File cgal-rpmlintrc of Package cgal

# We have the dependency setup on libCGAL%{_soname}
addFilter("W: no-dependency-on cgal*/cgal-libs/libcgal")
# Simple script with --help
addFilter("W: no-manual-page-for-binary cgal_create_CMakeLists")
# We prefer to let file needed by devs if transfered on other system
# So sources are pure
addFilter("W: zero-length /usr/share/CGAL/examples/Surface_mesher/skip_vcproj_auto_generation")
addFilter("W: zero-length /usr/share/CGAL/examples/Ridges_3/skip_vcproj_auto_generation")

# Add a filter cause we don't know why after having done 2x %fdupes there's still those
addFilter("W: files-duplicate")