File libreoffice.changes of Package libreoffice

Mon Sep 21 08:55:05 UTC 2015 -

- Version bump to 5.0.2 final fate#318856 fate#319071 bnc#943075
  * Small tweaks compared to rc1

Thu Sep 17 13:27:07 UTC 2015 -

- Use gcc48 to build on sle11sp4

Thu Sep 17 12:05:26 UTC 2015 -

- Make debuginfo's smaller on IBS.

Thu Sep 17 08:20:21 UTC 2015 -

- Fix chrpath call after the libs got -lo suffixing

Tue Sep 15 09:47:21 UTC 2015 -

- Add patch to fix qt4 features detection:
  * kde4filepicker.patch

Fri Sep 11 11:56:03 UTC 2015 -

- Split out gtk3 UI to separate subpkg that requires gnome subpkg
  * This is to allow people to test gtk3 while it not being default

Wed Sep  9 07:34:59 UTC 2015 -

- Version update to 5.0.2 rc1:
  * Various small tweaks and integration of our SLE11 patchsets

Fri Aug 28 07:33:41 UTC 2015 -

- Update constraints to 30 GB on disk

Wed Aug 26 07:31:26 UTC 2015 -

- Version bump to 5.0.1 rc2:
  * breeze icons extension
  * Credits update
  * Various small fixes

Tue Aug 11 08:00:38 UTC 2015 -

- Version bump to 5.0.1 rc1:
  * Various small fixes
  * Has some commits around screen rendering -> could fix kde bugs

Tue Aug  4 10:57:23 UTC 2015 -

- Kill branding-openSUSE, stick to TDF branding.

Tue Aug  4 09:19:53 UTC 2015 -

- Version bump to 5.0 rc5:
  * Bunch of final touchups here and there
- Remove some upstreamed patches:
  * old-cairo.patch

Wed Jul 22 12:12:07 UTC 2015 -

- Add explicit requires over libmysqlclient_r18, should cover bnc#829430

Tue Jul 14 14:56:11 UTC 2015 -

- Add patch to build with old cairo (sle11):
  * old-cairo.patch

Tue Jul 14 09:00:37 UTC 2015 -

- Version bump to 5.0 rc3:
  * Various more fixes closing on the 5.0 release
- Removed upstreamed patches:
  * fix-old-poppler.patch
  * mdds-old-gcc.patch

Fri Jul  3 07:04:45 UTC 2015 -

- Try to fix build on SLE11 and remove obsolete patch:
  * A mdds-old-gcc.patch
  * D pack-desktop-files-for-optional-filters.diff

Wed Jul  1 08:55:34 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 5.0 rc2:
  * Few small fixes and updates in internal libraries

Tue Jun 23 13:21:48 UTC 2015 -

- Version bump to 5.0 rc1, remove obsolete patches:
  * 0001-Fix-could-not-convert-.-const-char-to-const-rtl-OUSt.patch
  * 0001-writerperfect-fix-gcc-4.7-build.patch

Mon Jun 22 09:15:38 UTC 2015 -

- More chrpat love for sle11

Fri Jun 19 10:33:12 UTC 2015 -

- Add python-importlib to build/requirements on py2 distros

Fri Jun 19 09:40:37 UTC 2015 -

- Provide/obsolete crystal icons so they are purged and not left over
- Add few patch to get LO in more buildable state on SLE11, all
  * 0001-Fix-could-not-convert-.-const-char-to-const-rtl-OUSt.patch
  * 0001-writerperfect-fix-gcc-4.7-build.patch
  * fix-old-poppler.patch

Wed Jun 17 06:54:47 UTC 2015 -

- Fix breeze icons handling, drop crystal icons.

Sat Jun 13 13:23:20 UTC 2015 -

- Version bump to 5.0.0.beta3:
  * Drop merged patch 0001-Make-cpp-poppler-version.h-header-optional.patch
  * Update some internal tarballs so we keep building
    - based on these bumps update the buildrequires too

Wed Jun  3 12:08:54 UTC 2015 -

- Generate python cache files wrt bnc#929793

Thu May 21 11:59:03 UTC 2015 -

- Update %post scriptlets to work on sle11 again

Wed May 20 08:45:37 UTC 2015 -

- Split out the share -> lib linker to hopefully allow sle11 build

Wed May 13 11:31:52 UTC 2015 -

- One more fix for help handling bnc#915996

Sun May 10 10:01:38 UTC 2015 -

- Version bump to 4.4.3 release:
  * Various small fixes all around

Wed May  6 15:26:10 UTC 2015 -

- Reformat with spec-cleaner

Sun May  3 16:45:27 UTC 2015 -

- Disable verbose build to pass check on maximal size of log

Fri Apr 24 11:43:23 UTC 2015 -

- We need pre/post for libreoffice in langpkgs

Thu Apr 23 15:48:11 UTC 2015 -

- Use old java for detection and old commons-lang/codec to pass
  brp check on java from sle11
  * 0001-Make-HAVE_JAVA6-be-always-false.patch

Thu Apr 23 08:27:20 UTC 2015 -

- Revert last changeset, it is caused by something else this time:
  * 0001-Set-source-and-target-params-for-java.patch

Wed Apr 22 09:27:01 UTC 2015 -

- Set source/target for javac when building to work on SLE11:
  * 0001-Set-source-and-target-params-for-java.patch

Tue Apr 21 09:17:33 UTC 2015 -

- Try to deal with rpath on bundled libs

Fri Apr 17 12:57:07 UTC 2015 -

- Fix python3_sitelib not being around for py2

Thu Apr 16 12:23:40 UTC 2015 -

- Add internal make for too old system
- One more stab on poppler switch:
  * 0001-Make-cpp-poppler-version.h-header-optional.patch

Thu Apr 16 11:45:39 UTC 2015 -

- Update the old-poppler patch to work correctly:
  * 0001-Make-cpp-poppler-version.h-header-optional.patch

Thu Apr 16 11:43:32 UTC 2015 -

- Sort out more external tarballs for the no-system-libs approach

Thu Apr 16 09:34:00 UTC 2015 -

- Add basic external tarballs needed for without-system-libraries

Thu Apr 16 08:24:22 UTC 2015 -

- Add patch to check for poppler more nicely to work on older distros:
  * 0001-Make-cpp-poppler-version.h-header-optional.patch

Wed Apr 15 18:50:30 UTC 2015 -

- Try to pass configure without system libs

Wed Apr 15 12:43:41 UTC 2015 -

- Allow switch between py2 and py3
- Move external dependencies in conditional thus allow build on

Wed Apr 15 11:56:26 UTC 2015 -

- Add conditional for noarch subpackages
- Add switch in configure to detect more of internal/external stuff

Wed Apr 15 11:42:37 UTC 2015 -

- Add conditional for appdatastore thing and redo it to impact the
  spec less
- Add systemlibs switch to be used in attempt to build sle11 build

Tue Apr 14 13:49:22 UTC 2015 -

- Hopefully fix bnc#913042.Redo check phase that sometimes broke              
  .jar generating

Tue Apr 14 13:43:32 UTC 2015 -

- Silence more scarry messages by bnc#900186
  * Fixes autocorr symlinking
  * Cleans UNO cache in more pretty way

Thu Apr  9 13:12:21 UTC 2015 -

- Clean up the uno cache removal to not display scarry message

Thu Apr  9 12:42:00 UTC 2015 -

- Remove patch to look for help in /usr/share, we symlink it back to
  lib, so there is no actual need to search for it directly, migth
  fix bnc#915996:
  * officecfg-help-in-usr-share.diff

Wed Apr  8 13:06:41 UTC 2015 -

- --disable-collada
  * reportedly it does not work in LibreOffice 4.4
- added version numbers to some BuildRequires lines

Wed Apr  8 12:26:59 UTC 2015 -

- Require flow engine too on base

Wed Apr  8 12:24:45 UTC 2015 -

- Fix build on SLE12 and 13.1 by adding conditional for appdata install

Wed Apr  8 12:03:19 UTC 2015 -

- Fixup the installed appdata.xml files: they reference a .desktop
  file that are not installed by libreoffice (boo#926375).

Thu Apr  2 17:11:50 UTC 2015 -

- Version bump to 4.4.2:
  * 2nd bugfix update for the 4.4 series

Mon Mar 30 14:31:03 UTC 2015 -

- BuildRequires:  libodfgen-devel >= 0.1

Mon Mar 30 14:20:04 UTC 2015 -

- added version numbers to some BuildRequires lines
- build does not require python3-lxml
- build requires librevenge-devel >= 0.0.1
- vlc media backend is broken, don't use it. Only gstreamer should be used.

Fri Mar 20 14:42:33 UTC 2015 -

- Install the .appdata.xml files shipped by upstream: allow LO to
  be shown in AppStream based software centers.

Thu Mar  5 12:51:02 UTC 2015 -

- Move pretrans to pre

Thu Feb 26 21:06:18 UTC 2015 -

- Version bump to 4.4.1 first bugfix release of the series

Tue Feb 10 12:49:37 UTC 2015 -

- Reduce bit the compilation preparations as we prepped most of the
  things by _constraints and it is no longer needed

Mon Feb  9 18:00:17 UTC 2015 -

- %pre is not enough the script needs to be rewritten in lua

Mon Feb  9 10:26:08 UTC 2015 -

- Move removal of obsolete dirs from %pretrans to %pre bnc#916181

Thu Jan 29 14:35:49 UTC 2015 -

- Version bump to 4.4.0 final:
  * First in the 4.4 series
  * First release to have the new UI elements without old hardcoded
  * Various improvements all around.

Sun Jan 18 16:11:42 UTC 2015 -

- Add debug symobols

Tue Jan 13 12:27:39 UTC 2015 -

- Version bump to 4.4.0rc2:
  * Various bugfixes, just bumping to see if we still build fine.

Tue Jan  6 09:44:02 UTC 2015 -

- That verbose switch for configure was really really bad idea

Tue Jan  6 09:05:04 UTC 2015 -

- generic for galaxy icons seem gone so remove
- Do not supplement kde3 stuff, it is way beyond obsolete

Mon Jan  5 15:08:25 UTC 2015 -

- Remove vlc conditional
- korea.xcd is no more so remove
- Really use mergelib

Mon Jan  5 12:23:43 UTC 2015 -

- Disable telepathy, it really is experimental like hell

Sun Jan  4 15:51:42 UTC 2015 -

- Version bump to 4.4.0rc1:
  * New 4.4 branch release with additional features
- Enable collada:
  * New bundled collada2gltf tarball:
- Obsoleted patches:
  * jvmfwk-disable-gcj.diff
  * libreoffice-4.3-plasma5-ui-decisions.patch
  * libreoffice-
  * office-cfg-linux-common-template-dir.diff
  * libreoffice-boost-1.56.patch
- Refreshed patches:
  * officecfg-help-in-usr-share.diff
  * system-pyuno.diff

Fri Dec 19 09:23:28 UTC 2014 -

- Version bump to 4.3.5 release:
  * Various small fixes
  * Fix for CVE-2014-9093 bnc#907636

Thu Dec  4 08:33:55 UTC 2014 -

- And do it right as it was supposed to be bash variable :)

Thu Dec  4 07:43:13 UTC 2014 -

- Fix typo %{libdir} -> %{_libdir}

Wed Dec  3 11:08:57 UTC 2014 -

- Remove dangling symlinks from previous versions bnc#884942

Sun Nov 30 10:08:38 UTC 2014 -

- Fix build with boost 1.56
  * libreoffice-boost-1.56.patch

Mon Nov 17 11:08:24 UTC 2014 -

- Version bump to 4.3.4:
  * Few small fixes
  * Fix for calc value ordering "regression"

Mon Nov  3 12:48:16 UTC 2014 -

- Remove no longer needed mergelib patch
  * libreoffice-mergedlibs-circular-deps.patch
- Add patch for plasma5 UI selector support
  * libreoffice-4.3-plasma5-ui-decisions.patch

Fri Oct 31 11:58:14 UTC 2014 -

- Remove errorous self-obsolete in lang pkgs.
- Version bump to
  * Various bugfixes from maintenance branch to copy openSUSE.
  * Also contains fix for bnc#900214 and bnc#900218 CVE-2014-3693
- Remove fixes merged upstream:
  * 0001-fdo-82418-prefer-UTF-8-over-UTF-16.patch
  * 0001-n-708518-sd-check-that-master-page-matches-when-sett.patch

Fri Oct 17 08:55:21 UTC 2014 -

- Obsolete old libreoffice-ure-devel in sdk and devel-docs in sdk-doc
  to avoid possible conflicts during zypper dup (bnc#900877)

Thu Oct 16 13:35:20 UTC 2014 -

- Obsolete old libreoffice-ure to avoid conflicts during zypper dup

Wed Oct  1 12:24:03 UTC 2014 -

- Fix the timestamp on docu (remove)
- Try to silence postinst warning during verfication
- Fix wrong obsolete lines

Mon Sep 29 13:54:08 UTC 2014 -

- Disable mergedlibs for now as it is not tested enough and broke
- Added patch:
  * libreoffice-mergedlibs-circular-deps.patch

Sat Sep 27 15:46:43 UTC 2014 -

- Remove configure warning

Sat Sep 27 15:38:07 UTC 2014 -

- Version bump to
  * Various small bugfixes found from 4.3.1

Wed Sep 24 08:44:46 UTC 2014 -

- added patches:
  * 0001-fdo-82418-prefer-UTF-8-over-UTF-16.patch: prefer UTF-8
    over UTF-16 when importing CSV (fdo#82418).
  * 0001-n-708518-sd-check-that-master-page-matches-when-sett.patch:
  fix regression in bullets (bnc#897903).
- Add masterpage_style_parent.odp as new file for regression test
  for bullets.

Fri Sep 19 13:53:23 UTC 2014 -

- Try to handle collada coinmp and gltf properly.

Fri Sep 19 11:11:42 UTC 2014 -

- Do not remove folders too early in the link-to-ooo-home
  * this fixes warning about trying to remove dir

Fri Aug 29 13:29:59 UTC 2014 -

- Version bump to
  * First bugfix release of series
  * Among others contains fixes for CVE-2014-3524 and CVE-2014-3575
    bnc#893133 and bnc#893141

Fri Aug  8 12:57:33 UTC 2014 -

- Require some fonts for compat:  liberation / carlito fonts. bnc#824908

Fri Aug  1 08:01:00 UTC 2014 -

- Version bump to
  * Final 4.3.0 release containing handful of last fixes from the

Tue Jul 29 15:20:41 UTC 2014 -

- Try to sort out broken help after migration from 13.1

Tue Jul 29 15:07:13 UTC 2014 -

- Add more provides/obsoletes for lang help files to better handle

Thu Jul 24 08:33:07 UTC 2014 -

- Try to finish out the py3 migration.
- Remove now not needed patch:
  * wizards-create-temlates-with-python-2.6.diff

Mon Jul 21 07:09:41 UTC 2014 -

- Add patch to fix the themes/icons handling:
  * libreoffice-

Mon Jul 21 06:58:44 UTC 2014 -

- Version bump to
  * Various small bugfixes.

Sun Jul 20 15:29:03 UTC 2014 -

- Use Python3 instead of Python 2 for pyuno.

Fri Jul 11 08:26:26 UTC 2014 -

- Add rpmlintrc to sources.

Thu Jul  3 11:21:45 UTC 2014 -

- Version bump to
  * Various small bugfixes
- Drop upstreamed patches:
  * 0001-Package-filter-in-common-pack.patch

Wed Jun 25 11:04:41 UTC 2014 -

- Install missing libsaxlo. Hacked for now, upstream notified.

Tue Jun 24 10:47:32 UTC 2014 -

- Add patch to fix unfilelisted files:
  * 0001-Package-filter-in-common-pack.patch

Mon Jun 23 11:11:03 UTC 2014 -

- Version bump to
  * Buildfix with new glm
  * Various fixes.

Fri Jun 20 19:03:50 UTC 2014 -

- More languages got autotext. Reflect that.

Fri Jun 20 07:25:57 UTC 2014 -

- Remove no longer provided files from list of artworky things.

Tue Jun 17 09:17:10 UTC 2014 -

- Version the glew dependency.

Mon Jun 16 10:39:01 UTC 2014 -

- Version bump to 4.3.0beta2:
  * major version bump with fixes all around everywhere
- Added dependencies over glew and glm
- Removed patches that were upstreamed:
  * set-language-in-impress.diff
  * text-alignment-in-shape.diff
  * kde4-
  * impress-table-performance.patch
  * import-gradfill-for-text-colors.diff
  * fix-text-rotation.diff
  * fix-python-wizzards.patch
  * docx-brightness-contrast-2.diff
  * docx-brightness-contrast-1.diff
  * doc-brightness-contrast.diff
  * discard-more-header-footer-stuff.patch
  * disable-firebird-unit-test.diff
  * direct-format-numbering.patch
  * WW8-import-fix-upper-margin-of-multi-page.patch
  * VBA-macro-modification-warning.diff
  * Use-varying-aElement-name.patch
  * 0001-std-strlen-requires-cstring-include-to-build.patch
Temporary switches until upstream allows system version:
  * --disable-gltf
  * --disable-coinmp

Thu Jun  5 14:07:31 UTC 2014 -

- Add patch from upstream fix-python-wizzards.patch to fix crashing
  python wizzards ; bnc#881294

Tue Jun  3 07:12:10 UTC 2014 -

- Typo in desc stating there is libreoffice-kde which is not anymore.

Fri May 30 09:55:57 UTC 2014 -

- bnc#822625 - LO-L3: Table editing is a pain in Impress (performace issues)
  * impress-table-performance.patch

Fri May 30 09:30:28 UTC 2014 -

- bnc#863018 - LO-L3: Missing text in imported .doc file
  * WW8-import-fix-upper-margin-of-multi-page.patch

Fri May 30 09:25:45 UTC 2014 -

- bnc#875717 - LO-L3: DOCX import: font size of numbering is bigger
  * direct-format-numbering.patch

Fri May 30 09:21:31 UTC 2014 -

- bnc#875718 - LO-L3: DOCX import: extra page numbers
  * discard-more-header-footer-stuff.patch

Fri May 30 07:33:54 UTC 2014 -

- Security update CVE-2014-0247
  * Use-varying-aElement-name.patch

Fri May 23 18:49:38 UTC 2014 -

- bnc#467278: let the previous fix work under KDE4, too
  * VBA-macro-modification-warning.diff

Thu May 22 15:53:29 UTC 2014 -

- bnc#467278: Introduce a warning that changes to VBA macros cannot be saved.
  * VBA-macro-modification-warning.diff

Tue May 20 08:17:29 UTC 2014 -

- bnc#875713 - LO-L3: DOCX import: picture brigtness/contrast not imported
  * docx-brightness-contrast-1.diff
  * docx-brightness-contrast-2.diff

Tue May 20 08:11:28 UTC 2014 -

- bnc#875712 - LO-L3: DOC import: picture brigtness/contrast not imported
  * doc-brightness-contrast.diff

Tue May 20 08:05:13 UTC 2014 -

- bnc#870240 - LO-L3: pptx import file has text rotated on slide
  * fix-text-rotation.diff

Tue May 20 07:55:57 UTC 2014 -

- bnc#870234 - LO-L3: pptx file has text imported as black instead of white
  * import-gradfill-for-text-colors.diff

Tue May 20 07:51:16 UTC 2014 -

- bnc#870228 - LO-L3: Text inside the circle is not centered
  * text-alignment-in-shape.diff

Tue May 20 07:38:00 UTC 2014 -

- bnc#863021 - LO-L3: Allow setting language for slide or presentation entirely
  * set-language-in-impress.diff

Tue May 20 07:27:24 UTC 2014 -

- fix build on openSUSE 12.3:
  * disable-firebird-unit-test.diff

Fri May 16 10:20:00 UTC 2014 -

- fix build on openSUSE 12.3:
  * 0001-std-strlen-requires-cstring-include-to-build.patch

Tue May  6 19:58:50 UTC 2014 -

- Version bump to
  * another bugfix release fixing more than dozen of issues.
- Add explicit dep over libxslt
- Remove patch applied upstream:
  * bluez5-support-for-impress-remote.diff

Mon May  5 13:35:28 UTC 2014 -

- Generate autocorr content for various language mutations properly
  (shamelessly stolen from Fedora).

Mon May  5 13:24:33 UTC 2014 -

- Use patch from upstream to handle the mutexes way better.
  Updated patch kde4-

Mon May  5 07:14:50 UTC 2014 -

- Use correct paths for dicts locations.

Fri Apr 25 11:42:31 UTC 2014 -

- After dict redesign depend on correct dict packages.

Tue Apr 15 08:32:38 UTC 2014 -

- Fix haning in KDE by applying upstream fix. Will be included
  in next release.
- added patches:
  * kde4-

Mon Apr 14 20:00:00 UTC 2014 -

- fix for non-working bluetooth remote control from upstream
- added patches:
  * bluez5-support-for-impress-remote.diff

Fri Apr 11 14:14:14 UTC 2014 -

- Remove googledoc extension as it is uttery broken and this is

Fri Apr 11 11:43:01 UTC 2014 -

- Require link-to-ooo-home script properly in postun phase.
  Fixes bnc#749059.

Thu Apr 10 11:27:52 UTC 2014 -

- Version bump to 4.2.3:
  * Bugfix release of 4.3 series
    - Fixing 100 bugs and 20 of those with Major or higher

Wed Apr  9 09:52:17 UTC 2014 -

- Fix whitespace.

Wed Apr  9 09:44:26 UTC 2014 -

- Fix autotext symlinking to point right path.

Fri Mar 28 12:23:02 CET 2014 -

- Switch Libreoffice Math .desktop to NoDisplay=true [bnc#869648]

Thu Mar 27 08:59:41 UTC 2014 -

- Require ucpp in sdk. Thanks to cbosdonnat for spotting this.

Thu Mar 13 16:46:54 UTC 2014 -

- Remove patch already applied upstream:
  * fix-sdk-install.patch

Thu Mar 13 14:01:35 UTC 2014 -

- Version bump to 4.2.2 release:
  * Bugfix release of 4.2 series
    - Fixing 29 various issues and from it 16 most annoying ones

Wed Mar 12 12:02:55 UTC 2014 -

- Make sure we provide compat oo<something> symlinks.

Fri Feb 28 09:11:39 UTC 2014 -

- Uk does not have the mythes too in suse.

Thu Feb 27 09:49:11 UTC 2014 -

- Latvians do not have mythes so remove it from the dep.

Wed Feb 26 14:32:01 UTC 2014 -

- Fix installing of sdk symlinks needed for working 3rd party

- added patches:
  * fix-sdk-install.patch

Tue Feb 25 20:10:44 UTC 2014 -

- Version bump to 4.2.1:
  * Fixes over 100 found bugs found during the first release

Wed Feb 19 09:55:10 CET 2014 -

- remove duped pt-PT setting

Wed Feb 12 13:34:12 UTC 2014 -

- Fix vlc macro again (thanks rudi)
- Fix typo in description
- Fix nl and nn language subpackage incorrectly requiring
  unexisting thesaurus package.

Wed Feb 12 10:25:31 UTC 2014 -

- Try to provide other older translation packages to avoid
  various collisions as reported by repo-checker.

Thu Feb  6 14:23:31 UTC 2014 -

- Fix vlc macro in specfile.

Mon Feb  3 14:52:10 UTC 2014 -

- Change how to enable/disable VLC support, allowing to override
  this with OBS prjconf (needed for SLE).

Sun Feb  2 14:42:45 UTC 2014 -

- Switch to ghost files to work without modifying filelist.

Sat Feb  1 12:09:19 UTC 2014 -

- Try hard to support migration from older layout where the
  help and autotext are dirs not symlinks.

Sat Feb  1 12:05:00 UTC 2014 -

- Add condition around uno cache removal so it is properly wiped
  when needed.

Sat Feb  1 11:34:26 UTC 2014 -

- Require libreoffice-l10n-en always to be sure we have something
  that can really launch.

Sat Feb  1 11:21:05 UTC 2014 -

- Requires libreoffice on post for iconpacks so we generate the

Fri Jan 31 13:26:17 UTC 2014 -

- Version bump to which is the final
  * Fixes 20 of last crit bugs.

Thu Jan 31 11:38:20 UTC 2014 -

- Remove patch for split icon search that is no longer working
- Use symlinking posttrans hack for all noarch pkgs
- Fix the symlinking script to work properly

Thu Jan 30 12:42:48 UTC 2014 -

- Add safeguards around the posttrans/postun scripts.

Wed Jan 29 12:04:16 UTC 2014 -

- Workaround issue in rpm parser. Thanks to mls.

Tue Jan 28 20:33:34 UTC 2014 -

- Add requires(post) for the post scripts.
- Disable the update compat for now as there is something broken

Mon Jan 27 20:35:11 UTC 2014 -

- Try to introduce back the posttrans symlink creation needed
  for proper use of the "noarch" packages.

Mon Jan 27 10:07:33 UTC 2014 -

- Support update from older releases. Rpm can't handle dir->link.

Sun Jan 26 17:34:58 UTC 2014 -

- sdk-doc can't be noarch as it is instaled in _libdir.

Sun Jan 26 16:41:10 UTC 2014 -

- Reorder deps to be alphabetic again.

Sun Jan 26 16:35:24 UTC 2014 -

- Explicitely want fbclient pkgconfig to be around.

Sun Jan 26 10:35:11 UTC 2014 -

- Avoid collision with tn and sr translations.

Sun Jan 26 08:59:53 UTC 2014 -

- sdk-doc can be noarch.

Sat Jan 25 20:14:26 UTC 2014 -

- Version bump to 4.2.0 RC3 fixing handful of additionally found

Sat Jan 25 14:33:26 UTC 2014 -

- Add sifr icon theme package.

Wed Jan 22 15:47:21 UTC 2014 -

- Add missing %dir directives.

Wed Jan 22 15:42:03 UTC 2014 -

- Add back rpmlintrc as it is still needed
- Update comment about sfir icons

Fri Jan 17 20:19:39 UTC 2014 -

- Raise doxygen dependency.

Fri Jan 17 20:17:00 UTC 2014 -

- Updated patch install-with-hardlinks.diff to keep sane whitespace

Fri Jan 17 20:13:38 UTC 2014 -

- Bridges now seem to get the cflags properly so patch is not
  really needed. bridges-missing-cxxflags.diff

Fri Jan 17 19:08:20 UTC 2014 -

- Version bump to
  * another RC candidate
- Download the data from URLs instead of not providing the link.
- Depend on libabw as it is another dep.

Fri Jan 10 10:01:43 UTC 2014 -

- Go back to 20 on constraints as the 25g machines seems to be no

Thu Jan  9 14:15:08 UTC 2014 -

- Drop the vlc dep on 12.3 and older.

Wed Jan  8 14:52:28 UTC 2014 -

- Drop the rpmlintrc should not be needed
- Raise the constraints more to really ensure build

Wed Jan  8 14:05:14 UTC 2014 -

- Now builds with external dependencies
  * flute
  * libbase
  * libfonts
  * libformula
  * liblayout
  * libloader
  * librepository
  * libserializer
  * pentaho-libxml
  * pentaho-reporting-flow-engine
  * sac
- enabled report builder

Wed Jan  8 12:49:33 UTC 2014 -

- Enable slowcheck again with the added fonts dependency.

Tue Jan  7 15:24:15 UTC 2014 -

- Sort out some whitespace and ordering with spec-cleaner.

Tue Jan  7 15:17:27 UTC 2014 -

- Add defattr for the lang pkgs.

Tue Jan  7 15:09:22 UTC 2014 -

- Add spell to en pkg.

Mon Jan  6 19:04:53 UTC 2014 -

- Fix copy&paste

Mon Jan  6 18:59:34 UTC 2014 -

- Use bsh2 not bsh1 for dep. Thanks to mvyskocil.

Mon Jan  6 18:59:09 UTC 2014 -

- More filelist moves for langpacks and extra files.

Sun Jan  5 20:07:46 UTC 2014 -

- Fix branding filelist and remove old help location from filelist

Sat Jan  4 10:54:18 UTC 2014 -

- Drop branding-upstream package to merge it back to main one.

Sat Jan  4 09:54:53 UTC 2014 -

- Raise required size for constraints to 20G.

Fri Jan  3 20:43:30 UTC 2014 -

- Drop base-extensions, empty package too.

Fri Jan  3 19:54:53 UTC 2014 -

- Readjust the link-ooo-home script to delete empty folders if not
  owned and add few comments there.

Fri Jan  3 18:37:07 UTC 2014 -

- Remove lo_prefix and lo_home vars as they are pointless nowdays
- Remove the debug switch to control ccache, it is controled
  already in obs so it is pointless in spec
- Increase Disk requirement for 18 gb, it was 17 here on local
  build so it should be safe again to build.
- Mark more files for /usr/share move

Fri Jan  2 23:41:44 UTC 2014 -

- Try to move all the noarch split content to /usr/share

Fri Jan  2 21:18:04 UTC 2014 -

- Drop Draft.jpg nobody knows what it is :)

Thu Jan  2 18:19:42 UTC 2014 -

- Remove stlport hacks as it is gone since 4.0.

Thu Jan  2 18:17:24 UTC 2014 -

- Do not create compat symlink for broken SLE11 desktop file
  as it is not built there anymore.

Thu Jan  2 18:04:30 UTC 2014 -

- Quote the langs variable so we actually use it.

Thu Jan  2 17:57:19 UTC 2014 -

- Do not reduce jobs if using icecream.

Thu Jan  2 17:43:40 UTC 2014 -

- Drop scsolver readme. It is quite few years dead now.

Thu Jan  2 15:55:01 UTC 2014 -

- Drop impress extensions as they were deextensified.

Thu Jan  2 15:51:37 UTC 2014 -

- Drop patch solenv-java-source-version.diff as it is not used.

Thu Jan  2 15:50:24 UTC 2014 -

- Disable slowcheck for now.

Thu Jan  2 13:57:30 UTC 2014 -

- Fix typo on the sed line.

Thu Jan  2 10:14:46 UTC 2014 -

- Version bump to 4.2.0rc for testing purposes
- Update the spec file to be only one building everything
- Cleanup of spec with removal of old cruft here and there
- Remove bundled libs always demand the system versions
- Remove bundled tarballs that are no longer used
- Removed patches no longer usable:
  * fix-collision.patch
  * zip-3.0-add_options_to_help.patch
  * zip-3.0-iso8859_2.patch
  * zip-3.0-nonexec-stack.patch
  * zip-3.0-optflags.patch
  * zip-3.0-tempfile.patch
  * zip-notimestamp.patch
  * solenv-touch-no-dereference.diff
  * split-help-buildhack-no-vcl.diff
  * system-poppler-0.12.3.diff
  * scripting-prefer-internal-rhino.diff
  * build-help-common.diff
- Refreshed patches:
  * office-cfg-linux-common-template-dir.diff
  * officecfg-help-in-usr-share.diff
  * solenv-java-source-version.diff
  * wizards-create-temlates-with-python-2.6.diff
- To be fixed:
  * split-icons-search-usr-share.diff
- Obsoleted specs:
  * libreoffice-help-en-US.spec
  * libreoffice-help-group1.spec
  * libreoffice-help-group2.spec
  * libreoffice-help-group3.spec
  * libreoffice-help-group4.spec
  * libreoffice-help-group5.spec
  * libreoffice-icon-themes.spec
  * libreoffice-l10n.spec
- Help packs for now moved into l10n packs with proper
  provides. Can be adjusted later when we get full build
  for comparsion.

Thu Nov  7 13:52:29 UTC 2013 -

- Version bump to 4.1.3 bugfix release. News:

Tue Oct  8 16:45:37 UTC 2013 -

- Version bump to bugfix release only.
- Remove upstreamed patch buildfix-neon-0.30.0.diff.
- Adjust patch jvmfwk-disable-gcj.diff to reflect current state.

Wed Aug 21 14:56:46 UTC 2013 -

- update to
    * first page styles (fdo#66145)
    * Calc crashes on spell check (fdo#68220)
    * broken options in ReportBuilder (fdo#67109)
    * can't save new autocorrect entries (fdo#67743)
    * checking for extension updates crasher (fdo#67539)
    * font style is not saved in ODG and ODP (fdo#67665)
    * broken formula expressions on XLS export (fdo#67571)
    * can't select other fill than color in Writer (fdo#66827)
    * soffice.bin segfault in (rhbz#998136)
- update libwpd to version 0.9.9:
    + infinite loop when using WPXBinaryData
- build-help-common.diff: allow to bundle the help icons even when
  help is built separately
- buildfix-neon-0.30.0.diff: fix build with neon-0.30.0; only use the SSPI
  support with internal neon; took from master branch
- use the new --with-help=common configure option

Tue Aug 13 15:21:02 UTC 2013 -

- update to
    * non-saved dialogs (fdo#67685)
    * lost cell range name (fdo#62729)
    * several performance regressions fixes
    * allow to connect MariaDB (rhbz#989246)
    * more on broken XLSX export (bnc#823935)
    * broken master pages editing (fdo#66924)
    * messed slide in PPTX import (bnc#593612)
    * crossing lines in WMF pictures (i#122509)
    * lost formatting in ODS export (fdo#67684)
    * misplaced cursor in Web layout (fdo#66577)
    * shapes anchoring in VML import (bnc#820504)
    * several problems with time stamps (fdo#67387)
    * lost lines created in report builder (fdo#33617)
    * lost sheet protection in XLSX export (fdo#64753)
    * paragraph style dialog height problems (fdo#67395)
    * complex hyperlinks broken in PDF export (fdo#33605)
    * lost background pictures in DOCX export (fdo#60990)
    * VoiceOver does not follow keyboard focus (fdo#54320)
    * some fields don't fit into options dialog (fdo#61544)
    * lost text frame in DOCX export (bnc#822175, fdo#58577)
    * non-smooth lines around fontwork (fdo#60282, fdo#66745)
    * embedded fonts renders strangely on first load (fdo#67086)
    * hyperlinks in table of illustrations (bnc#825976, fdo#39904)
    * Calc reads any number of spaces as a single space (fdo#67094)
    * initial MCE support in writerfilter OOXML tokenizer (bnc#820503)
    * several RTF import/export fixes (fdo#39001, fdo#54900, fdo#64637,
      fdo#65632, fdo#66274, fdo#66565, fdo#66682, fdo#67365)
- remove obsolete patches:
    + buildfix-sdext-poppler-0.23.0.diff: integrated upstream
    + build-link-rt.diff: integrated upstream
- bridges-missing-cxxflags.diff: lost RPM optflags when compiling bridges;
  it is still not fixed and breaks build on SLED11 i586

Mon Aug 12 12:30:27 UTC 2013 -

- disable jfreereport extension for powerpc64

Thu Aug  1 14:46:22 UTC 2013 -

- set PYTHON variables using python-config on SLED11 because the pkg-config
  files are not there
- set the PYTHON variables only in the main libreoffice.spec because
  they are not needed to build help
- build-link-rt.diff: liblt is linked with librt, so we need to link
  the libmerged with librt as well; it fixes the build on SLED11
- use -g1 instead of -g to reduce the memory and disk usage with
  debugging symbols; note that only .o files need about 12GB when
  compliled with full debugging symbols

Tue Jul 30 13:06:00 UTC 2013 -

- update to with very big help from
- Writer
    + support font localized forms (fdo#62154)
    + gradient background in text frames (fdo#46029)
    + easy rotate images in 90 degree increments (fdo#34423)
    + non-bitmap DrawingML shapes in DOCX import (fdo#43641)
    + graphical numbering bullets in DOC, DOCX and RTF import/export
    + several improvements in comments handling (fdo#38246, fdo#34800, fdo#53442)
- Calc
    + two new graph types (fdo#61135)
    + allow to export charts into ODC (ODF chart) file format
    + new functions NUMBERVALUE and SKEWP (fdo#57180, fdo#60322)
    + import/export more than 45 functions that are new in Excel 2013
    + import large HTML documents with more than 64k table cells (fdo#35756)
- Impress
    + option to disable the bundled Presenter Console
    + "Photo Album" allows to create slideshows from a series of pictures
- Base
    + allow to limit query results
- Math
    + new elements docking panel
- General
    + new gallery images from IBM Symphony
    + improved hyphenation in Calc and Draw
    + delete multiple styles at once (fdo#46718)
    + port Agenda and Web wizards from Java to Python
    + syntax highlighting of the Basic code in local help
    + use HarfBuzz instead of the deprecated ICU LayoutEngine
    + lots fixes and improvements in the right-to-left (RTL) support
- Experimental feature:
    + sidebar from AOO/IBM Symphony with resizeable layout from LO team
- Filters
    + include hyperlinks in SVG export (fdo#47576)
    + embedding fonts in Writer, Calc, and Impress documents
    + numerous improvements in the OOXML and RTF import/export filters
    + allow to include audio and video in more formats: WMA, WMV, AAC, FLV,
    + import more file formats: Microsoft Word for Mac 5.1,
      Write Now 4.0, MacWrite Pro 1.5, and AppleWorks 6.0
    + many more dialogs with resizeable layout
    + allow to clear list of recently used documents
    + easier access to the recently used documents from a toolbar
    + several search bar improvements (fdo#59101, fdo#58526, fdo#63035)
- Performance
    + asynchronous word count
    + use a hash for auto-correction
    + use copy-on-write for RTF import stack
    + load label descriptions only when needed
- Infrastructure
    + L10ntools refactoring
    + completed the port from dmake to GNU make
- Extensions
    + ability to translate gallery items
    + use sensible names for gallery files
- several API changes, see for more
- about 3000 fixes of reported bugs, including:
    * VML paths import (bnc#820504)
    * broken XLSX export (bnc#823935)
    * date in XLSX import (bnc#819865)
    * DOCX import crasher  (bnc#382137)
    * table in DOCX import (bnc#816593)
    * tab stop in DOC import (bnc#793998)
    * autosave and macro changes (bnc#817477)
    * recompile cells with #NAME! (bnc#615317)
    * undo of paragraph attributes (bnc#828598)
    * date selection in DOCX import (bnc#820509)
    * table row spacing in DOCX import (bnc#793262)
    * Wordart text boxes in DOCX import (bnc#820788)
    * cell value formatting in XLSX import (bnc#821795)
    * fFilled shape property in RTF import (bnc#825305)
    * wrong graphics position in DOCX import (bnc#792778)
    * line shading/background in PPTX import (bnc#794350)
    * page specific footer in DOC/DOCX export (bnc#654230)
    * negative seeks in win32 shell extension (bnc#829017)
    * freeform shape coordinates in RTF import (bnc#823655)
    * taskbar launchers pointing to "office.bin" (bnc#777070)
    * detect whether a Bezier shape is open or closed (bnc#780044)
    * double-clicking editable fields and macro fields (bnc#802888)
    * missing last character of shape text in DOCX import (bnc#817956)
- update global compiler flags:
    + add -I/usr/include/mysql-connector on openSUSE 12.3 where the system
      cppconnector has wrong include paths
    + remove obsolete -fno-omit-frame-pointer; the bridge test has been fixed
- set Python flags using python-config instead of pkg-config on openSUSE < 11.3;
  it is needed to pass configure
- updated patches to apply cleanly:
    + buildfix-sdext-poppler-0.23.0.diff
    + install-with-hardlinks.diff
    + office-cfg-linux-common-template-dir.diff
    + officecfg-help-in-usr-share.diff
    + split-help-buildhack-no-vcl.diff
    + split-icons-search-usr-share.diff
    + system-poppler-0.12.3.diff
- update BuildRequires:
    + add harfbuzz-devel which is used instead of the deprecated
      ICU LayoutEngine
    + enforce some system libraries versions:
        + liborcus-devel >= 0.5.0
        + mdds-devel >= 0.8.0
    + remove the obsolete dependency on libzip-devel; it is correctly
      required by liborcus-devel package
- temporary disable mono until the support is ported for this LO version
- try to increase the memory limits on i586 to 800; let's see if it makes
  the build reliable
- update 3rd-party tarballs:
    + commons-codec to 1.6:
        + new Base32 encode
        + various character encoding issues
        + and many more fixes and improvements
    + icu to 51_1
        + many fixes and improvements
    + commons-lang to 2.4
        + lots bugfixes and improvements
    + mdds to 0.8.1:
        + added .pc file for pkg-config
        + several bugfixes and improvements
    + liblangtag to 0.5.1
        + several fixes and enhancements
    + liborcus to 0.5.1
        + date&time related fixes and more
    + libvisio to 0.0.30
        + coverity fixes
        + performance improvements
        + implemented B-Spline conversion for xml-based formats
        + avoid NAN in NURBS code which fixes some freehand curves
    + libwpg to 0.2.2
        + coverity fixes
    + libwps to 0.2.9
        + read the page orientation
        + improvements in table code
        + various coverity and style fixes
        + add support of text frames and pictures
    + raptor2 to 2.0.9
        + many fixes and improvements
    + rasqal to 0.9.30
        + many fixes and improvements
    + redland to 1.0.16
        + many fixes and improvements
- add 3rd-party tarballs:
    + libmwaw, version 0.1.10:
        + allows to read many pre-OSX MAC file formats
    + libodfgen, version 0.0.2
        + generate ODF documents from libwpd and libwps API calls
    + harfbuzz, version 0.9.17
        + OpenType text shaping engine; used instead of the deprecated
          ICU LayoutEngine
- remove obsolete patches:
    + solenv-carefull-patching-hack.diff: not needed after using GNU make
    + buildfix-sfx2-dependency.diff: not needed after using GNU make
    + bridges-missing-cxxflags.diff: fixed better way
    + build-max-64-jobs.diff: dmake is not longer used
    + boost-1.53-part1.patch: upstreamed
    + boost-1.53-part2.patch: upstreamed
    + redland-rpath-hack.diff: it seems that it is not needed any more
- add fix-collision.patch: correctly split files into subpackages
- remove obsolete hack for the fake build time
- update configure options:
    + --enable-ext-mysql-connector was renamed to --enable-ext-mariadb-connector
    + fallback to the internal libraries on older distributions:
        + --without-system-libmwaw on openSUSE < 13.1
        + --without-system-libodfgen on openSUSE < 13.1
        + --without-system-harfbuzz on openSUSE < 12.3
- report builder is not longer an extension

Fri Jul 26 10:06:40 UTC 2013 -

- add _constrains to force build on hosts with enough memory (4GB physical RAM,
  6GB RAM including swap), and disk space (15GB)
- print some information about the build environment: free, df, configure
  setting result

Tue Jul 16 15:01:51 UTC 2013 -

- buildfix-sdext-poppler-0.23.0.diff: fix build with system poppler-0.23.0
- fix typo in sdk package description (bnc#827119)

Wed Jul  3 13:42:30 UTC 2013 -

- do not hide icu and lcms2 dependency on openSUSE 12.1, 12.2, and 12.3
  where we use the system libraries

Tue Jul  2 13:26:21 UTC 2013 -

- remove the internal,,,, and libraries from provides and requires;
  they are not in the system paths and cause dependency problems for
  other packages (bnc#823111)

Mon Jun 17 17:34:03 UTC 2013 -

- update to (SUSE 4.0-rc5, tag suse-4.0-5, based on upstream
    * cairo canvas fixes
    * fix emfplus windows build.
    * EmfFillPie fix. (fdo#65502)
    * EMF: avoid ambiguity in debug output.
    * fixup alpha bitmap generation for Windows
    * improved label overlap detection. (bnc#816939)
    * transform the clipping polygon before using it
    * improved label overlap detection (bnc#816939)
    * sw: word completion: do not add trailing '.' (fdo#61923)
    * fixed libcmis handling of related multipart content types
    * avoid setting user time on unrealized windows. (fdo#56583)
    * don't display the "broken OLE link" icon except on Windows
    * fixed import of custom shapes from PPT. (i#119872, bnc#823049)
    * don't hide cell content behind pivot table buttons, (fdo#60877)
    * ignore exceptions from checking with the update service. (fdo#64962)
- use the system cairo and pixman again on SLED11; the problems with alpha
  channel handling were fixed (bnc#818291)

Fri May 31 15:14:07 UTC 2013 -

- update to (SUSE 4.0-rc4, tag suse-4.0-4, based on upstream
    * WebDAV locking (bnc#805901)
    * VBA Worksheet.Change support
    * .dif format unreadable (fdo#64920)
    * broken Window.* VBA macros (i#06278)
    * EMF transparency handling (bnc#820385)
    * nested tables in DOC import (fdo#43105)
    * cannot delete text in shapes (fdo#63311)
    * black background in PDF export (bnc#795857)
    * Base reports crasher (fdo#64279, bnc#821586)
    * allow to access files uploaded to SharePoint (fdo#62219)
    * impossible to access lowercase external ranges (fdo#64031)
    * documents containing "Ž" are mangled in RTF format (fdo#64671)
    * SUMIF function gives Err:504 for external references (fdo#64229)
- add sources for:
    * cairo version 1.10.2
    * pixman version 0.24.4
- use the newer cairo and pixman on SLED11; the old system libraries have
  problems with alpha channel handling; the proper fix and maintenance
  would cost a lot, so it looks more effective and safe to use
  this workaround (bnc#818291)

* May 24 2013 by in LibreOffice:Unstable

- update to (SUSE 4.0-rc3, tag suse-4.0-3, based on upstream
    * problems with macro DIR$ (fdo#64536)
    * invalidated java setting (bnc#820196)
    * image contour editing crasher (fdo#62965)
    * line alignment in DOCX import (bnc#820792)
    * typed date decreased by one day (fdo#59850)
    * missing picture in DOCX import (bnc#819882)
    * lost custom animations with SVGs (fdo#64512)
    * missing text boxes in PPT import (bnc#758621)
    * various problems with VBA Names & Names objects
    * subform does not properly get focus (fdo#63695)
    * better size guessing in DOCX import (bnc#779630)
    * look for alternative about dialog branding again
    * correct sizes for EMF+ bitmap rendering (bnc#795857)
    * page breaks between shapes in RTF import (bnc#818997)
    * broken rotated Draw objects in PDF export (bnc#817250)
    * text and graphics overlapping in DOC import (bnc#816603)
    * missing chart boxes and lines in PPTX import (bnc#819614)
    * form record source events triggered earlier in Base (fdo#63398)
    * best effort mapping of the OOXML patterns to our hatches (bnc#820786)
    * crash when browsing CMIS folders with files larger than XGB (fdo#64577)
- update libwpd to version 0.9.8:
    + stability improvement
    + OLE stream improvements
- update libvisio to version 0.0.27
    + stability improvements
- update libcdr to version 0.0.14
    + stability improvements
    + angle is represented internally in radians (fdo#63734 )
- update libmspub to version 0.0.6
    + DropCaps style
    + wrap and clip path
    + more gradient types
    + stability improvements
- conflicts with older icon theme packages to make sure that all icon
  themes are up-to-date

* May 17 2013 by in LibreOffice:Unstable

- really does not use hardlinks when the save_space feature is not enabled;
  it can't be used on SLED11-SP1 because the old touch command does not have
  the --no-dereference option

Fri May 31 10:32:02 UTC 2013 -

- Fix build with boost-1.53, is also fixed in next release.

Tue May 14 09:41:34 UTC 2013 -

- wizards-create-temlates-with-python-2.6.diff: Letter and Fax templates
  can't be created by python-2.6 if ODF file type description uses
  non-ASCII characters
- office-cfg-linux-common-template-dir.diff: keep the default system
  paths first; the Agenda wizard is not found, otherwise

Fri May 10 09:53:14 UTC 2013 -

- update to (SUSE 4.0-rc2, tag suse-4.0-2, based on upstream
    * lots crasher fixes
    * add mono support again
    * lots other import/export fixes
    * added and fixed various VBA API
    * FileDateTime function (fdo#63306)
    * broken word completion (fdo#62643)
    * broken YEARFRAC function (fdo#40100)
    * legacy diagram PPTX import (bnc#699334)
    * animations inside SmartArt (bnc#705982)
    * cut/copy icons in Basic IDE (fdo#30545)
    * table layout in DOCX import (bnc#780645)
    * VBA macro fails in PageSetUp (bnc#813528)
    * Firefox plugin not recognized (fdo#54087)
    * decimal and group separators were swapped
    * no sound with statement "beep" (fdo#58807)
    * shapes location in DOCX import (bnc#816583)
    * search is always case sensitive (fdo#63779)
    * unable to save on Samba via GVFS (fdo#54275)
    * slide show mode inverts outputs (rhbz#906137)
    * reorder toolbars in formula editor (fdo#63350)
    * wrong bullet color in PPTX import (bnc#719988)
    * splitting a table options are mixed (fdo#62670)
    * pull-down selections in DOCX import (bnc#779630)
    * shape with background in XLSX import (bnc#798309)
    * autocorrect options can not be closed (fdo#57905)
    * import of scattered and bubble charts (bnc#810508)
    * transparent background in EMF+ import (bnc#812793)
    * wrong background color in PPTX import (bnc#734733)
    * allow to use more than 3 sort criteria (fdo#51828)
    * 'Personas' are called 'Themes' and changed location
    * frame's background color in DOCX import (bnc#592908)
    * bullet points are not indented correctly (bnc#793414)
    * axis labels with percentage in PPTX import (bnc#813291)
    * do not freeze in picture dialog without JRE (fdo#57553)
    * better fix for default PDF export directory (bnc#777788)
    * implement easy access to the recent documents (bnc#816516)
    * really use the setting how to follow hyperlinks (fdo#51296)
    * keep migrating user extensions after one failed (deb#703486)
    * support MS Office and Flat ODF file types in Mozilla plug-in
    * impossible to assign a macro to a drawing or picture (fdo#62797)
    * VBA macro fails with error "Incorrect Property Value" (bnc#809017)
    * broken surrounding text support (STS) for Input Methods (fdo#63802)
    * VBA macro fails with "objCmd.ActiveConnection = Nothing" (bnc#805071)
    * several template manager fixes (fdo#60581, fdo#60844, fdo#61389,
    * several Base Report Builder fixes (fdo#33091, fdo#36858, fdo#48056,
      fdo#61564, i#112652, i#108092)
    * several RTL support fixes (fdo#33302, fdo#38951, fdo#59117, fdo#60533,
      fdo#60554, fdo#60855, fdo#62050, fdo#62143, fdo#62399, fdo#63878,
      fdo#37464, fdo#59892)
- update libvisio to version 0.0.26:
    * extend the encoding support
    * several other fixes and improvements
- update libcdr to version 0.0.13:
    * text color, CDR, txsm, and other fixes
- removed obsolete patches:
    * touch-no-dereference.diff
    * libreoffice-poppler-0.17.0-reject-fix.diff
- system-poppler-0.12.3.diff: easier approach to build with system
  poppler, version 0.12.3
- enable mono build again

Thu May  9 15:08:37 UTC 2013 -

- use --enable-gstreamer-0-10 configure option to make sure that
  we use the stable implementation

Fri Apr 19 11:32:28 UTC 2013 -

- buildfix-sfx2-dependency.diff: svx headers started to be used in sfx2

Thu Apr 18 10:31:42 UTC 2013 -

* solenv-touch-no-dereference.diff: touch --no-dereference in not
  available on SLED11-SP1 and it is not needed when not using hardlinks

Wed Apr 17 10:10:05 UTC 2013 -

- update to (SUSE 4.0-rc1, tag suse-4.0-1, based on upstream
    * icon style fixes in local help
    * left margin of bullet (bnc#793414)
    * color issue in PPTX import (bnc#780830)
    * file corruption in XLSX export (fdo#49120)
    * rehash basic unit test framework (bnc#805071)
    * display the scaled font size in the toolbar (bnc#657905)
    * use number format, if available, for charts (bnc#734735)
    * only en-US help pack should contain en-US help (fdo#54278)
    * shape with background are missed in XLSX import (bnc#798309)
    * detect follow-on default member of default member object (bnc#809017)
    * change the font combo tooltip to say font is not available (fate#308255)
- enable the MySQL connector extension on the older SUSE distros again

Wed Apr  3 13:17:12 UTC 2013 -

- update to
    * slide show mode inverts outputs (rhbz#906137)
    * splitting a table options are mixed (fdo#62670)
    * some historical dates were decremented (fdo#44286)
    * Visio document cannot be opened by Draw (fdo#62299)
    * Turkish Lira sign should precede numbers (fdo#62384)
    * left/right-only page styles and first-page (fdo#61952)
    * hangs when exporting a particular ODS to XLSX (fdo#62111)
    * crash in Danish thesaurus/spell interaction (rhbz#918938)
    * error bars values become Y-values when pasting (fdo#52159)
    * saving particular ODG file resets font formatting (fdo#61256)
    * displaying subobjects on different layers is broken (fdo#62617)
    * wrong result because 'Property Let' fails to execute (fdo#60752)
    * keep migrating more user extensions after one failed (deb#703486)
    * implement ODF export of multi-paragraph comment ranges (fdo#60769)
    * unable to save documents on Samba with Gnome VFS (fdo#54275, rhbz#895690)

Wed Apr  3 11:25:57 UTC 2013 -

- Try once more and sort all the deps.

Wed Apr  3 11:19:15 UTC 2013 -

- Use mysql-connector-cpp not mysql-connector-c++.

Wed Mar 20 08:21:28 UTC 2013 -

- use -fno-omit-frame-pointer globally again until LibreOffice-4.1 where
  the ordering of compilation flags is reworked; the current situation
  causes build (bridge test) failure on i586 systems
- fix filtering of provides and requires (bnc#809449)
    - disable it on openSUSE >= 12.3 because we use system libraries there
    - system cairo and pixman are used on all systems
    - the internal librdf, libraptor, and librasqal has used -lo suffix, so
      the names do not longer cause confusion with the system libraries

Tue Mar 19 18:04:38 UTC 2013 -

- update to
    * faster image scaling
    * XLSX import speedup (fdo#61721)
    * several EMF+ import filter fixes
    * lost data in CSV import (fdo#57841)
    * wrong Chinese conversion (fdo#57536)
    * lost picture in PPT import (i#119513)
    * ask when removing templates (fdo#61466)
    * send document as email fails (fdo#60701)
    * autocorrect data for Catalan (fdo#61138)
    * pie chart height in XLS import (i#119989)
    * Calc crash when using Validity (fdo#58630)
    * floating tables in DOCX import (bnc#779642)
    * lost time-format in pivot table (fdo#54651)
    * more on configuration migration (fdo#57061)
    * corrupted conditional formatting (fdo#57661)
    * drawings are shown at wrong position (fdo#56272)
    * handle note export correctly in Calc (fdo#61165)
    * insert->hyperlink in Impress freeze (rhbz#915743)
    * lost content in DOCX import (fdo#53985, fdo#60789)
    * not updating accessible text interface (fdo#56031)
    * missing default Turkish currency symbol (fdo#61602)
    * broken functionality on page layout tab (fdo#61656)
    * field shows no content in page header/footer (fdo#60886)
    * several Calc error bars fixes (fdo#60253, fdo#60083, fdo#61781)
    * can't copy text from a read-only document in Calc (rhbz#916936)
    * various fixes in RTF import (fdo#53594, fdo#59638, fdo#60722, fdo#61507)
- update libcdr to version 0.0.11:
    * various fixes in Corel Draw import (fdo#53278, fdo#54586, fdo#55366,
- build-max-64-jobs.diff: dmake does not work with more than 64 jobs
- touch-no-dereference.diff: avoid race condition when delivering symlinks and
  target files into solver
- do not longer use -fno-omit-frame-pointer globally; the problem
  is better fixed in the plain sources and the build does not fail
  any longer

Thu Feb 28 10:27:15 UTC 2013 -

- update to
    * mouse selection of fields (fdo#59928)
    * basic EMF+ implementation (bnc#780748)
    * selected gluepoint rendering (fdo#45879)
    * Paste special of Visio object (fdo#59405)
    * corrected SVG gradient primitive (i#120616)
    * charts not plotted automatically (fdo#60488)
    * get error bar import working again (fdo#60083)
    * autofit and stretched width (fdo#55931, fdo#57956)
    * migrate even more configuration setting (fdo#57061)
    * decimal numbers in conditional formatting (fdo#60574)
    * cut&paste of conditional format (fdo#60306, fdo#60311)
    * do not extend conditional formatting automatically (fdo#60828)
    * empty paragraphs in EditEngine layouting (i#119756, fdo#59629)
    * ocMacro and ocExternal need to be recalculated on load (fdo#60977)
- temporary use the internal libcmis on openSUSE-12.3 until
  the system one is updated to version 0.3.1
- update libvisio to version 0.0.25:
    * better embedded binary dumping
    * initial support of page names (fdo#60433)

Thu Feb 21 10:27:15 UTC 2013 -

- update to
    * asynchronous word-count
    * several CMIS support fixes
    * sort data points (bnc#590020)
    * spread button layout (fdo#59767)
    * copy chart leads to crash (fdo#60420)
    * several fixes of the template manager
    * faster about box rendering (fdo#59970)
    * several fixes for Impress remote control
    * several RTL fixes (fdo#42387, fdo#39370)
    * copy margins for mirrored pages (fdo#60250)
    * corrected XLSX export of functions (fdo#60087)
    * more on the configuration migration (fdo#57061)
    * copy custom styles on copy & paste (rhbz#760765)
    * horizontal scroll bar in sub windows (fdo#44582)
    * correctly calculate IMCSCH and IMSECH (fdo#60078)
    * protection and conditional formatting (fdo#58826)
    * sort autofilter popup items correctly (bnc#492440)
    * cell validation is not a special content (bnc#802350)
    * don't crash on undoing text frame removal (fdo#34548)
    * error reading file after inserting comment (fdo#60132)
    * produce all translations for desktop files (fdo#58283)
    * make MATCH() accept a single cell reference (fdo#60366)
    * enable internal entity declarations for SVG (fdo#60471)
    * repeated row heights for empty rows (fdo#59973, fdo#55621)
    * default paths for exporting documents and PDFs (bnc#777788)
    * drawing text with font size 0 causes artifacts (bnc#753462)
    * scan all columns to determine the first data row (bnc#801152)
    * cannot select directory with GNOME folder picker (rhbz#910176)
    * hide minimum password info in the password dialog (bnc#437516)
    * make it possible to update DDE links after loading (fdo#59032)
    * cell needs to be recalculated during import as well (fdo#60645)
    * crash when pasting text under outline view (fdo#51232, i#119987)
    * fontconfig support for multiple <family> in <alias> (lp#1034928)
    * export/import anchoring for XLS(X) drawing & ole objects (fdo#58360)
    * read-only position after fieldmark and before annotation (fdo#59573)
    * show style when dialog is created with existing cond. format (fdo#59778)
    * text rotation in shapes in PPTX export (fdo#34897, bnc#404221, fdo#58204)
    * recompile cells with #NAME! for English function name option (bnc#615357)
    * several RTF import fixes (fdo#48440, fdo#58646, fdo#59419, fdo#58076,
- update libcdr to version 0.0.10
    * use ICU to guess encoding
    * some bug fixes
- update libmspub to version 0.0.5
    * autodetect character set for pre-unicode MSPUB versions
    * missing non-cropped images
    * default to first default character style
    * other fixes and build fixes
- update sofficerc-upstream according to the new branding
- bin obsolete configure-detect-icerun.diff

* Feb 12 2013 by in LibreOffice:Unstable

- Try to enable build on ppc64.

* Feb  6 2013 by in LibreOffice:Unstable

- enable startup notification (bnc#796875)
- remove obsolete unopkg calls from post install scripts; the cache
  is removed by the main package and not longer used (bnc#769448)
- temporary add libzip-devel into BuildRequires; it can be removed
  once the fixes liborcus package is available in Factory

* Feb  4 2013 by in LibreOffice:Unstable

- use libreoffice-branding >= 4.0 build requires; we need the optimized
  one (bnc#798268)
- configure-detect-icerun.diff: icerun wrapper is not provided by the old
  icecream-0.9.2 on SLED11

* Jan 22 2013 by in LibreOffice:Unstable

- update to
    * lots fixes
- share the common build preparation steps between
  spec files
- use a fake build time instead of __TIME__ and __DATE__ macros to avoid
  unnecessary recompilations in the build service

* Jan  9 2013 by in LibreOffice:Unstable

- libreoffice-branding >= 3.6 is compatible; use in Requires
- bridges-missing-cxxflags.diff: lost RPM optflags when compiling bridges

* Jan  9 2013 by in LibreOffice:Unstable

- update to
    * lots fixes

* Dec 19 2012 by in LibreOffice:Unstable

- update to
    * lots fixes

* Dec 19 2012 by in LibreOffice:Unstable

- update to
- General
    * experimental Gnumeric import
    * Visio and MS Publisher document import
    * experimental send documents via Bluetooth
    * Java options merged with advanced options
    * integration Content Management Systems via CMIS standard
    * import Calc data from arbitrarily structured XML content
    * lots improvements in OOXML and RTF import and export filters
- Writer
    * easier fields selection
    * different header and footer on the first page
    * extra word boundary characters and word count options
    * attaching comments to document text ranges (fdo#38244)
- Calc
    * enhanced chart visualisation
    * automatically rotate chart axis to better fit
    * lots conditional formatting improvements and fixes
    * support "type-ahead" search in the autofilter popup
    * increase size limit of ODF documents from 2GB to 4GB
    * export single charts as PNG or JPEG pictures (fdo#30944)
    * support multiple selections in page field of pivot table
    * better random number generation algorithm in function RAND
    * option pricing in particular barrier: OPT_BARRIER, OPT_TOUCH
    * option to toggle handling of empty strings in arithmetic expressions
    * show saved values instead of recalculating formulas in ODS and XLSX import
    * new functions as defined in ODF OpenFormula: XOR, AVERAGEIF, SUMIFS,
- Impress
    * presenter console RTL support
    * much accelerated multimedia previews
    * remote control application for Android, Linux only now
- Draw
    * shear transformations
    * rounded caps (ends) of lines
    * better quality of page previews
    * multi-image support in ODF, for example, bitmap + SVG representation
- Base
    * AutoFilter does not anymore treat values as patterns in forms
    * new driver to access Thunderbird address book, Linux and MAC only
- UI
    * new templates manager
    * support Firefox Personas
    * several resizable dialogs
    * dialog for smooth image filter
    * better quality of displayed pictures
    * allow to cut&paste text from message boxes
    * style preview in the "Apply Style" combo box
    * allow to resize and recompress pictures from popup menu
    * hide and show styles in the “Styles & Formatting” dialog
    * allow to edit data with external tool in to Calc, Impress, and Draw
- Performance
    * faster ODS, XLSX, and RTF import
    * faster and better ICU regular expression engine
    * faster saving of a new entry to a large autocorrect replacement table
    * faster import/export of slides and drawings with large numbers of shapes
- Feature Removal / Deprecation
    * new style services
    * deprecated and removed several UNO APIs
    * convert all existing oneway API methods to plain methods
    * drop support for defining oneway methods using UNO IDL compiler
    * drop support for legacy binary StarOffice (version 1.x → 5.x) files
    * drop support for export to legacy Word and Excel (version 6.0/95) files
- see for more details
- remove unused MeeGo build modifications
- remove KDE4 hack for obsolete openSUSE-11.1-Evergreen
- use xz tarballs instead of bz ones
- add xz into BuildRequires; explicitly needed on older SUSE versions
- add fdupes into BuildRequies
- add into Build Requires:
    * xz to unpack source tarballs even on older SUSE distros
    * fdups to reduce duplicities in the installed files
    * bluez-devel to support remore control using BlueTooth
- add more system libraries into BuildRequires on openSUSE => 12.3:
    * clucene-core-devel
    * graphite2-devel
    * hyphen-devel
    * libcdr-devel
    * libcmis-devel
    * libexttextcat-devel
    * liblangtag-devel
    * libmspub-devel
    * liborcus-devel
    * libredland-devel
    * libvisio-devel
    * mdds-devel
    * mysql-connector-c++-devel
    * mythes-devel
    * ucpp
- remove unused build_module_in_parallel and
  remove obsolete test_build_binfilters defines
- update extensions:
    * numbertext to version 0.9.5
    * gdocs to version 3.0.1
- update 3rd-party source tarballs:
    * postgresql to version 9.2.1
    * libcmis to version 0.3.0
    * lcms2 to version 2.4
    * graphite2 to version 1.2.0
    * libexttextcat to version 3.4.0
    * hyphen to version 2.8.4
    * libvisio to version 0.0.24
    * libwpd to version 0.9.6
    * mythes to version 1.2.3
- removed md5sum from the 3rd-party source tarball name:
    * libcdr
- removed obsolete libreoffice-binfilter source tarball
- removed obsolete 3rd-party source tarballs:
    * bj
    * lucene
    * librsvg
    * SampleICC
- add new 3rd-party tarballs:
    * ucpp, version 1.3.2:
        * C preprocessor compliant to ISO-C99
    * liblangtag, version 0.4.0:
        * access tags for identifying languages
    * icu, version 4c-49.1.1:
    * icu data subset, version 49l:
        * International Components for Unicode
    * liborcus version 0.3.0:
        * library for processing spreadsheet documents
    * libmspub-0.0.3:
        * MS Publisher format import
- bin obsolete patches:
    * pack-addressbook.diff
    * sdext-poppler-0.21.0.diff
    * sdext-poppler-0.21.1.diff
    * install-with-vendor-SUSE.diff
    * solenv-java-source-version.diff
    * split-icons-search-usr-share.diff
    * scripting-prefer-internal-rhino.diff
    * sdext-disable-failing-xpdf-test.diff
    * libreoffice-poppler-0.17.0-reject-fix.diff
    * do-not-delete-PropertyMapEntry-instance.diff
    * officecfg-defaul-export-ms-file-formats.diff
    * pack-desktop-files-for-optional-filters.diff
- system-python-ure-bootstrap.diff and pyuno-path.diff merged into
- remove obsolete configure switches:
    * --disable-ldap \
    * --disable-mozilla \
    * --enable-xmlsec \
    * --enable-binfilter
    * --disable-strip-solver
    * --without-stlport \
    * --without-system-mozilla \
    * --with-openldap \
    * --with-java-target-version=1.5
- use configure switches:
    * --enable-release-build: use the "LibreOffice" name for the final product
    * --enable-merge-libs: linking of big merged libraries
    * --enable-python=system: make sure that we use the system Python
    * --without-system-icu: system ICU is too old on openSUSE < 12.1
    * --enable-scripting-beanshell: renamed from
    * --enable-scripting-javascript: renamed from
    * --without-system-npapi-headers: renamed from
- use more configure switches because some system libraries are not useful on
  openSUSE < 12.3:
    * --with-system-ucpp
    * --without-system-altlinuxhyph
    * --without-system-clucene
    * --without-system-graphite
    * --without-system-libcdr
    * --without-system-libcmis
    * --without-system-libexttextcat
    * --without-system-liblangtag
    * --without-system-libmspub
    * --without-system-libvisio
    * --without-system-mythes
    * --without-system-mysql-cppconn
    * --without-system-orcus
    * --without-system-redland
    * --without-system-servlet-api
- reduce duplicities by fdupes
- Python script provider, PDF Import, and Presenter Screen are not longer

Wed Feb 20 11:35:25 UTC 2013 -

- make sure that StartupNotify=true is written into the [Desktop Entry]
  section (bnc#796875)

Mon Feb 11 16:49:30 UTC 2013 -

- enable startup notification (bnc#796875)

Fri Jan 25 10:17:26 UTC 2013 -

- do-not-delete-PropertyMapEntry-instance.diff: lost charts (bnc#798271)

Fri Dec 14 16:08:15 UTC 2012 -

- update to (SUSE 3.6-rc4, tag suse-3.6-4, based on upstream
    * broken VML import
    * missing "/" in .icedove path
    * XLSX import crasher (fdo#57451)
    * DOCX import crasher (fdo#55289)
    * data corruption with XLSX import
    * wrong textbox size in DOCX import
    * more robust removal of bug title prefix
    * unopkg GUI does not remove lock (fdo#51638)
    * apparent loop in style hierarchy (fdo#49587)
    * incorrect right-aligned tabstops (fdo#52640)
    * use snap rectangle instead of logic rectangle
    * crash when removing PivotTable group (fdo#57497)
    * drawing object in DOC import crasher (fdo#57780)
    * DOT files sometimes rejected by writer (bnc#793422)
    * do not crash when setting too small size (fdo#57611)
    * unable to open some MS Word 97 documents (fdo#57532)
    * frame selection in header/footer (fdo#52182,fdo#58142)
    * make presentation spanning all screens work (bnc#758138)
    * better placement of 3D pie chart data labels (bnc#791952)
    * format paintbrush only modifies last paragraph (fdo#53508)
    * broken character styles in RTF import (fdo#57133, fdo#54473)
    * crash in format->autocorrect->apply and edit changes (fdo#56549)
    * more default date acceptance patterns (fdo#52240, fdo#52240, fdo#57668)

Fri Nov 23 15:43:06 UTC 2012 -

- update to (SUSE 3.6-rc3, tag suse-3.6-3, based on upstream
    * hyperlink DOCX export (bnc#789482)
    * delete also note caption (fdo#56584)
    * numbers as text conversion (fdo#55875)
    * special pages in DOC import (fdo#53909)
    * column width in DOCX Import (bnc#780645)
    * test equality by order index (fdo#54898)
    * shrunken text in DOCX import (bnc#773061)
    * better input field selection (bnc#780277)
    * accept fraction input if preset (fdo#55369)
    * fraction formats with hard denom (fdo#56205)
    * broken bold text in presentation (fdo#47432)
    * non-math/chart OLE in DOCX export (fdo#51550)
    * embedded spreadsheets in PPTX export (bnc#780830)
    * remove conditional formats without range (fdo#56983)
    * rotated text in emf images looks thicker (bnc#782833)
    * nicer toolbars even for XP, not only Vista and higher
    * only set entries for existing sort entries (fdo#56958)
    * squashed glyphs with Cairo canvas (fdo#55931, bnc#681110)
    * change in formula options should cause repaint (fdo#56776)
    * make sure that the sort vector is large enough (fdo#56958)
    * update default Hebrew font to Lucida Sans Unicode (fdo#55034)
    * broadcast deletion to dependent formula cells (fdo#53364, i#101869,
      fdo#54074, fdo#56278, fdo#55059, i#99844)
- bin obsolete orbit2-devel from BuildRequires
- bin obsolete build-i18npool-with-icu-4.0.diff
- sdext-poppler-0.21.1.diff: fix build with poppler-0.21.1

Thu Nov 15 17:20:52 UTC 2012 -

- build with debug symbols fails in OBS when creating RPMs because
  there is not enough space in the virtual machines; try to save
  some space in the %%install phase:
    * install-with-hardlinks.diff: use hardlinks in BuildRoot
    * remove the huge translation sources
    * use these hacks only when %save_space == 1

Wed Nov  7 15:30:31 UTC 2012 -

- update to (SUSE 3.6-rc2, tag suse-3.6-2, based on upstream
    * OOXML color export
    * faster sorted cache write-out
    * table undo crasher (rh#852128)
    * skipped merged cells (fdo#54862)
    * some new ADO constants (bnc#787452)
    * can't connect ADO source (fdo#53070)
    * overflowing left margin (bnc#707779)
    * parent style in XLSX import (fdo#55198)
    * layout format in DOC export (fdo#54648)
    * section break in DOCX import (fdo#52208)
    * correct hex color conversion (fdo#55800)
    * column width in DOCX import (bnc#785767)
    * table spacing in DOCX import (bnc#778836)
    * table position in DOCX import (bnc#780645)
    * allow adding external templates (bnc#782597)
    * broken time field in page header (fdo#53531)
    * crash on switching to outline view (rh#855972)
    * wrong conversion factor for "tspm" (fdo#55367)
    * text rotation handling (bnc#773048, bnc#783433)
    * crash when deleting last table cell (rh#689053)
    * column has no Catalog/Schema/Table name crasher
    * upside down text box in PPTX import (bnc#757387)
    * work with empty TrustedAuthor entries (fdo#55019)
    * hard coded sheet limit in XLSX import (rh#864858)
    * faster updating of row flags in pivot table cache
    * slide fragment handling in DOCX import (bnc#785727)
    * subscript/superscript with autofit text (fdo#55931)
    * more intuitive editing of relative refs (fdo#54940)
    * do not double-expand bootstrap variables (fdo#55138)
    * add back compatible Hungarian date format acceptance
    * cell notes upon cell insertion / deletion (fdo#55885)
    * import values and formulas from lotus-123 (fdo#55066)
    * default table cell margins in DOCX export (bnc#780645)
    * chart complex category placement (fdo#44832, fdo#55297)
    * crash on DOCX export of inline anchored frame (fdo#48569)
    * cyclic references in XLSX import (bnc#781166, bnc#780296)
    * corrupted styles with multi-saved XLSX document (fdo#55418)
    * inform about unsupported PDF encryption formats (rh#826526)
    * exchange sort settings between the two tab pages (fdo#53482)
    * correctly clear DataColumns read-only information (fdo#37529)
    * misc broadcaster cells fixes (fdo#54553, fdo#55712, fdo#55059)
    * crash with 0 dyaLinePitch in DOCX import (fdo#40686, rh#831755)
    * hiding windows based on "Visible" property (fdo#46071, fdo#46074)
    * ignore time stamp differences in XLSX import (fdo#54609, fdo#49819)
    * doubled '~' in German OK/Cancel translations (fdo#56281, rh#868479)
    * display upper case Greek letters in page numbering option (fdo#55732)
    * misc ODF export fixes (fdo#30711, fdo#49678, fdo#49677, fdo#49876,
      fdo#49571, fdo#45700)
    * various conditional formatting fixes (fdo#54749, fdo#55379, fdo#56316,
      fdo#52535, fdo#54661, fdo#54555, fdo#54349)
    * several RTF import/export fixes (fdo#48442, fdo#55526, fdo#52475,
      fdo#50539, fdo#55939, fdo#52389, fdo#55493, fdo#49655, fdo#52989)
- update mdds to version 0.6.1:
    * mixed_type_matrix: speed up
    * flat_segment_tree, point_quad_tree: broken iterator implementation
    * multi_type_vector(new): efficient storage of data of different types
    * multi_type_matrix(new): eventually replace mixed_type_matrix
- update libcdr to version 0.0.9:
    * better color import (fdo#54785, fdo#55522)
* bin obsolete patches:
    * mono-enable-climaker-stuff-in-unoil.diff
    * mono-install-cli-when-mono-enabled.diff
    * mono-install-mono-before-finalizing-filelits.diff
* pack-addressbook.diff: correctly pack KDE and TDE addressbook (bnc#779697)
- flat_logo.svg need to be modified by the branding packages
- update mime, desktop files, and icon theme cache from the main package
- update desktop files cache also from subpackages that install desktop
  files (bnc#782638)
- sync the prebuilt sofficerc with upstream sources

Wed Oct 31 16:52:02 UTC 2012 -

- sdext-poppler-0.21.0.diff: fix build with poppler-0.21.0
- libreoffice-poppler-0.17.0-reject-fix.diff: reject the check for
  poppler-0.21.0 on too old distributions
- mono-enable-climaker-stuff-in-unoil.diff: support also prebuilt dlls
- do not pack obsolete README-mono; keep it in sources for future

Tue Oct 30 11:58:44 UTC 2012 -

- updated to version (SUSE 3.6 rc1 based on upstream
- upstream changes:
    * hyperlinks import (fdo#53175)
    * math export/import in DOCX/RTF
    * toupper is unreliable (fdo#53252)
    * broadcaster cells are empty (fdo#54553)
    * various DOCX shape export fixes (fdo#53113)
    * compile extension help in gbuild (fdo#53009)
    * use correct cell for broadcasting (fdo#55059)
    * multiline tooltip for very long texts (i#42424)
    * missing thumbnail image in ODB files (fdo#53592)
    * check for non existing style entries (fdo#53339)
    * CSV space delimiter and quoted field (fdo#53325)
    * install Evolution DB driver correctly (fdo#54450)
    * clear DataColumns read-only information (fdo#37529)
    * be more careful when recognizing MathML (bnc#774921)
    * numbering level problems in PPTX import (bnc#760019)
    * disable unlink graphics in Report Builder (fdo#53001)
    * exception while importing XLSX (fdo#54609, fdo#45366)
    * import values and formulas from Lotus 123 (fdo#55066)
    * Report Design: fix section draw page crash (fdo#53872)
    * reset read-only UI after successful Save As (fdo#53280)
    * page breaks on landscape pages in RTF import (fdo#52052)
    * do not register shell extensions for Flat ODF (fdo#52078)
    * handle .xlsm link to external sheet with space (fdo#51926)
    * import group shapes position and size correctly (fdo#53229)
    * positions of cell-anchored objects in ODS import (fdo#54695)
    * do not display error dialogs while showing a menu (fdo#36149)
    * user editable date patterns (fdo#52240, fdo#52137, fdo#52288)
    * don't use a timer to show header/footer separators (fdo#46141)
    * force version 2.1 of the sRGB profile for PDF/A-1a (fdo#54546)
    * pivot table uses case insensitive string comparison (fdo#53929)
    * ensure that the extension for text is .txt from writer (fdo#52451)
    * more "doesn't start after upgrade" problems (fdo#53655, fdo#53968)
    * VBA not tracking currently selected document correctly (fdo#54721)
    * allow paste & paste special for non-matching dest range (fdo#46250)
    * convert filter value as LIKE pattern only on (NOT) LIKE (fdo#53887)
    * correctly cache source data coming from database backend (fdo#53640)
    * sync cell context menu & edit menu 'PasteSpecial' entries (fdo#46250)
    * when swapping cols or rows insert notes at the right place (fdo#53979)
    * do not double-escape (e.g. date) literals as strings in Base (fdo#46480)
    * word count is inconsistent and wrong with non-breaking space (fdo#53399)
    * allow Ctrl-TAB and Ctrl-Shift-TAB to cycle through candidates (fdo#48868)
    * conditional formatting fixes (fdo#53424, fdo#54749, fdo#53839, fdo#54498,
      fdo#52340, fdo#52535, fdo#54661, fdo#54349)
- extra changes:
    * background import (bnc#759180)
    * text rotation fixes (bnc#783433)
    * corrupted PPTX export (fdo#41992)
    * text offsets in shapes (bnc#771549)
    * VML import improvements (bnc#779627)
    * various conditional formatting fixes
    * hidden/non-wrapping text (bnc#757419)
    * issues with bullet points (bnc#778854)
    * background in PPTX import (bnc#783202)
    * empty values in PPT import (fdo#55298)
    * parent style in XLSX import (fdo#55198)
    * adjust chart layout distance (bnc#759197)
    * clip the objects to the page (bnc#777699)
    * clip pictures instead of scaling (bnc#775270)
    * don't access out of bound array index (fdo#55022)
    * non-autofit text imported as autofit (bnc#778859)
    * conditional format range for XLS import (fdo#54555)
    * slide notesMaster and notes in PPTX import (bnc#768027)
    * chart complex category placements (fdo#44832, fdo#55297)
    * PPTX shape margins need to be rotated as well (bnc#773048)
    * mouse pointer over URLs with background image (bnc#778148)
    * better PPTX custom shape presets import/export (bnc#760997)
    * cyclic referenced defined names in PPTX import (bnc#781166, bnc#780296)
    * fix for regression, failure to export vertical text in shape (fdo#55565)
    * more on DOC/DOCX export/import filters (bnc#779627, bnc#778140,
      bnc#783638, bnc#782061, bnc#780853, bnc#780843, bnc#778828, bnc#778836,
      bnc#777337, bnc#781825, bnc#773061, bnc#780563, bnc#782345, bnc#777345,
      bnc#778133, bnc#780851)
- build-i18npool-with-icu-4.0.diff: use a function provided already by icu-4.0
- mono-install-mono-before-finalizing-filelits.diff,
- mono-enable-climaker-stuff-in-unoil.diff,
  mono-install-cli-when-mono-enabled.diff: fix build with mono on SLED11

* Aug 24 2012 by in LibreOffice:Unstable

- update version
    * chart binfilter import
    * PPTX import crasher (bnc#774167)
    * painting at small zoom (fdo#53439)
    * several DOCX export bugs (fdo#52610)
    * report builder translations (fdo#52427)
    * discard broken embedded object previews
    * hiding all sections crasher (fdo#53210)
    * fixed the end of hyperlinks (fdo#53175)
    * report design wizard crasher (fdo#53154)
    * hidden MediaWiki options page (fdo#52232)
    * CSV fixed width import crasher (fdo#53012)
    * HYPERLINK field in DOCX import (fdo#51034)
    * better textbox DOC/DOCX export (fdo#45724)
    * shadow color on partial redraw (bnc#773515)
    * search Toolbar keeps its history (fdo#49750)
    * change checkbox no-label behaviour (fdo#51336)
    * undo of textbox resizing (fdo#46968, fdo#36138)
    * page style attributes in ODF import (fdo#38056)
    * missing footnote DOCX/DOC/RTF export (fdo#46020)
    * check for non existing style entries (fdo#53339)
    * CSV space delimiter and quoted field (fdo#53325)
    * collapsing merged table border painting (fdo#39812)
    * do not force all text cells in CSV import (fdo#52205)
    * do not show backing window on --nodefault (fdo#42470)
    * misc Basic IDE fixes (fdo#50633, fdo#50632, fdo#40152)
    * lose focus event to close popup (fdo#51943, fdo#48096)
    * report-builder does not show any properties (fdo#52399)
    * insert selected text to Findbar by [Ctrl-F] (fdo#37791)
    * reset read-only UI after successful Save As (fdo#53280)
    * zero rect. size causing wrong line positions (fdo#47434)
    * initialize pivot tables after the formula cells (fdo#53456)
    * mark manual row heights correctly during import (fdo#52393)
    * auto extension handling in KDE Open/Save dialogs (fdo#52546)
    * display themed progress bar instead of the native one (fdo#51890)
    * font Size Enlarge And Reduce Shortcut in Impress/Draw (fdo#51716)
    * avoid setting valid numbers as text during HTML import (fdo#53089)
    * certain SmartArt drawings are not imported (bnc#759210, fdo#50907)
    * cross-reference text when Caption order is Numbering first (fdo#50801)
    * abbreviated date acceptance patterns for [de-{AT,CH,LI,LU}] (fdo#52240)
    * problems with bundled extensions (fdo#53006, fdo#51252, fdo#52639,
    * misc conditional formatting fixes (fdo#52565, fdo#52340, fdo#53010,
      fdo#52457, fdo#52351)
    * misc RTF import/export fixes (fdo#51772, fdo#47495, fdo#48033, fdo#52066,
      fdo#49892, fdo#48446, fdo#49892, fdo#51772)
- update to libvisio 0.0.19:
    * file displays as blank page in Draw (fdo#50990)
- enable localizations: Amharic(am), Assamese(as), Asturian(ast), Esperanto(eo),
  Basque(eu), Scottish Gaelic(gd), Indonesian(id), Icelandic(is),
  Kannada(kn), Malayalam(ml), Marathi(mr), Oromo(or), Oriya(or),
- the system cache for bundled extensions causes troubles (fdo#53006, fdo#51252)
    * do not longer create it; remove the older one
    * remove obsolete force-refresh-of-bundled-extension-cache.diff

* Aug  9 2012 by in LibreOffice:Unstable

- use the vendor "SUSE" instead of "Novell, inc."; SUSE has become a separate
  business unit inside The Attachmate Group
- install-with-vendor-SUSE.diff: use "SUSE" in the install scripts
- make sure that the system extensions cache is considered as newer after
  an update; we really need to use the below mentioned hack for 3.6.0

* Jul 30 2012 by in LibreOffice:Unstable

- force-refresh-of-bundled-extension-cache.diff: avoid mismatched bundled
  extensions cache that causes application to do not start

* Jul 27 2012 by in LibreOffice:Unstable

- update version
    * lots border fixes
    * lots RTF import fixes
    * support colored axis in data bars
    * VML shapes without anchor (bnc#758883)
    * better page descriptor handling in RTF
    * reclaim space occupied by deleted rows
    * data form dialog layout fix (fdo#47947)
    * make reportbuilder work again (fdo#51278)
    * indicate UI language as default (fdo#45830)
    * double deletion of a text portion (fdo#51582)
    * page style attributes in ODF import (fdo#38056)
    * presenter console display switching (fdo#521512)
    * lost custom row height in ODT import (fdo#52393)
    * remove duplication of License/Credits information
    * correctly calculate scroll bar position (fdo#51599)
    * few layout problems in conditional formatting dialog
    * do not force all text cells in CSV import (fdo#52205)
    * incomplete slide number info in status bar (fdo#51543)
    * Estonian translation for keyboard shortcuts (fdo#50415)
    * preserve sheet name input of invalid reference (fdo#46338)
    * cache fontconfig font substitutions (fdo#41556, fdo#47636)
    * incremental search and buffer switching crasher (fdo#51577)
    * abbreviated date acceptance patterns for German languages (fdo#52240)
    * formula performance improvement for XLSX import (bnc#765942, bnc#763168)
    * make ctrl-8 and 9 increase/decrease font size in Swedish (fdo#36187)
    * undocked toolbars do not show all icons in special ratio (fdo#47071)
    * lots different import fixes (bnc#758883, bnc#766481, bnc#766487, fdo#46966,
      bnc#693238, bnc#758883, bnc#758883, bnc#766487, bnc#758883, bnc#758883)
- update libvisio to version 0.0.18:
    * Greek code page instead the Russian code page (fdo#48602)
- update libcmis to version 0.2.3:
    * SharePoint support
- bin obsolete patches:
    * gtk3-build-dependency.diff
- reduce build parallelism to reduce build crashes:
    * dmake support 64 jobs at maximum
    * do not eat all memory with some huge sources
- add procps into BuildRequires to check available memory

* Jun 26 2012 by in LibreOffice:Unstable

- hack to avoid build crasher

* Jun 22 2012 by in LibreOffice:Unstable

- update version
    * color scale dialog behavior
    * do not crash on X errors in GTK
    * help stylesheets and error page
    * clipped toolbar item (fdo#42379)
    * switch to the new version scheme
    * table AutoFormat crasher (fdo#50896)
    * word count bugs (fdo#46757, fdo#50141)
    * feature: conditional formatting in Calc
    * ignored small size icon setting (fdo#35972)
    * reading two SmartArt shapes in one document
    * improve line height calculation (bnc#757905)
    * missing ole and form controls in XLSX import
    * add Hide and Show items into tab context menu
    * dates formatting in report designer (fdo#43967)
    * evoab2: add (evolution 3.4)
    * ignored picture background setting (bnc#325936)
    * Calc input line: crash with accessibility enabled
    * all images missing in PresenterConsole (fdo#50964)
    * improve the toolbars look in Windows Vista or later
    * Visio import fixes (fdo#50868, fdo#50988, fdo#48601)
    * more on RTF import (fdo#49178, fdo#49659, fdo#50087)
    * proxy or browser plug-in settings crasher (fdo#47044)
    * rework handling of recursive OOXML shapes (bnc#705956)
    * more descriptive compatibility key bindings (fdo#31812)
    * local help short cuts  (fdo#41830, fdo#39139, fdo#46143)
    * Win/VC++ STL messes up the name space vector (bnc#759982)
    * changing the keyboard of the slide show button (bnc#753458)
    * section break and page style conversion problem (bnc#750935)
    * more on borders (fdo#38116, fdo#43249, fdo#48647, fdo#49438)
    * wrong transitions with hardware acceleration enabled (fdo#30519)
    * import VMLshape 'hidden' style attribute and controls (bnc#757609)
- update libcdr to version 0.0.8:
    * initial text support
- update libwps to version 0.2.7
    * lots fixes and improvements
- add lcms2, version 2.3
    * system one is not available on openSUSE <= 11.3
- add boost, version 1.44.0:
    * the system one has broken dst_adjustment_offsets definition
      on openSUSE <= 11.3 (bnc#767949)
- bin obsolete patches:
    * config-host-source.diff
    * sysui-set-default-unixwrappername.diff
- gtk3-build-dependency.diff: get build flags for gmodule when building GTK3
- sdext-disable-failing-xpdf-test.diff: temporary disable failing xpdf test
  in Factory

* Jun 15 2012 by in LibreOffice:Unstable

- added krb5-devel into BuildRequires; needed to build PostgreSQL

* Jun 14 2012 by in LibreOffice:Unstable

- updated to libreoffice- (3.6.0-beta1)
- Writer
    * word count in status bar
    * contextual spacing support
    * extended "Table AutoFormats"
    * extended paintbrush format handling
    * improved Label and Business card support
    * Ctrl with [ or with ] modifies font size of the selected text
    * show Text Boundaries only when displaying non-printable characters
- Calc
    * new defaults options page
    * support field items in cells
    * sort option in autofilter menu
    * support for color scales and data bars
    * Ctrl-D fills-down in more familiar ways
    * merge cells using the cell context menu
    * lots CSV file import/export improvements
    * show/hide sheets using the sheets tab context menu
    * new formula options page with calculation settings
    * sort dialog with multiple sort keys (more than three)
    * pasting only text, value, or formula from the context menu
    * default number of sheets for new document is 1, instead of 3
    * new option to specify a custom sheet name prefix in new documents
    * new spreadsheet functions DATEDIF, IMTAN, IMSEC, IMCSC, IMCOT, IMSINH,
- Impress
    * 10 new master pages
    * wide-screen format for impress-slides
    * correctly detect the external display
- Math
    * better help
- Basic IDE
    * docked Object Catalog pane
- common
    * allow editing of read-only documents
    * support for Japanese postcard paper size
    * Lanczos algorithm for resizing of images
    * macro recording can be activated with a separate option
- Filters
    * Corel Draw import
    * PDF Export with Watermark option
    * export conditional formatting to XLSX
    * import lines, rotations, and flips from VML
    * document zoom setting in RTF/DOCX import/export
    * import GetExpression and SetExpression from DOCX
    * ODF Export now comes with a "ODF 1.2 Extended (compat mode)"
    * new branding
    * redesigned About dialog
    * cleaner and more light-weight rulers
    * several GTK theme support improvements
    * Writer and Calc use split color buttons
    * cleaner handling of buttons that do not fit toolbars size
    * zooming based on a geometric progression instead of an arithmetic one
- Localization
    * default locale is the locale of the operating system
    * locale dependent date acceptance patterns for input of incomplete dates,
      editable in Tools/Options/Language Settings/Languages
- Performance
    * faster pivot table in Calc
    * faster DOC/DOCX import in general
    * autocorrect lists handled around twice as fast
    * faster OLE2 import from DOC, XLS, PPT documents
    * faster raw cell value import from XLSX documents
    * embedded HSQLDB databases are size-minimized when saving
    * faster merged cell and matrix range import from ODS documents
    * document scrolling / re-layout / interactive editing improvements
- add clucene-core-devel, hsqldb, liblcms2-devel, gtk3-devel into BuildRequires
- update 3rd-party source tarballs:
    * mythes to version 1.2.2
    * libexttextcat to version 3.3.1
    * hyphen to version 2.8.3
    * libcmis to version 0.2.2
    * libvisio to version 0.0.17
- add new 3rd-patry tarballs:
    * clucene-core, version
        * translations handling
    * libcdr, version 0.0.7
        * Corel DRAW import
- bin obsolete patches:
    * javasetting-mark-config.diff
    * library-link-order-to-build-with-as-needed.diff
    * distro-install-file-lists-3.5.diff
    * svx-globlmn-hrc-build-dep.diff
    * desktop-submenu.diff
    * implement-unicode-6.1-hebrew-line.diff
- config-host-source.diff: allow to source
- sysui-set-default-unixwrappername.diff: correctly set icon names
  in desktop files
- pack-desktop-files-for-optional-filters.diff: put new desktop files
  into the right file lists
- do not add "/usr/sbin" twice into PATH
- enable GTK3 support
- disable doxygen; documentation is huge and accessible online
- disable PostgreSQL SDBC; it is not needed to build help
- keep using the internal stuff that is not useful from system:
    * --without-doxygen
    * --without-system-apache-commons
    * --without-system-beanshell
    * --without-system-clucene
    * --without-system-jfreereport
    * --without-system-hsqldb
    * --without-system-libcdr
    * --without-system-saxon
    * --without-system-servlet-api
- pack about.svg instead of about.png
- icons are moved in sources

Tue Sep 25 09:57:15 UTC 2012 -

- Instead of disabling optimizations completely, use -O2.
  Fixes bnc#780611

Tue Jul 24 16:21:01 UTC 2012 -

- enable build on ARM
- do not twiddle with the RPM_OPT_FLAGS optimisation settings
- raise memory limits for qemu builds

Fri Jul 13 10:37:51 UTC 2012 -

- used the internal mysql cppconnector even for openSUSE-12.3;
  it did not build with the system one

Mon Jul  9 17:06:28 UTC 2012 -

- update to libreoffice- (SUSE 3.5 rc3, based on upstream 3.5.5-rc3)
    * clip max entries
    * XLSX import crasher (fdo#51601)
    * double border import regression
    * add SUSE black and white branding
    * check for invalid tab number (fdo#51667)
    * query for parameters in Base reports crasher (fdo#51619)
    * fix MySQL, GDocs, and LanguageTool extension registration
    * make sure we don't export shapes with negative size (bnc#760997)
    * make sure all tab pages have the same dimensions (fdo#49921, bnc#769162)
- reduce build parallelism to reduce build crashes:
    * dmake support 64 jobs at maximum
    * do not eat all memory with some huge sources
- add procps into BuildRequires to check available memory

Thu Jun 28 13:33:54 UTC 2012 -

- update to libreoffice- (SUSE 3.5 rc2, based on upstream 3.5.5-rc2)
    * bitmap scaling fixes
    * preview crash (fdo#51040)
    * more bugs in docking stuff
    * Aero toolbar: Use f0f0f0 for the gradient again
    * column format in DOCX import (bnc#693238, fdo#44292)
    * formatting for empty paragraphs in RTF export (fdo#50831)
    * first line indentation of numbering in DOCX import (bnc#766487)

Mon Jun 25 15:19:57 UTC 2012 -

- updated to libreoffice- (SUSE 3.5 rc1, based on upstream 3.5.5-rc2)
    * Aero toolbar
    * WMF/EMF reading
    * box resampling algorithm
    * three RTF fixes (fdo#49659)
    * don't crash on X errors in GTK
    * numbering font size (bnc#758883)
    * VML shapes anchoring (bnc#758883)
    * smooth scale objects (bnc#765998)
    * allow border gap < 1pt (bnc#760294)
    * page number calculation (fdo#34093)
    * set style name consistently (bnc#758883)
    * one-bitmap WMF optimization (bnc#765998)
    * hidden and non-wrapping text (bnc#757419)
    * fake paragraph in DOCX import (bnc#766481)
    * RemoveExtensions custom action (fdo#51270)
    * Google Docs extension passive registration
    * open Visio's file with bitmap's (fdo#48601)
    * freeze when editing Base reports (fdo#51243)
    * wrapping mode for text in shapes (bnc#758883)
    * border width when setting margins (bnc#758883)
    * improve the toolbars look in Windows Vista or later
    * report designer formats dates improperly (fdo#43967)
    * anchored images in header in DOCX export (bnc#325936)
    * gray bar in Writer page preview interface (bnc#767452)
    * paint scrolled area from the right surface (fdo#30519)
    * saving a document with track-changes crasher (fdo#51249)
    * performance issue in XLSX import (bnc#765942, bnc#763168)
    * cache fontconfig font substitutions (fdo#41556, fdo#47636)
    * E-mail is not displayed in blue in PPTX import (bnc#759982)
    * wrap mode even if determining the position failed (bnc#758883)
    * form wizard recognise "#" also at beginning of line (fdo#37626)
    * fly frames with transparent background in DOC export (bnc#325936)
    * character properties in RTF import (fdo#37063, bnc#760764, fdo#50665)
    * title, subject, comments document properties in RTF import (fdo#50087)
- update libvisio to version 0.0.18
    * several bug and stability fixes (fdo#48602)

Thu Jun 14 15:38:44 UTC 2012 -

- updated to libreoffice- (SUSE 3.5 beta2, based on upstream 3.5.5-rc1)
    * layout statusbar control
    * handle opacity in gradients
    * text over images (bnc#759212)
    * clipped toolbar item (fdo#42379)
    * 'Find' toolbar freeze (fdo#46687)
    * can't open Base reports (fdo#47325)
    * crash when copying table (fdo#45522)
    * allow java 1.7, or any future version
    * make style applying faster (bnc#745873)
    * wrap values in DOCX import (bnc#750838)
    * support Sheets.PrintPreview (bnc#757844)
    * ignored small size icon setting (fdo#35972)
    * rowheight problems in XLS export (fdo#50304)
    * support for MousePointer attribute in controls
    * Writer slow typing in large documents (fdo#48932)
    * incorrect positions of imported shapes (fdo#49430)
    * Base report does not sort by groupings (fdo#48018)
    * attempt to anchor VML shapes properly (bnc#764005)
    * shortcut names are not localized on Linux (fdo#50415)
    * import VMLshape 'hidden' style attribute (bnc#757609)
    * handle recursive <w:p> because of shapes (bnc#751077)
    * import NS_ooxml::LN_CT_FFCheckBox_default (bnc#766477)
    * floor borders were missing from 3D Charts (bnc#760029)
    * do not rotate Calc shapes if twoCellAnchor (bnc#762542)
    * fix horizontal rule width in DOC documents (bnc#757118)
    * implement VBA Application.DisplayFullScreen (bnc#757885)
    * Win/VC** STL messes up the namespace vector (bnc#759982)
    * formcontrols: error message when deleting pages (fdo#45987)
    * changing the keyboard of the Slide Show button (bnc#753458)
    * toolbars may become irrevocably locked in place (fdo#42405)
    * implement VBA API Application.DisplayScrollBars (bnc#757840)
    * add stub VBA implementation Application methods (bnc#760999)
    * implement relativeHeight (z-order) in DOCX import (bnc#747461)
    * do not ignore character properties of text fields (bnc#760764)
    * display wrong datasets when scrolling through tables (fdo#48345)
    * fix incredible shrinking scrollbars when zooming in Calc preview
    * WW8 import of textboxes with thin border/inner margin (bnc#757910)
    * SwLineLayout::CalcLine: improve line height calculation (bnc#757905)
    * column break without columns to be a page break (bnc#652364, bnc#750255)
    * RTF import files (fdo#44174, fdo#45190, fdo#49178, fdo#49968, fdo#50539)
    * language status bar control: Don't set radio buttons for some entries
    * more on borders handling (fdo#33634, fdo#38116, fdo#40874, fdo#43249,
      fdo#46112, fdo#48647, fdo#49438)
    * UI improvements:
        * border window: design by Mirek M.
        * layout status control: improved artwork by Mirek M.
        * calc input line: native rendering of the input line
        * start centre: solid color fits the new artwork better
        * status bar: fix status selection menu drawing in Calc
        * status bar: get rid of STD/BLK/..., use a menu instead
        * status bar: standardize the size of modification status
        * status bar: 'Overwrite' shown only when in overwrite mode
        * status bar: normalize selection and modification status icons sizes
        * writer UI: decrease the size of the border around the document
        * zoom slider: improved design by Mirek M.
- update 3rd-party modules:
    * libvisio to version 0.0.17:
        * misc bugfixes
- do not add "/usr/sbin" twice into PATH

Thu May 24 15:46:45 UTC 2012 -

- recommends librsvg; it allows to insert SVG pictures; it is dlopened, so there
  is not a direct dependency

Thu May 17 19:06:15 UTC 2012 -

- updated to libreoffice- (SUSE 3.5 beta1, based on upstream 3.5.4-rc1):
    * version, tag suse- (SUSE LO 3.5-beta1)
    * add back mono support
    * text over images (bnc#759212)
    * add inch as source unit (fdo#48969)
    * forward moving of a table (bnc#706138)
    * macro syntax error in Calc (bnc#745930)
    * fix HTML table border export (fdo#47670)
    * import HTML CSS STYLE border (fdo#41796)
    * find toolbar X error handling (fdo#46687)
    * more robust NSS initialization (fdo#45171)
    * recognize VBA macro in JAPANESE (fdo#49324)
    * count mirrored monitors as one (rhbz#809019)
    * removed unwanted/bad cast fixes (bnc#759178)
    * parsing of arc paths in SVG import (fdo#48070)
    * outline numbering only for headings (bnc#751028)
    * string result of formula is also valid (fdo#49052)
    * incorrect square gradients in slideshow (fdo#49508)
    * bad import positions of shapes & controls (fdo#49430)
    * finish handling of w:pStyle in numbering (bnc#751028)
    * full page lines are wrapping in .doc file (bnc#757651)
    * ignore corrupted items in recent documents (fdo#46074)
    * correctly map monitor index back to screen (fdo#49365)
    * enable caching of grammar checker properties (fdo#35270)
    * use BorderLine2 instead of older BorderLine (bnc#758914)
    * properly draw separators in vertical toolbars (fdo#39106)
    * check if a missing font is a known symbol font (fdo#34814)
    * crash on "connect to existing database" wizard (fdo#45580)
    * performance problems with very long paragraphs (fdo#49208)
    * allow keyword Append to be used as a variable (bnc#745930)
    * numbering properties with paragraph properties (bnc#751028)
    * import XSL with HTML as such, not CSV (fdo#49639, fdo#40021)
    * dropdown list in Letter Wizard are now ordered alphabetically
    * default to Office 2007/2010 filter for OOXML export (fdo#48941)
    * type for property UNO_NAME_SAVE_FILTER_DATA is wrong (fdo#45592)
    * textboxes import with OLE objects inside (bnc#747471, bnc#693238)
    * properties that aren't valid for paragraphs (part of (bnc#751028)
    * comparing empty document with attached one crashes LO (fdo#43424)
    * ignore corrupted items in recent documents (fdo#49948, fdo#46074)
    * default printer settings only when explicitly mentioned (bnc#758575)
    * changing spelling preferences requires application restart (fdo#39999)
    * add VBA support for BackColor, AutoSize, Locked attributes (bnc#749960)
    * border painting (fdo#45562, fdo#47717, fdo#42750, fdo#45562, fdo#48647,
      fdo#44010, fdo#38215)
    * lots RTF import/export fixes (fdo#49692, fdo#38176, fdo#48023, fdo#48876,
      fdo#47764, fdo#48193, fdo#48037, fdo#48356, fdo#49692, fdo#49501,
- jvmfwk-disable-gcj.diff: do not detect GCJ; LO newer worked well
  with it
- implement-unicode-6.1-hebrew-line.diff: icu49 adds some extra Hebrew
  rules (fdo#49849)

Wed Apr 25 15:23:26 UTC 2012 -

- updated to libreoffice- (3.5.3-rc2):
    * misc SVG import fixes
    * border printing (fdo#38635)
    * alpha blending (bnc#714787)
    * border corner gaps (fdo#38635)
    * misc performance improvements
    * Java script loading (fdo#46102)
    * PDF export of images (bnc#717947)
    * autoformat undo cursors (fdo#39003)
    * add inch as source unit (fdo#48969)
    * duplicate code removal (bnc#714787)
    * textbox size in DOCX import (bnc#751573)
    * make "Replace All" work with REs (fdo#44861)
    * fix find toolbar X error handling (fdo#46687)
    * transition gradients came out empty (fdo#33591)
    * use older ODF encryption by default (fdo#47484)
    * duplicated characters in PDF import (fdo#45848)
    * do not increase height of checkboxes (fdo#47963)
    * do not play sound in presenter console (fdo#33914)
    * switch units in Converter::convertDouble (fdo#48969)
    * improved label/BC wizard - set paper size (fdo#44516)
    * export all style information to XLS/XLSX, (fdo#46738)
    * ignore corrupted items in recent documents (fdo#46074)
    * border paint ordering (fdo#45562, fdo#47717, fdo#42750)
    * colorspace conversion for greyscale bitmaps (fdo#34324)
    * copy column privileges into table privileges (fdo#47937)
    * fix incorrect relative moves after closePath (fdo#47406)
    * incorrect text wrapping around drawing shapes (fdo#45376)
    * right arrow button does not work in TOC dialog (fdo#40948)
    * vertical align when switching mode in multibar (fdo#44140)
    * regression in lineshapes ODP import (bnc#719989, bnc#719997)
    * prevent update during init in new autofilter dlg (fdo#45679)
    * removed strange non-wrapping condition (bnc#750258, i#40155)
    * more reliable way to check for RTL text (fdo#48431, fdo#32530)
    * CSV import got confused by erroneous HTML detection (fdo#40021)
    * default to Office 2007/2010 filter for OOXML export (fdo#48941)
    * shift+F3 shortcut for Edit/Duplicate in Draw (fdo#48584, fdo#32559)
    * misc RTF import fixes (fdo#48104, fdo#46955, fdo#45182, fdo#45394,
      bnc#703032, fdo#47326, fdo#47036, fdo#47802, fdo#48640, fdo#47107,
- update libvisio to version 0.0.16:
    * adapt the end and start line markers to recent changes in LO
- removed upstreamed patches:
    * libreoffice-3.5-unpack-sources.diff
    * buildfix-icu-4.9.diff
- reordered %prep phase to work better with quilt

Fri Apr 20 12:29:53 UTC 2012 -

- buildfix-icu-4.9.diff: fix build with icu-4.9; needed for openSUSE-12.2

Fri Apr 13 15:28:42 UTC 2012 -

- pyuno-path.diff: basis-link directory does not longer exist

Fri Apr  6 14:57:48 UTC 2012 -

- disable ccache; does not make sense for clean build; saves 1GB on the disk
- hard link binaries in the build tree; it might save several GBs on the disk
  and is faster
- clean up configure switches:
    * move switches from SUSE*.conf to spec files
    * use --with-system-headers and --with-system-libs to prefer system
      stuff over internal copies
    * use --without-system-<library> only for stuff that is not packaged
      or not patched in the SUSE distribution, for example libvisio,
      redland, mythes
    * bin not longer existing options
- use system libwpd, libwpg, libwps, librsvg, vigra on openSUSE >= 11.4
- remove unused sablot-devel, xalan-j2, xerces-j2, xml-commons-apis
  from BuildRequires and Requires
- remove some %if sections for not longer supported openSUSE < 11.1
- update license tag: added BSD-4-Clause, SUSE-Public-Domain, W3C

Wed Apr  4 12:44:47 UTC 2012 -

- solenv-java-source-version.diff: generate selected bytecode
  version also in gbuild
- enable again the brp check for byte code version

Wed Mar 28 15:43:47 UTC 2012 -

- updated to libreoffice- (3.5.2-rc2)
    * general
        * support Java 7 (1.7)
        * produce ODF 1.2 conforming documents by default
        * more secure encryption algorithm (AES-256) for password protection
    * core GUI changes
        * better color picker
        * transparent object handles
        * better handle unused toolbar menus
        * move context-sensitive toolbars to the bottom
        * several GTK+ right-to-left interface glitches
        * menus list their entries in a natural sort order
        * "Link" checkbox in "Insert Movie and Sound" dialog
        * filter bundled, shared, and user extensions in the manager dialog
    * writer
        * RTF import rewrite
        * new numbering types
        * grammar checking improvements
        * better page breaks indicators
        * TOC use hyperlinks by default
        * various DOCX import improvements
        * support comments DOCX export/import
        * label printing positioning (fdo#36874)
        * display bitmap image resolution in PPI
        * numbering in DOC, DOCX, and RTF import
        * better UI for Header and Footers handling
        * Basic Fonts (Western) option page removed
        * handling of tab stop behind the end margin
        * new typographic features by improved Graphite port
        * display non-printable characters on the end of line
        * modeless word count dialog; being updated when typing
        * corrected autotext "Formula numbering" for most locales
    * calc
        * more new line ends
        * supports 10000 sheets
        * new multiline input bar
        * additional data point markers
        * updated line chart's smoothing
        * re-designed all range name dialogs
        * re-designed Autofilter popup window
        * improved performance of ODS/XLS/XLSX import
        * improved performance of many sheet operations
        * better handling DDE and external links failures
        * unlimited number of rules for conditional formatting
        * configurable initial number of sheets in new documents
        * "Protect Sheet" also from the context menu of the sheet tab
        * allow pasting a single cell range to multiple destination ranges
          CSC, SECH, and CSCH
    * impress / draw
        * elliptical arcs in path
        * better hidden slides PDF export
        * better Smart Art in PPTX import
        * MS Visio documents import/export
        * better handling of custom animation list
        * start Impress without the wizard by default
        * better custom shapes and their presets in PPTX import
        * support embedding palettes and other property list types
    * math
        * new "does not exist" symbol
        * new symbols for Games theory
        * support math formulas in DOCX import/export
    * base
        * lots fixes
        * integrated PostgreSQL native driver
    * Basic IDE
        * new menu item View->Goto Line
        * new menu item View->Line Numbers
        * dialog controls have a spinbutton
    * presenter console extension
        * "Exchange Screen Images" button to work around problems with
          detecting projector and laptop screen
    * Python scripting
        * allow to initialize UNO structures by name instead of by position
    * localization
        * update translations
        * better date handling
- remove obsolete testtool subpackage; not longer supported and maintained
- basis subdirectory does not longer exists on the installed system
- mozilla is not longer needed for build:
    * use --disable-mozilla, --without-system-mozilla, --with-system-nss,
      --disable-ldap, --enable-xmlsec instead of --with-system-mozilla,
- numbretext and GoogleDocs extensions are integrated upstream:
    * use --enable-ext-google-docs and --enable-ext-numbertext
- use --without-help to build help separately instead of the patches
- use internal hacked make version  3.82, snapshot 20120301 to get fast
  and reliable parallel build
- build zip-3.0 on openSUSE < 11.4; --filesync is needed during build
- temporary disable check for bytecode version until we produce right
  bytecode again
- temporary disable mono support
- update numbertext to version 0.9.4
- update libexttextcat to version 3.2.0
- update mysql-connector-c++ to version 1.1.0
- update libwpg to version 0.2.1
- update libwpd to version 0.9.4
- update libwps to version 0.2.4
- remove obsolete translate-toolkit
- add libcmis, version 0.1.0
- add libvisio, version 0.0.15
- add librsvg, version 2.32.1
- add postgresql, version 9.1.1 for SLED11; the system one is perfectly fine
  for newer systems
- libreoffice-3.5-unpack-sources.diff: allow to unpack source tarballs
- javasetting-mark-config.diff: mark share/config/javasettingsunopkginstall.xml
   as %config; it is updated by unopkg in %post
- scripting-prefer-internal-rhino.diff: put internal rhino into XBootClasspath
  to fix build with OpenJDK
- distro-install-file-lists-3.5.diff: update file list generation for 3.5
- library-link-order-to-build-with-as-needed.diff: fix build with link as needed
- mediawiki-no-broken-help.diff: disable non-working help also in the mediawiki
- zip-3.0-*.patch: fixes from zip source package

Wed Mar 14 14:34:11 UTC 2012 -

- libreoffice- == SUSE 3.4.5-rc3 == final

Mon Mar 12 18:58:39 UTC 2012 -

- updated to libreoffice- (SUSE 3.4.5-rc3):
    * extras
        * add SUSE color palette (fate#312645)
    * filters
        * crash when loading embedded elements (bnc#693238)
        * crash when importing an empty paragraph (rh#667082)
    * writer
        * do not use an invalidated iterator (fdo#46337)

Tue Mar  6 15:55:09 UTC 2012 -

- updated to libreoffice- (SUSE 3.4.5-rc2)
    * calc
        * pie charts colors messed in XLS import (fdo#40320)
        * correctly import data point formats in data series (fdo#40320)
    * components
        * crash when parsing XML signatures (fdo#39657)
        * broken getDataArray (fdo#46165, fdo#38441, i#117010)
        * don't paint a frame around the list of edit boxes (fdo#42543)
        * inconsistent compression method for encrypted documents (bnc#653688)
    * filters
        * more on bentConnectors (bnc#736495)
        * wrong text color in smartArt (bnc#746996)
        * reading of w:textbox contents (bnc#693388)
        * textbox position and size DOCX import (fdo#45560)
        * RTF/DOCX import of transparent frames (bnc#695479)
        * consecutive frames in RTF/DOCX import (bnc#703032)
        * handling of frame properties in RTF import (bnc#417818)
        * force imported XLSX active tab to be shown (bnc#748198)
        * create TableManager for inside shapes (bnc#747471, bnc#693238)
        * textboxes import with OLE objects inside (bnc#747471, bnc#693238)
    * impress
        * do not create an empty slide when printing handouts (fdo#31966)
    * libs-core
        * default shortcut for .uno:SearchDialog should be Ctrl+H
        * crash using instances dialog of dataform navigator (fdo#44816)
    * libs-extern
        * disable problematic reading of external entities in raptor
    * libs-gui
        * correctly calculate leap year
        * use proper Indian Rupee currency symbol U+20B9 (rh#794679)
    * writer
        * field refreshing (fdo#39694)
        * more layout crashers (i#101776, fdo#39510)
        * textbox borders style and width in DOCX import (fdo#45560)
        * expand all text fields when setting properties (fdo#42073)

Tue Feb 28 14:28:40 UTC 2012 -

- update gdocs extension to version 3.0.0; needed to make it working
  with the current Google Docs interface (bnc#748548)
- use and/or operator in the license tag

Thu Feb 23 17:28:17 UTC 2012 -

- patch license to follow standard

Fri Feb 17 10:37:12 UTC 2012 -

- updated to libreoffice- (SUSE 3.4.5-rc1)
        * version, tag suse- (SUSE LO 3.4.5-rc1)
        * SmartArt import
        * custom shapes import
        * Oracle Java 1.7.0 detection
        * reading AES-encrypted ODF 1.2 documents as generated by LO 3.5
    * base
        * iterator misuse (fdo #44040, bnc#742178)
    * calc
        * allow pasting to multiple ranges (bnc#715094)
        * correctly convert chart data ranges (bnc#727504)
        * definedName corruption for XLSX export (bnc#741182)
        * adjust/shrink the ranges while copying (bnc#677811)
        * extra graph data is displayed for label (bnc#717290)
        * getCellRangeByName failure for named range (bnc#738113)
        * graph in XLS file has dates displayed wrong (bnc#720443)
        * improve performance of large Excel documents (bnc#715104)
        * display page background color/image properly (bnc#722045)
        * pivot table output becoming empty on re-save (bnc#715543)
        * encode virtual paths to local volume correctly (bnc#719887)
        * avoid adjusting cell-anchored objects on other sheets (bnc#726152)
        * make sure to adjust the sheet index of drawing objects (bnc#733864)
        * make the data validation popup more reliable (fdo #36851, bnc#737190)
    * filters
        * table style (bnc#705991)
        * text rotation fixes (bnc#734734)
        * crash in PPTX import (bnc#706792)
        * read w:sdt* contents (bnc#705949)
        * connector shape fixes (bnc#719989)
        * legacy fragment import (bnc#699334)
        * non-working Excel macros (bnc#705977)
        * free drawn curves import (bnc#657909)
        * group shape transformations (bnc#621739)
        * extLst of drawings in diagrams import (bnc#655408)
        * flip properties of custom shapes import (bnc#705985)
        * line spacing is used from previous values (bnc#734734)
        * missing ooxml customshape->mso shape name entries (bnc#737921)
        * word doesn't break the numberings and prefers hiding them (bnc#707157)
    * impress
        * undo corruption (bnc#685123)
        * do not set duplicate master slide names (bnc#735533)
    * libs-core
        * handle copy and paste from ConsoleOne (bnc#704274)
        * VBA control events not working, broken eventattacher (bnc#718227)
        * "General Error" when double-click graphic in presentation (bnc#720948)
    * libs-extern-sys
        * upgrade graphite to 1.0.3 fix surrogate support
    * libs-gui
        * crash at exit (bnc#728603)
        * radial gradient offset (bnc#714787)
        * horizontal scrollbars with KDE oxygen style (bnc#722918)
        * rendering of metafiles embedded in EMF+ (updated) (bnc#705956)
    * postprocess
        * make the 3D transitions work again (bnc#728559)
    * ure
        * make Duden Korrektor 5 and 6 work
    * writer
        * frame selection (bnc#740117)
        * crash when editing index (bnc#726174)
        * order database properties (bnc#740032)
        * numbering levels in DOC import (bnc#715115)
        * image size issue in DOC import (bnc#718971)
        * pointless forward moving of a table (bnc#706138)
        * tabs set after the end margin in DOCX import (bnc#693238)
        * add hyperlinks by default in Table of Contents (bnc#705956)

Fri Feb 10 13:19:17 UTC 2012 -

- workaround-for-LO-namespace-pollution-breaking-KDE4.diff:
  workaround for conflicting defines that break build with KDE4 in factory

Wed Jan 11 14:05:57 UTC 2012 -

- buildfix-ucb-glib-2.31.diff: fix build with glib-2.31; glib/gthread.h
  can't be included directly
- libreoffice-desktop-icons-256x256.tar.bz2: add missing 256x256 desktop
  icons (bnc#722644)

Wed Jan  4 16:36:32 UTC 2012 -

- add compat symlinks for the old main desktop icon (bnc#724087)

Tue Jan  3 17:25:02 UTC 2012 -

- define %%python_sitelib on SLED11 and older systems to fix installation

Tue Jan  3 16:54:07 UTC 2012 -

- correctly obsolete OpenOffice_org-artwork-devel (bnc#734781)

Tue Dec 13 16:31:50 UTC 2011 -

- fix sha-bang in unopkg-sync-bundled script

Mon Dec  5 18:27:38 UTC 2011 -

- fix debuginfo missing for some binaries

Sun Dec  4 14:03:04 UTC 2011 -

- fix libreoffice-pyuno so that 'import uno' works in python
    * add symlinks in python site-lib so that python can find uno modules
    * pyuno-path.diff: add %_libdir/libreoffice/basis-link/program to
      sys.path when 'import uno' is called so that additional pyuno modules
      can be found by python

Mon Nov 28 15:32:46 CET 2011 -

- used the internal mysql cppconnector even for openSUSE-12.2;
  it did not build with the system one

Wed Nov 23 14:29:30 CET 2011 -

- updated to libreoffice- (SUSE 3.4.4-rc1 == final):
    * base
        * crash when inserting a constant in a query (fdo#38286)
    * calc
        * crash when modifying a named range
        * speed up range name lookup by index (bnc#715104)
        * recalculate matrix formula dimension correctly (fdo#39485)
        * mark all formula cells dirty when appending a new sheet (fdo#35965)
    * components
        * handling of SAFEARRAY(s) in olebridge (fdo#38441)
    * filters
        * auto fit text VIEWING too small in PPT import (fdo#41245)
    * impress
        * hang in slideshow (fdo#32861)
        * crash while dropping texture (fdo#38391)
    * libs-core
        * recognize .svg in ODF container (fdo#41995)
        * dictionaries lost after LibO upgrade (fdo#37195)
        * crash when "Find Record" button is clicked in Base (fdo#40701)
        * fix the drawing of dotted and dashed borders in Calc (fdo#37129)
        * VBA control events not working; broken eventattacher (bnc#718227)
    * libs-extern-sys
        * upgrade graphite to 1.0.3 to fix surrogate support
    * libs-gui
        * crash when changing screen resolution
        * let Qt call XInitThreads() (fdo#40298)
        * activation order crashes address database (fdo#41022)
        * drawing of dotted and dashed borders in Calc (fdo#37129)
    * translations
        * update translations
    * writer
        * leak in PDF export (i#116448)
        * crash when editing index (bnc#726174)
        * crash while processing incorrect range of pages (fdo#35513)
        * crash on closing document with footnotes (fdo#39510, lp#854626)

Fri Oct 21 15:41:09 UTC 2011 -

- correctly-init-xthreads-in-qt.diff: let Qt call XInitThreads(),
  so that it knows it's been called (fdo#40298)
- avoid-wrong-asserts.diff: fix a bad assert; the following fix depends on it
- horizontal-scrollbars-with-kde-oxygen-style.diff: horizontal scrollbars with
  KDE Oxygen style (bnc#722918)

Wed Oct 19 12:16:09 UTC 2011 -

- kde4-tooltips-style.diff: tooltips are all black in KDE4 (bnc#723074,
- do-not-display-math-in-desktop-menu.diff: do not display math in desktop
  menu (fdo#41681)
- desktop-submenu.diff: display LO application in the right desktop submenu
- bash-completion-for-loffice.diff: define bash completion for 'loffice'
  wrapper (bnc#719656)

Fri Oct  7 19:26:57 UTC 2011 -

- legacy-fragment-import-*.diff: legacy fragment PPTX import (bnc#699334)

Fri Oct  7 16:32:59 UTC 2011 -

- add more detailed categories to desktop files

Mon Oct  3 14:00:21 UTC 2011 -

- svx-globlmn-hrc-build-dep.diff: fix build dependency problem in svx
- apply libreoffice-poppler-0.17.0.patch only on openSUSE > 11.3;
  cpp/poppler-version.h is not included in older poppler packages

Tue Sep 22 23:35:04 CEST 2011 -

- desktop-null-display-crash.diff: fix crash on exit.

Thu Sep 22 18:33:02 UTC 2011 -

- Fix build with poppler 0.17.0
- Add python-lxml dependency for faster translation processing

Mon Sep 12 16:48:48 UTC 2011 -

- libreoffice- == SUSE 3.4.2-rc3 == final

Mon Sep 12 14:27:30 UTC 2011 -

- scripting-provider-build-dep.diff: make sure that the extra jar files
  are bundled with the script provider extensions
- redland-rpath-hack.diff: crazy hack to avoid /usr/lib64 in RPATH
  and pass brp-rpath check; used only on Factory-x86_64 (bnc#717262)
- added dbus-1-glib-devel and orbit2-devel into BuildRequires;
  was not longer required by gconf2-devel after a Factory clean up

Thu Sep  8 15:28:56 UTC 2011 -

- updated to libreoffice- (SUSE 3.4.2-rc3):
    * bootstrap
        * add executable rights to libraries
        * put VBA stuff into correct subpackages
        * correctly set install path in java-set-classpath
        * more reasonable access rights for installed files
        * move mono_loader.* into the mono subpackage
        * really put SDK documentation into the doc subpackage
    * calc
        * crash when modifying a named range
        * crash with RangeName erase (bnc#683578)
    * impress
        * revert "allow impress import of embedded color tables" (bnc#715931)
    * libs-core
        * better detect OASIS MIME types
        * add Flat XML MIME types (bnc#711977)
        * correctly update bundled extensions (fdo#37195)
    * libs-extern
        * broken PDF A/1-a export in 64-bit builds (fdo#39355)
- enabled system ODBC again
- correctly set the documentation directory
- added back the extra Draft.jpg into the "Background" gallery
- beanshell, java, and python scripting needed to be explicitly enabled
  and installed as extension; in the past, they were built and installed
  out of box
- used old desktop file names; there were defined another priorities
  for them in the system; for example, it fixed opening .ods files by LO
  instead of Evince

Mon Sep  5 10:25:06 UTC 2011 -

- revert-allow-impress-import-of-embedded-color-tables-*.diff:
  reverted problematic import of embedded color tables in Impress;
  broke .odf export; needed more love (bnc#715931)

Fri Sep  2 14:25:16 UTC 2011 -

- updated to libreoffice- (SUSE 3.4.2-rc2)
    * components
        * missing user-defined dictionaries (fdo#36678)
    * filters
        * lost content in DOCX import (bnc#705949)
        * XLSX import performance improvements (bnc#683578)
        * crash when opening PPTX presentation (bnc#706792)
        * pick the first PREFERRED IMPORT filter (bnc#704639)
    * impress
        * allow import of embedded color tables in Impress
    * libs-core
        * add missing MIME types into .desktop files (bnc#711977)
        * wrong bullet placement when stretching happens (fixes (bnc#694344)
        * do not pass the request for command line help to oosplash (bnc#715268)
    * libs-extern-sys
        * set WORDS_BIGENDIAN for graphite2
    * libs-gui
        * linear gradient export to PDF (bnc#710061)
        * crash when changing screen resolution (bnc#715416)
    * writer
        * hide 'math baseline alignment' unless available (fdo#40341)
- sysui-add-flat-openxml-to-mime-list.diff: registered Flat XML in the MIME
  database (bnc#711977)
- nlpsolver-no-broken-help.diff: disabled broken help in the NLPSolver
  extension; unopkg complained about it in %%posttrans
- added the helper script /usr/sbin/unopkg-sync-bundled to correctly
  update extensions; needed to be called in %posttrans and %postun scripts
  of packages with extensions (bnc#712358)

Tue Aug 30 17:56:34 UTC 2011 -

- system-python-ure-bootstrap.diff: correctly bootstrapped python stuff
  with system python, (deb#501028, i#90701)
- sdbc-postgresql-lo-3.4-registration.diff: fixed component mapping
  to get the symbol component_writeInfo; needed to register PostgreSQL
- mozilla-no-xul*.diff: disabled the Mozilla plugin that needed the XUL stuff;
  it was not enabled by default; it newer worked well; it caused build troubles
  because Firefox changed the development model and XULRunner support was
  very unclear
- replaced XULRunner with mozilla-nss and mozilla-nspr in BuildRequires
- generated create-libstlport-compat-links in %%install; the paths needed
  to be substituted according to the current build setting (bnc#710920)

Wed Aug 24 13:45:45 UTC 2011 -

- updated to libreoffice- (SUSE 3.4.2-rc1)
    * based on plain 3.4.2-final sources
    * added several fixes
    * common:
        * version, tag suse- (SUSE LO 3.4.2-rc1)
    * bootstrap
        * updated mdds package to 0.5.3
        * use /usr/bin/libreoffice symlink
        * upgrade graphite to 1.0.2 and simplify patches
    * calc
        * allow multi-range copy from VBA (bnc#707486)
        * lost DDE links in XLS import/export (bnc#681738)
        * charts with multiple ranges XLS import (i#107275)
        * more conservative graphic replacement (bnc#684784)
        * check boxes and slowness in XLS import (bnc#708137)
        * copied CSS parser from the orcus project (bnc#704642)
        * useful error message when DDE link update fails (bnc#696630)
        * defining named ranges should be case insensitive (fdo#39915)
        * parse the CSS stream and set number formats to cells (bnc#704642)
        * search in all sheets and FindToolbar (fdo#33379, i#116250, fdo#33593, fdo#37499)
    * components
        * support LCID changes (fdo#38956)
        * toggling grammar checkbox deletes sentence (fdo#39348)
    * filters
        * change 97/XP/2000 to 97/XP/2000/2003 (fdo#36734)
        * don't "detect" non-XML file format as XML (bnc#704642)
        * change 2007 XML to 2007/2010 XML in UI strings (fdo#36735)
    * impress
        * faster styles import (bnc#708518)
        * fix ruler to not generate negative left indent (bnc#707779)
    * libs-core
        * ghost uneditable drawing objects (bnc#676858)
        * correct MIME type for draw documents XML export
        * store the content of <style> elements (bnc#704642)
        * splash screen fix for multi-head on Linux (fdo#33214)
        * added new menu entry for headers/footers edit mode (bnc#676858)
    * sdk
        * wrong csh syntax (rhbz#725144)
    * translations
        * update translations
    * writer
        * fix counting the paragraphs (fdo#36816)
        * header, footer edition mode (bnc#676858)
        * fix for imported columnwidths (bnc#693238)
        * ghost uneditable drawing objects (bnc#676858)
        * don't crash on undo of ole2 insert (fdo#36631)
        * implement header / footer edition mode (bnc#676858)
        * remove properties when removing empty fly frame (bnc#695479)
        * ESC key to escape the header / footer edit mode (bnc#676858)
        * added new menu entry for headers/footers edit mode (bnc#676858)
        * improve column/table width when table width > pagewidth (bnc#693477)
        * anchored as char objects don't need ghosting from SwRootFrm (bnc#702506)
        * background images shouldn't be selected before text (fdo#36496, bnc#676858)
- added several Conflicts to enforce update from OOo
- added back search paths to the common template directories
- added back PostgreSQL driver
- distro-install-desktop-integration.diff: created /usr/bin/libreoffice
  symlink to fix mono
- vbahelper-sc-gcc-4.6-link-fix.diff: added hack to fix build with gcc-4.6
  in Factory

Thu Aug  4 18:19:36 UTC 2011 -

- fixed build of the gengal tool; needed to produce openclipart gallery
- added back pre- and postprocessing capabilities for loading and saving;
  needed for odf-converter
- added back search path for language independent templates

Tue Aug  2 19:28:25 UTC 2011 -

- fixed KDE stuff build with -Wl,--as-needed
- added mono support and subpackage
- disabled mono in openSUSE > 11.4 (bnc#653662)
- obsoleted OpenOffice_org-Quickstarter; did not work with LO
- added README for empty KDE4 package on openSUSE-11.4

Mon Aug  1 10:51:49 UTC 2011 -

- really created officebean subpackage

Fri Jul 29 15:02:22 UTC 2011 -

- enabled kde and kde4 again
- fixed build with -Wl,--as-needed that is used by default on recent
  openSUSE distros
- added old common configure also flags for newer openSUSE releases

Wed Jul 27 15:10:40 UTC 2011 -

- updated to libreoffice- (3.4.2-rc3):
    * writer
        * improved graphite smart font rendering support
        * Greek Characters mode for bullets and numbering
        * gradient and drop-shadow to highlight writer pages
        * color and line styles for the columns and footnote separator lines
    * calc
        * autofilter per sheet support
        * redesigned Move/Copy Sheet dialog
        * named ranges in sheet-local scope
        * multiple subtotals on a single sheet
        * Preserve OLE links to other Excel documents
        * massive re-work of external reference handling
        * improve precision on re-positioning and re-sizing of drawing objects
    *  Pivot Table (formerly DataPilot)
        * named range as data source
        * Data Pilot is now named Pivot Table
        * support for unlimited number of fields
    * Impress / Draw
        * improve HTML export with an image thumbnail gallery
    * filters
        * faster flat ODF import and export
        * only import for the legacy StarOffice (pre 2000) binary file format
    + user interface
        * new 3D border types
        * improve GTK+ theme integration
        * internationalized font previews
        * Linux text-rendering improvements
        * menus list their entries in a natural sort order
        * adapt to Linux mouse pointer themes more pleasantly
        * separate borders width and style for Writer, Calc and Impress
        * Find toolbar now behaves much more like in applications like Firefox
    * misc performance improvements
    * allow to changed password of encrypted documents
- started building most of the stuff from the main source package again;
  split build had not longer be supported with LO-3.4 sources; the sources
  even would not be split in the future:
    * obsoleted packages: <piece>-devel, <piece>-l10n-prebuilt, bootstrap,
        components, filters, l10n-extras, libs-core, libs-extren, libs-gui,
        testing, ure
    * moved subpackages: base, calc, draw, math, impress, writer,
      base-drivers-postgresql, filters-optional, mailmerge, mono,
      pyuno, testtool, gnome, kde, sdk, sdk-doc, officebean,
      base-extensions, base-drivers-mysql, calc-extensions,
      draw-extensions, impress-extensions, writer-extensions
    * moved helper subpackages (used to produce noarch packages):
      icon-themes-prebuilt, l10n-prebuilt
- temporary used empty mono and postgresql subpackages; stuff needed porting
  for LO-3.4
- stopped using helper scripts and patches from the build repo
- started using desktop integration stuff from the plain sources

Fri Jun 17 19:28:51 CEST 2011 -

- added xorg-x11-fonts into BuildRequires; needed to run unit tests

Wed Jun  8 17:29:54 CEST 2011 -

- updated to libreoffice- (3.3.3-rc1):
    * build
        * lost check boxes status during DOC import/export (fdo#34908)
        * fixed regression of copy-paste of Writer table formulas (bnc#675961)
    * calc
        * sheet deletion crasher (bnc#680272)
        * disabled auto-complete in Calc filter dialog (fdo#34898)
        * PRODUCT function doesn't calculate correctly (lp#775608)
    * extras
        * replace SO icons to LO icons in Web Wizard (fdo#33229)
    * filters
        * avoid possibility of accessing out of range ObjTimes
    * impress
        * crash after printing (fdo#33947)
        * send document as E-mail crasher (bnc#694119)
    * libs-core
        * updated license information (fdo#37001)
        * fix evolution local addressbook integration
        * potentially bogus file: URIs (fdo#33970, i#109096)
        * replace "seagull" icons to LibreOffice icons (fdo#37617)
        * use full path for kdefilepicker helper binary (fdo#31109)
    * libs-extern
        * crash in es thesaurus (rhbz#675806)
    * libs-extern-sys
        * update de_CH and de_AT dictionaries (fdo#33751)
    * libs-gui
        * hidden tabs in Impress tasks panel (fdo#34718)
    * ure
        * prefer gcc __sync functions over pthread
        * allow .NET clients to bootstrap LibreOffice (fdo#35108)
    * writer
        * freeze/hang on mailmerge to attached PDF (fdo#32553)
        * fix the positions of imported fields to avoid crashes (bnc#663622)
        * correct ODT MIME type and PDF export filter (fdo#31792, fdo#32553)

Wed Mar 23 20:08:17 CET 2011 -

- libreoffice- == 3.3.2-rc2 == final

Fri Mar 18 16:40:02 CET 2011 -

- updated to libreoffice- (3.3.2-rc2):
    * build
        * fix non-working VBA container controls
    * l10n
        * l10n: update translations from Pootle
    * libs-gui
        * hidden tabs in Impress tasks panel (fdo#34718)

Wed Mar 16 16:45:15 UTC 2011 -

- enabled KDE3 support (bnc#678998)

Wed Mar  9 17:42:27 CET 2011 -

- updated to libreoffice- (3.3.2-rc1):
    * build
        * enabled KDE4 support for SLED11
        * move the WebDAV patches from NovellOnly to Experimental
    * calc
        * sheet reference export (i#116833)
        * interval range crasher (fdo#34350)
        * fixed incorrect cursor navigation (fdo#33756)
        * go through all tokens to look for a volatile one (fdo#31939)
        * selecting multiple cells does not update headers (fdo#34383)
        * better fix for unusable TODAY() in formula computing (fdo#31939)
    * filters
        * ensure node outlines path (fdo#33701)
        * macros not imported for word documents OOXML (fdo#34909)
        * VBA event binding for macros imported from XLSM (fdo#34941)
    * help
        * typo $PRODUCTNAME -> %PRODUCTNAME (fdo#34857)
        * remove Online Update and Improvement program (fdo#33468)
    * impress
        * occasional blank first slide in presentation (fdo#34533)
    * libs-core
        * restrict metafile decomposition (bnc#650049)
        * StarDesktop.terminate() macro behaviour (fdo#30879)
        * crashing oosplash and malformed picture (bnc#652562)
        * don't leave a thread running after main is completed
        * fixed BorderLine(2) conversion to SvxBorderLine (fdo#34226)
        * Byref variable in a Declare statement (fdo#33964, i#115716)
    * libs-gui
        * Cairo canvas edge count calculation
        * do not access polygon points outside range
        * getEnglishSearchFontName() searches Takao fonts
        * size computation for toolbar menus with controls
        * catch exceptions from failing UNO-ness (fdo#33785)
        * unnecessary reverse lookup on startup (fdo#32640)
        * gDIMetaFile::bUseCanvas related changes (bnc#650049)
        * work around IM problems with KDE4 integration (bnc#665112)
    * sdk
        * fix ODK to only set STLPORTLIB if needed
    * ure
        * fix pyuno/demo/pyunoenv.tcsh for PYTHONPATH usage
    * writer
        * bad RTF when save with ru_RU locale (fdo#33478)
        * visual editor produces wrong stack syntax (fdo#32759, fdo#32755)

Wed Feb 23 14:08:35 CET 2011 -

- libreoffice- == 3.3.1-rc2 == final

Wed Feb 23 14:02:28 CET 2011 -

- fixed audio/video playback in presentation (deb#612940, bnc#651250)
- fixed non-working input methods in KDE4 (bnc#665112)

Tue Feb 22 17:42:08 CET 2011 -

- fixed occasional blank first slide (fdo#34533)

Mon Feb 21 14:23:59 CET 2011 -

- fixed cairo canvas edge count calculation (bnc#647959)

Wed Feb 16 16:27:04 CET 2011 -

- updated to libreoffice- (3.3.1-rc2):
    * l10n
        * updated some translations
    * libs-core
        * crashing oosplash and malformed picture (bnc#652562)
        * Byref and declare Basic statement (fdo#33964, i#115716)
        * fixed BorderLine(2) conversion to SvxBorderLine (fdo#34226)
    * libs-gui
        * getEnglishSearchFontName() searches Takao fonts
    * sdk
        * fix ODK to only set STLPORTLIB if needed
    * writer
        * rtfExport::HackIsWW8OrHigher(): return true (fdo#33478)
        * visual editor destroys formulas containing symbols (fdo#32759, fdo#32755)
- enabled KDE4 support for SLED11; LO-3.3.1 fixed the remaining annoying bugs
- fixed EMF+ import (bnc#650049)

Tue Feb  8 20:53:59 CET 2011 -

- updated to libreoffice- (3.3.1-rc1):
    * artwork
        * new MIME type icons for LibreOffice
    * bootstrap
        * wrong line break with ( (fdo#31271)
    * build
        * default formula string (n#664516)
        * don't version the bundled ct2n extension
        * last update of translations from Pootle for 3.3.1
    * calc
        * import of cell attributes from Excel documents
        * incorrect page number in page preview mode (fdo#33155)
    * components
        * remove pesky on-line registration menu entry (fdo#33112)
        * crash on changing position of drawing object in header (rhbz#673819)
    * extras
        * start using technical.dic instead of oracle.dic (fdo#31798)
    * filters
        * pictures DOCX import (bnc#655763)
        * parse 'color' property (fdo#33551)
        * fix ole object import for writer (DOCX) (fdo#33237)
    * help
        * OOo -> LibO on Getting Support page (fdo#33249)
    * libs-core
        * handle css::table::BorderLine
        * add preferred Malayalam fonts (fdo#32953)
        * fix KDE3 library search order (fdo#32797)
        * StarDesktop.terminate macro behaviour (#30879)
        * Sun Microsystems -> TDF in desktop file (fdo#31191)
        * fixed several crashes around config UNO API (fdo#33994)
        * implementation names weren't matching with xcu (fdo#32872)
        * improve the check for existence of the localized help (fdo#33258)
    * libs-extern
        * upgrade libwpd to 0.9.1
    * libs-gui
        * painting of axial gradients (116318)
        * fix wrong collation for Catalan language
        * crash when moving through database types (fdo#32561)
        * paint toolbar handle positioned properly (fdo#32558)
        * remove the menu when Left Alt Key was pressed; for GTK
        * default currency for Estonia should be Euro (fdo#33160)
        * year of era in long format for zh_TW by default (fdo#33459)
    * writer
        * use standard Edit button width of 50 (fdo#32633)
        * improve formfield checkbox binary export (bnc#660816)
        * infinite loop while exporting some files in DOC/DOCX/RTF
        * CTL/Other Default Font (i#25247, i#25561, i#48064, i#92341)

Mon Jan 31 20:32:38 CET 2011 -

- libreoffice-build- == 3.3.0-rc4 == final

Wed Jan 19 12:58:21 CET 2011 -

- updated to libreoffice- (3.3-rc4):
    * common:
        * remove pesky on-line registration menu entry (fdo#33112)
    * artwork:
        * fix search toolbar up/down search button icons
    * base:
        * report builder not shows properties on report fields (fdo#32742)
        * report left/right page margin setting ignored on 64-bit (i#116187)
    * build:
        * updated translations
    * calc:
        * reverted problematic and dangerous:
            * performance of filters with many filtered ranges (i#116164)
            * obtain correct data range for external references (i#115906)
    * libs-core:
        * FMR crasher (fdo#33099)
        * backgrounds for polypolygons in metafile (i#116371)
        * unopkg crasher on SLED11-SP1 (bnc#655912)
    * libs-gui:
        * use sane scrollbar sizes when drawing
        * painting of axial gradients (i#116318)
        * do not mix unrelated X11 Visuals (fdo#33108)
        * avoid GetHelpText() call which can be quite heavy
    * writer:
        * fields fixes: key inputs, 0-length fields import (bnc#657135)
- replaced obsolete SuSEconfig gtk2 module call with
  %%icon_theme_cache_post(un) macros for openSUSE > 11.3 (bnc#663245)

Tue Jan 11 16:41:58 CET 2011 -

- updated to libreoffice- (3.3-rc3):
    * build:
        * use libreoffice and lo* wrappers; update man pages accordingly
        * navigation buttons' patch selection handling (fdo#32380, bnc#649506)
    * calc:
        * bogus check for numerical sheet names (fdo#32570)
        * performance of filters with many filtered ranges (i#116164)
        * obtain correct data range for external references (i#115906)
        * avoid double-paste when pasting text into cell comment (fdo#32572)
    * components:
        * fix nsplugin for LibreOffice name
        * fixing large OOXML files (i#115944)
        * layout breakage for KDE, X11 and (possibly) Mac (fdo#32133)
    * extensions:
        * patching xpdf to patchlevel 3.02pl5
    * extras:
        * creating technical.dic based on src/*.dic
    * filters:
        * small TGAReader improvement (i#164349)
        * PageRange handling in writer PDF export (#116085)
    * impress:
        * missing font color (rhbz#663857)
        * use updated anchor for group shapes (i#115898)
        * presentation objects on master pages (i#115993)
    * libs-core:
        * survive missing window (rhbz#666216)
        * better font selection in Japanese locale.
        * do not block when launching Firefox (fdo#32427)
        * show the license information in a separate dialog (fdo#32563)
        * make unopkg --suppress-license skip license in all cases (fdo#32840)
    * libs-extern-sys:
        * better XPATH handling (i#164350)
    * libs-gui:
        * use the initial language if not specified (fdo#32523)
        * clean up search cache singleton in correct order (rhbz#666088)
    * writer:
        * undo/redo crash with postits (rhbz#660342)
        * rearrange title dialog to get translations (fdo#32633)
        * move to the next record during mail merge (fdo#32790)

Tue Dec 21 19:44:02 CET 2010 -

- updated to libreoffice- (3.3-rc2):
    * common:
        * copy & paste a text formatted cell (i#115825)
        * replaced (fdo#32169)
    * bootstrap:
        * check if KDE is >= 4.2
        * cleanup unfortunate license duplication
    * calc:
        * ignore preceding spaces when parsing numbers
        * make the string 'New Record' localizable (fdo#32209)
        * remove trailing spaces too when parsing CSV simple numbers
        * display correct record information in Data Form dialog (fdo#32196)
    * components:
        * make the ODMA check box clickable again (fdo#32132)
        * fixed the sizes of Tips and Extended tips check boxes
        * make 'Reset help agent' button clickable again (fdo#32132)
    * extensions:
        * fix filled polygons on PDF import
    * filters:
        * performance for import of XLSX files with drawing objects (i#115940)
    * impress:
        * missing embedded object in ODP export (i#115898)
        * grey as default color for native tables in Impress
        * graphics on master page cannot be deleted (i#115993)
    * libs-core:
        * save with the proper DOC variant (fdo#32219)
        * removed dupe para ids introduced by copy&paste
        * colon needed for LD_LIBRARY_PATH set but empty
        * wikihelp: use the right Help ID URL (fdo#32338)
        * MySQL Cast(col1 as CHAR) yields error (i#115436)
        * import compatibility for enhanced fields names (fdo#32172)
    * libs-extern-sys:
        * XPATH handling fix
    * libs-gui:
        * PPTX import crasher (bnc#654065)
        * copy&paste problem of metafiles (i#115825)
        * force Qt paint system to native (fdo#30991)
        * display problem with Vegur font (fdo#31243)
        * URIs must be exported as 7bit ASCII (i#115788)
        * regression in WMF text rendering (fdo#32236, i#115825)
    * postprocess:
        * only register EvolutionLocal when EVO support is enabled (fdo#32007)
    * writer:
        * after "data to fields" mail merge does not work (fdo#31190)
        * missing outline feature in new RTF export filter (fdo#32039)
        * encoding of Greek letters names with accent in French (i#115956)
    * build bits:
        * better build identification in the about dialog

Wed Dec  1 19:41:47 CET 2010 -

- updated to libreoffice- (3.3-rc1):
    * ooo integration:
        * Merge commit 'ooo/OOO330_m17' into libreoffice-3-3
    * common:
        * more RTF import/export fixes
        * updated branding for rc
    * artwork:
        * fixed icons with PNG optimizations
        * remove remaining ODF MIME type icons
    * bootstrap:
        * Add BrOffice artwork / branding support
        * Do not install HTML versions of LICENSE and README
        * install credits file
    * build:
        * empty toolbar (bnc#654039)
        * pack PostgreSQL driver as .oxt instead of .zip
    * calc:
        * avoid pasting data from OOo Calc as an OLE object
        * scaling factor calculation for drawing layer (i#115313)
        * broken filter option in Datapilot (i#115431)
        * "Precision as shown" not working if automatic decimal (i#115512)
        * disable document modify and broadcasting of changes on range names
        * don't update visible ranges for invisible panes
        * changing margins in print preview should mark the document modified
        * make VLOOKUP work with an external reference once again (fdo#31718)
        * more strict parsing of external range names
        * no automatic width adjustment of the dropdown popups (fdo#31710)
        * re-calculate visible range when switching sheets
        * skip hidden cells while expanding range selection
    * components:
        * overlapping controls
        * bad alloc and convert to ZipIOException (rh#656191)
        * divide by zero (rh#657628)
    * extras:
        * use consistent autocorrect file names
    * filters:
        * fix writerfilter XSL to handle more elements
        * missing call to importDocumentProperties (bnc#655194)
        * rotated text DOCX import (fdo#30474)
    * impress:
        * avoid antialiasing for drag rect
    * libs-core:
        * Adapted README according to list feedback
        * register EvolutionLocal when evolution support is enabled (fdo#32007)
        * crash during toolpanel re-docking
        * crash in FR version when typing / as first character (i#115774)
        * only start the quick-starter on restart
        * don't crash when quickstarter is exited by user (rh#650170)
        * shutdown quickstarter at end of desktop session (rh#650170)
        * exit quickstarter if physically deleted (rh#610103)
        * autocorrect crasher (rh#647392)
        * start quickstarter on every launch if configured to use it
        * Switch toolbar icon size to 'auto-detect'
    * libs-extern:
        * Use the new stable libwp* releases as default
    * libs-extern-sys:
        * fixed urllib.urlopen in the internal python (fdo#31466)
    * libs-gui:
        * Allow the dropdown list of a combo box to be scrollable. (fdo#31710)
        * PDF export regression for simple RTL cases (i#115618)
        * freeze with ODP import (i#115761)
        * make toolbar icon size native-widget controlled
        * use BrOffice in pt_BR locale (fdo#31770)
        * release the clipboard after flush (i#163153)
    * l10n:
        * BrOffice in Brazil => %PRODUCTNAME_BR for win32 installer
    * sdk:
        * correct resolveLink function (i#115310)
    * writer:
        * crash when opening File/Print dialog fixed (i#115354)
        * better enhanced fields navigation
        * allow to localize the "My AutoText" string (i#66304)
        * table alignment set to "From Left" when moving the right (bnc#636367)
        * font color selection didn't effect new text (bnc#652204)
        * column break DOC import problem (bnc#652364)
    * build bits:
        * install branding for the welcome screen (bnc#653519)
- fixed URL, summary, and description for LibreOffice
- bumped requires to libreoffice-branding-upstream >

Fri Nov 19 21:10:01 CET 2010 -

- created l10n-prebuilt subpackage for prebuilt registry files (bnc#651964)

Mon Nov 15 16:16:32 CET 2010 -

- disabled KDE3 stuff on openSUSE >= 11.2 (bnc#605472, bnc#621472)
- added gcc-c++ and libxml2-devel into BuildRequires; were required
  by kdelibs3-devel before

Fri Nov 12 12:24:42 CET 2010 -

- updated to libreoffice- (3.3-beta3):
    * ooo integration:
        * Merge commit 'ooo/OOO330_m13'
    * common:
        * impress ruler behaviour
        * add Title Page dialog (i#7065)
        * save 1MB on wizards per language
        * images optimized for smaller size
        * do not insert a new cell beyond the end
        * handle multiple selection for printing (i#115266)
        * remove VBAForm property and associated geometry hack (fdo#30856)
    * base:
        * key columns in all tables (i#114026)
        * reports executed for data display (i#114627)
    * calc:
        * non-functional select
        * defined names in Calc functions (i#79854)
        * use Ctrl-Shift-D to launch selection list
        * regression for range array input, e.g. {=A1:A5}
        * crash on importing docs with database functions
        * crash on importing named ranges on higher sheets
        * remove the "insert new sheet" tab in read-only mode
        * incorrect display of references from the formula input wizard
        * new tab page 'Compatibility' in the Options dialog (fdo#30559)
    * components:
        * default to evolution
        * crash in scanner dialog (rh#648475)
    * extras:
        * added LibreOffice and Tango palettes
    * filters:
        * crash on unsupported .tiffs (i#93300)
        * vertical text alignment and placeholder style (bnc#645116)
    * impress:
        * broken zoom behaviour
        * crash in OGL transitions
        * support for PPT newsflash slide transition
    * libs-core:
        * register EVO address book
        * more quickstarter fixes (i#108846)
        * missing media-type for ODF thumbnails
        * add credits hyperlink into about dialog
        * freeze when adding an extension (i#114933)
        * -quickstart option, and help fix (i#108846)
        * GNOME filepicker filter selection (i#112411)
        * use "Enter Password" in all dialogs (fdo#31075)
        * add display properties to control shapes (i#112597)
        * disable user migration when SAL_DISABLE_USERMIGRATION is set
    * libs-gui:
        * disable KDE's crash handler
        * refresh of OLE object previews
        * adding font aliases (i#114706)
        * comparison of key events for IM
        * show Java error just once by default
        * underlining problem with Graphite fonts (i#114765)
        * saving tempfiles when locking is not supported.
        * better selection of localized font names (i#114703)
        * MetricFields SetUnit conversions (fdo#30899, bnc#610921)
        * make Presenter Screen default to the projector (i#112421)
        * Qt event loop integration (when Glib is used) for KDE4 vclplug
    * writer:
        * title pages (i#i66619)
        * more RTF import/export fixes
        * tables in page styles (i#114366)
        * round-trip of DOC unhandled fields
        * double-click behavior on enhanced fields
        * leaky pStream after RTF import (fdo#31362)
        * crash when choosing starmath from start screen
        * OLE Links round-trip fixed for links as pictures
        * setup XML namespaces also for footers and headers (bnc#581954)

Thu Oct 14 19:12:31 CEST 2010 -

- switched to the LibreOffice code base,
- renamed packages from OpenOffice_org* to libreoffice*
- updated to libreoffice- (3.3-beta2):
    * common:
        * show menus in icons fixup
        * show all appropriate formats by default on save as (i#113141)
        * RenderBadPicture on multihead setups and Cairo (i#94007, i#111758)
    * base:
        * use correct table name (i#114246)
    * calc:
        * better performance on Excel doc import
    * components:
        * bound image controls (i#112659)
        * Appearance config dialog crasher (i#108246)
        * Euro converter didn't work with ODS (i#100686)
        * ImageURL and Graphic properties handling (i#113991)
    * extensions:
        * some reportbuilder fixes (i#114111, i#112652)
    * extras:
        * fix malformed XML file (i#111741)
        * add Croatian autocorrection (i#96706)
        * updated Hungarian standard.bau (i#112387)
        * eensgezinswoning replaces eensgezinswoning
        * add 1/2, 3/4 and 1/4 symbols to af-ZA, de, en-ZA, mn and pl
    * filters:
        * adjust for table::BorderLine2
        * table DOCX import crasher (rh#632236)
        * misc improvements for DOCX VML import
        * text position bug in DOC import (bnc#532920)
        * implement import of alpha channel for RGBA .tiffs (fdo#30472)
    * impress:
        * improve randomisation in 'dissolve' transition
    * libs-core:
        * add in MonoSpace setting
        * print the formula itself by default
        * extension can contain compiled help (i#114008)
        * no update menu entry for bundled extensions (i#113524)
        * prevent online update for bundled extensions (i#113524)
        * make search/replace of colour names with translations safer (i#110142)
    * libs-gui:
        * maths brackets misformed in presentation mode (i#113400)
        * better font-name localization, i.e. en fallback (i#114703)
        * default to UTF-8 for HTML unless we know differently (i#76649)
    * writer:
        * color problem in RTF export (fdo#30604)
        * crash on export of TOC to .doc (i#112384)
        * prevent document modification while printing (i#112518)
        * dotted and dashed border types (fate#307731, fate#307730)
- changes from libreoffice- (3.3-beta1):
    * features:
        * renamed to LibreOffice
        * based on ooo330-m7
        * changed default branding
        * started to support the LibreOffice code base [all]
        * ordinal suffixes autocorrection improvements
        * updated Numbertext extension to version 0.9.3
        * support new distros Raw, LibreOfficeLinux, LibreOfficeMacOSX,
    * performance bits:
        * memory footprint during PPT import (bnc#637925)
        * performance bug on row height adjustments (bnc#640112)
    * common bits:
        * don't set header in DDE tables (bnc#634517)
    * Calc bits:
        * cell content rendering [bnc#640128]
	* Excel's cell border thickness mapping (bnc#636691)
        * relative and absolute references toggling (bnc#634260)
	* more on the Flat MSO XML file type detection (bnc#631993)
    * Writer bits:
        * SwXTextRange DOC import (i#112564)
	* table formulas DOC import (bnc#631912)
	* input field fixes (bnc#628098, bnc#623944)
	* OLE Links with image DOC import (bnc#628098)
	* nested SET/FILLIN fields DOC import (bnc#634478)
	* broken floating tables formatting in DOC import (bnc#617593)
        * double-clicking on field gives "read only" message (bnc#639288)
    * OOXML bits:
        * text paragraph autofit PPTX import
    * VBA bits:
        * implicit indexes handling
        * logical operator precedence
        * column para for Range.Cells (bnc#639297)
    * build bits:
        * update internal ICU to version 4.2.1
        * fetch 185d60944ea767075d27247c3162b3bc-unowinreg.dll

Wed Sep 15 20:45:27 CEST 2010 -

- updated to version (3.3-alpha1):
    * features:
        * RTF export rewrite
        * writer navigation
        * remove obsolete Industrial icon theme
    * common bits:
        * gray read-only styles (i#85003)
        * Accelerators for OK/Cancel buttons in GTK (bnc#608572)
    * Calc bits:
        * cell borders not saved (bnc#612263)
        * external reference rework (bnc#628876)
        * Flat MSO XML file type detection (bnc#631993)
        * disable custom tab colors in high contrast mode
        * display correct field in data pilot (bnc#629920)
        * Watch Window extension doesn't show sheet name (bnc#604638)
    * Draw bits:
        * associate application/x-wpg with oodraw (bnc#589624)
    * Impress bits:
        * More on avmedia soundhandler (i#83753, bnc#515553)
    * Writer bits:
        * ww8 styles import (i#21939)
        * hairline table borders export
        * saving new document comparison data
        * Ruby in MS Word format (i#79246)
    * OOXML:
        * better internal hlinks XLSX export (bnc#594248)
        * numbering roundtripping issues in DOCX (bnc#569266)
        * untis translation from EMU in PPTX import (bnc#621739)
        * group shapes geometry calculation in PPTX import (bnc#621739)
        * many other import/export fixes and improvements
    * VBA bits:
        * changes in event handling
        * more container control fixes
        * more on invalid code name import for sheet (bnc#507768)
    * build bits:
        * update prebuilt cli dlls for OOo-3.3
        * moving ooo-build patches to ooo git sources
        * use --without-junit on Win32 and openSUSE < 11.2
- used the prepatched OOo sources from ooo-build git
- used mozilla-xulrunner192 for openSUSE > 11.3

Thu Sep  2 15:45:12 CEST 2010 -

- updated ooo-build to version (3.2.1 security update, bnc#629085,
  MaintenanceTracker-35044, CVE-2010-2935, CVE-2010-2936):
    * Calc bits:
	* custom field names handling in Data Pilot (bnc#634974)
	* remember "sort by" selection in Data Pilot (bnc#634974)
	* more on the Flat MSO XML file type detection (bnc#631993)
    * Impress bits:
	* cairocanvas border treatment (bnc#629546, rh#557317)

Tue Aug 24 16:37:41 CEST 2010 -

- updated ooo-build to version (3.2.1 security update, bnc#629085,
  MaintenanceTracker-35044, CVE-2010-2935, CVE-2010-2936):
    * security fixes:
	* two impress vulnerabilities (CVE-2010-2935, CVE-2010-2936, bnc#629085)
    * common bits:
	* honour ure-link in SDK
	* macro recording crasher (i#113084) [upstream, Rene]
    * Calc bits:
	* DataPilot sort by ID (bnc#622920)
	* Flat MSO XML file type detection (bnc#527738)
	* DDE linkage upon loading documents (bnc#618846, bnc#618864)
	* file name as sheet name in Excel 2.1 docs import (bnc#612902)
    * Draw bits:
	* random extra arrows around the custom shape (i#105654)
    * Impress bits:
	* slideshow clipping (i#112422)
	* cairocanvas border treatment (bnc#629546, rh#557317)
    * Writer bits:
	* input field fixes (bnc#628098, bnc#623944)
	* non-breaking space erasing freeze (i#i113461) [upstream, Rene]
	* broken floating tables formatting in DOC import (bnc#617593)
    * Netbooks bits:
	* decorate help window (bnc#621116)
	* more restrictive top level document window check (bnc#607735)
	* reduce height of PDF export and recovery dialogs (bnc#623352)
    * Win32 bits:
	* allow view "details" in File Open dialog on XP (bnc#620924)
    * l10n bits:
	* non-localized Tools/Options/OOo Writer/Comparison (bnc#615000)

Wed Jun 16 19:17:34 CEST 2010 -

- updated ooo-build to version (3.2.1 maintenance update):
    * speed up:
	* faster ODS export with lots of hidden rows (deb#582785)
    * common bits:
	* allow to start OOo on cifs (i#108106)
	* non-working Euro Converter wizard (i#100686)
	* show the control geometric property correctly (bnc#610921)
	* remove one color from the OOo palette to get 100 colors
    * Calc bits:
	* broken cell borders export (bnc#612263)
	* incorrect automatic print area assignment
    * Draw bits:
	* mark invisible layers upon document load properly (bnc#606434)
    * Writer bits:
	* "New table" toolbar behavior (bnc#612013)
    * l10n:
	* Hungarian translation fixes
	* update translations from the openSUSE community
    * KDE4 bits:
	* non-Oxygen theme crashes (bnc#612491, i#112102)

Mon May 31 17:27:18 CEST 2010 -

- ooo-build- == 3.2.1-rc3 == final

Fri May 28 17:37:09 CEST 2010 -

- updated to the milestone ooo320-m19
- updated ooo-build to version (3.2.1-rc3)

Tue May 25 17:44:26 CEST 2010 -

- updated to the milestone ooo320-m18 (3.2.1-rc2)
- updated ooo-build to version (3.2.1-rc2):
    * common bits:
	* show the really used default icon theme in options (bnc#603169)
	* disable gcj in supported JRE's
    * Calc bits:
	* pasting time data into two cells crasher (bnc#606975)
    * Draw bits:
	* associate application/x-wpg with oodraw (bnc#589624)
    * Impress bits:
	* embedded media break on 2nd load
	* pressing 'Apply' in the Media Player crasher (bnc#597691)
    * Writer bits:
	* document comparsion saving improvements
	* bullets RTF import/export bugs (bnc#569266)
    * l10n bugs:
	* localize the layouted zoom dialog (bnc#595823)
    * KDE4 bits:
	* redraw the status bar when needed (bnc#567886, i#107945)
    * build bits:
	* sort filelists to get repeatable results

Thu May 13 20:29:10 CEST 2010 -

- updated to the milestone ooo320-m17 (3.2.1-rc1)
- updated ooo-build to version (3.2.1-rc1):
    * performance bits:
	* note's position calculation
	* faster string cell XLSX import (bnc#594513)
    * GUI improvements:
	* better about dialog (i#111425)
	* better 'New Table' toolbar widget
	* new toolbars crashers (bnc#601634)
	* better behavior of new toolbars (bnc#603588)
	* less intrusive approach to the nicer toolbar decorations
	* menu bar appearance with some GTK+ themes (i#103999, bnc#527356)
	* frame around Font color and Highlighting toolbars (bnc#598534)
    * common bits:
	* better CJK defaults (i#54320)
	* metric field limits and units
	* KDE4 border frame width (i#111464)
	* allow to start with fresh user configuration again (bnc#599590)
    * Calc bits:
	* another R1C1 parser error (bnc#604903)
	* default precision to 2 in DBF export (i#111074)
	* disable text wrap when the cell value is numeric
	* default display format for general number format (i#111533)
	* empty cells when fetching ext. range (bnc#600667, i#110595)
    * Impress bits:
	* more on autoplay PPS/PPSX files (bnc#485645)
	* bogus file links in exported presentation PDF (bnc#598816)
    * Writer bits:
	* non-editable documents with forms (bnc#60135)
	* invisible graphical bullets in ODT export (i#101131)
    * OOXML export/import:
	* Ruby DOCS export
	* document grid DOCX export
	* sub/superscripts DOCX export
	* auto-refresh style DOC(X) export
	* wrong default style name in DOCX export
	* shape reference PPTX import crasher (bnc#593611)
	* master style placeholders in PPTX import (bnc#592906)
	* char spacing, character style association in DOCX export
    * VBA bits:
	* make sure error data isn't cleared on raise
    * l10n bits:
	* update from the openSUSE community
	* fixes for renamed languages (xx-IN -> xx)
    * build bits:
	* put mdds into new top level module
	* parallel build of ct2n extension (bnc#595550)
	* unopkg-regenerate-cache improvements (bnc#597573)
	* set correctly the upstream build version (bnc#582120)
	* symlink and into the system python path
	* link against the versioned libmysqlcppconn
- added initial support for build on MeeGo distro

Fri Apr 23 11:30:30 CEST 2010 -

- updated to the milestone ooo320-m15
- updated ooo-build to version (3.2.1-beta3):
    * common bits:
	* 64-bit nsplugin fix (i#110747)
	* assertion during HTML import (i#110806)
	* missing image in localized helps (i#99165)
	* non-existent topic auxiliary/shared.tree (i#110963)
	* scroll combo box content by default (bnc#591650, i#110227)
	* better support for globally enabled nsplugin (i#49590)
	* reset security preferences in unoxml; allows to use the system redland
    * Calc bits:
	* data validation XLS import (bnc#594235)
	* data pilot deletion crasher (bnc#595617)
	* better rendering in Asian vertical mode (bnc#595625)
	* merged icon state after shift left click (bnc#595822)
	* database functions regression (bnc#594332, bnc#595713)
	* conditional formatting XLS import regression (bnc#594266)
	* refreshing problem with vertical stack format (bnc#597658)
	* deleting rows inside a merged cell (bnc#596414, lp#558968)
	* do not export negative decimal places value in ODS (i#110634)
	* UI issues in R1C1 formula syntax mode (bnc#595078, bnc#595080)
    * Impress bits:
	* various Calc crashers with gcc-4.5 (bnc#588957, deb#576665)
    * Writer bits:
	* text input fields crasher
	* tabs not displayed in shapes (bnc#564454)
    	* more on caption separator with empty caption text (i#110287)
    * VBA bits:
	* ErrObj behaviour
	* wizard truncation problems (bnc#591768)
	* passing wrong separator for range list (bnc#597351)
	* Err symbol resolution in VBA/non-VBA mode (bnc#597884)
    * OOXML:
	* DOCX font import crasher
	* add fly frames DOCS export (bnc#581604)
	* regression in paragraph PPTX import (bnc#479829)
    * l10n bits:
	* Hungarian translation update
	* update strings from openSUSE community
	* do not do extra hacks for en-US-only build
	* truncated translations in Diagram wizard (i#110702)
	* footnote anchor Norwegian Bokmål translation (i#109545)
	* Spanish "boolean value" translation fix (deb#576842, i#110674)
    * build bits:
	* parallel build of ct2n extension (bnc#595550)
	* update prebuilt ooo-cli-prebuilt to version 3.2.1
	* npwrap.cxx build without GTK (i#110833, gentoo#306181)
	* use --enable-hids (bnc#102592)
- started to Require OpenOffice_org-branding >=

Thu Mar 25 21:38:09 CET 2010 -

- updated ooo-build to version (3.2.1-beta2):
    * features:
	* automatic scrollbars for writer (fate#588554)
	* dashed and dotted border types in Writer (fate#307731)
	* experimental VBA import from XLSM documents (fate#309162)
    * performance:
	* large Excel documents import speed up (bnc#582693)
	* page break preview mode speed up (bnc#504618, i#109935)
	* page number calculation speed up (bnc#504618, i#109935)
    * common bits:
	* badly inserted space by autocorrection
	* embedding video in Writer/Calc crasher
	* fix for UTF-8 encoded hyphen dictionaries
	* use .uno:NewDoc instead of deprecated slot:5500
	* use Linux-specific template paths only on Linux
    * Base bits:
	* wizard crashers (bnc#587797)
    * Calc bits:
	* better insert new sheet icon
	* insert new sheet tab crasher (bnc#590187)
	* XLS import with drawing objects (bnc#588927)
	* machine area slot size and row limit (bnc#588554)
	* various Calc crashers with gcc-4.5 (bnc#588957)
	* matrix results did not work with auto complete (bnc#503918)
	* XLS export of heights of rows with wrapped text (bnc#580094)
    * Impress bits:
	* media link reference PPT import crasher (bnc#590442)
    * Writer bits:
	* DOC import crasher with Tcg records (bnc#590359)
	* DOC import loop with Tbc & TbcHeader records (bnc#589794)
	* omit caption separator if caption text is empty (i#110287)
    * l10n bits:
	* src/sdf directory clean up
	* Hungarian UI name order (i#105342)
	* more localizable strings for scp2 module
	* localize framework improvements
	* automated translations of language dependent components
	* enable CaptionOrderNumberingFirst by default for Hungarian
- added WatchWindow Calc extension (fate#309182)

Thu Mar 11 21:18:47 CET 2010 -

- updated ooo-build to version (3.2.1-beta1):
    * features:
	* Numbertext extension (fate#308028)
	* ConvertTextToNumber extension (fate#307906)
	* support embedded media also for PPT (fate#304532)
	* update PostgreSQL driver to 0.7.6a; it adds postgresql.xcu to
	  actually offer this driver in the UI
    * speed up:
	* more on faster ODS import (n#582693)
	* more on the Calc's external reference manager refactoring
    * common bits:
	* toolbar popups crasher
	* update recently used list when the document is saved
	* process UTF-8 encoded hyphen dictionaries (i#109543)
	* align style usage with style generation in SVG import
	* auto caps lock toggling without XTest API (bnc#394949)
    * Base bits:
	* more on the MySQL Connector
    * Calc bits:
	* search option for filtered cells (bnc#580408)
	* opcode list for the initial "last used" functions
	* break links in formulas with external refs (bnc#585094)
	* allow PDF export on filtered range selection (bnc#585028)
	* populate string list in standard filter dialog (bnc#584975)
	* convert locale-specific date strings to values (bnc#584693)
	* TAB and autocompletion behavior clean up (n#584953, i#18748)
    * Impress bits:
	* fast boxclipper, use for WMF import (i#72418, bnc#535304)
    * Writer bits:
	* preserve character style on 'reset format'
	* show 'Remove Hyperlink' even with selection
    * OOXML bits:
	* better connector shape XLSX import (bnc#559393)
    * VBA bits:
	* broken OOo Writer API (bnc#585410)
    * GTK+ bits:
	* better process glib events on exit
    * i18n bits:
	* updated Hungarian localization
	* do the Hungarian fixes in the right localize.sdf
    * build bits:
	* build with gcc-4.5 (i#109853)
	* apply patches with --fuzz=0
	* better handle the parallel build
- used the new solution to control parallel build
- called make more times to survive random parallel build problem

Fri Feb 26 17:11:58 CET 2010 -

- updated ooo-build to version (3.2.1-alpha1):
    * features:
	* toolbar popups refactoring
	* media embedding (i#83753) [upstream, Thorsten]
	* support for dotted and dashed borders
	* writer document comparing
	* "insert new sheet" tab in Calc (fate#308396)
	* distributed text alignment support (fate#308334)
	* insert current date/time via Ctrl-/Shift-Ctrl- (fate#307762)
	* English function names instead of localized ones (fate#308029)
    * performance:
	* faster external reference handling (i#109168)
    * Common bits:
	* beginning of small screen mode
	* crash in headless mode (i#108681)
	* colorspace calculation fix
	* textpropreader limit in svdfppt.cxx
	* lots autocorrection stuff improvements
	* Add starmath to docs, for EDU project
	* extensions with nonstandard merge points crasher
	* valgrind test and other corner cases fixes
    * Calc bits:
	* Keep track of cells containing SUBTOTAL (bnc#578802)
	* incorrect cell positioning during row insertion (bnc#578588)
    * Impress bits:
	* sounds spanning multiple slides in PPT import (bnc#515553)
    * OOXML bits:
	* chart export
	* autofit on in OOXML import
	* better connector shape XLSX import (bnc#549331)
    * VBA bits:
	* moduleinfo fixes
	* lots container control fixes
	* fire MultiPage_Change event when needed
	* remove extra GROUPNAME prop from VCLXImageControl
	* support copy of worksheet to 'other' document via API
    * build bits:
	* don't statically link against mono in climaker

Wed Feb 24 17:20:34 CET 2010 -

- updated ooo-build to version (3.2 bugfix release):
    * Calc bits:
	* modified date reset to '0' (bnc#581634)
	* duplicate formula names in Spanish localization (i#109407)
- removed broken Danish extra localizations sources; fixed function names in
  Calc (bnc#549027)

Thu Feb 18 20:46:24 CET 2010 -

- updated ooo-build to version (3.2 bugfix release):
    * Common bits:
	* prefer OOo over okular and k*
	* exception handling in SVG import
    * Impress bits:
	* mis-detection of cloned displays (bnc#578730, bnc#551391)
    * OOXML bits:
	* image wrapping in DOCX import
	* numbering in DOCX import (bnc#580106)
    * l10n:
	* updated Hungarian translation
	* new strings from SLED11-SP1 translators
	* applying extra SDF files (i#109378)
	* really localize the layout dialogs (deb#570378)
	* localize Vendor in the Windows installer (bnc#571489)

Thu Feb  4 19:36:48 CET 2010 -

- ooo-build- == 3.2-rc5 == final

Thu Feb  4 15:33:42 CET 2010 -

- updated to the milestone ooo320-m12 (3.2-rc5)
- updated ooo-build to version (3.2-rc5):
    * Common bits:
	* vcl's grey palette init
	* x86_64 bridge fixes (i#98028, bnc#575704)
	* not-properly initialized paradepth in svdfppt.cxx
	* decode URI escapes in subject when sending E-mail (bnc#575653)
	* various GNOME quickstarter fixes (i#108918, bnc#575555)
	* decode URI escapes in subject when sending E-mail (bnc#575653)
    * Base bits:
	* ReportBuilder crasher (i#108914, bnc#575698)
    * Calc bits:
	* better formula variable separator config check (bnc#556142)
    * Impress bits:
	* avoid looping in draw/impress
	* BadMatch crasher during slideshow (i#107763)
    * l10n bits:
	* Spanish accelerators fix (i#102645)
    * build bits:
	* look for moc in QT4DIR first

Wed Jan 27 20:29:22 CET 2010 -

- updated to the milestone ooo320-m11 (3.2-rc4)
- updated ooo-build to version (3.2-rc4):
    * Common bits:
	* valgrind warnings
	* increase the default java stack size to 1MB (bnc#572372)
    * Calc bits:
	* CSV dialog parameters storing (i#108645)
	* hidden rows heights XLS export (bnc#573938)
	* pagenation when printing selected cells (bnc#569328)
	* drilling down on field member crasher (i#103347, bnc#573456)
    * Write bits:
	* bullets RTF export (bnc#569266)
	* create style via API (i#108426)
    * VBA bits:
	* library location so VBA services work for Windows
    * l10n bits:
	* Spanish translations fix
    * build bits:
	* presenter screen extension build
	* localize framework improvements

Wed Jan 13 19:32:02 CET 2010 -

- updated to the milestone ooo320-m9
- updated ooo-build to version (3.2-rc2):
    * performance:
	* faster XLSX export (bnc#558577)
    * Common bits:
	* fixes from valgrind test
	* SVG import crasher (bnc#560255)
	* AFM parser crasher (bnc#535485)
    * Base bits:
	* Table wizard does not start (i#107917) [upstream, Rene]
    * Calc bits:
	* correctly query last flagged row (bnc#568146)
	* error when saving ODS document as XLSX (bnc#566581)
	* dis-joint ranges highlighting while in chart mode (bnc#568016)
    * Writer bits:
	* fields DOC import crasher (bnc#569348)
    * KDE4 bits:
	* override existing files
	* multiple auto-extension checkboxes
	* 3rd party plugin should not cause crash (bnc#548354)
    * VBA bits:
	* 'exe' checkbox under Load/Save|VBA Properties options
    * build bits:
	* update the prebuilt gdocs version to 2.1.0 (bnc#568399)

Sun Dec 20 19:38:12 CET 2009 -

- updated to the milestone ooo320-m8
- updated ooo-build to version (3.2-rc1):
    * performance:
	* DBF import performance by 75% (bnc#558505)
	* string intern optimization for PC 850 code pages
	* do not load any VBA crap from non MSO documents
	* do not always load presenter screen (i#107568)
    * Common bits:
	* layout dialogs crashers
	* few WMF/EMF+ import fixes [upstream, Radek]
	* file read from sftp-folder (bnc#465102)
	* pasting from Firefox crashers (bnc#553819)
	* unnecessary exceptions in sfx2 (i#107512)
	* better wording of the always save option check box
	* saving when locking is not supported (bnc#560877, i#107511)
    * Calc bits:
	* Lotus import crasher (bnc#565184)
	* connector styles XLS import (bnc#559393)
	* minor bugs in datapilot ODS import/export
	* line count of move-copy sheet dialog (bnc#559438)
	* random ListBox::CalcMinimumSize() results (bnc#557230)
	* support XLSX export for more that 65536 rows (bnc#504623)
	* conflict between formula and decimal separators (bnc#556142)
	* number of the sheet in the "Insert Sheet" dialog (bnc#559445)
    * Writer bits:
	* image position in DOC import
	* update table format when pasting a value (bnc#564789)
    * VBA bits:
	* macro properties fixup (bnc#566030)
	* listindex, radiobutton, listbox events (bnc#560355, bnc#561639)

Mon Dec  7 17:53:37 CET 2009 -

- updated to the milestone ooo320-m7
- updated ooo-build to version (3.2-beta4):
    * features:
	* support ooo320-m6
	* support iceape/icedove/iceweasel in open-url
	* add option for the save icon behavior (bnc#556125)
    * speed up:
	* filtering performance in presence of cell notes (bnc#556927)
    * Common bits:
	* French autocorrection improvements
	* fullscreen WM hints (bnc#551402)
	* work with odf-converter again (bnc#557368)
	* un-set Cairo font options crasher (i#59127)
	* find the moved help when registering extension (i#107283) [ab, Petr]
    * Calc bits:
	* filter removing crasher (bnc#558564)
	* percent format getting unlimited precision (bnc#555889)
	* return correct flag value from R1C1 parser (bnc#557475)
	* incorrect range separator for disjoint ranges (bnc#556268)
	* TAB key to auto-complete word and move cell cursor (i#18748)
	* incorrect XLS import of sheet protection options (bnc#542024)
    * Writer bits:
	* OLE objects DOC import (bnc#557965)
	* returning from writer fullscreen mode crasher (i#107248)
    * OOXML bits:
	* regression on image DOCX import
	* sections DOCX import crasher (bnc#548701)
	* temporary make the XLSX export a separate library
	* wrong type and position of connector shape in XLSX import (bnc#549331)
    * VBA bits:
	* late document event crasher (bnc#558907)
	* mappings between imported local names and orig excel name
    * l10n bits:
	* Hungarian fixes
	* updated ooo-build translation from the openSUSE community

Tue Nov 24 16:57:27 CET 2009 -

- updated to the milestone ooo320-m5
- updated ooo-build to version (3.2-beta3):
    * speed up:
	* bunch of useless flush calls in rdb code
	* page break update and printing performance (bnc#554955)
	* row's hidden state lookup during pagenation (bnc#554955)
    * Common bits:
	* better document status icon in the status bar
    * Calc bits:
	* more on flat_segment_tree implementation
	* better icons in the datapilot popup window
	* datapilot position in XLS export/import (i#106583)
	* storing custom display names for datapilot tables (i#106975)
    * Draw bits:
	* malformed Bezier curve printing (bnc#553219)
	* more on custom shapes gradient color (bnc#485637)
    * VBA bits:
	* more Writer VBA API
	* more on sheet protection
	* event helper crasher (bnc#438606)
	* find fails to wrap search when it fails (bnc#554261)
    * build bits:
	* update Google Docs and Zoho extension to version 1.9.0
- added define use_xulrunner191 that would allow to use xulrunner191
  on SLED11-SP1 (bnc#540726)

Fri Nov 13 17:34:52 CET 2009 -

- updated to the milestone ooo320-m4
- updated ooo-build to version (3.2-beta2):
    * speed up:
	* do not call `uname` during start (i#106891)
    * Common bits:
	* broken find&search dialog (bnc#552450)
	* broken colors in PDF export (i#106523)
	* erasing elements in toolkit layout code (i#106575)
    * Calc bits:
	* more on automatic adjusting decimal numbers (bnc#541973)
	* disable paste mode when the input mode is active (i#102456)
	* rot. text + border in XLS import (i#38709, bnc#549728)
    * Writer bits:
	* recorded changes editing (bnc#545815)
	* image size DOC export (bnc#554549, i#59648)
	* background color and bullet indentation DOC import (bnc#547308)
    * OOXML bits:
	* more on shapes DOCX import
    * VBA bits:
	* control name override logic
	* selection reset after paste
	* combobox binding data import in userform (bnc#539220)
    * build bits:
	* switch back to the internal saxon (bnc#547157)

Thu Oct 29 22:57:28 CET 2009 -

- updated to the milestone ooo320-m2
- updated ooo-build to version (3.2-beta1):
    * features:
	* NLPSolver extension (fate#304653)
	* oooblogger extension (fate#304555)
	* Google Docs and Zoho extension (fate#304577)
	* optional icon themes (i#105062, bnc#529404, bnc#537541)
    * speed up:
	* use stringbuf in SVG export
	* cache fontconfig's pre-match substitution results (bnc#529532)
    * common bits:
	* XML parser crasher
	* opacity SVG import
	* WebDAV locking stuff rework
	* many KDE4 integration fixes
	* set dev-install icons to small ones
	* regression in WMF import (bnc#417818)
	* more on fontconfig/cairofont stuff
	* wrong kerning on Linux (bnc#464436, i#26519)
	* inserting uiconfiguration ( menus/toolbar ) (i#105154)
	* keep locks after saving documents via WebDAV (bnc#464568)
	* better fix for quick-starter unload crasher (i#101245)
	* save non-English file names with KDE4 dialog (deb#536664)
	* driver string action and font object EMF+ import (bnc#519715)
	* prevent multiple window resize when maximised (i#104469)
    * Base bits:
	* UPDATE db record failure (i#104088)
    * Calc bits:
	* selection change and status icon (bnc#548116)
	* range selection for RTL languages (bnc#542684)
	* Force-interpret formula cell results (bnc#540563)
	* check for the General number format type (i#46511)
	* broken SUBTOTAL cell function after undo (bnc#545287)
	* erroneous export of OCX combo box controls (bnc#540566)
	* automatically adjust the number of decimals (bnc#541973)
	* skip filtered cells during search or replace (bnc#539282)
	* unicode strings in external ref URIs (i#103918, i#104166)
	* disable context menu on non-selectable cells (bnc#542024)
	* SHA1 hash algorithm for sheet and doc password by default
	* zero bytes encryption inside cond. formatting (bnc#541058)
	* selection of cells on protected sheets by default (bnc#538559)
	* cell selection handling when cell is being edited (bnc#541269)
    * Draw bits:
	* slides printing page offset (bnc#537931)
    * Impress bits:
	* wrong text bounds
	* missing drag rect on mac
	* PPT import crasher (bnc#546758)
	* bullet size PPT import (bnc#515972)
	* dock presentation minimizer toolbar
    * Writer bits:
	* Non-breaking spaces fixes
	* UNO API related to fields
	* unknown fields DOC import (i#61075, i#89667)
	* allow to add param into form field during import
	* two consecutive text fields in DOC import (bnc#546416)
    * OOXML bits:
	* collapsed paragraphs at the end of the sections DOCX import
	* VML shapes missing and bad sizes in DOCX import (bnc#549300)
	* styles without stylesheet definition DOCX import (bnc#545717)
    * VBA bits:
	* some wae fixes
	* controls visibility (bnc#542132)
	* AutoFilterMode macro (bnc#549383)
	* more on transient imported autotext
	* misc IBM fixes (i#104203, i#103653)
	* support for default member with automation bridge
	* boolean arguments to worksheet functions (bnc#541735)
	* more fixes for automation (bnc#535086, bnc#535087, bnc#535088,
	* Do While Not "foo"="" " causes date type mismatch (i#105321)
	* IsEmpty RTL function fails with non-object params (bnc#541749)
	* object not cleared when entering new stack frame (bnc#541755)
    * l10n bits:
	* lots fixes
	* Russian and Slovak autocorection update (i#91304)
    * split build:
	* install extensions MIME type icon
	* install startcenter.desktop (bnc#548534)
    * Novell bits:
	* use xulrunner-1.9.1 on openSUSE-11.2
	* branch configuration for openSUSE-11.2
	* enable EMFPlus section for SLED10 (bnc#232232)
	* used internal boost on SLED10, openSUSE-10.3, openSUSE-11.0

Tue Oct 20 16:45:29 CEST 2009 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * Common bits:
	* "blank "Search in" option (bnc#548249)
    * Calc bits:
	* selection change and status icon (bnc#548116)
	* broken SUBTOTAL cell function after undo (bnc#545287)
    * Impress bits:
	* PPT import crasher (bnc#546758)
    * KDE4 filepicker fixes:
        * image insert
        * filters for export dialogs (bnc#542123)
        * missing 'new folder' button (bnc#546421)
        * allow to switch off the KDE4 file picker
        * dragging a directory to the sidebar crasher
    * use the internal saxon also for openSUSE-11.2 (bnc#547157)
    * fixed build with the prebuilt jsr173_1.0_api.jar on SLED10

Tue Oct  6 17:01:57 CEST 2009 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * Calc bits:
	* column deletion crasher (bnc#542854)
	* range selection for RTL languages (bnc#542684)
	* disable problematic copy on merged cells (bnc#540923)
	* erroneous export of OCX combo box controls (bnc#540566)
	* automatically adjust the number of decimals (bnc#541973)
	* zero bytes encryption inside cond. formatting (bnc#541058)
	* cell selection handling when cell is being edited (bnc#541269)
    * Impress bits:
	* bullet size PPT import (bnc#515972)
    * l10n:
	* German translation of the Cancel button (bnc#544166)
	* Extended Tips abbreviations for Italian localization (i#88915)
    * unopkg-regenerate-cache error messages
    * allow to use the prebuilt jsr173_1.0_api.jar (bnc#527738, bnc#481242,
    * use system saxon (bnc#527738, bnc#481242, bnc#473232)
- recommend jre >= 1.6 (bnc#540225)

Tue Sep 22 16:15:15 CEST 2009 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * Common bits:
	* opacity SVG import
	* regression in WMF import (bnc#417818)
	* various bugs in the KDE4 open/save dialogs
	* Russian and Slovak autocorrection update (i#91304)
	* driver string action and font object EMF+ import (bnc#519715)
    * Calc bits:
	* search for empty cells fix
	* more on multi-range copy & paste (i#104553, i#104550)
	* saving a document with chart crasher (i#104484)
	* SHA1 hash algorithm for sheet and doc password by default
	* selection of cells on protected sheets by default (bnc#538559)
	* incorrect focus shift during row/column selection (bnc#539434)
    * Draw bits:
	* slides printing page offset (bnc#537931)
    * VBA bits:
	* Rowsource for controls setting (bnc#540960)
    * l10n:
	* updated translations
    * build:
	* install the icons for extensions (bnc#370015)
	* branch configuration for openSUSE-11.2
	* build with xulrunner-1.9.1 on openSUSE-11.2
	* optional icon themes (i#105062, bnc#529404, bnc#537541)
- used mozilla-xulrunner191-devel in BuildRequires for openSUSE >= 11.2

Wed Sep  2 18:00:13 CEST 2009 -

- ooo-build- == 3.1.1-rc1 == final

Wed Aug 26 13:28:08 CEST 2009 -

- updated to the milestone ooo310-m19
- updated ooo-build to version (3.1.1-rc1):
    * Common bits:
	* prevent multiple window resize when maximised (i#104469)
	* save non-English file names with KDE4 dialog (deb#536664)
	* keep locks after saving documents via WebDAV (bnc#464568)
	* KDE detection (bnc#529208)
    * Base bits:
	* UPDATE db record failure (i#104088)
    * Calc bits:
	* multi-range copy-n-paste stuff fix
    * Impress bits:
	* wrong text bounds in Impress (bnc#523603)
    * OOXML bits:
	* data sequence creation in PPTX import (bnc#500175)
    * l10n bits:
	* French translation update
	* Finnish translation update
	* Hungarian translation update
- updated extra localization sources: ga nb nn sl

Tue Aug 18 19:51:59 CEST 2009 -

- updated to the milestone ooo310-m18
- updated ooo-build to version (3.1.1-beta3):
    * speed up::
	* cache fontconfig's pre-match substitution results (n#529532)
    * Common bits:
	* saving pictures with preview size (bnc#531221, i#104146)
	* menubar theme support (bnc#526004, bnc#527356, i#103999)
    * Base bits:
	* Table Wizard categories (i#102019)
    * Calc bits:
	* Unicode string in document URI in Edit Links dialog (i#104166)
	* several regressions in external references (i#103918)
    * OOXML bits:
	* pivot data PPTX export (bnc#505917)
    * l10n bits:
	* Hungarian translation of About dialog
	* ooo-build.pot update file

Tue Aug  4 22:19:15 CEST 2009 -

- updated to the milestone ooo310-m17
- updated ooo-build to version (3.1.1-beta2):
    * feature:
	* animated border for copied range
	* better modified status icon in statusbar (i#103862)
	* surface shades, custom shapes gradient color (bnc#485637)
    * common bits:
	* squeezed check boxes in sub menus (bnc#523852)
	* show templates installed as extension (bnc#512146)
	* single-point polygons in fontwork crasher (bnc#526342)
    * Calc fixes:
	* sorting when the first row was not 0 (bnc#524215)
	* string cell format during text file import (bnc#523414)
	* non-default max column/row size for range names (bnc#522833)
    * Draw:
	* autoshape geometry on model change
	* avoids messing with fontwork glyph polygons (bnc#485637)
    * VBA bits:
	* broken Styles.Add
	* toolbar XLS import
	* broken toolbar import
	* typename issue (bnc#525649)
	* better heuristic for deleted ctrls
	* support for tooltips and separators
	* HTMLSelect activex objects XLS import (bnc#523191)
	* Financial functions (bnc#525633, bnc#525635, bnc#525642, bnc#525647)
    * OOXML bits:
	* pivot table XLSX export (bnc#505917)
	* animations PPTX export (bnc#497570)
	* blip luminance PPTX export (bnc#497570)
	* better header/footer DOCX import (bnc#519201)
    * l10n bits:
	* Russian translation update
	* Hungarian translations update
	* translations update by openSUSE community
	* Spanish translation of the autofilter menu (i#103840)
- updated extra localizations sources: bg el mk nb nn sk sl

Thu Jul 23 21:16:24 CEST 2009 -

- updated to the milestone ooo310-m16
- updated ooo-build to version (3.1.1-beta1):
    * features:
	* new unopkg add --link option
	* new -bulk option to convert documents on the command line
    * common bug fixes:
	* updated Graphite font technology stuff
	* avoid sticky state of fullscreen window (i#103145)
    * Calc fixes:
	* XLS import crasher (bnc#520556)
	* scrolling with large selection (n#518426)
	* determine in-line array size more reliably
	* more on row and flags manipulations (n#516406)
	* hyperlink strings XLS import (bnc#521447, i#103520)
	* COUNTIF with external references (bnc#521624, i#102750)
	* absolute path generation for external doc URI (i#103317)
	* clink on hyperlinks behavior in Calc (i#103587, n#523005)
	* document is modified when switching external link (i#103598)
     * Impress fixes:
	* no impress layout pane in master page mode (i#73289)
    * Writer fixes:
	* RTF export crash (bnc#462657)
	* lost indentation during DOC import (bnc#518731)
    * VBA bits:
	* ComboBox binding data import in userform
	* create toolbar/menubar in document scope
	* variable as VBA constant (bnc#521820)
	* set Enabled/Disabled to menu item (i#103486)
	* automation objects, automation bridge wrapper (bnc#507501)
	* WorkBook.PrecisionAsDisplayed, and CommandbarControl.Enabled, support
	  workbook auto_open event, builtin toolbar (bnc#520228)
    * OOXML bits:
	* shape map crash
	* action buttons PPTX export (bnc#497570)
	* footnote in a table DOCX import crasher (bnc#518741)
    * l10n bits:
	* ooo-build.pot update
	* Serbian translation update

Mon Jun 29 19:30:31 CEST 2009 -

- updated to the milestone ooo310-m14
- updated ooo-build to version (3.1.1-alpha2):
    * features:
	* Oxygen icons theme for KDE4
	* OOXML export enabled by default
    * general bug fixes:
	* more on the KDE support
	* better KDE3/KDE4 detection
	* selection engine's auto repeat interval (bnc#514395)
	* early startup race in generic vcl plug (i#103148)
	* sticky fullscreen window state for xinerama (bnc#480324)
    * Calc fixes:
	* slow down scrolling interval (n#514395)
	* unsupported encryption XLS import crasher (i#102906)
	* non-scrolling formula reference selection (bnc#512060)
	* more optimization for increased row limit (bnc#514156)
	* chart update problems with Excel documents (bnc#491898)
	* non-initiated reference mode in selection range (bnc#512060)
	* selection area before setting autofilter arrows (bnc#514164)
	* strip time elements only when fields contains dates (i#94695)
	* autofill marker position when expanding selection (bnc#514151)
    * Impress fixes:
	* lots fixes of numbering (i#101269)
	* isotropic fit-to-size scale (i#94086)
    * Writer:
	* table shifted left margin DOC export (i#100473)
    * OOXML bits:
	* blank paragraphs DOCX import
	* reduce the number of dummy page styles DOCX import
	* collapsed paragraphs at the end of the sections DOCX import
    * VBA bits:
	* load problem for non MSO documents
	* maximum range selection and scrolling
	* Window.Zoom should affect only current sheet
	* fallback to the calling document as active doc
	* property value "BulletId" could be greater than 255 (i#103021)
- added OpenOffice_org-branding into Requires also for openSUSE-10.3
- changed BuildRequires from OpenOffice_org-help-devel to the new

Mon Jun 15 21:16:25 CEST 2009 -

- updated to the milestone ooo310-m13
- updated ooo-build to version (3.1.1-alpha1)
    * features:
	* support ooo310-m13
	* KDE4 vcl plugin and file picker
	* initial support for SmartArt import
	* autoplay .pps/.ppsx files (bnc#485645)
	* custom sort in datapilot tables (bnc#443361)
	* DataPilot's custom names ODF import/export (bnc#479062)
	* option to turn off auto number recognition in HTML import
	* sheet options and password ODS import/export (i#60305,i#71468)
    * speed up:
	* progress bar during formula calculation (i#102566)
	* cell range selection & cursor placement (bnc#511006)
	* column-wise sorting in Calc (bnc#504827)
	* more on faster sheet switch (bnc#495140)
    * bug fixes:
	* USHORT vs. SCROW or SCCOL (bnc#509768)
	* cursor after drag-n-dropped (bnc#508872)
	* slow page style changing in Calc (n#503482)
	* multi-range copy-n-paste crasher (bnc#509209)
	* rows filtered via autofilter crasher (bnc#495140)
	* merged cell attribute flag corruption (bnc#508867)
	* shifted translations of OOo Calc options (bnc#507643)
	* replace 'Manual Break' with 'Page Break' in Calc's menu
	* Launch language chooser for all HTML import (bnc#506095)
	* show cursor in all panes in split-view mode (bnc#433834)
	* do not move the cursor when making a selection (bnc#502717)
	* custom language and number options for CSV import (bnc#510168)
	* surface shades, custom shapes gradient color (bnc#485637)
	* misplaced rotated groups in PPT import (bnc#485637)
	* creating tables in Impress (bnc#483951, i#100275)
	* fit to frame text feature crasher (bnc#508621)
	* MM_TEXT map mode support in WMF (bnc#417818)
	* relative size calculation in SVG import
	* crash on quit after DOC import (bnc#505704)
	* fix SDK to actually find the libraries (i#101883)
	* default button in enter password dialog (i#102230)
	* HTML OLE controls as OCX controls DOC import (bnc#485609)
	* duplicit accept/reject menu entries (bnc#249775,i#6191)
    * OOXML bits:
	* prefer odf-converter over native OOXML filters (bnc#502173)
	* set flavour to EXC_OUTPUT_XML_2007 in XLSX export (bnc#502090)
	* XML_useAutoFormatting XLSX export (bnc#497560)
	* styles XLSX import/export (bnc#497563)
	* row limit in XLSX export (bnc#504623)
	* autoFilter XLSX export (bnc#497559)
	* rotated text PPTX export(bnc#498737)
	* transitions PPTX import (bnc#480243)
	* various PPTX import issues (bnc#377727)
	* text hyperlinks PPTX export (bnc#499124)
	* shapes visibility PPTX import (bnc#480243)
	* paragraph line spacing PPTX export (bnc#498737)
	* shape fill properties PPTX import (i#101563)
	* placeholder text style PPTX import (bnc#479834)
	* subtitle placeholder PPTX import (bnc#480243)
	* text body properties priority in PPTX import (bnc#403402)
	* un-connected connector shapes PPTX export (bnc#499129)
	* hidden slide PPTX import and export (bnc#480229, n#499131)
	* header, footer, datetime, pagenumber PPTX import (bnc#480243)
	* page break after tables in DOCX import (bnc#478945, i#101661)
	* footnote character properties DOCX import (bnc#478972)
	* extra paragraph in DOCX import (bnc#478977)
	* better outline DOCX import (bnc#478583)
    * VBA bits:
	* toolbars import
	* more on the Word support
	* macro execution via VBA API
	* crasher caused by resize event
	* rework use of getCurrentDocument
	* vbadocumentbase::getPath (bnc#507745)
	* add application.quit API (bnc#510003)
	* initial version of new macro resolver
	* checkbox access via VBA API (bnc#507400)
	* vbadocumentbase::getFullName (bnc#507745)
	* active newly added worksheet (bnc#507758)
	* default value control setting (bnc#507748)
	* allow worksheet to be passed as param (bnc#507760)
	* add to support menubar related objects (bnc#508113)
	* code name incorrectly imported for sheet (bnc#507768)
	* userform filter and userform controls visibility (i#88878)
	* auto calculation of shift direction for delete (bnc#508101)

Thu May 28 19:24:34 CEST 2009 -

- updated ooo-build to version (3.1-rc7 == final):
    * shifted translations of OOo Calc options (bnc#507643)
    * better fix of the SDK profile (i#101883)

Tue May 26 16:38:52 CEST 2009 -

- updated ooo-build to version (3.1-rc6):
    * duplicated menu entries (bnc#249775, i#6191)
    * French and Portuguese localization update
    * Hungarian localization update

Fri May 22 13:57:45 CEST 2009 -

- updated ooo-build to version (3.1-rc5):
    * Spanish ooo-build translation update
    * patches did not apply on some systems

Thu May 21 18:40:21 CEST 2009 -

- updated ooo-build to version (3.1-rc4):
    * crashes on quit when loaded MS doc (bnc#505704)
    * removed last problematic fix for skipping data in hidden cells
      when rendering charts (i#101273)
    * fixed build with gcc-4.4 for openSUSE factory

Tue May 19 16:30:15 CEST 2009 -

- updated ooo-build to version (3.1-rc3):
    * more on update page break optimization (bnc#503482)
    * more on skipping data in hidden cells when rendering charts
    * really add Lotus Wordpro import filter

Fri May 15 17:38:01 CEST 2009 -

- updated ooo-build to version  (3.1-rc2):
    * bug fixes:
	* prefer odf-converter over native OOXML filters (bnc#502173)
	* HTML OLE controls as OCX controls DOC import (bnc#485609)
	* creating tables in Impress  (bnc#483951, i#100275)
	* fix SDK to actually find the libraries (i#101883)
	* slow page style changing in Calc (n#503482)
    * OOXML bits:
	* autoFilter XLSX export (bnc#497559)
	* XML_useAutoFormatting XLSX export (bnc#497560)
	* set flavour to EXC_OUTPUT_XML_2007 in XLSX export (bnc#502090)
	* un-connected connector shapes PPTX export (bnc#499129)
	* subtitle placeholder PPTX import (bnc#480243)
	* shape fill properties PPTX import (i#101563)
	* transitions PPTX import (bnc#480243)

Thu May  7 23:12:05 CEST 2009 -

- updated ooo-build to version  (3.1-rc1):
    * bug fixes:
	* ODS export freeze (bnc#501029)
	* more on slow ODS import (bnc#498547)
	* custom sort in DataPilot tables (bnc#443361)
	* more on DataPilot custom sort popup window (bnc#443361)
	* pasting a formula into formula input field freeze (bnc#500985)
	* put back the paper orientation printer props (bnc#83925)
	* templates and a11y crasher (i#86443, bnc#497879)
	* detect new monitor in GTK (i#101184)
	* flat ODT files indentation (lp#226075, bnc#437561)
	* guard against wrong dpi (i#101145)
	* "Search&Replace" and a11y crasher (bnc#500267)
	* broken "Paste Special" (bnc#497708)
    * OOXML bits:
	* picture layout PPTX import (bnc#49285, bnc#480223)
	* max level of a TOC field DOCX import (bnc#478583)
	* parent styles DOCX import (bnc#478583)
	* Normal style DOCX import (bnc#478583)
	* numbering DOCX import (bnc#478583)
	* notes DOCX export crasher (bnc#497417]
    * VBA bits:
	* sheet control geometry attributes crasher (bnc#500006)

Thu Apr 30 19:56:03 CEST 2009 -

- updated to the milestone ooo310-m11 (3.1-rc2)
- updated ooo-build to version (3.1-beta7)
    * bug fixes:
	* slow ODS import (bnc#498547)
	* disable experimental NATIVE_TOCs
	* wrong Evolution driver (bnc#496902, i#101439)
	* loop the A/V when the 'loop' flag is set
	* various DOC import bugs (bnc#417814, bnc#417818)
	* table row height in PPT import (bnc#483951, i#100275)
	* StyleTextProp with empty text PPT import (bnc#485630)
	* GTK quickstarter crashes on disable/exit (i#101245)
    * OOXML bits:
	* dates DOCX export
	* spacing DOCX export (bnc#493673)
	* section columns DOCX export (bnc#497556)
	* more on nested table DOCX export (bnc#499118)
	* cell width and height DOCX export (bnc#497554)
	* endless loop in bookmarks DOCX export (bnc#498755)
	* shapes DOCX import crasher (bnc#478945, bnc#478982)
	* some DOCX VML import side effects (bnc#478595)
	* more on layout PPTX import (bnc#480223)
	* XLSX export crasher (bnc#497419)
	* build libxlsx and libpptx separately
    * VBA bits:
	* bad initialise call when editing userform module (bnc#497923)

Fri Apr 24 13:48:09 CEST 2009 -

- updated to the milestone ooo310-m10
- updated ooo-build to version (3.1-beta6):
    * bug fixes:
	* F9 update didn't update charts (i#101273)
	* infinite loop on exporting ODS document (bnc#497610)
	* crash when exporting notes with hyperlinks (i#101159)
	* many input field stuff improvements (bnc#248354, bnc#400884)
	* more on stepping back one animation effect (i#48179)
	* loosing slide preview in notes on PPT export (i#101051)
	* restore the pre-3.0 Impress ruler behaviour (i#101269)
	* avoid dupe sound with presenter screen
	* Impress animation UI fix
    * VBA bits:
	* fix treatment of null if 'If' comparison (bnc#496844)
    * OOXML bits:
	* view zoom in XLSX import (bnc#494603)
	* disable untested animations PPTX export
	* tables DOCX export (bnc#492916, bnc#492896)
	* initial support for VML in DOCX import
	* merged many DOCX import fixes:
	    * tables (i#90093,  i#97804, i#92544, bnc#478965)
	    * pictures: (i#96021, i#97645, bnc#457490)
	    * redlines (i#91883, bnc#478562)
	    * misc: i#93783, i#100176
    * build bits:
	* java target in jfreereport (bnc#496747)
- updated extra localization sources: be-BY, bg, cs, da, el, et, fi, ga, km,
  lt, mk, sk, sl

Fri Apr 17 17:43:05 CEST 2009 -

- updated ooo-build to version (3.1-beta5):
    * bug fixes:
	* max column XLS import (bnc#495140)
	* entering value into any cell crasher
	* DataPilot hide list fixes (bnc#483379, i#100619)
	* hitting the Tab key incorrectly removes selection
	* dragging in datapilot after changing source range (i#86791)
	* DataPilot's dynamic source range is not working (bnc#494948)
	* mark formula cells within chart data ranges dirty (bnc#491898)
	* avoid subpixel clipping in cairocanvas (bnc#489451)
	* better fix for slideshow animation speed
	* return/esc in Impress custom animation dialog
	* clipboard and text scaling fixes
	* missing crasher
	* do not eat ctrl-<keycode>
	* vcl freeze
	* non-functional mono bridge
	* more system python fixes
	* Don't overwrite files in KDE Save As dialog (bnc#487952)
	* missing icons in the presenter screen console (bnc#448305)
    * speed up:
	* line stroking with antialiasing (i#10085)
    * VBA bits:
	* disable not-enough-tested project reference and toolbar/menu
	  customizations for word
	* use value of default property if it exists (bnc#494990)
    * OOXML bits:
	* bodyPr's vert, anchor and anchorCrt import (bnc#479829)
	* can't remove text imported from DOCX (bnc#492875)
	* DOCX headers/footers export freeze (bnc#492916)
	* nested tables logic, styles, alignment in DOCX import (bnc#492903,
	* absolute references import (bnc#493528)
	* font spacing import (bnc#479822)
	* XLSX export enable
    * l10n:
	* Russian ooo-build translation update

Wed Apr  8 19:48:24 CEST 2009 -

- updated to the milestone ooo310-m9
- updated ooo-build to version (3.1-beta4)
    * speedup
	* configmgr node sort (i#100743)
	* lang guessing optimization (i#100757)
	* hugely accelerate calc HTML import (i#100827)
    * bug fixes:
	* datapilot grouping breakage (bnc#491637)
	* ctrl-[ and ctrl-] Calc hotkeys (bnc#464359)
	* disable autofilter in datapilot output (bnc#484600)
	* bin problematic cell cursor moving changes (bnc#388770)
	* field member visibility quick editing (bnc#483379, i#100619)
	* DOC export problems (bnc#479068, i#100473, i#100918)
	* better solution for the system python
	* bin ugly gail version number warning
    * VBA bits:
	* compare basic syntax compile error (bnc#488588)
	* import customizations from global templates
	* suppress duplicate import of template data
	* various compiler fixes
    * OOXML bits:
	* many XLSX import fixes (bnc#479396, bnc#480854, bnc#480876,
	  bnc#481317, i#100544)
	* OLE2 shapes import and VML drawing lookup (bnc#485418)
	* gradient/bitmap fill background import (bnc#383555)
	* polylines and polygons import
    * build bits:
	* regenerated many diffs to apply cleanly to build with patch-
    * experimental:
	* initial implementation of OOXML export filters (fate#304564,
	  fate#304566, fate#304567)
- fixed mono bridge to work

Fri Mar 27 21:17:08 CET 2009 -

- updated to the milestone ooo310-m7
- updated ooo-build to version (3.1-beta3)
    * more on skipping data in hidden cells when rendering charts
      (bnc#404190, i#81209)
    * charts with non-default formula syntax (bnc#487350)
    * messages about missing directories with templates (i#100518)
    * VBA bits:
	* custom menus import from word documents crasher
	* enable filter to process builtin menubar
	* compile issue (i#100578)
    * OOXML import:
	* master page style only for placeholder shapes (bnc#485417)
	* docx nested tables (i#92544, bnc#478965)
	* external references import (bnc#480868)
	* autoFilter in table part (bnc#479381)
    * do not lost ARCH_FLAGS from the environment
- switched to the internal icu on openSUSE-10.3; icu >= 4.0 is needed
- added unopkg-regenerate-cache to regenerate the UNO cache with broken
  extensions (needed for LanguageTool-0.9.3.oxt)

Fri Mar 20 16:09:23 CET 2009 -

- updated to the milestone ooo310-m6
- updated ooo-build to version (3.1-beta2):
    * symbol visibility in comphelper, svg
    * startup performance problem in the migration code
    * allow to specify lang on HTML import into Calc (bnc#484272)
    * datapilot output and new sheet destination (bnc#483446)
    * merge flags when a new row is inserted (bnc#484599)
    * more on multiline formula reference (i#35913)
    * autocorrection in Calc (bnc#472395, lp#271774)
    * custom name of datapilot table (bnc#484157)
    * cairocanvas colorspace miscalculation
    * Sun Report Builder fixes (i#100249)
    * backported some fixes
    * lock renewal code
    * many DOCX import fixes
    * crash on startup with the GTK+ plugin
    * placeholder layout fix (bnc#485316, bnc#480223)
    * user friendly migration of java settings (i#99619)
    * tabs export problem causing broken TOC (bnc#479068)
    * VBA bits:
	* apply imported image for all image sizes
	* worksheet events rework
	* template name API fix

Tue Mar 10 12:00:11 CET 2009 -

- updated to the milestone ooo310-m4
- updated ooo-build to version (3.1-beta1)
    * more on WebDAV locking
    * support sheet tab colors Excel import/export
    * import/export field's precision correctly (n#479025)
    * Named ranges with Excel A1 or R1C1 syntax (bnc#481200)
    * copy & paste of non-contiguous regions (n#447003, i#25855)
    * allow to step back one animation in slideshow (i#48179)
    * mail merge bugs and regressions
    * VBA bits:
	* more on the support for VBA in Writer
	* Application.CommandBars function (bnc#459458)
	* autotext and OLE objects (i#99786 & i#99790)
	* close event handler crasher
    * small Hungarian translation fixes
    * renamed/split some sources
- fixed build on SLED10, openSUSE-10.3 and openSUSE-11.0
- temporary disabled pyuno registration on SLED10

Thu Feb 26 15:28:38 CET 2009 -

- updated to the milestone ooo310-m2
- updated ooo-build to version (3.1-alpha1):
    * Excel export encryption and sheet protection
    * initial support for VBA in Writer
    * new startcenter.desktop
    * more on the layouted dialogs
    * some fixes in the SVG import
    * more on the fit list to size stuff (i#94086)
    * more on skipping data in hidden cells when rendering charts
      (bnc#404190, i#81209)
    * more on multiline formula reference (i#35913)
    * data pilot default output to new sheet (i#50886)
    * always use A1 syntax in DDE function (bnc#442143)
    * missing x-values of numeric or dates  (bnc#463199)
    * Excel 2007 compatible row limit (bnc#443634, i#30215)
    * another grammar type for English Excel formula syntax
    * allow finding and replacing empty cells (i#49380, n#415352)
    * swap behavior for Backspace and Delete in Calc (bnc#460465)
    * formula syntax option migration from 3.0 to 3.1 (bnc#466064)
    * un-select tabs when switching sheet (i#70320, bnc#396894)
    * infinite loop when pasting over cells in Calc (bnc#478309)
    * multiple chart types in a single chart (i#95934, bnc#437322)
    * merging and unmerging cells on multiple sheets (bnc#213205)
    * "Identify Categories" in data pilot (bnc#447182, i#96171)
    * don't export color values as number formats (i#97563)
    * store ranges using CONV_OOO (bnc#463305, bnc#461263)
    * visible field members in page field list (i#96591)
    * allow to import quoted fields as text (bnc#433378)
    * English Excel formula syntax parsing (bnc#422145)
    * formula variable separators (i#92056, bnc#447164)
    * another DataPilot and filtered ranges regression
    * document Calc localized separator in helpcontent
    * custom names in data pilot (bnc#338014, i#22029)
    * external defined name import on XLS documents
    * autofill failed to increment "1 foo" (i#5550)
    * XLS import crasher (bnc#447560, bnc#458985)
    * referenced cells highlighting (bnc#469395)
    * broken stacked-area chart (bnc#472264)
    * chart export into ODF fix (bnc#461264)
    * formatting in part of a cell (i#96853)
    * "always save" in Calc (bnc##450789)
    * avoid internal Err:529 (bnc#440808)
    * XLS export write error (i#99097)
    * custom sheet tab colors option
    * do not lost charts (bnc#476293)
    * copy sheet crasher (bnc#478187)
    * SXC import crasher (bnc#467536)
    * shapes export into XLS (i#96858)
    * missing Gallery-resident custom shapes (bnc#479056)
    * text color and alignment in PPT import (bnc#443127)
    * DirectX canvas when the device is lost (bnc#445628)
    * allow to change stroke color and width during a slideshow (i#97972)
    * outline numbering in master document  (i#96092, bnc#445536)
    * pagebreak enhancements (bnc#396648)
    * preference over gnumeric (bnc#463510)
    * optional outplace OLE editing (i#98970)
    * make atk/a11y work again (i#98533, bnc#457611)
    * recognize a directory as a folder with neon (i#98288)
    * accelerators for the en-US locale (bnc#463733, i#97088)
    * find & replace dialog crasher (bnc#477854)
    * file name in the mail subject (bnc#459176)
    * disable the entire first start wizard
    * pyuno for python-2.6 (bnc#448776)
    * SMTP dialog fix
    * VBA bits:
	* more on the user forms and controls
	* run time error with ColorIndex function (bnc#459479)
	* deal with alternative macro action specifications
	* ComboBox.ListIndex runtime error (bnc#476891)
	* XLS import crasher (bnc#447560, bnc#458985)
	* GetBasic called on Shell crasher (i#98240)
	* VPageBreak and VPageBreaks objects porting
	* DateSerial function regression (i#97038)
	* IsError problems (bnc#469762)
	* VBA constants namespace errors
	* new simple template object
	* spaces in resource names
	* service macros rework
	* commandbar issues
	* allow localization of "Table Data View" and "Bibliography"
	* string truncations in some dialogs
    * even more quiet build

Fri Feb 20 14:02:10 CET 2009 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * do not lost charts (bnc#476293)
    * find & replace dialog crasher (bnc#477854)
    * use gnome-vfs2 instead of GIO to be able to open the files over smb://

Fri Feb  6 16:06:46 CET 2009 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * make atk/a11y work again (i#98533, bnc#457611)
    * define OOXML and FlatXML MIME types (bnc#439804)
    * fields export into MS DOC (bnc#472351)
    * apply correctly some patches; only few changes in the end; ran full
      qatesttool to prove that nothing serious happened (bnc#443698)
    * VBA bits:
	* runtime error with ColorIndex function (bnc#459479)
    * update ooo-build localization from openSUSE community
- added OpenOffice_org-l10n-en-US to Provides and Obsoletes to fix
  compatibility with the older split build used in the Build Service

Fri Jan 23 17:43:56 CET 2009 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * enable SuSE l10n of ooo-extension-manager.desktop (bnc#447083)
    * add Draft.jpg to the 'Backgrounds' gallery; SLED feature
      lost during the build split
    * accelerators for the en-US locale (bnc#463733, i#97088)
    * recognize a directory as a folder with neon (i#98288)
    * file name in the mail subject (bnc#459176)
    * fix java-set-classpath script (bnc#465250)
    * really used some extra icons (bnc#458929)
    * SXC import crasher (bnc#467536)
    * enable bash completion again
    * category value tooltip
    * update ooo-build localization
- added ExclusiveArch: %%ix86 x86_64 ppc (bnc#465252)
- fixed java-set-classpath call (bnc#465250)

Fri Jan  9 15:51:56 CET 2009 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * more on the layout dialogs
    * x-axis with numeric or dates (bnc#463199)
    * store ranges using CONV_OOO (bnc#463305, bnc#461263)
    * outline numbering in master document (i#96092, bnc#445536)
    * set python paths (bnc#440090, deb#501028, i#90701)
    * DirectX canvas when the device is lost (bnc#445628)
    * RIGHT JOIN selection description (bnc#431031, i#97026)
    * no latex filter without writer2latex (i#93520)
    * wordwrap problem with 2.x documents (i#93996)
    * preference over gnumeric (bnc#463510)
    * fit list to size popup (i#94086)
    * broken autorecovery (i#92968)
    * VBA bits:
	* XLS import crasher (bnc#447560, bnc#458985)
	* hyperlink button (bnc#446637)
- updated ooo-build localizations

Fri Dec  5 21:52:22 CET 2008 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * wrong text color and alignment in PPT import (bnc#443127)
    * more on the external range names (i#3740, i#4385)
    * another DataPilot and filtered ranges regression
    * pyuno for python-2.6 (bnc#448776)

Fri Nov 21 13:31:47 CET 2008 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * disabled some experimental layout stuff by default (bnc#442036)
    * non-numeric letter sequence detection (bnc#439441)
    * mark document as modified when password changed
    * COUNTA and string literal (bnc#446622)
    * pivot cache field import (bnc#433658)
    * user path in scripting framework
    * blinking text in slideshow
    * EMF import crashes
    * broken find & replace dialog (bnc#439222)
    * compilation of the mono sample (bnc#444353)
    * adds version info to cli_uno_bridge.dll assembly (bnc#361463)
    * saving files on Novell teaming via WebDAV (bnc#440514)
    * using GIO in non-GNOME WM (i#96170, n#442678)
    * can't import userforms from Word (bnc#447015)
    * bin version from the man page
    * symlinks in registries
    * VBA bits:
	* more on the VBA export
	* dropdown list keeps the focus (bnc#444156)
	* macro project tree does not show new modules (bnc#444984)
    * added support for hotfixes
    * added support for ooo-build and extra localizations
    * update ooo-build localization from openSUSE community
    * more Hungarian fixes
- added extra localizations sources
- enabled SUSE translation of desktop files; added update-desktop-files
  to BuildRequires (bnc#445720)

Fri Nov  7 13:48:05 CET 2008 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * mailmerge speed up stuff fixes
    * various impress bugs (i#94193)
    * incorrect scaling of axes (i#95714)
    * wrong color order for canvas axial gradients (i#95341)
    * disabled problematic TOC import fix (bnc#438525, bnc#404254)
    * gnome VFS crasher (i#95689, bnc#440363, bnc#440816)
    * delimiter for percent sign consistence (i#80784)
    * work with IBM Java 1.6.0 (bnc#440459, i#95838)
    * work with GroupWise (i#95873)
    * GTK-2.8 warnings (bnc#440514)
    * allow to localize "Pixel" (i#61043)
    * Hungarian translation fixes (i#88218)
    * VBA bits:
	* crash when inserting module (bnc#439971)
	* can't edit Userform with Organize Dialogs (bnc#439972)
    * updated scsolver to the snapshot 2008-10-30
- enabled system lpsolve (needed for scsolver)

Mon Oct 27 15:17:32 CET 2008 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * WordPro import filter integration
    * more on the TOC import (bnc#40425)
    * more on the SVG import (bnc#436486, ...)
    * various impress fixes (i#92026, i#92551, i#94705, i#95055)
    * change text size in merged cells regression (bnc#437137)
    * application icons in KDE and GNOME (i#95220, bnc#372983)
    * crash when adding/removing fonts (bnc#436441)
    * protected sections handling (bnc#400884)
    * Writer filed stuff fixes (bnc#400884)
    * support MS-like border spacing (bnc#391591)
    * GNOME quickstarter to work again (bnc#434778)
    * hidden-cells ODF export/import (bnc#408424)
    * cellformat toggle icon (i#86377)
    * Hungarian translation fixes
    * lots valgrind warnings
    * VBA bits:
	* more on the user forms and event handling
	* commandbar submenu fix (bnc#434214, bnc#437157)
	* bracket handling regression (i#92329)
	* more on the macro choose dialog
- enabled gio (important for the GNOME integration)
- added OpenOffice_org-filters-devel to BuildRequires to get registered
  during postprocess
- added back some useful post-scripts from the non-split package

Fri Oct 10 16:01:11 CEST 2008 -

- updated to the milestone ooo300-m9 (3.0rc4)
- updated ooo-build to version
- updated ooo-build to version
    * 7 times faster mail merge
    * more on the layout stuff
    * more on skipping data in hidden cells when rendering charts
      (bnc#404190, i#81209)
    * strip time value in DATEVALUE function (i#94765)
    * tab color of selected/unselected sheets (bnc#396386, i#94452)
    * disable problematic fix for hiding filtered rows (i#35581)
    * better description of password re-type dialog (bnc#431196)
    * do not insert drill-down sheet in read-only mode (i#90402)
    * COUNT and COUNTA when range contains errors (bnc#430655)
    * DataPilot and filtered ranges regression (i#94281)
    * correctly display linespacing < 100% (bnc#364534)
    * oobase to work with JRE 1.4.2 (bnc#431360)
    * slide transitions crashers (bnc#430449)
    * MS Doc import crasher (bnc#430149)
    * updated Hungarian translation
    * VBA stuff:
	* Application.Intersection new implementation [Noel]
	* Application.Union new implementation [Noel]
	* font properties crasher (bnc#433292) [Noel]
	* Null and various operators [Noel]
	* more font properties [Fong]
	* better strings in macro choose dialog [Fong]
- added back all the build dependencies to fix the component registration

Sat Sep 27 12:04:54 CEST 2008 -

- updated to the milestone ooo300-m7 (3.0rc2)
- updated ooo-build to version
    * enabled build of PostgreSQL driver (fate#304558)
    * basic macro choose dialog
    * more on the layout stuff
    * more on the external range names
    * Excel 95 import filter crasher (bnc#427434)
    * chart's data range re-calculation (bnc#425617)
    * cell change records export to Excel (bnc#416045)
    * DataPilot inserts an extra empty row (bnc#252037)
    * DataPilot Drill-down fixes (bnc#403151, i#93918, i#93998)
    * multiline formula reference and ODF export optimization
    * missing data points in charts (bnc#427545)
    * export of the radio button group-name attributes
    * returning from presenter view crasher (bnc#425072, i#94007)
    * nasty X errors on multi-head setups (i#93986)
    * various fixes of the 3D transitions
    * continuous numbering in Impress
    * check for Cairo canvas
    * field stuff cleanup (bnc#426348)
    * Writer doc margin text rotates in Word (bnc#404221)
    * migrate user settings from ~/.ooo-2.0 to ~/.ooo3 (bnc#421070)
    * KDE filepicker to work again (bnc#427336)
    * crash on Vista's native file picker
    * accelerators for OK/Cancel buttons
    * unxsplash bitmap reading
    * VBA bits:
	* more on the user forms and event handling
	* NOT test and state of a default property (bnc#426416)
	* resetting Rowsource fails (bnc#426415)
	* disable regex processing for VBA mode
	* a1 parser to handle spaces
	* variant + string
    * added postgresql-devel to BuildRequires
- fixed dependencies on the core and optional OOo subpackages (bnc#427236,
  bnc#427967, bnc#429069)
- added back the optional dependency on java; was lost during build split

Thu Sep 11 22:44:35 CEST 2008 -

- updated to the milestone ooo300-m5 (3.0rc1)
- updated ooo-build to version
    * add two buttons to scale Impress text up/down
    * right-click Approve/Reject with red lining (bnc#249775)
    * enabled again WW-like input-fields and checkboxes
    * layouted Find&Replace dialog
    * new FadeThroughBlack transition
    * search /usr/share/templates/ooo for templates
    * more on the layout stuff
    * more on the external range names
    * annoying PDF permission checks
    * various fixes of the 3D transitions
    * wrong read-out of fontconfig flags (bnc#407958)
    * more on skipping overlapped cells (n#362674, i#86943)
    * more on chart subtitle export to XLS (bnc#411855, i#92357)
    * disabled problematic fix for moving cell notes with anchored
      cells (i#59745, bnc#422677)
    * autohinting problem (bnc#407958)
    * broken getRecentFunctionIds() (bnc#422206)
    * Cyrillic text displayed with too much spacing (i#92072)
    * broken logical size calculation on BMP export
    * various uninitialised values
    * use V2 format for types.rdb as well
    * updated Hungarian translation fixes
    * mono support to work again
    * non-UTF8 dictionaries (bnc#418307)
    * import the content of TOC (bnc#404254)
    * bin obsolete hack for searching mozilla certificates
    * saving with the external odf-converter (bnc#410982)
    * 100% CPU usage while opening GNOME fpicker
    * avoid extra tab in the task bar for GNOME fpicker
    * VBA bits:
	* more on the user forms and event handling
	* various regressions
	* sheet copying and associated modules (bnc#417320)
	* lcl_ScRange_Parse_XL_Header and 3D flags (bnc#422569)
	* ClassModule property with type Variant (bnc#417316, i#93214)
	* Range with Listbox.value comparison (bnc#421939)
	* number to string comparsion (bnc#422559)
	* Application.Worksheetfunctions object issue (bnc#414248)
	* more on friendly name for objectmodule tab
	* worksheet calculate event
	* UNO interface of VBA mode
    * updated scsolver to the snapshot 2008-09-08
    * build xpdfwrapper only when necessary
    * temporary globally disabled report builder
    * allow to install dictionaries again
    * set java target 1.5 by default
- split build of the package (fate#304700)
- the new packages were:
    * OpenOffice_org-base, OpenOffice_org-bootstrap, OpenOffice_org-calc,
      OpenOffice_org-components, OpenOffice_org-draw,
      OpenOffice_org-filters-optional, OpenOffice_org-filters,
      OpenOffice_org-gnome, OpenOffice_org-impress, OpenOffice_org-kde,
      OpenOffice_org-libs-core, OpenOffice_org-libs-extern,
      OpenOffice_org-libs-gui, OpenOffice_org-mailmerge, OpenOffice_org-math,
      OpenOffice_org-mono, OpenOffice_org-officebean, OpenOffice_org-pyuno,
      OpenOffice_org-testtool, OpenOffice_org-ure, OpenOffice_org-writer
    + plus the corresponding -devel and the hacky -l10n-prebuilt

Fri Aug 29 16:30:49 CEST 2008 -

- added libexpat-devel to BuildRequires
- fixed build with mono 2.0

Wed Aug 27 12:00:41 CEST 2008 -

- fixed build with java 1.4 target for 10.2 and 10.3

Tue Aug 26 22:15:24 CEST 2008 -

- updated ooo-build to version (still beta):
    * ooo-build patches localization (fate#304696)
    * more on automatic font shrinking in text boxes in Impress
    * autofill behavior compatibility with Excel (i#5550)
    * do not limit the password length too much (i#85453)
    * allow to change password in existing file
    * more on the external range names
    * line breaks and referencing in formula (i#35913)
    * chart wizard failure with A1/R1C1 syntax (bnc#411450)
    * MS Word export/import of end-of-field control characters (bnc#414471)
    * radio button crasher (bnc#417840)
    * crasher when updating indexes (bnc#388069)
    * crasher when inserting sheet (bnc#417840)
    * crasher when using as GW editor (bnc#353143, i#92372)
    * setsdkenv fix for the three layer structure
    * VBA bits:
	* more on user forms and even handling
	* selecting filtered cells regression (bnc#415002)

Thu Aug 21 14:13:10 CEST 2008 -

- updated to the milestone ooo300-m3 (3.0-betaX)
- updated ooo-build to version (still beta):
    * external range names
    * more on the Kohei's solver
    * WebDAV locking to work in OOo-3.0 again
    * actually offer the two new 3D transitions in UI
    * VBA bits:
	* more on user forms and even handling
	* ActiveWorksheet.Paste issues (bnc#417439)
	* do not allow to delete or rename objectmodule in IDE
    * add --with-system-poppler
- updated Kohei's Calc solver sources to snapshot 2008-08-20
- added libpoppler-devel to BuildRequires for openSUSE >= 11.0
- disabled poppler for openSUSE < 11.0; will use the internal xpdf
- used system saxon on SLED10 to fix compilation with Java 1.4
- added back the --with-java-target-version configure option
- fixed build with IBM Java on ppc
- temporary disabled mono for openSUSE <= 10.2 and on ppc

Fri Aug 15 16:49:13 CEST 2008 -

- updated to the milestone ooo300-m2 (3.0-betaX)
- updated ooo-build to version 3.0.0 (still beta):
    * support rotated ellipses in WPG files
    * Kohei's solver is back available
    * two new 3D transitions
    * more on the layout stuff
    * fix KDE fpicker to work with 3-layer OOo (bnc#413475)
    * update splash for new OSL_PIPE protocol
    * dash array parsing in SVG import
    * honour custom shape capabilities
    * missing text in GTK dialogs
    * messed font transform on EPS export
    * incorrect interpretation of color components
    * slideshow crasher with the GTK plugin (i#91496)
    * more on the localized arg separator stuff (n#358558, n#373479)
    * datapilot dialog and table insertion failure (bnc#408934)
    * support changeable separators in formula expression
    * chart subtitle export to XLS (bnc#411855, i#92357)
    * filtering by page fields with dates (i#90022)
    * cell with mixed font content (bnc#409448)
    * XLSX import crasher (bnc#413456)
    * filter on date issue (bnc#414303)
    * Excel formula parser fix (bnc#407807)
    * regenerate password hashes when necessary
    * cell format toggling improvement (i#86377)
    * leaving "Format code" blank crasher (bnc#416837)
    * external defined names in Calc (i#3740, i#4385, bnc#355685)
    * update libwpg to version 0.1.3
    * fixed to find help and icons in /usr/share
    * set paths to system dictionaries
    * VBA bits:
	* more on user forms and even handling
	* "IF Not r Is Nothing Then" issue (bnc#407805)
	* Replace doesn't replace globally (bnc#411203)
	* simple unowrapper for the GraphicObject
	* Painterface and PrintArea method fixes
	* some keywords can be used as variable
	* "Sub Test( Name as String )" support
	* Range.Find doesn't work as expected
- updated libwpg to version 0.1.3
- removed obsolete lp_solve sources
- added Kohei's Calc solver sources, snapshot 2008-08-13
- added dependency on the exact version of the icon themes
- added hack to hide dependecy on the internal redland (bnc#411538)
- updated branding for OOo-3.0 and older distributions (bnc#409144)
- enabled mono again

Fri Jul 18 14:01:42 CEST 2008 -

- updated to the milestone dev300-m25 (3.0-alphax)
- updated ooo-build to version 2.99.25:
    * more on SVG import
    * lots improvements of the layout stuff
    * more on the WebDAV locking (bnc#403724)
    * more on automatic font shrinking in text boxes in Impress
    * section break in Word8 documents (bnc#405071, i#91395)
    * skip data in hidden cells when rendering charts (bnc#404190, i#81209)
    * default to bigger handles in Draw/Impress
    * enabled the new 3D transitions again
    * VBA bits:
	* more on the user forms and event handling
	* lcl_makeXRangeFromSheetCellRanges and no cellranges
	* support Worksheet.EnableSelection (bnc#405312)
	* support Worksheet.HPageBreaks (bnc#405312)
	* support Pagesetup.Orientation (bnc#405310)
	* support ListBox.removeItem (bnc#405306)
	* support Application.Union (bnc#405313)
	* support Worksheet.Index (bnc#403974)
	* support range.find (bnc#405304)
	* add SpinButton (bnc#405308)
- updated spec for the more split sources
- temporary disabled the mono support until it builds again
- temporary used internal boost for openSUSE <= 10.3 until it builds
  with the system one again
- used java-devel instead of gcj even for 10.2-x86_64 and sles10-x86_64
- removed obsolete BuildRequires hacks for SL 10.0

Wed Jul  2 21:37:49 CEST 2008 -

- updated to the milestone dev300-m21 (3.0-alphax)
- updated ooo-build to version 2.99.21:
    * Excel export encryption support (i#60305, i#71468, i#84766)
    * WP file-formats password protection
    * CJK character unit is back again
    * slideshow media control (i#91250)
    * allow to insert SVGs into documents
    * shrink font automatically in text boxes in Impress
    * Macro Nudge, 10x nudge function (i#91249, bnc#188199)
    * don't lstat() that much while creating absolute URLs
    * lots improvements in the SVG import filter
    * lots fixes in the data pilot (i#83250, i#88473, i#88531)
    * lots improvements of the layout stuff
    * EMF+ import fixes (bnc#361534)
    * better support for various formula syntax
    * FREQUENCY function regression (i#88477)
    * better highlighting of current row
    * bin check for incompatible ODF version
    * no source border when doing cut [Jon]
    * opening a tab delimited CSV file (bnc#376473)
    * tab color of selected and unselected sheets (bnc#386029)
    * allow special characters in sheet names (i#6087)
    * INDIRECT and Text as numbers calculation error (bnc#391330)
    * center content when toggling merge cells (bnc#398243, lp#236378)
    * column/row breaks and fit to x pages (bnc#404232, bnc#404563)
    * rename the obsolete SFX_NOTIFY to Notify (i#89804)
    * better fix for the rounding problems (i#86775)
    * cutting cell and moving cursor (bnc#388770)
    * page format in print preview (bnc#386052)
    * warn when inserting a linked graphic (bnc#348149)
    * deselected inplace OLE objects (i#89283, bnc#384506)
    * easy moving of Draw/Impress text frames (bnc#384563)
    * honour XDG_CONFIG_HOME environment variable (i#91247)
    * "Animate attached Shape" check box (bnc#380036, i#69364)
    * hidden slides in custom slideshow (bnc#355638, i#90145)
    * hyperlinks with numeric slide names (bnc#355674, i#55224)
    * handle multipart object records (bnc#385338)
    * export to MS Word Doc crasher (bnc#391197)
    * documents with form fields crasher (bnc#390953)
    * better conformance to DIS26300 (ODF) (bnc#396280)
    * object positioning in tables (bnc#367341, i#18732)
    * Word document set to Read Only (i#90306)
    * title style cannot set alignment (i#23221)
    * WebDAV locking timeout (bnc#403724)
    * fixed crash in RandR (bnc#398244, i#90809)
    * open document with trailing space in folder name (bnc#277603)
    * do not lost pictures added by drag and drop (bnc#348149)
    * allow to change broken java configuration (i#83140, bnc#393719)
    * bash completion for writer and master documents (bnc#257299)
    * mozilla plug-in crashes on x86_64 (i#82545)
    * shrinked french localization (bnc#340679, i#89475)
    * loading and storing SMB hyperlinks (bnc#382718)
    * hyperlinks without scheme (bnc#376389, i#91105)
    * avoid unnecessary dns lookup (bnc#389257)
    * Chinese forbidden characters
    * VBA bits:
	* lots improvements of user forms and even handling
	* workbook/worksheet events and event handle class
	* support multiple array indices (i#75443)
	* Worksheet_SelectionChange event (bnc#388049)
	* delegate security check to the basic manager
	* PageSetup interface and PrintArea method
	* brackets and array syntax handling
	* hyperlink service and interface
	* non-working mediawiki extension
	* switch on VBA import by default
	* myFunction Not bBool (bnc#397325)
	* empty types comparison (bnc#397438)
	* support Range.ShowDetail, Range.MergeArea
	* osx button names not imported (bnc#359933)
	* packaging of extensions that we build it
- added ant-apache-regexp to BuildRequires
- switched to mozilla-xulrunner190 for openSUSE > 11.0
- changed ooo-home from ooo-2.0 to ooo3
- started to require 3.x branding
- split en-US localization and help content into separate packages; moved
  them to the l10n-group1 source package
- added extra extsw source with extensions
- updated for the new three layer structure (basis subdir dir)
- installed the KDE templates also for KDE4 on openSUSE > 10.1
- added symlink for acor_fr-CA.dat until we have a more generic solution for
  the autocorrection fallback (bnc#364523)

Tue Jun 24 20:08:51 CEST 2008 -

- updated to the milestone ooh680-m17 == 2.4.1rc2 == 2.4.1-final
- updated ooo-build to version
    * fixed crash in RandR (bnc#398244, i#90809)
    * fixed doc protection problem (bnc#400884)
    * center content when toggling merge cells (bnc#398243, lp#236378)
    * round corners rectangle drawing (bnc#361534)
    * mozilla plug-in crashes on x86_64 (i#82545)
    * fixed crash in svg importer
    * export to MS Word Doc crasher (bnc#391197)
    * hidden slides in custom slideshow (bnc#355638, i#90145)
    * save background image of slide master (i#87071)
    * unopkg --share when running OOo (i#86080)
    * better conformance to DIS26300 (ODF) (bnc#396280)
    * cannot create new forms (i#90011)
    * Find and Replace with formatting inserts unwanted "x" (i#87092)
    * crash when calling the mono test case (i#90076)
    * hyperlinks with numeric slide names (bnc#355674)
    * more improvements in the SVG import
    * allow to insert SVGs into documents
    * loading and storing SMB hyperlinks (bnc#382718)
    * DOC import to show "hidden text" (i#53885)
    * easy moving of Draw/Impress text frames (bnc#384563)
    * lots improvements in the SVG import
    * really enable the fix for xinerama & multiscreen (bnc#359955)
    * VBA stuff:
	* Worksheet change event support (bnc#390082, bnc#391880)
	* PageSetup object and PrintArea method (bnc#390080)
- updated the prebuilt cli_types.dll for older distributions

Thu Jun  5 21:31:38 CEST 2008 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * export to MS Word Doc crasher (bnc#391197)
    * save background image of slide master (i#87071)

Thu May 22 20:54:44 CEST 2008 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * allow to change broken java configuration (i#83140, bnc#393719)
    * registry store crasher; found when compiling on Solaris
    * documents with form fields crasher (bnc#390953)
    * INDIRECT and Text as numbers calculation error (bnc#391330)
    * unable to mix fonts in a single cell (bnc#391818, i#89598)
    * avoid unnecessary dns lookup (bnc#389257)
    * shrinked french localization (bnc#340679, i#89475)
    * really disable the registration dialog (bnc#391477)
    * bash completion for writer and master documents (bnc#257299)
    * split configuration for openSUSE-11.0
    * improvements of the SVG import
    * symbol font problem (bnc#383812)
    * cutting cell and moving cursor (bnc#388770)
    * deselected inplace OLE objects (i#89283, bnc#384506)
- updated the with_distro option for the split configuration
- enabled the mono subpackage again [bnc#357054]
- enabled preinstalling the mono GAC
- used Requires instead of PreReq in the -mono subpackage because
  mono-core is not longer needed in the %post script

Fri May  9 12:19:37 CEST 2008 -

- updated ooo-build to ooo-build-
    * linked graphics in SVG import
    * tab color of selected and unselected sheets (bnc#386029)
    * warn when inserting a linked graphic (bnc#348149)
    * bin check for document generated by never OOo version
    * more fixes of the datapilot drill-down stuff (i#88531)
    * default character set in CSV import dialog (bnc#376473)
    * better fix for xinerama & multiscreen (bnc#359955)
    * better fix for "Animate attached Shape" checkbox
    * allow to run the mediawiki extension (bnc#361061, i#85804)
    * crash during printing (i#88818)
    * VBA bits:
	* Worksheet_SelectionChange event (bnc#388049)

Thu Apr 24 19:56:31 CEST 2008 -

- updated ooo-build to ooo-build-
    * "Animate attached Shape" checkbox (bnc#380036, i#69364)
    * FREQUENCY function regression (i#88477)
    * datapilot drill-down regressions (i#83250, i#88473)
    * OpenGL stuff with ATI regression
    * more layout dialog stuff fixes and improvements
    * stability improvements (i#88002, i#88005)
    * unable to add patch for templates (i#85931)
    * random spellcheck dialog behavior (bnc#377345, i#88120)
    * disabled menu items in quickstarter by mistake (i#88382)
    * problems with xinerama & multiscreen (bnc#359955)
    * crasher when attempt to save read-only document (i#5226)
    * Arabic/Hindi numbers instead of decimal numbers (i#86811)
    * scroll speed when extending cell range (bnc#375909, i#71362)
    * default character set in CSV import dialog (bnc#376473)
    * font attributes at entire cell level (bnc#374580)
    * crasher with non closed polygons (bnc#361059)
    * gradients in SVG import filter
    * VBA bits:
	* regression with Range.AutoOutline
	* crasher when opening dialogs (bnc#379844)
	* Application.Goto returns BASIC runtime error '1' (bnc#309981)
    * new configure option --with-additional-sections for L3 team
    * use --with-system-hunspell, --with-system-icu, --with-system-libwpd,
      --with-system-libwpg, --with-system-libwps for openSUSE-11.0
- added back the extra localizations sources; were removed by mistake
- started to generate Java 1.5 bytecode on openSUSE-11.0
- fixed build dependency in the oox module
- better support for L3 team:
    * use autoreconf instead of autoconf to work even with ooo-build generated
      on newer system
    * sample comments where and how to put extra patches

Mon Apr 14 14:55:05 CEST 2008 -

- updated ooo-build to ooo-build-
    * disable problematic measurement unit stuff (bnc#376788)
    * more on the OpenGL stuff
    * modified graphic elements were not visible (i#86163)
    * non-working oofromtemplate (i#60696, bnc#375529)
    * more on the layout dialog stuff
    * update and sort mime-types
    * Categories=Office;Math; in math.desktop
    * VBA bits:
	* revert the support worksheet_deactivate events stuff
- fixed dependency of the branding-upstream package; it should get installed
  when both the branding and the OpenOffice_org package are requested
- fixed random spellcheck dialog behavior (bnc#377345, i#88120)
- added one more fix for the openGL transitions on ATI (bnc#373076)
- enabled system libwpd, libwps, libwpg, hunspell for openSUSE >= 11.0
- added libwpd-devel libwpg-devel libwps-devel hunspell-devel to BuildRequires
  for openSUSE >= 11.0
- created a hacky icon-themes-prebuilt package to speed up the build of the
  real architecture independent icon-themes package
- added "hu ja" to the min language selection to support the split i18n-group2

Fri Mar 28 17:33:43 CET 2008 -

- updated to the milestone ooh680-m12 (2.4rc6 == 2.4-final)
- updated ooo-build to ooo-build-
    * better support for various formula syntax
    * left-mouse click and protected cell crasher [n#371204]
    * cell background painting improvements [n#361360, i#3907]
    * wrong result of interactive functions, e.g MIN [n#372255]
    * better floating-point rounding error fix [n#310706, i#86775]
    * more on the localized arg separator stuff [n#358558, n#373479]
    * detect the symlinked mozilla wrapper correctly [n#368532, i#87258]
    * interference between R1C1 and localized arg separator stuff [n#372494]
    * visual feedback for copied cell range [n#367489]
    * keys that quits the paste on Enter mode [n#372446]
    * output range format in the datapilot regression
    * drag&drop with plus/minus signs in Navigator [i#64886, n#129410]
    * unopkg wrapper and association with .oxt [n#352574]
    * VBA bits:
	* support worksheet_deactivate events
- updated branding packaging to the openSUSE >= 11.0 style:
    * created branding-upstream subpackage
    * moved openSUSE and SLED10 branding to extra packages
    * kept compatibility when building for older distros

Thu Mar 13 21:15:47 CET 2008 -

- updated to the milestone ooh680-m11 (2.4rc5) [fate#303312]
- updated ooo-build to ooo-build-
    * improvements of the OpenGL slide transitions
    * paste on Enter in Calc crash
    * highlighting of pasted cell regression [i#86894]
    * more on navigating in the selected cells [n#364351]
    * skip overlapped cells when navigating [n#362674, i#86943]
    * bin dangerous floating-point rounding error fix [n#310706]
    * keyboard configuration migrations during update [n#367160]
    * background of highlighted cell regression [n#361360, i#3907]
    * better icons for toggle sheet grid lines command [n#358550]
    * prefer odf-converter over the internal OOX filters [n#348471]
    * no autocorrection when "!" has been typed [i#86580]
    * text layout enhancement for better CJK support
    * several char unit issues [n#356101]
    * fallback to original 2D transitions
    * more Hungarian localization fixes
    * unlock WebDAV stream when OOo crashes
    * send documents via GroupWise [n#368044, i#86886]
    * send filenames with spaces via sylpheed-claws [n#362773, i#86887]
    * VBA bits:
	* better support for passing UNO Integer params to Range.Cells
	* bin problematic NULL behavior compatibility with MSO fix
	* improvements of the XInterior API [n#365557]
	* fix for Autofit
	* fix enumeration of Range.Rows()
	* MSO Userform controls fix [i#87007]
- removed obsolete postinstall script for the -mono subpackage
- used weak dependency (Recommends) also for the myspell-american dictionary

Thu Mar  6 20:50:35 CET 2008 -

- updated to the milestone ooh680-m9 (2.4rc3) [fate#303312]
- updated ooo-build to ooo-build-
    * more on the SVG import
    * more on the localized arg separator [bnc#358558]
    * more on the paste on Enter behavior in Calc [bnc#358545]
    * better solution for the dynamic range resize [bnc#352662]
    * reduce the extra margins around cell text [bnc#361358]
    * pasting with the middle button in Calc [bnc#282767]
    * navigating in the selected cells [bnc#364351]
    * floating-point rounding error [bnc#310706]
    * input fields crashes [bnc#257496]
    * transparent bitmaps handling in cairocanvas
    * prefill username in WebDAV authentication dialog [bnc#363363]
    * build with xulrunner-1.9
    * various build fixes

Mon Mar  3 14:09:50 CET 2008 -

- updated ooo-build to ooo-build-
    * update XML filter stuff to the state that passed QA and will get
      integrated upstream
    * CAPS lock correction also for Writer/Draw/Impress [bnc#364350]
    * displaying pictures with alpha channel in Cairo canvas
    * VBA bits:
	* XInterior API
+ updated oox and writerfilter to the snapshot 2008-02-29
    * include lots fixes and improvements
    * corresponds to the QA-ed XML filter stuff

Thu Feb 28 20:49:34 CET 2008 -

- updated to the milestone ooh680-m8 (2.4rc2)
- updated ooo-build to ooo-build-2.4.0:
    * redirect extensions site via
    * lots improvements of the SVG import
    * OpenGL slide transitions stuff fixes
    * WebDAV locking fixes
    * Berkeley db exception handling
    * reference to a blank cell error
    * togglable cell number format toolbar icons [bnc#358548]
    * automatic correction of accidental CAPS LOCK use [bnc#364350]
    * missing icons for toggling of cell grid lines per sheet [bnc#358550]
    * extra margins around cell text so that it's easier to read [bnc#361358]
    * don't apply patterns when we're only moving the cursor [bnc#359690]
    * parse "june-2007" as "June 1 2007" in en-US locales [bnc#358750]
    * handling objects with 0x8000 bit set in EMF+ import
    * additional paragraph imported from ww8 [bnc#364533]
    * correctly display linespacing < 100% [bnc#364534]
    * VBA bits:
	* more Application.Goto macro fixes [bnc#349283]
	* string '+' numbers do not compute [bnc#359943]
	* update CommandBar APIs [bnc#353242]
- updated extra translation sources: be-BY, bg, cs, da, et, fi, ga, km, mk,
  sl, vi
- removed obsolete extra translation sources: hu, sh-YU, sr-CS
- fixed build dependencies:
    * used java-devel instead of the obsolete java2-devel-packages
    * added update-alternatives on SL 10.0
- fixed dependencies:
    * added weak dependency on evolution-data-server-32bit [bnc#245649]
    * used weak dependency on jre-32 on ppc as well
- fixed build:
    * do not build all help localizations in the devel package
    * build on PPC with gcc-4.3
    * temporary disabled automatic correction of accidental CAPS LOCK fix;
      made problems in STABLE/FACTORY

Thu Feb 21 20:40:10 CET 2008 -

- updated ooo-build to ooo-build-
    * improvements in the OpenGL slide transitions stuff
    * improvements in the datapilot dynamic range stuff
    * improvements in the t602 import stuff
    * improvements in the text grid stuff
    * fast tokenizer in OOX import filter fixes
    * allow to save even unmodified documents [bnc#347423]
    * allow toggling of cell grid lines per sheet [bnc#358550]
    * pasting over source cell crasher [bnc#358545]
    * cell background over the gridlines [bnc#361360]
    * compatibility for handling of "string numbers" with Excel [i#5658]
    * keep read/write access over smb:// and WebDAV after reload [bnc#264140]
    * show correct size for documents accessed through gnome-vfs [bnc##264585]
    * serve dav://, davs://, webdav://, and webdavs:// URLs in the WebDAV UCP
    * some more fixes in the WebDAV stuff [bnc#363363, bnc#363093, bnc#357048,
    * Hungarian localization fixes
    * build with neon-0.28
    * VBA bits:
	* allow to set a numeric value as Range.Formula
	* SpecialCells treatment of xlCellTypeLastCell
- fixed to create the right /usr/bin/soffice symlink in %%post

Thu Feb 14 19:58:53 CET 2008 -

- updated to the milestone ooh680-m7 (2.4rc1) [fate#303312]
- updated ooo-build to ooo-build-
    * lots fixes in the datapilot stuff [bnc#182126, bnc#182006, bnc#181981]
    * lots fixes of the WebDAV locking [bnc#346711]
    * oosplash hangup [bnc#357659]
    * make the formula arg separator optional [bnc#358558]
    * MATCH should perform case insensitive search in Calc
    * update SCSolver dialogs to support longer localized texts
    * VBA stuff:
	* more fixes of DateSerial behavior [bnc#353254]
	* TextBox ( shape ) object selection
    * mono .dlls installation; preinstall to GAC [bnc#357348]
- updated libwpd to version 0.8.14:
    * two infinite loops with broken documents
- removed obsolete postinstall script for the -mono subpackage

Thu Feb  7 20:34:52 CET 2008 -

- updated to the milestone ooh680-m6 (2.4-betaX) [fate#303312]
- updated ooo-build to ooo-build-
    * paste on Enter in Calc [bnc#358545]
    * allow to disable field shading
    * allow to change checkbox status in data fields via mouse [bnc#248354]
    * comma as the separator in Calc functions [bnc#358558]
    * allow to save even unmodified documents [bnc#347423]
    * find command in Impress crasher [bnc#355302]
    * regression in the export into WW8
    * letter wizard crasher [bnc#358043]
    * empty datapilot table crasher
    * VBA bits:
	* APIs for CommandBar and CommandBarControl [bnc#353242]

Thu Feb  7 16:24:15 CET 2008 -

- enabled system icu in STABLE again

Fri Feb  1 12:09:10 CET 2008 -

- updated to the milestone ooh680-m5 (2.4-betaX)
- updated ooo-build to ooo-build-
    * new OpenGL slide transitions
    * enabled EMF+ import and  rendering again [bnc#232232]
    * crasher when loading an Excel document [bnc#355304]
    * crasher when finding strings in Impress [bnc#347355]
    * pivot charts import [bnc#355300]
    * locking for WebDAV UCP [bnc#346711]
    * WW-like input-fields and checkboxes [bnc#248354]
    * font config hinting stuff update
    * localized default names for autoshape and other objects
    * header/footer export into WW8 [bnc#178981]
    * default formatting in PPT export [bnc#285959]
    * saving as HTML in various encodings fix
    * conversion of date/time strings in Word documents [bnc#344306]
    * import sheet names properly from Lotus 1-2-3 document [bnc#347379]
    * graph labelling of x-axis after importing an .xls [bnc#257079]
    * use of Dynamic Range Names in Validation Lists [bnc#274387]
    * "Print Preview" to follow "Print Only Selected Sheets" option [bnc#335684]
    * import/export protection options from and to an Excel
    * more shortcuts to Impress and GTK file dialog
    * locking on CIFS [bnc#333001]
    * fontconfig stuff improvements
    * undo of deleted columns
    * cut&paste in datapilot
    * MATCH function enhancement
    * FREQUENCY function behavior in Calc
    * dynamic resizing of a filtered range for the autofilter [bnc#352662]
    * SUMIF's 3rd parameter handling to be compatible with MS Excel [bnc#350716]
    * crasher with out-of-bound cell ranges
    * VBA bits:
	* conversion between bytearray and string [bnc#353254]
	* non-triggered "before close" event (Noel)
	* support for more worksheet events [bnc#339306]
	* DateSerial behavior [bnc#353254]
	* DateValue return value [bnc#353260]
	* fixed to store simple VBA objects in Word documents [bnc#339946]
	* Application.Goto macro fixes [bnc#349283]
	* better support for Application.Caller macro [bnc#339941]
	* and more
    * desktop files to follow the standard
    * support for gcj-4.2.1, gcj-4.2.2 and gcc-4.3
    * use system STL for archs like x86-64 as the default
    * removed dependency on nas, sndfile, portaudio
    * less verbose build messages
    * support for post-ooo-build-release hotfixes
    * many more fixes, improvements, and speedups
- updated oox to snapshot 2008-01-29
- updated libwps to version 0.1.2
- updated libwpg to version 0.1.2
- updated libwpg to version 0.1.2
- updated the prebuilt cli_types.dll
- moved witerfilter stuff to extra tarball, snapshot 2008-01-29
- removed the obsolete %%datadir/xml from the sdk filelist
- removed obsolete xorg-x11-Xvfb from BuildRequires
- removed unused glitz sources
- removed unused startup-notification-devel libsndfile-devel portaudio-devel
  from BuildRequires
- added mono-core to PreReq of -mono subpackage; runs gacutil in %post
- "sr-CS" was internally renamed to "sr" and "sh-YU" to "sh"
- renamed option --with-icecream-max-jobs to --with-max-jobs
- enabled again compilation of SDK and stlport
- temporary disabled mono in STABLE until bnc#357054 was fixed

Tue Dec 11 17:11:19 CET 2007 -

- updated ooo-build to
    * disabled too incomplete SVG Import (Rene)
    * oosplash and relative paths and non-UTF-8 locales
    * crash on =erf(0.65)
    * string hashing table fix
    * add easier way to add hotfixes
- temporary disabled the new EMF+ support; still not enough stable
- added mono-core to PreReq of -mono subpackage; runs gacutil in %post

Mon Dec  3 18:57:34 CET 2007 -

- updated to milestone oog680-m9 (OOo-2.3.1rc1 == final)
- updated ooo-build to 2.3.1:
    * target oog680-m9
    * oosplash argument handling
    * Spanish translation of Y Axis
- updated the prebuilt cli_types.dll for openSUSE < 10.3 builds

Wed Nov 21 16:34:12 CET 2007 -

- updated to milestone oog680-m8 (OOo-2.3.1.betaX)
- updated ooo-build to
    * EMF+ import and  rendering
    * crash with some GTK themes
    * Flat XML type detection
    * open files from read-only SMB share [n#330145]
    * broken print preview [n#191005, n#257422]
    * detect removed JRE [n#336242]
    * crash with CMYK JPEGs [n#272574]
    * crash with broken TIFF pictures
    * do not lost file name when changing dir in KDE filepicker
    * MIME type and bash completion for flat ODF and WPX file types
    * keep background when saving in proprietary doc format
    * slide show displays vertical line [n#340142]
    * edit fields text displaying [n#305205]
    * MIN/MAX functions and empty cells
    * infinite loop on column insert in empty document
    * better fix for swapping delete and backspace keys in Calc
    * object positions when rows/columns are resized
    * support named ranges in INDIRECT and INDIRECT_XL functions [n#274387]
    * default numbering in X-axis of X-Y chart [n#257079]
    * Math object doesn't anchor to cell
    * allow to copy-paste on merged cells
    * lots fixes and improvements for Calc Solver
    * VBA bits:
	* sheet refs with single cell references
	* Application.Goto returns BASIC runtime error '1' [n#309981]
	* static keyword for functions and subroutines are not supported [n#306717]
	* uninitialised pointer ScXMLImport::pShapeHyperlinkTokenMap [n#336869]
	* local variables in static procedures
	* erroneous use of getCurrentDocument
	* choosing macro to run in IDE
	* import dialog failure
	* crash in TreeControl
	* "Is" behaviour
	* "Replace" method
	* "StrConv" function
	* missing functions in Window class:PointsToScreenPixelX
	* "before close" event is not triggered when file saved as ODS [n#339306]
	* saving embedded word document objects containing macros [n#339946]
	* UNO controls can't be made 'really' invisible
	* support new C++ test client
	* moved stuff to CWS npower8
    * build with gcc-4.3
    * bin unused glitz sources download
    * correct packaging of GNOME and KDE integration [n#333815]
- updated cairo to version 1.4.10 (used only for older products)
- added MIME types definition for WPX file types
- removed obsolete glitz sources
- used weak dependency (Recommends) on JRE in stead of the hard one (Requires);
  needed because of the disk space problems on single CD products
- temporary disabled SDK in STABLE/FACTORY, did not compile with gcc-4.3
- temporary disabled stlport, did not compile with gcc-4.3
- temporary used internal icu because a patched version was needed

Thu Oct 18 17:36:35 CEST 2007 -

- updated ooo-build to
    * allow to access SMB share via KDE fpicker
    * copying across formulas from one merged cell to another
    * allow insertion of cell range that cuts across merged areas
    * Writer/WEB: Export of HTTP-EQUIV is loosing timer parameter [i#81250]
    * activating a math formula takes very long time [i#81789]
    * crash when deleting some simple text [i#82678]
    * ooqstart reworked to remove dependency on glib
    * do not accept all rows to be header rows in a WW8 document
    * more Hungarian translation for CELL and INFO functions [i#80299]
    * process relative SMB paths correctly [n#261623]
    * generate xhtml that works in IE
    * OpenDocument Presentation Flat XML type detection
    * Turkey and Russian key names
    * 64-bit problem in Excel filter
    * Calc functions via the UNO FunctionAccess service crasher [n#328496]
    * build with neon-0.24
    * VBA stuff:
	* lots fixes for shapes and shape ranges [n#294302]
	* workbook_beforeclose is not aware of codename [n#334240]
	* SaveCopyAs Property still does not work on Windows [n#288274]
	* ActiveWindow.DisplayVerticalBar implementation [n#292877]
	* Application.DisplayFormulaBar implementation [n#309965]
- updated libwpd to version 0.8.12
- added gjdoc to BuildRequires for 10.2-x86_64
- set AutoReqProv off for the tricky devel package; it provided all
  the libraries, so it was possible to install 32-bit OpenOffice_org
  with 64-bit OpenOffice-writer and OpenOffice_org-devel
- added the Supplement tag to the app subpackages to fix update from older
  distributions [n#328171]
- enabled system neon again on 10.0/10.1/SLED10

Fri Sep 21 13:22:29 CEST 2007 -

- milestone oog680-m5 has been marked OOo-2.3 final

Thu Sep 13 11:58:55 CEST 2007 -

- updated to milestone oog680-m5 (OOo-2.3.rc3) [n#309238]
- updated ooo-build to
	+ target oog680-m5
	+ non-working Flat XML document type detection, simple typo
	+ XBitmap::getSize broken in Cairo canvas [n#309764]
	+ problem in clipping in Cairo canvas backend [n#309765]
	+ Hungarian translation for CELL and INFO functions [n#274424]
	+ updated oox to 2007-09-05; includes some important fixes
	+ build dependency in reportdesign
	+ fix ant home when building on 10.2
- added a workaround to find tools.jar; affects only openSUSE-10.2

Mon Sep  3 17:01:32 CEST 2007 -

- updated to milestone oog680-m3 (OOo-2.3.rc1)
- updated ooo-build to
    * target oog680-m3
    * myspell hashify ported for hunspell
    * minor fixes in the VBA stuff
    * better check for the minimal password length [i#21923]
    * DoubleNumericField crasher [i#80796]
    * prefer Tango over the old Industrial icon theme [n#304615]
- fixed installation to move the whole English help to /usr/share (even the
  help included in subpackages)

Fri Aug 31 18:10:10 CEST 2007 -

- updated to milestone oog680-m2 (another OOo-2.3.beta, close rc1)
- updated ooo-build to oog680-m2:
    * target oog680-m2
    * search templates on more locations
    * lots optimizations of the text search operations
    * lots fixes in the layout stuff
    * lots fixes and improvements in the OOX import filters
    * export to MS format for autoshape macro bindings/associations [n#304739]
    * load condensed paragraphs from Word Perfect documents
    * Writer.append not compatible with PrintWriter.append
    * associate sheet and codename when insert a sheet
    * crash when deleting rows via autofilter [n#199224]
    * display bitmap images in presentation mode correctly [n#266082]
    * read the real help path from registry everywhere
    * display help correctly when is it symlinked
    * URLs with invalid characters [n#246629]
    * GDK hang
    * no Help->registration dialog by default
    * read the right GNOME color for menus [n#187693]
    * search /usr/lib64 for 64-bit JREs
    * updated list of gij search paths
    * fix testtool to work again [n#301439]
    * finally removed -fsigned-char on PPC [n#169875]
    * branched SUSE-10.3 configuration
- updated libwpd to version 0.8.11
    * crashes with tables where cells span more then 0x7f rows
    * incorrect reading of font information
- added the tarball with OOX import filters; all these files were added by
  patches in the previous versions of ooo-build; it was ugly...
- fixed dependency on java; any 64-bit JRE is enough on x86_64
- moved also English help to /usr/share
- configured ooo-build to use the 10.3-specific configuration

Mon Aug 20 17:51:02 CEST 2007 -

- fixed build dependencies of the desktop module

Fri Aug 17 16:39:29 CEST 2007 -

- updated to milestone oog680-m1 (another OOo-2.3.beta, close rc1)
- updated ooo-build to oog680-m1:
    * target oog680-m1
    * Excel A1 style format in hyperlink destination [n#294522]
    * some artifacts with the new optimized icons [n#232280]
    * better Chinese font substitutions [n#295561, n#295568]
    * SDK examples file permissions [n#297549]
    * gij detection improvement [n#299635]
    * do not longer prefer gij on x86_64; the hack is obsolete [n#219982]
    * backported some upcoming fixes from upstream
- fixed crash when saving in Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP file format [n#298593]
- stripped the stuff for the temporary devel package during the install phase
  to do not bloat the debuginfo package [n#300679]

Fri Aug 10 17:30:13 CEST 2007 -

- updated to milestone src680-m225 (another OOo-2.3.beta)
- updated ooo-build to src680-m225:
    * target m225
    * import/export support for Excel 97-2003 filters improvement
    * black splash screen in the quickstarter [n#296502]
    * search icons also in /usr/share [n#296502]
    * VBA stuff:
	* various badness in the collection implementations [n#293873]
	* compiler error [n#294302]
    * ANT_HOME is /usr/share/ant on openSUSE-10.3
    * use internal neon on 10.0 and 10.1 because the newer version is needed
    * use explicitly --with-system-mozilla=mozilla on 10.0
- updated libwpg to version 0.1.0; first official release; includes few
  important fixes in compare with the last snapshot
- added portaudio-devel libicu-devel to BuildRequires only for > openSUSE-10.2
- removed the unneeded dependency of the devel package on the main package;
  it fixed the dependency loop between the devel and the icon-themes subpackage

Mon Aug  6 11:08:37 CEST 2007 -

- updated the prebuilt cli_types.dll to fix build on ppc

Fri Aug  3 12:55:37 CEST 2007 -

- updated to milestone src680-m224 (another OOo-2.3.beta)
- updated ooo-build to src680-m224:
    * target src680-m224
    * gcc 4.2-related fix in Writer
    * VBA update
    * CJK compatibility tab page
    * various build and dependency fixes
    * various other fixes
	* WebDAV save as
	* XML detection
	* corrupt hyperlinks on import
	* handling of generic protocols

Fri Jul 27 11:50:24 CEST 2007 -

- updated to milestone src680-m222 (another OOo-2.3.beta)
- updated ooo-build to src680-m222:
    * target src680-m222
    * expand AWT to add metric field support
    * type detection over protocols with gnome-vfs
    * VBA stuff:
	* keep codenames if they exist in sync
	* allow workbook and worksheet objects to be standalone services
	* MSGBOX macro from Excel spreadsheet not working
    * PPC build fixes
    * cli_ure and mono bridge build fix
    * various build and dependency fixes
    * enabled system icu, portaudio and xalan for openSUSE-10.3
- updated libwpg to 0.1.0~cvs20070726
- updated the prebuilt cli_types.dll
- prebuilt stuff for the the new i18n packages: br, en-ZA, ga, gl, he, ka, nr,
  sh-YU, ss, tg, th, uk, ve
- split icons into separate noarch subpackage -icon-themes [n#284980]
- removed dependencies on the release number; will rather update the package
  version when needed [fate#301975]
- added icu libicu-devel portaudio-devel to BuildRequires
- used the same ooo-build config for all architectures

Fri Jul 20 17:18:58 CEST 2007 -

- updated to milestone src680-m221 (another OOo-2.3.alpha)
- updated ooo-build to src680-m221:
    * target src680-m221
    * partial implementation of SVG import
    * partial implementation of DOCX, PPTX and XLSX import filters
    * startup speed improvements
    * use prime hash table sizes
    * lots fixes and improvements in the VBA stuff
    * lots files in the WPS import
    * button drop-offs
    * don not change current working directory in ooqstart
    * KDE file picker and file names with spaces
    * KDE file picker with non-UTF-8 locales
    * GNOME VFS and broken symlinks
    * process relative SMB paths correctly [n#261623]
    * embedded objects having old invalid MIME types
    * install-dict improvements
    * PPC build with -fPIC
    * binfilters split [n#284980]
- updated libwpg to 0.1.0~cvs20070712
- updated libwpd to 0.8.10
- added libsvg, version 0.1.4
- added back system -source tarball for <= SL 10.1; the newer version of the
  internal neon is required on these older distributions
- split the thesaurus and hyphen dictionaries into separate packages:
  OpenOffice_org-hyphen and OpenOffice_org-thesaurus-<lang> [n#284980]
- moved OpenOffice_org-galleries to the openclipart source package [n#290807]
- fixed Requires of the filters subpackage; it should require all the
  app modules that the filters are for
- removed obsolete db-java from BuildRequires; CXXHelpLinker is used now
- removed obsolete openclipart from BuildRequires
- added gperf to BuildRequires; needed by ooxml module at the build time
- used commercial java for building even on x86_64 and ppc; provoked by
  the gij memory problems [n#290807]
- used Requires instead of Recommends on SL 10.0
- used internal neon on < SL 10.1 because a newer version is required
- renamed rpmlintrc to OpenOffice_org-rpmlintrc
- fixed build dependency in the svx module

Fri Jun 15 20:37:52 CEST 2007 -

- updated to milestone src680-m211 (2.3.alpha)
- updated ooo-build to src680-m211:
    * target src680-m211
    * accelerate intern by not using stl
    * don't burn 3% of startup doing CRC's we don't need
    * lots fixes and improvements in the scsolver stuff
    * lots fixes and improvements in the inline arrays stuff
    * lots fixes in WPG import
    * lots fixes in SVG import
    * import and export Excel's sheet protection options, and use it to
      constrain cell cursor movement [n#274482]
    * fix Calc 'PostIt' notes
    * Delete Rows/Delete Columns should remember the content
    * toolbar customization crasher
    * traversal over objects in Draw on 64bit
    * emf files reading improvement [n#232232]
    * misdrawing on 64bit
    * remove a shape from macro crashes OOo drawing document
    * translate some localized keywords in Calc
    * initial support for separate helpcontent build
    * allow to split more optional packages
    * disable climaker on ppc
- updated lp_solve to version
- updated libwpg to version 0.1.0~cvs20070608.tar.gz
- removed obsolete tango icons sources
- removed hacks for building on NLD9 and SL 9.3
- started package rework [fate#302110]
    * build the noarch stuff in separate package OpenOffice_org-i18n; created
      the -devel package for this purpose
    * split the application modules into subpackages: -base, -calc, -draw,
      -impress, -math, and -writer
    * split more optional features into separate packages: -filters, -mailmerge,
      -pyuno, -testtool

Mon Jun  4 17:03:56 CEST 2007 -

- updated to milestone oof680-m18 (2.2.1rc3)
- updated ooo-build to
    * WPG import filter for Draw (Fridrich)
    * allow to read CMYK JPEGs (Florian)
    * extensions building and deploying (Noel)
    * printing from impress with "Notes" (Radek)
    * more fixes for climaker and bridge test (Radek)
- updated extra translation sources: African, Belorussian, Bulgarian, Czech,
  Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, KHmer, Latvian, Macedonia,
  Norwegian Bokmaal, Norwegian Nynorsk, Slovak, Slovene, Vietnamese, Welsh
- added libwpg sources, version 0.1.0~cvs20070507
- temporary disabled rpmlint checks for duplicated files and devel files in
  non-devel packages; they should be solved by the upcoming package split

Mon May 21 17:44:35 CEST 2007 -

- removed duplicate X-SuSE-translate from base.desktop

Thu May 17 20:31:14 CEST 2007 -

- updated to milestone oof680-m16 (2.2.1rc1)
- updated ooo-build to
    * target oof680-m16
    * libpaper support
    * printing with Trim and Tile options [n#237134]
    * javaunohelper build dependency [i#77465]
- updated the prebuilt cli_types.dll for openSUSE < 10.3 builds
- fixed BuildRequires for the Build Service:
    * added j2sdk update-alternatives for SLED10 (temporary workaround)
    * added mozilla-devel mozilla-nss-devel mozilla-nss for SL 10.0

Thu May 10 20:48:24 CEST 2007 -

- updated to version 2.2
- updated ooo-build to
    * target oof680-m14
    * T602 import filter
    * c# climaker implementation
    * more text grid enhancements for better CJK support
    * gvfs silly infinite recursion
    * bug in WordPerfect typedetection
    * fixes of the +/- stuff in the Navigator for headings [n#129410]
    * "autoshape" elements are not correctly imported from ppt [n#251602]
    * don't add system path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    * when in presentation mode, no interruptions should be allowed [n#169207]
    * unable to open file if name contains some national characters [i#59251]
    * database fields with leading 0 vanish from tables [n#239193]
    * desktop files support version 1.0 [n#265444]
    * find locked certs
    * allow some other types of signing certs
    * wrong Chinese Simplified/Traditional conversion table
    * some fixes from Fedora
    * more 64-bit fixes
    * lots VBA fixes and improvements
- added libwps-0.1.0~svn20070129 sources
- updated branding for openSUSE-10.3 [n#244914]
- finally enabled import filter for MS Works Wordprocessing Document (.wps)
- finally enabled parallel build of modules by default [n#244581]
- added gjdoc to BuildRequires for SLED10-x86_64

Thu May  3 20:31:14 CEST 2007 -

- updated ooo-build to 2.1.14:
    * document converter wizard did not work; some existing StarBasic macros
      depends on a bad behavior of arrays [n#269978]
    * crash while loading templates in impress [n#270544]

Mon Apr 23 18:00:39 CEST 2007 -

- updated ooo-build to 2.1.13:
    * lock even .xls when accessing over smb:// [n#264137]

Thu Apr 19 19:56:41 CEST 2007 -

- updated ooo-build to 2.1.12:
    * finally includes the sec fixes for CVE-2007-0239, CVE-2007-0238
    * adds some translations [n#222535]
    * GoalSeek VBA implementation [n#258761]
    * read of .png over smb:// [n#203737]
    * fix "Save As" to work on smb:// again [n#203737]
    * get nsplugin to work again
- removed obsolete extra sec. patches

Mon Apr  2 17:50:44 CEST 2007 -

- updated ooo-build to 2.1.10:
    * samba locking [n#203737]
    * crash in gnome-vfs directory reading; found during the samba locking
    * VBA stuff: rows on active cell fails with row syntax [n#258824]

Fri Mar 30 21:23:26 CEST 2007 -

- added flex, bison, and unzip to BuildRequires
- removed two dates (around 28 November, 2006) from changes ; they were out
  of order and broke the build in the Build Service

Thu Mar 29 20:33:48 CEST 2007 -

- updated ooo-build to 2.1.9:
    * detects the icon theme in GNOME and KDE; sets the default icon theme
      in OOo accordingly [n#254855]
    * better CJK font setting [i#65097]
    * crash with 16x16 Crystal icons [i#75531]
    * correct readlink error handling in nsplugin
    * associate application/vnd.wordperfect MIME [n#256030]
    * Tango icon for GNOME quickstarter applet [n#171585]
    * support also upper-case suffixes in bash completion [n#245410]
    * RTF autoshape elements are not correctly imported - partial fix [n#251602]
    * VBA bits:
	* work with file names with spaces [n#258367]
	* setting cell content with range.formular1c1 [n#258381]
	* goto fails with references starting with 'r' or 'R' [n#258812]
    * configurable mono-*.pc file name [n#249381]
- mono-ooo-2.1.pc was renamed back to mono-ooo-2.0.pc [n#249381]

Mon Mar 19 18:14:14 CET 2007 -

- added Tango icon theme; used by default in GNOME, n#254855

Thu Mar 15 20:09:27 CET 2007 -

- updated ooo-build to 2.1.8:
	+ qstart applet disappeared after the session restart [n#252242]
	+ add "openSUSE" to the Novell dictionary [n#251444]
	+ add missing translations of the "Zoom" dialog
	+ really install hyph_hr_HR, hyph_nb_NO, hyph_nn_NO

Wed Feb 28 19:43:05 CET 2007 -

- updated ooo-build to 2.1.7:
    * corruption when saving ppt files [n#229874]
    * WordPerfect type detection [i#74194]
    * missing en-GB strings [n#231678]
    * searching for JREs [n#203830, n#222708]
    * temporary prefer gij on x86_64 [n#219982]
    * search also gij32 [n#222708]
    * better Hungarian help font setting [n#244488]
    * VBA bits:
	* warn only about real macros [n#146994]
	* access to hardcoded paths [n#245152]
    * critical warnings on PPC [n#244339]
    * another bridges cleanup for 64-bit
- fixed security issue with hyper links, CVE-2007-0239, n#241636
- fixed critical vulnerability in OpenOffice StarCalc file format parser,
  CVE-2007-0238, n#241652
- removed obsolete stuff from /opt/gnome for openSUSE > 10.2 [n#246588]
- added extra localization source: Hungarian [n#243518]
- added support to simply use parallel build of modules; disable by default
  now [n#244581]

Thu Feb 15 21:59:05 CET 2007 -

- updated ooo-build to 2.1.6:
    * crash when opening files up over sftp connection [n#243805]
    * prefixes in Hungarian translation [n#210797]
    * crashes when trying to open an exported mail [n#228839]
    * pictures disappeared when saved documents loaded from .docx [n#240776]
    * improved workaround for media:// files in KDE [n#238695]
    * removed problematic %%Title in the generated postscript [n#241015]
    * fix the pre/post-processing capability for signed documents
    * optionally associate more OpenXML file formats
    * bridges cleanup & float fix for 64-bit
    * VBA bits:
	* fix core with Range.Areas collection
	* fix erase for redim
	* improve 'like' implementation
	* problem with compare of objects
- add extra biblio sources to fix bibliographic encoding [n#155725]
- fixed java requires for x86_64 [n#245332]

Thu Feb  1 22:29:57 CET 2007 -

- updated ooo-build to 2.1.3:
    * random crashes when loading .docx documents [n#240928]
    * import of control on userform with rowsource fails [i#73753]
    * make sure that 'AutoExtension' is not disabled [i#73876]
    * crash when loading some documents
    * too large toggles [i#73875]
    * various small fixes
    * some more stability fixes in libwpd [n#233981]
    * correct icon for main menu entry [n#236816]
    * VBA bits:
	* illegal access to undefined dimensions
	* correct implementation of Range.PrintOut method
	* add 'LIKE' implementation [i#73830]
    * update to more stable libwpd 0.8.8 [n#233981]
- updated branding for SLED10-SP1 [n#236687]
- added the needed libwpd-0.8.8 sources [n#233981]
- reverted/removed the wps import filter feature

Tue Jan 23 18:25:55 CET 2007 -

- removed the system directory /usr/lib/xml from the file list

Mon Jan 22 15:26:17 CET 2007 -

- updated ooo-build to 2.1.1:
    * bin problematic thread stack size optimization
    * improvements in the VBA API implementation
    * pre/post-processing capability shows progress
    * some warnings and dependency fixes
- updated the prebuilt cli*.dll [n#236353]
- enabled clipart again

Thu Jan 11 21:42:58 CET 2007 -

- updated to version 2.1 (ooe680-m6 = 2.1GM) [fate#301001]
- updated ooo-build to 2.1
    * target OOE680_m6 == 2.1 GM
    * bash completion, MIME types for open XML Writer file format
    * ask user on logout/shutdown to save documents
    * pixel precise desktop icons
    * extensive optimization to gain speedup
    * lots VBA fixes and improvements
    * optional argument issues in Calc
    * Delete Rows/Columns should remember the content
    * crashes and performance problems during slideshow
    * key/mouse input ignored in slideshow during media playback
    * impress navigator icons transparency
    * problems with dbus connection
    * mozilla certificate dir detection
    * and more
- updated extra translation sources: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Greek,
  Finnish, KHmer, Macedonia, Norwegian Bokmaal, Norwegian Nynorsk, Slovak,
  Slovene, Welsh
- added extra localization source: Vietnamese
- removed obsolete extra localization sources: British
- changed installation prefix from /usr/lib/ooo-2.0 to /usr/lib/ooo-2.1;
  the user configuration is still in ~/.ooo-2.0 to do not lost the old
- really added xalan-j2, xerces-j2, and xml-commons-apis to Requires;
  they were only in BuildRequires because of a typo
- enabled support for open XML Writer file format
- temporary disabled clipart; it crashes build on some machines

Thu Nov 30 20:54:00 CET 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * some VBA fixes
    * better style of desktop icons
    * pre/post-processing capability for import/export fixes
    * localized all strings and removed debug outputs in scsolver

Tue Nov 28 16:46:48 CET 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * pre- and post-processing capability for import and export
    * VBA error in Range::Cells
    * lots fixes in the scsolver stuff
    * do not exit the whole OOo by the screensaver poke
    * outline mode editing crasher
    * Chinese font Size name conversion
    * more 64-bit fixes
- reverted the db-java -> db43-java rename to make it buildable for
  older products
- hot fix: gij32 must be checked before gij to be found [#222708]

Mon Nov 20 21:54:09 CET 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * wrong calculation in Calc, r1c1 stuff [i#71455, i#221421]
    * searching for JREs [n#203830, n#222708]
    * python-2.5 paths for 32-bit package on x86_64
- changed requires from jre to jre-32 on 32-bit architectures [n#222708]
- added back the trigger on python to set the paths; otherwise, the python
  components (mail merge) do not work with the 32-bit package on x86_64
- added the related myspell packages to Recommends for: Hindi, Gujarati,
  Sotho, Tsonga, Xhosa (used Recommends instead of Requires to do not break
  CD layout at this stage)
- added scalable-font-km to Requires of the km subpackage
- replaced db-java with db43-java in BuildRequires; the package was renamed

Wed Nov 15 20:19:35 CET 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * incorrect use of & and &&, obvious typo [i#71388]
    * do not export corrupted metadata [i#71343]
    * get rid of hypocycloid error on workbook_open, another VBA fix
    * make setsdkenv usable in RPM spec files, affects only sdk [#215627]
    * better Hindi help fonts setting, so the help is readable by default
    * small fixes of the man page [#202573]
    * duplicity in a file list, thanks to aj for noticing it
- updated branding for openSUSE-10.2 [n#220411]

Mon Nov 13 15:22:19 CET 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * prefer gij on x86_64 [#219982]
    * another fix in the fontconfig for font fallback [i#54603]
    * more VBA fixes for Excell sheets [#201635]
    * some fixes in the scsolver stuff
    * installation of the mono pkg-config file
- built against mozilla-xulrunner181-devel instead of
  mozilla-xulrunner180-devel [#218792]
- added gcc-java to Requires on x86_64 [#219982]
- added xalan-j2, xerces-j2, and xml-commons-apis to Requires; we started to
  use the system versions some time ago; it is java stuff, so the dependency
  was not added by default
- fixed installation of mono-ooo-2.0.pc to be in PKG_CONFIG_PATH on x86_64

Tue Nov  7 20:41:59 CET 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * serious problems with condensed text portions printing [i#70759]
    * missing borders VBA range implementation
    * fix permissions of the documentation, for the new

Fri Nov  3 22:07:35 CET 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * arch independent directory for templates
    * crash in Draw and Impress by pressing the Del key
    * problem with binding for controls with accents in VBA [n#214312]
    * CSV saved with .XLS extension should load in Calc
    * objects allocation in pyuno
    * more Slovak localization
    * hash item collections fix
    * Pivot Report without Format layout [n#190970]
    * conflicts in r1c1 stuff
    * some fixes from Fedora
    * build with new gcc-4.1.2
    * hacked hsqldb to work on 64-bit build
    * branched configuration for openSUSE-10.2
- enabled help localizations (are in good state now): Hindi, Slovene
- enabled sdk on all architectures [n#215227]
- fixed dependency on JRE to be required on all architectures
- used the branched configuration for openSUSE-10.2
- removed obsolete hack for setting PYTHONHOME on x86_64; it is not needed with
  the native 64-bit build

Mon Oct 23 16:18:49 CEST 2006 -

- fixed build with gcc (GCC) 4.1.2 20061018
- added /usr/share/templates to search path for templates; made sure that it was
  added also for the existing user configuration

Thu Oct 19 21:03:47 CEST 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * common dir for language independent templates
    * new "Labels" template category
    * temporary disabled some more dangerous speedup fixes
    * lots VBA fixes
    * lots fixes from Fedora
    * mozab driver path encoding problem on Win32
    * build with recent wizard crash fix
    * parallel build fix
    * install SDK only for en-US
- updated extra translation sources: Danish, Greek, Welsh
- updated thesaurus dictionaries: German, Polish
- updated hyphen dictionaries: Polish
- added thesaurus dictionaries: Norwegian Nynorsk, Portuguese
- added hyphen dictionaries: Croatian, Norwegian Nynorsk, Norwegian Bokmaal
- added some Slovene extras
- removed outdated extra translation sources: Polish

Thu Oct 12 20:59:15 CEST 2006 -

- updated to 2.0.4 (final)
- updated ooo-build to version 2.0.4:
    * target OOO_2_0_4
    * allow to build older bytecode with newer JDK
    * save more space/time/code
    * temporary disabled some dangerous speedup fixes
    * lots VBA fixes and improvements
    * lots 64bit fixes
    * input field dialog improvement
    * unopkg fails when Setup.xcu is missing
    * optional argument issues
    * use fontconfig for font fallback
    * mozilla certificates detection
    * some i18n support added
    * build with Xalan >= 2.7.x fix
    * bashism fixes
    * prebuilt mono dlls update
    * wazard crash
- updated extra translation sources: Danish, Greek, Welsh
- forced source="1.4" and target="1.4" for build with Sun java
- removed java-1_4_2-sun-devel from BuildRequires and added back the default
- synced features between x86_64 and ix86 build; synced BuildRequires
- enabled gstreamer also when build on SLED10
- updated the prebuilt cli*.dll [n#209342]
- added postinstall script to put the dlls into GAC
- disabled insufficient fix for the wizard crash
- added hack to start makefile several times to try to finish build even with
  the strange random build crash in officecfg

Fri Sep 29 13:50:49 CEST 2006 -

- added gcc-gij to BuildRequires for openSUSE-10.2 and higher to fix build
  on x86_64 and ppc
- removed obsolete gcc41-gij from BuildRequires

Thu Sep 21 18:50:59 CEST 2006 -

- updated to snapshot ood680-m4 (2.0.4-rc2)
- updated ooo-build to version ood680-m4:
	+ target ood680-m4
	+ more shrink apparent & real memory use
	+ lots gstreamer fixes and improvements
	+ better error handling in r1c1 stuff
	+ lots VBA fixes and improvements
	+ r1c1 and VBA
	+ find the mozilla certificate dir
	+ "Save As" crash regression fix
	+ java.home property to gnujre searchpath
	+ missing stuff for getopt/readdir_r from system glibc
	+ support for evolution-data-server-1.8
	+ temporary fix for gcc >= 4.1.2 20060913
	+ correct build and installation of the mono stuff
- updated extra translation sources: African, Belorussian, Bulgarian, Czech,
  Danish, Estonian, Greek, Finnish, Latvian, Macedonia, Norwegian Bokmaal,
  Norwegian Nynorsk, Slovak, Slovene, Sotho, Tsonga, Welsh, Xhosa, Zulu
- temporary added java-1_4_2-sun-devel to BuildRequires for openSUSE-10.2
  to build the Java 1.4 compatible bytecode; it is needed until we make the
  target bytecode optional
- temporary added gcc41-gij to BuildRequires until the dependency from
  gcc-java is fixed
- temporary added hack to ignore python UNO component registration problems;
  it is needed until we fix it with python-2.5
- added mozilla-xulrunner to BuildRequires for older distributions to
  help to resolve dependencies
- added the new mono-ooo-2.0.pc to the mono subpackage; it did not make
  sense to do the mono-devel subpackage
- fixed build with xalan-2.7

Thu Aug 31 22:01:24 CEST 2006 -

- updated to snapshot ood680-m2 (2.0.4-rc-pre)
- updated ooo-build to version ood680-m2:
    * target ood680-m2
    * shrink apparent & real memory use
    * lots fixes and improvements in the VBA stuff
    * lots fixes and improvements in the r1c1 stuff
    * more fixes in bibliographic encoding for Chinese
    * getopt/readdir_r from system glibc
    * some fixes in the gstreamer stuff
    * input field dialog improvement
    * install soffice symlink needed by UNO components
    * build with large file support
    * better support for gcj-4.1
    * some more build fixes
- added some few temporary and hot fixes
    * disable all size shrink patches
    * save as dialog fix
    * evolution-data-server-2.8 soname
- added fastjar to BuildRequires on non-ix84 to fix build on ppc [#201707]
- removed the obsolete OOo* wrapper for newer builds [#202573]
- marked the new /usr/bin/soffice symlink as %ghost; added %post and %postun
  scripts to update the symlink
- cleaned up the %install and %files sections

Wed Aug 23 19:23:04 CEST 2006 -

- updated to snapshot ood680-m1 (2.0.4-rc-pre)
- updated ooo-build to version ood680-m1:
    * target ood680-m1
    * implementation of layered accelerators
    * gstreamer backend for avmedia
    * new properties for VBA range
    * lots VBA fixes and improvements
    * lots fixes and improvements in ooqstart
    * cairo canvas image scaling issue
    * table sorting fix
    * sourceview font setting
    * new 'Natural' variant of sorting
    * print and print preview issue with sheet local names
    * number of systray fixes in the quickstart stuff
    * simple shrink of base FillInfo by using bitfields
    * better readable version in Help/About dialog
    * input method crash
    * bibliographic encoding for Chinese
    * set default varchar lenght to 100 in dbaccess
    * better using fontconfig for font fallback with Chinese
    * Simplified and Traditional Chinese translation in stc_char.dic
    * support for new gcj/gij
    * build with shell=bash by default
    * various build fixes
- removed obsolete tcsh from BuildRequires
- added gstreamer010-plugins-base-devel to BuildRequires needed by the
  gstreamer/avmedia feature
- moved branding images to package sources
- added prebuilt unowinreg.dll to avoid build dependency on mingwin; the dll
  is necessary to build portable java extensions by OOo-sdk
- improved spec file to skip build preparation stuff easily; it is helpful
  for testing

Fri Jul 14 17:06:42 CEST 2006 -

- updated to snapshot OOO_2_0_3
- updated ooo-build to version
    * target OOO_2_0_3
    * buggy speed image stuff temporary disabled
    * allow to resize Cols/Rows even in read-only document
    * better support for CJK embolden, port from 2.0.2
    * range should stay selected after un-toggle
    * problem with the key [Alt F]
    * add Row addressing to A1 style in Calc
    * more VBA fixes
    * some build and install fixes for scsolver
    * build with gcc-3.3

Wed Jun 28 20:12:52 CEST 2006 -

- updated to snapshot ooc680-m7 == 2.0.3rc7
- updated ooo-build to version ooc680-m7:
    * new module for Mixed Integer Linear Programming
    * KDE backend for system-wide settings
    * Lotus Word Pro import filer as a xml filter implementation
    * plus / minus sign next to each heading in Navigator
    * linking speed up and many other changes
    * lots of new constants for VBA excel, font attributes
    * lots fixes and improvements in the VBA stuff
    * lots fixes and improvements in the SCSolver stuff
    * lots fixes and improvements in the CalcSolver stuff
    * lots impress related fixes
    * lots 64-bit fixes
    * better export of spreadsheets to HTML
    * ldap configuration fix
    * updated various bits to be in sync with CWS
    * better support for distro specific branding
    * more gcj/gij related fixes
    * build with gcc 4.1
    * and many more
- added mozilla-xulrunner180-devel into BuildRequires instead of gecko-sdk
  for SL > 10.1
- added sablot-devel to BuildRequires for x86_64
- added support to build on x86_64
- temporary disabled sdk on ppc and x86_64
- added lp_solve souurces, necessary for the new Mixed Integer Linear
  Programming feature
- removed the obsolete security patches
- removed obsolete --with-vendor=Novell configure switch

Thu Jun 22 19:01:47 CEST 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * clipping problem in case cached primitive is used [#187780]
    * reading of freed memory in slidesorter [#186621]
    * file lists on ppc with gcj
- added three security fixes:
    * check macros even on non-standard locations, CVE-2006-2198, #184372
    * disable java applets by default because they might break out of
      the sandbox and any secure fix is not easy, CVE-2006-2199, #184385
    * potential buffer overflow in the xml utf8 converter, CVE-2006-3117,
- added SL 10.1 compat fixes (does not affect the SLED10 build):
    * disabled cairo by default [#152730]
    * disabled sdk stuff

Thu Jun 15 19:39:14 CEST 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * ~/.recently-used corruption [#184895]
    * use correct context in the VBA stuff [#184871]
    * missing string for the quickstarter check-box [#183717]
    * updates and fixes of translations
- added checks for macros even on non-standard locations, n#184372
- disabled java applets by default because they might break out of the sandbox
  and any secure fix is not easy, n#184385

Thu Jun  1 18:15:50 CEST 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * lots fixes in the VBA stuff [#178312, #179188, #175726, #178717, #105391]
    * problems with cropped text sprites [#180871]
    * problem with text animations [#173009]
    * printing from samba share [#169587]
    * slideshow rendered incorrectly on Xgl [#174507]
    * bibliographic encoding [#155725]
    * crasher dismissing menus [#170772]
    * top-level basic-shapes icon [#178384]
    * metrics of the font Open Symbol [#160267]
    * poke gnome screensaver during slideshow [#169207]
    * automatically wrap text inside shapes [#171052]
    * backport of some fixes for the certificates stuff [#157991]
    * gengal stuff clean up, saves 7MBs [i#65361]
- fixed to use the extended dependencies (Recommends, Suggests, Enhances)
  only on SL10.1 and higher

Fri May 19 19:29:04 CEST 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * context menu behavior fix
    * large pivot tables were unusable slow [#177261]

Thu May 18 20:26:07 CEST 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * more i18n support
    * better fake bold for big cjk fonts [#176701]
    * some new font attributes for the VBA stuff
    * some more fixes for the VBA stuff [#104857, #176055, #175726, #105125]
    * using a filter when browsing samba shares [#167900]
    * missing strlen check
    * sort-order of files in extra galleries
- added a compat symlink for writer icon to fix update from NLD9 [#173140]
- disabled openldap, gnome-vfs, and gtk support on SL9.1, except for NLD9
- added check if suseconfig_fonts macros were defined to fix build on SL9.2

Thu May  4 18:15:53 CEST 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * more i18n support
    * typo in gcj 32-bit run time paths
    * lots fixes in the VBA stuff
    * support to remove poor help localizations
- disabled poor help localizations with less than 50% of localized strings:
  African, Belorussian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Finnish, Greek, Hindi,
  Kinyarwanda, Latvian, Norwegian Bokmaal, Macedonia, Norwegian Nynorsk,
  Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Sotho, Turkish, Tsonga, Vietnamese, Welsh, Xhosa

Thu Apr 27 20:36:16 CEST 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * support for OOo SDK packaging [#168810]
    * optimization for loading large pivot tables from xls
    * crash in fileview
    * layout hang
    * attempting to access current document fails in VBA
    * default Greek fonts definition [#166267]
    * small problems with preferred font order
    * missing minor version number in versionrc
    * synced atkbridge fixes with CWS
    * Writer/Web desktop category [#168663]
- added sdk and sdk-doc subpackages [#168810]
- disabled Writer/Web menu entry on SLED [#168663]

Fri Apr 14 20:11:54 CEST 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * better fix for crash when selecting email application [#154458]
    * avoids strange 2.6 specific hacks

Thu Apr 13 21:11:25 CEST 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * crash when selecting email application
    * allow right-click if focus is set to mouse in Metacity
    * prefer Calc over Gnumeric in KDE, set InitialPreference=6 in calc.desktop
    * enable Math MIME type setting; use NoDisplay=true instead of Hidden=true
      in math.desktop
    * crash with a11y [#165538]
    * -display and other options with ooqstart [#160296]
    * expression evaluation changed between 1.x and 2.0 [#164294]
    * disable use of fontconfig to enable/disable bitmaps again [#164868]

Wed Apr  5 19:11:06 CEST 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * use fontconfig to enable/disable bitmaps
    * pressing escape when context menu is displayed crasher

Fri Mar 31 14:22:43 CEST 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * import of VBA stream hangup
    * lots new constants for VBA excel
    * lots fixes in Atk bridge
    * i18n support within pasting to Calc
    * bin the obsolete LD_PRELOAD of libgcj [#153386]
- added some NLD9 specific fixes (affects only build on NLD9):
    * marked the compat desktop files GNOME only
    * substituted the bin suffix in the compat desktop files
    * enabled openclipart
    * packaged missing directories

Mon Mar 27 18:03:02 CEST 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * preload libgcj when gcj/gij JRE is selected [#153386]

Thu Mar 23 19:28:28 CET 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * more VBA fixes
    * markup the menu items correctly
    * branch SUSE-10.1.conf from SUSE.conf
    * update man page
    * bin obsolete hacks for build with gcj on ppc
- removed unused ooo_custom_images-13.tar.bz2, ooo_crystal_images-1.tar.gz,
  libwpd-0.8.3.tar.gz; were unused many weeks ;-(
- fixed to use SUSE-10.1.conf for SL 10.1 build

Fri Mar 17 14:01:25 CET 2006 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * more VBA fixes
    * better HTML validity
    * ODMA fixes
    * ooqstart fixes [#157583] [#144795]
    * multiselection in fpicker
    *'Ctrl' instead of 'Control' in menus

Fri Mar 10 11:20:26 CET 2006 -

- updated to the final OOO_2_0_2 sources
- updated ooo-build to version 2.0.2:
    * target OOO_2_0_2
    * pure X11-libs based ooqstart
    * lots fixes in the VBA stuff
    * lots fixes in the Atk bridge
    * some safer permissions by default again
    * line spacing in OpenSymbol font
    * oofromtemplate do not longer open two windows [#152530]
    * use system allocator and boost
    * fix build on ppc with gcj [#115274]
- updated extra translation sources: Greek, Macedonian, Welsh
- added %%run_suseconfig_fonts to %post, %postun [#155404]
- added boost-devel devel to BuildRequirtes
- moved java2-devel-packages to ix86 specific BuildRequires
- added java-1_4_2-gcj-compat-devel gcc-java xalan-j2 xerces-j2
  xml-commons-apis to ppc specific BuildRequires
- enabled build with gcj on ppc [#115274]
- used "|| true" rather than "|| exit 0" in the various scriptlets to do not
  break their other parts

Thu Mar  2 20:20:10 CET 2006 -

- updated to snapshot oob680-m5 == 2.0.2rc4
- updated ooo-build to version oob680.5.0:
    * target oob680-m4, oob680-m5 == 2.0.2rc4
    * lots fixes in the VBA stuff
    * textures handling
    * bitmap surface drawing
    * arrows misplacing after sheet recalculation
    * parallel build of cli_ure fix
    * build on ppc without java
    * new wrappers for smoketest, qadevOOo, qatesttool
- updated extra translation sources: Bulgarian, Estonian, Greek, Latvian,
  Slovak, Slovene
- removed wrong locale(en_US) provides from the main package; OOo should not
  be selected always with en_US locales
- removed hard dependency on libgcj, finally [#144113]

Fri Feb 24 17:36:28 CET 2006 -

- updated to snapshot oob680-m3 == 2.0.2rc3
- updated ooo-build to version oob680.3.0:
    * target oob680-m2, oob680-m3
    * ask user to save documents on desktop logout/shutdown
    * drawing texts with different bit depths
    * don't fork date thousands of times during the build
    * lots fixes in the VBA stuff
    * some fixes in the GETPIVOTDATA function
    * send document as PDF attachments fix to work
    * run without quickstarter fix
    * fpicker crasher
    * word import filter speed improvement fix
    * bash completion for paths starting with ~
    * preserve SaveAs name when changing document format
    * associate some less typical MIME types
    * better support for build with gcj
    * Novell palette fix
    * extra configuration for build on ppc where java is disabled for now
- updated extra translation sources: Bulgarian, Estonian, Latvian, Macedonian,
  Norwegian Bokmaal, Norwegian Nynorsk, Slovak, Welsh
- added extra translation source: Polish
- added provides locale(parent:lang) to all lang subpackages
- fixed tarball with the desktop files for KDE desktop templates [#152869]
- added special version of xt, which is necessary for build with gcj

Fri Feb 17 14:02:40 CET 2006 -

- updated to version 2.0.2, snapshot oob680-m1 == 2.0.2rc1
- updated ooo-build to version oob680.1.1:
    * target oob680-m1 [=2.0.2rc1]
    * lots fixes in the VBA stuff
    * 'like' Evo2 handling
    * link with -Wl,-zdynsort
    * lots fixes and improvements in the Calc solver
    * crash when pasting text into writer
    * disabled the registration menus by default
    * enabled some latest changes in the VBA stuff
    * bin problematic oopadmin wrapper
    * Novell corporate dictionary
    * some fixes for parallel make
    * build with system db 4.3 fix
- updated extra translation sources: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian,
  Khmer, Latvian, Slovak, Slovene
- updated translations of the desktop files for KDE desktop templates
- removed/disabled the buggy mdbtools/access stuff [#130178]
- removed the problematic OOo-padmin wrapper

Thu Feb 16 10:35:46 CET 2006 -

- fix %suse_update_desktop_file parameter order

Fri Feb 10 13:20:36 CET 2006 -

- updated to version, snapshot src680-m156
- updated ooo-build to version src680.156.0:
    * target m155, m156
    * direct atk-bridge for GNOME accessibility
    * two new templates
    * lots fixes in the VBA stuff
    * some fixes in the Evo2 stuff
    * some fixes in Cairo stuff
    * reworked patch for d_type entry based speedup
    * testtool compatibility with our VBA stuff [#145906]
    * too wide "Menu/Insert/Picture/From File..." dialog
    * quickstarter argv[0] handling
    * Hebrew font configuration [#114495]
    * helpcontent configuration of some localizations
    * packaging of KDE Address Book
    * helpcontent configuration fix
    * new SL 10.1 branding [#149017]
- updated extra translation sources: Belorussian, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish,
  Estonian, Greek, Latvian, Norwegian Bokmaal, Norwegian Nynorsk, Slovak
- cleaned up BuildRequires:
    * removed gnutls-devel, libglade2-devel, libgnomeprintui-devel,
      libgnomeui-devel, libwnck-devel, mDNSResponder-devel, mono-basic,
      mono-data-sqlite, openldap2, openslp-devel
    * added gnome-vfs2-devel, gtk2-devel
- used a better dependency on gij, still not the final solution [#144113]
- enabled binfilters only in the spec file again now

Fri Feb  3 15:09:46 CET 2006 -

- updated to version, snapshot src680-m154
- updated ooo-build to version src680.154.0:
	+ target m154
	+ lots fixes in the VBA stuff
	+ thumbnails compatibility with windows
	+ fixup & re-enable evo-2.4 support
	+ handle media:/ files locally
	+ allow to open files with relative paths by quickstarter
	+ updated various bits to be in sync with CWS
	+ cleaned up configuration of ooo-build vs. spec file
- updated extra translation sources: Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, Greek,
  Macedonian, Slovak
- cleaned up spec file; moved most of the enable/disabled/with configure
  switches to ooo-build, so they are at one place; renamed some variables
  to be consistent

Thu Jan 26 21:40:32 CET 2006 -

- updated to version, snapshot src680-m151
- updated ooo-build to version src680.151.0:
    * target m151
    * do not include the service for remote ldap config
    * lots fixes in the VBA stuff
    * problem with templates and macros
    * enable gij-4.1 for all
    * disable visibility markup only for i18nshrink
    * hide mouse cursor during slideshow
    * make Calc solver menu translatable
    * recognize gij in jvmsetup
    * do not start writer if no mode is selected by quickstarter
    * 0x0 size canvas creating
    * DIN-regular font mapping fix
    * some fixes for GNOME splash
    * Cairo smooth curves disabled
    * fixed ootool to do not add directories "twice"
    * parallel build of images
- updated extra translation sources: Czech, Estonian, Latvian, Macedonian,
- added extra translation sources: Belorussian
- added a temporary hack to fix dependency on gij [#144113]
- fixed dependency on Indian fonts [#144135]

Wed Jan 25 21:43:55 CET 2006 -

- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires

Fri Jan 20 19:25:38 CET 2006 -

- updated to version, snapshot src680-m150
- updated ooo-build to version src680.150.1:
    * target m150
    * updated crystal icons to ver. 1 / 1st candidate for up-streaming
    * lots improvements and fixes in the VBA stuff
    * regression in formulae for getValue
    * create ooffice wrapper script too for quickstarter [#144285]
    * do not refcount the empty string
    * do not check for dir and file
    * do not stat dirs over and over
    * use d_type entry instead of using stat
    * more fixes for myspell hashify
    * create pipename in multiple places issue
    * fontconfig always uses UTF-8
    * some fixes in Kohei's Calc solver
    * some hunspell build fixes
    * some installer errors fixes
    * config files in file lists fix [#137975]
    * lots double warnings fixes
    * updated NLD10 branding
- update KDE icons to version 1 (1st candidate for up-streaming)
- updated extra translation sources: Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, Greek, Slovak
- added 1 more localization (subpackages): Khmer (km) [#143483]
- added extra translation sources: Khmer
- added OpenOffice_org-hunspell to Obsoletes
- fixed dependency on fonts and myspell dictionaries in the subpackage mk, and
- fixed OOo-wrapper to call ooffice instead of the obsolete ooo-wrapper
- fixed build with openclipart on older distributions

Mon Jan 16 20:47:24 CET 2006 -

- fixed build with openclipart-0.18 (this version started to use another path
  and a symlink)

Fri Jan 13 11:42:16 CET 2006 -

- updated to version, snapshot src680-m149
- updated ooo-build to version src680.149.0:
    * target m149
    * Kohei's Calc solver
    * Desktop Entry Specification conforming desktop files [#10543]
    * more splash speedup
    * quick-starter improvements
    * simple wrappers for quick-starter
    * crash on 16bit depth displays with Cairo
    *  myspell hashify for Win32
    *  problems with gallery stuff
    * linguistic simple dictionary stuff improvements
    * missing GETPIVOTDATA function in Calc
    * some mono-related fixes
    * more robust build-galleries script
    * improved dictionaries documentation installation
    * enabled build with sytem db
- updated extra translation sources: Arabic, British, Bulgarian, Czech,
  Danish, Estonian, Greek, Norwegian Bokmaal, Norwegian Nynorsk, Slovak,
  Slovene, Welsh
- updated hyphen dictionaries: Dutch, Greek, Latvian, Polish
- updated thesaurus dictionaries: American, German, Polish
- added 7 more localizations (subpackages): Hindi (hi-IN), Lithuanian (lt),
  Macedonian (mk), Kinyarwanda (rw), Serbian (sr-CS), Sotho (st),
  Tsonga (ts)
- added extra translation sources: Lithuanian, Macedonian, Serbian, Sotho,
- added thesaurus dictionaries: Czech, Spanish
- added db-devel db-java to neededforbuild
- added desktop files for NLD9 build
- removed obsolete extra translation sources: Croatian, Hungarian
- removed obsolete tarball with SUSE specific desktop files
- removed obsolete hunspell sources and hunspell subpackage [#141750]
- enabled build of quiskstarter
- fixed installation of desktop files

Mon Jan  9 16:38:24 CET 2006 -

- fixed some localizations of the About dialog

Fri Jan  6 22:01:47 CET 2006 -

- updated to version, snapshot src680-m148
- updated ooo-build to version src680.148.0:
    * target m148
    * lots improvements and fixes in the VBA stuff
    * splash speedup
    * quickstart improvements
    * fixed undefined usage of pointers
    * added missing glipth for default bullet
    * more 64bit fixes
    * more fixes for gcc41
    * some Cairo improvements
    * build with system mdbtools fix
    * build with external stlport fix
    * build with system mozilla fix
    * build with XULRunner allowed
    * KDE only build fix
    * fixed build of extra galleries
    * fixed stripping
- added templates that can be used to create a new file on KDE desktop
- added InitialPreference=6 to draw.desktop to be preferred over Karbon14

Thu Dec 22 18:08:58 CET 2005 -

- updated to version, snapshot src680-m145 (2.0.1.rc4)
- updated ooo-build to version src680.145.0:
    * target m145
    * lots improvements and fixes in the VBA stuff
    * icons theme status storing
    * switching back from HighContrast icon theme
    * series sum fix in Calc
    * return value of empty cell
    * disabled debug messages from myspell
    * fixed pointer usage in icu [#139376]
- added nld subpackage for NLD branding
- added better support for faster test builds
- added additional system libraries sources, used and packaged only on NLD9

Mon Dec 12 16:02:19 CET 2005 -

- updated to version, snapshot src680-m143 (2.0.1.rc2)
- updated ooo-build to version src680.143.0:
    * bug fixes:
    * lots improvements in the VBA stuff
    * some fixes for R1C1 address support in Spreadsheet
    * build against newer OpenLDAPs
    * hack to build >=m142 with mono enabled
    * updated patches for gcc-4.1, added patches for binfilter
    * updated header for new autoconf stuff
    * updated patches for 64-bit support
    * updated patches for icon switching
    * installation of with system Python
- updated extra translation sources: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Greek,
  Finnish, Slovak, Slovene
- fixed installation of desktop files and fixed the file list for NLD9
- enabled binfilters again

Tue Nov 29 15:04:18 CET 2005 -

- updated to version, snapshot src680-m140
- updated ooo-build to version src680.140.0:
    * target m140
    * cairo updated to version 1.0.2
    * improved built-in quick-starter applet / systray thing
    * lots VBA fixes
    * Word and Excel filters save the VT_CF thumbnail property
    * some optimization/speedup
    * lots VBA fixes
    * prioritize Hebrew culmus fonts
    * obsolete oohtml wrapper symlink
    * missing Tilde & back-tick keys
    * ctrl-back-tick toggle formula view
    * 'Use hardware acceleration' check box moved to the right column
    * 'Document converter' basic error
    * desktop files moved to /usr/share/applications
    * more fixes in the support for pyuno on x86_64
    * LD_LIBRARY_PATH problems
    * Evo and columnNames selection
    * set the toolbox height according to the icon theme
    * resize toolbox according to the selected theme
    * print-related dispatch API
    * accuracy of ERF/ERFC for large x value improvement
- updated extra translation sources: African, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish,
  Estonian, Greek, Finnish, Norwegian Bokmaal, Norwegian Nynorsk, Slovak,
  Slovene, Welsh, Xhosa, Zulu
- added extra translation sources: Arabic
- temporary disabled binfilters even for full build
- fixed installation of menu entries for NLD9
- added OOo2 packages to provides and obsoletes, it was necessary for NLD9
- removed myspell-british from requires of the main package; en-GB subpackage
  is the right place
- added myspell-estonian to requires of the et subpackage
- added support for mimimalized test build

Tue Oct 25 20:18:18 CEST 2005 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * error while using wizard document converter [#113235]
    * odt import of 0.5pt table borders
    * LD_LIBRARY_PATH problem [#118188]
    * fixes in the support for pyuno on x86_64
    * updated man page

Thu Oct 20 18:15:30 CEST 2005 -

- updated to version 2.0.0
- updated ooo-build to version 2.0.0:
    * target 2.0.0
    * updated artwork

Mon Oct 17 17:16:25 CEST 2005 -

- updated to version 2.0.rc3
- updated ooo-build to version 2.0.rc3:
    * ooo680-m* support
    * VBA update
    * better message when there is no help
    * fixed layout of Options...->View
    * more parallel build of ooo680-m*
    * fixed crash on load of .doc
- updated extra translation sources: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian,
  Hungarian, Slovak
- removed the outdated Dutch extra translation source
- updated internal cairo to version 1.0.2 (used just for older distributions)
- updated libwpd to version 0.8.3
- used mozilla-devel-packages intead of mozilla and mozilla-devel in
- fixed to compile with mozilla-xulrunner on SL 10.1 and above
- updated NLD branding
- removed unneeded exporting DIR and LIBDIR for QT and KDE

Fri Oct  7 11:12:51 CEST 2005 -

- added exporting DIR and LIBDIR for QT and KDE into specfile

Wed Oct  5 18:18:26 CEST 2005 -

- added flac, flac-devel into needforbuild (required by the new libsndfile)

Tue Oct  4 16:01:36 CEST 2005 -

- added MimeType application/ into adequate desktop file (bug #118393)

Thu Sep 22 19:54:24 CEST 2005 -

- updated to version 1.9.129
- updated ooo-build to version 1.9.129:
    * target m129
    * updated KDE Address Book integration
    * VBA form control event handling and more features
    * drawing with cairo-1.0.0 fix
    * check buttons rendering problems
    * spin-button event timeout problems
    * lots 64-bit fixes
    * user config dir name
    *  undefined token pool states in QPro stuff
    * 'backspace' deletes slides like 'delete' in slide sorter
    * really set file type by extension in GTK+ fpicker
    * turn on impress ruler by default
    * run crash report only when it is built
    * some fixes in configure
    * start Xvfb with -ac when building galleries
    * do not copy system stdlibs
- fixed to really disable java on ppc [#115274]
- added initial support to build with gcj
- added text/x-comma-separated-values and text/x-csv mimes to calc.desktop

Mon Sep  5 16:27:46 CEST 2005 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * disabled some unreviewed patches [#114992]
    * check buttons rendering problem [#80447]

Thu Sep  1 19:26:27 CEST 2005 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * disable cairo by default [#106644]
    * proper fix for bullets exported to MS [#10555]
    * crash with GTK+ fpicker [#114644]
    * crashing while inserting slides [#114062]
    * ooconfig improvements and fixes
    * man page fixes
    * show text correctly with cairo-1.0.0
    * unnecessary duplicities in sub-packages
    * do not install mono cli_*.dll files twice
    * do not run crash_report when it is not built
    * set file type by extension in GTK+ fpicker
    * allow to apply the extra localizations sources everywhere
- fixed a typo in Slovak translation, thanks to

Mon Aug 29 16:41:44 CEST 2005 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * VBA crash with resize property [#105450]
    * set file type by extension in GTK+ fpicker
    * avoid version in Hunspell service name
    * avoid some heinous GTK+ brokenness
    * create some dirs and files with secure permissions [#106004]
    * updated branding for 10.0
    * add simple utility ooconfig to easy change some setting
- updated internal cairo to version 1.0.0 (used just for older distributions)

Tue Aug 23 17:02:05 CEST 2005 -

- updated to version 1.9.125
- updated ooo-build to version 1.9.125:
    * target m125
    * updated internal cairo to 0.9.2
    * backported lots fixes that were approved for 2.0.1
    * case sensitive autoword completion
    * proper ms access tab page for creating msaccess db
    * crash in evo2, fix for new API [#10446]
    * insensitive menu items [#105864]
    * file locking on NFS [#104655]
    * bullets exported to MS [#10555]
    * crash administering printers without (parsable) PPDs [#73034]
    * default file type by export to PDF in GTK file picker
    * textdoc.desktop support for text/rtf mime
    * error with UTF-8 [#105244]
    * VBA stuff fixes
    * GNOME desktop integration fixes
    * bin obsolete --icons-set ooo-wrapper's option
    * allow grouping of the items under Templates and Document [#106603]
    * some powerpc build related fixes
    * m125 build error with gcj fix
    * new script to update PYTHONPATH on x86_64 [#105227]
- updated extra translation sources: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian,
- updated internal cairo to version 0.9.2 (used just for older distributions)
- removed obsolete internal libpixman sources
- removed obsolete branding sources
- added application/rtf to writer.desktop (used by GNOME)
- added application/vnd.sun.xml.base to base.desktop (prefered now)
- created hunspell subpackage, so the Hunspell spell checker is not enabled
  by default for all languages [#112770]
- added a trigger to update PYTHONPATH for pyuno on x86_64 [#105227]

Thu Aug 18 20:58:54 CEST 2005 -

- updated to version 1.9.124
- updated ooo-build to version 1.9.124:
    * target m124
    * 'save as rendered' option while exporting to .csv
    * allow to disable the VBA feature at runtime
    * some fixes of the cairo canvas stuff
    * default option in the templates and documents dialog fix
    * warning about usage of an undefined variable in install-dict
    * unnecessary error messages from hunspell
    * possibility to turn off strip
    * allow to use ARCH_FLAGS when building partaudio
- updated extra translation sources: Czech, Danish, Estonian, Slovak
- updated cairo source, version 0.9.0 (used just for older distributions)
- updated branding once more for 10.0 [#102355]
- fixed provides of the officebean subpackage
- disabled strip by the native installer
- fixed permissions of installed libraries and modules
- fixed a return in the VBA stuff
- fixed a crash with evo2 [#104462]
- fixed to get proper ms access tab page for creating msaccess db

Mon Aug 15 12:13:25 CEST 2005 -

- fixed some potentially dangerous warnings
- fixed to build portaudio with RPM_OPT_FLAGS
- updated branding for 10.0 [#102355]

Wed Aug 10 21:23:09 CEST 2005 -

- updated to version 1.9.123
- updated ooo-build to version 1.9.123:
    * target m122, m123
    * support for Hunspell
    * lots vba compatibility fixes and improvements
    * some updates in cairo canvas stuff
    * GNOME desktop integration fixes
    * compile mdbtools with -fPIC
- updated extra translation sources: African, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish,
  British, Estonian, Hungarian, Norwegian Bokmaal, Norwegian Nynorsk, Slovak,
  Xhosa, Zulu
- updated cairo source, version 0.6.0 (used just for older distributions)
- added subpackage officebean to remove the direct dependency on Sun Java
  from the main package [#47904]
- added necessary sources for Hunspell, enabled Hunspell [#81225]
- fixed provides and obsoletes for OOo2 package

Thu Aug  4 19:43:02 CEST 2005 -

- updated to version 1.9.121
- updated ooo-build to version 1.9.121:
    * target m120, m121
    * AA slide show cairo canvas
    * VBA compatibility
    * GNOME desktop integration
    * mdbtools based Access base backend
    * shrink myspell memory usage
    * misc IDL comments fixes
    * make csv/text import settings persistent
    * bash completion of filenames with spaces and directories
    * some more gcc4 related fixes
- updated extra translation sources: Bulgarian, Czech, Welsh, Danish, Estonian,
- added necessary sources for cairo and mdbtools features

Fri Jul 29 20:02:26 CEST 2005 -

- updated extra translation sources: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian
- updated hyphen dictionaries: Ukrainian
- updated thesaurus dictionaries: American, German, Slovak
- added more subpackages with localizations: Gujarati, Punjabi, Xhosa, Zulu
- added extra translation sources: Xhosa, Zulu
- added hyphen dictionaries: Lithuanian, Romanian
- added thesaurus dictionaries: Bulgarian, French, Polish
- enabled Mono UNO bridge and created mono subpackage (for SL 10.0 and above)
- added mono-devel-packages to needeforbuild, added necessary extra sources
- fixed critical warnings in the mono stuff
- fixed installation of mono and new dictionaries
- added more triggers to configure some new dictionaries in the OOo2 package

Fri Jul 22 19:48:27 CEST 2005 -

- updated to version 1.9.118
- updated ooo-build to version 1.9.118:
    * target m118
    * allow to start formula with '+' or '-'
    * access vba api as uno component
    * corrected check boxes spacing
- added more subpackages with localizations: African, Belorussian, Bulgarian,
  Welsh, British, Croatian, Norwegian Bokmaal, Norwegian Nynorsk, Brazilian
  Portuguese, and Vietnamese
- added extra translation sources: African, Bulgarian, Welsh, British, Croatian,
  Norwegian Bokmaal, Norwegian Nynorsk, Brazilian Portuguese, and Vietnamese
- updated extra translation sources: Czech, Danish, Estonian, Slovak
- fixed to do not use the system libsndfile on SL 9.3 because the package
  libsndfile-32bit does not exist for 9.3-x86_64

Fri Jul 15 14:47:02 CEST 2005 -

- updated to version 1.9.116
- updated ooo-build to version 1.9.116:
    * target m116
    * new HiContrast icon theme
    * new mail merge email component
    * startup speedups
    * use system libsndfile
    * initial support for system libnss
    * more potentially dangerous warnings fixes
    * m117 build with gcc-3.2 and gcc-3.3 fix
    * misc. 64bit fixes
    * gcj/Java fixes
    * better check for broken qt/gtk theme
- updated extra translation sources: Czech, Danish, Estonian, Hungarian, Slovak
- added libsndfile and libsndfile-devel to neededforbuild
- removed problematic provides of upstream packages
- added binfilter and new lang sources
- cleaned up list of sources
- removed obsolete CONFIGURE_EXTRA_OPTIONS setting
- enabled binfilters

Thu Jun 23 20:01:55 CEST 2005 -

- updated to version 1.9.110
- updated ooo-build to version 1.9.110:
    * target m109,m110,m111
    * icon theme switching
    * COLUMN and ROW functions return series for arrays fix
    * more 64-bit fixes
    * ergonomics of export in fpicker
    * problems with hsqldb
    * better fallback when some plugins are missing
    * initialize fontconfig only once
    * lots nasty leaks fixes
    * symlink targets in install-dict
    * possibility of insertion of rows instead of overwriting disabled again
    * unused wizards removed
    * more gcc4 fixes
- updated extra translation sources: Czech, Danish, Estonian, Slovak
- added provides compatible with the upstream packages
- added triggers to configure dictionaries in the OOo2 package

Thu Jun  9 13:47:45 CEST 2005 -

- updated to version 1.9.108
- updated ooo-build to version 1.9.108:
    * target m106, m107, m108
    * expression optimization in calc
    * Quattro Pro 6.0 import filter enabled by default
    * lots mono, 64-bit and gcc4-related fixes
    * resources handling in fpickers fix
    * check if help is available
    * new type selection expander for fpickers
- updated extra translation sources: Czech, Danish, Estonian, Slovak
- fixed to build the module np_sdk with the system mozilla-nspr
- fixed to use the system memmove

Thu May 26 13:53:48 CEST 2005 -

- updated to version 1.9.104
- updated ooo-build to version 1.9.104:
    * target m104, m102
    * new --with-openclipart configure switch
    * new info function in calc
    * lots fixes in fpicker, KDE vclplug, Evo2, mono, vba, etc.
    * lots of gcc4 build fixes
    * do not longer use bug-buddy
    * fix to build with system nspr
    * do not mark PPD files as %config
    * disable epm during build
    * do not strip installed binaries
- updated crystal icons to version 6
- updated extra translation sources: Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish,
  Hungarian, Slovak
- added German and Slovak thesaurus dictionaries
- enabled to build openclipart, for SL > 9.3
- added openclipart, xorg-x11-Xvfb, libusb, and resmgr to neededforbuild
- added galleries subpackage with extra galleries from openclipart, for SL > 9.3
- removed obsolete bug-buddy from requires
- removed obsolete --with-system-gcc configure switch
- removed obsolete hack that was needed to build with more localizations
- fixed missing forward declarations and some dangerous warnings for gcc4

Thu May  5 19:55:53 CEST 2005 -

- updated to version 1.9.100
- updated ooo-build to version 1.9.100:
    * target m100, m99
    * simple lwp import
    * gengal - gallery generator
    * fixed to build with java and gcc4
    * Indian font fixes
    * data pilot crasher
    * calc spaced out numbers
- removed so strong dependency (on the release number) between lang subpackages
  and the main package; dependency on the version number is enough
- enabled build with java in STABLE again
- fixed some new potentially dangerous warnings

Tue Apr 19 18:31:47 CEST 2005 -

- updated to version 1.9.92
- updated ooo-build to version 1.9.92:
    * target m92
    * ordinal type iteration
    * filtering improvements
    * startup notification improvements
    * impress/scroll-wheel ergonomics
    * more compatible error values
    * GCJ fixes
    * updated evo driver
    * fix UNO/gcc3 breakage
    * Session Mgmt fix
    * fpicker fixes
    * font substitution fixes
    * better zoom combo-box
    * insert/note popup
    * double graphics cache limits
    * improved QPro bits
    * print error warnings
    * calc/sheet rename
    * excel/import crasher
    * evolution/defaults
    * binfilter unpack / build
    * improve Qt detection
    * enabled support for openldap
    * use wildcards when looking for libs to work on ppc [#74032]
    * fixed potential heap overflow when reading DOC file, CAN-2005-0941,
- updated extras to version 2
- updated extra translation sources: Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish,
  Hungarian, Slovak
- added openldap-related packages to neededforbuild
- disabled java on ppc [#74031]
- added myspell-american, myspell-british to Requires
- removed the no longer supported OOo-setup wrapper [#76858]
- added some gcc4 related fixes, disabled java on STABLE for now
- removed -Wno-return-type for distributions never than SL 9.3
- removed obsolete hack to find /usr/lib/qt3/bin/moc
- added hack to enable build with more localizations

Fri Mar 18 18:48:31 CET 2005 -

- update ooo-build to version
    * more printing-related crashes [#73034]
    * pspfontcache updating fix [#72012]

Thu Mar 17 19:25:22 CET 2005 -

- update ooo-build to version
    * XHTML export fix correction [#66586]
    * more interoperability problems between 2.0 and 1.1 fixes
    * mail merge defaults to Evo fix [#66217]
    * multiple components defining ColRowSettings fix [#72869]
    * printing-related memory corruptions fixes [#66353,#73034]
    * man page update
- updated custom images to version 13
- added bug-buddy to Requires [#73622]

Tue Mar 15 19:10:35 CET 2005 -

- update ooo-build to version
    * libwpd filter fix [#72313]
    * spellchecker crasher fix [#71931]
    * XHTML export fix [#66586]
    * look of toolbar in several KDE styles fix
    * interoperability between 2.0 and 1.1.4 fix [#71105]
    * XIM input method fix
    * size of some fields in create table wizard fix [#66809]
    * URL handling in KDE fpicker fix
- hidden the oomath menu entry
- updated crystal images to version 5

Fri Mar 11 16:53:12 CET 2005 -

- update ooo-build to version
    * many backported CWSs
    * top left toolbar handle fix
    * linking with mozilla libs fix
    * GNOME vfs fixes
    * GTK fpicker fixes
    * allow saving xml files
    * no send email dialog during crash recovery
    * canvas polyline
    * do not show help button without related help
    * better font resolving in KDE vclplug
    * crash with double lock
    * wrong condition
    * Email attachment
    * show popup on print error
    * better window title
    * remove non-functional starformats from save dialogs
    * wizards crash fix
    * crash in impress fix
    * better fonts for help
    * allow to update default java CLASSPATH
- updated extra translation sources: Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish,
  Hungarian, Slovak
- updated custom images to version 12
- updated crystal images to version 4
- added StartupNotify=true to desktop files [#71964]
- used %%distro_conf and %%vendor_conf to do no conflict with the %%vendor tag
- removed duplicate definition of extra_localizations_sources.tar.bz2 source
- added triggers to add mysql-connector-java.jar to the default CLASSPATH
  if installed [#67267]
- added pixmaps also to the non-conflicting package

Fri Mar  4 19:18:50 CET 2005 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * huge amount of backported CWS
    * various crash fixes
    * wizard evo fix
    * fpicker fixes [#60527,#67124,#66765]
    * menu highlighting, check mark color, toolbar toggle buttons
    * oofromtemplate fix to work [#66694]
    * more support for Oasis MIME types
    * default multimedia menu item out
    * unused printer properties out
    * no larger default writer bullet
    * email attachment
    * VFS authentication problems
    * save only modified documents
    * more system libs
    * do not pack standard libs
    * updated icons
- updated extra translation sources: Danish, Estonian, Hungarian, Slovak
- removed wrong thesaurus dictionaries; only the English one is available
  in the new format
- updated ooo custom images to version 11
- updated libwpd to stable version 0.8.0
- fixed bash completion to support OASIS file types, directories; be able to
  finalize suffix
- removed obsolete extra icons [#10543]
- remove GNOME desktop files [#10543, #66084]
- fixed update of Danish help
- added unixODBC-devel, neon, and  neon-devel to neededforbuild
- enabled build with icecream

Thu Feb 24 19:36:59 CET 2005 -

- updated to version src680-m79
- updated ooo-build to version 1.9.79:
    * target m79
    * new SUSE branding
    * zoom combo box
    * GNOME VFS under KDE too
    * connection to evolution address book
    * install-dict keep valid user changes
    * size of check-boxes and radio buttons
    * gallery alpha problem
    * crash on exit with Keramik theme
    * speed up the startup of the KDE NWF a bit
    * random .applications file install
    * relative URLs [#66704]
    * various fpicker fixes
    * user config dir ~/.ooo-2.0-pre, NovellOnly now
- updated extra translation sources: Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Slovak
- added extra translation sources : Danish
- added OOo* wrappers to keep the backward compatibility [#66483,#66484]
- installed shared mime info for the new OASIS MIME types; added
  shared-mime-info to neededforbuild
- updated desktop to know the new Oasis desktop files
- added new desktop file for oobase
- removed the ugly desktop file for oopadmin
- used new icons for calc, draw, impress, and writer; made by jimmac

Fri Feb 18 14:04:34 CET 2005 -

- updated ooo-build to version
    * the GTK splash hint to the window remove
    * GNOME fpicker: easier selection, filter detection
    * fallback for the crystal icons
    * use DESKTOP_LAUNCH in 'Send Document as E-mail'
    * fpicker hanging on accessible desktop
    * allows to install more dictionaries
    * recode documentation of dicts to UTF-8
    * localizations updating from extra sources
    * bash completion for OOo wrappers
    * default writer bullet larger
- updated crystal images to version 3
- updated hyphen dictionaries: Spanish
- added hyphen dictionaries: American, Bulgarian, British, Danish, Estonian,
  German, Greek, Russian
- added Thesaurus dictionaries: Bulgarian, Polish, Spanish
- added sources to update localization: Czech, Estonian, Finish, Hungarian,
  Dutch, Slovak
- added recode to neededforbuild; necessary to recode documentation
  of dictionaries to UTF-8

Fri Feb 11 19:26:54 CET 2005 -

- updated to version src680-m78
- updated ooo-build to version
    * target 78
    * support for oobase
    * zoom combo box
    * +/- keysyms fix
    * make speed-status-bar more effective
    *  datapilot crash fix
    * insensitive toolbar icons looks far nicer
    *  make ESC to work in Calc print preview
    * web bullet export improving
    * autotriming of autofilter choices fix
    * datapilot remote database crash fix
    * search more localizations for system Mozilla
    * GNOME-VFS support
    * allow insertion of rows instead of overwriting
    * extra HTML export / navigation artwork
    * enable cups
- updated icons to custom_images-10 and crystal_images-2
- added extra HTML export and navigation artwork as extras-1
- cleaned up PreReq tags
- do not require scalable-font when built for older distributions
- moved GNOME desktop files to the gnome subpackage

Thu Feb  3 18:33:08 CET 2005 -

- updated to version src680-m74
- updated ooo-build to version 1.9.74:
    * target m74
    * QPro infinite loop fix
    * center icons when up-sizing
    * excessive vertical toolbar bloat
    * internal libcurl installation fix
    * better versioning in Help->About dialog
    * new KDE NWF toolbars and menus
    * E-mail attachment file name append with "_1"
    * do not depend on evolution-data-server at buildtime
- removed obsolete evolution-data-server and evolution-data-server-devel
  from neededforbuild
- installed GNOME desktop files
- updated ooo_custom_images to version 7
- configured requested localizations via the new --with-lang option

Fri Jan 28 11:48:30 CET 2005 -

- updated to version src680-m72
- updated ooo-build to version 1.9.72:
    * alpha and themable WM icons
    * ported some fixes for sc from OOo-1.1.3
    * QPro filter detection
    * support for lang subpackages, dictionaries
- fixed to install stuff that is not yet localized
- partly fixed GNOME desktop files
- temporary added fixed desktop files and extra icons for SUSE menu
- added ar, ca ,cs, da ,el, et, fi, hu, ja, ko, nl, pl, pt, ru, sk, sl, sv, tr
- removed obsolete triggers
- improved spec file to simply create non-conflicting packages for
  older products; it is just enough to change the Name tag

Wed Jan 19 19:40:16 CET 2005 -

- updated to version src680-m70
- updated ooo-build to version 1.9.70:
    * fixes to build with src680-m70
    * improved icons
    * email as MS attachment
    * default optimal page wrap
    * calc / filter fixes
    * drop libart bits
    * build fixes
- renamed package to OpenOffice_org, set prefix to /usr/lib/ooo-2.0,
  removed the wrappers suffix 1.7, set the package version to 1.9.70
- added de, es, fr and it subpackages
- added extra hyphen and thesaurus dictionaries
- used ooo_custom_images instead of gnome icons sources
- added libsoup and libsoup-devel to neededforbuild and fixed build with

Fri Dec 17 12:16:23 CET 2004 -

- updated to version src680-m65
- updated ooo-build to version 1.7.4:
    * update the splash screen
    * improve GTK fpicker
    * build with system mozilla, libxml, zlib
    * many build and installation fixes for src680-m65
- added KDE and GNOME icons
- added mozilla and mozilla-devel to neededforbuild

Mon Dec 13 12:30:24 CET 2004 -

- updated to version src680-m62
- updated ooo-build to version 1.7.2:
    * adds KDE and GNOME widgets, icons
    * build against system python
    * many build and installation fixes of src680-m62
- created kde and gnome subpackages
- added %post and %preun scripts to update reps. remove UNO cache
- unified spec file for NLD and SL

Tue Nov  2 09:51:46 CET 2004 -

- package created, src680-m57, ooo-build-
- single package providing English localization only
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