File oyranos-rpmlintrc of Package oyranos

# The Oyranos core calls into xcalib for loading calibration data from ICC 
# profiles, known as VCGT tag, into the X server. Thus it wants the xcalib 
# tool be installed.

# Oyranos contains Xorg and CUPS dependent modules. These should normally be 
# installed. Thus Oyranos depends on them. In certain cases, users might want 
# to setup e.g. a headless print server. Then it is nice to omit the X11 
# dependency. Thus the cups RPM is a separate package. The monitor (Xorg) and
# cups module/library packages are build from the main Oyranos source package.
# Fixing bugs inside these modules means, adding a patch file to the Oyranos 
# source package or replacing the source package and thus these modules.

# The documentation is generated from sources. Thus it contains date and time.

# Oyranos Modules are installed into one directory for use by independent 
# versions of the core library. API checks happen inside Oyranos.
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