File 90-ddccontrol-i2c.rules of Package ddccontrol

# I2C bus access permissions for use with ddccontrol.
# Tested on openSUSE 42.1 (Linux 4.1) and Debian 8 (Linux 3.16).

# If we have any I2C device in the system, load the i2c-dev module so
# we can access it from userspace.
SUBSYSTEM=="i2c", ACTION=="add", RUN+="/sbin/modprobe -b i2c-dev"

# Allow locally logged in users to access the I2C buses on
# graphics cards.
SUBSYSTEM=="i2c-dev", KERNEL=="i2c-[0-9]*", ATTRS{boot_vga}=="?*", ACTION=="add", TAG+="uaccess"
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