File python-celery.changes of Package python-celery

Thu Feb 21 10:48:26 UTC 2019 - John Vandenberg <>

- Replace no-async.patch with three Python 3.7 patches merged upstream
  python37-1.patch, python37-2.patch & python37-3.patch
- Replace sed invocation with unpin-pytest.patch for clarity

Thu Feb 21 09:44:59 UTC 2019 - John Vandenberg <>

- Add missing dependency on pytz, needed by celery.utils
- Remove unused build dependency on cl

Fri Feb 15 11:07:36 UTC 2019 - John Vandenberg <>

- Add relax-billiard-pin.patch to allow billiard

Thu Jan 31 13:33:40 CET 2019 -

- Add no-async.patch renaming async package to async_tools to
  make package 3.7 compatible.

Thu Dec  6 11:28:53 UTC 2018 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Fix fdupes call

Tue Dec  4 12:46:31 UTC 2018 - Matej Cepl <>

- Remove superfluous devel dependency for noarch package

Thu Aug 16 11:04:24 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 4.2.1:
  * Fix to build with newest kombu
  * Many bugfixes around
- Add patch to skip test that should not be run:
  * celery-no-redis.patch

Wed May  2 08:47:12 UTC 2018 -

- Add patch to fix testrun with new pytest:
  * disable-pytest-log-capturing.patch

Thu Nov 30 09:57:28 UTC 2017 -

- Add missing runtime deps (mostly same as build time ones...)

Sat Sep 30 16:39:25 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 4.1.0:
  * Configuration: CELERY_SEND_EVENTS instead of CELERYD_SEND_EVENTS
    for 3.1.x compatibility (#3997)
  * App: Restore behavior so Broadcast queues work. (#3934)
  * Sphinx: Make appstr use standard format (#4134) (#4139)
  * App: Make id, name always accessible from logging.Formatter via
    extra (#3994)
  * Worker: Add worker_shutting_down signal (#3998)
  * PyPy: Support PyPy version 5.8.0 (#4128)
  * Results: Elasticsearch: Fix serializing keys (#3924)
  * Canvas: Deserialize all tasks in a chain (#4015)
  * Systemd: Recover loglevel for ExecStart in systemd config (#4023)
  * Sphinx: Use the Sphinx add_directive_to_domain API. (#4037)
  * App: Pass properties to before_task_publish signal (#4035)
  * Results: Add SSL option for Redis backends (#3831)
  * Beat: celery.schedule.crontab: fix reduce (#3826) (#3827)
  * State: Fix celery issues when using flower REST API
  * Results: Elasticsearch: Fix serializing document id.
  * Beat: Make shallow copy of schedules dictionary
  * Beat: Populate heap when periodic tasks are changed
  * Task: Allow class methods to define tasks (#3952)
  * Platforms: Always return boolean value when checking if signal is
    supported (#3962).
  * Canvas: Avoid duplicating chains in chords (#3779)
  * Canvas: Lookup task only if list has items (#3847)
  * Results: Allow unicode message for exception raised in task
  * Python3: Support for Python 3.6 (#3904, #3903, #3736)
  * App: Fix retried tasks with expirations (#3790)
  * * Fixes items format route in docs (#3875)
  * Utils: Fix maybe_make_aware (#3850)
  * Task: Fix task ETA issues when timezone is defined in
    configuration (#3867)
  * Concurrency: Consumer does not shutdown properly when embedded in
    gevent application (#3746)
  * Canvas: Fix #3725: Task replaced with group does not complete
  * Task: Correct order in chains with replaced tasks (#3730)
  * Result: Enable synchronous execution of sub-tasks (#3696)
  * Task: Fix request context for blocking task apply (added hostname)
  * Utils: Fix task argument handling (#3678) (#3693)
  * Beat: Provide a transparent method to update the Scheduler heap
  * Beat: Specify default value for pidfile option of celery
    beat. (#3722)
  * Results: Elasticsearch: Stop generating a new field every time
    when a new result is being put (#3708)
  * Requirements
    + Now depends on :ref:`Kombu 4.1.0 <kombu:version-4.1.0>`.
  * Results: Elasticsearch now reuses fields when new results are
  * Results: Fixed MongoDB integration when using binary encodings
    (Issue #3575).
  * Worker: Making missing "*args" and "kwargs" in Task protocol 1
    return empty value in protocol 2 (Issue #3687).
  * App: Fixed :exc:`TypeError` in AMQP when using deprecated signal
    (Issue #3707).
  * Beat: Added a transparent method to update the scheduler heap.
  * Task: Fixed handling of tasks with keyword arguments on Python 3
    (Issue #3657).
  * Task: Fixed request context for blocking task apply by adding
    missing hostname attribute.
  * Task: Added option to run subtasks synchronously with
    "disable_sync_subtasks" argument.
  * App: Fixed chaining of replaced tasks (Issue #3726).
  * Canvas: Fixed bug where replaced tasks with groups were not
    completing (Issue #3725).
  * Worker: Fixed problem where consumer does not shutdown properly
    when embedded in a gevent application (Issue #3745).
  * Results: Added support for using AWS DynamoDB as a result backend
  * Testing: Added caching on pip installs.
  * Worker: Prevent consuming queue before ready on startup (Issue
  * App: Fixed task ETA issues when timezone is defined in
    configuration (Issue #3753).
  * Utils: "maybe_make_aware" should not modify datetime when it is
    already timezone-aware (Issue #3849).
  * App: Fixed retrying tasks with expirations (Issue #3734).
  * Results: Allow unicode message for exceptions raised in task
    (Issue #3858).
  * Canvas: Fixed :exc:`IndexError` raised when chord has an empty
  * Canvas: Avoid duplicating chains in chords (Issue #3771).
  * Utils: Allow class methods to define tasks (Issue #3863).
  * Beat: Populate heap when periodic tasks are changed.
  * Results: Added support for Elasticsearch backend options settings.
  * Events: Ensure "Task.as_dict()" works when not all information
    about task is available.
  * Schedules: Fixed pickled crontab schedules to restore properly
    (Issue #3826).
  * Results: Added SSL option for redis backends (Issue #3830).
  * Documentation and examples improvements

Thu Aug 24 13:33:50 UTC 2017 -

- singlespec auto-conversion

Mon Jul 10 12:08:37 UTC 2017 -

- Drop redundant wording from description.

Tue Jun 27 19:08:20 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 4.0.2:
  * Requirements: Now depends on Kombu 4.0.2.
  * Tasks: Fixed problem with JSON serialization of group (``keys
    must be string`` error, Issue #3688).
  * Worker: Fixed JSON serialization issue when using inspect
    active and friends (Issue #3667).
  * App: Fixed saferef errors when using signals (Issue #3670).
  * Prefork: Fixed bug with pack requiring bytes argument on Python
    2.7.5 and earlier (Issue #3674).
  * Tasks: Saferepr did not handle unicode in bytestrings on Python
    2 (Issue #3676).
  * Testing: Added new celery_worker_paremeters fixture.
  * Tasks: Added new app argument to GroupResult.restore
    (Issue #3669).
  * Tasks: Fixed type checking crash when task takes *args on
    Python 3 (Issue #3678).
  * Documentation and examples improvements
- additional changes from version 4.0.1:
  * [Security: CELERYSA-0003] Fix Insecure default configuration
  * Tasks: Added new method to register class-based tasks
    (Issue #3615).
  * Tasks: Argument checking now supports keyword-only arguments on
    Python3 (Issue #3658).
  * Tasks: The task-sent event was not being sent even if
    configured to do so (Issue #3646).
  * Worker: Fixed AMQP heartbeat support for eventlet/gevent pools
    (Issue #3649).
  * App: app.conf.humanize() would not work if configuration not
    finalized (Issue #3652).
  * Utils: saferepr attempted to show iterables as lists and
    mappings as dicts.
  * Utils: saferepr did not handle unicode-errors when attempting
    to format bytes on Python 3 (Issue #3610).
  * Utils: saferepr should now properly represent byte strings with
    non-ascii characters (Issue #3600).
  * Results: Fixed bug in elasticsearch where _index method missed
    the body argument (Issue #3606).
  * Canvas: Fixed ValueError in chord with single task header
    (Issue #3608).
  * Task: Ensure class-based task has name prior to registration
    (Issue #3616).
  * Beat: Fixed problem with strings in shelve (Issue #3644).
  * Worker: Fixed KeyError in inspect stats when -O argument set to
    something other than fast or fair (Issue #3621).
  * Task: Retried tasks were no longer sent to the original queue
    (Issue #3622).
  * Worker: Python 3: Fixed None/int type comparison in
    apps/ (Issue #3631).
  * Results: Redis has a new redis_socket_connect_timeout setting.
  * Results: Redis result backend passed the socket_connect_timeout
    argument to UNIX socket based connections by mistake, causing a
  * Worker: Fixed missing logo in worker splash screen when running
    on Python 3.x (Issue #3627).
  * Deps: Fixed celery[redis] bundle installation (Issue #3643).
  * Deps: Bundle celery[sqs] now also requires pycurl
    (Issue #3619).
  * Worker: Hard time limits were no longer being respected
    (Issue #3618).
  * Worker: Soft time limit log showed Trues instead of the number
    of seconds.
  * App: registry_cls argument no longer had any effect
    (Issue #3613).
  * Worker: Event producer now uses connection_for_Write
    (Issue #3525).
  * Results: Redis/memcache backends now uses result_expires to
    expire chord counter (Issue #3573).
  * Django: Fixed command for upgrading settings with Django
    (Issue #3563).
  * Testing: Added a celery_parameters test fixture to be able to
    use customized Celery init parameters. (#3626)
  * Documentation improvements
- additional changes from version 4.0:
- change source url to
- update the BuildRequires for test:
  * remove mock, nose and unittest2
  * add case, pytest and netcfg
- remove specfile reference to openSUSE 11.1 / SLE11
- update kombu and billiard required versions
- remove anyjson Requires, not needed anymore
- call fdupes to fix duplicate files

Wed Jan 13 17:43:19 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 3.1.19:
  * Requirements: Now depends on Kombu 3.0.29.
  * Requirements: Now depends on billiard
  * Results: Fixed MongoDB result backend URL parsing problem
    (Issue celery/kombu#375).
  * Worker: Task request now properly sets priority in
  * Beat: PyPy shelve may raise KeyError when setting keys (Issue
  * Programs: celery beat --deatched now working on PyPy.
  * Results: Redis result backend now ensures all pipelines are
    cleaned up.
  * Results: Redis result backend now allows for timeout to be set
    in the query portion of the result backend URL.
  * Results: result.get now properly handles failures where the
    exception value is set to None (Issue #2560).
  * Prefork pool: Fixed attribute error proc.dead.
  * Worker: Fixed worker hanging when gossip/heartbeat disabled
    (Issue #1847).
  * Results: MongoDB result backend now supports pymongo 3.x (Issue
  * Results: RPC/amqp backends did not deserialize exceptions
    properly (Issue #2691).
  * Programs: Fixed problem with celery amqp‘s basic_publish (Issue
  * Worker: Embedded beat now properly sets app for thread/process
    (Issue #2594).
  * Documentation: Many improvements and typos fixed.

Wed Apr 29 19:53:02 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 3.1.18:
  * Requirements: Now depends on Kombu 3.0.25.
  * Requirements: Now depends on billiard
  * Django: Now supports Django 1.8 (Issue #2536).
  * Results: MongoDB result backend now compatible with pymongo 3.0
  * Tasks: Fixed bug only happening when a task has multiple
    callbacks (Issue #2515).
  * Commands: Preload options now support --arg value syntax.
  * Compat: A typo caused celery.log.setup_logging_subsystem to be
  * init scripts: The celerybeat generic init script now uses
    /bin/sh instead of bash (Issue #2496).
  * Django: Fixed a :exc:`TypeError` sometimes occurring in logging
    when validating models.
  * Commands: Worker now supports new --executable argument that
    can be used with --detach.
  * Canvas: Fixed crash in chord unlock fallback task (Issue #2404)
  * Worker: Fixed rare crash occurring with --autoscale enabled
    (Issue #2411).
  * Django: Properly recycle worker Django database connections
    when the Django CONN_MAX_AGE setting is enabled (Issue #2453).
- additional changes from version 3.1.17:
  * Admonition: Do not enable the CELERYD_FORCE_EXECV setting!
  * Requirements: Now depends on Kombu 3.0.24.
  * Requirements: Now depends on billiard
  * Requirements: celery[librabbitmq] now depends on librabbitmq
  * Task: The timing of ETA/countdown tasks were off after the
    example LocalTimezone implementation in the Python
    documentation no longer works in Python 3.4. (Issue #2306).
  * Task: Raising celery.exceptions.Ignore no longer sends
    task-failed event (Issue #2365).
  * Redis result backend: Fixed unbound local errors.
  * Task: Callbacks was not called properly if link was a list of
    signatures (Issuse #2350).
  * Canvas: chain and group now handles json serialized signatures
    (Issue #2076).
  * Results: .join_native() would accidentally treat the STARTED
    state as being ready (Issue #2326).
  * Canvas: The chord_size attribute is now set for all canvas
    primitives, making sure more combinations will work with the
    new_join optimization for Redis (Issue #2339).
  * Task: Fixed problem with app not being properly propagated to
    trace_task in all cases.
  * Worker: Expires from task message now associated with a
  * Cassandra result backend: Fixed problems when using detailed
  * Mongodb Result backend: Pickling the backend instance will now
    include the original url (Issue #2347).
  * Task: Exception info was not properly set for tasks raising
    celery.exceptions.Reject (Issue #2043).
  * Worker: Duplicates are now removed when loading the set of
    revoked tasks from the worker state database (Issue #2336).
  * celery.contrib.rdb: Fixed problems with rdb.set_trace calling
    stop from the wrong frame.
  * Canvas: chain and chord can now be immutable.
  * Canvas: chord.apply_async will now keep partial args set in
    self.args (Issue #2299).
  * Results: Small refactoring so that results are decoded the same
    way in all result backends.
  * Logging: The processName format was introduced in Py2.6.2 so
    for compatibility this format is now excluded when using
    earlier versions (Issue #1644).
- increase required version of python-kombu to 3.0.25
- increase required version of python-billiard to
- reenable the tests, expect for SLE11. And add -q to avoid
  spamming the build log
- add the license to package documentation

Wed Nov 12 09:57:50 UTC 2014 -

- Update to version 3.1.16
  + Worker: 3.1.15 broke -Ofair behavior (Issue #2286).
  + Canvas: celery.signature now properly forwards app argument in all cases.
  + Task: .retry() did not raise the exception correctly when called without a current exception.
  + Worker: The enable_events remote control command disabled worker-related events by mistake (Issue #2272).
  + Django: Adds support for Django 1.7 class names in INSTALLED_APPS when using app.autodiscover_tasks() (Issue #2248).
  + Redis/Cache Backends: Chords will now run at most once if one or more tasks in the chord are executed multiple times for some reason.

Sun Dec  1 16:36:56 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 3.1.1
  + Now depends Kombu 3.0.6
  + Now depends on billiard
  + App: ``config_from_object`` is now lazy
  + App: ``autodiscover_tasks`` is now lazy
    Django users should now wrap access to the settings object in
    a lambda:
       app.autodiscover_tasks(lambda: settings.INSTALLED_APPS)
    this ensures that the settings object is not prepared
  + Fixed regression for ``--app`` argument experienced by
    some users
  + Worker: Now respects the ``--uid`` and ``--gid`` arguments
    even if ``--detach`` is not enabled
  + Beat: Now respects the ``--uid`` and ``--gid`` arguments
    even if ``--detach`` is not enabled
  + Python 3: Fixed unorderable error occuring with the worker ``-B``
    argument enabled
  + ``celery.VERSION`` is now a named tuple
  + ``maybe_signature(list)`` is now applied recursively
  + ``celery shell`` command: Fixed ``IPython.frontend`` deprecation warning
  + The default app no longer includes the builtin fixups
       This fixes a bug where ``celery multi`` would attempt
       to load the Django settings module before entering
       the target working directory
  + The Django daemonization tutorial was changed
       Users no longer have to explicitly export ``DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE``
       in :file:`/etc/default/celeryd` when the new project layout is used
  + Redis result backend: expiry value can now be 0 
  + Censoring settings now accounts for non-string keys
  + App: New ``autofinalize`` option
       Apps are automatically finalized when the task registry is accessed.
       You can now disable this behavior so that an exception is raised
  + The worker did not send monitoring events during shutdown
  + Worker: Mingle and gossip is now automatically disabled when
    used with an unsupported transport
  + ``celery`` command: Preload options now supports
    the rare ``--opt value`` format
  + ``celery`` command: Accidentally removed options
    appearing before the subcommand, these are now moved to the end
  + Worker now properly responds to ``inspect stats`` commands
    even if received before startup is complete
  + :signal:`task_postrun` is now sent within a finally block, to make
    sure the signal is always sent
  + Beat: Fixed syntax error in string formatting
  + Fixed typos in the documentation
  + Nested chains now works properly when constructed using the
    ``chain`` type instead of the ``|`` operator

Thu Oct 24 10:59:40 UTC 2013 -

- Require python-setuptools instead of distribute (upstreams merged)

Wed Sep 25 19:03:47 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 3.0.23
  + Now depends on :ref:`Kombu 2.5.14 <kombu:version-2.5.14>`.
  + ``send_task`` did not honor ``link`` and ``link_error`` arguments.
    This had the side effect of chains not calling unregistered tasks,
    silently discarding them.
  + :mod:`celery.state`: Optimized precedence lookup.
  + Posix: Daemonization did not redirect ``sys.stdin`` to ``/dev/null``.
  + Canvas: group bug caused fallback to default app when ``.apply_async`` used
    (Issue #1516)
  + Canvas: generator arguments was not always pickleable
- Use source url as source

Tue Apr 30 19:34:54 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 3.0.19:
  - Now depends on billiard
  - A Python 3 related fix managed to disable the deadlock fix
    announced in 3.0.18.
    Tests have been added to make sure this does not happen again.
  - Task retry policy: Default max_retries is now 3.
    This ensures clients will not be hanging while the broker is down.
        You can set a longer retry for the worker by
        using the celeryd_after_setup signal:
            from celery.signals import celeryd_after_setup

            def configure_worker(instance, conf, **kwargs):
                conf.CELERY_TASK_PUBLISH_RETRY_POLICY = {
                    'max_retries': 100,
                    'interval_start': 0,
                    'interval_max': 1,
                    'interval_step': 0.2,
  - Worker: Will now properly display message body in error messages
    even if the body is a buffer instance.
  - 3.0.18 broke the MongoDB result backend (Issue #1303).

Fri Apr 12 17:52:35 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 3.0.18:
  - Now depends on kombu 2.5.10.
    See the kombu changelog.
  - Now depends on billiard
  - Can now specify a whitelist of accepted serializers using
    the new CELERY_ACCEPT_CONTENT setting.
    This means that you can force the worker to discard messages
    serialized with pickle and other untrusted serializers.
    For example to only allow JSON serialized messages use::
        CELERY_ACCEPT_CONTENT = ['json']
    you can also specify MIME types in the whitelist::
        CELERY_ACCEPT_CONTENT = ['application/json']
  - Fixed deadlock in multiprocessing's pool caused by the
    semaphore not being released when terminated by signal.
  - Processes Pool: It's now possible to debug pool processes using GDB.
  - celery report now censors possibly secret settings, like passwords
    and secret tokens.
    You should still check the output before pasting anything
    on the internet.
  - Connection URLs now ignore multiple '+' tokens.
  - Worker/statedb: Now uses pickle protocol 2 (Py2.5+)
  - Fixed Python 3 compatibility issues.
  - Worker:  A warning is now given if a worker is started with the
    same node name as an existing worker.
  - Worker: Fixed a deadlock that could occur while revoking tasks (Issue #1297).
  - Worker: The :sig:`HUP` handler now closes all open file descriptors
    before restarting to ensure file descriptors does not leak (Issue #1270).
  - Worker: Optimized storing/loading the revoked tasks list (Issue #1289).
    After this change the --statedb file will take up more disk space,
    but loading from and storing the revoked tasks will be considerably
    faster (what before took 5 minutes will now take less than a second).
  - Celery will now suggest alternatives if there's a typo in the
    broker transport name (e.g. ampq -> amqp).
  - Worker: The auto-reloader would cause a crash if a monitored file
    was unlinked.
    Fix contributed by Agris Ameriks.
  - Fixed AsyncResult pickling error.
    Fix contributed by Thomas Minor.
  - Fixed handling of Unicode in logging output when using log colors
    (Issue #427).
  - is now a MutableMapping.
    Contributed by Aaron Harnly.
  - Fixed memory leak in LRU cache implementation.
    Fix contributed by Romuald Brunet.
  - celery.contrib.rdb: Now works when sockets are in non-blocking mode.
    Fix contributed by Theo Spears.
  - The inspect reserved remote control command included active (started) tasks
    with the reserved tasks (Issue #1030).
  - The task_failure signal received a modified traceback object
    meant for pickling purposes, this has been fixed so that it now
    receives the real traceback instead.
  - The @task decorator silently ignored positional arguments,
    it now raises the expected TypeError instead (Issue #1125).
  - The worker will now properly handle messages with invalid
    eta/expires fields (Issue #1232).
  - The pool_restart remote control command now reports
    an error if the CELERYD_POOL_RESTARTS setting is not set.
  - celery.conf.add_defaults can now be used with non-dict objects.
  - Fixed compatibility problems in the Proxy class (Issue #1087).
    The class attributes __module__, __name__ and __doc__
    are now meaningful string objects.
    Thanks to Marius Gedminas.
  - MongoDB Backend: The MONGODB_BACKEND_SETTINGS setting
    now accepts a option key that lets you forward arbitrary kwargs
    to the underlying pymongo.Connection object (Issue #1015).
  - Beat: The daily backend cleanup task is no longer enabled
    for result backends that support automatic result expiration (Issue #1031).
  - Canvas list operations now takes application instance from the first
    task in the list, instead of depending on the current_app (Issue #1249).
  - Worker: Message decoding error log message now includes traceback
  - Worker: The startup banner now includes system platform.
  - celery inspect|status|control now gives an error if used
    with an SQL based broker transport.
- Aditional changes from 3.0.17:
  - Now depends on kombu 2.5.8
  - Now depends on billiard
  - RabbitMQ/Redis: thread-less and lock-free rate-limit implementation.
    This means that rate limits pose minimal overhead when used with
    RabbitMQ/Redis or future transports using the eventloop,
    and that the rate-limit implementation is now thread-less and lock-free.
    The thread-based transports will still use the old implementation for
    now, but the plan is to use the timer also for other
    broker transports in Celery 3.1.
  - Rate limits now works with eventlet/gevent if using RabbitMQ/Redis as the
  - A regression caused task.retry to ignore additional keyword arguments.
    Extra keyword arguments are now used as execution options again.
    Fix contributed by Simon Engledew.
  - Windows: Fixed problem with the worker trying to pickle the Django settings
    module at worker startup.
  - generic-init.d:  No longer double quotes $CELERYD_CHDIR (Issue #1235).
  - generic-init.d: Removes bash-specific syntax.
    Fix contributed by Pär Wieslander.
  - Cassandra Result Backend: Now handles the
    pycassa.AllServersUnavailable error (Issue #1010).
    Fix contributed by Jared Biel.
  - Result: Now properly forwards apps to GroupResults when deserializing
    (Issue #1249).
    Fix contributed by Charles-Axel Dein.
  - GroupResult.revoke now supports the terminate and signal
    keyword arguments.
  - Worker: Multiprocessing pool workers now import task modules/configuration
    before setting up the logging system so that logging signals can be
    connected before they're dispatched.
  - chord:  The AsyncResult instance returned now has its parent
    attribute set to the header GroupResult.
    This is consistent with how chain works.

Fri Mar  8 21:35:29 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 3.0.16:
  - Happy International Women's Day!
    We have a long way to go, so this is a chance for you to get
    involved in one of the organizations working for making our
    communities more diverse.
     - PyLadies —
     - Girls Who Code —
     - Women Who Code —
  - Now depends on :mod:`kombu` version 2.5.7
  - Now depends on :mod:`billiard` version
  - AMQP heartbeats are now disabled by default.
      Some users experiences issues with heartbeats enabled,
      and it's not strictly necessary to use them.
      If you're experiencing problems detecting connection failures,
      you can re-enable heartbeats by configuring the BROKER_HEARTBEAT
  - Worker: Now propagates connection errors occurring in multiprocessing
    callbacks, so that the connection can be reset (Issue #1226).
  - Worker: Now propagates connection errors occurring in timer callbacks,
    so that the connection can be reset.
    are now imported in the original order (Issue #1161).
      The modules in CELERY_IMPORTS will be imported first,
      then continued by CELERY_INCLUDE.
      Thanks to Joey Wilhelm.
  - New bash completion for celery available in the git repository:
      You can source this file or put it in bash_completion.d to
      get auto-completion for the celery command-line utility.
  - The node name of a worker can now include unicode characters (Issue #1186).
  - The repr of a crontab object now displays correctly (Issue #972).
  - events.State no longer modifies the original event dictionary.
  - No longer uses Logger.warn deprecated in Python 3.
  - Cache Backend: Now works with chords again (Issue #1094).
  - Chord unlock now handles errors occurring while calling the callback.
  - Generic worker init.d script: Status check is now performed by
    querying the pid of the instance instead of sending messages.
      Contributed by Milen Pavlov.
  - Improved init scripts for CentOS.
      - Updated to support celery 3.x conventions.
      - Now uses CentOS built-in status and killproc
      - Support for multi-node / multi-pid worker services.
      - Standard color-coded CentOS service-init output.
      - A test suite.
      Contributed by Milen Pavlov.
  - ResultSet.join now always works with empty result set (Issue #1219).
  - A group consisting of a single task is now supported (Issue #1219).
  - Now supports the pycallgraph program (Issue #1051).
  - Fixed Jython compatibility problems.
  - Django tutorial: Now mentions that the example app must be added to
    INSTALLED_APPS (Issue #1192).

Tue Feb 12 21:42:37 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 3.0.15:
  - Now depends on billiard which fixed a syntax error crash.

Fri Feb  8 20:10:26 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 3.0.14:
  - Now depends on Kombu 2.5.6
  - Now depends on billiard
  - execv is now disabled by default.
    It was causing too many problems for users, you can still enable
    it using the CELERYD_FORCE_EXECV setting.
    execv was only enabled when transports other than amqp/redis was used,
    and it's there to prevent deadlocks caused by mutexes not being released
    before the process forks.  Sadly it also changes the environment
    introducing many corner case bugs that is hard to fix without adding
    horrible hacks.  Deadlock issues are reported far less often than the
    bugs that execv are causing, so we now disable it by default.
    Work is in motion to create non-blocking versions of these transports
    so that execv is not necessary (which is the situation with the amqp
    and redis broker transports)
  - Chord exception behavior defined (Issue #1172).
    From Celery 3.1 the chord callback will change state to FAILURE
    when a task part of a chord raises an exception.
    It was never documented what happens in this case,
    and the actual behavior was very unsatisfactory, indeed
    it will just forward the exception value to the chord callback.
    For backward compatibility reasons we do not change to the new
    behavior in a bugfix release, even if the current behavior was
    never documented.  Instead you can enable the
    CELERY_CHORD_PROPAGATES setting to get the new behavior
    that will be default from Celery 3.1.
    See more at chord-errors.
  - worker: Fixes bug with ignored and retried tasks.
    The on_chord_part_return and Task.after_return callbacks,
    nor the task_postrun signal should be called when the task was
    Fix contributed by Vlad.
  - GroupResult.join_native now respects the propagate argument.
  - added as an alias to subtask['options'].id
        >>> s = add.s(2, 2)
        >>> = 'my-id'
        >>> s['options']
        {'task_id': 'my-id'}

  - worker: Fixed error `Could not start worker processes` occurring
    when restarting after connection failure (Issue #1118).
  - Adds new signal task-retried (Issue #1169).
  - `celery events --dumper` now handles connection loss.
  - Will now retry sending the task-sent event in case of connection failure.
  - amqp backend:  Now uses Message.requeue instead of republishing
    the message after poll.
  - New BROKER_HEARTBEAT_CHECKRATE setting introduced to modify the
    rate at which broker connection heartbeats are monitored.
    The default value was also changed from 3.0 to 2.0.
  - is now pickleable.
    Fix contributed by Mher Movsisyan.
  - celery.datastructures.LRUCache is now pickleable.
    Fix contributed by Mher Movsisyan.
  - The stats broadcast command now includes the workers pid.
    Contributed by Mher Movsisyan.
  - New conf remote control command to get a workers current configuration.
    Contributed by Mher Movsisyan.
  - Adds the ability to modify the chord unlock task's countdown
    argument (Issue #1146).
    Contributed by Jun Sakai
  - beat: The scheduler now uses the now() method of the schedule,
    so that schedules can provide a custom way to get the current date and time.
    Contributed by Raphaël Slinckx
  - Fixed pickling of configuration modules on Windows or when execv is used
    (Issue #1126).
  - Multiprocessing logger is now configured with loglevel ERROR
    by default.
    Since 3.0 the multiprocessing loggers were disabled by default
    (only configured when the MP_LOG environment variable was set).

Mon Jan  7 16:34:24 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 3.0.13:
  - Now depends on Kombu 2.5
    - py-amqp has replaced amqplib as the default transport,
      gaining support for AMQP 0.9, and the RabbitMQ extensions
      including Consumer Cancel Notifications and heartbeats.
    - support for multiple connection URLs for failover.
    - Read more in the Kombu 2.5 changelog.
  - Now depends on billiard
  - Fixed a deadlock issue that could occur when the producer pool
    inherited the connection pool instance of the parent process.
  - The --loader option now works again (Issue #1066).
  - celery umbrella command: All subcommands now supports
    the --workdir option (Issue #1063).
  - Groups included in chains now give GroupResults (Issue #1057)
    Previously it would incorrectly add a regular result instead of a group
    result, but now this works:

        # [4 + 4, 4 + 8, 16 + 8]
        >>> res = (add.s(2, 2) | group(add.s(4), add.s(8), add.s(16)))()
        >>> res
        <GroupResult: a0acf905-c704-499e-b03a-8d445e6398f7 [

  - Chains can now chain other chains and use partial arguments (Issue #1057).
        >>> c1 = (add.s(2) | add.s(4))
        >>> c2 = (add.s(8) | add.s(16))

        >>> c3 = (c1 | c2)

        # 8 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16
        >>> assert c3(8).get() == 38

  - Subtasks can now be used with unregistered tasks.
    You can specify subtasks even if you just have the name:

        >>> s = subtask(task_name, args=(), kwargs=())
        >>> s.delay()

  - The celery shell command now always adds the current
    directory to the module path.
  - The worker will now properly handle the pytz.AmbiguousTimeError
    exception raised when an ETA/countdown is prepared while being in DST
    transition (Issue #1061).
  - force_execv: Now makes sure that task symbols in the original
    task modules will always use the correct app instance (Issue #1072).
  - AMQP Backend: Now republishes result messages that have been polled
    (using result.ready() and friends, result.get() will not do this
    in this version).
  - Crontab schedule values can now "wrap around"
    This means that values like ``11-1`` translates to ``[11, 12, 1]``.
    Contributed by Loren Abrams.
  - multi stopwait command now shows the pid of processes.
    Contributed by Loren Abrams.
  - Handling of ETA/countdown fixed when the CELERY_ENABLE_UTC
    setting is disabled (Issue #1065).
  - A number of uneeded properties were included in messages,
    caused by accidentally passing Queue.as_dict as message properties.
  - Rate limit values can now be float
    This also extends the string format so that values like "0.5/s" works.
    Contributed by Christoph Krybus
  - Fixed a typo in the broadcast routing documentation (Issue #1026).
  - Rewrote confusing section about idempotence in the task user guide.
  - Fixed typo in the daemonization tutorial (Issue #1055).
  - Fixed several typos in the documentation.
    Contributed by Marius Gedminas.
  - Batches: Now works when using the eventlet pool.
    Fix contributed by Thomas Grainger.
  - Batches: Added example sending results to celery.contrib.batches.
    Contributed by Thomas Grainger.
  - Mongodb backend: Connection max_pool_size can now be set in
    Contributed by Craig Younkins.
  - Fixed problem when using earlier versions of pytz.
    Fix contributed by Vlad.
  - Docs updated to include the default value for the
  - Improvements to the django-celery tutorial.
    Contributed by Locker537.
  - The add_consumer control command did not properly persist
    the addition of new queues so that they survived connection failure
    (Issue #1079).

Tue Nov  6 18:00:40 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 3.0.12:
  - Now depends on kombu 2.4.8
    - [Redis] New and improved fair queue cycle algorithm (Kevin McCarthy).
    - [Redis] Now uses a Redis-based mutex when restoring messages.
    - [Redis] Number of messages that can be restored in one interval is no
              longer limited (but can be set using the
              transport option <BROKER_TRANSPORT_OPTIONS>.)
    - Heartbeat value can be specified in broker URLs (Mher Movsisyan).
    - Fixed problem with msgpack on Python 3 (Jasper Bryant-Greene).
  - Now depends on billiard
  - Celery can now be used with static analysis tools like PyDev/PyCharm/pylint
  - Development documentation has moved to Read The Docs.
    The new URL is:
  - New CELERY_QUEUE_HA_POLICY setting used to set the default
    HA policy for queues when using RabbitMQ.
    New method Task.subtask_from_request returns a subtask using the current
  - Results get_many method did not respect timeout argument.
    Fix contributed by Remigiusz Modrzejewski
  - generic_init.d scripts now support setting CELERY_CREATE_DIRS to
    always create log and pid directories (Issue #1045).
    This can be set in your /etc/default/celeryd.
  - Fixed strange kombu import problem on Python 3.2 (Issue #1034).
  - Worker: ETA scheduler now uses millisecond precision (Issue #1040).
  - The --config argument to programs is now supported by all loaders.
  - The CASSANDRA_OPTIONS setting has now been documented.
    Contributed by Jared Biel.
  - Task methods celery.contrib.methods cannot be used with the old
    task base class, the task decorator in that module now inherits from the new.
  - An optimization was too eager and caused some logging messages to never emit.
  - celery.contrib.batches now works again.
  - Fixed missing whitespace in bdist_rpm requirements (Issue #1046).
  - Event state's tasks_by_name applied limit before filtering by name.
    Fix contributed by Alexander A. Sosnovskiy.

Wed Sep 26 17:42:49 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 3.0.11:
  - generic-init.d scripts changed permissions of /var/log & /var/run
    In the daemonization tutorial the recommended directories were as follows:


    But in the scripts themselves the default files were /var/log/celery%n.log
    and /var/run/, so if the user did not change the location
    by configuration, the directories /var/log and /var/run would be
    created - and worse have their permissions and owners changed.

    This change means that:

        - Default pid file is /var/run/celery/
        - Default log file is /var/log/celery/%n.log

        - The directories are only created and have their permissions
          changed if *no custom locations are set*.

    Users can force paths to be created by calling the create-paths

        $ sudo /etc/init.d/celeryd create-paths

    Upgrading Celery will not update init scripts

        To update the init scripts you have to re-download
        the files from source control and update them manually.
        You can find the init scripts for version 3.0.x at:


  - Now depends on billiard
  - Fixes request stack protection when app is initialized more than
    once (Issue #1003).
  - ETA tasks now properly works when system timezone is not the same
    as the configured timezone (Issue #1004).
  - Terminating a task now works if the task has been sent to the
    pool but not yet acknowledged by a pool process (Issue #1007).

    Fix contributed by Alexey Zatelepin
  - Terminating a task now properly updates the state of the task to revoked,
    and sends a ``task-revoked`` event.
  - Multi: No longer parses --app option (Issue #1008).
  - Generic worker init script now waits for workers to shutdown by default.
  - Multi: stop_verify command renamed to stopwait.
  - Daemonization: Now delays trying to create pidfile/logfile until after
    the working directory has been changed into.
  - celery worker and celery beat commands now respects
    the --no-color option (Issue #999).
  - Fixed typos in eventlet examples (Issue #1000)

    Fix contributed by Bryan Bishop.
    Congratulations on opening bug #1000!
  - Tasks that raise celery.exceptions.Ignore are now acknowledged.
  - Beat: Now shows the name of the entry in sending due task logs.

Thu Sep 20 22:24:32 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 3.0.10:
  - Now depends on kombu 2.4.7
  - Now depends on billiard
    - Fixes crash at startup when using Django and pre-1.4 projects
    - Hard time limits now sends the KILL signal shortly after TERM,
      to terminate processes that have signal handlers blocked by C extensions.
    - Billiard now installs even if the C extension cannot be built.
        It's still recommended to build the C extension if you are using
        a transport other than rabbitmq/redis (or use forced execv for some
        other reason).
    - Pool now sets a ``current_process().index`` attribute that can be used to create
      as many log files as there are processes in the pool.
  - Canvas: chord/group/chain no longer modifies the state when called
    Previously calling a chord/group/chain would modify the ids of subtasks
    so that:

        >>> c = chord([add.s(2, 2), add.s(4, 4)], xsum.s())
        >>> c()
        >>> c() <-- call again

    at the second time the ids for the tasks would be the same as in the
    previous invocation.  This is now fixed, so that calling a subtask
    won't mutate any options.
  - Canvas: Chaining a chord to another task now works (Issue #965).
  - Worker: Fixed a bug where the request stack could be corrupted if
    relative imports are used.

    Problem usually manifested itself as an exception while trying to
    send a failed task result (NoneType does not have id attribute).

    Fix contributed by Sam Cooke.
  - Tasks can now raise celery.exceptions.Ignore to skip updating states
    or events after return.


        from celery.exceptions import Ignore

        def custom_revokes():
            if redis.sismember('tasks.revoked',
                raise Ignore()

  - The worker now makes sure the request/task stacks are not modified
    by the initial Task.__call__.

    This would previously be a problem if a custom task class defined
    __call__ and also called super().
  - Because of problems the fast local optimization has been disabled,
    and can only be enabled by setting the USE_FAST_LOCALS attribute.
  - Worker: Now sets a default socket timeout of 5 seconds at shutdown
    so that broken socket reads do not hinder proper shutdown (Issue #975).
  - More fixes related to late eventlet/gevent patching.
  - Documentation for settings out of sync with reality:


        Documented as disabled by default, but it was enabled by default
        since 2.5 as stated by the 2.5 changelog.


        The default max_retries had been set to 100, but documented as being
        3, and the interval_max was set to 1 but documented as 0.2.
        The default setting are now set to 3 and 0.2 as it was originally

    Fix contributed by Matt Long.
  - Worker: Log messages when connection established and lost have been improved.
  - The repr of a crontab schedule value of '0' should be '*'  (Issue #972).
  - Revoked tasks are now removed from reserved/active state in the worker
    (Issue #969)

    Fix contributed by Alexey Zatelepin.
  - gevent: Now supports hard time limits using gevent.Timeout.
  - Documentation: Links to init scripts now point to the 3.0 branch instead
    of the development branch (master).
  - Documentation: Fixed typo in signals user guide (Issue #986). ->
  - Eventlet/gevent: The worker did not properly set the custom app
    for new greenlets.
  - Eventlet/gevent: Fixed a bug where the worker could not recover
    from connection loss (Issue #959).

    Also, because of a suspected bug in gevent the
    BROKER_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT setting has been disabled
    when using gevent

Fri Aug 31 23:44:00 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 3.0.9:
  - Important note for users of Django and the database scheduler!
    Recently a timezone issue has been fixed for periodic tasks,
    but erroneous timezones could have already been stored in the
    database, so for the fix to work you need to reset
    the last_run_at fields.

    You can do this by executing the following command:

        $ python shell
        >>> from djcelery.models import PeriodicTask
        >>> PeriodicTask.objects.update(last_run_at=None)

    You also have to do this if you change the timezone or
    CELERY_ENABLE_UTC setting.
  - Note about the CELERY_ENABLE_UTC setting.
    If you previously disabled this just to force periodic tasks to work with
    your timezone, then you are now *encouraged to re-enable it*.
  - Now depends on Kombu 2.4.5 which fixes PyPy + Jython installation.
  - Fixed bug with timezones when :setting:`CELERY_ENABLE_UTC` is disabled
    (Issue #952).
  - Fixed a typo in the celerybeat upgrade mechanism (Issue #951).
  - Make sure the exc_info argument to logging is resolved (Issue #899).
  - Fixed problem with Python 3.2 and thread join timeout overflow (Issue #796).
  - A test case was occasionally broken for Python 2.5.
  - Unit test suite now passes for PyPy 1.9.
  - App instances now supports the with statement.
    This calls the new :meth:`~celery.Celery.close` method at exit, which
    cleans up after the app like closing pool connections.

    Note that this is only necessary when dynamically creating apps,
    e.g. for "temporary" apps.

  - Support for piping a subtask to a chain.

    For example:

        pipe = sometask.s() | othertask.s()
        new_pipe = mytask.s() | pipe

    Contributed by Steve Morin.
  - Fixed problem with group results on non-pickle serializers.
    Fix contributed by Steeve Morin.

Wed Aug 29 18:02:17 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 3.0.8:
  - Now depends on Kombu 2.4.4
  - Beat: Fixed another timezone bug with interval and crontab schedules
    (Issue #943).
  - Beat: The schedule file is now automatically cleared if the timezone
    is changed.
    The schedule is also cleared when you upgrade to 3.0.8 from an earlier
    version, this to register the initial timezone info.
  - Events: The worker-heartbeat event now include processed and active
    count fields.
    Contributed by Mher Movsisyan.
  - Fixed error with error email and new task classes (Issue #931).
  - BaseTask.__call__ is no longer optimized away if it has been monkey
  - Fixed shutdown issue when using gevent (Issue #911 & Issue #936).
    Fix contributed by Thomas Meson.

Fri Aug 24 22:30:22 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 3.0.7:
  - Fixes several problems with periodic tasks and timezones (Issue #937).
  - Now depends on kombu 2.4.2
    - Redis: Fixes a race condition crash
    - Fixes an infinite loop that could happen when retrying establishing
      the broker connection.
  - Daemons now redirect standard file descriptors to /dev/null
    Though by default the standard outs are also redirected
    to the logger instead, but you can disable this by changing
  - Fixes possible problems when eventlet/gevent is patched too late.
  - LoggingProxy no longer defines fileno() (Issue #928).
  - Results are now ignored for the chord unlock task.
    Fix contributed by Steeve Morin.
  - Cassandra backend now works if result expiry is disabled.
    Fix contributed by Steeve Morin.
  - The traceback object is now passed to signal handlers instead
    of the string representation.
    Fix contributed by Adam DePue.
  - Celery command: Extensions are now sorted by name.
  - A regression caused the task-failed event to be sent
    with the exception object instead of its string representation.
  - The worker daemon would try to create the pid file before daemonizing
    to catch errors, but this file was not immediately released (Issue #923).
  - Fixes Jython compatibility.
  - billiard.forking_enable was called by all pools not just the
    processes pool, which would result in a useless warning if the billiard
    C extensions were not installed.

Fri Aug 17 22:34:07 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 3.0.6:
  - Now depends on kombu 2.4.0
  - Now depends on billiard
  - Redis: Celery now tries to restore messages whenever there are no messages
    in the queue.
  - Crontab schedules now properly respects CELERY_TIMEZONE setting.
    It's important to note that crontab schedules uses UTC time by default
    unless this setting is set.
    Issue #904 and django-celery #150.
  - billiard.enable_forking is now only set by the processes pool.
  - The transport is now properly shown by celery report
    (Issue #913).
  - The --app argument now works if the last part is a module name
    (Issue #921).
  - Fixed problem with unpickleable exceptions (billiard #12).
  - Adds task_name attribute to EagerResult which is always
    None (Issue #907).
  - Old Task class in celery.task no longer accepts magic kwargs by
    default (Issue #918).
    A regression long ago disabled magic kwargs for these, and since
    no one has complained about it we don't have any incentive to fix it now.
  - The inspect reserved control command did not work properly.
  - Should now play better with static analyzation tools by explicitly
    specifying dynamically created attributes in the celery and
    celery.task modules.
  - Terminating a task now results in
    celery.exceptions.RevokedTaskError instead of a WorkerLostError.
  - AsyncResult.revoke now accepts terminate and signal arguments.
  - The task-revoked event now includes new fields: terminated,
    signum, and expired.
  - The argument to celery.exceptions.TaskRevokedError is now one
    of the reasons revoked, expired or terminated.
  - Old Task class does no longer use classmethods for push_request and
    pop_request  (Issue #912).
  - GroupResult now supports the children attribute (Issue #916).
  - AsyncResult.collect now respects the intermediate argument
    (Issue #917).
  - Fixes example task in documentation (Issue #902).
  - Eventlet fixed so that the environment is patched as soon as possible.
  - eventlet: Now warns if celery related modules that depends on threads
    are imported before eventlet is patched.
  - Improved event and camera examples in the monitoring guide.
  - Disables celery command setuptools entrypoints if the command can't be
  - Fixed broken dump_request example in the tasks guide.

Wed Aug  1 18:58:47 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 3.0.5:
  - Now depends on kombu 2.3.1 + billiard
  - Fixed a bug with the -B option (``cannot pickle thread.lock objects``)
    (Issue #894 + Issue #892, + django-celery #154).
  - The restart_pool control command now requires the
    CELERYD_POOL_RESTARTS setting to be enabled
    This change was necessary as the multiprocessing event that the restart
    command depends on is responsible for creating many semaphores/file
    descriptors, resulting in problems in some environments.
  - chain.apply now passes args to the first task (Issue #889).
  - Documented previously secret options to the Django-Celery monitor
    in the monitoring userguide (Issue #396).
  - Old changelog are now organized in separate documents for each series,

Thu Jul 26 22:18:34 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 3.0.4:
  - Now depends on Kombu 2.3
  - New experimental standalone Celery monitor: Flower
    See monitoring-flower to read more about it!

    Contributed by Mher Movsisyan.
  - Now supports AMQP heartbeats if using the new pyamqp:// transport.
    - The py-amqp transport requires the amqp library to be installed:

        $ pip install amqp

    - Then you need to set the transport URL prefix to pyamqp://.

    - The default heartbeat value is 10 seconds, but this can be changed using
      the BROKER_HEARTBEAT setting

        BROKER_HEARTBEAT = 5.0

    - If the broker heartbeat is set to 10 seconds, the heartbeats will be
      monitored every 5 seconds (double the hertbeat rate).

    See the Kombu 2.3 changelog for more information.

  - Now supports RabbitMQ Consumer Cancel Notifications, using the pyamqp://
    This is essential when running RabbitMQ in a cluster.

    See the Kombu 2.3 changelog for more information.

  - Delivery info is no longer passed directly through.

    It was discovered that the SQS transport adds objects that can't
    be pickled to the delivery info mapping, so we had to go back
    to using the whitelist again.

    Fixing this bug also means that the SQS transport is now working again.

  - The semaphore was not properly released when a task was revoked (Issue #877).

    This could lead to tasks being swallowed and not released until a worker

    Thanks to Hynek Schlawack for debugging the issue.

  - Retrying a task now also forwards any linked tasks.

    This means that if a task is part of a chain (or linked in some other
    way) and that even if the task is retried, then the next task in the chain
    will be executed when the retry succeeds.

  - Chords: Now supports setting the interval and other keyword arguments
    to the chord unlock task.
    - The interval can now be set as part of the chord subtasks kwargs::

        chord(header)(body, interval=10.0)

    - In addition the chord unlock task now honors the Task.default_retry_delay
      option, used when none is specified, which also means that the default
      interval can also be changed using annotations:

            CELERY_ANNOTATIONS = {
                'celery.chord_unlock': {
                    'default_retry_delay': 10.0,

  - New @Celery.add_defaults method can add new default configuration
    dicts to the applications configuration.

    For example:

        config = {'FOO': 10}


    is the same as celery.conf.update(config) except that data will not be
    copied, and that it will not be pickled when the worker spawns child

    In addition the method accepts a callable:

        def initialize_config():
            # insert heavy stuff that can't be done at import time here.


    which means the same as the above except that it will not happen
    until the celery configuration is actually used.

    As an example, Celery can lazily use the configuration of a Flask app::

        flask_app = Flask()
        celery = Celery()
        celery.add_defaults(lambda: flask_app.config)

  - Revoked tasks were not marked as revoked in the result backend (Issue #871).

    Fix contributed by Hynek Schlawack.

  - Eventloop now properly handles the case when the epoll poller object
    has been closed (Issue #882).

  - Fixed syntax error in funtests/

    Fix contributed by Catalin Iacob.

  - group/chunks: Now accepts empty task list (Issue #873).
  - New method names:

    - Celery.default_connection() ➠  @Celery.connection_or_acquire.
    - Celery.default_producer()   ➠  @Celery.producer_or_acquire.

    The old names still work for backward compatibility.

Fri Jul 20 21:12:59 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 3.0.3:
  - amqplib passes the channel object as part of the delivery_info
    and it's not pickleable, so we now remove it.

Tue Jul 10 22:43:17 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 3.0.1:
  - Now depends on kombu 2.2.5
  - inspect now supports limit argument::
  - Beat: now works with timezone aware datetime's.
  - Task classes inheriting from celery import Task
    mistakingly enabled accept_magic_kwargs.
  - Fixed bug in inspect scheduled (Issue #829).
  - Beat: Now resets the schedule to upgrade to UTC.
  - The celery worker command now works with eventlet/gevent.
    Previously it would not patch the environment early enough.
  - The celery command now supports extension commands
    using setuptools entry-points.
    Libraries can add additional commands to the celery
    command by adding an entry-point like::

                'celery.commands': [
                    'foo = my.module:Command',

    The command must then support the interface of
  - contrib.migrate: New utilities to move tasks from one queue to another.
    - celery.contrib.migrate.move_tasks
    - celery.contrib.migrate.move_task_by_id
  - The task-sent event now contains exchange and routing_key
  - Fixes bug with installing on Python 3.
    Fix contributed by Jed Smith.

Sat Jul  7 14:05:06 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 3.0.0:
  - A new and improved API, that is both simpler and more powerful.
  - The worker is now thread-less, giving great performance improvements.
  - The new “Canvas” makes it easy to define complex workflows.
  - All of Celery’s command line programs are now available from a
    single celery umbrella command.
  - This is the last version to support Python 2.5.
  - Support for the new librabbitmq C client.
  - Redis support is more reliable with improved ack emulation.
  - Celery now always uses UTC
  - Over 600 commits, 30k additions/36k deletions.
- Please read documentation for full list of changes:

Thu Jun 28 09:04:40 UTC 2012 -

- Conflict with kombu >= 2.2.0 (see previous changes entry)

Wed Jun  6 17:31:29 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 2.5.5:
  This is a dummy release performed for the following goals:
    - Protect against force upgrading to Kombu 2.2.0
    - Version parity with django-celery

Mon Apr 16 22:47:39 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 2.5.3:
  * A bug causes messages to be sent with UTC timestamps even though
    CELERY_ENABLE_UTC was not enabled (Issue #636).
  * celerybeat: No longer crashes if an entry's args is set to None
    (Issue #657).
  * Autoreload did not work if a module's __file__ attribute
    was set to the modules '.pyc' file.  (Issue #647).
  * Fixes early 2.5 compatibility where __package__ does not exist
    (Issue #638).

Wed Mar 14 13:19:14 UTC 2012 -

- Do not touch files without a submitrequest.

Wed Mar 14 13:00:41 UTC 2012 -

- License tag fixed to BSD-3-Clause.

Wed Mar 14 10:29:11 UTC 2012 -

- Don't buildrequire pymongo, it's not yet in Factory and only needed to let
  some additional tests pass. It's however still suggested.

Sat Mar 10 17:44:01 UTC 2012 -

- Suggest python-eventlet, python-gevent, python-pymongo, python-pytyrant
- Recommend python-curses, python-pyOpenSSL
- Run testsuite
- Changes file cleanup

Thu Mar  1 17:47:07 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 2.5.1:
  * Eventlet/Gevent: A small typo caused celeryd to hang when eventlet/gevent
    was used, this was because the environment was not monkey patched
    early enough.
  * Eventlet/Gevent: Another small typo caused the mediator to be started
    with eventlet/gevent, which would make celeryd sometimes hang at shutdown.
  * Mulitprocessing: Fixed an error occurring if the pool was stopped
    before it was properly started.
  * Proxy objects now redirects __doc__ and __name__ so help(obj)
  * Internal timer (timer2) now logs exceptions instead of swallowing them
  * celeryctl shell: can now be started with --eventlet or
    --gevent options to apply their monkey patches.

Fri Feb 24 22:26:12 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 2.5.0:
  - Considerable size of changelog, please read or
    the Changelog file inside the package.

Wed Dec 28 17:52:49 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.4.6:
  - The group id was not changed if both --uid and --gid specified.

Fri Dec  2 23:43:13 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.4.5:
  - Periodic task interval schedules were accidentally rounded down,
    resulting in some periodic tasks being executed early.
  - Logging of humanized times in the celerybeat log is now more detailed.
  - New brokers section in the Getting Started part of the Documentation
    This replaces the old tut-otherqueues tutorial, and adds
    documentation for MongoDB, Beanstalk and CouchDB.

Fri Nov 25 21:56:24 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.4.4:
  - [Security: CELERYSA-0001] Daemons would set effective id’s
    rather than real id’s when the --uid/--gid arguments to
    celeryd-multi, celeryd_detach, celerybeat and celeryev were used.
  - Processes pool: Fixed rare deadlock at shutdown
  - Webhook tasks issued the wrong HTTP POST headers
    The Content-Type header has been changed from
    application/json ⇒ application/x-www-form-urlencoded, and adds
    a proper Content-Length header.
  - Daemonization cookbook: Adds a configuration example using
    Django and virtualenv together
  - Generic init scripts now automatically creates log and pid
    file directories

Tue Nov 22 22:25:20 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.4.3:
  * Fixes module import typo in celeryctl

Mon Nov 14 12:35:54 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.4.2:
  - Program module no longer uses relative imports so that it is
    possible to do python -m

Mon Nov  7 23:26:56 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.4.1:
  * celeryctl inspect commands was missing output.
  * processes pool: Decrease polling interval for less idle CPU usage.
  * processes pool: MaybeEncodingError was not wrapped in ExceptionInfo
  * celeryd: would silence errors occuring after task consumer started.
  * logging: Fixed a bug where unicode in stdout redirected log messages
    couldn't be written

Fri Nov  4 17:20:46 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.4.0:
  * Now supports Python 3.
  * Fixed deadlock in worker process handling
  * AMQP Result backend: Now expires results by default.
  * Eventlet: Fixed problem with shutdown
  * Broker transports can be now be specified using URLs
  * The deprecated celery.loaders.setup_loader() function has been
  * The CELERY_TASK_ERROR_WHITELIST setting has been replaced by a
    more flexible approach
  * There are additional deprecations.
  * No longer depends on pyparsing.
  * Now depends on Kombu 1.4.3.
  * CELERY_IMPORTS can now be a scalar value
  * Fixed a memory leak when using the thread pool
  * The statedb was not saved at exit.
  * Adds EMAIL_USE_TLS to enable secure SMTP connections
  * Now handles missing fields in task messages as documented in the
    message format documentation.
  * Fixed race condition in (celerymon/celeryev)
    where task info would be removed while iterating over it
  * The Cache, Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis and Tyrant backends now respects
  * Logging calls no longer manually formats messages, but delegates that
    to the logging system, so tools like Sentry can easier work with the
  * celeryd_multi now supports a stop_verify command to wait for
    processes to shutdown.
  * Cache backend did not work if the cache key was unicode
  * New setting CELERY_RESULT_DB_SHORT_LIVED_SESSIONS added, which if
    enabled will disable the caching of SQLAlchemy sessions
  * All result backends now implements __reduce__ so that they can be pickled
  * celeryd-multi did not work on Windows
  * New-style CELERY_REDIS_* settings now takes precedence over the old
    REDIS_* configuration keys
  * Generic celerybeat init script no longer sets bash -e
  * Documented that Chords do not work well with redis-server versions
    before 2.2.
  * The CELERYBEAT_MAX_LOOP_INTERVAL setting was not respected.
  * inspect.registered_tasks renamed to inspect.registered for naming
  * Worker logged the string representation of args and kwargs without
    safe guards
  * RHEL init script: Changed celeryd startup priority.
  * KeyValueStoreBackend.get_many did not respect the timeout argument
  * celerybeat/celeryev’s –workdir option did not chdir before after
    configuration was attempted
  * After deprecating 2.4 support we can now name modules correctly,
    since we can take use of absolute imports.
  * AUTHORS file is now sorted alphabetically.

Fri Sep 23 12:35:58 UTC 2011 -

- Added python-dateutil to Requires, 
  needed by %py_sitedir/celery/ 

Mon Sep 19 18:42:37 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.3.3:
  * Monkey patching sys.stdout could result in the worker
    crashing if the replacing object did not define isatty
  * CELERYD option in /etc/default/celeryd should not
    be used with generic init scripts.

Thu Sep  8 01:42:58 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.3.2:
  * Improved Contributing guide.
  * Now depends on Kombu 1.3.1.
  * Task.request now contains the current worker host name
  * It is now easier for app subclasses to extend how they are
  * purge/discard_all was not working correctly
  * he coloring of log messages didn’t handle non-ASCII data well
  * [Windows] the multiprocessing pool tried to import os.kill even
    though this is not available there
  * Fixes case where the worker could become unresponsive because of
    tasks exceeding the hard time limit.
  * The task-sent event was missing from the event reference.
  * ResultSet.iterate now returns results as they finish
  * Retries will no longer be performed when tasks are called directly
    (using __call__).
  * Eventlet no longer crashes if autoscale is enabled.
  * py24 target removed from tox.ini.

Mon Aug  8 01:02:52 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.3.1:
  * The CELERY_AMQP_TASK_RESULT_EXPIRES setting did not work,
    resulting in an AMQP related error about not being able to
    serialize floats while trying to publish task states

Fri Aug  5 18:03:01 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.3.0:
    - Please refer to the Changelog file or

Tue Jul  5 12:51:47 UTC 2011 -

- fixed Requires: 
  * python-tyrant is renamed to python-pytyrant
  * added python-pyparsing

Mon Jun 13 15:35:25 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.2.7:
  * New signals: after_setup_logger and after_setup_task_logger
    These signals can be used to augment logging configuration
    after Celery has set up logging.
  * Redis result backend now works with Redis 2.4.4.
  * celeryd_multi: The :option:--gid option now works correctly.
  * celeryd: Retry wrongfully used the repr of the traceback instead
    of the string representation.
  * App.config_from_object: Now loads module, not attribute of module.
  * Fixed issue where logging of objects would give "<Unrepresentable: ...>"

Wed Jun  8 12:25:02 UTC 2011 -

- Fix Require from python-daemon to python-python-daemon.

Fri Apr 15 15:27:33 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.2.6:
  - Please read Changelog file for News and Fixes notes.

Tue Mar 29 01:09:32 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.2.5:
  - Please read Changelog file for News and Fixes notes.

Sat Mar 26 02:05:53 UTC 2011 -

- Regenerate spec file with py2pack;
- Add Changelog, README and TODO files as documentation.

Sun Feb 20 18:43:50 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.2.4:
  * celeryd: 2.2.3 broke error logging, resulting in tracebacks not being logged.
  * AMQP result backend: Polling task states did not work properly if there were
    more than one result message in the queue.
  * TaskSet.apply_async() and TaskSet.apply() now supports an optional
    taskset_id keyword argument (Issue #331).
  * The current taskset id (if any) is now available in the task context as
    request.context (Issue #329).
  * SQLAlchemy result backend: date_done was no longer part of the results as it had
    been accidentally removed.  It is now available again (Issue #325).
  * SQLAlchemy result backend: Added unique constraint on Task.task_id and
    TaskSet.taskset_id.  Tables needs to be recreated for this to take effect.
  * Fixed exception raised when iterating on the result of TaskSet.apply().
  * Tasks Userguide: Added section on choosing a result backend.

Sat Feb 12 17:06:00 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.2.3:
  - Now depends on Kombu 1.0.3
  - Task.retry now supports a max_retries argument, used to change
    the default value.
  - multiprocessing.cpu_count may raise NotImplementedError on
    platforms where this is not supported (Issue #320).
  - Coloring of log messages broke if the logged object was not a
  - Fixed several typos in the init script documentation.
  - A regression caused and Task.routing_key to no
    longer have any effect. This is now fixed.
  - Routing Userguide: Fixes typo, routers in CELERY_ROUTES must be
    instances, not classes.
  - celeryev did not create pidfile even though the --pidfile
    argument was set.
  - Task logger format was no longer used. (Issue #317).
      The id and name of the task is now part of the log message
  - A safe version of repr() is now used in strategic places to
    ensure objects with a broken __repr__ does not crash the
    worker, or otherwise make errors hard to understand (Issue #298).
  - Remote control command active_queues: did not account for
    queues added at runtime.
      In addition the dictionary replied by this command now has a
      different structure: the exchange key is now a dictionary
      containing the exchange declaration in full.
  - The -Q option to celeryd removed unused queue declarations, so
    routing of tasks could fail.
      Queues are no longer removed, but rather
      app.amqp.queues.consume_from() is used as the list of queues
      to consume from.
      This ensures all queues are available for routing purposes.
  - celeryctl: Now supports the inspect active_queues command.

Thu Feb  3 22:37:08 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.2.2:
  * Celerybeat could not read the schedule properly, so entries in
    :setting:CELERYBEAT_SCHEDULE would not be scheduled.
  * Task error log message now includes exc_info again.
  * The eta argument can now be used with task.retry.
    Previously it was overwritten by the countdown argument.
  * celeryd-multi/celeryd_detach: Now logs errors occuring when
    executing the celeryd command.
  * daemonizing cookbook: Fixed typo --time-limit 300 ->
  * Colors in logging broke non-string objects in log messages.
  * setup_task_logger no longer makes assumptions about
    magic task kwargs.

Wed Feb  2 17:33:41 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.2.1;
  * Eventlet pool was leaking memory (Issue #308).
  * Deprecated function celery.execute.delay_task was
    accidentally removed,
    now available again.
  * BasePool.on_terminate stub did not exist
  * celeryd detach: Adds readable error messages if user/group
    name does not exist.
  * Smarter handling of unicode decod errors when logging errors.

Tue Feb  1 11:22:43 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.2.0:
  - Lot of fixes, deprecations, and incompatible changes.
    Please refer to
    for a full description.

Sat Dec  4 09:22:02 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 2.1.4:
  * Celery programs now hijacks the root logger by default (Issue #250).
  * Execution options to apply_async now takes precedence over options
    returned by active routers.  This was a regression introduced recently
    (Issue #244).
  * celeryev curses monitor: Long arguments are now truncated so curses
    doesn't crash with out of bounds errors.  (Issue #235).
  * celeryd: Channel errors occurring while handling control commands no
    longer crash the worker but are instead logged with severity error.
  * SQLAlchemy database backend: Fixed a race condition occurring when
    the client wrote the pending state.  Just like the Django database backend,
    it does no longer save the pending state (Issue #261 + Issue #262).
  * task.apply: propagate=True now raises exceptions from the original
    frame, keeping the same stacktrace (Issue #256).
  * Error email body now uses repr(exception) instead of str(exception),
    as the latter could result in Unicode decode errors (Issue #245).
  * Error e-mail timeout value is now configurable by using the
    :setting:EMAIL_TIMEOUT setting.
  * celeryev: Now works on Windows (but the curses monitor won't work without
    having curses).
  * Unit test output no longer emits non-standard characters.
  * celeryd: The broadcast consumer is now closed if the connection is reset.
  * celeryd: Now properly handles errors occurring while trying to acknowledge
    the message.

Tue Nov  9 16:41:30 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 2.1.3.

Fri Oct 29 16:17:05 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 2.1.2.

Thu Oct 14 14:34:14 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 2.1.1.

Sat Oct  9 21:02:51 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 2.1.0.

Sat Aug 28 17:02:01 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 2.0.3.

Mon Jul 26 01:13:28 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 2.0.2.

Wed Jul 14 12:46:22 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 2.0.1.

Mon Jul  5 11:36:44 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 2.0.0.

Wed Jun 30 17:59:25 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 1.0.6.

Tue Jun  1 16:26:12 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 1.0.5.

Mon May 31 11:12:11 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 1.0.4.

Sat May 15 16:38:22 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 1.0.3.

Wed Mar 31 13:13:02 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 1.0.2;
- Spec file cleaned with spec-cleaner.

Mon Mar 22 02:48:51 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 1.0.1.

Wed Feb 10 15:57:58 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 1.0.0.

Fri Feb  5 14:02:37 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 0.8.4.

Tue Dec 22 18:42:32 UTC 2009 -

- Update to 0.8.3.

Fri Nov 20 15:37:27 UTC 2009 -

- Update to 0.8.2;
- Building as noarch for openSUSE >= 11.2.

Tue Nov 17 17:21:26 UTC 2009 -

- Update to 0.8.1.

Tue Sep 22 15:07:28 UTC 2009 -

- Initial package (0.8) for openSUSE.
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