File imagej.changes of Package imagej

Sun Feb 18 11:36:26 UTC 2018 -

- Wrap and compact description.

Thu Feb 15 11:38:49 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 1.51u
  * possible to run on Java 9
  * Java plugins can now iterate over the points contained in a selection
  * added support for diamond symbols to the Plot class
  * many more bugfixes and usability improvements

Tue Mar  8 17:11:26 UTC 2016 -

- drop build time from png file to fix build-compare

Tue Apr 09 08:16:45 UTC 2013 -
- Update to version 1.47n
  * see included release-notes.html

Sun Dec 23 18:21:46 UTC 2012 -

- Remove _service for downloading files
- Use ImageMagick for icon converting
- Update to version 1.47g
  * see included release-notes.html

Fri Sep 14 06:53:45 UTC 2012 -
- startup script fix (in spec file) 

Thu Sep 13 15:28:52 UTC 2012 -

- Various spec file cleanups

Wed Sep 12 15:32:07 UTC 2012 -
- vers update 1.47c
  * Added a "Source" (display source code of selected command) button to Plugins>Utilities>Find Commands.
  * Dorai Iyer added a "Bar" option to the arrow tool.
  * Bill Mohler modified the ROI Manager to use a JList instead of a List, which makes loading and sorting the large (>10,000) ROI sets faster.
  * Added an "Append results" checkbox to the ROI Manager's "Multi Measure" command.
  * When opening images, the transfer rate in MB/sec is displayed in the status bar.
  * Thanks to S├ębastien Tosi, opening TIFF files using File>Import>URL is faster and requires less memory.
  * Thanks to Jan Eglinger, fixed a bug that caused incorrect recording of commands implemented in JavaScript when the recorder was in "JavaScript" mode.
  * Thanks to S├ębastien Tosi, fixed a bug that caused File>Import>URL to not correctly read TIFF files larger than 2GB.
  * Fixed a bug in the Analyze>Tools>Synchronize Windows command that caused it to not work as expected when changing the channel of composite color images.
  * Thanks to Christoph Deil, fixed a bug in Plugins>Utilities>Find Commands that caused esc and ctrl-w key presses to not close the window after "Show full information" was enabled.
  * Thanks to Christoph Deil, fixed bugs in the "Save changes?" dialog that caused it to not work as expected after the focus was changed (by tabbing) to the "Don't Save" or "Cancel" buttons. 

  1.47b 12 August 2012
  * Added the Image>Stacks>Statistics command.
  * Thanks to Michael Schmid, the built in brush, pencil and overlay brush tools draw using the background color when alt key is down, are constrained to draw horizontally when shift is down, are resized when shift&control are down (shift&cmd on Macs), and "pick up" the foreground color when control is down (cmd on Macs).
  * Added a "16 bit range" choice to the Edit>Options>Appearance dialog box. This is the same as the "Unsigned 16 bit range" choice in the Brightness/Contast Adjuster's "Set" dialog.
  * Thanks to Olivio Donati, File>Import>Image Sequence opens any associated ROIs that are in a file named
  * Thanks to David Knecht, added a "sum" option to Image>Transform>Bin.
  * The getHistogram() macro function no longer limits the number of bins to 256 with 8-bit and RGB images.
  * Added the IJ.createHyperStack(title,width,height,channels,slices,frames,bitdepth) method, where 'bitdepth' is 8, 16, 24 (rgb), or 32 (float).
  * Thanks to Qingzong Tseng, fixed a bug that caused overlays to be lost when converting composite stacks to RGB.
  * Thanks to Jan Eglinger, fixed a bug that caused images created by the particle analyzer's "Show:" option to not use the calibration of the original image.
  * Thanks to Guenter Giese, fixed bugs that caused the "Unsigned 16 bit range" choice in the Brightness/Contast Adjuster's "Set" dialog to not work as expected with multi-channel images.
  * Thanks to Barry DeZonia, fixed a bug that caused the command recorder to not work with Image>Stacks>3D Project when processing 16 and 32 bit images.
  * Thanks to William Edwards, fixed a bug that sometimes caused the median of 32-bit float images to be calculated incorrectly.
  * Thanks to Michael Cammer, worked around a bug that could cause commands in the Image>Type submenu to not work as expected in non-batch-mode macros. 

  1.47a 17 July 2012
  * Thanks to Thomas Boudier, added five new 3D filters (Median, Mean, Minimum, Maximum and Variance) to the Process>Filters submenu.
  * Added the "Restore Startup Tools" command to the toolbar's >> menu.
  * Thanks to Tiago Ferreira, built-in and plugin tools can be added to toolsets and the startup macros (example).
  * Michael Schmid modified the Overlay Brush tool for constrained motion (vertical or horizontal) with shift and resizing with ctrl-shift (cmd-shift on Macs).
  * Thomas Tongue added support for the CDELT and CTYPE headers to the FITS Reader.
  * Added the getinfo("selection.color") and getValue("selection.width") macro functions.
  * Thanks to Simon Roussel, fixed a bug that could cause overlays to not be displayed on virtual stacks.
  * Fixed a bug that caused the brush and pencil tools to activate overlay selections.
  * Michael Schmid fixed a bug that sometimes caused Preview to not work correctly with commands in the Process>Filters submenu.
  * Fixed a 1.46 regression that caused the ROI Manager to generate incorrect ROI labels when the Associate 'Show All" ROIs with Slices" option was not enabled.
  * Thanks to Stephan Semmler, fixed a regression that caused the ImagePlus.getNDimensions() method to sometimes return the wrong value.
  * Thanks to Glen MacDonald, fixed a 1.46 regression that caused the setOption("Show All",boolean) macro function to not work. 

Fri Jun  1 10:32:47 UTC 2012 -
- version update 1.46o 18 May 2012
  * Set the stroke width to 0 in the Edit>Selection>Properties, 
    Image>Overlay>Overlay Options and ROI ManagerProperties dialogs 
    to have selections drawn using a width of one pixel 
    regardless of the image magnification.
  * Fixed a bug that could cause selections being moved to not be 
    displayed correctly when the "Use ROI names as labels" option in 
    the ROI Manager was enabled.
  * Fixed a bug that caused Analyze>Plot Profile to fail with line 
    selections with widths less than 1.0.
  * Thanks to Franklin Shaffer, fixed a bug that sometimes a caused a 
    stack overflow error when importing large image sequences.
  * Thanks to Tiago Ferreira, fixed a 1.46n regression that caused overlay 
    items to be removed when toggling the ROI Manager "Show All" checkbox. 

- changes in 1.46n 11 May 2012
  * In "Show All" mode, the ROI Manager now uses an overlay to 
    display the selections.
  * Added the More>>Labels... command to the ROI Manager, as a 
    shortcut to Image>Overlay>Labels.
  * Add a "Show plot" checkbox to the Analyze>Calibrate dialog box.
  * File>Save As>XY Coordinates now correctly saves subpixel resolution 
    selections, and it works with more kinds of selections.
  * Tiago Ferreira added a list of valid factors to the 
    Image>Stacks>Tools>GroupedZProjector dialog.
  * Made the IJ.runPlugIn(String,String,String) method public.
  * Added the IJ.getFullVersion() method.
  * Thanks to Burri Olivier, fixed a bug that caused Image>Adjust>Threshold, 
    when the "Stack histogram" option was enabled, to use the histogram of 
    all channels instead of only the current channel.
  * Tiago Ferreira fixed a bug that caused stacks binned with 
    Image>Stacks>Tools>GroupedZProjector to loose spatial calibration.
  * Thanks to Burri Olivier, fixed a bug that caused incorrect auto stack 
    thresholds when "Limit to threshold was enabled in Analyze>Set Measurements.
  * Thanks to Thomas Boudier and Michael Schmid, fixed a bug that caused 
    the Analyze>Summarize command to not work correctly on reopened results tables.
  * Thanks to Jim Passmore, fixed a bug that caused NonBlockingDialogs to 
    not handle the yes/no/cancel option.
  * Thanks to Norbert Vischer, fixed a bug that caused Image>Show Info to 
    incorrectly display the selection location when the image origin was not (0,0). 

Wed May  2 13:10:47 UTC 2012 -
- vers update 1.46m 
  * ROIs in an overlay can be activated by alt-clicking, control-clicking or long-pressing. 
  * Thanks to Gabriel Landini, the Brush and Pencil tools installed from the toolbar's >> menu can be resized by shift-dragging.
  * The icons for drawing tools installed from the toolbar's >> menu reflect the foreground color and are updated when the foreground color changes.
  * Commands in the Edit>Selection submenu that modify the selection now support Undo and Redo and transfer color and line width properties.
  * Fiji saves and loads custom tool configurations.
  * Thanks to Ved Sharma, removed the restriction in Image>Stacks>Tools>Insert that the destination must be a stack.
  * Thanks to Richie Mort, fixed a bug that could cause the contents of multiple custom results tables created by plugins to be invalid. 

Thu Mar 29 11:21:24 UTC 2012 -
- vers update 1.46j

Wed Feb 22 07:21:24 UTC 2012 -
- vers update 1.45g

Mon Feb 13 12:21:24 UTC 2012 -
- vers update 1.45f
- ant build target set to : build

Mon Sep  5 13:21:24 UTC 2011 -
- vers update 1.45m 

Fri Jul 22 08:33:01 UTC 2011 -
- vers update 1.45l 

Fri Jun 10 10:14:00 UTC 2011 -
- vers update 1.45i

Thu May  5 11:31:51 UTC 2011 -
- update vers 1.45

Fri Jan 14 09:00:00 UTC 2010 -
- copy from home:martin_ginkel
- updated version 1.44
- package cleanup e.g. changelog
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