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<patchinfo incident="4228">
  <issue id="754576" tracker="bnc">kross python plugin ( missing from openSUSE repositories</issue>
  <issue id="774072" tracker="bnc">lokalize has issues with start up with project file</issue>
  <issue id="517869" tracker="bnc">Lokalize should require python-kde4 to enable creating a new Lokalize project</issue>
  <issue id="954531" tracker="bnc">KDE Applications 15.08.3 is available</issue>
  <issue id="663361" tracker="bnc">kmtrace package doesn't contain anything except documentation</issue>
  <issue id="527074" tracker="bnc">kate CTags plugin does not warn when ctags is not installed</issue>
  <issue id="949130" tracker="bnc">Kmail 5.0.1 crashes when trying to create a new message</issue>
  <issue id="949411" tracker="bnc">can't install purpose-devel-32bit-1.0~rc1-2.4.x86_64:</issue>
  <issue id="818500" tracker="bnc">Bugfix release 4.10.3 is available</issue>
  <issue id="630625" tracker="bnc">executable po2xml no longer in distribution</issue>
  <issue id="656174" tracker="bnc">development package for okteta missing</issue>
The KDE Applications framework was updated to 15.08.3.

The full detailed list of the changes is on:
  <summary>Recommended update for the KDE Applications Framework</summary>
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