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Sun Mar 24 01:20:20 UTC 2019 - Arun Persaud <>

- update to version 7.4.0:
  * Previously, we provided completion for a unicode name with its
    relative symbol.With this, now IPython provides complete
    suggestions to unicode name symbols.
  * Make audio normalization optional
  * Miscelanious
    + Fix improper acceptation of "return" outside of
      functions. :ghpull:`11641`.
    + Fixed PyQt 5.11 backwards incompatibility causing sip import
      failure.  :ghpull:`11613`.
    + Fix Bug where "type?" woudl crash IPython. :ghpull:`1608`.
    + Allow to apply "@needs_local_scope" to cell magics for
      convenience.  :ghpull:`11542`.

Fri Mar  1 18:00:07 UTC 2019 - Arun Persaud <>

- specfile:
  * update copyright year

- update to version 7.3.0:
  * The biggest change to this release is the implementation of the
    "%conda" and "%pip" magics, that will attempt to install packages
    in the **current environment**. You may still need to restart your
    interpreter or kernel for the change to be taken into account, but
    it should simplify installation of packages into remote
    environment. Installing using pip/conda from the command line is
    still the prefer method.
  * The "%pip" magic was already present, but was only printing a
    warning; now it will actually forward commands to pip.
  * Misc bug fixes and improvements:
    + Compatibility with Python 3.8.
    + Do not expand shell variable in execution magics, and added the
      "no_var_expand" decorator for magic requiring a similar
      functionality :ghpull:`11516`
    + Add "%pip" and "%conda" magic :ghpull:`11524`
    + Re-initialize posix aliases after a "%reset" :ghpull:`11528`
    + Allow the IPython command line to run "*.ipynb" files

Sat Dec 22 06:33:27 UTC 2018 - Todd R <>

- Update to version 7.2.0
  * Fix a bug preventing PySide2 GUI integration from working :ghpull:`11464`
  * Run CI on Mac OS ! :ghpull:`11471`
  * Fix IPython "Demo" mode. :ghpull:`11498`
  * Fix ``%run`` magic  with path in name :ghpull:`11499`
  * Fix: add CWD to sys.path *after* stdlib :ghpull:`11502`
  * Better rendering of signatures, especially long ones. :ghpull:`11505`
  * Re-enable jedi by default if it's installed :ghpull:`11506`
  * Add New ``minimal`` exception reporting mode (useful for educational purpose). See :ghpull:`11509`
- Update to version 7.1.0
  + Notable Changes
    * Major update of "latex to unicode" tab completion map (see below)
  + Notable New Features:
    * Restore functionality and documentation of the **sphinx directive**, which
      is now stricter (fail on error by daefault), has new configuration options,
      has a brand new documentation page :ref:`ipython_directive` (which needs
      some cleanup). It is also now *tested* so we hope to have less regressions.
    * ``IPython.display.Video`` now supports ``width`` and ``height`` arguments,
      allowing a custom width and height to be set instead of using the video's
      width and height. :ghpull:`11353`
    * Warn when using ``HTML('<iframe>')`` instead of ``IFrame`` :ghpull:`11350`
    * Allow Dynamic switching of editing mode between vi/emacs and show
      normal/input mode in prompt when using vi. :ghpull:`11390`. Use ``%config
      TerminalInteractiveShell.editing_mode = 'vi'`` or ``%config
      TerminalInteractiveShell.editing_mode = 'emacs'`` to dynamically switch
      between modes.
  + Notable Fixes:
    * Fix entering of **multi-line blocks in terminal** IPython, and various
      crashes in the new input transformation machinery :ghpull:`11354`,
      :ghpull:`11356`, :ghpull:`11358`. These also fix a **Compatibility bug
      with Python 3.7.1**.
    * Fix moving through generator stack in ipdb :ghpull:`11266`
    * %Magic command arguments now support quoting. :ghpull:`11330`
    * Re-add ``rprint`` and ``rprinte`` aliases. :ghpull:`11331`
    * Remove implicit dependency on ``ipython_genutils`` :ghpull:`11317`
    * Make ``nonlocal`` raise ``SyntaxError`` instead of silently failing in async
      mode. :ghpull:`11382`
    * Fix mishandling of magics and ``= !`` assignment just after a dedent in
      nested code blocks :ghpull:`11418`
    * Fix instructions for custom shortcuts :ghpull:`11426`
  + Notable Internals improvements:
    * Use of ``os.scandir`` (Python 3 only) to speed up some file system operations.
    * use ``perf_counter`` instead of ``clock`` for more precise
      timing results with ``%time`` :ghpull:`11376`
- Remove upstream-included fix_test_history.patch

Tue Oct 16 01:17:20 UTC 2018 - Todd R <>

- Update to version 7.0.1
  * IPython 7.0+ now uses prompt_toolkit 2.0
  * IPython can automatically await code at top level, you should
    not need to access an event loop or runner yourself.
  * The magic %autoreload 2 now captures new methods added to
    classes. Earlier, only methods existing as of the initial
    import were being tracked and updated.
  * The autoindent feature that was deprecated in 5.x was
    re-enabled and un-deprecated.
  * Make %run -n -i ... work correctly. Earlier, if %run was
    passed both arguments, -n would be silently ignored.
  * The %%script (as well as %%bash, %%ruby, ... ) cell magics
    now raise by default if the return code of the given code is
    non-zero (thus halting execution of further cells in a
    notebook). The behavior can be disable by passing the 
    --no-raise-error flag.
- Add fix_test_history.patch
  Fixes failure in for sqlite >= 3.25
  Should be fixed in next release

Tue Oct  9 17:43:22 UTC 2018 - Todd R <>

- Fix prompt_toolkit dependency.

Fri Sep  7 17:17:02 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 6.5.0
  * Autocompletion fix for modules with out :ghpull:`11227`
  * update the %pastebin magic to use instead og GitHub Gist which now requires authentication :ghpull:`11182`
  * Fix crash with multiprocessing :ghpull:`11185`
- Switch to using upstream documentation builds

Sun Jul 22 08:44:57 UTC 2018 -

- Not compatible with prompt_toolkit 2.x

Fri May 18 18:51:12 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 6.4.0
  * Fix display object not emitting metadata :ghpull:`11106`
  * Comments failing Jedi test :ghpull:`11110` 
- Remove upstream-included disable_jedi_in_tests.patch

Thu May  3 17:13:50 UTC 2018 -

- Add disable_jedi_in_tests.patch
  Upstream bug:
  Should be in next release

Thu Apr 19 05:23:32 UTC 2018 -

- Add backcall dependency

Thu Apr 12 20:43:21 UTC 2018 -

- update to version 6.3.1:
  * This is a bugfix release to switch the default completions back to
    IPython's own completion machinery. We discovered some problems
    with the completions from Jedi, including completing column names
    on pandas data frames.

- changes from version 6.3:
  * A new display class :class:`IPython.display.Code` can be used to
    display syntax highlighted code in a notebook (:ghpull:`10978`).
  * The :cellmagic:`html` magic now takes a "--isolated" option to put
    the content in an iframe (:ghpull:`10962`).
  * The code to find completions using the Jedi library has had
    various adjustments. This is still a work in progress, but we hope
    this version has fewer annoyances (:ghpull:`10956`,
    :ghpull:`10969`, :ghpull:`10999`, :ghpull:`11035`,
    :ghpull:`11063`, :ghpull:`11065`).
  * The *post* event callbacks are now always called, even when the
    execution failed (for example because of a "SyntaxError").
  * The execution info and result objects are now made available in
    the corresponding *pre* or *post* "*_run_cell" :doc:`event
    callbacks </config/callbacks>` in a backward compatible manner
    (:ghissue:`10774` and :ghpull:`10795`).
  * Performance with very long code cells (hundreds of lines) is
    greatly improved (:ghpull:`10898`). Further improvements are
    planned for IPython 7.

Tue Feb 13 19:47:23 UTC 2018 -

- Update url

Tue Oct  3 01:20:57 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 6.2.1:
  * IPython 6.2.1 ships with two minor fixes leading to no completions
    when using Jedi 0.11+ :ghpull:`10829`, and crash on some linux
    system with virtualenv :ghpull:`10829`

Tue Sep 19 20:18:04 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 6.2.0
  * Function signature in completions
  * Assignments return values
  * Recursive Call of ipdb
  * System Wide config
  * ProgressBar
  * Fix ``IPython.core.display:Pretty._repr_pretty_`` had the wrong signature.
  * :magic:`timeit` now give a correct ``SyntaxError`` if naked ``return`` used.
  * Prepare the ``:ipython:`` directive to be compatible with Sphinx 1.7.
  * Make IPython work with OpenSSL in FIPS mode; change hash algorithm of input
    from md5 to sha1.
  * Clear breakpoints before running any script with debugger.
  * Document that :magic:`profile` is deprecated, not to be confused with :magic:`prun`.
  * Limit default number of returned completions to 500.

Wed Sep  6 21:33:36 UTC 2017 -

- Implement single-spec version
- Update to version 6.1.0
  * Quotes in a filename are always escaped during tab-completion on non-Windows.
  * Variables now shadow magics in autocompletion. See :ghissue:`4877` and :ghpull:`10542`.
  * Added the ability to add parameters to alias_magic.
  * To suppress log state messages, you can now either use ``%logstart -q``, pass
    ``--LoggingMagics.quiet=True`` on the command line, or set
    ``c.LoggingMagics.quiet=True`` in your configuration file.
  * An additional flag ``--TerminalInteractiveShell.term_title_format`` is
    introduced to allow the user to control the format of the terminal title.  It
    is specified as a python format string, and currently the only variable it
    will format is ``{cwd}``.
  * ``??``/``%pinfo2`` will now show object docstrings if the source can't be retrieved. :ghpull:`10532`
  * ``IPython.display`` has gained a ``%markdown`` cell magic. :ghpull:`10563`
  * ``%config`` options can now be tab completed. :ghpull:`10555`
  * ``%config`` with no arguments are now unique and sorted. :ghpull:`10548`
  * Completion on keyword arguments does not duplicate ``=`` sign if already present. :ghpull:`10547`
  * ``%run -m <module>`` now ``<module>`` passes extra arguments to ``<module>``. :ghpull:`10546`
  * completer now understand "snake case auto complete": if ``foo_bar_kittens`` is
    a valid completion, I can type ``f_b<tab>`` will complete to it. :ghpull:`10537`
  * tracebacks are better standardized and will compress `/path/to/home` to `~`. :ghpull:`10515`
  * ``TerminalInteractiveShell`` is configurable and can be configured to
    (re)-use the readline interface.
  * objects can now define a ``_repr_mimebundle_``
  * Execution heuristics improve for single line statements
  * ``display()`` can now return a display id to update display areas.
- Update to version 6.0.0
  * A major improvement in the completion machinery which is now capable of
    completing non-executed code. 
  * stop compatibility with Python 2, which is still supported on the bugfix
    only 5.x branch. 
  * Configurable TerminalInteractiveShell, readline interface
  * The :cellmagic:`capture` magic can now capture the result of a cell (from
    an expression on the last line), as well as printed and displayed output.
  * Pressing Ctrl-Z in the terminal debugger now suspends IPython, as it
    already does in the main terminal prompt.
  * Autoreload can now reload ``Enum``.
  * IPython.display has gained a :any:`GeoJSON <IPython.display.GeoJSON>`

Fri Aug 11 13:34:20 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 5.4.1
  * Released a few hours after 5.4, fix a crash when
    ``backports.shutil-get-terminal-size`` is not installed. :ghissue:`10629`
- Update to version 5.4
  * Configurable TerminalInteractiveShell
  * Define ``_repr_mimebundle_``
  * Execution Heuristics
  * Implement Display IDs
  * Display function
  * ``_mp_main_`` is not reloaded which fixes issues with multiprocessing.
  * Use user colorscheme in Pdb as well :ghpull:`10479`
  * Faster shutdown. :ghpull:`10408` 
  * Fix a crash in reverse search. :ghpull:`10371`
  * added ``Completer.backslash_combining_completions`` boolean option to
    deactivate backslash-tab completion that may conflict with windows path. 
- Fix building on platforms without icoutils

Thu Jul 13 02:33:23 UTC 2017 -

- Fix shebang rpmint errors.

Mon Apr 24 22:37:05 UTC 2017 -

- Add note about LTS status and the end of Python 2 support.
- Add python2- provides.
- Neither HTML nor PDF documentation will ever work again,
  so drop it.

Fri Apr  7 03:42:45 UTC 2017 -

- Install icons.
- Install .desktop file.

Thu Mar 30 19:35:24 UTC 2017 -

- Update to IPython 5.3
  * Fix a bug in ``set_next_input`` leading to a crash of terminal IPython.
    :ghpull:`10231`, :ghissue:`10296`, :ghissue:`10229`
  * Always wait for editor inputhook for terminal IPython :ghpull:`10239`,
  * Disable ``_ipython_display_`` in terminal :ghpull:`10249`, :ghpull:`10274`
  * Update terminal colors to be more visible by default on windows
    :ghpull:`10260`, :ghpull:`10238`, :ghissue:`10281`
  * Add Ctrl-Z shortcut (suspend) in terminal debugger :ghpull:`10254`,
  * Indent on new line by looking at the text before the cursor :ghpull:`10264`,
    :ghpull:`10275`, :ghissue:`9283`
  * Update QtEventloop integration to fix some matplotlib integration issues
    :ghpull:`10201`, :ghpull:`10311`, :ghissue:`10201`
  * Respect completions display style in terminal debugger :ghpull:`10305`,
  * Add a config option ``TerminalInteractiveShell.extra_open_editor_shortcuts``
    to enable extra shortcuts to open the input in an editor. These are :kbd:`v`
    in vi mode, and :kbd:`C-X C-E` in emacs mode (:ghpull:`10330`).
    The :kbd:`F2` shortcut is always enabled.
- Update to IPython 5.2.2
  * Fix error when starting with ``IPCompleter.limit_to__all__`` configured.
- Update to IPython 5.2.1
  * Fix tab completion in the debugger. :ghpull:`10223`
- Update to IPython 5.2
  * restore IPython's debugger to raise on quit. :ghpull:`10009`
  * The configuration value ``c.TerminalInteractiveShell.highlighting_style`` can
    now directly take a class argument for custom color style. :ghpull:`9848`
  * Correctly handle matplotlib figures dpi :ghpull:`9868`
  * Deprecate ``-e`` flag for the ``%notebook`` magic that had no effects.
  * You can now press F2 while typing at a terminal prompt to edit the contents
    in your favourite terminal editor. Set the :envvar:`EDITOR` environment
    variable to pick which editor is used. :ghpull:`9929`
  * sdists will now only be ``.tar.gz`` as per upstream PyPI requirements.
  * :any:`IPython.core.debugger` have gained a ``set_trace()`` method for
    convenience. :ghpull:`9947`
  * The 'smart command mode' added to the debugger in 5.0 was removed, as more
    people preferred the previous behaviour. Therefore, debugger commands such as
    ``c`` will act as debugger commands even when ``c`` is defined as a variable.
  * Fixes OS X event loop issues at startup, :ghpull:`10150`
  * Deprecate the ``%autoindent`` magic. :ghpull:`10176`
  * Emit a :any:`DeprecationWarning` when setting the deprecated
    ``limit_to_all`` option of the completer. :ghpull:`10198`
  * The :cellmagic:`capture` magic can now capture the result of a cell (from an
    expression on the last line), as well as printed and displayed output.
- Update to IPython 5.1
  * Broken ``%timeit`` on Python2 due to the use of ``__qualname__``. :ghpull:`9804`
  * Restore ``%gui qt`` to create and return a ``QApplication`` if necessary. :ghpull:`9789`
  * Don't set terminal title by default. :ghpull:`9801`
  * Preserve indentation when inserting newlines with ``Ctrl-O``. :ghpull:`9770`
  * Restore completion in debugger. :ghpull:`9785`
  * Deprecate ``IPython.core.debugger.Tracer()`` in favor of simpler, newer, APIs. :ghpull:`9731`
  * Restore ``NoOpContext`` context manager removed by mistake, and add `DeprecationWarning`. :ghpull:`9765`
  * Add option allowing ``Prompt_toolkit`` to use 24bits colors. :ghpull:`9736`
  * Fix for closing interactive matplotlib windows on OS X. :ghpull:`9854`
  * An embedded interactive shell instance can be used more than once. :ghpull:`9843`
  * More robust check for whether IPython is in a terminal. :ghpull:`9833`
  * Better pretty-printing of dicts on PyPy. :ghpull:`9827`
  * Some coloured output now looks better on dark background command prompts in Windows.
  * Improved tab completion of paths on Windows . :ghpull:`9826`
  * Fix tkinter event loop integration on Python 2 with ``future`` installed. :ghpull:`9824`
  * Restore ``Ctrl-\`` as a shortcut to quit IPython.
  * Make ``get_ipython()`` accessible when modules are imported by startup files. :ghpull:`9818`
  * Add support for running directories containing a ```` file with the
    ``ipython`` command. :ghpull:`9813`
- Update to IPython 5.0
  + IPython 5 features a major upgrade to the terminal interface, bringing live
    syntax highlighting as you type, proper multiline editing and multiline paste,
    and tab completions that don't clutter up your history.
  + Backwards incompatible changes
    * The ``%install_ext`` magic function, deprecated since 4.0, has now been deleted.
      You can distribute and install extensions as packages on PyPI.
    * Callbacks registered while an event is being handled will now only be called
      for subsequent events; previously they could be called for the current event.
      Similarly, callbacks removed while handling an event *will* always get that
      event. See :ghissue:`9447` and :ghpull:`9453`.
    * Integration with pydb has been removed since pydb development has been stopped
      since 2012, and pydb is not installable from PyPI.
    * The ``autoedit_syntax`` option has apparently been broken for many years.
      It has been removed.
    * The overhaul of the terminal interface will probably cause a range of minor
      issues for existing users.
    * IPython no longer uses readline configuration (``~/.inputrc``). We hope that
      the functionality you want (e.g. vi input mode) will be available by configuring
      IPython directly (see :doc:`/config/options/terminal`).
    * The ``PromptManager`` class has been removed, and the prompt machinery simplified.
    * There are new options to configure the colours used in syntax highlighting.
      We have tried to integrate them with our classic  ``--colors`` option and
     ``%colors`` magic, but there's a mismatch in possibilities, so some configurations
     may produce unexpected results. See :ref:`termcolour` for more information.
    * The new interface is not compatible with Emacs 'inferior-shell' feature. To
      continue using this, add the ``--simple-prompt`` flag to the command Emacs
      runs. This flag disables most IPython features, relying on Emacs to provide
      things like tab completion.
  + Provisional Changes
    * When running via the Jupyter notebook interfaces, or other compatible client,
      you can enable rich documentation experimental functionality:
      When the ``docrepr`` package is installed setting the boolean flag
      ``InteractiveShell.sphinxify_docstring`` to ``True``, will process the various
      object through sphinx before displaying them (see the ``docrepr`` package
      documentation for more information.
  + Deprecated Features
    * ``hooks.fix_error_editor`` seems unused and is pending deprecation.
    * `IPython/core/` is  deprecated.
    * `IPython.core.InteractiveShell:write()` is deprecated; use `sys.stdout` instead.
    * `IPython.core.InteractiveShell:write_err()` is deprecated; use `sys.stderr` instead.
    * The `formatter` keyword argument to `` in `IPython.core.oinspec` has no effect.
    * The `global_ns` keyword argument of IPython Embed was deprecated, and has no effect. Use `module` keyword argument instead.
- Update to IPython 4.2
  * Fix ``ipython -i`` on errors, which was broken in 4.1.
  * The delay meant to highlight deprecated commands that have moved to jupyter has been removed.
  * Improve compatibility with future versions of traitlets and matplotlib.
  * Use stdlib :func:`python:shutil.get_terminal_size` to measure terminal width when displaying tracebacks
    (provided by ``backports.shutil_get_terminal_size`` on Python 2).
- Update to IPython 4.1.2
  * fixes installation issues with some versions of setuptools.

Thu Mar 16 14:31:41 UTC 2017 -

- do not Recommend jupyter_nbconvert (which pulls in texlive)

Wed Feb 17 14:43:15 UTC 2016 -

- specfile:
  * update copyright year
  * Simplify tests for determining whether to build pdf documentation
- update to version 4.1.1:
  * Backport #9209: Don't import IPython to check version number in
- Update to 4.1.0
  * Release February, 2016. IPython 4.1 contain mostly bug fixes.
    It though contain a few improvement.
  * IPython debugger (IPdb) now supports the number of context
    lines for the where (and w) commands. The context keyword is
    also available in various APIs. See PR :ghpull:`9097`
  * YouTube video will now show thumbnail when exported to a media
    that do not support video. (:ghpull:`9086`)
  * Add warning when running ipython <subcommand> when subcommand
    is deprecated. jupyter should now be used.
  * Code in %pinfo (also known as ??) are now highlighter
  * %aimport now support module completion. (:ghpull:`8884`)
  * ipdb output is now colored ! (:ghpull:`8842`)
  * Add ability to transpose columns for completion:
  * Many many docs improvements and bug fixes
- update to version 4.0.3:
  * Python 3.5 bug in that could crash during shutdown, triggered by
    deprecations in traitlets 4.1.
  * Typo in deprecation message for nbconvert
- update to version 4.0.2:
  * Fix backward-compatiblity shim for "IPython.Config", which
    should have been deprecated instead of removed. This will be
    removed in 5.0.
- update to version 4.0.1:
  * Installation on some systems
  * Compatibility with CPython 3.4.4
  * Compatibility with Qt5

Thu Oct  1 12:50:43 UTC 2015 -

- Build documentation
  This is in a separate spec file to avoid dependency loops
- Obsolete IPython
- Split the iptest executable into its own subpackage
  This has a bunch of testing dependencies that are not otherwise

Fri Aug 21 11:09:45 UTC 2015 -

- Add conflict with older versions of IPython

Mon Aug 17 08:14:39 UTC 2015 -

- Initial version
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