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Sat Jan 12 13:08:28 UTC 2019 -

- Update to version 3_483:
  * Adding -+M (special dedupe layout)
  * Adding -+a (set compression in special layout)
  * Adding -+Q (set dedupe granule size in special layout)
  * Cleanup compiler warnings.
  * Bug fix code in special_gen_new_buf..
  * Bug fix code in special_gen_new_buf.. More copies of the other
  * Bug fix code in special_gen_new_buf.. needed (*op ==0) in one
    more line.
  * Add -+R option to specify the file names are in a file.
  * Fix help menu for -+R option.  It does not also use -F
  * Bug fix for case of -H where gcc seems to think the size of
    long long.
    is != size of off64_t
  * Bug fix for prototype mismatch in async_write_no_copy.

Fri Oct  6 09:51:47 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 3_471:
  * Fix error messages to use the correct file name from
    dummyfile[xx] instead of "filename" in the thread tests.
  * Fix compiler warning from Clang on MacOS for mythread_create().
    Prototype didn't match the formal function definition.
  * Switch to IOZ_macosx everywhere for compatibility with
    Mountain Lion.
  * Increase MAXSTREAMS to 1024. Systems have more power today
    than 20+ years ago.
  * Make -+W -+C -+y use a flag instead of its option value to
    indiate its usage.

Sat Aug 27 09:13:22 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 3_465:
	* Some BSD changes to avoid compiler complaints.
	* Make sure we don't have missing prototypes.
	* Add support for building targets with NO_SIGNAL, NO_FORK, NO_SOCKET
	* Fix missing typedef in FreeBSD.
	* Fix typeoh in spelling of DragonFly.
	* Make the sighandler_t change effective for all BSD derivatives.
	* Make the my_sig_t change effective for all BSD derivatives.
	* Unify the usage of __FreeBSD__
	* Build on BSD 10.3 without warnings.  Clang compilers.
	* Make more friendly to build on Solaris.

Mon Jul  4 13:10:48 UTC 2016 -

- Filter -Wall from optflags to prevent post-build check failure:
  * no-return-in-nonvoid-function libbif.c:175, 224, 256,343, 386, 
  * license does not allow us to modify sources
  * reported issues seems harlmess in case of io benchmark

Sat Jul  2 14:21:36 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 3_444:
  * Cleanup 64 bit compiles.
  * Code cleanup for all of the un-needed void * maddness.
  * Code cleanup for casting consistency and *&(^&*( compiler 
    warnings !!!
  * Code cleanup for casting consistency

Fri Feb  5 08:54:34 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 3_434
  * Adding code from Alexey Skidanov. Pthread burst I/O.
- Build with optflags
- Minor spec file cleanups
- Fix typo in changelog

Wed Jan 14 20:06:56 UTC 2015 -

- Update license information

Tue Jan 13 12:19:15 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 3_430
  * Add two more characters to array my_port_num.
  * Adding -+b option for bursty operations.
- split documentation to separate package

Wed Jul 30 13:23:02 CEST 2014 -

- update to version 3_428
  * Minor bug fix for -J option (think time) in the thread_pread_test()
  * Add -+J option. Include think time (-j #) in throughput calculation
  * Add better handling of exit values.
  * Add new contributor to list.
  * Bug fix from Alp Aker:
  * Patch for a minor issue in IOzone's signal_handler() function
  * Improve consistency of Kbytes instead of kbytes, KBytes, kBytes...
  * Fix for 64 bit and touch_dedup.
  * Fix for 64 bit and gen_new_buf
  * Adjust formatting so fields don't run together.
- clean spec

Mon Feb 04 06:39:00 UTC 2013 -

- update to version 3_414 (3_283 in Benchmark:/Filesystem)

  * Add O_DIRECT for Windows
  * Add -+w dedup testing mode.
  * Make remaining non-dedup data unique.
  * Make non-dedupable more unique.
  * Bug fix for non-dedup.
  * Make random offsets unique, using Knuth shuffle.
  * free memory used for random offset uniqueness.
  * Make unique/random offsets 64bits.
  * Add fallback for random/unique.
  * Make non-dedup region more unique
  * Add -+y ## to set percentage of interior dedup.
  * Bug fixes for -+w and -+y
  * Minor fix for dedup
  * Adding -+C to set percent of dedupable within a file.
  * Add solaris to read sync O_RSYNC
  * Add space to avoid field output touching each other.
  * Add check for config file exceeding MAXSTREAMS.
  * Add new contributor's name.
  * Bug fix. rewrite_rec needed to fill entire buffer, or later stride read will fail.
  * Add ability for remote clients to return errors to the master and have the master display on output.
  * fix double reporting of client errors 
  * Eliminate extra file descriptor in fwrite test.
  * bug fix for barray allocation in -T mode
  * Changes from Debian: Retry umount, add fileop for linux-sparc, and
  * fix column width in fileop for faster boxes.
  * Add O_DIRECT support to FreeBSD
  * Fix for defines in FreeBSD
  * Add IMON_SYNC to enable monitor scripts to be run sync.
  * Add directio() for Solaris
  * Add fixes for unresolved references in directio() for Solaris
  * Fix c++ style comment back to 'C' style comment.
  * Bug fix for check_filenames and large files
  * Replace tripple rand() calls with 64 bit Mersene twister.
  * Add read-only, external file, with no-verify. -+E
  * Permit -+E on dedup files.
  * Permit -+E on random read only testing, on existing file.
  * Add passing master listener's port to remote children if it is not HOST_LIST_PORT
  * Adding Dave Boone's notruncate option -+N
  * Bug fix for Dave's code.
  * Add multi -t ops. Fabrice 
  * Added Li Qin's multi dedup set support. -+S #
  * Bug fix for -+S dedup_mseed needs to be an integer
  * Make -+S generate more uniqueness
  * Bug fix for -+S
  * Make umount/remount more robust, in the face of server errors.
  * Improve the help string for the -+S option.
  * Add new contributor name.
  * Add support for the programmable interdimensional timer.
  * Bug fix for PIT on remote clients.
  * Have children re-acquire get_resolution.
  * Bug fix for t_range addition.
  * Get rid of a warning. ( An invalid warning, but none the less )
  * Add more words to the usage warnings and license 
  * Remove Ascii dependency for IBM's Z/OS that speaks EBCDIC.
  * Add support for SUA
  * Remove Sanity check so that SMB on Windows, under SUA, works
  * Cache the getaddrinfo call. 
  * delete optimization.. bad...Cache the getaddrinfo call. 
  * Change pit to use unsigned long longs
  * Add Linux processor affinity
  * Remove UDP usage
  * Increment protocol_version to catch incompat versions.
  * Fixup for new include needed by Solaris10
  * Patch for Mac errno
  * Patch for Mac printf's
  * Fix Josh's introduction of new Linux warnings.
  * Take sleep(1) out put path, deal with it in error/retry path
  * Add -+z latency histogram logging.
  * Format change for the -+z latency histogram logging.
  * Added -+O Op_rate control.
  * Close race condition with master closing socket to child async reader
  * Add "mygen" generation to the remote children protocol.
  * Set Listen(s,100) to Listen(s,MAXSTREAMS)
  * Move lable "again" to outside of cdebug.
  * More fixes for busted crap in Solaris !!!
  * AIX update. They now have errno.h
  * Need errno.h for FreeBSD
  * Need to include errno.h for Cygwin
  * Add SO_LINGER for master_listen and child_listen
  * Fix for linger addition
  * Make linger for all
  * Change sleep() calls, that help connect() to nanosleep() calls.
  * Fixup remainder for nanosleep()
  * Add code for pread/pwrite from Ben England (Redhat)
  * Add code for MDEBUG and CDEBUG from Bob England (Redhat)
  * Add code for building HPUX. Errno.h
  * Fixes for Windows (nanosleep doesn't always work )
  * Fixes for preadv and pwritev from RedHat (Ben Englanc)
  * Add warnings for default switch cases, and exit with value for unknowns.
  * Fix warnings from RedHat patches
  * Bug fix for getopt default case, with bad parameter handed in.
  * Adding thread_read_test and thread_write_test.
  * bug fix for re-write rec.
  * Mods for DragonFly support.
  * Add -+W to permit chid_skew.
  * Reduce CPU consumption in the op_rate control mechanism.
  * Increase buffer size for configuration lines.
  * Bug fix for clobbering of buffer. "tfile" needed to be bigger
  * Bug fix for using -m in combination with -+d
  * Bug fix: Improve consistency of use_thread in thread_fread and thread_fwrite
  * Compat fix: Move from using macosx to IOZ_macosx
  * Adding -+F flag for trunc before thread_write.
  * Bug fix for -+F flag.

Thu Mar 29 00:00:00 UTC 2007 -

- initial package
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