File mysecond.c of Package stream

/* A gettimeofday routine to give access to the wall
   clock timer on most UNIX-like systems.

   This version defines two entry points -- with 
   and without appended underscores, so it *should*
   automagically link with FORTRAN */

#include <sys/time.h>

double mysecond()
/* struct timeval { long        tv_sec;
            long        tv_usec;        };

struct timezone { int   tz_minuteswest;
             int        tz_dsttime;      };     */

        struct timeval tp;
        struct timezone tzp;
        int i;

        i = gettimeofday(&tp,&tzp);
        return ( (double) tp.tv_sec + (double) tp.tv_usec * 1.e-6 );

double mysecond_() {return mysecond();}
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