File enlightenment.changes of Package enlightenment

Tue Mar 23 05:48:53 UTC 2018 -

- 0.22.3
    * T6779 Fix screenlock regression
    * T6784 enlightenment_open still uses deprecated defaults.list
    * remove pulse - wayland hack thats no longer needed 

Thu Mar 15 05:48:53 UTC 2018 -

- 0.22.2
    * T5910    systray related crashes.
    * T6202    luncher: popup focus issue.
    * T6211    Login with wrong password possible! "Authentication via PAM had errors setting up the authentication session. The error code was 11"
    * T6259    BSD CPUClock bryce gadget - arrow moves in the opposite direction
    * T6328    luncher preview issues
    * T6414    e moves and resizes maximized windows on restart
    * T6454    Copy Paste freezes E.
    * T6617    Better check for evas gl support
    * T6619    Black flicker between E's splash screen and desktop
    * T6623    moving gadgets around multiple times crashes E
    * T6633    make it simpler to report bugs
    * T6644    wayland / xwayland issues
    * T6721    Make Bryce Less like a pogostick
    * T6722    lockscreen gadgets are not shown on "startup lockscreen" and "suspend lockscreen" 
    * T6723    window borders doesn't accept edje icons 
    * Other miscolanious fixes
- Don't ship wayland desktop file in Leap 15 (but build support)
- Fix desktop files not to symlink to each other
- Add feature-qt-apps-gtk2-theme.patch to set a style for Qt apps
  they look rather broken otherwise

Thu Nov 30 05:48:53 UTC 2017 -

- Remove sysactions.conf - not needed when systemd is available

Thu Nov  9 06:18:00 UTC 2017 -

- 0.22.1
  * Bugs fixed
    * T5883 	screen blank: mouse click broken after waking from screem blank.
    * T6258 	E22 freezes on bryce manipulations
    * T6288 	Luncher app popup doesn't update from different VD
    * T6316 	enlightenment-0.22.0/src/bin/e_intl.c: unbounded file read ?
    * T6322 	No input on Logout problems window.
  * Other noteable changes
    * music-control - install properly with meson build with icon
    * Adding danish strings to desktop files

Fri Nov  3 04:12:23 UTC 2017 -

- 0.22.0 Release
  * Greatly improved Wayland support
  * Improvements to new gadget infrastructure
  * Added a sudo/ssh askpass utility gui
  * tiling policy improvements
  * integrated per-window volume controls

Thu Sep 14 00:15:17 UTC 2017 -

- 0.22.0 alpha test package

Wed Aug 23 00:49:51 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 0.21.9 fixing a number of issues including
    * T4648
    * T4887
    * T5258
    * T5370
    * T5521
    * T5599
    * T5601
    * T5604
    * T5606
    * T5654
    * T5664
    * T5666
    * T5678
    * T5693
    * T5700
    * T5714
    * T5738
    * T5817 

Wed Jun 28 07:59:52 UTC 2017 -

- fix feature-wizard-auto-lang.patch to work again
- fix update-alternatives usage.
- Remove systemd handling not needed for user services

Wed May 24 10:27:39 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 0.21.8 Fixing a number of issues including the following
  * T3144
  * T5262
  * T5288
  * T5340
  * T5348
  * T5418
  * T5444
  * T5464

Wed May 17 14:19:33 UTC 2017 -

- Use update-alternatives to create default.desktop xsession (boo#1030873)

Thu Mar  9 00:29:12 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 0.21.7
  * Fixes wayland build issues.
  * eina_init BEFORE switching uid.
  * tiling: dont use floating state when toggling.
  * multiple wayland fixes.
  * bryce fixes.
  * warning fixes.
Wed Feb 15 04:16:28 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 0.21.6
  * Multiple wayland fixes
  * tasks - calculate min width properly given a known height of a gadget
  * e dialog - fix unreszable dialogs to not be 1x1
  * Make gadget editor popup scrollable
  * Fix multiple code warnings

Thu Dec  8 01:13:18 UTC 2016 -

- Bump to 0.21.5 changes to come
  * Multiple wayland related fixes
  * Revert all sizing commits to ibar/ibox for the past year
  * Maintain “empty” object's size hints when ibar/ibox resizes

Wed Nov 30 21:56:25 UTC 2016 -

- Bump to 0.21.4
  * Most changes are related to wayland and bryce and won't affect
    most users, thre are several other minor fixes as well.
  * boo#983978 - Scaling set to 1.2 at start of the wizard 
  * Updated German and other translations
- edit feature-wizard-auto-lang.patch added workaround for boo#1008982
  LC_CTYPE is not set
- add feature-wizard-keylayout-from-sys.patch boo#1003939 this is another
  enhancement but due to a further upstream bug the keyboard layout
  screen still needs to be displayed
- add feature-suse-disable-offline-menu.patch - as openSUSE uses 
  network manager not connman offline mode doesn't do whats expected
  so the menu item has been removed

Thu Oct 13 12:10:40 UTC 2016 -

- Add feature-wizard-auto-lang.patch boo#1003939

Fri Oct  7 06:34:52 UTC 2016 -

- Bump to 0.21.3


Carsten Haitzler (4):
      update e po files
      e exec - fix exec of enlightenment_open to use actual e prefix
      explicitly use eina list types passing into EINA_LIST_FREE()

Cedric BAIL (1):
      fix text preview to use eina_strbuf_append_length that doesn't call strlen and crash.

Christopher Michael (3):
      Remove unused variables from ibar_resize_handle function
      add missing EINA_UNUSED for function parameter
      Update wayland readme file

Derek Foreman (6):
      Don't send keyboard leave events to unfocused clients
      Fix error print when wl_wl fails to start
      Fix xwayland binary location det0.21ection
      Don't kill self during shutdown
      NULL out xwayland fd handlers after deleting them

Flavio Ceolin (1):
      emix: when in alsa mode only operate on master

Marcel Hollerbach (7):
      ibar: try to get a better min size
      tiling: place popup on the current active zone
      tiling: be more accurate on the description
      mixer: introduce Barrier checks
      mixer: introduce emix_max_volume_get
      ibar: multiply size with scale
      mixer: lock up the slider for the case a drag is in progress

Massimo Maiurana (1):
      Updating slovenian translation

Mike Blumenkrantz (34):
      use stringshare_add() for evry files plugin mime types
      another case of stringshare misuse re:efreet_mime_type_get()
      ignore xwl clients when flagging wl surfaces as internal
      add event handler for evry event type, not #define value
      do not attempt to populate gadgets during type_add if site has not yet been populated
      add docs for E_Comp struct members
      move 'unmaximize' smart callback to after geom calc in client_unmaximize
      use comp canvas win by default for any drop handler with an E_Object
      handle e_comp deref during e_dnd shutdown to avoid crash
      always use compositor object stacking when performing internal drags
      clamp bryces to a lower canvas layer
      use same layer in bryce editor for "above window" setting
      set gadget added flag any time a gadget is created or wizarded
      add separate codepath for handling layout of moving gadgets
      force smart calc on gadget sites at key points during move operations
      attempt to retain gadget size when executing move operations
      adjust gadget drop coords for pointer offset
      check visibility of gadget site 'events' member to determine drop availability
      add backspace/delete for clearing all lockscreen gadgets
      always use largest available size for free-oriented gadgets
      add gadget doc note for gadget_destroyed callback re:object lifetimes
      force bgpreview widget to resize after a wallpaper update
      always delete gadget's display object and ensure gadget object is null
      do not update bryce layer when restacking to a higher layer than CLIENT_ABOVE
      remove extraneous recalc trigger when deleting a gadget
      do not consume key events in comp autoclose key callback if desklock is active
      add e_util_open(), unify all callers of enlightenment_open
      remove (wrong) setting of layer for time's clock gadget popup
      do not show wireless gadget popups if desklock is active
      force shape queue when gadget util ctxpopups change visibility
      print object type in shape debug if name does not exist
      clamp gadget util ctxpopups to E_LAYER_POPUP at the lowest
      handle "unmaximize" smart callback differently depending on fullscreen state
      force zone useful geometry recalc on desk flip if prev/next desk has obstacles

Romain Naour (2): wayland only build fix
      e_xkb: add guard around skip_new_keyboard

Simon Lees (3):
      Also set QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE

YeongJong Lee (1):
      fix korean translation mismatch

Fri Aug 26 12:31:37 UTC 2016 -

- Fix fedora builds a bit.

Fri Aug 19 13:31:31 UTC 2016 -

- Release test build

Fri Aug 19 04:16:19 UTC 2016 -

- Bump to 0.21.2
Carsten Haitzler (6):
      e - fix dnd problems coming from getting top object in comp canvas
      e ibar/ibox port to elm box - fix assumption on resize
      e - fix major memory bloat when in gl mode - dont create shm segments
      e temp module - kill tempget process not terminate to ensure death
      e ibar - fix devilhorns fix to use the right widght and hight for separator
      e comp - set alpha after setting native surface to avoid random crash

Chidambar Zinnoury (3):
      e: Don’t show two consecutive menu separators if there is no need in client menu.
      e fm: Add a separator only if there is something before.
      e fm: Don’t check every other line whether the location is writable when creating menu.

Christopher Michael (7):
      Revert "e - fix major memory bloat when in gl mode - dont create shm segments"
      remove unused variables from _ibar_resize_handle
      use proper variables to set size_hint_max on ibar
      e ibar - fix "old man" fat finger typo ;)
      remove need to create different dialog windows under wayland
      wl_fb: Check that e_comp_wl_init does not fail.
      add key_up and key_down methods to sreen interface

Derek Foreman (2):
      Fix wayland clients not deleting when they're hidden
      Fix wayland extension global creation

Jean-Philippe ANDRÉ (1):
      bg: Fix bg with single jpeg images (no edj)

JengHyun Kang (1):
      e_comp_wl: break from meaningless loop

Marcel Hollerbach (4):
      e_comp_wl: destroy e_drag when source disappears
      e_alert: define EFL_BETA_API_SUPPORT before any include
      e_dnd: move the ungrab to the object free
      xwayland: show the dialog after ecore_wl2 is in sync

Massimo Maiurana (2):
      Updating italian and spanish translations
      Updating italian translation

Mike Blumenkrantz (6):
      only check x11 configurerequest geometry changes when applicable
      improve quickaccess relaunch help dialog text
      move new version of e_comp_top_window_at_xy_get() to dnd, restore old version
      clear wl subsurface data during delete only if subsurface is not also deleted
      add xwayland compat for efl 1.19+
      bump efl wayland req to 1.18 now that it's out

Romain Naour (1):
      E: include uuid.h only when Wayland support is enabled.

Stefan Schmidt (1):
      mailmap: sync updated file from efl repo

Wed Jul 20 13:11:23 UTC 2016 -

- 0.21.1 Release
== Tickets Addressed ==

== Changes ==
Al Poole (1):
      fwin: prevent segv when the vaarg abi messup with unused parameter.

Carsten Haitzler (1):
      e ibar/ibox fix starrting/started signal emittion

Cedric BAIL (1):
      filepreview: avoid race condition when destroying txt file preview with slow hard drive.

Chidambar Zinnoury (1):
      e desks config: Bring some flip settings back.

Chris Michael (1):
      add missing EINA_UNUSED for unused function params

Derek Foreman (3):
      Properly send kbd focus to xdg_shell popups
      Make sure the same keyboard resource doesn't end up on the focus list twice
      Fix xdg_shell focus logic

Marcel Hollerbach (1):
      e_comp_data: NULL out source once it is freed

Mariusz Bialonczyk (1):
      modules/temperature: cosmetics: typo fix (celcius -> celsius)

Mike Blumenkrantz (6):
      handle e_comp_x init failure more effectively and perform cleanups
      set x11 randr iface for wl_x11 based on wm presence, not composited state
      match wl_wl output sizing in wl_x11 when running in an existing wm session
      set unmax flag for xdg shell unmaximize
      set/unset smart parent as e_widget when adding sub-objects
      adjust xdg-shell window menu coords by client's coords

Mon Jul  4 02:44:02 UTC 2016 -

- Spec Cleaner run

Mon Jul  4 02:07:39 UTC 2016 -

- Enlightnement 0.21.0 Release
  * Greatly improved Wayland support
  * New gadget infrastructure
  * Wizard improvements
  * Video backgrounds
- enhance-upstream-share-icons.patch no longer needed.

Wed Jun  8 04:37:30 UTC 2016 -
- This entry was from a merge.
- 0.20.9 Release
== Tickets Addressed ==


== Changes ==
Carsten Haitzler (2):
      e start - no it doesny need dbus-launch
      e - suspend.hibernat intelligently - dont account for ac power

Chris Michael (2):
      stop filling logs with buffer transform/scale spam
      change 'if' clause to make gcc-6 happy

Dave Andreoli (1):
      enlightenment_open: correctly return the exist status code of the executed command

Hannes Janetzek (1):
      just a small patch to make sure evry_hide does not get called synchronously from an Evry_Action

Massimo Maiurana (1):
      Updating italian translation

Mike Blumenkrantz (13):
      remove pulse sinks/sources from list before running cbs which access the list
      fix e_place_zone_region_smart_cleanup()
      add client util function for detecting popups, block popups in ibar/tasks
      update README.wayland to include xwayland crash bug
      update client remember on opacity change
      use current zone for shelf config dialog
      set x11 maximized window hint correctly on resize end
      delete x11 mouse-in job when hiding the job's client
      use current zone when activating a client's menu with the mouse
      handle shaded state when receiving x11 configure requests
      only block mouse-out callback for wl action clients if the mouse is grabbed
      unset comp_grabbed flag before action client compositor ungrab
      force mouse-in again during comp ungrab if client previously had mouse-in

Mon May 16 05:52:59 UTC 2016 -
- 0.21.0 RC1 Release
  * Remove - fix-upstream-startup-apps.patch included upstream

  * Wayland DMA buffer support
  * Wayland session recovery
  * New DRM subsystem
  * Various crash fixes/additions


Thu May 12 06:21:12 UTC 2016 -

- Add fix-upstream-startup-apps.patch to fix startup apps

Thu May  5 00:15:22 UTC 2016 -

- Drop wayland support, needs efl from git.

Fri Apr 29 05:21:39 UTC 2016 -

- 0.21.0 Beta Release

Greatly improved Wayland support
New gadget infrastructure
Wizard improvements
Video backgrounds
Changes since alpha:

Improvements to window placement when using multiple monitors
Upgrade to v3 of Wayland DnD protocol
Various crash fixes/additions
Tickets addressed:

Wed Apr 13 02:46:29 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 0.21.0 alpha1

Fri Apr  8 05:35:30 UTC 2016 -

- Recommend Pulse X11 Intergration for audio out of the box 
- Make services localonly 

Fri Apr  8 03:02:37 UTC 2016 -

- Fix crashes
  * fix-upstream-dont-add-deleted-clients-to-tasks.patch
  * fix-upstream-remove-deleted-clients-on-repop-tasks.patch
- Fix systray issues particuarlly with KDE5 apps
  * fix-upstream-systray-handle-kde5-apps.patch
  * fix-upstream-systray-use-canvas-coords.patch
- Reduce Memory usage by sharing icons.
  * enhance-upstream-share-icons.patch

Wed Mar  9 19:46:44 UTC 2016 -

- Enlightenment 0.20.6
  Tickets Addressed:
  Multiple wayland issues fixed
  Other issues listed below
    e – efm: fix op registry listener add and dont use eina_error
    e xkbswitch: don’t free layouts that are just pointed to in instances
    don’t have to hook the ecore_evas resize callback here as that should be handled by elm now
    Move pixmap free to client free from client destroy
    Render deleted objects as long as they still have a pixmap
    Track whether objects are on the post_updates list or not
    Track whether a render is in progress or not
    clamp minimum shelf size to 20px in shelf config
    do not perform special case position adjustment for re_manage clients
    do not clamp comp object input regions to 0,0
    improve enforcement of shelf autohide-related window adjustment
    reshuffle x11 comp init to cleanup on failure cases
    pre-remove pixmap from x11 clients during del hook
    enable comp object image data refresh if a dirty call is made with no damages
    remove some unused variables
    make bgpreview create vdesk config dialog on mouse up instead of mouse down
    do not decrement e_comp->new_clients for non-new clients during _e_client_eval
    update winlist ui when using directional window selection
    force changed when adding or removing keyboard layouts in config
    disable emotion_shutdown during shutdown procedure
    use strbufs instead of strcat in fwin navbars
    do not set XCURSOR_PATH variable if re-setting existing value
    remove security hole in e_start_main
    remove DISPLAY usage from E_IPC_SOCKET value
    remove multihead env var setting in e_exec
    strcpy -> strncpy in evry files plugin
    use strbuf instead of strcat in keybinding string synthesis
    use strbuf instead of strcat in edgebinding string synthesis
    use dblequal for double comparisons in edgebindings config
    replace static buffer usage with binbuf in e_fm_ipc
    prevent potential null deref during pager (plain) window drag
    remove unused value in config profile saving
    remove useless client_add handler in e_ipc
    use uint instead of int for eina_list_count() return in cpufreq (trivial)
    simplify static grab case statements
    remove ipc command allowing arbitrary command execution by the compositor
    simplify ipc socket creation
    remove impossible null check in color dialog
    do not add render updates during damage of deleted clients
    don’t directly use image data when creating a comp object mirror
    Revert “send mouse out+in on desk flip end”
    reject x11 client mouse-in events on comp object based on frame geometry
    reverse ordering for x11 client mouse in NotifyVirtual and NotifyInferior details
    only use x11 mouse out event if client has received mouse in previously
    apply x11 mouse in event for clients using a job
    apply x11 focus/unfocus using jobs
    block re-unsetting of native surface for comp objects
    always run client res changes in e_comp_canvas_update()

Sat Feb  6 09:29:53 UTC 2016 -

- Enlightenment 0.20.5
Hotfix for critical issue in 0.20.4 

Wed Feb  3 04:17:55 UTC 2016 -

- Enlightenment 0.20.4
Make configure check for Ecore_Wl2 library
include header for Ecore_Wl2
remove unused event loop and add external Ecore_Wl2_Display variable
port wayland compositor to use Ecore_Wl2
port e_scale to use Ecore_Wl2
Port shot module to use ecore_wl2 library
Fix formatting of wl_weekeyboard module
Don't leak eina_iterator in shot module
Port wl_weekeyboard to use Ecore_Wl2 library
Port wl_fb module to use Ecore_Wl2 Library
Fix formatting
Fix formatting
Try to init (and error check the init) of ecore_wl2 library before we     create a compositor
Fix using global ewd variable by making it part of e_comp_wl
Fix type of size fields for E_Shell_Data
Fix issue of nested compositors not working with Ecore_Wl2 library
Update wl_weekeyboard for ecore_evas_wayland_window_get2 function rename
Fix issue of using the wrong id when finding pixmap client
check siginfo si_code to verify that SIGUSR2 comes from user
e_comp_wl: only ignore ignored clients
call ecore_wl2_shutdown() in wl compositor delete callback
create wl client connection during compositor init, use in shot module
define EFL_BETA_API_SUPPORT explicitly in e.h if wayland support is enabled
remove defines for various beta api in other places
remove need_reparent, reparented, first_damage flags from wl client comp_data
call xdg surface map when creating a surface for visible internal windows
set want_focus for xdg popup surfaces on creation
only do passthrough surface map on xwayland surfaces during commit
more correctly handle evry mouse detection on wayland
improve focus setting during wayland client show callback
|= instead of = flag setting for want_focus during wayland surface commit
automatically mark wayland cursor surfaces as visible during set_cursor
do not set focus in wayland client show callback for cursor clients
always apply damages and input regions during wayland commit
remove duplicate visibility setting blocks from wayland surface commit
add render updates for cursor clients if damages exist during set_cursor
reenable fallthrough surface (un)mapping for subsurfaces during commit
remove _e_comp_wl_focus_down_set()
track wayland client mouse button states as a full button mask
enable surface visibility fallthrough for drag clients
unify client mouse action ending
allow instant client mouse actions to persist until mouse up
determine new_client state for xwayland clients using xwayland pixmap
handle more mouse buttons in wayland
allocate E_Shell_Data for all xdg surfaces (popups)
add function for disabling mouse/key/wheel/signal bindings
disable binding activation when grab dialog, menus, or dnd is active
remove comp canvas key handler shortcuts for passing keys to wayland clients
defer screenshot action execution using a job
disable bindings during wayland screenshot operations
do not attempt to create x11 canvas during xwayland init
do not shortcut access of Efreet_Desktop->x hash in fileman
disable shelf shadows if "noshadow" data item exists in shelf theme
do not update keymap group in _e_comp_wl_input_keymap_update()
update xkb.cur_group and send event upon serializing an EFFECTIVE layout in wl input
send mouse out+in on desk flip end
disable map when unsetting zoomap child
Wed Jan 20 00:18:06 UTC 2016 -

- Enlightenment 0.20.3 Bugfix release 
e randr - fix randr dialog to do restore right again
Fix xbl_avail variable being used when it could be undefined
Fix spelling in .pc file
e_grabinput: do not pass a faulty time
block input devices from backlight list
unpopulate all gadcons during shutdown
add shelf callback for hidden state and trigger extra hide-on-show if hiding
un-defer comp util object hiding if second hide occurs during animation
add special case for frame adjustment during first recalc of new clients
test given coordinates in smart window placement algorithm
remove wayland function usage from grabinput methods
simplify and clarify winlist directional selection action code
check all corners of an object in e_comp_object_util_zone_get()
disable custom logging when eina backtrace is active
select mixer popup sink after popup has been fully initialized
optimize zoomap recalc during recursion
make ibar config pointer EINTERN
do full cleanup when overriding existing comp autoclose object
remove configs for illume modules
allow NULL object in e_comp_object_util_autoclose()
improve menu hiding and autoclose
make E_DESK_TYPE an int define
enforce border_fix_on_shelf_toggle config option in shelf
create comp object updates tiler in helper function from either show or damage
do not unset comp object native surface during shape apply
unset WM_STATE for x11 clients upon unmapping them
if available, use wl output (nested) for wayland compositor creation
use more correct defines for enabling wl output modules during comp init
automatically attempt to create a wayland x11 output during comp init
20.3 release Remove ecore-x from wayland only build.
Tiling: tile windows with "Static" gravity.
Update copyright year.

Tickets Addressed


Tue Dec 29 05:11:11 UTC 2015 -

- Enlightenment 0.20.2 Bugfix release
Add missing function prototype for e_winlist_direction_select
emix: Rename parameter bool to mute
wayland: Add support for wl_surface.damage_buffer
alsa: fix a valgrind warning
mixer: only save state if not in init
simplify e_mouse_update() code for x11 compositors
only show x11 clients during MapNotify/Request if they have Normal state
show non-new x11 clients immediately when changing Withdrawn -> Normal
ignore withdrawn state for x11 override clients during show
Set QT_QPA_PLATFORM theme to gtk2
enhance winlist next window selection

Tickets Addressed


Tue Dec 15 10:24:19 UTC 2015 -

- Enlightenment 0.20.1 Bugfix release
e backlight - avoid seg when comp is shut down and backlight updated
e comp - set e_comp to null on shutdown so others dont access junk
e zone - handle null e_comp if comp is already shut down
e randr - feature fix that allows config to jump to specific screen
e exec - fix missing ref and unref for instance event
e randr - fix silent free of data behind randr's back
e comp randr support - fix leak of randr info
e randr2 - remove auto-clone and now make randr dialog come up instead
e randr - fix leak of modes list in randr code
e - fix using an invalid icon theme - fall back to hicolor if not exists
e - fix leak added by previous fix for icon theme
conf_apps: fix add/remove screen lock applications.
e_randr2: Add NULL check
Updating italian translation
use client geometry for calculations in x11 ConfigureRequest handler
reshuffle all notifications on a notification merge
disable redirection toggling for the nocomp client
fix wl-x11 make/install rules to not include nonexistent DATA files
enforce wayland subsurface stacking order when parent surface is restacked
apply already-committed wayland subsurface positioning after parent surface move
init ecore-x during wl-x11 init to ensure DISPLAY is set
move comp canvas resize callback to monitor elm win geometry
do not apply x11 randr iface in wl-x11 if running nested in x11
add wayland shell private data for managing shell-specific data
do not drop subsurface buffer early after commit from cache
make e_comp_wl_surface_attach static and take a surface state
set wayland new client focus based on accepts_focus and !override
use canvas RENDER_PRE callback to trigger compositor pre-render callbacks
do not reapply x11 icccm state during fetch
never set withdrawn state on x11 clients
use current box geometry for calculating desktop ibar/ibox sizing

Tickets Addressed


Mon Nov 30 20:59:27 UTC 2015 -

- Enlightenment 0.20.0 Release 
Release Highlights

    Full Wayland support
    New screen management infrastructure and dialog
    New audio mixer infrastructure and gadget
    Many internal widgets replaced with Elementary
    Improved FreeBSD support
    Geolocation module

Tickets Addressed (since -rc)


Tickets Addressed (since 0.19)


Sat Nov 14 21:18:33 UTC 2015 -

- only call fdups once

Fri Oct  9 10:09:30 UTC 2015 -

- fix my e-mail address
- drop enlightenment-0.19.1-fix-bashisms.patch as it is bogus
- give pam configuration more fitting better name
- fix Fedora build

Thu Oct  8 01:31:50 UTC 2015 -

- bump to 0.19.12
Tickets Resolved


Changes since 0.19.11
md5: fix wrong sizeof argument (SIZEOF_MISMATCH)
efm - handle cancel of async eio if icon is freed and eio still active
e - efm fix. fix eio error handler that is called after eio cancel
e menus: Fix invalid comparisons.
broadcast support for _GTK_FRAME_EXTENTS
fully support _GTK_FRAME_EXTENTS
add util function for determining if a client is allowed to have a frame
fix e_shelf_position_calc() to not set struct members before applying them
block border-affecting entries from showing up in client menu with csd
block border-affecting client functions for csd clients
set comp object client_inset.calc based on frame_object existence
check warp_client existence during pointer warp before dereferencing it
fix handling of x11 ICCCM WithdrawnState
initialize pixmap size vars in comp resize interceptor
map/unmap x11 client windows when toggling iconic state
completely remove all wayland support from build system
blacklist all versions of efl affected by T2745
force pixmap clear when hiding an x11 window
set x11 broadcast atom hint array size based on array-name size
force adjustment of client geometry when changing csd frame size
remove client maximize states during unmaximize only if they are active
unset E_Client->changes.need_unmaximize after calling unmaximize
allow client resizes on axes currently unrestricted by maximize state
unset the requested maximize state when receiving a client unmaximize request
use more accurate math to determine whether to apply a client maximize change
do not set client window coordinates during a move until after resizing check
use client window coords for resize-moving without a frame_object
_GTK_FRAME_EXTENTS changes using a property, not a client message
reject identical calls to e_comp_object_frame_geometry_set()
reject client resize attempts for clients with dirty pixmaps
remove object event callback on notification popdown
free x11 damage region rects
add RENDER_DEBUG for forced renders when setting dirty flag
fix comp render return value for failed draws of non-argb clients
unify comp render returns for argb and non-argb clients
move client post-update adding into render function
fix systray to work with spec-breaking apps, eg. steam
move configure init after intl init has completed
make icon selection dialog resizable in .desktop editor
clear menu cache when saving a menu file
attempt to load default e_bindings if initial load fails
repopulate app list dialogs when efreet deskop cache updates
only use fast-path pixmap size updating after a resize for x11 clients
Add "(drag only)" to title for drag only edge bindings
Updating spanish translation

Thu Oct  1 21:57:57 UTC 2015 -

- bump to 0.19.11
Tickets Resolved

  Changes since 0.19.10
    e - fm - flush all evas caches to get rid of open file handles b4
    e - fix crash in desktop lookup+fixup where exe_inst is null
    deskmirror - fix dangling reference to mirror by refcounting it
    deskmirror: check if ec is not null before accessing it
    delete notification mirror objects upon deleting original popup
    unset client hidden flag on config dialogs when activating from
      another vdesk
    add ilist method for setting disabled state
    remove unused variables in ilist widget
    send FLOAT_SET edje messages during desk flip
    make bgpreview widget work with panoramic wallpapers
    always set alpha for internal wins
    decode .desktop link and directory uris in fileman menus
    re-set internal ee win after applying alpha
    only lower x11 layer windows for layers which have windows during
    add eeze watch for backlight events
    remove backlight update calls from backlight module
    add efl versioning for eeze backlight monitoring
    do not return non-visible clients for e_client_under_pointer_get()
    only set focus on clients which are visible during client eval
    move focus setting on restart into desk restore function
    apply vertical maximize algorithm for LEFT/RIGHT maximized windows
    unset E_Client->want/take_focus flags during client eval
    block gadcon thaw on unpopulate when gadcon is deleted
    only unpopulate a shelf when applying new settings if the shelf
      won't be recreated
    clamp client geometry to zone during geometry calc
    redo client maximization when a non-overlap shelf changes geometry
    do not emit client iconify signal when reapplying compositor theme
    calculate comp object visibility regardless of pending damages
    update xkb settings and send xkb update event when calling
    only init E_EVENT_XKB_CHANGED during xkb init if xkb init hasn't
      already occurred
    attempt to maintain currently-selected kbd layout when modifying
      kbd list
    improve client exe_inst creation
    fix systray implementation of notifier watcher

- refresh enlightenment-0.16.999.65256-dont_require_suidbit.patch to
  apply cleanly
- prepare for wayland support (once it won't be broken)
- simplify some macro blocks

Wed Sep 23 04:44:54 UTC 2015 -

- Remove unneeded debug from spec

Wed Sep 23 03:23:33 UTC 2015 -

- Belated changelog entry for removing some pages from the wizard
  this also means set_default_system_language.patch is no longer required

Thu Sep 17 12:38:17 UTC 2015 -

- Add network manager intergration including feature-network-manager-wizard.patch 

Tue Sep 15 06:01:47 UTC 2015 -

- bump to 0.19.10
  * Remove enlightenment-0.19.9-fix-font-loading.patch (included upstream)
Tickets Resolved:

e comp - set rects to null to silence compiler warning
fix x11 compositor to use damage events
explicitly show the client object of internal window during show
force-disable refocus during desk flip on client activation
unshade clients when activating
ensure that normal clients are stacked below overrides when raising
add extreme hacks to enforce nocomp stacking policies
set 'starting' flag for desk show in e_zone_desk_count_set()
ensure that non-fullscreen nocomp clients have their layers re-set
Wizard: Update icon theme search list

Sun Sep  6 08:15:42 UTC 2015 -

- Add enlightenment-0.19.9-fix-font-loading.patch
  * Already upstream in what will become 0.19.10 and
  * Currently we don't ship the icon sets e looks for

Sun Aug 23 11:42:06 UTC 2015 -

- bump to 0.19.9
Full Release Notes:

Tickets resolved:


Thu Aug  6 06:25:11 UTC 2015 -

- bump to 0.19.8 -skipped .6 - .7
Full release notes:

Tickets resolved: 

passive window grabs - fix side-effect leave/enter events on clients
enlightenment: Make E build again with EFL from git
wizard: Prevent crash
wizard: Prevent crash
reject client fullscreening based on config and desk visibility
force xwindow stacking to obey nocomp policy and stack below current nocomp
allow new fullscreening clients to replace current nocomp where applicable
fix focusing client on mouse events which trigger actions (with exceptions)
fix shelf visibility state signals
fix eo errors for ilist icon select state
allow layer-blocked clients in deskmirror to restack
return an accurate value for override clients in e_comp_object_util_zone_get()
only apply deskmirror client visibility logic for non-deleted clients
stop rejecting possibly-valid x11 focus events
check for possible parent window on x11 mouse button events
fix focus FIXME regarding focus-setting on clients from other desks
unset changes.visible when forcing visibility during no-effect desk flip
add E_Client-> for determining mouse-in status
trigger fake mouse-out on clients when unsetting focus
trigger client mouse-in on x11 mouse movement for non-action clients
enforce pstate's extremely-confusing no_turbo option in cpufreq
use client window for x11 button ungrabbing
redo all x11 client mouse grabbing for focus
straggler ungrab of x11 parent window from previous commit
ensure x11 focus grabs are applied on client init when needed
only ungrab x11 windows when appropriate focus options are set
reject x11 replay clicks when event window != client window
do not apply x11 focus grabs to internal clients if efl version > 1.14
make e_client_util_desk_visible() work for overrides without desks
make pager popups only trigger on urgency hint if client is not currently visible
set CRITICAL urgency for notification internal notifications
block client signal binding activation when mouse action is active
move E_Client-> to E_Client->mouse_in to avoid abi breakage
account for race condition when creating initial comp object updates tiler
fix compile against newer efl
move grabinput focus fix timer to x11 compositor and fix it to Work Better
always set x11 override client geometry on startup
fix compile warning
only unset e MANAGED atom on non-shutdown
only trigger client mouse-in from x11 mouse move event if client+desk are visible
ensure that focus is set and focus stack is managed on winlist hide
never use new clients for stacking part 2: the secret of the stacking
ensure clients possess comp_data before dereferencing it during x11 stacking
always stop passing key events on once they reach the lokker callback
simulate modal windows for badly behaved x11 clients

use runtime check for determining x11 compositor grab behavior
improve x11 compatibility with efl versions earlier than 1.15

e - warning fix - fix SVID_SOURCE complaint warning
e menu - an extra object ref causes menus to never be freed
e - shelf menu - handle deletion properly if cb is not for shelf menu
allow x11 mouse wheel events to check ev->event_window for possible client match
reject x11 NotifyVirtual and NotifyInferior mouse in events
disable ecore-evas events on client windows during actions
fix build break from previous commit
use gadget zone for evry gadget launcher
add fallback loading of default theme on init
remove spurious focus setting on desk flip without animation
fix wizard module loading when E_MODULE_SRC_PATH is set
defer focus-setting on focus revert during desk flip when visibility is pending
show drag object immediately when beginning a drag

Wed Jun 10 07:29:05 UTC 2015 -

- Fix up e17 obsoletion after consoltation with DimStar

Thu May  7 06:25:17 UTC 2015 -

- bump to 0.19.5 lots of improvements
MEDIUM: modules/shot: switch to https://
e clients - make sure we handle client with a NULL zone
e_shelf - check visiblity with zone and desk FIRST not later
e - xsettings - calloc buffer since we leave 3 of 4 bytes unset
e client - desk wait - ref it properly and clean up delfn
modules/bluez4: fix duplicated symbol
e_ipc: fix creation of IPC server when $DISPLAY is a path
pre-escape all notification body texts before display or merge
set ec->fullscreen before applying fullscreen geometry
never resize client clip object
exit immediately if any unrecognized arg is passed on startup
use stderr messages when failing to init X compositor
fix horizontal/vertical smart maximize
fix crash when using e_comp_object_util_center_pos_get() with non comp_objects
don't modify pixmap hash when changing pixmap parent window
slight ibar dnd optimization when checking taskbar apps for drop site
fix ibar drop calc to not unexpectedly trigger epileptic seizures in users
fix straggler container text in mousebindings config
remove layer setting from deskmirror
always lower e_layout children upon packing
raise deskmirror windows on startup
set xkb dialog as changed after adding a new layout
set E_Exec_Instance desktop during client idler if none present
allow client icon change events in ibar client prop handler
fix nocomp_override conditional which would inaccurately toggle nocomp
fix evry comparison macro to work as expected
use client geometry for starting unmaximize calculations
swap key -> keyname when attempting to bind lparen/rparen keys
remove contact module
add function for clearing app menu cache
clear app menu cache any time a desktop is edited internally
remove eina_streq usage
attempt to decode notification image uris with efreet before showing them
fix submenu visibility during scroll
ensure client max w/h props are set before applying them to client geom
use client geom for comp object centering functions if ec->new_client is set
rename client menu move/resize items to indicate real function
freeze evas events on clients during keyboard move/resize actions
only apply mouse down focus events if a binding did not run on the same event
force visibility on clients before attempting to hide them
change default icon theme to hicolor
try hicolor icon theme as fallback for fdo icon setting if user's theme fails
fix notification text to conform to spec and libnotify implementation
prune module config list when loading a module
fix infinite loop when changing ibar sources

Tickets resovled

Sun Apr 19 05:18:51 UTC 2015 -

- Packaging: Require a icon theme that will be detected by enlightenment

Fri Apr 17 02:01:37 UTC 2015 -

- Packaging: Require xdg-utils on the odd chance its not already installed

Sun Mar 15 05:15:09 UTC 2015 -

- Bump to 0.19.4 Bugfix release
    maximization bug affecting libreoffice and others - fix
    e - client list update after adding to client list - fix netwm bug
    efm - make dir listing far faster - no file magic content and dont sync
    e - menus - fix autoscroll on zones not at 0 y...
    e - menus - fix submenu popup direction when zones are not at 0 y
    e backlight: use saner default values.
    cpufreq: freebsd fixes
    continue to hide window input regions on desk flip if they are shaded
    ensure no duplicate XDG paths are prepended during startup
    check for eldbus instead of edbus in device backend libs
    block linear desk flips that would wrap if desk flip wrapping is disabled
    use direct path for setting icons in util theme set function when icon is a path
    don't send unfocused signal to override clients
    escape notification popup text...always
    fix crashing when changing desklock settings and using pin/personal auth
    clamp client size to screen when client limit policy does not allow offscreen
    rename extremely frustratingly-named E_Screen_Limits enum and members
    do not reapply focus on canvas object ungrab/close for pointer-focus enthusiasts
    remove unnecessary icon setting and fix sizing in edgebindings
    fix dialog sizing when icon setting fails
    set default text for edgebindings caption when no bindings exist
    fix appindicator icon loading when using IconThemePath key
    don't clamp bgpreview vsize if bgpreview is a fullscreen overlay
    fix border frame color classes to be configured as solids, not text
    remove wayland-only support

Sun Jan 25 22:46:27 UTC 2015 -

- Bump to 0.19.3 bugfix release
  * Fix safing settings failing in some cases on reboot 
  * Fix eldbus usage
  * don't recalc winlist on client add event if client is not added to winlist
  * don't show mixer popup during nocomp
  * comp pending resizes should not require both w+h to change
  * don't set gravity on client windows during X move/resize
  * completely block border changes on MWM borderless windows
  * disable client stack debugging
  * add E_VERSION_MAJOR define for external module usage
  * check focus after X nocomp end
  * don't change shade.x/y during unshade or after shade
  * fix build from tarball when configured mount backend is different from origin
  * don't set deskmirror scale for non-mb objects
  * Tiling: don't try to change the border of borderless windows.

Fri Jan  9 04:29:27 UTC 2015 -

- Require Elementary (Hadn't picked this up as terminology
    currently requires it)

Mon Jan  5 10:39:29 UTC 2015 -

- Recommend sni-qt to make Qt4/kde4 apps work with systray

Fri Dec 19 07:40:32 UTC 2014 -

- Bump to 0.19.2
   * Randr Fixes particuarlly for nvidia
   * Fix X Crash
   * eeze and efm fixes
   * Further minor fixes

Thu Dec 11 22:49:29 UTC 2014 -

- use %fdupes properly, replace duplicates with symlinks
  (found by Olaf Kirch <>

Mon Nov 17 00:41:00 UTC 2014 - Led <>

- remove unneeded '-e' option of 'echo' command in
  enlightenment_remote script. That option may be unsupported in
  some POSIX-complete shells
- add patches:
  * enlightenment-0.19.1-fix-bashisms.patch

Thu Oct 16 05:24:02 UTC 2014 -

- Bump to 0.19.1 (Bugfix release)
   * don't add nocomp damages for input-only windows
   * check protocol visibility for nocomp breaks, not comp object visibility
   * manually break out of nocomp
   * end nocomp on nocomp end...always
   * force render queue on unmaximize if client was fullscreen
   * add borderless theme for deskmirror clients to support various
   * comp render queue on every client resize instead of on unmaximize
   * force comp render queue more aggressively to detect changes in nocomp
   * client hooks should not continue to be called if the client has
been deleted
   * thaw evas on winlist activation with no clients available
   * modules/teamwork: Use eina_file_mkstemp() to avoid problems with umask
   * fix: Add more desktops to be tiled by default in the tiling config.

Thu Oct  9 06:42:29 UTC 2014 -

- add sysactions.conf-systemd
  - follows upstream by calling systemctl rather then consolekit and 
    upower through dbus
  - keeps the full user permissions and not providing mount options

Tue Sep 16 04:51:13 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 0.19.0 Release

Changelog from upstream (Note we don't build wayland support for 13.2)
* greatly improved wayland support
    - E_WL_FORCE environment variable for forcing output types
* e_uuid_store: Add infrastructure to store window/surface properties.
* Add a tiling profile.
* per-screen desklock logo visibility config
* Tiling: Merge the tiling module rework..
* check udisks1 DevicePresentationHide flag
* ACTIVATE_EXCLUDE window active hint policy
* show video resolution in filepreview widget
* add fileman option to clamp video size for video previews
* handle xrandr backlight using a single, accurate handler
* blanking options for wakeup on events (urgent + notify)
* packagekit module for package manager integration
* ibar now optionaly triggers its menu on mouse in
* selective redirection toggling
* new focus option "raise on revert focus"
* add PIN-style desklock for lokker module
* make desklock hookable, break out current desklock into module, move pam
stuff to separate file
* revive personal desklock passwords
* allow moveresize visuals to be replaced
* allow desk flip animations to be handled completely externally
* E16-style live pager returns!
* comp config is no longer a module
* E_FIRST_FRAME env variable
* new compositor API
* add E_MODULE_SRC_PATH for setting current module src path without needing
to install modules
* use non-recursive makefiles for entire build system

* filemanager popups no longer span multiple monitors
* system operations no longer dim screen until action has begun
* window stacking and focus restore is more accurate across restarts
* gstreamer1 is now used for media previews
* improved multiple monitor setup reliability
* shaped windows now render more accurately

Fri Aug 29 13:51:20 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 0.19.0 RC3- Merged from X11:Enlightenment:Nightly
  * Major Packaging changes
    * Use upstream sysactions.conf, if systemd is present, no longer requires suid bits
    * remove disable physics / ephysics configure flags, physics module is long gone, 
      and we support physics now anyway (removes sysactions.conf-oS12.2 patch from factory)
    * e18.service now enlightenment.service
  * Upstream changes
    * Compositor rewrite
    * Vastly better wayland support (were not building it)
    * New modules
      * Tiling
      * Pager
      * ibar - now behaves like a complete task bar (Win 7 Style)
      * Music control
      * package management modules
    * Bug fixes and coverty fixes
    * Probably a whole lot more (News files still need work)

Mon May 12 17:06:41 UTC 2014 -

- bump to 0.18.8
  * screenshot now displays a helpful error message when it fails
  * efm no longer sometimes shows files from other directories
  * efm no longer sometimes shows blank filenames
  * fix syscon button signals
  * fix winlist scrolling
  * fix systray appindicator deletion
  * fix systray appindicator icon loading
- fix Provides & Obsoletes ranges

Wed Apr 16 22:19:25 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 0.18.7
   * unify temp module temperature_get_bus_files() functions
   * check notification icon size correctly
   * correctly check evry trigger matches
   * comp config dialog correctly detects effects disabled/fast states
* efm current .desktop fetching now returns the right .desktop
* swallow efm background objects after applying theme
* ibar now scrolls correctly during drags
* no longer place windows at 0,0 during restart
* music_control: Use correct markup for metadata text.

Tue Apr  8 08:13:25 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 0.18.6 (No idea where the 1.8.X version numbers where coming from
  Should have been 0.18.*
  Release Notes:
    This bugfix release primarily focuses on fixing issues reported by the
    Coverity static analyzer.

    * wl_desktop_shell builds out of source tree
    * get entry width based on viewport size, not entry size
    * fix hiding of windows when delete is requested
    * don't deref teamwork pointer after null check
    * don't deref possibly-null value in mouse bindings
    * correctly calculate minimum flowlayout rows
    * efm_op no longer tries to close invalid fds during delete ops
    * don't use external log domain in systray
    * don't use external log domain in music player
    * don't crash when saving screenshots with no file extension
    * don't crash on possibly-null gadman bg string extensions
    * check for unicode string end in client menu
    * don't crash when passing NULL desk to e_border_under_pointer_get
    * set connman pending.disconnect when disconnecting a service
    * don't iterate with or access freed pointer in comp match dialog
    * ensure use of non-garbage values for menu item icon placeholders
    * use more descriptive + accurate buffer size in batget iterator
    * prevent out of bounds access in systray theme setup
    * prevent out of bounds write in e_intl_locale_parts_get()
    * ensure null termination of string in xsettings config
    * dim/undim actions don't require acpi triggers

Thu Mar  6 03:41:42 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 1.8.5
  * Fix selection of the standard profile in wizard.
  * pointer warp speed config slider correctly detects changed state
  * set border starting geometry from initial zone
  * don't use raise stack for iterating borders
  * Fix wl_desktop_shell compiler warning for Mike
  * evry string matching now handles UTF8
  * remove efm nav SELF_RENAME handler

Thu Feb 27 09:54:40 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 1.8.4 and efl 1.9.0 

Fri Feb 21 11:43:09 UTC 2014 -

- conflicts should only be for above 0.17.3 as we obsolete older versions
  use version 0.1 of branding to see if that fixes other complants

Wed Feb 12 21:45:25 UTC 2014 -

- Make enlightenment-devel explicity conflict with e17-devel and 
  provide obsoletes
- Do the same for doc-html

Wed Feb 12 06:26:58 UTC 2014 -

- Enlightenment now provides and obsoletes e17 >= 0.17.3
  This should migrate 12.3 and 13.1 users to enlightenment (e18)
  but leave 13.2 users (0.17.6) with e17

Tue Dec 31 04:52:45 UTC 2013 -

- bump to 0.18.2
  * Fix for lock screen
  * Fix for excessive logging to .xsession-errors
  * Fixed display of version info

Tue Dec 24 03:40:59 UTC 2013 -

- Requires branding

Tue Dec 24 03:33:15 UTC 2013 -

- Upstream branding change for terminology

Sun Dec 22 04:12:17 UTC 2013 -

- e18.0 RELEASE !!!!!!
 * Compositing merged into core
   * No longer (as) optional
   * No longer (as) buggy
   * Wayland client support added
   * Teamwork module added
 * Fixed at least 10 crashes
   * User experience while crashing improved; some users have reported over a 200% improvement here
 * New modules for improving desktop integration:
   * music-control - Control your music!
   * bluez4 - Control your bluetooth!
   * appmenu - Control your DBus application menus!
   * conf_comp - Control your compositor settings!
 * Improved systemd integration
 * Internal theme merged into Elementary
   * Theme migration guide for themers looking to update their E17 themes to work with E18
 * RandR and binding config domains have been split into separate files to make copying and updating easier
 * MANY filemanager improvements
   * udisks2 support
   * Directory listing is now more accurate
   * Seriously, too many improvements to name

Fri Dec 20 17:42:15 UTC 2013 -

- bump to 0.18.0 pre-release

Thu Dec 19 18:32:42 UTC 2013 -

- refresh patches
- beutify spec a bit
- change to pkgconfig based dependencies
- simplify dependencies

Thu Dec 19 16:58:34 UTC 2013 -

- buildrequire systemd-devel instead of systemd

Fri Dec 13 23:19:11 UTC 2013 -

- bumped to 0.18.0 rc2

Mon Dec  9 10:42:30 UTC 2013 -

- 0.18.0 RC1 full changelogs will come with the release

Thu Nov 28 00:17:26 UTC 2013 -

- Create new enlightenment package by merging e17 from factory and nightly repo's
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