File package-descriptions of Package kernel-source-rt.17783

# Descriptions of the binary kernel packages. The format is
# === <package name> ===
# Summary: Package summary (single line)
# Requires: additional dependencies for KMPs (single line)
# ...
# Long description (multiple
# lines)
# Descriptions of the -base and -extra subpackages are derived from the
# main descriptions. The "Summary:" keyword can be omitted

=== kernel-rt ===
The Realtime Linux Kernel

This kernel is compiled to support hard realtime applications.

=== kernel-rt_debug ===
A Debug Version of the Realtime Kernel

This kernel has several debug facilities enabled that hurt performance.
Only use this kernel when investigating problems.

=== cluster-md-kmp ===
Summary: Clustering support for MD devices
Requires: dlm-kmp

Clustering support for MD devices. This enables locking and
synchronization across multiple systems on the cluster, so all
nodes in the cluster can access the MD devices simultaneously.

=== dlm-kmp ===
DLM kernel modules

DLM stands for Distributed Lock Manager, a means to synchronize access to
shared resources over the cluster.

=== gfs2-kmp ===
Summary: GFS2 kernel modules
Requires: dlm-kmp

GFS2 is Global Filesystem, a shared device filesystem.

=== ocfs2-kmp ===
Summary: OCFS2 kernel modules
Requires: dlm-kmp

OCFS2 is the Oracle Cluster Filesystem, a filesystem for shared devices
accessible simultaneously from multiple nodes of a cluster.

=== kselftests-kmp ===
Kernel sefltests

This package contains kernel modules which are part of the upstream kernel
selftest effort. kselftest is the name of the upstream kernel target to build
and run all selftests. You can also run each test individually from the
respective upstream tools/testing/selftests/ directory, this package is
intended to be used using individial upstream selftest scripts given only
select supported selftest drivers are enabled.

It should always be possible to always run the latest linux-next version of the
selftest scripts and tests against any older kernel selftest driver.  Certain
tests facilities may be backported onto older kernels to enable further

Selftests also provide for a vehicle or proof of concept issues to be
reproduced, verified and corrected.

Selftest drivers are intended to be supported only in testing and QA
environments, they are not intended to be run on production systems.

=== reiserfs-kmp ===
Reiserfs kernel module

The reiserfs file system is no longer supported in SLE15.  This package
provides the reiserfs module for the installation system.
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