File guix.changes of Package guix

Thu Aug 13 15:10:34 UTC 2020 - Bernhard Wiedemann <>

- Do not build in parallel for reproducible results (boo#1170378)

Sun Aug  9 09:11:40 UTC 2020 - Tomas Cech <>

- update to 1.1.0
  * New ‘guix deploy’ command to deploy several machines at once
  * Channels can now provide news, viewed with ‘guix pull --news’
  * ‘guix system reconfigure’ saves provenance data
  * New ‘guix system describe’ command to view system provenance info
  * New /run/current-system/{channels,configuration}.scm files
  * New ‘guix time-machine’ command
  * ‘guix pack’ has a new ‘--entry-point’ option
  * ‘guix pack’ saves environment variables for ‘docker’ and ‘singularity’
  * ‘guix pack’ provides a meaningful repository name for ‘docker’
  * New ‘--target’ option for ‘guix system’
  * ‘--no-build-hook’ was renamed to ‘--no-offload’
  * ‘--keep-failed’ now implies ‘--no-offload’
  * ‘--dry-run’ no longer implies ‘--no-grafts’
  * ‘guix import crate’ has a new ‘--recursive’ option
  * ‘guix import crate’ can import a specific package version
  * ‘guix pull’ returns Guix on Guile 3.0
  * ‘guix pull’ and ‘--with-git-url’ can clone repositories over SSH
  * ‘--with-commit’ now accepts tags
  * ‘guix challenge’ has a new ‘--diff’ option to show differences
  * ‘guix weather’ has a new ‘--display-missing’ option
  * Guix can now fetch lzip-compressed substitutes in addition to gzip
  * ‘guix publish’ supports lzip compression via ‘-C’
  * ‘guix lint -c archival’ queries Software Heritage
  * ‘guix archive’ has a new ‘-t’ option to list archive contents
  * ‘guix describe’ and similar commands emit terminal hyperlinks
  * ‘guix build’ now attempts to substitute missing .drv files
  * ‘guix package’ etc. now lock the profile they operate on
  * ‘guix pull’ honors /etc/guix/channels.scm when it exists
  * New ‘guix show’ command, synonymous with ‘guix package --show’
  * The ‘--manifest’ option can be repeated to combine manifests
  * Some commands previously lacking ‘--load-path’ now support it
  * 3514 new packages
  * 3368 package updates
- remove patches (merged)
  * fix-time-duration-issue-part1.patch
  * fix-time-duration-issue-part2.patch

Wed Jul 31 11:08:14 UTC 2019 - Jonathan Brielmaier <>

- Build only with 3 threads, because more threads leading to a core
  dump of guile during the build. Upstream bug:
- Fix issue where guix fails during download of packages, which
  makes guix unusable. Apply patches from upstream. 
  Add patches:
  * fix-time-duration-issue-part1.patch
  * fix-time-duration-issue-part2.patch

Fri May 17 07:18:23 UTC 2019 - Jonathan Brielmaier <>

- update to version 1.0.1:
  * ‘guix system docker-image’ now produces images with an entry point
  * New ‘--network’ option for ‘guix system container’
  * ‘gcc’ package is now hidden; ‘gcc-toolchain’ is what users want
  * ‘mcron’ service now logs to /var/log/mcron.log
  * Dovecot: ‘auth-verbose-passwords?’ renamed from ‘auth-verbose-passwords’
  * ‘slim’ service now allows for multiple instances on different VTs
  * ‘guix-daemon.service’ file for systemd selects a valid UTF-8 locale
  * ‘guix search’ now searches output names
  * ‘guix environment’ in non ad-hoc mode honors package transformations
  * The ‘https_proxy’ environment variable is now honored
  * The manual is now partly translated to Russian
  * Updated translations: da, de, es, fr
  * 70 new packages
  * 483 package updates
  For more details see: /usr/share/doc/packages/guix/NEWS

Tue May  7 16:16:50 UTC 2019 - Jonathan Brielmaier <>

- don't change badness of RPM warning in guix-rpmlintrc as it's not
  allowed in Factory. The .c file is needed in source form by Guix
  as it's get only compiled when invoking "guix pack -R"

Thu May  2 12:24:08 UTC 2019 - Jonathan Brielmaier <>

- update to version 1.0.0:
  * New ‘-v’/‘--verbosity’ option for all commands
  * Most commands now default to verbosity level 1 (“quiet”)
  * New ‘guix package’ aliases: ‘install’, ‘remove’, ‘upgrade’, and ‘search’
  * ‘guix pack -RR’ produces PRoot-enabled relocatable binaries
  * New ‘--save-provenance’ option for ‘guix pack’
  * CLI diagnostics use colors; more operations show progress bars
  * New ‘--news’ option for ‘guix pull’
  * New ‘--preserve’ option for ‘guix environment’
  * ‘guix environment -C’ creates containers with a non-zero UID
  * Channels can now specify dependencies in a ‘.guix-channel’ file
  * New ‘reverse-bag’ graph type for ‘guix graph’
  * New ‘--with-git-url’ package transformation option
  * The ‘--with-branch’ package transformation option fetches Git sub-modules
  * New ‘guix system delete-generations’ command
  * New ‘--list-roots’ and ‘--delete-generations’ options for ‘guix gc’
  * New ‘--coverage’ option for ‘guix weather’
  * ‘guix pull’ computes a package cache to speed up package lookups by name
  * ‘guix pull’ now embeds ‘glibc-utf8-locales’
  * ‘guix refresh -l’ better estimates dependents
  * ‘guix build’ can take multiple ‘--system’ flags
  * ‘guix offload’ avoids build machines with too little free disk space
  * ‘guix offload’ now uses (guix inferior) to communicate with remote hosts
  * Guix can no longer be built with Guile 2.0
  * New services: cups-pk-helper, imap4d, inputattach, localed, nslcd,
                  zabbix-agent, zabbix-server
  * The manual is now fully translated in French and Spanish
  * The manual is also partly translated in German and in Simplified Chinese
  * Updated translations: da, de, es, fr
  * New translations: sv
  * various new programming interfaces
  * various important bugfixes
  * 1102 new packages
  * 2104 package updates 
  For more details see: /usr/share/doc/packages/guix/NEWS

- update source link from to
- require guile-devel >= 2.2 as Guile 2.0 support gots dropped
- require gzip on runtime (fixes runtime errors)
- improve description
- install run-in-namespace.c for 'guix pack -R' and catch false
  positive in rpmlintrc
- change official key to
- add more filters to the guix-rpmlintrc

Thu Dec  6 18:08:39 UTC 2018 -

- update to version 0.16
  * Default substitute URL changed to
  * ‘guix pull -l’ lists new and upgraded packages
  * ‘guix pull’ now supports channels via ~/.config/guix/channels.scm
  * New ‘--profile’ or ‘-p’ option for ‘guix pull’
  * ~/.config/guix/current is now a symlink to /var/guix/profiles
  * New ‘guix describe’ command
  * ‘guix package’ no longer shows build logs by default
  * ‘guix’ commands now produce colored output by default
  * User interface now reports grafts separately
  * Manifests can now refer to arbitrary Guix commits using “inferiors”
  * New ‘--with-branch’ and ‘--with-commit’ package transformation options
  * ‘guix build -f’ now accepts any kind of “file-like object”
  * Git checkouts may now be fetched from Software Heritage
  * New ‘guix repl’ command for use by inferiors
  * New ‘guix processes’ command
  * ‘guix pack’ now honors ‘--localstatedir’ for all its backends
  * New ‘opam’ importer for ‘guix import’
  * ‘guix import pypi’ has a new ‘--recursive’ option
  * ‘guix import hackage’ has a new ‘--recursive’ option
  * ‘guix import stackage’ has a new ‘--recursive’ option
  * The short option for ‘--lts-version’ is now ‘-l’ (used to be ‘-r’).
  * ‘guix refresh’ now stores upstream keys in ~/.config/guix/upstream
  * Guix now depends on Guile-Gcrypt
  * Guix now requires Guile-JSON 
   985 new packages
  1945 packages updated
  For more details see: /usr/share/doc/packages/guix/NEWS

- remove patches no longer needed:
  * perl-text-markdown-discount-unbundle.patch
  * racket-fix-xform-issue.patch
- remove dependencies and handling needed for running bootstrap
- add new build and runtime dependency guile-gcrypt, as well as 
  guile-git on runtime
- authorize key for now offical build farm
- "guix-authorize" renamed to "authorize" and moved to

Mon Nov 26 11:09:49 UTC 2018 -

- make rm independent of guile minor version
- update rpmlintrc

Thu Jul 12 13:10:08 UTC 2018 -

- bump version to 0.15
  Package management:
  * ‘guix pull’ has been overhauled; it now populates ~/.config/guix/current
  * ‘guix pull’ has a new ‘--list-generations’ option
  * ‘guix pack’ now supports building SquashFS images
  * ‘guix pack’ can now build tarballs with relocatable executables
  * ‘guix environment’ and ‘guix pack’ have a new ‘--manifest’ option
  * New ‘guix environment’ options: ‘--user’, ‘--link-profile’
  * ‘guix package’ has a new ‘--allow-collisions’ option
  * ‘guix package’ no longer warns about harmless file collisions
  * The ‘--with-source’ option now accepts “PACKAGE=URI” specs
  * Profiles now include a separate ‘dir.LANGUAGE’ Info file
  * New profile hook generates a ‘gschemas.compiled’ file as needed
  * ‘guix build’ provides hints for unbound variables
  * ‘guix weather’ now reports continuous integration statistics
  * ‘guix gc’ has a new ‘--derivers’ option
  * ‘guix publish’ now publishes build logs at /log URLs
  * ‘guix import elpa’ has a new ‘--recursive’ option
  * ‘guix graph’ has a new “module” node type
  * New ‘guix offload status’ command
  * ‘guix-daemon’ now comes with an SELinux policy
  * ‘guix-daemon’ now rejects garbage collection requests from remote clients
  * ‘guix-daemon’ supports ARMv7 builds on AArch64
  * ‘guix-daemon’ has relaxed tests to allow for binfmt_misc execution
  * ‘guix-daemon’ has a new ‘--log-compression’ option, with gzip support 
  Noteworthy bug fixes:
  * ‘guix pull’ doesn’t keep rebuilding all of Guix
  * ‘guix pack’ now honors package transformation options
  * ‘guix package --search’ no longer shows superseded packages
  * ‘guix offload test’ reports errors more nicely 
  * postgresql service is started through ‘pg_ctl’
  * ‘urandom-seed’ service is now a dependency of ‘user-processes’
  * ‘fuse’ kernel module is now automatically loaded on demand
  * ‘guix pack --localstatedir’ now produces a bit-reproducible database
  * Package lookups by name and version correctly honor version prefixes
  * ‘guix pull --commit’ now accepts show commit IDs
  1200 new packages
  2231 packages updated
  For more details see: /usr/share/doc/packages/guix/NEWS

- add patches missing in release tarball leading to errors in guix
  * perl-text-markdown-discount-unbundle.patch
  * racket-fix-xform-issue.patch
- enable them by running bootstrap script and add dependencies 
- add new build dependencies as well as missing runtime requirements
- add script and make guix publish service
- enable shell completions for bash, fish and zsh
- enable "binary substitutes" by default in %post
- disable run-in-namspace.c (guix pack -R) for now
- remove support for SysV init, because guix doesn't build on such
  old systems anymore (due to old guile versions...)
- remove obsolte patch
  * gnutls-fix.patch
- order files section alphabetical
- guix-rpmlintrc: filter PIE warnings

Tue Jun  5 08:58:20 UTC 2018 -

- gnutls-fix.patch fixes boo#1095970 

Mon May 28 13:29:04 UTC 2018 -

- add gnutls-fix.patch
  GnuTLS built against guile 2.0 is breaking any HTTPS connection,
  this upstream patch solves it
- put COPYING as %license in specfile

Sat Mar 31 07:28:50 UTC 2018 -

- disable armv6 build (architecture is not supported)

Fri Mar  9 19:11:45 UTC 2018 -

- fix build against guile 2.0+

Tue Feb 20 22:23:32 UTC 2018 -

- use wrapper for running daemon and alter service file to use it
  - if there is new daemon available - use it
  - if there is not, use the one from this package

Thu Feb 15 17:38:59 UTC 2018 -

- require guile-git and libgit2-devel for build
- bump to 0.14.0
  Changes in 0.14.0

 * Package management

  * ‘guix package’ displays how much will be downloaded
  * ‘guix package’ warns about insufficient disk space
  * ‘guix package’ now reports package collisions early on
  * ‘guix package --search’ sorts results by relevance
  * ‘guix pull’ now fetches code directly over Git using Guile-Git
  * Substitutes can be downloaded from servers equivalent to the authorized ones
  * New ‘guix-daemon’ options: ‘--listen’, ‘--timeout’, ‘--max-silent-time’
  * New ‘guix weather’ command
  * ‘guix publish --cache’ now also caches uncompressed items
  * ‘guix publish’ no longer removes live items from its cache
  * ‘guix challenge’ now displays an overall summary
  * ‘guix refresh’ no longer uses FTP for GNU and GNOME packages
  * ‘guix refresh’ has a new ‘-m’ or ‘--manifest’ option
  * New ‘refresh’ checker for ‘guix lint’
  * New ‘json’ importer for ‘guix import’ to simplify first packages
  * New ‘texlive’ importer for ‘guix import’

 * Distribution

  * GuixSD installation image is now available as ISO-9660
  * GuixSD installation image now includes an ‘sshd’ service
  * New (gnu bootloaders) API, with support for U-Boot and extlinux
  * ‘grub-configuration’ is deprecated in favor of ‘bootloader-configuration’
  * ‘%desktop-services’ now includes NetworkManager instead of Wicd
  * The (uuid …) form can now specify FAT32 and ISO-9660 UUIDs
  * ‘guix system’ now reports missing file system UUIDs and labels
  * ‘guix system’ can provide hints when reporting unbound variables
  * New ‘--file-system-type’ option for ‘guix system disk-image’
  * ‘guix system disk-image’ can now creates ISO-9660 images
  * ‘guix system vm-image’ & co. automatically estimate the image size
  * ‘guix system vm’ now uses overlayfs instead of unionfs
  * ‘guix system init’ displays a progress bar while copying files
  * TeX Live is now also available as a set of small ‘texlive-’ packages
  * New ‘guix system search’ command to search for services
  * New services
     certbot, fcgiwrap, gdm, git-http, knot, libvirt, memcached,
     mongodb, mpd, murmur, rsync, tailon, sysctl
  * 1211 new packages
  * 1403 package updates
 * Programming interfaces
  * New build systems: ‘font’, ‘meson’, ‘minify’, ‘scons’, ‘texlive’
  * ‘cmake-build-system’ now supports cross-compilation
  * Various improvements to ‘asdf-build-system’, ‘emacs-build-system’,
    ‘ant-build-system’, and ‘go-build-system’
  * ‘patches’ field of <origin> can now contain any lowerable object
  * (gnu system vm) has a new ‘make-iso9660-image’ procedure
  * ‘openssh-service-type’ can now be extended with new authorized keys
  * ‘rottlog-service-type’ can now be extended with new ‘log-rotation’s
  * ‘network-manager-service-type’ now supports VPN plugins
  * <service-type> now has a ‘description’ field, used by ‘guix system search’
  * New ‘virtual-machine’ form in (gnu system vm)
  * New (gnu system uuid) module, which defines a disjoint <uuid> type
  * New (guix progress) module

 * Noteworthy bug fixes

  * GuixSD no longer creates setuid binaries in /gnu/store
  * /root is no longer world-readable (<>)
  * ‘guix publish’ no longer leaks memory (<>)
  * Missing cursor icons in GNOME could cause crashes
  * Setuid programs now honor the system timezone
  * Clients honor the daemon’s ‘max-silent-time’
  * ‘guix substitute’ honors substitute expiry time again
  * Several portability fixes for aarch64

 * Native language support

   Updated translations: da (Danish), fr (French)

Sun May 28 10:14:43 UTC 2017 -

- replace pkgconfig(guile-2.0) >= 2.0.7 dependency with guile-devel
  (guile 2.2 provides pkgconfig(guile-2.2) and OBS can't handle
  boolean operators in dependencies yet

Tue May 23 19:35:44 UTC 2017 -

- bump to 0.13.0
   overview of changes is in NEWS
- add signatures for the bootstrap tarballs
- drop emacs dependency (emacs-guix is split out)
- update keyring

Mon Dec 26 18:37:17 UTC 2016 -

- bump to 0.12.0
   overview of changes is in NEWS

Wed Aug  3 14:47:03 UTC 2016 -

- bump to 0.11.0
   overview of changes is in NEWS

Sat Jul  9 06:25:01 UTC 2016 -

- require gnutls-guile also as run time dependency

Wed Jul  6 16:13:49 UTC 2016 -

- explicitly require libgcrypt-devel until the dynamic-link is able to
  load symlink target of /usr/lib*/

Sat Apr 16 08:35:22 UTC 2016 -

- bump to 0.10.0
- add gnutls-guile as build time dependency
- don't mark bash completion as %config (warning fixed)

Fri Feb 12 11:51:04 UTC 2016 -

- add ExclusiveArch to restrict available architectures
- remove filter for non-standard group guixbuild (it is standard now)
- remove %config for bash completion script (rpmlint was fixed)

Fri Feb 12 09:18:04 UTC 2016 -

- replace setBadness with addFilter in guix-rpmlint, add explanations
- add guix-rpmlint into spec file as Source
- create rcguix-daemon symlink
- make guix bash completion script as %config to silence warning

Tue Jan  5 18:58:35 UTC 2016 -

- fix typo preventing creation of new users

Thu Nov 12 18:02:11 UTC 2015 -

- bump to 0.9.0
  - see changelog for complete list of changes
- add guile-json as dependency

Wed Nov  4 17:40:58 UTC 2015 -

- change ownership of /gnu/store
- remove sysconfig.guix file as it is not used anymore
- define macro %guix_builder_group to make such changes in future

Sun Nov  1 08:17:51 UTC 2015 -

- rename default group from guix-builders to guixbuild to match
- install /gnu/store directory
- depend on emacs, package emacs scripts

Thu Oct  1 21:18:37 UTC 2015 -

- use pkgconfig dependencies
- clean-up with spec-cleaner

Thu Oct  1 20:15:35 UTC 2015 -

- force installation of service file to %{_unitdir}
- use systemd related code only when systemd is available in distro

Thu Oct  1 10:22:34 UTC 2015 -

- bump to 0.8.3
  - a lot of changes on package management level, package set level,
    distribution level and numerous bug fixed
- remove our service file and use upstream one instead

Thu May 14 11:57:47 UTC 2015 -

- bump to 0.8.2
  changes since 0.8.1
** Package management

*** New “binary tarball” installation method is available
*** New ‘guix publish’ command, to publish one’s store
*** ‘guix package’ runs “profile creation hooks” as needed
*** ‘guix package’ creates an ‘etc/profile’ file in the profile
*** Commands understand version prefixes, such as ‘gcc-5’ for ‘gcc-5.1.0’
*** ‘guix package --search’ now sorts packages by name and version
*** Substitute information is now fetched using HTTP pipelining
*** ‘guix package’ warns when a $GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH module cannot be loaded
*** New ‘--sources’ option to ‘guix build’
*** New Bash completion file, installed in $sysconfdir/bash_completion.d
*** New ‘guix import hackage’ command
*** ‘guix lint’ supports FTP for the ‘source’ and ‘home-page’ checkers
*** ‘guix lint’ has a new ‘derivation’ checker
*** ‘guix import cpan’ better handles dependencies and licenses
*** Packages are now build in an environment with a UTF-8 locale
** Distribution
*** C library's name service switch (NSS) is now fully configurable
*** New services: wicd, lirc, colord, upower, console-keymap, postgresql
*** Xorg service supports new drivers, such as Nouveau
*** lsh service has new options, initializes its seed by default
*** /etc/ssl symlink is created, for X.509 certificates
*** ‘guix system’ reports duplicate service identifiers
*** New /etc/bashrc file that loads Bash completion when available
*** SLiM service uses sessions from /run/current-system/profile/share/xsessions
*** The Linux “YAMA” restricting policy on PTRACE_ATTACH is now disabled
*** /etc/shells now lists all the user accounts’ shells
*** /gnu/store is now remounted read-only, to avoid accidental modification
*** /etc/profile is sources each profile’s ‘etc/profile’ file
*** 718 new packages
*** 189 package updates
** Programming interfaces
*** New (guix build gremlin) to parse and validate ELF dynamic link info
*** (guix build-system gnu) has a new ‘validate-runpath’ phase
*** New (gnu services desktop) module and ‘%desktop-services’ variable
*** New (guix cvs-download) module, for CVS checkouts
*** New (guix build-system waf) module, for the Waf build system
*** New (guix build-system haskell) module, to build Haskell packages
*** (guix build-system gnu) now supports zip archives
*** New convenience syntax ‘modify-phases’ added in (guix build utils)
*** The ‘ld’ wrapper more finely determines whether to use ‘-rpath’
*** (guix gexp) exports ‘gexp-input’ to describe input unambiguously
*** The ‘define-gexp-compiler’ form allows (guix gexp) to be extended
*** New ‘local-file’ constructor exported by (guix gexp)
** Noteworthy bug fixes
*** Profiles created with ‘guix package -p’ as indirect GC roots
*** ‘guix package’ distinguishes downgrades from upgrades
*** Handle HTTP redirects to relative URI references
*** Downloads now honor the ‘http_proxy’ environment variable
*** ‘--no-*’ options are now always correctly handled
*** SLiM no longer leaks open file descriptors
*** Don't compare <pam-service> objects with 'equal?'
*** x86_64 and i686 bootstrap binaries updated (<>)
*** ‘find-files’ no longer follows symlinks (<>)
*** libc message catalog (‘’) is now installed
*** libstdc++ has appropriate RUNPATH (<>)
*** ‘dhcp-client-service’ now correctly tracks dhclient’s PID
** Native language support
*** New translations: da (Danish)
*** Updated translations: eo

Wed Feb 25 18:39:31 UTC 2015 -

- Add gpg signature
- Correct info prerequires
- Add missing systemd dependencies

Wed Feb  4 15:14:45 UTC 2015 -

- let the spec-cleaner create something beautiful from original
  spec file

Thu Jan 29 16:04:24 UTC 2015 -

- add armhf-linux-guile-2.0.11.tar.xz (armhf port added)

Thu Jan 29 13:13:49 UTC 2015 -

- bump to 0.8.1
* Changes in 0.8.1 (since 0.8)

** Package management

*** New ‘--share’ and ‘--expose’ options for ‘guix system vm’

See “Invoking guix system” in the manual.

*** Emacs mode now automatically loads newly installed Emacs packages

See “Emacs Initial Setup” in the manual.

*** ‘guix-daemon’ now defaults to ‘--cores=0 --jobs=1’

In other words, at any given time, only one derivation is being built or
substituted, and it can use as many cores as available.  Before, there could
be N derivations using N cores, which was obviously not desirable.

*** Command-line tools support the ‘GUIX_BUILD_OPTIONS’ environment variable

See “Invoking guix build” in the manual.

*** ‘guix environment’ is faster

*** New ‘--recursive’ option for ‘guix archive’

See “Invoking guix archive” in the manual.

*** Missing patches required by a package definition are gracefully reported

*** ‘guix lint’ supports additional checkers

The new checkers are ‘gnu-description’, ‘home-page’, and ‘source’.
See “Invoking guix lint” in the manual.

*** New CPAN importer for ‘guix import’

See “Invoking guix import” in the manual.

** Distribution

*** USB installation image has more tools

Tools added since 0.8: wpa_supplicant, cryptsetup, and iw.

*** Linux kernel module dependencies are automatically handled

Before that, all the modules needed in the initrd would need to be explicitly
listed, including their dependencies, and in topological order.

*** Font packages now all have a name starting with ‘font-’

See “Fonts” in the manual.

*** Shell startup files have been cleaned up

/etc/profile contains only environment variable definitions, which may also be
used when running a different shell.  The skeletons for user’s ‘.bash_profile’
and ‘.bashrc’ files behave as documented in the Bash manual.  Zsh is supported.

*** The ‘root’ account gets a copy of the account skeleton files

Before that, the skeleton files would only be copied to non-root accounts.

*** The name service cache daemon (nscd) is configurable

By default it aggressively caches host and service lookups.  See “Base
Services” in the manual.

*** Available locale definitions are now declared in ‘operating-system’

Before, the ‘glibc’ package would contain all the existing locales, as well as
the ‘locale-archive’ file, amounting to 110 MiB.  See “Locales” in the manual.

*** SLiM sessions are configurable

Pressing F1 in the SLiM graphical log-in screen allows users to choose among
the pre-configured session types.  See “X Window” in the manual.

*** Man pages and Info files are systematically gzip-compressed

*** ‘gnu-build-system’ ensures that documentation is in share/{man,info}

If a package installs to $prefix/{man,info}, this is automatically fixed to be

*** ‘strip’ is invoked only on ELF files and ‘ar’ archives

*** ‘libtool’ and ‘libltdl’ are now separate packages

*** Emacs mode is readily usable on the Guix System Distribution

*** Substitutes are now enabled by default on freshly installed systems
*** 164 new packages

abcde, astyle, avr-libc, bbdb, bedtools, bowtie, bullet, c-reduce, cd-discid,
cgal, clang, claws-mail, cups, cups-filters, cups-minimal, dconf, delta,
dmenu, eigen, emms, exo, fastjar, font-bitstream-vera, font-dejavu,
font-gnu-freefont-ttf, font-liberation, font-terminus, fvwm, garcon,
gcc-cross-arm-linux-gnueabihf, gcc-cross-sans-libc-avr, gcj, getmail,
git-flow, git-manpages, git-test-sequence, glew, glulxe, gourmet,
gst-plugins-good, gtk-xfce-engine, hexchat, ijs, iw, jack, json-glib,
libdvdnav, libdvdread, libetpan, libevdev, libltdl, libtorrent, libupnp,
libwnck, libwnck, libxfce4ui, libxfce4util, libxshmfence, libyubikey, llvm,
lrdf, mg, mp3info, msmtp, ncftp, nginx, ninja, nss, openbox,
perl-benchmark-timer, perl-clone, perl-digest-sha1, perl-exporter-lite,
perl-file-which, perl-getopt-tabular, perl-ipc-run3, perl-probe-perl,
perl-regexp-common, perl-sys-cpu, perl-test-deep, perl-test-nowarnings,
perl-test-script, perl-test-simple, perl-test-tester, pflask,
python-cairocffi, python-cffi, python-distutils-extra, python-html5lib,
python-ipython, python-isodate, python-matplotlib, python-numpy,
python-numpydoc, python-pillow, python-pycairo, python-pycparser,
python-pygobject, python-pyparsing, python-pyqt, python-pysam, python-rdflib,
python-scipy, python-sip, python-sqlalchemy, python-xcffib, python2-cairocffi,
python2-cffi, python2-distutils-extra, python2-elib.intl, python2-html5lib,
python2-ipython, python2-isodate, python2-matplotlib, python2-numpy,
python2-numpydoc, python2-pillow, python2-py2cairo, python2-pycparser,
python2-pygobject, python2-pygtk, python2-pyparsing, python2-pyqt,
python2-pysam, python2-scipy, python2-sip, python2-sqlalchemy, python2-xcffib,
qpdf, retroarch, rtorrent, samtools, shflags, slang, slock, socat,
startup-notification, sxiv, taglib, telepathy-glib, thunar, thunar-volman,
tre, tumbler, vala, vte, vte, wine, wmctrl, xclip, xdotool, xf86-video-geode,
xfce4-appfinder, xfce4-battery-plugin, xfce4-panel, xfce4-session,
xfce4-settings, xfce4-terminal, xfconf, xfdesktop, xfwm4, xinit, ykclient,

*** 222 package updates

apr-util-1.5.4, atk-2.15.3, automake-1.15, bash-4.3.33, bash-light-4.3.33,
bdftopcf-1.0.4, binutils-2.25, binutils-static-stripped-tarball-2.25,
cairo-1.12.18, cairomm-1.11.2, ccrtp-2.1.1, curl-7.40.0, dbus-1.8.12,
dbus-glib-0.102, ddrescue-1.19, dri2proto-2.8, e2fsck-static-1.42.11,
e2fsprogs-1.42.11, eudev-2.1.1, ffmpeg-2.5.3, file-5.22, fish-2.1.1,
fontconfig-2.11.92, fontsproto-2.1.3, freeipmi-1.4.8,
gcc-cross-mips64el-linux-gnuabi64-4.8.4, gcc-cross-sans-libc-xtensa-elf-4.8.4,
gcc-objc++-4.8.4, gcc-objc-4.8.4, gcc-stripped-tarball-4.8.4, gccgo-4.8.4,
gcl-2.6.12, gd-2.1.1, gdb-7.8.2, gdk-pixbuf-2.31.1, gettext-0.19.4,
gfortran-4.8.4, ghostscript-9.14.0, ghostscript-with-x-9.14.0, gimp-2.8.14,
git-2.2.1, glib-2.42.1, glibmm-2.42.0, global-6.3.3, glproto-1.4.17,
gnutls-3.2.21, gobject-introspection-1.42.0, gp2c-0.0.9pl2, grep-2.21,
groff-1.22.3, gss-1.0.3, gst-plugins-base-1.0.10, gtk+-3.14.7, gtkmm-3.14.0,
guix-0.8, guix-0.8.4ad8789, help2man-1.46.4, iceauth-1.0.6, icu4c-54.1,
inkscape-0.48.5, inputproto-2.3.1, lcms-2.6, lftp-4.6.1, libassuan-2.2.0,
libcdio-0.93, libdmx-1.1.3, libdrm-2.4.58, libfontenc-1.1.2, libfs-1.0.6,
libgcrypt-1.6.2, libgpg-error-1.17, libice-1.0.9, libjpeg-9a, libksba-1.3.2,
libmicrohttpd-0.9.39, libnl-3.2.25, libpciaccess-0.13.2, libpeas-1.12.1,
libpng-1.5.21, librsvg-2.40.6, libsm-1.2.2, libtasn1-4.2, libtool-2.4.5,
libx11-1.6.2, libxau-1.0.8, libxaw-1.0.12, libxcb-1.11, libxcomposite-0.4.4,
libxcursor-1.1.14, libxdamage-1.1.4, libxext-1.3.3, libxfixes-5.0.1,
libxfont-1.5.0, libxft-2.3.2, libxi-1.7.4, libxinerama-1.1.3,
libxkbcommon-0.5.0, libxmu-1.1.2, libxp-1.0.2, libxpm-3.5.11, libxrandr-1.4.2,
libxrender-0.9.8, libxres-1.0.7, libxt-1.1.4, libxtst-1.2.2, libxv-1.0.10,
libxvmc-1.0.8, libxxf86dga-1.1.4, libxxf86vm-1.1.3, linux-libre-3.18.4,
lua-5.2.3, makedepend-1.0.5, mercurial-3.2.4, mesa-10.4.0, minetest-0.4.11,
mkfontscale-1.1.1, neon-0.30.0, nix-1.8, ntp-4.2.8, ocrad-0.24,
openjpeg-2.0.1, openssl-1.0.1k, pango-1.36.8, parallel-20150122,
pari-gp-2.7.2, patchelf-0.8, pcre-8.36, perf-3.18.4, phonon-4.8.3,
pixman-0.32.6, pkg-config-0.28, poppler-0.28.1, python-3.3.5,
python-dateutil-2.2, python2-dateutil-2.2, qemu-2.2.0, qemu-headless-2.2.0,
qt-5.4.0, racket-6.1.1, randrproto-1.4.0, raptor2-2.0.15, rasqal-0.9.33,
rcs-5.9.4, ruby-2.1.5, sessreg-1.0.8, sipwitch-1.9.3, sqlite-,
tiled-0.11.0, tmux-1.9a, tzdata-2014j, ucommon-6.2.3, util-linux-2.25.2,
util-macros-1.19.0, vera-1.22, videoproto-2.3.2, wget-1.16.1, xauth-1.0.9,
xbacklight-1.2.1, xcb-proto-1.11, xcb-util-0.4.0, xcb-util-image-0.4.0,
xcb-util-keysyms-0.4.0, xcb-util-renderutil-0.3.9, xcb-util-wm-0.4.1,
xcursor-themes-1.0.4, xcursorgen-1.0.6, xdpyinfo-1.3.1, xev-1.2.1,
xextproto-7.3.0, xf86-input-evdev-2.8.4, xf86-input-joystick-1.6.2,
xf86-input-keyboard-1.8.0, xf86-input-mouse-1.9.1, xf86-input-synaptics-1.8.1,
xf86-video-ark-0.7.5, xf86-video-ati-7.5.0, xf86-video-cirrus-1.5.2,
xf86-video-fbdev-0.4.4, xf86-video-glint-1.2.8, xf86-video-i128-1.3.6,
xf86-video-intel-2.21.15, xf86-video-mach64-6.9.4, xf86-video-mga-1.6.3,
xf86-video-neomagic-1.2.8, xf86-video-nv-2.1.20, xf86-video-openchrome-0.3.3,
xf86-video-r128-6.9.2, xf86-video-savage-2.3.7,
xf86-video-siliconmotion-1.7.7, xf86-video-sis-0.10.7,
xf86-video-suncg6-1.1.2, xf86-video-sunffb-1.2.2, xf86-video-tdfx-1.4.5,
xf86-video-tga-1.2.2, xf86-video-trident-1.3.6, xf86-video-vesa-2.3.3,
xf86-video-vmware-13.0.2, xf86-video-voodoo-1.2.5, xhost-1.0.6, xinput-1.6.1,
xkbcomp-1.3.0, xkbutils-1.0.4, xkeyboard-config-2.13, xkill-1.0.4,
xlockmore-5.45, xlsclients-1.1.3, xmodmap-1.0.8, xnee-3.19,
xorg-server-1.16.3, xprop-1.2.2, xproto-7.0.26, xrandr-1.4.3, xrdb-1.1.0,
xrefresh-1.0.5, xset-1.2.3, xsetroot-1.1.1, xtrans-1.3.5, xvinfo-1.1.2,
xwd-1.0.6, xwininfo-1.1.3, youtube-dl-2015.01.23.4, zsh-5.0.7

** Programming interfaces

*** New (guix elf) and (gnu build linux-modules) modules

These provide resolution of Linux kernel module dependencies.  See

*** ‘glib-or-gtk-build-system’ has been extended

It now handles GIO and XDG themes, takes care of generating the icon cache,
and has a new #:glib-or-gtk-wrap-excluded-outputs parameter.

*** ‘search-path-specification’ can now specify non-directory items

For example, the ‘search-path-specification’ attached to libxml2 specifies a
file pattern, which allows all the ‘catalog.xml’ files to be added to the
‘XML_CATALOG_FILES’ environment variable.

*** (guix build syscalls) has more network-related procedures

‘set-network-interface-flags’, ‘set-network-interface-address’,
‘network-interface-address’, and ‘configure-network-interface’ are ioctl
bindings used by network-handling dmd services.

*** (guix monads) refactoring

‘%store-monad’ is now in (guix store) and is an alias for the new
‘%state-monad’ provided by (guix monads).  Monadic procedures dealing with the
store, with derivations, and with packages have been moved from (guix monads)
to (guix store), (guix derivations), and (guix packages).  See “The Store
Monad” in the manual.

*** (guix build utils) provides ‘parallel-job-count’

*** ‘wrap-program’ preserves the original argv[0]

*** New (guix sets) module

*** ‘define-record-type*’ now support “delayed” fields

** Noteworthy bug fixes

*** X session is executed from a login shell (<>)
*** grub.cfg is now a garbage-collector root (<>)
*** Substituter progress report properly formatted 
*** Document permissions for /gnu/store (<>)
*** Make sure config.go is newer than config.scm
*** Emacs knows where to find its GLib schemas (<>)
*** Adjust 'grub.cfg' to work on systems with a separate /boot
*** Fix removal of next-to-last item in a profile
*** Apply patches with "patch --force" (<>)
*** Extend ‘search-path-specification’ for libxml2-style use cases
*** Search for patches under $GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH (<>)
*** Use executables from the target inputs in 'patch-shebangs'
*** guix-daemon now automatically creates '…/profiles/per-user'
*** Make /etc/mtab a symlink to /proc/self/mounts
*** Don't build the mips64el-linux-gnuabi64 cross-compiler on i686
*** Read archive signatures as Latin-1 strings (<>)
*** Raise an error for references to non-existent outputs
*** Initialize libgcrypt before use (<>)

** Native language support

*** New translations: fr (French), hu (Hungarian)
*** Updated translation: eo, vi

Wed Jan 14 11:57:25 UTC 2015 -

- change systemd service file

Mon Nov 24 12:06:30 UTC 2014 -

- remove old sysv-init file
- add super cool systemd unit file
- add configuration file
- add comments about origin of bootstrap tarballs

Fri Nov 21 21:43:24 UTC 2014 -

- apply spec-cleaner to unify the style
- set RPM group to System/Package

Tue Nov 18 11:58:54 UTC 2014 -

- bump to 0.8
* Changes in 0.8 (since 0.7)

** Package management

*** New visual user interface in Emacs

See “Emacs Interface” in the manual.

*** New ‘guix environment’ command to produce development environment

See “Invoking guix environment” in the manual.

*** The ‘guix import’ command has been extended and documented

It can now import packages from and from GNU.
See “Invoking guix import” in the manual.

*** New ‘guix lint’ command, for use by Guix developers

See “Invoking guix lint” in the manual.

*** Packages can now be “grafted” with replacements of their dependencies

See “Security Updates” in the manual.

*** The distribution can be extended with ‘--load-path’ or $GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH

This allows users to maintain their own package definitions, and make them
visible to the various user interfaces.  See “Package Modules” in the manual.

*** ‘guix package’ better reports package upgrades

*** ‘guix package’ has a new ‘--switch-generation’ option

See “Invoking guix package” in the manual.

*** ‘guix-daemon’ has a new ‘--substitute-urls’ option

See “Invoking guix-daemon” in the manual.

** Distribution

*** The stand-alone operating system now supports Linux mapped devices

See “Mapped Devices” in the manual.

*** New fields in ‘operating-system’ declarations, better documentation

New fields include ‘hosts-file’, ‘mapped-devices’, and ‘swap-devices’.
See “operating-system Reference” in the manual.

*** New services: ‘dhcp-client-service’, ‘bitlbee-service’, ‘ntp-service’

See “Services” in the manual.

*** Free firmware can be loaded

This notably enables support for some Atheros-based WiFi devices (ath9k-htc.)
See “operating-system Reference” in the manual.

*** ‘grub-configuration’ declarations can now specify a theme

See “GRUB Configuration” in the manual.

*** The ‘base-initrd’ now has a different signature

Existing uses in ‘operating-system’ declarations need to be updated.  See
“Initial RAM Disk” in the manual for details.

*** eudev is now used by default, instead of an old udev release

*** ‘guix system vm’ has a new ‘--full-boot’ option

See “Invoking guix system” in the manual.

*** The ‘file’ command is now part of the package build environment

Autoconf-generated ‘configure’ scripts for packages using Libtool use ‘file’
to determine the target ABI, notably on MIPS, hence this change.

*** 162 new packages

abiword, acpica, adns, arb, ath9k-htc-firmware, atlas, avrdude, cppunit,
dblatex, detox, dfu-programmer, dionysus, direvent, dmidecode, dri3proto,
emacs-no-x-toolkit, emacs-w3m, emacs-wget, enchant, eudev, feh, flashrom,
flint, fontforge, freedink, freeimage, fribidi,
gcc-cross-sans-libc-xtensa-elf, giblib, gnome-themes-standard, gpsbabel,
gpscorrelate, graphite2, gtypist, guile-charting, guile-sdl, imake, imlib2,
irrlicht, jbig2dec, libpsl, libspiro, libuninameslist, libwmf, lm-sensors,
magit, minetest, miscfiles, mozjs, mupdf, nix, nspr, nss-mdns, ntp, nvi, opam,
openal, openjpeg, opus-tools, orpheus, ots, oxygen-icons, paredit, perf,
perl-archive-zip, perl-dbd-sqlite, perl-dbi, perl-image-exiftool,
perl-io-socket-ssl, perl-net-ssleay, perl-www-curl, perl-zip, polkit,
polkit-qt, postgresql, potrace, presentproto, python-certifi, python-coverage,
python-cython, python-discover, python-docutils, python-exif-read,
python-extras, python-fixtures, python-itsdangerous, python-jinja2,
python-jsonschema, python-markupsafe, python-mimeparse, python-nose,
python-oauthlib, python-py, python-pygments, python-pyjwt, python-pyld,
python-pytest, python-scripttest, python-sphinx, python-subunit,
python-testrepository, python-testresources, python-testscenarios,
python-testtools, python-unidecode, python-unittest2, python-virtualenv,
python2-certifi, python2-coverage, python2-cython, python2-discover,
python2-docutils, python2-exif-read, python2-extras, python2-fixtures,
python2-itsdangerous, python2-jinja2, python2-jsonschema, python2-markupsafe,
python2-mimeparse, python2-nose, python2-oauthlib, python2-py,
python2-pygments, python2-pyjwt, python2-pyld, python2-pytest,
python2-requests, python2-scripttest, python2-sphinx, python2-subunit,
python2-testrepository, python2-testresources, python2-testscenarios,
python2-testtools, python2-unidecode, python2-unittest2, python2-virtualenv,
rrdtool, ruby, ruby, ruby-i18n, sane-backends, scrot, sound-theme-freedesktop,
stress, synergy, tdb, terminus-font, testdisk, texi2html, tiled, transfig,
unclutter, unixodbc, weechat, wv, xboing, xf86-video-modesetting, xfig,
xsensors, zsh

*** 117 package updates

acct-6.6.2, acl-2.2.52, apl-1.4, apr-1.5.1, apr-util-1.5.3, autoconf-2.68,
autoconf-2.69, autogen-5.18.4, bash-4.3.30, bash-light-4.3.30, bazaar-2.6.0,
bison-2.7, calcurse-3.2.1, ccache-3.1.10, chicken-, coreutils-8.23,
curl-7.37.1, datamash-1.0.6, dbus-1.8.8, docbook-xml-4.2, docbook-xml-4.4,
docbook-xml-4.5, emacs-24.4, ffmpeg-2.2.10, ffmpeg-2.4.3, file-5.19,
file-5.20, freeipmi-1.4.5, gcc-4.7.4, gcc-4.9.2, gcc-toolchain-4.9.2,
gcl-2.6.11, gdb-7.8.1, geiser-0.6, gettext-0.19.3, git-2.1.2, glibc-2.20,
glibc-2.20, glibc-stripped-tarball-2.20, global-6.3.2, glpk-4.55,
gnupg-1.4.18, gnupg-2.0.26, gnurl-7.37.0, gnutls-3.2.20, gpgme-1.5.1,
gst-plugins-base-1.0.10, gstreamer-1.0.10, gtk+-3.10.1, gtkmm-3.9.16,
guile-1.8.8, guile-json-0.4.0, guile-ncurses-1.6, guile-ssh-0.7.1, guix-0.7,
guix-0.7.48bd76e, hello-2.10, help2man-1.46.3, icecat-31.2.0,
libart-lgpl-2.3.21, libassuan-2.1.3, libatomic-ops-7.4.2, libdrm-2.4.33,
libffi-3.1, libgc-7.2f, libgc-7.4.2, libgcrypt-1.5.4, libgcrypt-1.6.2,
libidn-1.29, libjpeg-9a, libotr-4.0.0, libsodium-1.0.0, libtasn1-4.1,
libunistring-0.9.4, libwebsockets-1.3, lightning-2.0.5, linux-libre-3.17.3,
lsof-4.88, lua-5.2.3, lvm2-2.02.109, lzip-1.16, make-4.1, maxima-5.34.1,
mit-scheme-9.2, mysql-5.1.73, neon-0.30.0, net-base-5.3, nettle-2.7.1,
notmuch-0.18.1, openssh-6.7p1, openssl-1.0.1j, parallel-20141022,
phonon-4.8.2, pspp-0.8.4, python-3.3.5, python-dateutil-1.5,
python2-dateutil-1.5, python2-pyicu-1.8, qt-4.8.6, qt-5.3.2, rcs-5.9.3,
readline-6.3, subversion-1.7.18, swig-3.0.2, tar-1.28, texinfo-5.2,
tor-, transmission-2.84, ucommon-6.1.11, valgrind-3.10.0, vlc-2.1.5,
wget-1.16, windowmaker-0.95.6, xapian-1.2.18, xf86-video-ati-6.14.6,
xpdf-3.04, youtube-dl-2014.09.06

** Programming interfaces

*** New ‘ruby-build-system’, for Ruby packages

See “Build Systems” in the manual.

*** New ‘glib-or-gtk-build-system’, for packages using GLib schemas

See “Build Systems” in the manual.

*** ‘gnu-build-system’ has a new #:substitutable? parameter

This allows packagers to mark a package as requiring a local build, thus
preventing it from being substituted by a pre-built binary.

*** ‘cmake-build-system’ has a new #:build-type parameter

See “Build Systems” in the manual.

*** The ‘supported-systems’ field of packages is used more consistently

This allows packagers to prevent attempts to build a package on a given
architecture when that architecture is known not to be supported.  The
‘package-transitive-supported-systems’ procedure returns the intersection of
the systems supported by the given package and by its dependencies.

*** The ‘wrap-program’ procedure can now be called multiple times

*** New ‘graft-derivations’ and ‘package-grafts’ procedures

They implement “grafts”, as described under “Security Updates” in the manual.

*** New “bag” intermediate representation for use by build systems

“Bags” are used internally as an intermediate representation between packages
and derivations.  See “Build Systems” in the manual.

*** New (guix monad-repl) module, for monadic interaction at the REPL

See “The Store Monad” in the manual.

*** New (guix build emacs-utils) module, to facilitate building Emacs packages

*** New (guix tests) module, with tools used by the test suite

*** The internal ‘guix-register’ command now deduplicates files in store items

*** Several system modules moved from (guix build …) to (gnu build …)

Also, the (gnu build linux-boot) module has been introduced, with code
typically used by initial RAM disks when booting on GNU/Linux-libre.

*** (guix profiles) provides a representation of package transactions

This factorizes code between ‘guix package’ and the Emacs user interface.

*** Bootstrapping packages moved to (gnu packages commencement) modules

** Bugs fixed

*** ‘guix-daemon’ now really deduplicates store items by default

Deduplication means that identical files found in /gnu/store are stored only
once, using hard links.  This feature was wrongfully disabled, and is now
enabled by default.  The former ‘--disable-store-optimization’ option has been
renamed to ‘--disable-deduplication’.

*** ‘guix-daemon’ no longer uses ‘vfork’

This could cause problems with ancient Linux kernel.

*** Fixed compilation of ‘gccgo’ (<>)
*** 'make clean' doesn't delete os-config.tmpl (<>)
*** Fix handling of periods by fill-paragraph (<>)
*** Produce a top-level Info 'dir' file (<>)
*** guix offload ignores unreachable machines (<>)
*** guix offload: Ignore EEXIST when registering a .drv as a GC root
*** perl-tk: Build sequentially (<>)
*** download: Use the 'SERVER NAME' TLS extension when possible
*** libdaemon: Add alternate source URLs (<>)
*** icu4c: Reinstate RUNPATH on shared libraries 
*** nss-mdns: Add alternate source URLs (<>)
*** download: Add "Accept: */*" to the HTTP headers
*** guix-register: Do not attempt to create NIX_STORE_DIR 
*** Allow Linux-libre to find our 'modprobe' command
*** man-pages: Build sequentially (<>)
*** Fix intermittent test failures involving GC (<>)
*** guix import: pypi: Gracefully handle non-existent packages 
*** Make sure the shared library has the '.so' extension
*** pull: Use the build procedure provided by the newly-downloaded Guix.
*** WindowMaker no longer pollutes $PATH (<>)

** Native language support
*** New translation: cs (Czech)
*** Updated translations: de, sr, vi

Fri Aug 15 19:05:11 UTC 2014 -

- bump to 0.7
  * Changes in 0.7 (since 0.6)
  ** Package management
  *** Binaries for mips64el-linux now available from
  *** ‘guix package’ has a new ‘--show’ option
  *** ‘guix refresh’ has a new ‘--list-dependent’ option

  ** Programming interfaces
  *** New (guix gexp) module, which implements “G-expressions”
  *** (gnu system) and related modules now use G-expressions
  *** ‘build-expression->derivation’ is deprecated in favor of G-expressions
  *** The (gnu system) module has been largely augmented and factorized
  *** New (guix build vm) module, support for virtual machine images
  *** New (guix build activation) module, for “system activation”
  *** New (guix build syscalls) module
  *** New (guix build install) and module for whole system installation
  *** New (gnu system install) module, for the installation system
  *** New (gnu system file-systems) module, for ‘file-system’ declarations
  *** New (gnu) module, which aggregates common (gnu …) modules
  *** ‘service’ records now have an optional ‘activate’ field
  ** GNU distribution
  *** An image to install the GNU system from a USB stick is provided
  *** Support for more parameters in ‘operating-system’ declarations
  *** ‘guix system’ supports more actions
  *** User accounts and groups are created at system activation time
  *** Virtual machine support uses para-virtualized devices
  *** GCC package now has an additional ‘lib’ output, for run-time support libs
  *** GLib package now has a separate “bin” output (<>)
  *** 134 new packages
  abbaye, aegis, attica, babl, barcode, behave, btar, busybox, ccache, ccrtp,
  chess, clucene, cmatrix, commoncpp, conkeror, cook, cssc, datamash, diffstat,
  doxygen, dropbear, dtach, duplicity, e2fsck-static, exosip, fftw-openmpi,
  fish, gconf, gegl, gimp, gmsh, gnome-mime-data, gnome-vfs, gnumeric, goffice,
  gsegrafix, guile-opengl, guile-static-stripped, hdup, hwloc, inotify-tools,
  jrnl, kbd, kmod, lftp, libarchive, libart-lgpl, libbonobo, libbonoboui,
  libcroco, libdbusmenu-qt, libftdi, libglade, libgnome, libgnomecanvas,
  libgnomeprint, libgnomeprintui, libgnomeui, libgsf, libidl, libmcrypt,
  libmhash, librsvg, librsync, libsodium, libuv, libvpx, links, lzop, man-pages,
  maxima, mcrypt, mosh, mpg123, mplayer, mu, ncmpcpp, node, notmuch, numactl,
  offlineimap, openmpi, orbit2, osip, pangox-compat, perl-io-tty, petsc,
  petsc-complex, petsc-complex-openmpi, petsc-openmpi, pingus, podofo, protobuf,
  pt-scotch, python-enum34, python-keyring, python-lockfile, python-mock,
  python-parse, python-parse-type, python-parsedatetime, python-pycrypto,
  python-six, python-tzlocal, python2-lockfile, python2-mock, qjson, qrencode,
  rasqal, rdiff-backup, rdup, redland, rottlog, scotch, sipwitch, sshfs-fuse,
  strigi, sudo, superlu, superlu-dist, talkfilters, talloc, tcpdump, tinyproxy,
  transmission, ucommon, udev, vlc, vtk, wakelan, wireless-tools,
  wpa-supplicant, xboard, youtube-dl
  *** 87 package updates
  bitlbee-3.2.2, cursynth-1.5, ddrescue-1.18.1, dfc-3.0.4, dmd-0.2,
  docbook-xml-4.3, docbook-xml-4.4, docbook-xsl-1.78.1, dvdisaster-0.72.6,
  ffmpeg-2.3, fftw-3.3.4, fftwf-3.3.4, flac-1.3.0, gawk-4.1.1, gcc-4.7.4,
  gcc-4.8.3, gcc-4.8.3, gcc-4.9.1, gcc-cross-mips64el-linux-gnuabi64-4.8.3,
  gcc-objc++-4.8.3, gcc-objc-4.8.3, gcc-stripped-tarball-4.8.3,
  gcc-toolchain-4.8.3, gcc-toolchain-4.9.1, gccgo-4.8.3, gdb-7.7.1,
  gettext-0.19.2, gfortran-4.8.3, glib-2.40.0, global-6.3, gmp-6.0.0a,
  gnupg-1.4.18, gnupg-2.0.25, gnutls-3.2.15, gp2c-0.0.9pl1, grep-2.20,
  gst-plugins-base-1.0.10, gstreamer-0.10.36, gtk+-3.10.1, gtkmm-2.24.2,
  guile-2.0.11, guile-2.0.11, guix-0.6, guix-0.6.0ae8c15, htop-1.0.3,
  icu4c-53.1, imagemagick-6.8.9-0, json-c-0.12, libdrm-2.4.33, libgc-7.2e,
  libgcrypt-1.5.3, libgpg-error-1.13, libjpeg-8d, libmicrohttpd-0.9.37,
  libogg-1.3.2, libotr-4.0.0, libtasn1-3.6, libvorbis-1.3.4, lightning-2.0.4,
  linux-libre-3.15.6, lua-5.1.5, lua-5.2.3, mcron-1.0.8, moe-1.6, nano-2.3.6,
  neon-0.29.6, nettle-3.0, openssl-1.0.1h, parallel-20140722, pari-gp-2.7.1,
  pspp-0.8.3, python-2.7.6, python-dateutil-2.2, python2-dateutil-2.2,
  qemu-2.0.0, qemu-headless-2.0.0, qt-4.8.6, qt-5.2.1, readline-6.2,
  screen-4.2.1, soprano-2.9.4, texinfo-5.2, texlive-2014, tor-,
  wdiff-1.2.2, xorriso-1.3.8, xterm-304
  ** Native language support
  *** New translations: de (German), and hu (Hungarian)
  *** Updated translations: eo, pt_BR, sr, vi
  *** Package descriptions moved from the ‘guix’ text domain to ‘guix-packages’
  ** Bugs fixed
  *** Downloads are now faster (<>)
  *** ‘guix authenticate’ properly writes signatures to stdout
  *** Progress report of downloads is now properly displayed
  *** Error reporting of pk-crypto errors has been improved
  *** The 'patches' field now works for origins with no extension
  *** Synchronization and GC issues fixed in the offload hook
  *** (guix ftp-client) emits USER commands suitable for all servers

Sun Jun 15 13:53:19 UTC 2014 -

- bump to 0.6
** Package management
*** Default store directory changed to /gnu/store

Although it is still possible to configure Guix to use the old store
directory, we recommend that you start with a fresh install to /gnu/store.

*** Substitutes from must now be signed and authorized
*** Support for offloading builds to other Guix machines over SSH
*** New ‘guix archive’ command
*** New ‘guix system’ command; it can currently build VM images
*** ‘guix package’ accepts several arguments after -i, -r, and -u
*** Updating a profile with ‘guix package’ is now noticeably faster
*** ‘guix build’ can override a package’s source with the new ‘--with-source’
*** ‘guix build’ has a new ‘--no-build-hook’ option
*** ‘guix’ commands that build packages have a common set of options
*** ‘guix hash’ has a new ‘--recursive’ option
*** Daemon no longer bind-mounts the host’s /dev (improves reproducibility)
** Programming interfaces
*** New (guix pk-crypto) and (guix pki) modules for public key cryptography
*** New #:local-build? parameter for derivations that shouldn’t be offloaded
*** (gnu system vm) has procedures to build VMs that share the host’s store
*** New ‘text-file*’ procedure in (guix monads)
*** System service definitions are now provided by the (guix services) modules
*** New X and SLiM services in (gnu services xorg)
*** New (guix git-download) and (guix svn-download) for git/svn checkouts
** GNU distribution
*** 91 new packages

a2ps, asciidoc, aspell-dict-en, aspell-dict-eo, aspell-dict-es,
aspell-dict-fr, aumix, bitlbee, bogofilter, boost, calcurse, clusterssh,
corkscrew, cursynth, docbook-xml, docbook-xsl, elfutils, enscript, fftwf,
fltk, fuse, gcc-toolchain, giflib, glade, gmime, gnome-desktop, gnubg, gnubik,
gnumach-headers, gnunet, gnuplot, gnurl, gphoto2, gtkglext, guile-json,
guile-reader-for-guile_2.0.11, gxmessage, hdf5, hurd-headers, inkscape, iotop,
isc-dhcp, iso-codes, jnettop, libatomic-ops, libexif, libgphoto2, libmpcdec,
libmpdclient, libotr, libpcap, libpeas, libpipeline, libtirpc, libwebsockets,
ltrace, luajit, lynx, man-db, mc, mig, miniupnpc, moe, mpc123, mpd, ncdc,
ncdu, ncmpc, neon, neon, octave, opus, paperkey, patchutils, perl-tk,
perl-x11-protocol, pinentry, python2-element-tree, python2-pybugz, quilt,
source-highlight, stalonetray, trueprint, ttf-dejavu, unionfs-fuse,
unionfs-fuse-static, uucp, vera, windowmaker, xapian, xterm

*** 90 package updates

apl-1.3, autoconf-2.68, automake-1.14.1, bash-4.3, bash-light-4.3,
bigloo-4.1a, binutils-2.24, binutils-static-stripped-tarball-2.24,
coreutils-8.22, curl-7.35.0, ed-1.10, ffmpeg-2.1.4, file-5.18, freeipmi-1.4.1,
gcc-4.8.2, gcc-4.8.2, gdb-7.7, gdbm-1.11, gettext-, glib-2.39.1,
glibc-2.19, glibc-stripped-tarball-2.19, global-6.2.12, glpk-4.54,
gnu-pw-mgr-1.2, gnupg-1.4.16, gnutls-3.2.12, gp2c-0.0.8pl1, grep-2.18,
gst-plugins-base-0.10.36, gstreamer-1.0.10, gtk+-3.10.1, gtkmm-2.24.2,
guile-2.0.11, guile-ssh-0.6.0, guile-static-stripped-tarball-2.0.11,
guile-wm-1.0, guile-xcb-1.3, guix-0.5, help2man-1.45.1, icu4c-52.1,
imagemagick-6.8.8-10, inetutils-1.9.2, lapack-3.5.0, libcdio-0.92,
libdrm-2.4.46, libextractor-1.3, libgc-7.2e, libgc-7.4.0, libgcrypt-1.6.1,
libjpeg-9, libmicrohttpd-0.9.34, libssh-0.6.3, libtasn1-3.4, lightning-2.0.3,
linux-libre-3.13.7, mpc-1.0.2, mutt-1.5.23, net-base-5.2, ocrad-0.23,
openssh-6.6p1, openssl-1.0.1g, parallel-20140322, pari-gp-2.7.0, pspp-0.8.2,
pulseaudio-5.0, python-2.7.6, python-3.3.5, python-wrapper-3.3.5,
python2-pysqlite-2.6.3a, qemu-1.7.1, qemu-headless-1.7.1,
qemu-with-multiple-smb-shares-1.7.1, qt-4.8.5, qt-5.2.0, readline-6.3,
recutils-1.7, slim-1.3.6, sqlite-, subversion-1.7.14, texinfo-4.13a,
tor-, tzdata-2014a, units-2.11, valgrind-3.9.0, vim-7.4, wget-1.15,
xnee-3.18, xorriso-1.3.6.pl01, zile-2.4.11

*** New ‘gcc-toolchain’ meta-package, makes it easy to install a GCC tool chain
*** libc’s Info manual is now installed
*** Binutils is built with --enable-deterministic-archives
*** Packages that populated man/man* now populate share/man/man*
*** Many other packaging improvements
** Bugs fixed
*** ‘guix pull’ consumes less memory, compiles in parallel
*** ‘guix package --list-*’ gracefully handles EPIPE when used in a pipeline
*** ‘guix package’ handles collisions between a symlink and a directory
*** HTTP downloads provide a ‘User-Agent’ field (
*** ‘guix package’ no longer shows misleading installed package number
*** Manual suggests ‘useradd --system’ (
*** Python is built with ctypes support (
*** HTTP/TLS connection not terminated properly (
*** Gracefully handle poorly behaved HTTP servers (

Wed Feb 12 21:32:43 UTC 2014 -

- remove file %{_infodir}/dir causing just mess

Tue Feb 11 07:04:40 UTC 2014 -

- explicitly require guile as dependency

Tue Feb 11 06:49:44 UTC 2014 -

- don't add %{_infodir}/dir into package for Fedora 20

Thu Jan 23 14:14:58 UTC 2014 -

- add init script and it's rc symlink to sbin
- automatically create group and users used for building

Thu Jan 23 10:14:58 UTC 2014 -

- add /usr/share/info/dir to package for non-SUSE distros

Thu Jan 23 08:36:10 UTC 2014 -

- remove pkgconfig based dependencies to reach more audience

Wed Jan 22 20:54:31 UTC 2014 -

- let there be guix!