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+.TH PLOTUTILS 1 "March 2, 2000" "Version 2.4.1" "GNU Plotting Utilities"
+plotutils \- The GNU plotting utilities.
+double \- Final plotting utility.
+graph \- Converts table format to plot or graphic formats.
+ode \- Integrates ordinary differential equation(s).
+plot \- The plot filter.
+plotfont\- Displays mapping of available plot fonts.
+spline \- Spline interpolation of data.
+tek2plot \- Translates tektronix format to plot.
+.B double
+[--help | options]
+.B graph
+[--help | options]
+.B ode
+[--help | options]
+.B plot
+[--help | options]
+.B plotfont
+[--help | options]
+.B spline
+[--help | options]
+.B tek2plot
+[--help | options]
+.B plotutils
+does not have useful man pages.  Documentation is available through
+the info system.  The relevant command is "info plotutils".
+.BR ode (1),
+.BR plot (1),
+.BR plotfont (1),
+.BR spline (1),
+.BR tek2plot (1).
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