File gnu_parallel.changes of Package gnu_parallel

Mon Apr 23 14:07:44 UTC 2018 -

- update to 20180422:
  * Parse input sources as CSV with --csv. With --pipe only consider
    full CSV-records
  * Time in --bar is printed as 1d02h03m04s
  * Optimization of --tee: It spawns a process less per value

Fri Mar 30 15:47:51 UTC 2018 -

- update to 20180322:
  * niceload -p can now take multiple pids separated by comma
  * --timeout gives a warning when killing processes
  * --embed now uses the same code for all supported shells
  * --delay can now take arguments like 1h12m07s

Wed Mar  7 23:14:12 UTC 2018 -

- Update to new upstream release 20180222
  * --embed makes it possible to embed GNU parallel
    in a shell script.

Sun Dec 24 09:13:30 UTC 2017 -

- update to 20171222:
  * env_parset for ash, dash, ksh, sh, zsh
  * Automatically create hostgroups if argument ends in @sshlogin

Mon Oct 23 07:31:32 UTC 2017 -

- update to 20171022:
  * Initial support for XDG Base Directory $XDG_* environment

Thu Oct  5 12:20:26 UTC 2017 -

- update to 20170922:
  * Use '--limit myprog' to make a dynamic job limit. Just return 0
    to spawn another job, 1 to not spawn another job, and 2 to kill
    the youngest job.
  * PARALLEL_RSYNC_OPTS and --rsync-opts sets the options for rsync
    (Default: -rlDzR).
  * Download all of humble bundle books in parallel

Wed Sep  6 21:20:11 UTC 2017 -

- update to 20170822:
  * --line-buffer no longer uses tempfiles. This is faster and
    makes it possible for a single process to output more data than
    there is free disk space.
  * ship documentation license texts

Sun Jul 30 12:30:19 UTC 2017 -

- update to 20170722:
  * Bug fixes and man page updates

Fri Jul  7 14:58:14 UTC 2017 -

- update to 20170622:
  * The command line can now contain \257 (Macron) or UTF
    characters containing \257.
- includes changes from 20170522:
  * --timeout can now use s=second,m=minute,h=hour,d=day.
  * --dr is now an alias for --dry-run.
- remove donation nag screen, add parallel-remove-nag-screen.patch
  See "man 1 parallel" or "parallel --citation" for the upstream
  request for citation or project donation.

Mon May  8 13:39:45 UTC 2017 -

- update to 20170422:
  * --halt supports done in addition to success and fail.
  * parset will set variables in parallel in Bash.
  * Bug fixes and man page updates.
- includes changes from 20170322:
  * --rpl can now take arguments by adding '(regexp)' in the
    replacement string.
  * Bug fixes and man page updates.
- includes changes from 20170222:
  * env_parallel now supports /bin/sh, ash, dash.
  * --tee will pipe all data to all jobs. Used with --pipe/
    --pipepart and :::. Small example: seq 3333 | parallel --pipe
    --tee --tag 'grep {} | wc -l' ::: {0..9}
  * If --results {replstr} ends in /: save in dir. Otherwise save
    as file. Example: parallel --results {} echo {} ::: a b c
  * Bug fixes and man page updates.
- includes changes from 20170206alpha:
  * --tee introduced.

Mon Jan 23 09:56:44 UTC 2017 -

- Update to new upstream release 20170122
  * sql now uses a temporary credentials file for MySQL to avoid
  * --sqlmaster and --sqlworker have been reworked.
  * --sqlworker only reads from the DBURL: any command and any
    arguments are ignored.
  * --sqlmaster +DBURL will append commands to the DBURL and not
    erase the table.
  * If --results contain a replacement string, no tree structure
    with args will be generated.
  * --fg --tmux or --fg --tmuxpane will connect to the tmux.

Sun Jan  1 16:06:57 UTC 2017 -

- Update to new upstream release 20161222
  * --results foo.csv will save output as a CSV-file. Can be
    directly imported into R or LibreCalc.
  * When using --pipepart a negative --block-size is not
    interpreted as a block size but as the number of blocks each
    jobslot should have.
  * --sqlmaster/--sqlandworker will append jobs to the DBURL if the
    DBURL is prepended with +.

Wed Nov 23 00:09:25 UTC 2016 -

- Update to new upstream release 20161122
  * --record-env can now be used with env_parallel for bash, ksh,
    pdksh, and zsh.

Mon Oct 24 18:35:16 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 20161022:
  * First command no longer gets stdin as it causes unpredictable
  * Bug fixes and man page updates.
- Changes for version 20160922
  * parcat - cat files or fifos in parallel

Tue Aug 30 08:47:57 UTC 2016 -

- Update to new upstream release 20160822
* --tmuxpane opens jobs in panes in tmux. Useful if you want to
  monitor progress of less than 100 simultaneous jobs.
* --linebuffer now treats \r as line ending, too.
* Perl changes forces use of floats to be given with leading
  zero, so 0.1 and not .1
* --xapply renamed to --link.

Sun Jul 31 17:52:04 UTC 2016 -

- Update to new upstream release 20160722
* env_parallel is now ready for wider testing. It is still beta
* env_parallel is heavily modified for all shells and testing has
  been increased.
* Selectively choosing what to export using --env now works for
  env_parallel (bash, csh, fish, ksh, pdksh, tcsh, zsh).
* --round-robin now gives more work to a job that processes
  faster instead of same amount to all jobs.
* --pipepart works on block devices on GNU/Linux.

Wed Jun 22 06:36:38 UTC 2016 -

- Update to new upstream release 20160622
* $PATH can now be exported using --env PATH. Useful if GNU
  Parallel is not in your path on remote machines.
* If --block is left out, --pipepart will use a block size that
  will result in 10 jobs per jobslot.

Sun May 22 14:57:17 UTC 2016 -

- Update to new upstream release 20160522
* niceload --net pauses the program if the internet connection
  is overloaded.

Thu Apr 21 23:06:02 UTC 2016 -

- Update to new upstream release 20160422
* :::+ and ::::+ work like ::: and :::: but links this input source
  to the previous input source in a --xapply fashion. Contrary to
  --xapply values do not wrap: The shortest input source determines
  the length.
* --line-buffer --keep-order now outputs continuously from the
  oldest job still running. This is more what you would expect than
  the earlier behaviour where --keep-order had no effect with
* env_parallel supports tcsh, csh, pdksh. In fish it now supports
  arrays. In csh/tcsh it now supports variables, aliases, and
  arrays with no special chars. In pdksh it supports aliases,
  functions, variables, and arrays.

Tue Mar 22 22:05:36 UTC 2016 -

- Update to new upstream release 20160322
* env_parallel is a function that exports the environment
  (functions, aliases, variables, and arrays) to GNU Parallel.
* niceload --prg now searches for substrings if no process with the
  name is found.

Mon Feb 22 16:52:11 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 20160222
  * Bug fixes and man page updates.

Sun Jan 24 09:26:20 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 20160122
  * --sql DBURL uses DBURL as storage for jobs and output. It does
    not run any jobs so it requires at least one --sqlworker. DBURL
    must point to a table.
  * --sqlworker DBURL gets jobs from DBURL and stores the result
    back to DBURL.
  * --sqlandworker is a shorthand for --sql and --sqlworker.
  * --sqlworker requires the output of a single job to fit in
  * --results now also saves a file called 'seq' containing the 
    sequence number.
  * If $PARALLEL_ENV is a file, then that file will be read into
  * man parallel_tutorial has been given an overhaul.
  * --workdir now accepts replacementstrings.

Wed Dec 23 09:00:48 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 20151222
  * --transfer is now an alias for --transferfile {}.
  * --transferfile works like --transfer, but takes an argument
    like --return. This makes it possible to combine transferring
    files with multiple input sources:
    parallel -S server --tf {1} wc {2} {1} ::: * ::: -l -w -c
  * Bug fixes and man page updates.

Mon Nov 23 12:11:14 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 20151122
  * Automating large numbers of tasks
	* Max out your IOPs with GNU Parallel
	* Bug fixes and man page updates.

Sat Oct 24 10:59:28 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 20151022
  * --plus makes it possible to use {##} as a short had for {=
  	$_=$Global::JobQueue->total_jobs() =} which gives the the
		number of jobs to run.
	* {= $_=$Global::JobQueue->total_jobs() =} is incompatible with
		-X, -m, and --xargs.

Tue Sep 22 07:11:31 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 20150922
  * Bug fixes and man page updates.

Wed Sep  9 07:17:57 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 20150822
  * If $job->skip() is called in {= =} the job will not be run.
  * @arg can now be used in {= =}: parallel echo '{= $arg[2] < 5
    and $_="j" =}' ::: 1 2 3 ::: 4 5 6

Fri Jul 24 17:52:36 UTC 2015 -

- GNU parallel 20150722:
  * If a record fits in a block, --block only reads upto the size
    of --block. If not: --block reads a full --block more.
  * Due to widely spread distributions still using --tollef even
    after a  year of being retired following a year of being
    obsolete, --tollef now gives an error unless used with --gnu.
  * --nice now uses a perl wrapper instead of the nice command.

Sun Jul 19 20:55:17 UTC 2015 -

- GNU parallel 20150622:
  * --halt has been rewritten completely. You can now combine
    percentages with success or fail. See the man page.
  * Exit values 102..254 have been removed. 101 means more than 100
    jobs failed.
  * Killing through --timeout, --memfree, or --halt is now done as
    a process group.
  * --termseq determines which signals are sent when a job is
  * An empty argument would previously cause no string to be
    inserted. This is now changed to '' being inserted, thus
    prepending a space to the output of: parallel echo {} b ::: ''
  * $PARALLEL_ENV can now be set to an environment prepending the
    command. Used in env_parallel as mentioned in the manpage.
  * --retry-failed will retry all failed jobs in a joblog. It will
    ignore any command given.
  * --ssh and $PARALLEL_SSH can be used to set the command used for
    ssh. The command is assumed to behave the same way as ssh.
  * --fifo now works in csh, too.
  * Q(...) can be used in {= =} to shell quote a string.

Sat May 23 19:17:45 UTC 2015 -

- GNU parallel 20150522: [boo#932143]
  * Security: The security issue for --sshlogin + --fifo/--cat has
    been fixed. Thereby all issues with
    have been fixed.
  * Security: After further security analysis the issue fixed in
    20150422 also fixed the problem for --tmux.

Sun Apr 26 19:38:50 UTC 2015 -

- GNU parallel 20150422:
  * Security fix: A local attacker could make a user overwrite one
    of his own files with a single byte when using --compress,
    --tmux, --pipe, --cat or --fifo when guessing random file names
    within a time window of 15 ms. [boo#928664]
  * --shuf will generate all jobs, and shuffle them before running
    them. This is useful to get a quick preview of the results before
    running the full batch.
  * Bug fixes and man page updates.

Sun Mar 22 20:22:03 UTC 2015 -

- Avoid SLE11SP3 build failure by not mixing %doc with %_docdir/%name
  in the files list.
- Split documentation (82%) into separate package per
  rpmlint suggestion

Sun Mar 22 20:14:15 UTC 2015 -

- GNU parallel 20150322:
  * --number-of-cores respects 'taskset' on GNU/Linux.
  * --joblog --pipe gives the data send and received in the log.
  * GNU Parallel was tested to support 100 GB sized records in
    --pipe. A few bugs was fixed to support >2 GB records. It works,
    but is rather slow.
  * Bug fixes and man page updates.
- remove fdupes, not required

Thu Mar  5 19:10:04 UTC 2015 -

- GNU parallel 20150222:
  * --tmux has gotten a major overhaul.
  * Bug fixes and man page updates.
- includes changes from 20150122:
  * Remote jobs now send stderr (standard error) to stderr
    (standard error) instead of stdout (standard output).
  * Remote execution command is now packed using base64 encoded
    bzip2. This means that big environments (app. 100 KB) can be
    transferred. This change makes remote execution alpha quality.
  * --semaphoretimeout now takes a negative value. This means give
    up if the semaphore is not gotten within the timeout.
  * --halt -1 and -2 now means halt if a job succeeds (so the
    opposite of 1 and 2).
  * --no-keep-order will reverse --keep-order.
  * Bash's second fix of shellshock caused --env to break again
    when exporting functions. This has been fixed again.
  * A semibig refactoring of big functions. All non-trivial
    functions are now less than 100 lines. The refactoring makes
    this release beta quality.
  * A description of the design decisions for GNU Parallel can be
    found in 'man parallel_design'.
  * A bug fix in replacement strings caused rewrite of the
    replacement function. This makes use of replacement strings
    alpha quality.
  * Bug fixes and man page updates.

Mon Dec  8 00:41:08 UTC 2014 -

- Update to new upstream release 20141122
* Remote systems can be divided into hostgroups (e.g. web and db)
  by prepending '@groupname/' to the sshlogin. Multiple groups can
  be given by separating groups with '+'.
  E.g. @web/www1 @web+db/www2 @db/mariadb
* Remote execution can be restricted to servers that are part of
  one or more groups by '@groupname' as an sshlogin. Multiple
  groups can be given by separating groups with '+'.
  E.g. -S @web or -S @db+web

Wed Aug  6 04:28:53 UTC 2014 -

- Update to new upstream release 20140722
* {= perl expression =} can be used as replacement string. The
  expression should modify $_. E.g. {= s/\.gz$// =} to remove .gz
  from the string. This makes replacement strings extremely flexible.
* Positional perl expressions (similar to {2}) are given as
  {=2 perl expression=} where 2 is the position.
* One small backwards incompatability: {1}_{2} will replace {2}
  with the empty string if there is only one argument. Previously,
  {2} would have been left untouched.
* Replacement strings can be defined using --rpl. E.g. parallel
  --rpl '{.gz} s/\.gz$//' echo {.gz} ::: *.gz
* --tmux will direct the output to a tmux session instead of files.
  Each running jobs will be in its own window.
* --halt 10% will stop spawning new jobs if 10% failed so far.

Sat Jun 28 21:05:51 UTC 2014 -

- Update to new upstream release 20140622
* The "--pipepart" option works with "--header", "--regexp",
  "--cat" and "--fifo".
* "{%}" works as job slot.

Mon May 26 08:31:42 UTC 2014 -

- Update to new upstream release 20130522
* --tollef has been retired. The format of --eta and --joblog has
  changed slightly.
* added --pipepart, a highly efficient alternative to --pipe if the
  input is a real file and not a pipe. If using --cat or --fifo
  with --pipe, the {} in the command will be replaced with the name
  of a physical file and a fifo respectively containing the block
  from --pipe.
* --controlmaster is no longer experimental.
* --env is now copied when determining CPUs on remote system. It is
  useful for copying $PATH if parallel is not in the normal path.
* --results now chops the argument if the argument is longer than
  the allowed path length.

Sat Nov 23 10:23:17 UTC 2013 -

- Update to new upstream release 20131122
* A citation notice is printed on stderr only if stderr is a
  terminal, the user has not specified --no-notice, and the user
  has not run --bibtex once.
* --compress will compress temporary files.
* --compress-program controls which program to use for compressing
  temporary files.
* --bar shows progress as a progress bar compatible with zenity.
* --resume can now be used with --result:
  jobs already run will be skipped.
* --transfer and --basefile support paths relative to the --workdir
  by inserting /./ into the path.

Mon Oct 28 11:35:36 UTC 2013 -

- Update to new upstream release 20131022
* Using --transfer with files containing /./ in the path will copy
  the files relative to the --workdir. The maximal command length
  is now cached in a file, halving the startup time.

Mon Sep 30 23:34:39 UTC 2013 -

- Update to new upstream release 20130922
* PDF-files of documentation is now included. Bugfixes and man page
  updates have been made.
- Remove fix-pod-syntax.diff (merged upstream)

Wed Aug  7 17:36:39 UTC 2013 -

- Update to new upstream release 20130722
* --round-robin with --pipe will now write all blocks to
  already-running jobs.
* --env can now transfer the Bash function for remote execution.

Sun Jun 23 05:41:30 UTC 2013 -

- Update to new upstream release 20130522
* --ctrlc is now the default if --pipe is not used, making it
  possible to kill remotely-started jobs simply by pressing Ctrl-C.
* --timeout 200% now means "kill jobs which take more than twice
  the time of the median runtime of a job".
* Jobs are now distributed round-robin when having mulitiple
  --sshlogin, instead of filling up one --sshlogin at a time.
- Update to new upstream release 20130622
* --xapply now recycles arguments if an input source has more
  arguments than others.
* The sleep time between jobs is now both increased and decreased

Thu Jun 20 11:36:03 UTC 2013 -

- add fix-pod-syntax.diff to fix build with perl 5.18

Wed May  8 17:30:12 UTC 2013 -

- Update to new upstream release 20130422
* --ctrlc will send SIGINT to tasks running on remote computers and
  thus killing them.
* --load now uses `ps` to see immediately see the number of running
  processes instead of `uptime` thus making --load react much faster.
*  --retries works with --onall.
* --nice works under tcsh.
- Ship license file and do tarball signature verification

Wed Feb 27 15:46:58 UTC 2013 -

- Initial package (version 20130222) for
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