion.
    - Fix '/' to `find-next` when readline support is enabled. (GH #302)
    - Fix readline prompt to correctly handle UTF-8 characters.
    - Add warnings for more obsolete actions and colors.
    - Fix passing of commit IDS via stdin to the main view.
    - Fix commit title overflow drawing for multibyte text. (GH #307)
    - Fix installation directory permissions.
    - Handle binary files matches reported by git-grep.
    - Toggling of "args"-typed options without any arguments will clear the current
      arguments. Example: `:toggle blame-options`.
    - Detect custom `pretty.format` settings that break the log view and fallback
      to use the `medium` format. (GH #225)
    - Fix invocation of git-diff for the blame view's line tracking. (GH #316)
    - Fix blame completion of directory names. (GH #317)
    - Fix display of conflicts in the main view when 'show-changes' is enabled.
    - Fix off-by-one error when displaying line numbers in the grep view.
    - When showing the commit graph ensure that either topo, date or author-date
      commit order is used. (Debian #757692) (GH #238)

Sat May 31 19:13:19 UTC 2014 -

- update to 2.0.2
  * Improvements
    - Use git-status for diffing the index.
    - Group toggle options together in the help view.
  * Bug fixes
    - Fix refs, main and grep loading when gui.encoding is set.
    - Ignore gui.encoding and i18n.commitencoding when set to UTF-8.
    - Add work-around for missing strndup() on Mac OS X v10.6.
    - Fix spurious abbreviation of author names.
    - Don't show empty action groups in the help view. 
- update to 2.0.1
  * Bug fixes:
    - Fix compilation in watch.c.
    - Fix parsing of key bindings mapped to ^ and <.
- update to 2.0
  * Incompatibilities
    - In preparation for key combo support, key mappings for symbolic
      keys (e.g. Up and Down) must now start with < and end with >,
      e.g. <Up> and <Down>.  Furthermore, escape key combos must
      now use <Esc>key instead of ^[key, and control key mappings
      must now use <Ctrl-key> instead of ^key.
    - Only use diff-options for the diff view and introduce
      %(cmdlineargs) to hold non-file and non-revision flags passed
      on the command line. Affects all user-defined commands that
      expect %(diffargs) to hold both diff-options arguments and
      those passed on the command line.
    - Remove built-in keybinding for git gc. Add the following line
      to ~/.tigrc to restore it: bind generic G ?git gc.
    - To support view specific colors, . can no longer be used
      interchangeably with - and _ in settings names and in particular
      color names.
    - Replace stage-next action with prompt command using a predefined
      search (see below) and add binding (@ by default) to also work
      in the diff view.
    - Most view display options must now be set via the new *-view
      options in tigrc. Existing options are no longer recognized,
      but a warning is shown.
    - Remap default bindings to have more consistent convention:
      use lower-case keys primarily for view switching and
      non-destructive actions, use upper-case keys for view-specific
      actions including user-defined commands. To preserve old default
      key bindings see contrib/bindings-v1.x.tigrc.
  * Improvements
    - Add mouse support: scroll view, click line to move cursor, double
      click line (or click again) to "Enter" cursor line, e.g. open
      commit diff. Disabled by default, since it makes text selection
      less intuitive. If you enable this remember to hold down Shift
      (or Option on Mac) when selecting text.
    - Rewrite and improve the rendering of the commit graph.
    - Add completion and history support to the prompt via readline.
    - Options can be configured and toggled individually for each view.
      Use the new view settings to configure the order and display
      options for each view columns. See system tigrc and tigrc(5) for
    - Add grep view as a front-end to git-grep(1): tig grep -p strchr.
      From within Tig, the key for switching or grepping is bound to g
      by default.
    - Rename branch view to refs view and show tags. (GH #134)
    - Add main view pager mode that reads git-log’s --pretty=raw data
      from stdin, e.g. git reflog --pretty=raw | tig --pretty=raw.
    - Add support for --graph and highlight diff stats in the log view.
    - Add default command bindings: ! to delete branch, ! to drop stash.
    - Add stage-split-chunk action for splitting chunks in the stage
      view. Bound to \ by default.
    - Add back action bound to < by default, which will return the blame
      view to the previous revision and line after moving e.g. to the 
    - Auto-refresh views based on watched repository changes. Configure
      by setting refresh-mode to manual, auto, after-command, or periodic.
    - All default settings are in well-documented system tigrc.
    - Add :toggle prompt command to manipulate options using keybindings.
      For example: bind diff D :toggle diff-options --patience --notes.
    - Add a new "auto" value for the vertical-split option to let Tig
      choose the split orientation (this is the new default behavior).
      Can be toggled.
    - Make it possible to toggle the display of files in untracked
    - Allow Tig to be started with no default configuration by specifying
      an alternative system tigrc file, e.g.: TIGRC_SYSTEM=~/
      tig. Set TIGRC_SYSTEM to the empty string to use built-in
      configuration instead of
    - Key mappings can contain UTF-8 multibyte unicode keys.
    - Warn about conflicting keybindings using Ctrl, e.g. <Ctrl-f> and
    - Extend key bindings for prompt commands (ie. bind <keymap> <key>
      :<prompt>) to support predefined searches, eg.: bind stage 2 :?^@@.
    - Git color mappings can be configured in tigrc.
    - More informative configuration error messages.
    - Make reference label formatting configurable, for example:
      set reference-format = (branch) <tags> remote.
    - Adjust author width and other view columns automatically.
    - Support view specific colors: color stage.diff-add yellow default.
    - Copy -S, -G and --grep= pattern to search buffer so find-next and
      find-prev work as expected.
    - Optionally specify custom prompt for %(prompt) in shell commands,
      e.g. bind main B ?git checkout -b "%(prompt Enter new branch name: )".
    - Add %(remote) and %(tag) symbols to complement %(branch).
    - User-defined commands can now be prefixed with any of the supported
      flags, e.g. ?git checkout -b %(branch).
    - Open editor at line number for combined diffs e.g. diffs of unmerged files.
    - Add build configuration for Cygwin (OS name: CYGWIN_NT-6.1).
    - Document the Git commands supported by the pager mode. system
      tigrc configuration.
  * Bug fixes
    - Fix stash diff display when reloading the stash view after a deleting.
    - Set the commit reference when opening the blame view from the blob view.
    - Correctly identify and highlight the remote branch tracked by HEAD.
    - Pass --no-color after user defined arguments to ensure that colors do
      not break the output parsing.
    - Close stdin when pager mode is not supported.
    - Show newly created branches in the main view.
    - File with 0 changes breaks diffstat highlighting
    - Update %(branch) variable in the main view.
    - Disable graph rendering when either of --reverse, -S, -G, and
      --grep are passed to the main view.
    - Only refresh views that support it.
    - Fix author and date annotation of renamed entries in the tree view.
    - Fix use of unsafe methods in the signal handler.
    - Fix rendering in non-UTF8 terminals.
    - Fix stage-update-line by rewriting the diff chunk containing the line
      instead of using --unidiff-zero and a diff context of zero.
    - Fix status-update to work for untracked directories.
    - Don't pass log parameters given on the command line to the diff view.
- adjust patches to new version

Wed Sep 18 11:55:49 UTC 2013 -

- Use pristine upstream tarball

Mon Sep 16 10:18:06 UTC 2013 -

- change call to autoreconf

Thu Sep  5 07:40:47 UTC 2013 -

- convert asciidoc files to man pages

Tue Sep  3 06:48:40 UTC 2013 -

- update to 1.2.1
  * Incompatibilities:
    - Move manual and man pages to doc/ directory and rename AsciiDoc files
      to have .asciidoc as the extension to make them render on GitHub.
  * Improvements:
    - Show blob sizes in the tree view either as bytes or using binary unit
      prefixes. Example: `set show-file-size = units`. (GH #163)
    - Reduce main view memory usage and startup time, especially when revision
      graph rendering is disabled. (GH #160)
  * Bug fixes:
    - Fix submodule-related setup to check for non-zero return value from
      setenv(). (GH #188)

Sat Aug 10 17:30:31 UTC 2013 -

- update to 1.2:
  * Improvements:
    + Make tig prompt commands bindable to keys. For example: `bind diff F :set
      diff-options = --full-diff`. (GH #69, #116)
    + Add a diff-options setting for specifying default diff options.
      Example: `set diff-options = --patience`. (GH #116)
    + Options in diff-options and blame-options matching tig browsing state
      variables are replaced.
    + Show diff stats as wide as the terminal. (GH #109)
    + Show line numbers in the branch view. (GH #135)
    + Add toggles for showing author email or email user names. (GH #115)
    + Open editor at the selected line by prefixing the file argument with
      `+<lineno>`. Tested in vi, vim, emacs, nano, gedit, geany. Disable
      by adding `set editor-line-number = no` to ~/.tigrc. (GH #118, #119)
    + Add toggle-files to control whether to show full commit diff or only
      the diff concerning the currently selected file, e.g. for blame.
    + Optionally highlight exceeding characters in long commit titles.
      The default title max width is 50 characters. Customize using:
      `set title-overflow = 50` (GH #125)
    + Add +ESC key bindings. Example: `bind generic ^[v move-page-up` (GH #120)
    + Create temporary files in TMPDIR, TEMP, or TMP before defaulting to /tmp.
    + Reenable `tig log` as a subcommand. (GH #146)
    + Enable tilde expansion in ~/.tigrc "source" commands. (GH #168)
    + Introduce the stash view, bound to the 'y' keybinding. (GH #169, #174)
  * Bug fixes:
    + Fix blame and status to work in directories starting with a dot. (GH #172)
    + Reload current branch name when reloading the status view. (GH #93)
    + Fix compile errors on old Solaris. (GH #97)
    + Reload HEAD info when reloading the stage view. (GH #104, #93)
    + Fix disappearing branch labels after external commands. (GH #148)
    + Fix diff view display for staged/unstaged changes when using 'd'.
    + Fix display of status messages when toggling view options. (GH #111)
    + Fix illegal memory access. (GH #98)
    + Fix display of all branches label in repos with short branch names.
    + Fix rendering glitch for branch names.
    + Do not apply diff styling to untracked files in the stage view. (GH #153)
    + Fix tree indentation for entries containing combining characters. (GH #170)
    + Ignore unrepresentable characters when transliterating text for rendering.
    + Transliterate text to output encoding before trimming it to avoid
      misalignment. (GH #86)
    + Introduce a more natural context-sensitive log display. (GH #155)

Sat Oct 13 19:01:33 CST 2012 -

- Updated to 1.1


     - Disable diff move/copy detection by default, boosting diff
       performance on larger projects. Use git config 'diff.renames' option
       (git-wide) to set your preferred behavior. Environment variable
       TIG_DIFF_OPTS can be used to restore the old behavior.
     - Values set for author-width and filename-width will result in widths
       one character bigger than previously.


     - Typing a text in the prompt will be interpreted as a tig command.
       Prefixing the command with a '!' will execute this system command in
       an external pager. Entering a single key will execute the
       corresponding key binding.
     - Basic support for wrapping long line in pager, diff, and stage views.
       Enable using: `set wrap-lines = yes`. (GH #2)
     - User-defined commands prefixed with a '?' means prompt before
       execution. Example: `bind main B !?git rebase -i %(commit)`.
     - User-defined commands prefixed with a '<' means exit after execution.
       Example: `bind main C !<git commit`. (GH #66)
     - User-defined commands are executed unquoted to support shell commands.
       Example: `bind generic I !@sh -c "echo -n %(commit) | xclip -selection c"`.
       (GH #65)
     - Configure case-insensitive searches using: `set ignore-case = yes`.
     - Add "deleted mode" line type for better diff coloring.
     - Open editor when requesting edit action from within a file diff.
     - Update AX_WITH_CURSES to build under Cygwin.
     - Improve tigrc(5) documentation. (Debian #682766)
     - Allow to build on Mac OS 10.7 without the configure script. (GH #25)
     - Add option to split the view vertically instead of horizontally.
       Example: `set vertical-split = yes'. (GH #76)
     - Add 'show-id' and 'id-width' options to configure the display of
       commit IDs in the main view and ID width in the blame view. (GH #77)
     - Allow to override git-based encoding to UTF-8 by setting
       'i18n.commitencoding' or 'gui.encoding'.
     - Improve autobuild support to track generated files and work with
       autoreconf 2.61.
     - Commit IDs are read from stdin when --stdin is given; works for main
       and diff view, e.g. `tig --no-walk --stdin < cherry-picks.txt`.
     - Add option to disable focusing of the child view when it's opened.
       Disable using: `set focus-child = no`. (GH #83)
     - Allow to open blob related with added content in a diff. (GH #91)

    Bug fixes:

     - Fix commit graph regression when a path spec is specified. (GH #53)
     - Main view: only show staged/unstaged changes for the current branch.
     - Support submodules created with current version of git. (GH #54)
     - Fix diff status message for file diffs with no content changes.
     - Fix parent blaming when tig is launched in subdirectory. (GH #70)
     - Do not show deleted branch when reloading the branch view.

Fri Aug 17 20:44:56 UTC 2012 -

- Link tig against ncursesw for correct display of non-ASCII
  characters like German umlauts.

Fri May 11 20:46:32 UTC 2012 -

- add patch to remove build timestamps
- update to 1.0:
  * Use git-log(1)s default commit ordering. The old behavior can be
    restored by adding `set commit-order = topo` to ~/.tigrc.
  * Support staging of single lines. Bound to '1' default. (GH #21)
  * Use +<lineno> to open the initial view at an arbitrary line. (GH #20)
  * Add show-notes ~/.tigrc option. Notes are displayed by default.
  * Support jumping to specific SHAs in the main view.
  * Decorate replaced commits.
  * Display line numbers in main view.
  * Colorize binary diff stats. (GH #17)
  * Custom colorization of lines matching a string prefix (GH #16).
    Example configuration: color "Reported-by:" green default
  * Use git's color settings for the main, status and diff views.
    Put `set read-git-colors = no` in ~/.tigrc to disable.
  * Handle editor options with multiple arguments. (GH #12)
  * Show filename when running tig blame with copy detection. (GH #19)
  * Use 'source <path>' command to load additional files from ~/.tigrc
  * User-defined commands prefixed with '@' are run with no console
    output, e.g. bind generic 3 !@rm sys$command
  * Make display of space changes togglable in the diff and stage view.
    Bound to 'W' by default.
  * Use per-file encoding specified in gitattributes(5) for blobs and
    unstaged files.
  * Obsolete commit-encoding option and pass --encoding=UTF-8 to revision
  * Main view: show uncommitted changes as staged/unstaged commits.
    Can be disabled by putting `set show-changes = no` in ~/.tigrc.
  * Add %(prompt) external command variable, which will prompt for the
    argument value.
  * Log information about git commands when the TIG_TRACE environment
    variable is set. Example: `TIG_TRACE=/tmp/tig.log tig`
  * Branch view: Show the title of the last commit.
  * Increase the author auto-abbreviation threshold to 10. (GH #49)
  * For old commits show number of years in relative dates. (GH #50)
  * Fix navigation behavior when going from branch to main view. (GH #38)
  * Fix segfault when sorting the tree view by author name.
  * Fix diff stat navigation for unmodified files with stat changes.
  * Show branches/refs which names are a substring of the current branch.
  * Stage view: fix off-by-one error when jumping to a file in a diff
    with only one file.
  * Fix diff-header colorization. (GH #15)
Thu Feb 16 13:24:36 UTC 2012 -

- Add more detail about last version update

Mon Feb 13 10:56:52 UTC 2012 -

- patch license to follow standard

Wed Aug 31 15:14:43 UTC 2011 -

- remove test-graph from the spec file as it really isn't a program to ship.

Tue Aug 30 23:07:32 UTC 2011 -

- update to 0.18:
  - Incompatibilities:
    * Remove support for the deprecated TIG_{MAIN,DIFF,LOG,TREE,BLOB}_CMD environment variables.
  - Improvements:
    * Pressing enter on diff stat file lines will jump to file’s diff.
    * Naïvely color blame IDs to distinguish lines.
    * Document palette color options used for revision graph and blame IDs.
    * Add support for blaming diff lines.
    * Add diff-context option and bindings to increase the diff context in the diff and stage view.
    * (GH-6) Make blame configurable via extra options passed from the command line and blame-options setting from ~/.tigrc. For example:
    * set blame-options = -C -C -C
  - Bug fixes:
    * Expand browsing state variables for prompt. (LP #694780, Debian #635546)
    * Fix segfault when sorting the branch view by author.
    * Expand %(directory) to . for the root directory. (GH-3)
    * Accept utf-8 for the line-graphics option as indicated in the docs.
    * Use erasechar() to check for the correct backspace character.

Mon Mar  7 10:28:43 UTC 2011 -

- spec file tidying
- update to 0.17:
  * an ncurses 2.8 issue was fixed by passing a non-zero column size to newwin
  * opening of diffs when browsing branches was improved
  * a rewritten revision graph renderer was added; three modes are supported:
    UTF-8, ncurses line graphics, and ASCII
  * revision graph rendering is enabled by default

Wed Dec 15 00:06:57 UTC 2010 -
- update to 0.16.2

Mon Jun 14 08:49:02 UTC 2010 -

- update to 0.16
  o Incompatibilities:
    - Encode everything internally as UTF-8. This can affect
      performance, but should in general improve handling of
      character lengths etc. Also, to properly handle UTF-8
      environments use ncurses with wide character support.
    - The use of TIG_{MAIN,DIFF,LOG,TREE,BLOB}_CMD environment
      variables has been deprecated. To allow configuration of the
      diff view, TIG_DIFF_OPTS can be used.
  o Improvements:
    - Plug several memory leaks.
    - Command line arguments are split into diff, revision, and
      file arguments and made available as %(diffargs), %(revargs),
      and %(fileargs). Diff view will limit diffs using %(fileargs).
    - Status view: update the file variable when a line is selected
      so %(file) works as expected.
    - Branch view: add %(branch) symbol providing access to the
      selected branch.
    - Branch view: add entry to browse all branches (uses git-log’s
      --all flag).
    - Abbreviation of author names can now be configured and
    - Mark detached heads with [HEAD].
    - Add support for displaying dates in local time.
  o Bug fixes:
    - Status view: fix usage from sub directories, which was broken
      by the changes made to support blame view from sub
    - Fix text expansion to not truncate long lines
    - Fix parsing of boolean show-date values.
    - Fix relative date.
    - Fix unbind to behave as if the keybinding was never defined.
    - Fix unbind to also cover built-in run requests.
    - Fix parsing of unknown keymap names.
    - Blame view: fix parent blame to detect renames. It uses
      "previous" line info from the blame porcelain output added in
      git version 1.6.3.

Sun Dec 13 22:12:44 CET 2009 -

- update to 0.15
  o Incompatibilities
    - Setting the cursor color no longer automatically sets the
      text to bold. The old lazy behavior was a bug.
    - Remove check for git-repo-config, which was officially
      deprecated in git version 1.5.4.
  o Improvements
    - Provide the manual as a man page named tigmanual(7).
    - Add ability to toggle between showing shorter dates (without
      time info) and relative dates.
    - Show the active (instead of the default) keybindings in the
      help view.
    - Add branch view for choosing which branch to display in the
      main view.
    - Tree view: show entry to parent directory (..) when running
      from subdirectory.
    - Tree view: sort entries by name, date or author.
    - Make height of the lower view in a split view configurable
      by setting the split-view-height variable to a number or a
    - Allow multiple text attributes for color commands:
      color cursor white blue underline bold
  o Bug fixes
    - Blame view: fix loading of blame data when opened from the
      tree view and CWD is not the repo root.
    - Tree view: fix searching.

Tue Nov  3 19:09:48 UTC 2009 -

- updated patches to apply with fuzz=0

Fri Feb 20 10:37:09 CET 2009 -

- update to 0.14.1
  o Improvements
    - Status view: improve "on branch" information inspired by the
      prompt code in git's bash completion script.
    - Colors for 256-capable terminals can be specified as colorN.
    - Entering a number in the prompt will jump to that line
    - Handle core.worktree by setting GIT_DIR and GIT_WORK_TREE.
    - Make behavior of horizontal scrolling configurable by setting
      the horizontal-scroll variable to a number or a percentage.
  o Bug fixes.
- update to 0.14
  o Incompatibilities:
    - The screen-resize action has been deprecated.
    - The "tree-parent" action was renamed to "parent". Warnings
      will be emitted for transition.
    - Remove parsing of deprecated option -S and subcommands log
      and diff.
    - The "author" color replaces "main-author".
  o Improvements:
    - Horizontal scrolling.
    - Read tigrc(5) options from git configuration files.
    - Tree view: avoid flickering when updating.
    - Tree view: annotate entries with commit information.
    - Tree & blob view: open any blob in an editor.
    - Stage & main view: restore view position when reloading.
    - Blame view: load blame for parent commit.
    - Abbreviate author names to initials when the width of the
      author column is below 6 characters.
  o Bug fixes

Thu Jan 15 16:22:14 CET 2009 -

- update to 0.13
  o Incompatibilities:
    - Commands from the environment (e.g. TIG_MAIN_CMD) will no
      longer have access to shell features, such as subshells and
      variable expansion.
  o Improvements:
    - Display repository references in the sorted order: tags,
      heads, tracked remotes, remotes.
    - Add bash completion for blame.
    - Tree view: edit files of the current branch.
    - Run requests: new identifiers %(directory), %(file), and
    - Improve responsiveness and view loading speed by using
  o Bug fixes:
    - Separate blame revision and file argument by "—" to avoid
    - Main view: fix redrawing of the last commit wrt. the revision
    - Fix waiting for input after executing a run request in pager
    - Status & stage view: refuse to open directories and deleted
    - Tree view: show error when requesting blame for all non-file
    - Do not draw loading views, which are not displayed.
    - Fix launching of mergetool from a subdirectory problems.

Thu Oct  9 09:10:59 CEST 2008 -

- update to 0.12.1
  o Improvements:
    - Status view: revert uncommitted diff chunks and unstaged
      files with changes. Bound to ! by default.
    - Main view: use —topo-order also when rev-list arguments are
      given on the command line.
    - Log view: support for refreshing.
  o Bug fixes:
    - Status view: use ls-files' —exclude-standard so user specific
      ignore rules are effective. The option was added in git
      version 1.5.4.
    - Stage view: fix assertion failure triggered when updating
      while status view is not displayed.
    - Help view: avoid confusion by showing "(no key)" instead of
      "?" for unbound requests.
    - Reload repository references when refreshing the main (and
      log) view.
    - Do not maximize views when refreshing.

Mon Oct 06 14:47:23 CEST 2008 -

- update to 0.12
  o Improvements:
    - F5 also refreshes the current view.
    - Allow line graphics to be disabled with new line-graphics
    - Main view: also include the reference names when searching
    - Main view: support for refreshing
    - Main view: disable boundary commits by default. Use —boundary
      when they should be shown
    - Stage view: add stage-next action to jump to next diff chunk
      that can be staged. By default bound to @
    - Configure: check for the ncurses header files
    - Add author-width option to costumize the width of the author
  o Bug fixes:
    - Fix regression when staging all diff chunks in a section.
    - Bind the maximize view action to O; it conflicted with the
      keybinding to launch the merge tool in the status view
    - Fix problem with $(cmd) usage in shell code. Some shells
      (jsh) installed as /bin/sh does not support it
    - Do not show incomplete boundary commits when —no-walk is used
    - Documentation: Rename gitlink macro to support AsciiDoc 8.2.3
    - Ignore pipe reads with errno "Success" reported after a
      signals, for example when refreshing doing background loading

Mon Apr  7 10:25:46 CEST 2008 -

- update to 0.11
  o Fix pager mode and disable view reliance on the git directory.
  o The date and author columns and references can now be toggled
    on and off.
  o Local (unsigned) tags are now shown as references, and the
    builtin reference colors have been changed to highlight the
    current branch and the remote tracked by the current branch.
  o The status and stage views are now reloaded after running
    external commands (e.g. git commit) so they stay up to date.
  o A blame view has been added, and is accessible from the
    command line (tig blame [rev] file), status view, and the tree
    view (by pressing 'B').
- change compression to bzip2

Mon Mar 17 09:56:07 CET 2008 -

- update to 0.10
  o documentation improvements
  o bugfixes
  o needed updates to work better with git
  o On startup, tig will now attempt to first read a system-wide
    configuration file before loading the user specific
    configuration file.
  o Cherry picking from inside tig has been generalized
    making it possible to wire external commands, which can
    access information about the current commit, to a keybinding.
  o option parsing has been changed to be more similar to gitk's.

Sat Sep 22 09:17:01 CEST 2007 -

- update to 0.9 (no upstream ChangeLog)

Sun May 13 21:35:04 CEST 2007 -

- initial package

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