File homerun.changes of Package homerun

Thu Aug 14 09:07:16 UTC 2014 -

- Added kde4_includes.patch: install headers into kde4 includes
  directory, otherwise they are not found and used if not in
  standard system dir

Mon Jun 30 22:13:09 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 1.2.5
  * Searching for applications in Homerun Kicker now also searches
    app descriptions

Fri May  2 17:47:29 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 1.2.4
  * Added a configuration option for Homerun Kicker's application
    name display format.
  * Revamped the layout of Homerun Kicker's configuration dialog to
    follow KDE form layout guidelines.

Sun Apr 13 20:21:21 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 1.2.3
  + This release enables compatibility with the revamped desktop
    search stack in KDE SC 4.13. It is required for desktop search
    to work when Homerun is used in KDE SC 4.13, both in the
    fullscreen version of Homerun (where desktop search is exposed
    via the "KRunner" and "Runner: Desktop Search" sources) and in
    Homerun Kicker. Existing user configurations continue to work
    seamlessly, and versions older than 4.13 remain supported as well.
- Changes since 1.2.2
  + Fixed a bug causing icon setting changes from the configuration
    dialog of the Homerun Launcher applet to fail.
- Changes since 1.2.1
  + Fixed a bug causing duplicates to appear in the "All Applications"
    section of the "All Installed Applications with Filters" source.
  + Fixed a bug causing the "All Applications" section to disappear
    from the sidebar entries of "All Installed Applications with
    Filters" sources when the system applications database changes
    at runtime.
  + Fixed a bug causing sections of icons to overlap on tabs.
  + Revamped config handling for the "Homerun Launcher" widget to
    allow vendors to use Plasma Desktop Scripting for its configuration.

Tue Mar 11 18:00:00 UTC 2014 -

- Ommit autotests from building, until syntax that broke with 
  CMake 3.0 rc1 gets fixed upstream, kde#332031

Mon Jan 27 20:07:47 UTC 2014 -

- Update to version 1.2.0
  + Added a new "Homerun Kicker" launcher menu widget. It's design
    is inspired by traditional launcher menus, but augmented by a
    favorites sidebar and search support powered by the Homerun
    framework. Much attention was paid to hassle-free mouse behavior
    for maximum efficiency during use. The panel button has support
    for custom non-square images.
  + Added a new "Recent Applications" source that lists the last
    15 applications launched from other application sources.
  + Added a new combined "Power / Session" source.
  + Fixed a bug causing icons to launch the wrong applications while
    searching the "All Installed Applications with Filters" source.
  + Folder views now show the correct icons for .desktop files.
  + Launching an item in a folder view no longer closes Homerun.
  + When Homerun is used as a desktop containment the Desktop Toolbox
    is now hidden by default. It can be toggled from the Homerun menu.
  + The launcher panel widget for the fullscreen version of Homerun
    now sports an "Edit Applications ..." action in its context menu.
- Created new homerun-kicker subpackage as per upstream change
- Make spec slightly prettier

Mon Sep 16 13:35:28 UTC 2013 -

- license update: (GPL-2.0 or GPL-3.0) and (LGPL-2.1 or LGPL-3.0)
  Declarations to suit the KDE GPL and KDE LGPL licenses (see also Fedora
  spec file)

Mon Jul 15 12:04:00 CEST 2013 -

- updated to version 1.1.0
  + Application items now have "Add to Panel" and "Add to Desktop" actions if
    the workspace is unlocked and Homerun is opened from a panel applet (Eike Hein)
  + A global setting to toggle the action list buttons has been added, defaulting
    to off (Eike Hein)
  + Sources can now optionally publish sidebar actions (Eike Hein)
  + A new "All Installed Applications With Filters" sources has been added, making
    use of the new sidebar action API to allow filtering by category; this source
    is now used on the default "Applications" tab (Eike Hein)
  + Performance improvements for application sources filtering (Eike Hein)
  + The applet is now better at managing the Homerun viewer process, e.g. its
    ability to restart it on demand after crashes is now more robust (Eike Hein)
  + Muon integration has been disabled by default (Eike Hein)
Wed May 22 19:04:00 CEST 2013 -

- updated to version 1.0.0
  + Favorite items can now be reordered via drag and drop (Aurélien
  + Shortcuts are now customizable, using the standard KDE shortcut
    window (Aurélien Gâteau)
  + It is now possible to empty the trash from the context menu of
    the "Trash" item (Aurélien Gâteau)
  + Use casing and icons consistent with Kickoff (Eike Hein)
  + Show a short message when an item is added to favorites (Aurélien
  + Fix missing space between icons and texts (Aurélien Gâteau)
Wed May 08 09:05:00 CEST 2013 -

- updatd to version 0.2.3
  + Unbreak "alt+up" shortcut (Aurélien Gâteau)
  + Remove spacing between breadcrumb buttons (Aurélien Gâteau)
  + Switch to Solid::PowerManagement instead of using DBus interface (Hrvoje Senjan)
  + More translations

Wed Apr 24 10:59:00 CEST 2013 -

- Update to version 0.2.2
  + Update list of applications when new applications are installed or removed
  + Slightly improve performance of item rendering
  + Improve libhomerun documentation
  + Include translations

Thu Feb 28 10:19:00 CET 2013 -

- Update to version 0.2.1
  + Improve appearance of header titles
  + Support for single runners
  + Items can now have more than one action. The other actions are accessible
    through a context menu, which can be triggered by:
  ++ Left-clicking the arrow in the top-right corner of the item
  ++ Long-clicking the item
  ++ Right-clicking the item
  ++ Pressing M or the "Menu" key
  + Some sources expose more actions:
  ++ Recent documents can now forget items
  ++ Items from the Dir and FavoritePlaces sources show the relevant "Open with" actions
  + Add a "Reset tabs to default" action to the configuration menu
  + Fix window not showing on correct desktop at startup
  + Improved session handling: opened sessions are now listed in the "Power" tab
  + Hide unavailable sleep modes in Power source
  + No more border around full view
  + Show a shadow behind text in containment mode
- now requires KDE SC 4.10 or newer

Wed Dec 19 18:52:00 CET 2012 -

- Update to version 0.1.1
  + Fix "halt" action performing "log out" instead
  + Fix memory leak when browsing folders
  + Fix rootUrl appearing in PathModel if it did not end with a slash
  + Fix crash when trying to add a tab to an empty model
  + Fix crash if user tries to configure tabs while not on start page
  + Fix category and website fields in desktop files

Fri Nov 16 19:54:00 CET 2012 -

- fidex spec file issues

Thu Nov 15 00:04:00 CET 2012 -

- initial package