File mksh.changes of Package mksh

Tue Apr 17 14:09:45 UTC 2018 -

- Remoce patch mksh-locale.patch and use upstream compile flags

Tue Apr 17 06:24:10 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version R56c
  R56c is a bugfix-only release everyone must upgrade to:
    [komh] Remove redundant OS/2-specific code, clean up others
    [komh, tg] Fix drive-qualified (absolute and relative) DOS-style
      path support in realpath functionality, partially other places
    [tg] Don’t substitute ${ENV:-~/.mkshrc} result again
    [tg] Improve OS/2 $PATH (et al.) handling, drive-relative paths
    [tg] Add MKSH_ENVDIR compile-time option for Jehanne and Plan 9
    [tg] Limit nesting when parsing malformed code (Debian #878947)
    [tg] Update wcwidth data with bugfixed script (still Unicode 10;
      resulting values are identical to glibc git master for extant chars)
    [Dr. Werner Fink] Raise some time limits in the testsuite
    [Shamar] Add support for the Jehanne operating system
    [komh] Set stdin to text mode before executing child processes on OS/2
    [komh] Pass arguments via a resonse file if executing a child fails
    [Dr. Werner Fink] Early locale tracking as a compile-time option
    [tg] Fix regressions introduced with new fast character classes

  R56b is a bugfix-only release everyone should upgrade to:
    [tg] Reference the FAQ webpage
    [panpo, Riviera] Fix documentation bug wrt. Esc+Ctrl-L
    [tg, Larry Hynes] Fix “0” movement in vi mode
    [tg] Replace broken libcs’ offsetof macro with MirBSD’s

  R56 is a bugfix release with some experimental fixes:
    [tg, Seb] Do not apply alias name restrictions to hash/tilde tracking
    [tg] Restore ‘.’, ‘:’ and ‘[’ in alias names (“[[” is still forbidden)
    [tg] Fix accidentally defanged $PATHSEP test
    [tg] On ^C (INTR and QUIT edchars), shove edit line into history
    [iSKUNK, tg] Begin porting to z/OS using EBCDIC encoding, incomplete
    [tg] Redo fast character classes code, adding POSIX and other helpers
    [tg] bind parses backslash-escaped ‘^’ (and ‘\’) as escaped
    [tg] Building with -DMKSH_ASSUME_UTF8=0 no longer causes a known
      failure in the testsuite
    [tg] New option -U to pass a UTF-8 locale to use in the tests
    [tg] re_format(7) BSD: [[ $x = *[[:\<:]]foo[[:\>:]]* ]]
    [tg, iSKUNK] Use Config in only if it exists
    [tg] New matching code for bracket expressions, full POSIX (8bit)
    [komh] Exclude FAT/HPFS/NTFS-unsafe tests on OS/2 (and Cygwin/MSYS)
    [tg] Update to Unicode 10.0.0
    [tg, selk] Make readonly idempotent
    [tg, multiplexd] When truncating the persistent history, do not change
      the underlying file, do all operations on the locked one; do not
      stop using the history at all if it has been truncated
    [tg, Jörg] Turn off UTF-8 mode upon turning on POSIX mode
    [Martijn Dekker, Geoff Clare, many on the Austin list, tg] In POSIX
      mode, make the exec builtin force a $PATH search plus execve
    [tg] Fix GCC 7, Coverity Scan warnings
    [tg, Michal Hlavinka] Track background process PIDs even interactive
    [tg] Always expose mksh’s hexdump shell function; speed it up by
      working on the input in chunks; use character classes to make it EBCDIC safe
    [tg] Revamp dot.mkshrc default editor selection mechanism

  R55 is mostly a feature release with summary bugfixes:
    [komh] Fix OS/2 search_access() and UNC path logic
    [tg] Undocument printf(1) to avoid user confusion
    [Jean Delvare, tg] Fix printf builtin -R option
    [tg] Make ${var@x}, unknown x, fail (thanks izabera)
    [tg] ${var=x} must evaluate x in scalar context (10x Martijn Dekker)
    [tg] Fixup relation between lksh and mksh, reduce delta
    [tg] Improve manpage display; add OS/2 $PATH FAQ
    [Jean Delvare] Fix bugs in manpage
    [tg] Review tilde expansion, removing “odd use of KEEPASN” and
      introduce POSIX “declaration utility” concept; wait isn’t one
    [tg] Add \builtin utility, declaration utility forwarder
    [tg] Make $'\xz' expand to xz, not \0
    [tg] Use fixed string pooling (requires the above change in host mksh)
    [tg] POSIX declaration commands can have varassign and redirections
    [Martijn Dekker] Add typeset -g, replacing homegrown “global”
    [Harvey-OS] Disable NOPROSPECTOFWORK, APEX is reportedly fixed now
    [tg] Display ulimit -a output with flags; improve Haiku
    [tg] Drop old let] hack, use \builtin internally
    [tg] Fix padding in Lb64encode in dot.mkshrc
    [tg] Move FAQ content to a separate, new FAQ section in the manpage
    [tg] Add new standard variable PATHSEP (‘:’, ‘;’ on OS/2)
    [Martijn Dekker] Fix LINENO in eval and alias
    [komh] Fix “\builtin” on OS/2
    [tg] Improve (internal) character classes code for speed
    [tg] Fix: the underscore is no drive letter
    [tg] No longer hard-disable persistent history support in lksh
    [tg] Introduce build flag -T for enabling “textmode” on OS/2
      (supporting CR+LF line endings, but incompatible with mksh proper)
    [tg] Merge mksh-os2
    [tg] Permit changing $OS2_SHELL during a running shell
    [tg] Fix multibyte handling in ^R (Emacs search-history)
    [tg] Allow “typeset -p arrname[2]” to work
    [tg] Make some error messages more consistent
    [tg, komh] Disable UTF-8 detection code for OS/2 as unrealistic
    [tg, sdaoden] Limit alias name chars to POSIX plus non-leading ‘-’
    [tg, Martijn Dekker] Expand aliases at COMSUB parse time
    [tg] Make “typeset -f” output alias-resistent
    [tg, Martijn Dekker] Permit “eval break” and “eval continue”
    [tg] Make -masm=intel safe on i386[tg] Disambiguate
      $((…)) vs. $((…)…) in “typeset -f” output
    [Jean Delvare] Clarify the effect of exit and return in a subshell
    [tg] Simplify compile-time asserts and make them actually compile-time
    [tg] Fix ^O in Emacs mode if the line was modified (LP#1675842)
    [tg] Address Coverity Scan… stuff… now that it builds again
    [Martijn Dekker, tg] Add test -v
    [tg] Document set -o posix/sh completely

Fri Dec 15 07:59:20 UTC 2017 -

- Add patch mksh-locale.patch to enable the mksh to set internal
  lcoale settings like utf support during runtime 

Wed Nov 22 11:44:24 UTC 2017 -

- Do not change for not using hard coded list of signals
  and errors but the cpp macros for this (requested by upstream) 

Tue Nov 14 08:36:40 UTC 2017 -

- The AT&T ksh is still part of openSUSE but on SLES only mksh
  should be used (bsc#1067195) 

Thu Feb 23 10:42:43 UTC 2017 -

- Avoid deprecated API for errors and signals
- Be sure to use a clean history file 

Tue Feb 21 17:02:03 UTC 2017 -

- Make errors ini test suite fatal
- Avoid -flto as this breaks even with gcc 6.3.1 20170202 

Tue Feb 14 16:37:07 UTC 2017 -

- Use screen to provide a tty for test suite scripts 

Tue Feb 14 16:19:19 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version R54
  R54 is a bugfix release with moderate new features:
    [tg] Simplify and improve code and manual page
    [tg] Try GCC 5’s new -malign-data=abi
    [tg] Allow interrupting builtin cat even on fast devices (LP#1616692)
    [tg] Update to Unicode 9.0.0
    [Andreas Buschka] Correct English spelling
    [tg] Handle set -e-related error propagation in || and && constructs correctly
    [tg] Initialise memory for RNG even when not targeting Valgrind
    [tg] Shrink binary size
    [Brian Callahan] Improve support for the contemporary pcc compiler
    [tg] Fix side effects with lazy evaluation; spotted by ormaaj
    [tg] New flags -c (columnise), -l, -N for the print builtin
    [Larry Hynes] Fix English, spelling mistakes, typos in the manpage
    [tg, ormaah] Return 128+SIGALRM if read -t times out, like GNU bash
    [Martijn Dekker] Install both manpages from
    [Martijn Dekker] Document case changes are ASCII-only
    [Ronald G. Minnich, Elbing Miss, Álvaro Jurado, tg] Begin porting to Harvey-OS and APEX (similar to Plan 9 and APE)
    [KO Myung-Hun] More infrastructure for the OS/2 (EMX, KLIBC) port
 R53a is a snapshot/feature release:
    [lintian] Fix spelling
    [tg] Unbreak multi-line command history broken by history flush
    [tg] Fix redefining POSIX functions that were Korn functions before
    [tg, TNF] Fix bounds checks in Vi editing mode
    [tg] Handle combining characters at end of string or output correctly
    [tg] Fix ${!#} ${!?} ${!-} (POSIX, prompted by izabera)
    [tg] Fix shf.c-internal buffer overread on printing digits
    [J�rg] Fix a typo in the testsuite
    [arekm] Increase default edit line size (unless MKSH_SMALL)
    [tg] Improve description of Emacs mode keybindings, especially ^U
    [tg, arekm, jilles] Abort read builtin in case of read(2) errors
    [tg, izabera, carstenh] Fix most of the ambiguous corner cases related to ${[pfx]var[op[word]]} (${@:-1} still unsupported)
    [carstenh] Contribute some more testsuite coverage
    [tg] WDS_TPUTS now emits QCHAR newline reentrant-safe
    [tg] Fix var=<< implementation (LP#1380389)
    [tg, FreeBSD] Make XSI test(1) extensions behave as if they were POSIX
    [tg, izabera] Add $(<<<x) and $(<<EOF…) implementation
    [tg] Lower minimum screen size accepted as “sane” from the OS to 4×2
    [tg, Torsten Sillke] Simplify tilde-expanded parameters
    [tg, Torsten Sillke] Fix default PS1 for substring matches
    [tg] Apply defer-builtin-with-arguments logic to realpath builtin
    [tg] Rework string pooling (own vs. compiler’s) (LP#1580348)
    [tg] Feature: print -A, prints arguments as characters
    [tg, izabera] Replace <<< and >>> as ROL and ROR operators with their new ^< and ^> spelling as per this proposal
    [tg, slagtc] Clear-to-EOL under tmux to work around its anti-feature
    [tg, p120ph37] Remove support for using file descriptors with more than a single digit, in preparation for named file descriptors
    [tg] Correct, but simplify (at the potential cost of more tty I/O than strictly necessary, though never redundant and (probably) not more than before when it was miscalculated), line clearing and redrawing
    [slagtc, tg] Implement new evaluate-region editing command Esc+Ctrl-E
    [tg] Prefer external rename utility over the recovery builtin
    [tg] Remove redundant full-line redraws
    [tg, Natureshadow] Fix errorlevel of ‘.’ (“dot” special builtin) when the sourced script does not run any commands, for POSIX compliance
    [tg] Refactor op tokens and edchars to shave off some more bytes
    [tg] Fix some bugs in the manpage and some occasional/minor code bugs
    [tg, Brian Callahan] Mark tests requiring new perl as !need-pass
    [tg, slagtc] Add $KSH_MATCH and, to make it usable, ${foo@/bar/baz}
    [tg, Score_Under] Fix bogus patch from OpenBSD: only NULL the global source in unwind when actually reclaiming its Area
    [izabera] Mention in the manpage that integer bases go up to 36
    [Natureshadow] Fix /= operator broken during refactoring
 R52c is a bugfix-only release:
    [tg] Shave 200 bytes off .text by revisiting string pooling
    [tg, J�rg] Fix manpage for ditroff on Schillix
    [tg, wbx] Use sed 1q instead of unportable head(1)
    [tg] Implement underrun debugging tool for area-based memory allocator
    [tg] Fix history underrun when first interactive command is entered
    [tg, bef0rd] Do not misinterpret “${0/}” as “${0//”, fixes segfault
    [tg, Stéphane Chazelas] Fix display problems with special parameters
    [tg, Stéphane Chazelas] Catch attempt to trim $* and $@ with ?, fixes segfault (Todd Miller did this in 2004 for ${x[*]} already, so just sync)
    [Martijn Dekker] Fix “command -p” with -Vv to behave as POSIX requires
    [tg, jilles, Oleg Bulatov] Fix recusive parser with active heredocs
    [tg] Flush even syntax-failing or interrupted commands to history
    [tg, fmunozs] Fix invalid memory access for “'\0'” in arithmetics
    [tg] Explicitly reserve SIGEXIT and SIGERR for ksh
    [tg, izabera] Catch missing here documents at EOF even under “set -n”
    [kre, tg] Document Austin#1015 handling (not considered a violation)
    [tg, fmunozs] Fix buffer overread for empty nameref targets
    [tg] Fix warnings pointed out by latest Debian gcc-snapshot
    [tg, Martijn Dekker] Document upcoming set +o changes
    [Martijn Dekker] Expand testsuite for command/whence
 R52b is a strongly recommended bugfix-only release:
    [tg] Recognise ksh93 compiled scripts and LZIP compressed files as binary (i.e. to not run as mksh plaintext script)
    [tg] Document that we will implement locale tracking later
    [tg] Add EEXIST to failback strerror(3)
    [jilles] Make set -C; :>foo race-free
    [tg] Don’t use unset in portable build script
    [tg] Plug warning on GNU/kFreeBSD, GNU/Hurd
    [tg] Document read -a resets the integer base
    [J�rg] Fix manpage: time is not a builtin but a reserved word
    [J�rg, tg] Make exit (and return) eat -1
    [tg] parse “$( (( … ) … ) … )” correctly (LP#1532621), Jan Palus
    [tg] reduce memory footprint by free(3)ing more aggressively
    [tg] fix buffer overrun (LP#1533394), bugreport by izabera
    [tg] correctly handle nested ADELIM parsing (LP#1453827), Teckids
    [tg] permit “read -A/-a arr[idx]” as long as only one element is read; fix corruption of array indicēs with this construct (LP#1533396), izabera
    [tg] Sanitise OS-provided signal number in even more places
    [tg] As requested by J�rg, be clear manpage advice is for mksh
    [tg] Revert (as it was a regression) POSIX bugfix from R52/2005 related to accent gravis-style command substitution until POSIX decides either way
    [tg] Handle export et al. after command (Austin#351)
    [tg] Catch EPIPE in built-in cat and return as SIGPIPE (LP#1532621)
    [tg] Fix errno in print/echo builtin; optimise that and unbksl
    [tg] Update documentation, point out POSIX violation (Austin#1015)
 R52 is a strongly recommended bugfix release:
    [_0bitcount] Move moving external link from mksh(1) to the #ksh channel homepage linked therein
    [tg] Make setenv “set -u”-safe and fix when invoked with no args
    [tg] Make “typeset -f” output reentrant if name is a reserved word
    [oksh] Zero-pad seconds in “time” output to align columns
    [tg] Check signals and errorlevels from OS to be within bounds
    [komh, tg] Quote and document ‘;’ as PATH separator in some places
    [oksh, tg] Simplify code to call afree() even if arg is NULL
    [tg] Fix tree-printing and reentrancy of multiple here documents
    [tg] Work around LP#1030581 by permitting exactly one space after
    [tg, oksh] Code quality work, cleanups
    [tg] New code for here documents/strings with several bugfixes
    [tg] Stop using issetugid(2) for ±p checks, wrong tool for the job
    [tg] Reintroduce some -o posix changes lost in 2005, plus fixes
    [tg] Make “source” into a built-in command
    [tg] Drop “stop” alias, lksh(1) functionality to auto-unalias
    [tg] Fix \u0000 ignored in $'…' and print
    [tg] Improve portability of
    [Jilles Tjoelker] Improve portability of testsuite
    [tg] Fix tilde expansion for some substitutions (izabera, Chet, Geoff)
    [tg] Improve reparsing of ((…) |…) as ( (…) |…)
    [Martijn Dekker] Fix test(1) not returning evaluation errors
    [tg] Fix ${*:+x} constructs (carstenh)
    [tg] Make (( … )) into a compound command (ormaaj)
    [tg] Repair a few parameter substitution expansion mistakes
 R51 is a strongly recommended feature release:
    [tg] OpenBSD sync: handle integer base out of band like ksh93 does
    [tg] Protect standard code (predefined aliases, internal code, aliases and functions in dot.mkshrc) from being overridden by aliases and, in some cases, shell functions (i.e. permit overriding but ignore it)
    [tg] Implement GNU bash’s enable for dot.mkshrc using magic aliases to redirect the builtins to external utilities; this differs from GNU bash in that enable takes precedence over functions
    [tg] Move unaliasing an identifier when defining a POSIX-style function with the same name into lksh, as compatibility kludge
    [tg] Korn shell style functions now have locally scoped shell options
    [tg, iSKUNK] Change some ASCII-isms to be EBCDIC-aware or pluggable
    [tg, Ypnose] Mention lksh build instructions on manpage and website
    [tg] Overhaul signal handling; support new POSIX NSIG_MAX, add sysconf(_SC_NSIG) as a later TODO item
    [tg] Fix signal bounds (1 ≤ signum < NSIG)
    [tg] Improve manual pages, especially wrt. standards compliance
    [tg, iSKUNK] Initial EBCDIC work for dot.mkshrc
    [tg, iSKUNK] Add list of z/OS signals to
    [tg] Work around the sh(1) backslash-newline problem by moving the code triggering it out of *.opt and into the consumers
    [colona] Bind another well-known ANSI Del key in the Emacs mode
    [tg] Fix ${foo/*/x} pattern checks, spotted by izabera
    [carstenh] Fix error output of cd function in dot.mkshrc
    [tg] read partial returns in -N and timeout cases
    [tg] Fix $LINENO inside PS1; spotted by carstenh
    [tg] Ensure correct padding of at least 2 spaces in print_columns
    [tg] Note issues with nested complex parameter expansions and follow-up bugfixes to expect
    [OpenBSD] Some language fixes in documentation; comments
    [tg] Reimplement multi-line command history (Debian #783978) + fixes
    [Martijn Dekker] Fix command -v for “shell reserved words”
    [tg] In dot.mkshrc make use of latest feature: local options
    [tg] Fix ""$@ to emit a word
    [tg] Change cat(1) hack to look first and not ignore builtin
    [KO Myung-Hun] Begin porting mksh to OS/2
    [komh, tg] Some generic minor bugfixes from OS/2 porting
    [tg] Document mknod(8) isn’t normally part of mksh(1)
    [tg] Quote arguments to : in build/test scripts as well
    [tg] Add cat(1) hack for printf(1)-as-builtin: always prefer external
    [tg] Explicitly use binary mode for any and all file I/O in stock mksh
    [Ilya Zakharevich] Use termio, not termios(4), on OS/2
    [tg] Set edchars to sane BSD defaults if any are NUL
    [tg] Implement support for PC scancodes in Vi and Emacs editing mode
    [komh] OS/2 uses ‘;’ as PATH separator plus support drive letters 

Mon Apr 20 21:37:37 UTC 2015 -

- mention vendor modifications in manpage as requested by upstream

Mon Apr 20 20:48:03 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 50f
  - [tg] OpenBSD sync: handle integer base out of band like ksh93
  - [tg] Protect standard code (predefined aliases, internal code,
    aliases and functions in dot.mkshrc) from being overridden by
    aliases and, in some cases, shell functions (i.e. permit
    overriding but ignore it)
  - [tg] Implement GNU bash’s enable for dot.mkshrc using magic
    aliases to redirect the builtins to external utilities; this
    differs from GNU bash in that enable takes precedence over
  - [tg] Move unaliasing an identifier when defining a POSIX-style
    function with the same name into lksh, as compatibility kludge
  - [tg] Korn shell style functions now have locally scoped shell
  - [tg] Add a patch marker for vendor patch versioning to mksh.1
  - [tg] SECURITY: make unset HISTFILE actually work
  - [tg] Document some more issues with the current history code
  - [tg] Remove some unused code
  - [tg] RCSID-only sync with OpenBSD, for bogus and irrelevant
  - [tg] Also disable field splitting for alias 'local=\typeset'
  - [tg] Fix read -n-1 to not be identical to read -N-1
  - [tg] Several fixes and improvements to lksh(1) and mksh(1)
  - [tg] More code (int → size_t), comment and testsuite fixes
  - [tg] Make dot.mkshrc more robust (LP#1441853)
  - [tg] Fix issues with IFS='\' read, found by edualbus
  - [enh, tg] Fix integer overflows related to file descriptor
    parsing, found by Pawel Wylecial (LP#1440685); reduce memory
    usage for I/O redirs
  - [tg] Document in the manpage how to set ±U according to the
    current locale settings via LANG/LC_* parameters (cf. Debian
  - [igli, tg] Some code cleanup and restructuring
  - [tg, oksh] Handle number parsing and storing more carefully

Sun Mar  1 23:45:48 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 50e
  - [tg] Add more tests detailing behaviour difference from GNU
  - [tg] Introduce a memory leak for x=<< fixing use of freed
    memory instead, bug tracked as LP#1380389 still live
  - [tg] Add x+=<< parallel to x=<<
  - [tg, ormaaj, jilles] POSIX “command” loses builtin special-ness
  - [tg] Fix LP#1381965 and LP#1381993 (more field splitting)
  - [jilles] Update location of FreeBSD testsuite for test(1)
  - [Martin Natano] Remove dead NULL elements from Emacs
  - [tg, Stéphane Chazelas, Geoff Clare] Change several testcases
    for $*/$@ expansion with/without quotes to expected-fail, with
    even more to come ☹
  - [tg] Fix miscalculating required memory for encoding the
    double-quoted parts of a here document or here string
    delimiter, leading to a buffer overflow; discovered by zacts
    from IRC
  - [RT] Rename a function conflicting with a MacRelix system
  - [tg] Use size_t (and ssize_t) consistently, stop using
    ptrdiff_t; fixes some arithmetics and S/390 bugs
  - [tg] Remove old workarounds for Clang 3.2 scan-build
  - [tg] Remove all Clang/Coverity assertions, making room for new
  - [tg] Fix NSIG generation on Debian sid gcc-snapshot
  - [tg] Make a testcase not fail in a corner case
  - [tg] Fix issues detected by GCC’s new sanitisers: data type of
    a value to be shifted constantly must be unsigned (what not, in
    C…); shebang check array accesses are always unsigned char
  - [tg] Be even more explicit wrt. POSIX in the manpage
  - [tg] Fix shebang / file magic decoding
  - [tg] More int → bool conversion
  - [tg] Let be run by GNU bash 1.12.1 (Slackware 1.01)
  - [Stéphane Chazelas, tg] Fix here string parsing issue
  - [tg] Point out more future changes in the manpage
  - [tg] Call setgid(2), setegid(2), setuid(2) before seteuid(2)
  - [tg] Fix spurious empty line after ENOENT “whence -v”, found by
  - [tg] Optimise dot.mkshrc and modernise it a bit
  - [tg] Use MAXPATHLEN from <sys/param.h> for PATH_MAX fallback
  - [tg] Some code cleanup and warnings fixes
  - [tg] Add options -a argv0 and -c to exec
  - [jsg] Prevent use-after-free when hitting multiple errors
  - [tg] Fix use of $* and $@ in scalar context: within [[ … ]] and
    after case (spotted by Stéphane Chazelas) and in here documents
    (spotted by tg@); fix here document expansion
  - [tg] Unbreak when $@ shares double quotes with others
  - [tg] Fix set -x in PS4 expansion infinite loop

Tue Oct  7 17:22:15 UTC 2014 -

- update to regression bugfix version 50d
  - [Goodbox] Fix NULL pointer dereference on “unset x; nameref x”
  - [tg] Fix severe regression in field splitting (LP#1378208)
  - [tg] Add a warning about not using tainted user input (including
    from the environment) in arithmetics, until Stéphane writes it up
- refresh vendor patch

Fri Oct  3 19:21:55 UTC 2014 -

- update to SECURITY version 50c
  - [tg] Know more rare signals when generating sys_signame[] replacement
  - [tg] OpenBSD sync (mostly RCSID only)
  - [tg] Document HISTSIZE limit; found by luigi_345 on IRC
  - [zacts] Fix link to Debian .mkshrc
  - [tg] Cease exporting $RANDOM (Debian #760857)
  - [tg] Fix C99 compatibility
  - [tg] Work around klibc bug causing a coredump (Debian #763842)
  - [tg] Use issetugid(2) as additional check if we are FPRIVILEGED
  - [tg] SECURITY: do not permit += from environment
  - [tg] Fix more field splitting bugs reported by Stephane Chazelas and
    mikeserv; document current status wrt. ambiguous ones as testcases too
- use build log cleaner sed command from home:mirabile package
- enable lksh build-time option to automatically run "set -o posix"
  when called as sh or -sh, like home:mirabile package did

Thu Sep  4 16:06:24 UTC 2014 -

- update to version 50b
  - [Ypnose] Fix operator description in the manpage
  - [tg] Change all mention of “eglibc” to “glibc”, it is merged
  - [Colona] Fix rare infinite loop with invalid UTF-8 in the edit
  - [tg] Make more clear when a shell is interactive in the manpage
  - [tg] Document that % is a symmetric remainder operation, and
    how to get a mathematical modulus from it, in the manpage
  - [tg, Christopher Ferris, Elliott Hughes] Make the cat(1)
    builtin also interruptible in the write loop, not just in the
    read loop, and avoid it getting SIGPIPE in the smores function
    in dot.mkshrc by terminating cat upon user quit
  - [tg] Make some comments match the code, after jaredy from obsd
    changed IFS split handling
  - [tg] Fix some IFS-related mistakes in the manual page
  - [tg] Document another issue as known-to-fail test IFS-subst-3
  - [tg] Improve output in some cases
  - [tg, Jb_boin] Relax overzealous nameref RHS checks

Thu Aug 21 12:22:27 CEST 2014 -

- We use update-alternatives so there is no need to obsolete ksh.
- Do not differentiate between openSUSE and SLES and simply state
  that this is the SUSE version.

Tue Aug 19 13:51:41 CEST 2014 -

- Test for suse_version 1315 as that is what SLE12 will be using.

Sun Jun 29 21:34:02 UTC 2014 -

- update to version 50
  - [tg] Fix initial IFS whitespace not being ignored when
  - [tg] MKSH_BINSHREDUCED no longer mistakenly enables brace
  - [tg] Explain more clearly Vi input mode limitations in the
  - [tg] Improve error reporting of the script (which
    needs a maintainer since I don’t speak any perl(1), really),
    for lewellyn
  - [tg] Use $TMPDIR in for scratch space
  - [tg, Polynomial-C] Check that the scratch space is not mounted
  - [pekster, jilles, tg] Use termcap(5) names, not terminfo(5)
    names, in tput(1) examples, for improved portability (e.g. to
  - [tg] Avoid C99 Undefined Behaviour in mirtoconf LFS test
    (inspired by Debian #742780)
  - [tg] Fix ${!foo} for when foo is unset
  - [tg] Improve nameref error checking (LP#1277691)
  - [tg] Fix readonly bypass found by Bert Münnich
  - [Ryan Schmidt] Improved system reporting for Mac OS X
  - [nDuff] Explain better [[ extglob handling in the manpage
  - [tg] Remove arr=([index]=value) syntax due to regressions
  - [tg] IFS-split arithmetic expansions as per POSIX 201x
  - [OpenBSD] Add more detailed Authors section to manpage
  - [tg] Fix set ±p issue for good: drop privs unless requested
  - [tg] Improve signal handling and use a more canonical probing
  - [tg] Fix return values $? and ${PIPESTATUS[*]} interaction with
    set -o pipefail and COMSUBs
  - [enh] Detect ENOEXEC ELF files and use a less confusing error
  - [tg] Update to Unicode 7.0.0
  - [tg] Shut up valgrind in the $RANDOM code
  - [tg] Use -fstack-protector-strong in favour of
  - [tg] Fix access-after-free crash spotted by Enjolras via IRC

Sat Feb  8 12:48:55 UTC 2014 -

- adjust update-alternative usage to packaging policy

Sun Jan 12 10:09:16 UTC 2014 -

- update to version 49
  - [tg] dot.mkshrc: fix two issues with the cd wrapper
  - [tg] Unbreak set +p (wider issue still to be addressed)
  - [Steffen Daode Nurpmeso] Use WCONTINUED with waitpid(2)
  - [millert] Add proper suspend builtin handling tty(4) and
  - [tg] Sanitise and slightly optimise control character handling
  - [tg] Add O_BINARY to all open(2) calls for OS/2 kLIBC support
  - [tg] Generate option strings for shell, set, ulimit at compile
  - [Steffen Daode Nurpmeso] Drop ISTRIP termios(4) mode
  - [tg] Mention negative history numbers, octals in the manpage
  - [tg] Make work with Perl < 5.6.1 again
  - [tg] Detect getsid(2) and skip the oksh suspend builtin
  - [tg] Document that set -o noclobber is unsafe for tempfiles
  - [tg] Update to Unicode 6.3.0
  - [RT] Restore some portability
  - [tg] Fix parsing positional argument variable names
  - [tg] Sprinkle a few __attribute__((__pure__)); fix warnings
  - [tg] Fix build on OSX: always use our wcwidth code; only use
    our strlcpy(3) code if the OE doesn’t provide one (prompted by
    jonthn on IRC)
  - [tg] Optimise sh -c to exec even in MKSH_SMALL
  - [tg] Use new BAFH for hashing

Fri Oct 18 15:09:53 UTC 2013 -

- replace pdksh in openSUSE >= 13.2, lksh provides backwards
  - create corresponding symlinks
  - use update-alternatives to allow for lksh as (/usr)/bins/ksh

Tue Oct  8 07:53:14 UTC 2013 -

- fix spelling in mksh-vendor-mkshrc.patch
- split off nōn-SuSE package into OBS home:mirabile/mksh

Tue Oct  8 07:51:28 UTC 2013 -

- fix typo in %postun

Sun Oct  6 12:21:57 UTC 2013 -

- apply compiler workarounds for >= 13.1

Thu Oct  3 19:02:10 UTC 2013 -

- make sure the patch is only applied on openSUSE/SLE
- %post/%postun are not needed for releases after 13.1

Sat Sep 28 09:28:46 UTC 2013 -

- add mksh-vendor-mkshrc.patch which adds support for a
  vendor-supplied kshrc which is read by interactive shells before
  $ENV or $HOME/.mkshrc are processed

Thu Sep 26 17:28:06 UTC 2013 -

- Initial packaging for openSUSE