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Tue Jan 15 16:31:56 UTC 2019 - Antonio Larrosa <>

- Update to pgadmin4 4.1
  - Bug fixes
    * Fix SQL generated for tables with inherited columns.
    * Ensure the context menu works after a server is renamed.
    * Fix ordering of VACUUM options which changed in PG11.
    * Don’t show system catalogs in the schemas property list unless
      show system objects is enabled.
    * Fix help for the backup/restore dialogues.
    * Ensure that last row of table data should be visible and user
      will be able to add new row.
    * Make the browser more robust in the face of multibyte characters
      in SQL_ASCII databases.

- Update to pgadmin4 4.0
  - Features
    * Allow query plans to be downloaded as an SVG file.
    * New UI design.
    * Allow servers to be pre-loaded into container deployments.
  - Bug fixes
    * Increase the size of the resize handle of the edit grid text
    * Fix handling of array types as inputs to the debugger.
    * Fix an issue that could cause the Query Tool to fail to render.
    * Display event trigger functions correctly on EPAS.
    * Further improvements to treeview restoration.
    * Run Postfix in the container build so passwords can be reset etc.
    * Add titles to the code areas of the Query Tool and Debugger to
      ensure that panels can be re-docked within them.
    * Fix a webpack issue that could cause the Query Tool to fail to
    * Ensure we display the relation name (and not the OID) in the
      locks table wherever possible.
    * Fix an encoding issue in the query tool.
    * Include the WHERE clause on EXCLUDE constraints in RE-SQL.
    * Fix an issue when user define Cast from smallint->text is created.
    * Hide Radio buttons that should not be shown on the maintenance
    * Ensure that null values handled properly in CSV download.
    * Tweak the wording on the Grant Wizard.
    * Prevent attempts to bulk-drop schema objects.
    * Ensure the browser toolbar buttons work in languages other than
    * Allow horizontal sizing of the edit grid text pop-out.
    * Ensure auto complete should works when first identifier in the
      FROM clause needs quoting.
    * Ensure auto complete should works for columns from a
      schema-qualified table.
    * Ensure identifiers are properly displayed in the plan viewer.
    * Make the setup process more robust against aborted executions.
    * Fixed an issue while creating export job.

- Make pgadmin4-web suggest the pgadmin4-doc package instead of
  requiring it.

Fri Nov 30 09:30:56 UTC 2018 - Antonio Larrosa <>

- Update to pgadmin4 3.6
  - Features
  * Add support for dropping multiple objects at once from the
    collection Properties panel.
  * Add the ability to import and export server definitions from
    a config database

  - Bug fixes
  * Ensure previous notices are not removed from the Messages tab in
    the Query Tool if an error occurs during query execution.
  * Allow the selection order to be preserved in the Select2 control
    to fix column ordering in data Import/Export.
  * Allow use of 0 (integer) and empty strings as parameters in the debugger.
  * Properly report errors when debugging cannot be started.
  * Prevent the debugger controls being pressed again before previous
    processing is complete.
  * Fix toggle breakpoints buttons in the debugger.
  * Fix changes to the NOT NULL and default value options in the
    Table Dialogue.
  * Fix dropping of multiple functions/procedures at once.

Wed Nov 14 19:19:48 UTC 2018 - Jan Engelhardt <>

- Compact description and trim first-person grammar.
- Rename pgadmin4-docs to pgadmin4-doc to be in line with
  the naming of other packages in openSUSE.
- Safeguard fdupes to not run over partition boundaries.

Wed Nov  7 17:31:38 UTC 2018 - Antonio Larrosa <>

- Update to pgadmin4 3.5
  - Features
  * Save the treeview state periodically, and restore it automatically when
  * Migrate from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4.

  - Bug fixes
  * Ensure that Utilities(Backup/Restore/Maintenence/Import-Export) should
    not be started if binary path is wrong and also added ‘Stop Process’ button
    to cancel the process.
  * Fix syntax error when creating new pgAgent schedules with a start date/time
    and exception.
  * Cleanup session files periodically.
  * Rename the ‘SQL Editor’ section of the Preferences to ‘Query Tool’ as it
    applies to the whole tool, not just the editor.
  * Fix CREATE Script functionality for EDB-Wrapped functions.
  * Fix connection garbage collector.
  * Purge connections from the cache on logout.
  * Ensure that utility existence check should work for schema and other child
    objects while taking Backup/Restore.
  * Fixed fatal error while launching the pgAdmin4 3.5. Update the version of
    the Flask to 0.12.4 for release.

Mon Oct  8 11:02:50 UTC 2018 - Antonio Larrosa <> - 3.4

- Update to pgadmin4 3.4
  - Features
  * Move all CSS into SCSS files for consistency and ease of colour maintenance etc.
  * Add optional data point markers and mouse-over tooltips to display values on graphs.
  * Add shortcuts for View Data and the Query tool to the Browser header bar.

  - Bug fixes
  * Ensure the runtime can startup properly if there are wide characters in the logfile path on Windows.
  * Fix handling of backslashes in the edit grid.
  * Ensure queries are no longer executed when dashboards are closed.
  * Fix support for the CLOB datatype in EPAS.
  * Fix logic around validation and highlighting of Sort/Filter in the Query Tool.
  * Ensure auto-complete works for objects in schemas other than public and pg_catalog.
  * Ensure changes to Query Tool settings from the Preferences dialogue are applied before executing queries.
  * Swap the Schema and Schemas icons and Catalog and Catalogs icons that had been used the wrong way around.

Wed Oct  3 08:59:31 UTC 2018 - Antonio Larrosa <> - 3.3

- Update to pgadmin4 3.3
  - Features
  * Add a geometry viewer that can render PostGIS data on a blank canvas or various map sources.
  * Added new backup/restore options for PostgreSQL 11. Added dump options for 'pg_dumpall'.
  * Add a Spanish translation.

  - Bug fixes
  * Stabilise feature tests for continuous running on CI systems.
  * Fixed debugger execution issues.
  * Ensure 'select all' and 'unselect all' working properly for pgAgent schedule.
  * Fix sort/filter dialog issue where it incorrectly requires ASC/DESC.
  * Ensure backup should work with '--data-only' and '--schema-only' for any format.
  * Fix keyboard shortcuts layout in the preferences panel.
  * Merge pgcli code with version 1.10.3, which is used for auto complete feature.
  * Ensure that refreshing a node also updates the Property list.
  * Ensure that refresh button on dashboard should refresh the table.
  * Handle connection errors properly in the query tool.
  * Make session implementation thread safe
  * Ensure external table node should be visible only for GPDB.
  * Fix auto scrolling issue in debugger on step in and step out.
  * Fix sort/filter dialog editing issue.
  * Ensure sort/filter dialog should display proper message after losing database connection.
  * Ensure sql for Role should be visible in SQL panel for GPDB.
  * When building the Windows installer, copy system Python packages before installing dependencies to ensure we don't end up with older versions than intended.
  * Correct the documentation of View/Edit data.

Tue Aug 21 09:08:55 UTC 2018 - Antonio Larrosa <> - 3.2

- Initial release of pgadmin4 3.2
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