File macros.asterisk-sounds of Package asterisk-sounds-devel

# -*- spec -*-
# Helper macros for creating manifold Asterisk sound packages
# written by Jan Engelhardt <>
# released under CC0 1.0 Universal

%asterisk_sounds_dir %_datadir/asterisk/sounds

# -l code		ISO 639-1/-3 language code
# -L name		Descriptive language name (no U+0020 spaces allowed)
# -f code		Per-format extension
# -F name		Descriptive format text
%asterisk_snd_generic(l:f:L:F:) %{expand: \
%%package %{-l*}-%{-f*} \
Summary:	Asterisk PBX sound files - %{-L*}, %{-F*} \
Group:		Productivity/Telephony/Servers \
%%description %{-l*}-%{-f*} \
Asterisk includes a set of standard sound files in various formats. \
This package contains the core part of that collection in \
%{-L*} in %{-F*} coding. \
%%files %{-l*}-%{-f*} -f asterisk-sounds-%{-l*}-%{-f*}.files \
%%defattr(-,root,root) \

%asterisk_snd_alaw(l:L:)    %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_generic %{-l:-l %{-l*}} %{-L:-L %{-L*}} -f alaw    -F 8 kHz A-law}
%asterisk_snd_g722(l:L:)    %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_generic %{-l:-l %{-l*}} %{-L:-L %{-L*}} -f g722    -F G.722}
%asterisk_snd_g729(l:L:)    %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_generic %{-l:-l %{-l*}} %{-L:-L %{-L*}} -f g729    -F G.729}
%asterisk_snd_gsm(l:L:)     %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_generic %{-l:-l %{-l*}} %{-L:-L %{-L*}} -f gsm     -F GSM}
%asterisk_snd_siren7(l:L:)  %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_generic %{-l:-l %{-l*}} %{-L:-L %{-L*}} -f siren7  -F Siren7}
%asterisk_snd_siren14(l:L:) %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_generic %{-l:-l %{-l*}} %{-L:-L %{-L*}} -f siren14 -F Siren14}
%asterisk_snd_sln16(l:L:)   %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_generic %{-l:-l %{-l*}} %{-L:-L %{-L*}} -f sln16   -F 16 kHz LPCM}
%asterisk_snd_ulaw(l:L:)    %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_generic %{-l:-l %{-l*}} %{-L:-L %{-L*}} -f ulaw    -F 8 kHz µ-law}
%asterisk_snd_wav(l:L:)     %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_generic %{-l:-l %{-l*}} %{-L:-L %{-L*}} -f wav     -F 8 kHz LPCM}

%asterisk_lng_en(f:)    %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_%{-f*} -l en    -L English (US)}
%asterisk_lng_en_AU(f:) %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_%{-f*} -l en_AU -L English (Australian)}
%asterisk_lng_en_GB(f:) %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_%{-f*} -l en_GB -L English (British)}
%asterisk_lng_en_NZ(f:) %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_%{-f*} -l en_NZ -L English (New Zealand)}
%asterisk_lng_es(f:)    %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_%{-f*} -l es    -L Spanish}
%asterisk_lng_fr(f:)    %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_%{-f*} -l fr    -L French}
%asterisk_lng_it(f:)    %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_%{-f*} -l it    -L Italian}
%asterisk_lng_ja(f:)    %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_%{-f*} -l ja    -L Japanese}
%asterisk_lng_ru(f:)    %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_%{-f*} -l ru    -L Russian}
%asterisk_lng_sv(f:)    %{expand:%%asterisk_snd_%{-f*} -l sv    -L Swedish}

%asterisk_sound_package(Z) %{expand:%(
	for i in %*; do
		echo "%%asterisk_lng_$lang -f $fmt"

%asterisk_collect_sndfiles(Z) \
>"%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-xallpkg.files"; \
for pkg in %*; do \
	lang="${pkg%%%%-*}"; \
	ext="${pkg##*-}"; \
	pushd "%buildroot/"; \
	find "./%asterisk_sounds_dir/$lang" -type f -iname "*.$ext" >"%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-xthispkg.files"; \
	cat "%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-xthispkg.files" >>"%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-xallpkg.files"; \
	perl -pe 's{^\./+}{%%lang('$lang') /}g' <"%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-xthispkg.files" >"%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-$pkg.files"; \
	perl -pe 's{^\./*(/.*)/.+$}{%%lang('$lang') %%dir $1}g;' <"%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-xthispkg.files" | sort -u >>"%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-$pkg.files"; \
	echo "%%lang($lang) %%dir %_datadir/asterisk" >>"%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-$pkg.files"; \
	echo "%%lang($lang) %%dir %asterisk_sounds_dir" >>"%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-$pkg.files"; \
	echo "%%lang($lang) %%dir %asterisk_sounds_dir/$lang" >>"%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-$pkg.files"; \
	popd; \
done; \
sort "%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-xallpkg.files" >"%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-xallpkg-sorted.files"; \
pushd "%buildroot"; \
find "./%asterisk_sounds_dir" -type f | sort >"%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-xallraw-sorted.files"; \
popd; \
comm -23 "%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-xallraw-sorted.files" \\\
	"%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-xallpkg-sorted.files" \\\
	>"%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-xrest1.files"; \
perl -ne 's{^\./*(/.*)/.+$}{%%dir $1}g;' \\\
	<"%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-xrest1.files" \\\
	>"%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-xrest2.dirs"; \
perl -pe 's{^\./+}{/}g;' <"%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-xrest1.files" | \\\
	sort -u >"%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-xrest2.files"; \
cat "%_builddir/asterisk-sounds-xrest2".{files,dirs} \\\