File criu.changes of Package criu

Tue Dec  1 15:58:59 CET 2020 -

- Update to criu 3.15:
  see details at
  New features:
  * Introduced criu-image-streamer
  * Added MIPS support
  * Allow checkpointing out of existing PID namespace and restoring
    into existing PID namespace
  * Added additional file validation mechanisms
  * Added support to checkpoint and restore BPF hash maps
   (BPF_MAP_TYPE_HASH) and array maps (BPF_MAP_TYPE_ARRAY)
  * Initial cgroups v2 support
- Fix build with nftables package:

Wed Sep 23 12:17:11 UTC 2020 - Dirk Mueller <>

- fix filelist mismatch after libexecdir change 

Wed May 20 16:49:38 CEST 2020 -

- Update to criu 3.14:
  New features:
  * C/R of memfd memory mappings and file descriptors
  * Add time namespace support
  * Add the read pre-dump mode which uses process_vm_readv
  * Add --cgroup-yard option
  * Add support of the cgroup v2 freezer
  * Add support of opened O_PATH fds
  * Fix C/R ia32 processes on AMD #398
  * Fix cross-compilation
  * Many fixes here and there
  * Use clone3() with set_tid to restore processes
  * Clean up compel headers
  * Use the new mount API
- Add libgnutls-devel to buildreq

Wed May 13 07:39:45 UTC 2020 - Guillaume GARDET <>

- Disable LTO on aarch64 and armv7
- Add '-Wno-error=deprecated' to fix build on armv7
- Exclude armv6 since criu/arch/arm/bitops.S uses 'dmb ish' which
  is armv7+

Mon Nov 18 16:47:34 CET 2019 -

- Update to criu 3.13:
  New features:
  * VDSO: arm32 support
  * Add TLS support for page server communications
  * "Ignore" mode for --manage-cgroups
  * Restore SO_BROADCAST option for inet sockets
  * Auxiliary events were left in inotify queues
  * Lazy-pages daemon didn't detect stack pages and surrounders
    properly and marked them as "lazy"
  * Memory and resource leakage were detected by coverity, cppcheck
    and clang
  * Use gettimeofday() directly from vdso for restore timings
  * Reformat all .py code into pep8 style

Wed Sep  4 19:27:24 UTC 2019 -

- Fix build on Tumbleweed: Add -ffat-lto-objects to lto cflags.

Mon May  6 20:13:44 CEST 2019 -

- Update to criu 3.12:
  New features:
  * build CRIU with Android NDK
  * C/R of IP RAW sockets
  * lsm: dump and restore any SELinux process label
  * support restoring ghost files on readonly mounts
  * Do not lock network if running in the host network namespace
  * Fix RPC configuration file handling
  * util: don't leak file descriprots to third-party tools
  * small fixes here and there
  * travis: switch to the Ubuntu Xenial
  * travis-ci: Enable ia32 tests
  * Many improvements and bug fixes in the libcriu
  * Changes in the API and ABI (SONAME increased from 1 to 2)
- Updated to libcriu2 subpackage to follow SONAME 2
- Dropped obsoleted patch:

Mon Nov 19 17:46:08 CET 2018 -

- Update to criu 3.10:
  New features:
  * Support Python3 in ZDTM and CRIT
  * Keep names for UNIX sockets, that are unlinked from the FS
  * IPVv6 support for page server
  * Set page server socket fd via CLI
  * Large pages support for aarch64/ppc64
  * C/R of Per-thread seccomp chains
  * Failed non-container restore could kill random task on the host
  * Failure to dump namespaces was erroneously ignored
  * CRIT didn't show cpuinfo image file
  * Tasks that got PID-reuse couldn't be dumped iteratively because
    previous images were missing

- Update to criu 3.11:
  New features:
  * cpuinfo: Detect compact frames and handle noxsaves
  * Add support for configuration files
  * Add support for external net namespaces
  * Punch holes in input files when restoring anonymous non-shared
    memory ( --auto-dedup )
  * C/R of
    + epoll: Add support for duped targets
    + tun: Add support for multiple net ns
    + x86: Support extendable fpu frames
  * mount: Better handling of mount points propagation
  * nmk: Make collect-deps to be more precise about targets
  * lazy-pages: Don't mark current stack page as lazy
  * x86: CPU -- Rework feature testing
  * files: Fix O(n^2) restore in terms of the number of fds
  * fdstore: Unlimit fdstore queue on start
  * mount: Fix regression where open_mountpoint failed on readonly fs
  * page server: Handle partial splicing
  * ... lots of small fixes here and there
  * Remove all magic of service descriptors when it isn't required

- Switch to python3

- Use asciidoctor instead of asciidoc for formatting manuals:

Mon May 28 21:15:10 UTC 2018 -

- update to criu 3.9:
  New features
    - C/R of
      + Tun-Tap devices in sub-netns
      + File descriptors which were opened with O_TMPFILE
    - Restore of inotify watchers
    - Restore unix sockets in proper mount namespaces
    - Print CRIU and kernel version also in RPC mode
    - Random memory corruptions during lazy restore
    - Workaround the iptables issue
    - Don't use standard descriptors when tar is running to dump
      tmpfs mounts
    - Fail dump if dump_one_file() fails
    - Fill kerndat with zero-s before reading it from cache
- cleanup with spec-cleaner

Thu Apr  5 12:30:17 CEST 2018 -

- update to criu 3.8.1: a bug-fix release
  FDstore was initialized twice (re-initialized) causing e.g.
  --shell-job restore to fail 

Tue Mar 20 22:50:51 CET 2018 -

- Add python-devel to BuildReq explicitly, as a preparation for
  fallback to asciidoctor (bsc#1075764)

Tue Mar 13 16:21:20 UTC 2018 -

- update to criu 3.8:
  New features
  * C/R of
    - Multiple network namespaces
    - Overmounted tmpfs mounts
    - Unix sockets and epoll descriptors in SCM messages
  * Rework service descriptors not to cause fdtable enormous grows
  * FP state wasn't reported on Skylake due to a kernel bug
  * gcc 8 warning fixes
  * Resource leaked on error paths
  * Attributes of sit devices with value 0 were not saved into
    images (and were restored into default values)
  * Tasks with pgid of a zombie hung the resture
  * Ghost files on RO bind-mounts of an RW mount couldn't be
  * Random memory corruptions during lazy restore
- cleanup with spec-cleaner
- switch to https urls
- list binaries and man pages explicitly
- remove rest of static libs to fix rpm lint errors

Fri Dec 22 23:57:01 UTC 2017 -

- update to criu 3.7:
  New features
  * Pipes usage statistics
  * Run page server as non-daemon via RPC
  * C/R of
    - SO_REUSEPORT option
    - IPv4-mapped inet sockets
    - Net_prio CGroups
    - Overmounted shared mountpoints
    - Non-broken and breaking leases
  * Show criu and kernel versions in logs
  * CRIT decodes socket families, protocols and types
  * Much less pipes is needed for pre-dump, which is especially
    useful for big mem migration
  * Files in /proc/pid/map_file could be opened by non-exiting
    name (with 0x prefix) and it was fixed in kernel
  * CRIU log levels were used to configure logging for libsoccr
    thus breaking its logs
  * Overflow in various IDs caused bad image names
  * Compat (32bit) syscalls lost signedness in compel
  * Corked sockets lost cork flag
  * Preadv() syscall was declared with error which resulted in
    dump errors on 32-bit processors
  * Musl compilation failed
  * Ghost files in / dump failed
  * Crash when releasing context for ghost files, due to free()-ing
    shmalloc()-ed area
  * Lazy restore could receive partial page and crashed
  * Erroneous closing of lazy pages connection caused restore to
  * Lazy memory fetch restore could start before tasks are restored
- Remove
  * upstreamed in 8e45ce4905d186abafb7c20abb3b00207fefdb53

Sun Nov 12 01:05:43 UTC 2017 -

- add
  * fixes a lint warning about a non-executable python file being
    executable due to a superfluous shebang
  * upstream:
- run spec-cleaner

Sat Nov  4 22:41:24 UTC 2017 -

- update to criu 3.6:
  New features
  * C/R for files (except for unix sockets, ttys and epolls) sent
    over unix sockets
  * C/R for threads with different creds
  * Ipv6 over ipv4 tunnel (SIT device)
  * Some s390x registers were not restored by native sigrestore way
  * Overflow when parsing autofs info from /proc file
  * Dumps of anon shared memory with sysvipc one raced with each
    other clashing and corrupting image file names
  * The "dumpable" flag was not restore on shmem regions
  * Trash bits leaked into image when dumping fsnotify on some
  * Lock/unlock of iptables from different criu processes raced with
    each other
  * Closed TCP connection with non-empty send queue blocked the dump
  * When --empty-ns for netns was set on dump only, the restore
    failed (Docker case)
- includes changes from 3.5:
  see for details

Tue Aug 22 17:21:54 CEST 2017 -

- update to criu 3.4:
  New features:
  * Support for s390x architecture
  * Unexpected death of restored tasks is reported with more
    details in logs
  * Merged many images containing info about files into one big
  * When helper utility fails (ip, iptables, tar) its name is
    printed in logs
  * Compilation failed on newer glibcs (ucontext_t)
  * Dying helper task could deadlock the restore process
  * Install-related makefile variables weren't configurable for
    distro build
  * SIT (ipv6-to-v4 tunnel) presence on host blocked dump of any
  * Potential NULL dereference when dumping net namespace
  * Dump via page server might not work across different criu
  * Failure to restore a subtask could be ignored by the restore
  * EOF on page-server socket wasn't handled
- Dropped obsoleted patch:
- Add s390x to exclusivearch

Wed Jul 19 11:16:42 UTC 2017 -

- update to criu 3.3
  * Add --tcp-close option to help migration of Docker containers
  * Allow to override build time to fix build-compare (boo#1047218)

Fri Jun 30 11:33:54 CEST 2017 -

- update to criu 3.2.1: bug fix release,
  * Restoring a stack fails on recent kernels due to kernel changes
  * Restoring on a host with LSM profiles failed

Tue Jun 20 12:26:00 CEST 2017 -

- update to criu 3.1:
  New features:
  * Each boolean option now has the --no-$option pair
  * RSS explorer in CRIT
  * Multiple plugins in compel
  * Run-time check of 32-mmap BUG on x86
  * C/R of 32-bit futex robust list on x86
  * Start time is improved significantly with kerndat cache
  * Sigaction image is merged into Core
  * Unneeded stages are skipped during restore
  * Restore w/o namespaces uses host /proc
  * Restore w/o namespaces doesn't parse host mounts (not needed)
  * Single-threaded tasks do not parse /proc/pid/task/ in vain
  * BFD engine is used for more /proc files
  * More verbosity in libsoccr
  * Fsnotify dump w/o namespaces doesn't walk mounts tree
  * Python bindings left zombie in self-dump mode
  * The last_pid sys-control was reset by restore
  * Threads caps were compared with mistake
  * make install put crit/pycriu to wrong place if DESTDIR was not set
  * Fsnotifies C/R w/o namespaces restored with errors
  * Inherited control terminal restore was failed (but dump succeeded)

- update to criu 3.2:
  * Invisible files restore is de-serialized
  * VMAs restore performance is improved significantly
   - Mappings of the same file re-use the descriptor, not re-open it
     every time
   - Not-COW-ed mappings are restored in-place and are not mremmap()ed
   - Empty RO mappings are mmap()ed as such and thus not re-mprotect()ed
     at the end
  * More verbosity in case TCP locking fails (#292)
  * More verbosity in case VDSO magic mismatch
  * Restore or legacy epoll target descriptors and fsnotify marks is
    unified with common case
  * Restoring fanotify marks from old images (<1.3) dropped the mark
  * Binfmt_misc mount could be mounted into wrong place
  * Compilation failed with gcc 6.3.0 (#315)
  * Waiting helpers could race with sigchild handler and would result
    in restore failure
  * Missing VVAR page in 32bit tasks wasn't skipped and resulted in
    restore failure
  * After restore consumption of files is increased (was fixed as
    side effect of mmap optimization)
  * Deprecated separate images for fsnotify marks

- Fix the installation of python stuff:
- Fix the build for ppc64:

Mon Apr 24 22:31:21 CEST 2017 -

- update to criu 3.0:
  New features:
  * Compel library
  * Support for x86 32-bit arch
  * Version check via RPC
  * ASAN support
  * Force VDSO trampolines via fault injection
  * C/R of shutdown-ed UDP sockets
  * C/R of bind-mounts made from external mounts
  * SysVIPC shmem segments are now dumped as any other shmem
    (taking holes into account and sitting in common memory dumps)
  * CRIT show decodes socket's states and types and task's states
    into strings
  * CRIT show prints unix sockets names in more human-readable form
  * Unix sockets' names appeared in logs with mistakes
  * Contents of SysVIPC shmem segments was dumped twice
  * Dumping of any memory segment more than 4Gigs failed
  * Migration of unaligned SysvSHM segment on Armv7 failed
  * Exec action is removed, use compel instead
- Create libcompel1 sub-package

Fri Mar 31 14:49:05 CEST 2017 -

- update to criu 2.12.1:
  * Content for external bind mounts was erroneously dumped, which
    could lead to dump failures or huuuge images
  * Unneeded collection of host mounts on restore could cause
    restore to fail

Tue Mar 21 12:06:28 CET 2017 -

- update to criu 2.12:
  New features:
  * C/R of external TTYs (for Docker C/R)
  * Sanitized the way the -v works
  * Checking features via RPC crashed
  * Resting pipes in user-namespaces could fail on modern kernels
  * Shutdown state for UNIX sockets could be lost on restore
  * Dump of huge (over 2Gb) SysV shmem segments didn't work

Tue Feb 28 15:35:27 CET 2017 -

- Update to criu 2.11:
  New features:
  * Added "pre-resume" to action scripts
  * New --status-fd option for better control of page server
  * C/R OFD file locks, RO root mount for mount namespaces
  * More strict checks for extra CLI options
  * Report errors when probing locks
  * Restorer logs now contain timestamps
  * Regression: v2.10 was broken on ARM
  * Use-after-free when restoring ghost directory
  * Array out-of-bound access when restoring VETH device
  * Page server exit code could be screwed up
  * Clang over-optimized string.h routines resulting in random
  * Parasite failed to send FDs via socket on Alpine Linux
  * Restore of huge file tables could get stuck
  * Restore of epoll in epoll could fail
  * Errno value could be lost when reporting failure to restore
    invisible files
  * Dump of sched params didn't work on Alpine
  * Restore of huge memory dumps (over 2G) failed
  * Installation guessed /lib vs /lib64 with errors
  * Migration between xsave and noxsave didn't work for wrong cpu
    feature being checked
- Update to criu 2.11.1:
  * Page server start via RPC was broken
  * Fedora build didn't work
  * Ppc64LE restorer switch crashed

Wed Jan 25 07:52:51 CET 2017 -

- Update to criu 2.10:
  New features:
  * C/R of SOCK_PACKET sockets
  * Libsoccr -- library for C/R of TCP sockets
  * Logs cleaned up (removed bunch of useless, fixed '\n' in
  * Action scripts errors are printed in logs
  * Removed several iovec-s copying over the pagemap code
  * Restore degraded linearly on Xen guests. Breakpoints disabled
    until solution
  * Py bindings fault on restore error delivery
  * Fd leaked on file restore error path
  * Fd leaked when restoring invisible files (gets closed with criu
    exit though)
  * Link remap restore could fail on kernels 4.8 and higher
  * Impossible to restore after restore error with link remap file
    in images
  * When going daemon a descriptor could be leaked
  * Custom setting of mmap_min_addr could make restore to fail
  * Sending pages over UNIX socket could race and fail with EAGAIN
  * Error getting ID of /proc/pid/ns/foo link not propagated and
    could result in bogus NS ID generated
- Add libnet-devel to buildreq for dependency

Mon Dec 12 22:59:04 CET 2016 -

- Update to criu 2.9:
  New features:
  * CRIU can now be built with clang on all supported architectures
  * Ignore missing sysctls on restore with --weak-sysctl
    C/R overmounted mountpoints
  * Batch restore of memory contents from pages.img files
  * Link-remap type for invisible files is explicit in images
    Man page for CRIT
  * C/R with --empty-ns still handled iptables configuration
  * SCM messages inside UNIX socket got lost after C/R (now dump
  * Empty unixsk.img file appeared when dumping tasks without unix
  * Install procedure wasn't PEP-394 compliant
  * CRIU blocking netfilter rules were added at the tail of the
    chain resulting in unlocked TCP connections
  * Dump/Restore spurious failures when open() returned 0 descriptor
  * When dumping shmem lots of zero pages were written into image
  * Ghost directory with more than zero ghost parents caused
    restore to fail
  * Shared mount could escape to different group on restore

Mon Nov 14 16:28:06 CET 2016 -

- Update to criu 2.8:
  New features:
  * Ability to configure CRIU build
  * Show statistics on the screen with --display-stats
  * C/R of Mac-Vlan devices
  * x86 can now be built with clang
  * When dumping files useless garbage was sent with descriptors from
  * The clear_tid_address and regs are printed in hex with CRIT
  * Big code rework for compel (part 1)
  * Removed duplicate error messages from opening /proc files
  * Restoring cgroup NS could use old path prefix
  * criu check crashed on btrfs mounts
  * RO external mounts in userns couldn't be restored
  * Unmounted on host binfmt_misc could cause dump to fail
  * Off-by-one could cause criu crash when dumping shared / bind-mount
  * Mount namespace' roots could have flags changed on restore
  * Dying tasks could erroneously be tried to dump
  * Swapped shared memory pages were not dumped
  * Errno value can be sometimes spoiled by RPC
  * Restore of netns with newer iproute2 tool could fail
  * --ext-unix-sk, --veth-pair and --ext-mount-map, by --external
- Set BINFMT_MISC_VIRTUALIZED config to build

Tue Oct 18 17:40:14 CEST 2016 -

- Update to criu 2.7:
  New features:
  * Option --cgroup-root now makes sense on dump too
  * CLOCK_BOOTTIME timer supported
  * Output of iptables command leaked into logs for no use
  * Helper dev environment installation script for Debian
  * Man-page updated and prettified :)
  * Unmounted binfmt_misc with rules wasn't dumped at all
  * Malloc() error could result in crash
  * Device cgroup restore could fail restoring empty record
  * Some entries in device cgroups were restored twice
  * Potential crash when dumping cgroup bindmounts
  * Sign error caused dump to fail on btrfs partitions
  * Shared mounts with the same mount path failed the dump
  * Threads were restored with unshared FS (cwd and root)
  * Shared memory changes tracking disabled (regression found)
  * Restore of autofs can hang
  * LSM profile propagation could be lost
  * Mountpoint with lots of options blocked the dump (too small
    buffer for parsing)
  * External slave mount (with external master) blocked the dump
  * Mounts with STRICTATIME restored with others flags dropped
  * No reg-file entry for TTYs

Thu Sep 15 22:36:21 CEST 2016 -

- Update to criu 2.6:
  New features:
  * Ability to leave process stopped after restore
  * Memory changes tracking for anonymous shared memory
  * Deprecation option/environment
  * First error message is reported back via RPC
  * C/R of More IPCNS sysctls, xIDs of PTYs, TMEM on PPC64LE
  * Use service FD for transport sockets on restore
  * Ability to turn pagemap-cache off (some kernels are buggy)
  * The criu --help text has become better
  * R/O-mounted root could block the dump
  * Restore of could fail
  * Cgroup fs bind mounts were detected with error
  * Unaligned futex-es in parasite could cause dump to crash
  * When compiled with gcc-4.9 parasite code crashed
  * Failure to freeze cgroup didn't result in aborting of dump
  * Wrong ns list was parsed when dumping userns (invisible
    since nesting works only for mntns)
  * Non-inheritable non-tty as stdin caused shell-job restore
    to erroneously fail Error path in criu dedup could crash
  * Per-pid rlimit, itimers and posix-timers
  * Separate image for epoll tfds (target file descriptors)

Tue Aug 23 17:00:30 CEST 2016 -

- Update to criu 2.5:
  New features:
  * C/R of fs.mqueue.msg*_default sysctls, Unix sockets with
    overwritten paths, and  Link-remap files in removed directories
  * Micro-optimization on namespace ID evaluation
  * Restoring shared files uses one socket instead of per-fd ones
  * More verbosity when refusing to dump a file descriptor
  * Restore could fail on openat() with ENXIO when multiple mnt
    namespaces get restored
  * The criu exec action got broken
  * Link-remap and ghost files remained on FS after restore failure
  * TCP window could remain clamped after restore resulting in
    connection lockup/slowdown
  * Dump could stuck when injecting a parasite
  * The --timeout option wasn't taken into account when freezing
    tasks using freezecg
  * Race in freezeing/seizing could result in lost tasks
  * Memory leaks here and there on error paths
  * Double free in xvstrcat (crash)
  * VDSO length was mis-calculated
  * Symlink on --root path could make restore erroneously fail
  * Potential memory corruption on reading mntns images
  * When restoring on systems with low pid_max limit restore could
  * RO-protected SysV shmem segments could be restored with
  * File mode of mapped file was evaluated with errors
  * Restore of cgroups' mem.swappines and ..use_hierarchy blocked
    sub-groups creation
  * Impossible to restore cgoup mem.swappines default value
  * Zombies living in orphan sessions/groups failed the restore

Tue Jul 12 12:10:20 CEST 2016 -

- Update to criu 2.4:
  New features:
  * Generate core from images
  * Ability to forcibly drop half-open TCP connections on C/R
  * Ability to specify cgroup ctls to dump via API
    Opened/mapped files' mode is compared between dump and restore
  * AutoFS mountpoints
  * New cgroups (perf_event, net_cls, net_prio and pids)
  * Memcgroup optional properties
  * Devices cgroup
  * Pagemap image entries are cached in memory
  * Configured kmem cgroup limit restore failed
  * Mem cgroup oom_control
  * Cgroup's pids.max was not C/R-ed
  * Failure to write cgroup property was ignored
  * No init PID in pre-dump action script
  * Sigactions inheritance didn't work on ARM
  * Opened "/proc" dir blocked the dump
  * Working with iptables was racy
  * Sibling mounts detection error on dump
  * Devconf accept_redirects devconf could be restored with errors
  * "All" devconfs could be overridden by "Default"
  * Name-less unix sockets got auto-bound
  * Mode was lost for PTY device file on restore
  * Newer protobuf compilers didn't recognize PB files
  * External mounts could be remounted with MS_PRIVATE
  * Build fail on Alpine Linux
  * Per-pid file locks images
  * Per-pid fdinfo images
  * Ancient pagemap/pages images
- Enable builds on 32bit ARM

Wed Jun 15 08:19:40 CEST 2016 -

- Update to criu 2.3:
  New features
  * Ability not to show payload for some objects in CRIT
  * Pidfile is written at the end of restore
  * Ability to join existing namespaces on restore
  * C/R of Data sitting in TTYs, Partially write-protected SysVIPC
    segments, Debugfs and tracefs mounts, Overmounted tmpfs, IPv6
    devconf sysctls, External block devices, Unix sockets with
    mismatched shutdown state
  * Relaxed calculation of AIO ring size
  * Tree-based search of tasks by real pid
  * Less mem-to-mem copies on restore
  * Saner devconf image format
  * More verbose explanation of why task cannot be seized
  * PID is printed in PIE logs
  * Too many mmap-ed files blocked the dump
  * Potential memory corruption when working with IPv6 sockets
  * Overmounted bind mounts could cause restore to fail
  * Overmounted bind mounts could result in badly restored mount tree
  * Incomplete restoration of RO bind mounts options
  * Greedy mode of pagemap (non-root) caused dump to fail (disabled)

Tue May 17 14:03:06 CEST 2016 -

- Update to criu 2.2: mostly bugfixes
  New features:
  * "Post-resume" added to action scripts
  * Root task's PID in environment for action scripts
  * Devconfs drop_gratuitous_arp and drop_unicast_in_l2_multicast
  * Serial ttys
  * Lighter link-remaps restore on newer kernels
  * Race when restoring userns vs setting ns' maps
  * Tasks with zero fds failed the dump
  * Restore of TCP recv queue could fail due to kernel mem alloc
  * No errors were written to logs when launching helper
    (tar/iptables) app in userns restore
  * User-mode dumped no memory pages sometimes
  * Bind mounts considered not as bind sometimes
  * Two mounts in the same directory blocked the dump
  * Off-by in on /dev/tty{1,63} dumping
  * Forking of cgroupns task was done with screwed clone flags
  * Greedy mode of pagemap dumping (on some kernels we do not
    support user-mode)
  * Removed the --namespaces option

Tue Apr 12 16:35:06 CEST 2016 -

- Update to criu 2.1:
  New features:
  * Checking now classifies features to important/extra/experimental
  * Ability to bring some disk files into images.
  * C/R of Completed AIO requests and fallback gre and gretap net
  * Code coverage collecting now works
  * Use native rtnl library for netlink messages processing
  * Using --output - now results in stdout as log, not a file with
    the name "-"
  * Signals are printed by names in logs
  * Make tar generated tarbal with bad name
  * CG restore code lacked rollback in some places
  * Error code from raw syscalls was treated with errors resulting
    in wrong criu check reports
  * Dumping task with HUGE amount of file descriptors failed
  * Task could be stopped after pre-dump if respective option was used
  * A /proc/pid directory from dead process conflicting with a new
    alive one could cause dump to fail
  * Zombie from alien session/process group caused restore to fail
  * CGroup fs was wrongly mounted in CGNS on restore
  * Irmap scan was mis-checking devices numbers
  * Use-after-free in irmap scan
  * Btrfs bindmounts detection was mistaken due to 'subvol=' options
  * Propagation of mountpoint's shared groups was lost for
    propagated mounts
  * Unaligned allocations of restore shared memory could result in
    codedumps when used by futexes
  * Temporary mountpoints could result in spurious propagations
  * When aborting the dump criu could crash on use-after-free objects
  * Locking the network could stuck doing the DNS resolve
  * Several build fixes
  * The images from criu prior to 0.4 are deprecated
  * The --namespaces option makes no sense and is also deprecated
  * The --ms option for check action is deprecated

Wed Mar  9 20:43:04 CET 2016 -

- Update to criu 2.0:
  New features:
  * New code layout for sub-projects (e.g. Compel)
  * Unprivileged dump
  * Dump/check cpuinfo support for PPC
  * Explorers for CRIT
  * Added "post-setup-namespaces" to action scripts
  * Added timeout for dump procedure (5 sec by default)
  * Ability to override LSM profile on restore with CLI/RPC option
  * External bind mounts can be fs-root mounts too
  * Skip netns' internals on dump and restore (for Docker integration)
  * Advanced support for external files
  * More C/R supports
  * Align parasite stack on 16 bits for correctness
  * Compilation with native libc syscall wrappers and helpers
  * Parasite code injection done via memfd system call
  * Make vaddr to pfn conversion with one less syscall
  * CRIT shows device numbers in "maj:min" manner
  * CRIT shows mmap's status in verbose
  * Docker files for builds on all supported arches
  * Absent readlink syscall on ARM (use readlinkat instead) could cause dump to fail
  * Wrong argument to timer_create system call could cause restore to crash
  * Extra tasks in freeze cgroup caused dump to fail/hand/crash
  * Unaligned restore-time object allocations caused lock operations to fail
  * Opened /proc/pid dir of dead task failed the dump
  * Unaligned stacks caused criu to fail on aarch64
  * Changed device numbers on restore side could cause random failures
  * Fixes in mount points sharing/slavery/propagation restore
  * Race between mntns creation and fds closing in different tasks could cause restore to fail
  * Hard kernel limit on TCP repair recv queue restore could cause big queue restore to fail
  * Unconnected dgram UNIX socket with data lost packets on restore
  * CRIT didn't show IPC objects
  * CRIT didn't convert IP addresses in images
  * Logs from PIE code contained corrupted addresses and sizes
  * Not loaded netfilter modules could cause dump/restore to stuck on dumping netlink socket
  * Shared external mounts were restored with error
  * When checking for namespaces' CRIU entered userns with host creds
  * Deprecated/removed:
  * Completely removed 'show' action. Use CRIT instead.

Tue Dec  8 12:01:05 CET 2015 -

- Update to criu 1.8:
  * Ability to check CRIU features via RPC
  * Pre-dump and pre-restore action scripts
  * The "info" action in CRIT showing stats about image file
  * Python API
  * C/R of read-only bind mounts, IPv6 routes and iptables rules,
    ip rules (it ip tool supports such), ignore_routes_with_linkdown
    netns devconf, empty bridges in netns, FILTER mode of seccomp,
    and IP_FREEBIND socket option
  * Lots of fixes, two security fixes
    Service run as root could allow users to violate ptrace policies
    Service run as root could give users access to privileged files
    and directories
- Remove superfluous dependencies
- Clean up spec file, as systemd and logrotate supports have been
  officially dropped

Thu Nov 19 16:10:29 CET 2015 -

- update to criu 1.7.1:
  Fixes in mounts, notifies and userns found while testing openvz
- update to criu 1.7.2:
  Fixes for IPC in userns, venet C/R, socket buffers overflow and
  unix sockets name off-by-one
- Add the package dependency on python-protobuf

Fri Sep 11 16:06:30 CEST 2015 -

- Disable systemd service as a temporary workaround for possibile
  security issues (CVE-2015-5228, CVE-2015-5231, bsc#943105)
- Update to criu 1.7:
  * Improved cgroups management
  * Support for seccomp strict mode
  * Support for stream unix sockets inheritance
  * Support uid/gid-restricted mounts in userns
  * Support deleted bind-mounts
  * Ability to specify maximum ghost file size
  * OverlayFS support
  * Support relative unix sockets' bind paths
  * Altivec and PSX support for PPC
  * Small PIE loader
  * Temporary proc mountpoint is mounted with nosuid, noexec and nodev
  * Less memory copies when preparing restorer binary
  * CRIT action "show" for less keystrokes on common use-case
  * Fsnotify log messages now use hex everywhere :)
  * CRIT output doesn't mix fields any more
  * Many fixes
- Drop obsoleted patches:

Fri Jul 31 07:47:22 UTC 2015 -

- Fix version in criu.pc file.

Mon Jun  1 15:26:56 CEST 2015 -

- update to version 1.6:
  * PowerPC 64bit LE support
  * Makefile.local for 3-rd party build rules
  * Ability to "enable" filesystem on dump (--enable-fs)
  * Ability to skip mountpoint on dump (--skip-mnt)
  * Prepare to deprecate "criu show" command
  * External mounts auto-detection
  * /dev/tty (current terminal) support
  * Netdev and netns (all/default) confs C/R
  * Images v1.1 with extra magic at head
  * Support fusectl (only ctl) mountpoint
  * Sub-version format is now as of git-describe
  * Apparamor labels C/R support
- Fix library path for aarch64 and ppc64le
- Fix the prototype for lsm.c (to fix build errors):
- Refreshed crit-install-prefix.diff

Tue Apr 28 11:54:14 CEST 2015 -

- update to version 1.5.2:
  * fix error in mutli-threaded tasks restore with --restore-sibling
    (Docker and LXC cases)
  * fix too big RPC messages error for service (and swrk)

Tue Apr  7 15:52:47 CEST 2015 -

- Fix build failure on FACTORY due to comment-in-comment in
- update to version 1.5.1:
  * fix crash with 4.0 kernel
  * legalize swrk API and add the ability for inheriting fds via it
  * cgroup yard destruction and properties restore

Fri Mar 13 10:10:07 CET 2015 -

- update to version 1.5: New features
  * CRIT tool
  * ability to request CPU compatibility on instructions level only
  * C/R of empty AIO rings
  * more detailed errno report via RPC
  * per-feature "criu check"
  * inheriting FDs on restore
  * ability to automatically move veth device to host-side bridge
    on netns restore
  * VT terminals support
  * more user namespaces C/R stuff
  See more details at
- fix installation of crit:

Mon Dec  1 18:17:51 CET 2014 -

- update to version 1.4: New features:
  * Dump and check cpuinfo
  * Initial support for user namespaces
  * The script for Docker
  * New API for writing plugins (old one is still possible)
  * Service workers change their title to better look in ps output
  * Ability to feed socket for pre-dump and page-server in swrk mode
  * Page-server can auto-bind its port
  * Ability to perform several actions during one connection to RPC service
  * C/R of opened /proc/$pid/foo files of dead tasks
  * C/R of /dev/console
  * C/R of virtualized devtmpfs (openvz and future upstream kernels)
  * C/R of empty mqueue fs (posix message queues)
  * C/R of shared bind-mounts 
  See more details at

Mon Sep 15 13:43:00 CEST 2014 -

- update to version 1.3.1, a stable releasing fixing below:
  * Sibling restore mode didn't set up CRIU signals properly
  * Unpredictable sibling/child root task restore. Fixed with
    explicit CLI option
  * Validation for leaf mount points was skipped
  * Mount options were corrupted on dump, which resulted in errors
    bind mounts detection 

Tue Sep  2 07:33:29 CEST 2014 -

- update to version 1.3:
  * Docker and LXC support, lots of bug fixes
- cleanup spec file, fix rpmlint warnings

Wed Jun 18 16:59:16 CEST 2014 -

- Update to version 1.3-rc2:
  * external bind mounts and tasks-to-cgroups bindings
  * many bugfixes in memory restore and mounpoints dump

Tue May  6 11:48:37 CEST 2014 -

- Update to version 1.3-rc1:
  New features:
  * AArch64
  * Multiple mount namespaces
  * FPU state restore control
        Restore old FPU state on newer CPUs
        Ability to ignore FPU restoration 
  * Support stopped multi-threaded tasks
  * CRIU now can execv() other binary right after restore is complete
  * Inode-revese mapping can be enforced to allow live-migration with FS copying
  * Gold linker can now be used to compile CRIU
  * "Berserker" test to check CRIU scalability
  * Punch pages from mem images on restore (optimizes live-migration) 
  * Batched deduplication of memory images
  * Packed rlimits into core image
  * Packed timers into core image 
  * Bad checks for kcmp() ret codes resulted in errors in file sharing detection
  * Multiple mmap-s of same files with different flags blocked the restore
  * Integer overflow in huge mapping restore caused restoration failure
  * Devpts's newinstance option was lost during dump
  * Subsequent dump could try to find old mem dump for newly forked task
  * Bad detection of overmounted mountpoints on fsnotify restore
  * Page-server could read partial message and failed
  * Errors in dumping of two subsequent anon vmas in some cases
  * Irmap mis-compared devices for disk FS-s
  * TMPFS handles always change during dump/restore
  * Pre-dump sometimes hangs on FIFO-s
  * Post-restore script fails too late (if does it) 

Sat Mar  1 09:39:03 CET 2014 -

- Run spec-cleaner, nothing more than that.

Wed Feb 26 17:15:26 CET 2014 -

- Update to version 1.2:
  New features:
  * Performance improvements
  * Library versioning
  * RPC API got closer to CLI
  * New "post-restore" call in action scripts
  * Logrotate rules file
  * Default log file for service when starting via systemd 
  Bug fixes:
  * A lot for ARM cross-compile
  * Fsnotifies dumping didn't work on NFS
  * Images auto-deduplication only worked one level up
  * Packet socket ID was treated as file-descriptor and close()-d
  * Badly counted pages stats on restore
  * Linked remap name conflict when dump and restore on NFS
  * Sporadic failures in memory draining due to huge pipes used
  * Broken criu show of repeated fields
  * Failure to open mountpoint in foreign pid namespace
  * Unlinked bound unix socket dump error
  * Small memory leak when writing to incremental image(s)
  * Restoring fsnotify for links results in ELOOP
  * Host's PATH is not suitable when execv-ing tar/ip/iptable to restore namespace (workaround, proper fix will be in 1.3)
  * Using subdirs in log file name via RPC breaks security 
- New subpackages: libcriu1 and criu-devel
- Remove obsoleted always-define-ptrace_peeksiginfo_args.diff

Tue Jan 28 12:42:34 CET 2014 -

- Update to version 1.1: BUGs fixed,
  * Errors from memory dumping are not handled resulting in
    corrupted dumps
  * EOF detection in stacked images is done with error
  * Stacked images don't work on non-shared FS (missing pagemap-s) 

Tue Jan 21 12:23:27 CET 2014 -

- Update to version 1.1-rc2: Bugs fixed,
  * Crash in criu check
  * RPC check always fail on 3.11 kernel
  * Failed fork() didn't abort restore
  * Dump fail not reported via RPC
  * RPC client disconnect wasn't handled
  * Page server could connect to self for writing images
  * Hang on pre-dumping task livig in net-namespace
  * VDSO page mis-handle on pre-dump
  * FPU state loss on pre-dump
  * Memory tracking turns ON w/o request
  * Various fixes (and improvements) in build system 
- Fix missing struct ptrace_peeksiginfo_args on FACTORY:

Wed Jan  8 16:40:12 CET 2014 -

- Update to version 1.1-rc1:
  New features:
   * -- wrapper library for RPC clients
   * new plugins: external unix sockets, external bind mounts,
     external net devices and unknown file types 
   * Images deduplication in incremental dumps
   * Integration with systemd
   * Filtering of criu show output 
  Bug fixes:
   * Errors in unlinked files/sockets detection on BTRFS
   * NFS silly-rename files are not treated as unlinked
   * Freezer fail to seize quickly forking/pthread_create-ing tasks
   * Extra stop signal queued for stopped tasks after pre-dump
   * Wrong dying task state detection
   * Lost RPC dump response
   * Crash when reporting restore error via RPC
   * Negative return code into shell
   * Tasks left in wrong states after failed dump
   * A little bit more verbose check action
   * Coverity checks fail here and there 

- Drop obsoleted criu-fix-PTRACE_LISTEN-define.diff

Wed Nov 27 14:29:51 CET 2013 -

- Fix rpm group tag to System/Console

Mon Nov 25 18:09:55 CET 2013 -

- updated to version 1.0
  * New features:
    -W option to specify working dir
    CHECK request in RPC
    Optimized headers
    More info in logs about undumpable files
    More comments about tricky dump/restore places
    Generic memory allocation for restorer 
  * Bugfixes
    After --leave-running linked remaps were not cleaned
    TCP was left locked after --leave-running
    Weak criteria in memory COW detection
    Private mapping's premmapped address overwrote file ID
    Restorer memory could overlap with timers/signals arrays
    RPC worker reused options from service task
    Suboptimal memory utilization by restorer arguments
    TCP unsent/unacked data boundary was lost
    Wrong dev_t decoding on 64 bit
    Unpredictable daemons (service and page-service) working dir
    Parasite stack could be corrupted by its arguments
    Error from exe link restore was ignored
    Artificial small limit on the number of shared memory segments
    to restore
    Bug in ARM VFP restore
    VDSO proxy was unmapped at the very end of restore 

Sun Oct 20 09:41:15 CEST 2013 -

- updated to version 0.8:
  * New features:
    RPC service
    Ability to work from non-root user (via +s bit)
    Handle stopped tasks
    Restore tasks' root path
    Dump and restore net ns iptables configuration (w/o conntracks)
    Support for external net devices in netns (e.g. openvz venet)
    Support CORK and NODELAY TCP options
    SEQPACKET unix sockets support 
  * Fixes and improvements
    Unload restorer blob after restore
    Fixes and enhancements in criu show
    Fix in unsorted inotify wd restoring
    Fixed trimmed messages in parasite transport
    Fine-grained pgrps restore
    Fix in large TCP buffers restore
    Fixed buffer overflow in IPC ns dumping
    Fix in early page server connection close on pre-dump
    Fixed race in handling aborted parasite blob
    Fixed lost unmapped criu vmas in restore
    Fixes in parsing devices in /proc/pid/maps and /proc/locks
    Fixed snd/rcv buf sockoptions restore
    Enhanced logging in parasite 

Fri Sep  6 09:08:02 CEST 2013 -

- updated to version 0.7:
  * TUN devices support (requires patched kernel)
  * Alternative stack (sigaltstack) C/R
  * Shared and master/slave mounts support
  * Restore statistics
  * Net device address C/R
  * Safer and simpler asynchronous parasite
  * Fixes in:
    - Stack guard page dump/restore
    - Page server communications
    - COW mappings restore
    - Zombies restore
    - Aborting failed restore
    - TCP connection restore (some require patched kernel)
    - Semi-closed Unix sockets with data dump/restore
- Fix build error on FACTORY due to redefinition of PTRACE_LISTEN:

Mon Jul  8 12:35:16 CEST 2013 -

- updated to version 0.6:
  * Cross-compiling support
  * Ready to accept images from OpenVZ RHEL6-based kernel
  * Posix CPU timers C/R
  * Asynchronous parasite
  * Memory changes tracking (requires patched kernel)
  * Dump statistics
  * Return-arg for remote syscalls execution
  * Improved "show" output
  * Opened /proc/PID/ns/* files C/R
  * Daemon mode for page-server
  * Build-time features test (makes it possible to build on
    different distros) 

Wed May 29 09:42:17 CEST 2013 -

- initial version: 0.5
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