File CVE-2019-6250.patch of Package zeromq.10568

Author: Guido Vranken <>
Description: pointer overflow in zmq::v2_decoder_t::size_ready
 leading to remote code execution (issue #3351).
 Refactor bounds check arithmetic such that no overflow shall occur
Applied-Upstream: 1a2ed12716693073032d57dac4e269df3d373751
--- a/src/v2_decoder.cpp
+++ b/src/v2_decoder.cpp
@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ int zmq::v2_decoder_t::size_ready(uint64_t msg_size, unsigned char const* read_p
     // the current message can exceed the current buffer. We have to copy the buffer
     // data into a new message and complete it in the next receive.
-    if (unlikely ((unsigned char*)read_pos + msg_size > (data() + size())))
+    if (unlikely (msg_size > (size_t) (data () + size () - read_pos)))
         // a new message has started, but the size would exceed the pre-allocated arena
         // this happens every time when a message does not fit completely into the buffer