File fix-test-for-fusermount.patch of Package python-llfuse

From: Antonio Larrosa <>
Subject: fusermount is not supported in OBS

Running fusermount doesn't work in OBS's chroot, so we just disable the
tests that rely on it.

Index: llfuse-1.3.4/test/
--- llfuse-1.3.4.orig/test/
+++ llfuse-1.3.4/test/
@@ -36,6 +36,8 @@ def fuse_test_marker():
     skip = lambda x: pytest.mark.skip(reason=x)
+    return skip("Running fusermount is not suppored in OBS")
     # Python 2.x: Popen is not a context manager...
     which = subprocess.Popen(['which', 'fusermount'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
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