File lmdb.changes of Package lmdb

Fri Oct 13 13:45:42 UTC 2017 -

- add soname-configurable.patch: Actually set the soname in the
  shared library rather than just renaming the files on disk post
  install (which does not actually do anything)

Sun Jun 19 01:07:37 UTC 2016 -

- Update 0001-Add-extra-tools-and-CFEngine-modifications-for-LMDB.patch
  * do not force enable NOSUBDIR option in mdb_copy
- Update 0002-Autoconf-files.patch
  * build mdb_dump, mdb_load
  * distribute manpages

Mon Feb  1 13:01:34 UTC 2016 -

- Renamed patches
  -> 0001-Add-extra-tools-and-CFEngine-modifications-for-LMDB.patch
  -> 0002-Autoconf-files.patch


- Dropped patch (upstream)

- Update to 0.9.17
  Fix ITS#7377 catch calloc failure
  Fix ITS#8237 regression from ITS#7589
  Fix ITS#8238 page_split for DUPFIXED pages
  Fix ITS#8221 MDB_PAGE_FULL on delete/rebalance
  Fix ITS#8258 rebalance/split assert
  Fix ITS#8263 cursor_put cursor tracking
  Fix ITS#8264 cursor_del cursor tracking
  Fix ITS#8310 cursor_del cursor tracking
  Fix ITS#8299 mdb_del cursor tracking
  Fix ITS#8300 mdb_del cursor tracking
  Fix ITS#8304 mdb_del cursor tracking
  Fix ITS#7771 fakepage cursor tracking
  Fix ITS#7789 ensure mapsize >= pages in use
  Fix ITS#7971 mdb_txn_renew0() new reader slots
  Fix ITS#7969 use __sync_synchronize on non-x86
  Fix ITS#8311 page_split from update_key
  Fix ITS#8312 loose pages in nested txn
  Fix ITS#8313 mdb_rebalance dummy cursor
  Fix ITS#8315 dirty_room in nested txn
  Fix ITS#8323 dirty_list in nested txn
  Fix ITS#8316 page_merge cursor tracking
  Fix ITS#8321 cursor tracking
  Fix ITS#8319 mdb_load error messages
  Fix ITS#8320 mdb_load plaintext input
  Added mdb_txn_id() (ITS#7994)
  Added robust mutex support
  Miscellaneous cleanup/simplification
    Create install dirs if needed (ITS#8256)
    Fix ThreadProc decl on Win32/MSVC (ITS#8270)
    Added ssize_t typedef for MSVC (ITS#8067)
    Use ANSI apis on Windows (ITS#8069)
    Use O_SYNC if O_DSYNC,MDB_DSYNC are not defined (ITS#7209)
    Allow passing AR to make (ITS#8168)
    Allow passing mandir to make install (ITS#8169)

Sun Nov 15 10:04:11 UTC 2015 -

- Use a source URL

Sat Oct 24 18:20:27 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 0.9.16:
* Fix cursor EOF bug (ITS#8190)
* Fix handling of subDB records (ITS#8181)
* Fix mdb_midl_shrink() usage (ITS#8200)
 - Changes since 0.9.15:
* Fix txn init (ITS#7961,#7987)
* Fix MDB_PREV_DUP (ITS#7955,#7671)
* Fix compact of empty env (ITS#7956)
* Fix mdb_copy file mode
* Fix mdb_env_close() after failed mdb_env_open()
* Fix mdb_rebalance collapsing root (ITS#8062)
* Fix mdb_load with large values (ITS#8066)
* Fix to retry writes on EINTR (ITS#8106)
* Fix mdb_cursor_del on empty DB (ITS#8109)
* Fix MDB_INTEGERDUP key compare (ITS#8117)
* Fix error handling (ITS#7959,#8157,etc.)
* Fix race conditions (ITS#7969,7970)
* Added workaround for fdatasync bug in ext3fs
 * Build:
  * Don't use -fPIC for static lib
  * Update .gitignore (ITS#7952,#7953)
  * Cleanup for "make test" (ITS#7841), "make clean", mtest*.c
  * Misc. Android/Windows cleanup
 * Documentation
  * Fix MDB_APPEND doc
  * Fix MDB_MAXKEYSIZE doc (ITS#8156)
  * Fix mdb_cursor_put,mdb_cursor_del EACCES description
  * Fix mdb_env_sync(MDB_RDONLY env) doc (ITS#8021)
  * Clarify MDB_WRITEMAP doc (ITS#8021)
  * Clarify mdb_env_open doc
  * Clarify mdb_dbi_open doc

Fri Sep 18 07:45:59 UTC 2015 -

- Add baselibs.conf: liblmdb*-32bit is required by

Tue Mar 31 15:42:55 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 0.9.14:
* Fix to support 64K page size (ITS#7713)
* Fix to persist decreased as well as increased mapsizes (ITS#7789)
* Fix cursor bug when deleting last node of a DUPSORT key
* Fix mdb_env_info to return FIXEDMAP address
* Fix ambiguous error code from writing to closed DBI (ITS#7825)
* Fix mdb_copy copying past end of file (ITS#7886)
* Fix cursor bugs from page_merge/rebalance
* Fix to dirty fewer pages in deletes (mdb_page_loose())
* Fix mdb_dbi_open creating subDBs (ITS#7917)
* Fix mdb_cursor_get(_DUP) with single value (ITS#7913)
* Fix Windows compat issues in mtests (ITS#7879)
* Add compacting variant of mdb_copy
* Add BigEndian integer key compare code
* Add mdb_dump/mdb_load utilities
 - Changes since 0.9.13:
* Fix mdb_page_alloc unlimited overflow page search
* Documentation:
  Re-fix MDB_CURRENT doc (ITS#7793)
 - Changes since 0.9.12:
* Fix MDB_GET_BOTH regression (ITS#7875,#7681)
* Fix MDB_MULTIPLE writing multiple keys (ITS#7834)
* Fix mdb_rebalance (ITS#7829)
* Fix mdb_page_split (ITS#7815)
* Fix md_entries count (ITS#7861,#7828,#7793)
* Fix MDB_CURRENT (ITS#7793)
* Fix possible crash on Windows DLL detach
* Misc code cleanup
* Documentation:
  mdb_cursor_put: cursor moves on error (ITS#7771)
- Rebase automake.diff and 0001-Patch-for-LMDB-to-use-robust-mutexes.patch

Wed Sep 10 20:34:09 UTC 2014 -

- automake.diff changes: 
* for autoconf tests to have effect, (like those in 
  0001-Patch-for-LMDB-to-use-robust-mutexes.patch) config.h must be 
  included as first file in all C code.
* in 32 bit systems, ensure we support large databases.
* Switch the compiler to the current C standard, currently -std=gnu99
  in upcoming autoconf versions it is C11 though.
- liblmdb-implicit-decl.patch atol() requires stdlib.h
- Enable verbose build, rpmlint depends on that to work.

Mon Jul 28 15:55:31 UTC 2014 -

- Prevent deadlock when process holding the db lock dies

- command line tools for debugging

Fri May 16 20:00:29 UTC 2014 -

- Replace verbose cmake script (remove CMakeLists.txt).
- Instead, use a simpler automake patch (add automake.diff).
- There is a change in shared library versioning scheme to line up
  with our packaging guidelines. This is embodied within
- Shorten the description by 2/3, focus on the important points.
- Do not unnecessarily pull in a C++ compiler for the build.
- Invoke ldconfig directly as %post rather than sh+ldconfig.

Wed Feb 12 13:53:21 UTC 2014 -

- Switch to cmake, fix dynamic lib build and versioning.
  Drop liblmdb.patch
  Add VERSION.cmake and CMakeLists.txt

Thu Feb  6 15:27:13 CET 2014 -

- at least set an soname, a version would be even better 

Mon Feb  3 17:58:23 UTC 2014 -

- Initial version 0.9.11
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