File cppcheck.changes of Package cppcheck

Sun Feb 18 10:40:07 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 1.82
  Bug fixes:
  * Better handling of namespaces
  * Fixed false positives
  * Fixed parsing of compile databases
  * Fixed parsing of visual studio projects
  * New check; Detect mistakes when there are multiple strcmp() in
     if (strcmp(password,"A")==0 || strcmp(password,"B")==0 || strcmp(password,"C"))
     There is a missing '==0', and therefore this condition is
     always true except when password is "C".
  * New check; pointer calculation result can't be NULL unless
    there is overflow
     someType **list_p = ...;
     if ((list_p + 1) == NULL)
   The result for '(list_p + 1)' can't be NULL unless there is
   overflow (UB).
  * New check; public interface of classes should be safe - detect
    possible division by zero
      class Fred {
      void setValue(int mul, int div) {
        value = mul / div; // <- unsafe
    This check does not consider how Fred::setValue() is really
    If you agree that the public interface of classes should
    always be safe; it should be allowed to call all public
    methods with arbitrary arguments, then this checker will be
  * Fixed a few false negatives
  * More information in the cfg files

  version 1.81
  * New warning: Check if condition after an early return is
    overlapping and therefore always false.
  * Improved knowledge about C/C++ standard, windows, posix,
    wxwidgets, gnu
  * Better handling of Visual Studio projects
  * Compile: Qt5 is now needed to build the GUI
  * Compile: New qmake flag HAVE_QCHART
  * Project: You can now run cppcheck-addons
  * Project: We have integrated clang-tidy
  * Results view: Reload last results (if cppcheck build dir is
    used) when GUI is started
  * Results view: Tag the warnings with custom keywords
    (bug/todo/not important/etc..)
  * Results view: Shows when warning first appeared (since date)
  * Results view: Suppress warnings through right-click menu
  * Statistics: Added charts (shown if Qt charts module is enabled
    during build)

  version 1.80
  Checking improvements:
  * Added platform for Atmel AVR 8 bit microcontrollers (avr8)
  * Better 'callstacks' in cppcheck messages
  * Improved gnu.cfg, posix.cfg, wxwidgets.cfg and std.cfg, added
  * Various improvements to AST, ValueFlow analysis and template
  Command line changes:
  * Deprecated command line argument  *-append has been removed
  * New command line argument  *-plist-output to create .plist
  * New command line argument  *-output-file to print output to
    file directly
  * Check OpenCL files (.cl)
  * Support export of statistics to PDF
  * Several small usability improvements

  * Additionally, lots of false positives and bugs have been fixed
    and several existing checks have been improved.

  version 1.79
  General changes:
  * C++ code in C files is rejected now (use  *-language=c++ to
    enforce checking the code as C++)
  * Write function access type to XML dump
  Checking improvements:
  * Improved configuration extraction in preprocessor
  * Improved accuracy of AST
  * Improved template parsing
  * Improved support for (STL) containers in SymbolDatabase
  * Improved support for C++11's 'auto' type
  * Experimental support for uninitialized variables in ValueFlow
  * Added qt.cfg and sfml.cfg, improved several existing .cfg files
  * Use CFGDIR macro

  * Additionally, lots of false positives and bugs have been fixed
    and several existing checks have been improved.

  version 1.78
  General changes:
  * Reduced memory usage by up to 10% by reducing size of token
  New checks:
  * Mismatching argument names between function declaration and
  * Detect classes which have a copy constructor but no copy
    operator and vice versa
  Checking improvements:
  * Improved matching of overloaded functions
  * Improved ValueType analysis, especially related to allocations
    with "new" and C++11's "auto"
  * Improved support for C++11 brace initialization
  * Improved ValueFlow analysis
  * Improved template parsing
  * Improved detection of memory leaks
  * Improved nullpointer checking when nullptr and NULL are used
  * Detect array out of bounds across compilation units
  * Extended windows.cfg, posix.cfg and std.cfg

  * Additionally, lots of false positives and bugs have been fixed
    and several existing checks have been improved.

Tue Mar 21 10:28:21 UTC 2017 -

- Use qmake macros
- Run spec-cleaner

Tue Mar 21 08:09:22 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 1.77:
  * Added flag --cppcheck-build-dir to allow incremental analysis and inter-file checking
  * Improved --project support for Visual Studio solutions
  * Detect pointer overflow
  * Detect usage of variable after std::move or std::forward
  * Warn about number and char literals in boolean expressions
  * Improved checking for variables modified but not used again
  * Libraries: Added support to specify <returnValue>
  * Improved ValueFlow, especially related to function return values and casts
  * Improved simplification of Null values to allow more accurate checking
  * Several improvements to windows.cfg, posix.cfg, gnu.cfg and std.cfg
  * Reimplemented check for using iterators of mismatching containers... read more
- Always build Qt5 GUI

Sat Feb 20 18:58:43 UTC 2016 -

- Build the GUI against QT5 in newish products.

Tue Sep 15 13:00:50 UTC 2015 - Adam Mizerski <>

- update to 1.70
  * General changes:
    - New version of .cfg file format, adding support for
      namespaces and declaring several functions at once
    - Support building x64 installer for Windows; Both x64 and x86
      builds are now provided
    - Warn about deprecated options --suppressions and
      --exitcode-suppressions. They will be removed in future
    - Added debugging option --debug-normal, which prints out debug
      output before second stage simplification
  * New checks:
    - Warn about modifying string literals
    - Detect declaration of variable length arrays with negative
    - Warn about implicit type conversion from int to long
    - Warn about redundant code in conditions like (y || (!y && z))
    - Detect conditions with known result
    - Race condition: non-interlocked access after
    - Detect unused 'goto' labels
  * Removed checks:
    - Do no longer warn about a bug in scanf implementation of
      ancient glibc versions
    - Multifile analysis (added in 1.69) has been removed because
      it did not work
    - Removed ExecutionPath checker, which has been superseeded by
      ValueFlow analysis
  * Improvements:
    - Support hexadecimal floating point numbers (C99)
    - Support [[deprecated]] (C++14)
    - Improved handling of sizeof()
    - Improved handling of reserved keywords
    - Better handling of C declaration specifiers; support
      complex/_Complex (C99)
    - Better handling of ternary operator in ValueFlow analysis
    - Lots of improvements to .cfg files, especially std.cfg, which
      now supports namespace std
    - Improved performance and memory usage of Preprocessor
    - Improved performance of matchcompiler
    - Reduced Disk IO when ignoring paths
    - Removed several obsolete simplifications
    - Added python addons:, and
  * GUI:
    - Support printing
    - Added item "Open containing folder" to context menu
  * Additionally, lots of false positives and bugs have been fixed
    and several existing checks have been improved.

Fri May 15 13:48:34 UTC 2015 - Adam Mizerski <>

- update do 1.69
  * General changes:
    - Added flag --platform=native, when it is used type sizes and
      behaviour of host system are used
    - Backward compatibility for Libary files is now working.
      Future cppcheck versions will be able to use libraries
      written for previous versions
    - Windows 32 bit builds now set /LARGEADDRESSAWARE, so that
      they can use up to 4 GiB
  * New checks:
    - Detect bad bitmask checks (usage of | where & should be used)
    - Suggest usage of "explicit" for constructors with a single
    - Suggest usage of make_shared/make_unique
    - Warn about usage of malloc with auto_ptr
    - Detect redundant pointer operations like &*ptr
  * Improvements:
    - Support std::array (C++11)
    - Detect same expressions in both branches of a ternary
    - New <container>-tags in libraries to configure STL (and
      similar) container types
    - Several improvements to ValueFlow analysis (for example
      support for default function arguments)
    - Improved buffer overrun and memory leak checking
    - Removed a bunch of redundant checking code
    - Removed several simplifications
    - Stronger matching of library functions
    - Lots of additions to std.cfg and posix.cfg
    - New library for Microsoft SAL (microsoft_sal.cfg)
    - Improved C++11 template parsing (">>" as closing brackets,
      variadic templates)
    - Added statistics to htmlreport
  * GUI:
    - Fixed language selection

Thu Jan  8 11:04:07 UTC 2015 -

- update to 1.68:
  * New checks:
    - Multifile checking for buffer overruns and uninitialized 
  * Improvements:
    - Libraries are now able to contain platform specific types
    - Improved handling of function overloads
    - Improved handling of integer literal suffixes
    - Improved stability of template parsing
    - Improved accuracy of ValueFlow analysis
    - Improved checking of pointer overflow
    - Support noexcept(false)
    - Support __attribute__((noreturn))
    - A bunch of additions to several Libraries, especially 
      posix.cfg and qt.cfg
  * Additionally, lots of false positives and bugs have been fixed 
    and several existing checks have been improved. 

Wed Oct 22 05:00:02 UTC 2014 -

- update to 1.67:
  * General changes:
    - Library files have now a 'format' attribute. Format version 
      1 is assumed by default
    - Cppcheck does no longer abort checking if unhandled 
      characters (Non-ASCII) are found
  * New checks:
    - Check for unused return values
    - Detect shift by too many bits, signed integer overflow and 
      dangerous sign conversion
    - Recommend usage of expm1(), log1p(), erfc()
    - Division by sizeof() as parameter to memset/memcpy/
      memmove/etc. as they expect a size in bytes
    - Several new va_arg related checks:
    -- Wrong parameter passed to va_start()
    -- Reference passed to va_start()
    -- Missing va_end()
    -- Using va_list before it is opened
    -- Subsequent calls to va_start/va_copy()
    - Initialization by itself in initializer list
    - Dead pointer usage when pointer alias local variable that 
      has gone out of scope
  * Improvements:
    - Support uniform initialization syntax (C++11)
    - Much improvements to value flow analysis
    - Improved AST creation (support placement new, C++-style 
      casts, templates, operator new[], ...)
    - Improved lambda support
    - Support GCC extension __attriute__((used)) and MSVC 
      extension __declspec(property)
    - Better support for static member variables, inherited 
      variables and namespaces
    - Improved typedef support where multiple variables are 
      declared at once
    - Avoid checking code multiple times by calculating a checksum. 
      Duplicate preprocessor configurations are eliminated by this.
    - Support C++03/C 'auto' keyword
    - HTML report: display 'verbose' message using clickable 
      expandable divs
  * Additionally, lots of false positives and bugs have been fixed 
    and several existing checks have been improved.

Mon Sep  1 21:03:35 UTC 2014 -

- update to 1.66:
  * new checks added:
    - Compare pointer with '\0'
    - Assigning boolean expression to floating point variables
  * Improvements:
    - Much improved AST
    - Much improved ValueFlow analysis
    - ValueFlow and AST now used by much more checks, improving
      checking accuracy and performance
    - Checking for self assignment now supports more complex
    - Returning references to literals or references to calculation 
      results is detected
    - Enhanced support for commutative operators in duplicate 
      expression checking
    - Improved template/enum parsing
    - Much improved htmlreport
    - Definition of POD types in .cfg files
    - Definition of minsize for buffer arguments in .cfg files 
      for buffer overflow checking
    - Fixed handling of #error: Do not report them if -f and -D 
      are used together
    - New .cfg file for AVR platform
    - Generate xml dump of AST/ValueFlow/SymbolDatabase/TokenList 
      if --dump is given
    - Improved performance in several cases

Sun May 11 20:56:06 UTC 2014 -

- update to 1.65:
  * General changes:
    - Cppcheck requires a C++11 compiler supporting the common 
      subset of features supported by GCC 4.4, Visual Studio 2010 
      and Clang 2.9
  * Improvements:
    - Much improved support of complex combinations of function 
      pointers, arrays and references
    - Better handling of syntax errors
    - Better detection of stack variables passed to free()
    - Much improved value flow analysis
    - More robust error detection in several checks due to usage 
      of AST
    - Better handling of unknown Macros in function declarations
    - Allocation/Deallocation functions can be extend across 
      different .cfg files
    - Better handling of some C++11 language features like enum 
      class, in-class member initializers
    - Detect calling (std::)abs() with bool argument
  * New checks:
    - Check for noexcept and __attribute__((nothrow)) correctness
    - Check for unhandled exceptions when exception specifiers 
      are used
    - Access to empty STL containers
    - Repositioning operation on a file opened in append mode
    - Find nested redundant if-statements (was experimental before)
  * Additionally, a large number of false positives and crashs 
    has been fixed. 

Thu May  1 21:46:42 UTC 2014 -

- update to 1.64
  * See for changes.

Mon Jan 13 09:05:19 UTC 2014 -

- Bundle config files.

Fri Jan 10 20:18:57 UTC 2014 -

- update to 1.63
 * See for changes.
- spec cleanups:
 * Used format_spec_file service for general cleanup.
 * Everything compiles with %optflags now.
 * Added SRCDIR=build CFGDIR=cfg HAVE_RULES=yes options as suggested
   in the readme.txt
 * Added cppcheck.1 man page creation.
 * Cleaned up BuildRequires tags.
 * Added missing Requires: python* tags.
 * Removed unneded "python ./ install".
 * Added COPYING to installed docs.
 * Updated homepage URL.

Thu Apr 11 09:30:47 UTC 2013 -

- update to 1.59:
 * Commandline/Settings changes:
   - New option to enable warnings but not style messages: 
   - Cppcheck used to skip includes where the header filename 
     is enclosed in <>. You can now include these headers also by 
     using -I. 
 * New checks:
   - New POSIX checks: pipe() buffer size, redundant calls of 
     set/get user id, too big value passed to usleep(), buffer 
     overflow when using write()
   - Storing getc() return value in char variable and comparing 
     to EOF.
   - Detect redundant bitand operations
   - Find suspicious equality comparisons like: if(a == 0) a == 1;
   - Warn about using malloc() for classes containing virtual
     methods, std::-objects or constructors
   - Portability check that warns when using NULL as argument to 
     variadic function. It has undefined behaviour on some 
 * Improvements:
   - Improved lookup for functions and types
   - Switched to TinyXml2 as XML library
   - Improved checking for uninitialized struct members, 
     variable scopes that can be reduced and unused functions
 * GUI:
   - Remember last path in open file dialog
   - Added command line parameter to open a results file
   - Bug in statistic calculation fixed

Fri Feb  8 07:46:59 UTC 2013 -

- update to 1.58
 * Commandline/Settings changes:
  - Added --include to the cppcheck command line client. This forces 
    inclusion of the given file. This can for instance be used 
    instead of --append and will then allow you to use #define etc also.
  - The threads handling has been improved. Using -jN now works in 
    windows also.

 * Improvements:
  - NULL pointers: Improved checking of default function 
    argument values. 

Wed Dec 26 04:11:57 UTC 2012 -

- update to 1.57
 * Many bug fixes and additions
 * Now requires Qt 4.8.3+
 * Complete versioned change log from 1.53-1.57:

Sat Mar 10 20:10:56 CET 2012 -

- update to 1.53
  * 1.53: improved existing checks to detect more errors
  * 1.52: added new checks
  * 1.51: added new checks and fixed many false positives and false

Sun Aug 28 11:45:37 UTC 2011 -

- update to 1.50
  * Check for std::auto_ptr misuse (related to strict ownership).
  * Read array and then immediately check if the array index is
    within limits.
  * Assign pointer to int/long.
  * Assign bool to pointer.
  * Duplicate "break" statements in switch.
  * Matching "if" and "else if" conditions when using bitwise and.
  * Matching assigment and condition when using bitwise and test if
    unsigned value is less than zero

Mon Aug  8 03:54:42 UTC 2011 -
- version bump to 1.49
- full change log 

Mon Apr 11 08:46:59 UTC 2011 -

- update to 1.48

Thu Jan  6 13:48:46 CET 2011 -

- Added a seperate package for the gui.
- Added cppcheck-htmlreport.

Sun Oct  3 22:58:13 UTC 2010 -

- update to 1.45

Sun Aug 22   17:03:39 UTC 2010 -

- Updated to 1.44
- take over maintership

Tue Jun  1 21:04:39 UTC 2010 - bitshuffler

- Updated to 1.43

Mon Oct 26 19:04:25 UTC 2009 - bitshuffler

- Updated to 1.38

Wed Sep 30 19:21:51 UTC 2009 - bitshuffler

- Updated to 1.37

Sat May 16 03:32:31 CEST 2009 - bitshuffler

- Updated to 1.32

Wed Apr 15 03:32:31 CEST 2009 - bitshuffler

- Updated to 1.31

Wed Mar 11 03:32:31 CEST 2009 - bitshuffler

- Updated to 1.30

Tue Feb 10 03:32:31 CEST 2009 - bitshuffler

- Initial RPM
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